Day 2 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Day 2

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to highlights from the World Indoor


Bowls Championships at Potters. Tonight, we start with action from


the final of the mixed pairs. Nick Brett and Claire Johnston were up


against Paul Foster and Rebecca Field. This is how both pairs got


through to the final. Foster and Field defeat the:


It was Brett and Johnston who took the first set before Foster and


Field hit back to take the second set 9-7. That momentum continued


into the first end of the tie-break. What was to follow, though, was one


of the most dramatic finishes to a final ever seen at Potters.


The game has now pushed well into its second hour. I had a feeling


that was probably going to be the case. It's been close to a 2.5-hour


game if it goes to another end. It's been good. It's been interesting all


the way through really. I haven't noticed the time actually. It's been


flying through. I've enjoyed this one.


Nicky's comment there - "That'll keep." I think Claire was making


sure she was behind... Yes, yes, rightly so.


APPLAUSE She's asking that ball to stop but


it's just moved away to it's still a reasonable target. Two good bowls.


I think Claire's been positive with this line. Very.


Just needs to drop down, though and the extra weight might hold off.


Good effort. Actually, the weight was very good. Yes, it was. I


thought it was a yard heavier than that. So did I. I thought she was


more aggressive, but not far away. Well, Rebecca will really be looking


to try to seal this head, try to tuck the jack away.


Paul looks interested. Oh, well played. Great bowl. That's


better. Great bowl. That's a real good bowl there. That's going to


create all sorts of havoc. Just looked to rest in somewhere,


turn something, flatten it out a bit. Nicky is resisting the


temptation to try and go at this. I think he'll be running at it


shortly. Those shots are hard when you're not used to them when you're


playing jaw shots the whole time. Trying to get down to your own to


provide a shoulder but still heavy. There it goes. Nick's going to be


forced into playing something very, very special here.


Well, Paul, at the moment, speaking to Rebecca, just basically trying to


find out where the jack will go. I think losing the shot on the spot -


I think it's a fair call to cover a spot.


I think you have to cover there. You know, it's... It's a hard shot to


beat, Andy. Exactly. You can't really improve on


the head. Yeah. If you can't improve the head, you've got to go for


position bowl. Well, he's tried to cover a spot on


this side, rightly so. Certainly wide enough.


I think they'll be going for the spot on the other side shortly.


Well, that's one Good enough.


Nick really will do well to get this out of the first bowl. I don't know


if he's slightly pulled that one. That's over. He's no choice. It's


the only shot he has available. The problem now is that he's going to


have to waste another one to get at it. Correct. It will be the other


spot now. Both the spots will be covered so this is looking difficult


for Nicky Brett. Yeah. Certainly wide enough again.


To be honest with you, the combination of Field and Foster have


one hand on the trophy. You feel Nicky must do something here, must


disturb the head. Close. Great strike. Brilliant


strike. That's a hard shot, really hard


shot. I'm not sure if the crowd realise how difficult that was.


There wasn't much applause. It was a brilliant bowl.


On the respot, Paul has covered it but there is a space. He'll try and


get a lot closer with this one. Paul's bowl, looking at this, about


18 or 19 inches short. Nicky's given himself a chance here.


He has. It all depends on how close Paul can


get. He's already played one bowl there so he knows exactly what to


do. The problem for Nicky is that he has


to have - he has to have room to get to it.


How close is this one going to get? He's closer. Let's put it that way.


He's definitely closer. Well, I think there's a draw for


Nicky now. Not easy. Game against you. Game against.


Four inches would draw it. It could drive two bowls but there's too much


of a gap between them. It's just not worth it. After a running bowl,


Andy, it's going to be hard to get back, two running bowls.


Yeah. Backhand draw. One hand on the trophy and the other hand ready to


grab it. You know what? He's very close here.


Yeah, he's very close. Has he got enough? Oh, he has! What


a bowl! Oh, Nicky! What a shot from Nick Brett to save the match. What a


shot! Yes, well done Paul Foster. Paul said that bowl was halfway up -


I heard him say to, "Be -- say to Becs, I don't like it. That's what


we like to see. Sporting from Paul Foster there,


congratulating him. Well played. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. Both


players have been here before. They know what it's like.


The Opposition plays a bomb on it. What a beautiful bowl that was.


Four inches, David - wow. That's tight, Claire. Push it out.


That's one thing you cannot afford to do. It's like the first-end half


in this direction the last time. Just calm yourself down a bit,


Claire. That's T it's hard. I know it is. It's difficult. But...


That was brilliant from Nick Brett to hit that and then draw within


four inches. Yes! Oh! To get out of that was fantastic, you know? World


class, absolutely world class. Now, Claire, angle your body a


little bit and just let this bowl flow out onto the line.


It looks high. It looks heavy too. Yeah, that's... Nicky says, "One in


the middle the next time." Yeah! The line was pretty good. I think that


reaction says there's something not right about this. She said, "Oh,


dear." I think one of the ends as well - none of these bowls at the


moment are going to count. But I think both the chaps would just mind


something within six inches. Be the right weight now. Be the


right weight, Claire! I bet he's hoping it is. I bet he's hoping it


is. It's not bad. Well played, Claire. Well played.


There'll be a big smile on Claire Johnston's face at some stage if


that stays there. Look at that. "What was I doing with the first


two?" I'm not sure if she's enjoying this or not, David.


It is testing, there's no doubt. I know that we are. Oh, it's great!


Great. Well, Rebecca drop shot, possibly


blocked Paul foster's favoured hand, the backhand, so Paul will have to


draw it on the fore. Big shoulders. Yeah, that's given


Paul room now. "Big shoulder" he said, which meant it would be


running through. He needs another one in, Paul Foster is sticking to


the backhand. It's his favourite side. It is. He prefers the


backhand. He has so much confidence in his only ability to come around


things. He's very close. Passes the short one. Oh... Well, probably


needed another foot or so, Andy. Well, he's blocked out now. He


cannot play the backhand now. Well, again, you almost feel as


though the shot is not yet on the green.


Oh! Let it go again. Tension from the boys here really. Well, he knew


that was out of the hand and he's absolutely right. He's let it go


again. Goodness me. Chance after chance here. It's got to be forehand


draw for Paul. Rebecca's looking at this. Will it


bend? He's got a big pull on the ball but it's not going to make it.


LAUGHTER This is going to go down to the last


bowl on the land end of a World Mixed Pairs Final. I'm glad they're


on the green and not me. Ha! You love it! Sure, there's nothing


better than getting the pressure of the last bowl.


No change in the shot, Nicky. Still trying to draw the closest bowl.


I tell you what, Andy, there's three or four players in the world that


you'd like to be out there with the last bowl and two of them are on the


green. Correct. Paul and Nicky had a great... Have you corrected, Nicky?


Come on, Nick. Still looks high. Yeah, he's going to frame it.


Get in! Get in! Yeah, he's going to frame it. It's two shots but he's


framed it. The back position favours the green.


I think Paul might nominate to destroy this end. This is the only


time in the match when you can actually destroy it and have it


replayed. He has to nominate it, but there's a chance even for the two


bowls at that angle. I'd agree, David. This is awkward. There's not


a perfect draw. The other option is just to play a


heavy shot and hope that he kicks up the jack and attaches itself to one


of the red ones. Yeah, he's nominated to kill. Yeah, I think I'd


agree. Nicky has to play it. Yeah, there's all sorts of chances


there. All sorts of chances. He has to be really from the outside green


one - that's the absolute limit he can go wide.


He's going for the jack here, trying to put the jack out of the rank.


The reason being he's two shots down. We could go through this all


again. I think Nick's bowl unfortunately framing it has decided


what Paul would play. He probably would have tried to draw it. This


one will come down fast. Settling himself down. The


concentration of Paul Foster. Oh, brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!


What a strike! Oh, great! We're going to have to play this again!


That's about as heavy as it gets when it comes to Paul Foster. You


have to take the bowls back. That's the ruling that you take the bowls


back. Brilliant strike. Absolutely fantastic strike. No messing about.


Full concentration just got the half edge on the inside. Didn't really


want it full to be fair, Andy, because full would have been in the


ditch and that would have been against him. Yes, absolutely plum.


Could not have played that any -- plumb. Could not have played that


any better. No. On the first replay end of the third end in the


tie-break, now that's all they're allowed to do. They're only allowed


to kill it once as a team. I think both Claire and Rebecca will


be saying, "Oh! We've got to go through this again!" Absolutely.


Nick Brett of course can nominate to destroy the end so we could actually


end up playing it another time. Yes, we could.


I believe one of the rules we just heard the other day is the leads


cannot kill the end. I really can't understand that to be truthful. But


I did have a look at it. Is it true? It is. Absolutely, yes. Right. So


it's in the rules. I did read it. That was a new one to everyone, I


think. Mm-hm. It says clearly in the third end of


a match tie-breaker only each skip will be entitled to burn the end


once and they must clearly declare the nomination.


I think that's a new one on all the players, that. Claire, that's not


where you wanted to be, in front. You wanted to give Nicky the option


to drive at it. Need to be in with the next one.


Claire and Nicky had one hand on the trophy in the last end. Indeed they


did. We don't see Paul going that weight too often. When he strikes


the forehand, he goes fast. Run! Run, run! Run harder!


APPLAUSE There's only one bowl to go, Claire.


Don't worry! If anybody thinks bowls is boring,


they should look at this. Team games have been good this year, really.


They've been superb. Great singles games, great team games. Now, this


is slightly different. Not hearing much from Nick. Well,


Paul Foster has already applauded the ball. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Well,


played! It looked slightly different on the


way down. Still open on the backhand.


But that's a very good bowl. Well, Paul said you could still draw


it. Grease a gap between the bowl and the jack, probably three or four


inches. It's very much there.


It depends on the weight she's playing here. I don't think she's


that far away. Holding out slightly. Or will she run? I didn't think she


was that far away. That's blocked a path for the draw. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


He knows that. You can almost tell Rebecca's heart


is going mad there. You're looking at her and thinking, "Oh, please be


over." Let's see if Paul Foster tries to


promote the red one or push the green out. Yeah. Difficult shot. It


is a hard shot. You have to hit it absolutely perfect. He's got a


difficult backhand shot, David, hasn't he? Trying to promote the red


is difficult. And it's a half bowl he's looking for. It's a half bowl


on the wide side to push it in at the angle, um, the forehand - it's


bowl on the jack and open it up. Possibly bowl out clean if he gets


it on the timer. Well, he's been playing his runners under. He's


going to disturb the head. Certainly is.


Actually that is a lot better for Paul Foster. Yes, he'll be happy.


That's a good result, actually. Two bowls could go, the jack could go.


That's - Paul will not be disappointed in any way with that.


Needs to come back in. Claire's calling it.


Good bowl. Great bowl.


Well, he does not have the option to kill it.


Very close. Oh! What a result! Oh, that is a fantastic result! Oh,


dear, and the bowl stayed on. I thought the bowl had to go with


it. That is an amazing result.


Look at that now. Just the angle, yeah. That's it.


He hit it on the high side, jack went back and the green bowl went to


the side. That is not easy to hit. He's got three or four feet. He's


taking his time here and quite right, Nicky. Take your time.


Get yourself composed. This is last bowl. Last bowl of the game for


Nicky. I think this is very difficult.


Well, he played a few big bowls like this against Alex Marshall in the


semifinal. Can he play another big one? Is he up? He's definitely up.


How close to the ditch? That's brilliant. Oh, that's brilliant.


Well, to be fair, Paul Foster tapped his leg with that when it was only


halfway up. Fantastic, Nicky Brett. He's down at the business end. He


could tell, but there's no doubt about it, this has been glad


tourial, I think. Oh -- gladiatorial, I think. The two leads


have had a great game but the two skips have been knocking nine bells


out of each other. Sensational. Well, this is difficulty - the red


bowl that they could see nearest the green is blocking the path. It is.


I think he can time it around because it's close to the ditch. If


he tries to draw it on the backhand he has to get within a foot. That's


what we live for. Wow. I've enjoyed this, to be fair.


I think it's fair to say, Nick, that the three-bowl mixed pairs - or


should I say the three-bowl mixed pairs is it. It looks like it's here


to stay. That's what you're saying? Yes, yes.


What do you do, Paul? This is... Oh, this is fantastic stuff. It really


is. What can Paul do here? Do you think he'll draw? I think he'll try


to push the bowl out on the forehand. Yeah, the timing shot is


available. Now, he's going to the back... If he


draws this, this will be shot of the week. Oh, he's trying to draw. He's


trying to draw. What a bowl this would be. Paul Foster. He's one of


the few players in the world that would even attempt to play. This The


line is good. Paul, don't tell me you've drawn this. Has he? Has he?


Oh! What an effort! Well, he was right to try and draw it because he


had so much confidence in his own ability but it just dropped in with


six inches of weight and I have to say that's one of the best pairs


games I've ever seen. Unbelievable. Fantastic. All four players - full


credit. Wonderful game. Anyone could have won it but well done to Claire


and Nicky. Congratulations to Rebecca Field and Paul Foster. They


contributed to one of the best games here at Potters Leisure Resort that


we've ever enjoyed but it's Claire Johnston from Scotland and Nick


Brett, the world number one, who take the mixed pairs world indoor.


One of the most amazing things was watching your facial expressions


One of the most amazing things was watching your facial expressions all


the way, Claire. There were moments of exasperation and moments of


relief. Give us an idea of what emotions you went through? I think I


went through every emotion. My heart was in my mouth half the time. I


just had to try and dig deep. I'm not used to playing in the portable


rink at this level and these guys are. I just had to try and hold


myself together and give Nick something, but it's just been an


honour for me to come here this week and play with Nick. It's been an


absolute joy and I'll treasure the moment.


Quite simply that was one offer the best finals we have ever seen at pet


pet. We're switching our attention now to the singles competition, this


is how the draw now to the singles competition, this


is how the draw looked at the start of Tuesday. Nick Brett is through to


play Charles Bence. He's on the course to defend his title. Stewart


Anderson against Graham McKee. David Gourlay against Neil Furman. Jamie


Rippey versus Greg Harlow. Robert Paxton against Jamie Chestney.


Debbie Wilford against the four-time champion Paul Foster. Darren Burnett


versus Mervyn King and Les Gillett against the six-time winner Alex


Marshall. The first match that we're going to show you is between the


2010 champion Greg Harlow and Jamie Rippey on his second Potters'


appearance and it was Harlow who easily took the first set 9-3 and is


in control of the second set as we join the action once again with Andy


and David. Very deliberate from Greg. Just


means if he's in trouble, he can play a short jack and head his way


out of it. He can also ditch the jack. Greg will try to close this


end out. He'll be happy to just drop a one.


APPLAUSE Goods start from James. When you


think about it, it's first set, Greg has had a lot of big last balls.


This set, he's picked up two fours. It's hard to beat someone when they


pick two fours up. Yes, I think I'm sure both players will reflect on


quite a lot actually after this game - where the best position is. If


Greg is to be successful, he'll be thinking quite hard and probably


having a look at this game again and thinking where does he want to go


for the next one. I think it's fair to say a lot of players will be


watching this game as well and thinking, "The jack is awkward here


or the jack is better here." I think there's a lot of thinking to be done


still. That was a chance for James to get a bit of pressure on. Wanted


that one to count. He missed a number of second balls, just to


consolidate the position. APPLAUSE


Ball held up. Yes, indeed. Needs to fall away give Jame as shot. Alex


sitting there thinking, "Daddy is coming home." There you go. Come on




"I'm trying son, I'm trying. I'm doing my best"! I'm trying for you,


I'm trying! He's close with this one. Seeing his son has inspired him


to play this ball. He's got it out, has he? Oh, it's dropped back but I


think it might have given him the shot. There you go! Well done,


daddy! Not quite sure actually who's line is here? Very close. It's one


red, closer to the second, makes a difference. Yes, it does. Good solid


connection but the ball just dropped back.


Greg is using another time-out. I think it will be the backhand draw.


Will he bend in time? Looks close, this looks perfect. Absolutely


perfect. Ball first drop-in. He's really keeping his concentration,


isn't he, Greg. Yes, that was a perfect ball. Well, quite simply


James has got to have more inspiration from his son here. But


he's probably has to put the ball on to the jack. There's the trophy


they're all playing for. The ranking points and of course a rather large


cheque. Well, ball on to jack here. Has to play it. Hasn't been


desperately successful with the running balls, so this is a tough


one. He's playing a controlled one. Looks under to me. Might get a


result here. Oh! Yes! I think he has. He might have got a fortunate


result and he did. That was the ball he was trying to promote, but not in


that way, but he's got the one. He was tight, moves the red ball out,


takes the one. Still in the game. He did acknowledge it to Greg when he


arrived up at the head. The fortunate result, Greg just put his


finger up, one shot, move on. Yes. Didn't dwell on the fact he was


lying the match. Greg is still in a very strong position. James need to


score three here to force it into the tie-break.


Once again, it's 28.5m and he's on the forehand. Hasn't put a really


good ball down on this forehand. For quite a while. For a long time. Yes.


One good last end. This looks better. I think Alex has spurred him


on. Yes, I think he has. You can take the credit, Alex. Yep! Come on


daddy, you can play better than that. He did!


LAUGHS I think he said, "Why haven't I be


doing this for the last two or three ends." Absolutely. Good reply. Yes,


Greg won't be allowing this. Good reply. Perfectly. It indicates a


toucher. Got another good one. Just needs to


rest the green. It's good, very good.


APPLAUSE It's definitely the best first two


balls he's played for a while. Greg turning the jack around the


corner - that's what he's thinking about.


Is this running? Well, James, this is a difficult one to be fair. He


has to get three. I think he just got to play the same ball, David,


and then try to do something with your final delivery. I wouldn't go


chasing it just yet. Try to draw another shot. That, or rest out the


green one. The backhands are a hard shot to play. He's playing it early.


He might be thinking, Andy, I need two goes at this. Possibly.


Trying to call it. Needs to hurry to get it absolutely solid!


APPLAUSE It's a good try. Well he might have


made a double. He's definitely given himself a chance. That was very


close to getting it absolutely rock-solid. He's got two. So he's


given himself a chance. Greg looking to close this end down.


One good ball makes it difficult for James. He's struggling for weight.


Well, it's a good an opportunity as you're going to get. Quite simply,


yes. Draw another shot, as simple as that. Glad you said it was simple!


(LAUGHTER) It's a simple shot... No, it's...


Yep. Nothing difficult, it's just a draw. And the pressures are there.


There you go! Daddy is having a real go here, and James can play a good


draw shot. He's putting Greg under pressure.


I think his line is good. He's trying to encourage it. It's nod


bad. It's not bad! APPLAUSE


He really needs it. Yep, that's - oh, wow! He hasn't turned it too


far. I don't think he has. He's definitely got three. Maybe four.


He's been a little bit unlucky in that he's brought the jack out into


the open and that favours the running ball for Greg. Greg's under


pressure. He didn't want to play this final delivery. You never do.


He looks under but he's in the area. Oh my goodness me! Has that made a


difference? No. He's got three. That's three shots. Wow!


APPLAUSE That's a bit of inspiration there.


So a great fightback from Jamie Rippey and into the tie-break, the


first two ends of which were shared. We rejoin the action at the start of


the decider. Well, this is what it's all about.


This is the bit where the players play balls for. The nitty-gritty at


the end. Yes, I mean, it's fantastic. Always good when it goes


to tie-breaks. Because everybody is aware that this - the players go out


of their way. It's a good opener for James. Something tells me had to get


it at the last end. Possibly. Greg's actually - he's got the last ball,


that might just count for the lot here. But I think we'll see


aggression from either player here. There's a case now for James to run


at it. It's not his game. That's what I would have thought he drawn


in the last ball in the previous end because he hasn't hit very well.


More confident on the draw shots, especially on his backhand. This one


needs to run. Not there. And that's a front ball which is in the good


either. Yeah, he knows it. It puts a lot of pressure on the


third delivery. The previous ball from James might be an awkward ball


for both players, whoever get it is shot.


It's another one in. Yep. Still a draw available. Still the backhand


draw available. And James put one ball on the top of the jack here,


and it's advantage Rippey. Don't overcorrect, that's really the


message going through. 2ft short. I think's picked a line with both of


these deliveries, just to add 2ft of weight. Have to say the line is


good. Not sure about the weight on this one. The weight, it's perfect.


APPLAUSE He's played it and played it well.


He didn't overcorrect and family Rippey are getting excited. Great


ball. That delivery from Jamie Rippey move it is jack, lies 2, lies


game. And it's a toucher. Yeah, enjoyed that one. Did he ever!


Played well. Now, Greg has got the runner on the forehand if he wants


it. He's nominated to try and kill the end and that's the only time


you're allowed to do it - is on the third end of a tie-break when you


can nominate as often as you wish. I don't think it will kill. The way


the head is sitting, the danger for Greg here is the green ball on to


the red might put the jack in the ditch. It's just anth at an angle,


and he might be able to get both. But it's on his favoured forehand


runner, and the Scottish Masters he played a lot of big balls on his


forehand. Close. As expected. Oh, just got the short one. Actually,


the jack was off-centre. That actually sort of made it a little


bit different. Yes, probably that. So what does he do, Jamie Rippey?


Does he go for the absolute perfect ball or does he just leave it? I


don't think I'd be going near this. No, I don't think so. If Greg draws


a shot, well he draws the shot. I think he will draw with this one. I


think he has to. Yeah, can't see Greg getting a good result with the


runner. No, he has to draw the shot. He's really no runner on, he had to


open it up with the third ball but let's see what James is doing with


this one. He's going deep, rightly so. Staying away. Yep, not too much,


but again the blocker was available to stop Greg playing the draw and


force him into the runner, but the two reds could have disappeared and


that would have been just awful. So, yep, the nomation again. Well,


always plan forward. So he must be playing the runner, no guarantees is


going to get the shot here but hitting the head. But he's game


down. Has he corrected? I think it's too high, I think. Oh, he's got it!


I don't believe it! APPLAUSE


What a result! Oh! What a result out of that. A great ball. What a


result! Greg Harlow is the first man through


to the quarterfinals. Next up, though, is the match between last


year's runner-up, Robert Paxton and the 14 seed Jamie Chestney. And it


was Chestney who struck first. Things are closer at 4-4 when we


join the action at the eightth end in the second. Lots of things going


through the players' minds at these times. Probably easier for Rob, he


needs to score. Yes, and probably be thinking to himself, "I have to


score double." APPLAUSE


Can't really tell much from Jamie's reaction whether he likes it. He's


kicking the turf a bit. This is one of these tough matches


that you just have to dig and dig and dig, scratch out a win. This


looks better. Not anything pretty about it. Had some really good ends


and some that have been a bit on the scrappy side. He's certainly wider


with this one. Coming back strong now. Close.


APPLAUSE He looked happier with the line on


that one. Urging this forward! He's not bad


with it but needs another foot or so to be absolutely perfect. Just


dropped away. But is it enough? See if Jamie repeats his second


bowl, he'll only score the one. Not getting too excited about it but


he's getting ever closer. He's definitely in but it's just where


he's going to move the jack to. Perfect bowl. Absolutely perfect.


One of his time-outs here, I would imagine, having a look at all the


angles. Does that plant green on to red, take it on to the shot? I think


it takes it under the shot. But then what happens, yep? That's where the


problem lies. If it's one, he's still in with a shot with the last


end but if he has something go wrong, he could be go down. Perhaps


just the play the crunching draw. Yep. Just squeeze it over to his own


red ball. It's difficult, literally a foot of running. Didn't feel right


in the hand, so he's wiping his fingers again.


Tell you what - he's given it a shot, hasn't he? He certainly has. I


thought he had more width with that to be truthful with you. If Jimmy


scores two here, I think Robert Paxton is going to be in a heap of


trouble the next end. He needs to score three. A very difficult


opportunity, though. Looks to be a reasonable amount of room on the


screen, but I can tell you down here on the rink, it's not too many


inches to squeeze another one in. In fact, Jamie is playing it safe. He's


playing it off the backhand side. He didn't want to crunch the jack


himself. Just looking to float round the front red to score another. Just


the one by the looks of it. He said it was close with regards to the


other one earlier in the end. Wow! Francis Fletcher said he favoured


the red but very slightly. But no guarantees. That's only an opinion


of course. There's chalk on Jamie's bowls so he touched the jack,


whether he moved it nearer the red or nearer the green, not really


sure. It didn't look like it barely touched it, did it? This is very


important. Yes, I was going to say threes are difficult, but I managed


to drop a three in my last end, my match earlier to take it to the


tie-break. Best keep quiet, I think. I think it's when you going on the


last end, you're thinking two shots, it's possible. Especially when you


got last ball. Close. It is very close. Very close!


Almost equal distance. Two shots Jamie Chestney. That makes a


difference, that's massive. That's probably another reason why he


played the backhand, a safer hand. Didn't want to topple the jack over.


Yeah, all to do for Robert Paxton. World No. 3 is in so much trouble


here. He really is. Three shots - wow! That's - he's gone to the 25.5m


and Jimmy is a good striker as well. So he's sensible. What team does he


play for? LAUGHS


Boom, boom. He doesn't need the strike, you lot are all kitted for.


Good opening bowl. Good reply. Needs to pick it up.


Yep, very good. Jimmy just looking to get something close again, trying


to crowd the head with three balls, if heck. A bit surprised he's still


playing the forehand, I thought he might have changed the back. Well,


now, this is interesting. Opportunity is here definitely. I


don't think Rob - he's going to stick to the forehand. From our


commentary position here, it looks like a backhand draw, but obviously


just played a really good forehand, looking to do the same. Maybe just


touch his own red down. He's on the right side but he can afford to come


around it. Yeah, that's just a very - that's a very useful ball.


APPLAUSE Sticking with it. Definitely a more


positive draw this time. Can he get to his own? That helps. Oh, well,


another turn would have been probably match over, but still got a


chance. Not to promote his own ball under the jack. Take the green one


out clean. One or the other. As you say, one more roll on the green, one


would have been behind the jack and game over. An opportunity here.


Is he going to draw the jack round or is he going to play the takeout.


He's on a narrow line, so he's gone for the takeout. He's very


interested in it. Pushing it forward! He's got something. It's a


good bowl. Green ball just dropped back, though. So it's one, a very


close look for the second. Whether it's one or two, he's actually set


himself ahead to score the three. Yep. That's the important bill.


Jimmy might be tempted here just to come into this, not convinced it's


the right shot to play because touch a ball in with a jack probably still


put him two down and give Robert a lot more room. I think backhand draw


is the call. Yeah. Draw is a good one, it's game over. If he doesn't,


Robert has still got to play a great bowl to remove the green to score


the three. Jamie doesn't want to run at this and he could get a back


connection and almost gift Robert the three he needs. Yep. In the


backhand on the draw. Big back swing, Jamie Chestney. Good line. Is


he over the weight? Yep, just over the weight. It's where the problem


was. Now, Robert... This is not easy, but... He's got two choices


here - can either play red on to green, or looks like a good angle to


take the two green bowls out with a drive and leave the three.


Either/or. Tran Trans Tough one. World No. 3 in a heap of trouble.


One ball to snai the world professional singles. It's an early


exit for Paxton if he doesn't get this. Going for the two balls. He


like it is it. He likes it! Oh... He's been unlucky. Very unlucky.


Very unlucky! One shot. APPLAUSE


That's not enough. World No. 3 bite it is dust and the world No. 14


makes his way through to the quarterfinals.


Well done to Jamie Chestney and he will play the winner in tonight's


final show. That was between Debbie Wilford of New Zealand and Paul


Foster. Robert Paxton is now in the commentary box alongside Corky.


He'd be quite happy to try to put this game to bed in the sand. He


turns back on this one but it doesn't look too far away for me.


He'll settle for that. He's just come away with a Scottish


Indoor Sinles title a couple of weeks ago.


We got a good first bowl. Trying to follow that up, drop inside it.


Good effort. That sets up a decent chance.


This bowl almost clears the end off this moment. Ball on to ball, take


the two of them out, is really the only hope. She needs three shots, it


has to be played. Nothing there in the forehand that's going to create


a three. Have to be aggressive to it.


Disturbance there, so they stopped the clock. 12 seconds.


Certainly playing to it, just needs to get back down again. It's a


decent effort I have to say. It's the hard weight, though. Yeah, I


think she had to keep the bowl on just to give herself with a chance


possibly. There's other options. Paul just going over to the respot


position, deep and kiss the green ball and goes on to the jack. The


thing has pretty well covered, has to play the backhand again. Ball on


to ball and stay herself, give her three. So plenty of time. Take your


time. Just get this absolutely right. You get three and if you dent


get it right, but get the two balls, then there's a good chance that just


looking to see down - it looks good. The way I'm sitting, that will take


that, that ball is definitely going out, the other green one will


disappear from here. She almost needs a front bowl solid, that's the


only... Two shots brings her into the last end. So...


Quicker. Definitely quicker. No doubt about that. Just under, I


think. Just on the inside. Right through the gap too.


APPLAUSE Paul Foster get as three and a two


in the last two ends. Seven and eight ends, and eases his way into


the quarterfinal. 11-3, 10-3. So Paul Foster seals his spot in the


quarterfinals where he'll face Jamie Chestney. The only other player


through to the last eight so far is Greg Harlow but lots of big names


still lurking in the last 16, the likes of Nick Brett, Stewart


Anderson and of course Alex Marshall. A reminder we are back on


the red button from 10:00am for the next instalment of the singles as


Stewart Anderson playing Graham McKee and back on BBC Two for action


for both of the open singles and lady's singles. Nick Brett and


Claire Johnston are the mixed pair champions. From all here at Potters,


bye, bye. Should've seen Hillary's face.


She was stood there with Bill. Because she's going to an


event to celebrate


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