Day 3 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Day 3

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Welcome to highlight of the World Indoor Bowls Championships at


Potters. Tonight, we are bringing your action from the ladies said --


semifinals. We start with a fascinating clash between Nicky


Brett and 71-year-old Charlie Bence. Amazingly, he survived a heart


attack seven years ago and is now on the biggest stage in balls, up


against the number one seed and top-ranked player in the world, 29


years younger, Nicky Brett. We will start the action at the start of the


match with our commentators. Nicky Brett has played a lot of


matches. Is going to be a fairly nervous day


for Charles. He prefers to be called Charlie. Only his mother called him


Charles. As you say, Nicky Brett has played quite a number of games


already. He has got to make sure he starts well, has Charlie. Doesn't


what Nicky to get away. -- doesn't want.


Nick is very much one of the players who will give Charlie full respect.


I think most of them anyway, to be truthful. This is a match where you


can put your name down into the next round. He will be looking to play a


good game. Charlie beat Matt in the previous round.


A little bit of both. Nick will be delighted with this start. Happy


with the three bowls in the head. Charlie got one round the back.


Maybe have a go at this, trying to remove something. Looks like he is


sticking to the draw. A wise choice from Charlie.


Final delivery, perfect trail. Well played it Charlie Bence, on the


board already. He will be delighted to get out. That is the key. You


want to get that one shot on the board. Then you can relax a little


bit. He has been playing it good. He was telling me a young players


call him Chi-go. We will call him Charles. He started the second


extremely well. The perfect bowl. Stuart Anderson was playing, I saw


it. I shouldn't believe everything I read on the profile. Fanclub as


Charlie. Absolutely. I got a few messages about it. The moral of the


story is don't believe everything you read. He has been there a few


years now, has Stuart. To great opening bowls from Charlie.


Two touchers. Great strike. He tends to hit the target often.


Just have to wait a second or two while they sort out the Bence in the


ditch. Charlie was on the mat, ready to go. He was saying, come on, get a


move on, I want to get started. Charlie is sticking to the forehand,


playing across the rink, most people would stick to the backhand but it


is his choice. I'm sure he has practised this. This one will sweep


away very early. Only need to be crossing the middle line about three


or four metres before the jack. Unusual for most players. That last


bowl has probably forced Nicky onto the forehand side. Nicky's line will


be different. It will just dip across now, three


metres before. Charlie never sighted now. It has a


chance to pick up the jack he's a bit heavy. Pickup the jack. He is


looking at this one. He is drunk to encourage it forward. I tell you


what, he is not far away. Yes. What a shot. Great stuff!


Well, Nicky's attacking this. Looks to be on the high side. Ran the ball


in the ditch. -- bowl. There are many people feeling quite


happy about it Charlie being here. Not least Andy, of course. I'm


waiting for the next sentence to come out. It's always good to know


your not the oldest in the tournament, isn't it? I thought you


might have made some reference to that. It's nice that somebody else


is older than me. Those qualifiers are not easy. I'm


trying to think actually where he qualified from, David. Easy enough


to check it. People travel around different qualifiers don't necessary


have to, but we try to keep them within their own countries.


APPLAUSE Charlie will certainly not be


wanting to leave it to his last bowl again.


Little white dot on Nicky Brett's ball, it indicates a Dutcher. If it


goes in the ditch, it stays there, it stays live. For all our


non-bowler viewers. It goes into the ditch without touching, it's taken


away, forms no further part in the end.


APPLAUSE He's picked the pace up really well,


right away, Nicky, into his groove. Looks to be lacking the pace. Once


again, going to have to play a big last ball. There's a certain amount


of good bowls in the locker, but you don't want to be dipping into it at


every end. No, because you're going to fail eventually. He's going to be


two or three down here, it looks a bit heavy.


He's having a wee trot after this one. Yes. Must like it. Oh, he's


drawn it again, his last bowl. Not only that, it's well hidden on the


backhand. APPLAUSE


Mark Dawes sitting at home thinking, "Well, Nick, welcome to my world."


It's the last ball. Australia you said, David, it's tucked away there,


it's difficult for Nick to get at. Little runner down the forehand to


get into the Jack and move it. Not easy. He's in the area. Has he got


enough?! Good try. Really good effort.


APPLAUSE Another single, another last bowl.


He's enjoying this - Charlie. He certainly is! LAUGHS


I'm not sure how long it's going to be before I call him Charles Dance,


it's only a matter of time, it really is. If he does win, it will


be a jiggle. Certainly will be. Never mind a mind. I'm sure all the


people back in Blantar will be enjoying every minute of this. Great


start. Once again, Nick putting good balls




Yes. Steady. Be very much aware of the fact that's what he'll keep


doing until there's a mistake somewhere. Trouble is - that's not


always guaranteed. I don't think Nick will be pressing the panic


button quiet. -- quite yet. He's aware he's in the game here. This is


close. Good effort from Charlie. It's a shot well played. He's waving




Good again. Wants the jack this time. He's good. Well played.


APPLAUSE Played very few balls, Les Gillett,


just up on the green seats. Applauding that bowl from Nicky


Brett. Let the door open there for you, Andy. LAUGHS well, Charlie,


running after this one, you must like it. Well, he's in the area


again, but it should just sleep under. Good try. What a tough


audience. (LAUGHTER)


How far away is that. Less than a foot. About eight inches away and he


barely got a murmur. They're hard today. Oh! Expectations are high.


Nicky Brett is good again. APPLAUSE


Yep. Squeezed in through the gap. Not sure if it's a No. 2, but we'll


find out shortly. Two it is. That's Fletcher just letting us know. Yes,


definitely 2. Well, Charlie, you're going to have to be reaching through


this one, but again no guarantee if he's going to hit this target he's


going to score. But he's two-down, so he can't be probably any worse


off. It probably just means it's a draw. Got the bowl away with five


seconds to spare. This has to pull back quick. I tell you what - if


he's up to own bowl, he's got a chance. He can promote this one.


That's what he's looking for. Oh! Done it again!


APPLAUSE This is ridiculous! Nicky Brett is


smiling! So many shots taken off him already in this match. It was the


last bowl. Charlie looked up at the commentary box there. I think he's


absolutely loving this! (LAUGHTER)


Still smiling saying, "What on earth?" Nicky Brett has been a good


end and he's still down. Good end again. Close. He's going to get


something this time. There he goes. He's going to pick a two or three




Really good bowl by Nick. Really, really good bowl.


APPLAUSE Both enjoying this. It was a very


good bowl by Nick to push that through. Certainly was. He got it


absolutely plum. Nick thought he had fairly little wrong. Is Charles


Bence on course for an upset? He's got a big chance of taking the first


set as we rejoin the action in the ninth end, Bence leads 6-5.


6-5 up. The last end in the first set. Great position to be in.


What would he give for a front toucher now. Not far away. It's a


good opener. Very good opener. APPLAUSE


Charlie was telling his buddies, he was just enthused about what he had


been doing over the years, his apprenticeship, a coach trimmer for


five years and then coach building and many other things he managed to


do over his life span. Fascinating. Line is very good. Just your pace,


Charlie. Nick needs another one in. Certainly pushed this one out. Bit


of work to do to get back inside the green one. Here it comes! Nick is


waving at it. Yeah, caught on the green bowl. I think it's just a one.


UMPIRE: One red. Once again, I think Charlie has


picked a good line. He's running after this. I think he likes this. I


tell you what, Andy, he's very close to the shot. Really close. Goodness


me, that is a beauty! APPLAUSE


That's not easy to do either. Even on the front one on the hit... Yeah,


exactly, an as you said, the plant actually pushes the ball on to the


jack. At that angle, it's quite possible to go for a respot


position. So - he's not going to draw this is he? I don't think the


drive is the - he's getting a good result with the drive, he's playing


the backhand. I think he's playing the draw. Got to draw within seven


or eight inches. I thought he myotaken the risk just to open it


up, given him the last bowl. He's close. He's played it. What a bowl.


Brilliant bowl. Brilliant bowl - Nicky Brett. All the pressure in the


world for that one. Absolutely sclsmt


APPLAUSE We talked about the plant, he touch


it is red ball on to the green ball, the jack will move and Charlie will


beline the set. He's walking down and just smiling at everyone.


Time-out as well. Now the concentration comes in. He know this


is is important. If he gets this, well, it's monumental. We'll see the


plant in a moment. Yes, weighing himself up for the big one here.


He's close! He's got it. He's got it! Well played Charlie. What a


shot! Oh. This is the best. Clean as an absolute whistle and Paul Foster


is sitting there thinking, "What is going on here?" That was brilliant.


I tell you what, that went down well. Fantastic drive. Nicky, you


have to repeat exactly the same ball as your third bowl or you're losing


the opening set. What pressure on this bowl. I don't fancy this, Nick


is using a time-out, he doesn't use that very often. Last bowl on this


one. Charlie, he's going to have to wait another 15 or 20 seconds to see


if he wins the opening set. He's in the happy with that. It looks heavy


to me. It's too heavy - opening set to


Charles Bence! APPLAUSE


What a story! So against the odds, Charles Bence


taking the first set against Nicky Brett but the defending champion


roared back to take the second set 10-4, meaning we were into a


potentially nervy tie-break. Both have been playing very well in


the match. Slightly different tactic from Charlie. He's brought the mat


out on the green. Can't narrow it though. Not quite sure why he


didn't. He's actually been playing a longish length quite well. He's


narrowed the line. When shortening the jack, that's quite often the


case - normal club bowls but it's not the case in the portable rink,


you still have to push the ball out wide, let it come back. So Nick


taking advantage. Still not that close, but... Good starter.


He's made adjustments with this one. Yes, he's got chances here. Has he


got the gap? Unlucky. Well, give it a chance. Tie-break, three ends,


doesn't matter, just win the end. APPLAUSE


Charlie, if I were you, I would try to run the jack into the ditch. As


you say, David, it doesn't matter if it's one, two, three, or four, just


go to the back here with the backhand. Close! Yep. Oh, he's


lucky. Goodness me, that was close! An inch or two away, Nicky Brett


will be tapping his chest on that one. That was close that drive. He


certainly got that one away better, and very accurate. You see the drive


- that's very close. Just nick it is ball. Trouble is, Nicky Brett needs


another one in here because that bowl could disappear. At the same


time, back bowl would be useful. You can't cover everything. Very narrow.


He's slapping his thighs because he think it's not going to do anything.


Unless he blocks Charlie out. I don't think so. That's a nervy one,


isn't it? Yes, it was. Anything behind was useful. Well, same bowl


again, Charlie. Jack has got to go into the ditch with the bowl. Mmm,


the angle is good for it. Because he'll crunch a jack and then


Charlie's bowl will hit the other bowl and follow it in. So the angle


is perfect. He's making sure he's getting a lot of oxygen in, isn't


he? Taking his time. Well, he's just right. If he gets this right, he'll


end up in the ditch and will be very close to it. I think he's under.


Unless he's fortunate. Not this time.


APPLAUSE Nicky had to have a side-toucher to


win that end. But tactically Charlie played it exactly right. Yes, wasn't


far away, especially with a third bowl, that was the close one. Final


delivery just slightly pulled the bowl across the body, but still in


with a chance here, Charlie. 1-0 down, just needs to win the last two


ends. This is the indoor bowls hub at the


Potters Leisure Resort, and Crown Green has got the Waterloo. This is


the biggest occasion we have got, David, for an indoor sport and long


may it continue. Outdoor many years ago, used to be Worthing. Yes, and


Elementington for the finals. Northfield, Scotland, and of course


coming over to the outdoor Belmont. Northern Ireland this summer. Trying


again. Just needs to stay in front. Well, he'll still done a lot of dam


-- damage. Yes, he's split it well. He needs one good bowl here. The


line is good. How is the pace, Charlie?


Nick, looking to get behind the jack with this one. Not even attempting


to try to pull it around the corner. He's just going deep.


APPLAUSE Yeah, fair call, but I think just a


draw for Charlie, really. I don't he should be running at this jack. Just


a draw. The thing is - he's playing his backhand so well, you fully


expect him to draw with one of the two bowls. Yes, I would say this one


looks closest. This looks very close to drawing a draw here. He's drawn




Charlie! Just what we thought would happen. He's just played his


backhand too well to leave it. Nick is in trouble again. Goodness me!


And we thought the pairs were exciting!


UMPIRE: Nick has three time-outs remaining. He has to reach it, no


choice. Yes, backhand. Try to draw this, I think the backhand draw is


quite a difficult shot. Not many people tend to get this. No. Is that


up? He's under. He's definitely under with this one. Something in


the right about it. Nick knows it. Yep, that's 1-1. It didn't look


right out of the hand. He was short and now Charles Bence has taken the


world No. 1 and depending champion all the way to the third end and


tie-break. And again he's doing it with good bowls. Yes, he has. I


mean, Nick left him to leaf the draw in the backhand and he played it.


I'm not sure if I would have, to be honest with you. You know, it is


just drawing too well. Yes, he is. Well, Charlie, you brought it the


last time. The fuller line is where I think you played the better bowls.


I think he's gone probably 27, 28m with this one. That's where you're


playing better. UMPIRE: 27.5m.


Well, we got a good view here, David. Everyone is gathering around.


We got the press people, everyone here is waiting for the biggest


story that we have had in many years. What we call this? The


vultures' Net. Yes, they're all gathering. They're all gathering to


see what happens. Every single person is watching this at the


moment. Do we have the biggest story in a long time. -- time?


APPLAUSE Once again, Nick is doing everything


right. He's played very well today. Nick has played well. Charlie has


been - he's done so much damage with one bowl in particular, but on a few


occasions it's been more of that. Nick is aware of that. He needs one


very good bowl here, Charlie, to get himself into the quarterfinal. This


needs to stop. 10 singles Charlie scored in this match, and one


double. One bowl. You can understand that bowl. The rules change again in


the third end of the tie-break. They can destroy the end but you have to


nominate it first. APPLAUSE


Nominate as often as you wish, but you can only destroy it once and


it's replayed in the same direction. Nick is shaking his head there. He


knows that's just not close enough. Just wund erd if Charlie is thinking


about - couldn't be thinking about running the bowls here? Not, got to


be drawing. And he likes it. He's signalled to the audience - this is


the shot. That's confidence for you! Is he getting back? He is. He's




Oh, my goodness me! He signalled to the audience, "I have drawn the


shot." Did he really signal that, and yeah? He did. You're looking out


the windows, but I'm watching the monitors. Well done, Charlie. Close,


but still shot to Nicky Brett. He needs to be up! He really needs to




Well, two red, but it's actually in a good place. Charlie has been doing


a lot of damage in the backhand too. It's just... Shaking his head, I


can't blame him. He's just shaking his head. Going for it. Oh, he's


under. He's under. He's under. It's gone. Unlucky. Oh, Charles Bence,


what an effort. What an effort and look at that, he walks down, big


smile on his face, clapping his hands. Nicky Brett has been tested


right to the last bowl in this match.


APPLAUSE But what a man, what a player, and a


stand ovation for the 71-year-old, and so it should be. Absolutely.


Started the day absolutely well Charles Bence but full credit to


Nicky Brett. That was hard and he dug deep. There good game, good win.


They're able to share a laugh after that fantastic match which had the


audience on their feet and rightly so. We're going to talk to and no


offence, Nicky, but the star of the day.




Charles Bence - 71 years old, can I ask what you're feeling right now?


Um, amazing great to play against the No. 1. I'd do it again. It's the


best. You had him on the ropes, you got very close. Most importantly,


you played brilliantly today. Yeah. It's the best I have played for a




I played well. I had to put Nicky under pressure. The atmosphere


between the two of you, the sportsmanship between the two of you


was always fantastic. APPLAUSE


. Charlie was fantastic. Right on the green, I learnt some new words


as well, gurling or whatever that is!


(LAUGHTER) . Unbelievable. He was killing me


every end, on the green as well. Wonderful moments between the two of


you. What was happening here? I just had my eyes tested and he's telling


me I needed to do it again! (LAUGHTER)


Did you feel nervous playing against Charlie today? I wish I could swear!


(LAUGHTER) Very terrified to be honest. He


played fantastic. I played some good bowls early on, and he was killing


me. I was like, three, four nil down, both sets, what am I going to


do here. Unbelievable. It's lot of pressure for me. Every time I found


a good one, he beat it! (LAUGHTER)


Quite simply one of the most remarkable matches we have ever seen


here at Potters. But the defending champion Nicky Brett safely through


to the quarterfinals where he'll play the winner of our next match


between Stewart Anderson and Graham McKee. Only one year separate these


two but the gulf and experience was much greater. Graham McKee making


his first appearance in the second round of Potters against 31-year-old


Anderson, the champion in 2013. Anderson got off to a fast start.


This runner the first end gave him a triple as he raced into the early


lead taking the first four ends to build-up a seven shot advantage.


McKee got on the board with wins in the next three but still trailed by


four shots. He was unable to conjure a mayorcle with his last leaving


Anderson to secure the first set 11-4. The qualifier has seen off


another world champion Thompson in the first round. McKee fail to


register another end and Anderson sealed a comfortable win in the


seven with a three-shotter. So this is how the quarterfinal


line-up looks after the moment. Nicky Brett through to play Stewart


Anderson, clash of former champions. Meanwhile Greg Harlow safely he's


booked his place in the last eight. He'll play the winner.


Now we switch our attention to the ladies' competition and the


semifinals. First up Ellen Falkner who won the title for an amazing


third time last year up against Janice Gower appearing at the


semifinals for the first time at Potters. Falkner won the first set


6-5 but Gower was fighting back in the second and she leads 6-5 as we


join the action at end eight. Karen Murphy is in the commentary box


along with David Corkill. Off to a good start is Janice Gower


on this end. She'll be well happy with that one.


APPLAUSE Good reply.


APPLAUSE Janice just looking for a bowl


similar to her first one. Something to sort of fatten up the target.


Just short. Thinking about the last end there


with her second last bowl. At least it's valuable back there. Good


position bowl. There's a chance. Really needs to


get this in. Next end is the last end. Wants to be carrying a bit of a


lead into it. Needs another close bowl - Ellen Falkner. Touching the


jack actually wouldn't do her any harm. I think she's just been a


little bit unlucky and round off it. Difficult one here for Janice Gower.


She has to decide what to do. Hasn't made Janice's task any easier,


Corky. No, it hasn't. If anything there may be a gap between the jack


and the bowl now. If she touches on the outside of the red ball, it will


string across to two, she has to get it really on the inside edge. You


get that, you're likely to hit the jack. That's close enough to make no


difference, if you hit that bowl, it's going to spinge. That's why


she's playing the backhand. This is a chance for Ellen Falkner. She must


make up her mind what to do, but it's a good positive draw, rest the


green ball out. Just touch the outside of the edge of her own bowl


and she'll make three. But she doesn't want to go in with a one-end


shoot out. Will this get back? Needs to bend and bend quickly.


APPLAUSE Looks good for three. That's exactly


what she had to play. And that was a big bowl and she played it very,


very well. Perfect weight. Well, there's been a few


opportunities for Ellen in this match, certainly in the second set.


That's the first one she's really grasped. Good timing to do it. Just


a matter of winning in the end. All about taking those opportunities


when they arise. Nothing between these two players in the second set.


They have both played well. Yes, I think it's when you make mistakes


the odd time and sort of gifts shots away that it really hurts. And then


you reflect on that, and Ellen's mentally very strong, so she


wouldn't have been thinking too much about it, but you're always


conscious of that fact, that's all. APPLAUSE


Janice looking just a touch or just past the jack here, nothing for


short. Left it short! It's a good bowl, good bowl in the head.


It's a good start really for both players but Ellen just seemed to


have upped her game in the last few ends. That's a very good bowl. When


you... When you're chasing shots, like Janice, she cannot afford to be


short here. Just a confident draw down on the back-end.


Very good. It's sa very good bowl, but it's actually not what she want.


No. It really isn't. She needed to be probably 2ft heavier than that.


She just drew it and really you have to be through it. If you're looking


for three shots... You need to give yourself some room to draw another


couple. Have to give yourself a chance with the last bowl to trail


something or turn a bowl out, something to make a difference,


that's all. It's a hard shot available to turn the jack for the


green, but I find if I was Ellen here, I'd be ternted to play to it.


If Ellen crunches the jack against a green, it's more or less over. Only


danger is, she doesn't want to bring it out in the open, that's the only


thing, really doesn't. So high-line draw would be useful.


I like my high-line drift shots. Get them out there. Here it comes now.


Let it drift right in again. She's calling it.


APPLAUSE It's not ideal because it gives a


shoulder a chance to play through it, but if she knows if she plays it


now and misses, that's it. It's more or less over. No way of getting a


three. I think she has to try it. Yeah, definitely the inside of the


red bowl, one bowl on to the other to stay. It's the only - only thing


she's got on. So good arriving draw this, to use


the shoulder, take the red ball out, give herself a chance with the last


one. Good effort. It's in the head and


it's a good effort. Probably lacking a fraction of weight, I think. Yeah,


just needed 2ft more. If it had of been 2ft more, wouldn't have got


back. UMPIRE: time-out call. Ellen has no


time-outs remaining. Still choices and still chances. Ball on to ball,.


Interesting to see if she decides to go deep with this over to the side


or just try to drop in on that gap. Drops it in the gap, it's all over.


That would be a fantastic bowl. If she gets any movement on her bowl on


the way in there is also a good result for Ellen Falkner. Just


slipping past. I can't blame her. APPLAUSE


Well, the shot is definitely there. There's no doubt about it. You get


on the inside of that, get into the bowl, you get a half-bowl, it goes


out, you try to get off the angle on to the red bowl, and that would


really kill it. That's the other target bowl. So can't say it's not


possible. It is. Not the easiest of chances but probably better than


what she might have expected. Doesn't really want any jack


movement, can't afford any jack movement there. No. The angle there


is to take the two reds out and stay. She'll have to have it push


through it with four or five yards running. She's certainly given it a


chance. Yeah, good effort. APPLAUSE


Just the one shot. Ellen Falkner, champion still in the mix. Makes her


way into the final. Good game but Ellen just had too much in the tank


in the end. Every semifinal is always hard


fought. Ellen, you had to fight hard to overcome an opponent. The


standard of the game was pretty good all the way through. It was a real


tight and close encounter. I'm asking you about getting through the


is final. You stand on the verge of history. You could win it a fourth


time. Is that the sort of thing that even comes into your mind when you


arrived here or is it the old cliche game by game. It's game by game.


It's all about focusing on the game and, yeah, I'm just over the moon


and looking forward to tomorrow. Ellen Falkner is through to the


final as she bids to win the title for a record fourth time but who


will she face? Well the other semifinal is between Amy Stanton and


former champion Katherine Rednall. Here is what happened in that clash.


Can't play your natural game if you're chasing five shots. Nice


start from Katherine Rednall again. First bowl has been very good. The


last few ends. Yeah. Definitely stepped-up a little bit on that


particular discipline. Probably fair to say, Amy Stanton's


running shots haven't been that effective in this game, Corky,


although her heads have been difficult to play to. Being jenly in


the area or on target, but the problem is that way she hit them,


she wasn't going to be any better off. It's hard to really make the


conversions, that's the thing, you know, the damage was been done


really before that, before the drive, you know. That's right. You


have to use the second and third bowl in a more aggressive way. You


want to be careful here, Katherine, you do not want that jack. Well,


that's OK, but it's taken it away from the front one and it's opened


it a little bit towards the red bowl. One of those shots where


you're better missing it. Quite few of those running shots


where Katherine forced her into having to play it. Yep. Crowded the


head with bowls. She's been asked to play the hard


shots, isn't she? So Katherine will have a little think about this. She


could take that wing bowl away, it would be absolutely perfect, drop


that down, protect the jack going through, because really I would have


thought Amy would have played it the other side.


Wants to stay on the high. Yep, that's it. Just round to the red.


That was the second option if she missed her own bowl, it's a good


option to come. Well, this is a big bowl in the gameframe - Amy Stanton.


So much play in the portable ring is about giving yourself opportunities


to get something. Every bowl has to have a value.


This is the shot that I thought she would have played with her third


bowl. She's given it a chance. Very close. Wants an edge. Got the edge.


And in for the shot by the looks of it. Needed the edge to get there. It


was very, very close. APPLAUSE


And this is very important as to whose line this. It's close to two


here. Measure for shot. Thought you had


seen something there that I hadn't seen. The angle of the red bowl it


looked like it was close. It's deceiving.


And the context of the game, this is a massive result. Well, the red is


well in. That changes things. Two shots behind. It's very doable, when


you need three. Four behind and needing five was


almost all over. So a good result, a good bowl was in the area, got the


edge and then it's just a matter of if you're going to be fortunate


enough to fall in. Not sure about this jack. I think


she's safe enough. She's well back from the minimum distance with the


mat. It's all the way out to the tee.


Got a little colourful light sabers there.


Just need a little kick. Almost see it there - kicked out slightly.


Straightened up. On this occasion it helped her because it got her around


the red bowl. But a couple of little things in the rink that are - if you


know they're there you can make them work for you. Change of hand for


Amy. Change of hand and that dropped


dramatically. Favours probably red. There's no favour, he's got a good


eye. That's well inside. One point, I


thought, he was playing a lot of weight. It was a lot of weight and


this is not going to help her. Well, the jack has moved through


sufficiently that it's not going to make a dramatic difference. It's a


measure for shot and pushing that in is very unlucky, but it's well away


from the target. That can happen, but there's space to draw. So the


different is she's probably going to have three shots against her. That's


going to be a match lie. Yep. This isn't easy, Karen, because there's


spaces and gaps and holes. Tough shot. You have to drive it through


for the jack. She's going for the drive. Let's see what happens. Yep,


everything moved but not enough. I think there's two green there and


they'll be shaking hands at the end of this. Well, that little bit of


bad luck in the last end there for Amy Stanton is very unfortunate. Put


her in a lot of trouble but I have to give Katherine Rednall a lot of


credit. She played well. Scored didn't reflect the match, much


tighter than that. Well down to Katherine Rednall.


Confirmation she is back in a lady's single final. She will face the


defending champion Ellen Falkner. A reminder we're back on the Red


Button at 10:00am as David Gourlay takes on Neil Furman and then on BBC


Two at 1:00pm for the Ladies singles final and Les Gillett versus Alex


Marshall in the last open singles. What a day we had here at Potters


Leisure Resort. The hero of the day undoubtedly was 71-year-old Charles


Bence. From all of us here at Potters, bye, bye.


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