Day 4 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Day 4

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Hello. Welcome to highlights from the World Indoor Bowls Championship


at the Nick Riewoldt. Tonight we will -- Potters Resort. We will


start with the final between Ellen Falkner and Katherine Rednall.


Falkner tried to win the title for a record fourth time against Katherine


Rednall, appearing in her third final in four years. Ellen overcame


Gower and Ellen overcame Amy Stanton. It was 21-year-old


Katherine Rednall who took the first set 10-5 and the defending champion


looked rattled. But she fought back in the second to lead 5-2 as we join


the action. Commentary comes from Karen Murphy and David. We see time


and time again, David, good players just find a way to win, don't they?


They do. Absolutely. There have been so many matches where I have seen


the experience of players and champions, past champions, come


through. When maybe they were outplayed by their opposition.


The way Katherine has been playing, if particular the first two balls,


it's still hard work right there for Ellen Falkner to win the second set.


Once again, all over that jack. APPLAUSE


One of the women players have been playing like this, not one of them


have been getting this close with their first two balls on a regular


basis. Just a slight disturbance in the


crowd and the players are just taking a moment or two, while that's


looked after. Just a slight refocus for Ellen


Falkner there. I'm sure Ellen didn't mean to may


that much weight, David. I think she was a little bit put off by the


disturbance in the crowd. Yeah. She might have been better just to wait


until it was completely cleared, take a drink of water, settle


herself, because it hasn't affected Katherine. Lots of pressure.


Single-ball target this time. No choice but to try and draw into this


and make it a Bettser for herself -- make it a bit better for herself.


There is the overcorrection. So easy to do when you are pushing through.


You overcorrect. Now she is in so much trouble. Katherine would be


doing well here just to draw another one in a centre line position.


Doesn't want to leave anything on the wing.


APPLAUSE Shot of the day coming up if she


draws this one. Hitting it isn't easy. A single ball target. At that


length on the backhand... Mmm. Drawing it isn't easy here. That's


what I'm saying, to draw that shot is a nightmare. Looking at it, yes,


there is a target. The draw shot, available on the forearm, using the


shoulder to come off. Backhand drew available. But goodness me! Could


you imagine just trying to drop in on that ball and drop back? Very


difficult. I think I would be trying to hit it,


David. Such a hard shot to try and draw. She wants to Keibler


opposition down to three or four. If she misses it, citadel going to be a


-- it is going to be a four. If she draws it, that would be a remarkable


shot. Yep. Going for the runner. Slightly


under. CROWD: Oh! Not much, just a tiny


little bit under. That was enough to rule off. I still think it was the


right shot. I think so. Yep. You know, it's a big... Make your shot


selection, be totally 100% committed to it, and if it goes wrong, well,


you lose the four. Her lead is going to disappear, but still well in the




She needs to stop on the ball but... Oh!


APPLAUSE Plenty of room. She used every inch


of it. A bit of a smile there. She was expecting four there.


That's the first time, I think, I have seen her a metre away for the


first ball. Ellen Falkner's just lost a


four-count but Katherine Rednall was only one, two, out of the six ends


in the second set so far. Yep. Scoring heavily. Turn of four. Three


singles and a two against. She is doing everything right that way. She


is keeping her opponent down to single shots most of the time. But


this one is a loose end. REFEREE: Last ball 2.5 feet. Plenty


of room to the jack here. Nicely played!


APPLAUSE That's the one.


APPLAUSE Very good selection, Katherine


Rednall. One green as it stands. Maybe that one...


Still a draw there for Ellen. Not worth reaching through anything at


present. Sets up a position if Ellen doesn't


get another bowl in - sorry, Katherine doesn't, else ledge has a


chance to -- Ellen has a chance to run the ball to the jack. So,


important. The young lady slots a second shot in.


. Gone deep, I think. Yeah, she has. Well, an opportunity here for Ellen


Falkner. Crowd very happy to see that, but... Has to go for the bowl.


Surely she will go for the ball. One way or the other. There is a natural


bend into the green bowel, the way it's -- bowl the way it's sitting.


Yep. Going for it. She's interested. Oh! Goodness me!


That must have been close! To take the two bowls, she must have been


coming in and just caught a quarter bowl.


REFEREE: One shot, Katherine Rednall.


APPLAUSE Definitely worth it. Had to go for


it. The run is quite a tight line on the back end towards the commentary


box. There wasn't much in it. REFEREE: 27.5m. A lovely colourful


lightsabers there. The last few ends Katherine


Rednall's just started to drop her first bowl short. Yeah. Ellen unable


to capitalise. That's where the big problem is. The door's been opened a


little bit, but Ellen hasn't been able to walk through it. There it is


again, I think. Fractionally short from Katherine. Not like her. Nope.


APPLAUSE A change on to the backhand. I was


ask you how far but I don't think I want to know. What's happening


actually? REFEREE: Katherine's bowl 2.5 feet


short of jack. Get the concentration back again.


It's the line for it. Still running... She's lost her drawing


weight. That's the problem. Katherine recovered. She's got a


chance to recover with the third ball. And the last end, she is


getting yet another chance with the third bowl this time. I don't know


if she's there again, is she? She's not bad. Well, it's good enough.


(APPLAUSE) Yeah, better than the previous ones.


Still heaps of room. Should be able to take that. Taking


2 feet off is very difficult. When your 4-5 through, it is a bit


easier. She's struggling now. CROWD MURMURING


This is a real walk-about end. Lots of presure on Ellen Falkner. If she


loses a big count here, the match is gone. Can't afford to lose a four.


APPLAUSE Too much. A big slap on the these


from Ellen Falkner, trying to psych herself up to draw the shot here.


Still expect her to draw it, I really do. Yep. She's a pressure


player. Make sure you are taking the line,


Ellen, because I think you're on an inside line with this. You are


definitely under where you want to be. You have to sneak through


between balls. Well... Yep. I still think she's


probably two down. Took two off. But that was a nervy one. She was low on


the green and low on the weight. She will be so disappointed with that


end, Ellen Falkner. REFEREE: Two shots, Katherine




REFEREE: 5-9 after eight ends. A crucial end. Ninth end. Katherine


Rednall wins this, she's got one hand on the trophy. Ellen Falkner


has to score least a single to give herself a chance in the last two


ends. Her drawing's just left her the last few ends. And after sitting


pretty for a while, at 4-0 and then 5-2, a four, a single and a double.


Puts her into a heap of trouble. Well, I don't know what's going on,


Karen. Just lost her way. It happens. It certainly does.


Katherine isn't far away with her second bowl here.


APPLAUSE Made the adjustment.


Oh, this looks under. For line and weight. Yep. She's toiling out


there. Definitely struggling now. She's the sort of player that you


sort of think, you know, one big bowl could turn it. But it's not


going well. In the meantime, her young opponent,


well, hasn't taken much advantage with this one but it's another shot.


That will probably force her on to the forehand. She is sticking with


the backhand. APPLAUSE


Line looks batter. This is all about weight now. She is a lot closer with


this one. Needs to hurry, though. CROWD: Oh! Well, that has pretty


much blocked up the back hand. Very close to two shots.


Guaranteed the at least another end but... I just can't see Ellen doing


anything if she doesn't win this one. Katherine looking to drop


another one in here. Looks to be good with her weight.


APPLAUSE Close! Well, it tinkered on a bit


there, but it's OK. We think it's three shots. That would take her up


to 12-5. Ellen would need two fours. That is her critical list last ball.


She has to change on to the forehand. Traditionally will


forehand... Well, you can drop short very easily on it. Champions come up


with big bowls when they are needed. Ellen Falkner needs a big bowl here.


She's definitely reaching! Got a chance for this. Big, big chance.


Steady now - she's played it! What a bowl!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Massive! Chris knew it.


REFEREE: One shot, Falkner fact. What did we say about the big ball


at the right time? It can just change the whole pattern? She needs


another couple here. She has a smile on her face at the moment. A smile


with a tiny grimace! LAUGHTER


Yes! She knows that you can't just dip in and get those balls all the


time. One's just not enough. If you look at that score card, look at all


those ones at the top. There is one double. 29.5m. She's been losing


shots and doubles. But not gaining them. So first bowl needs to be




Four shots and twoens. Mathematically possible -- two ends.


Mathematically possible with bowls like that, starts like that. I


honestly can't remember the last time she played a first bowl


toucher. That's a good replay! Very food




Chasing the second bowl. CROWD MURMURING


APPLAUSE Just not reaching.


As long as she's got the weight she's on a good line.


APPLAUSE That's a good ball. Another one in


there. Has is going to force Ellen to try and rest into the green bowl,


to try to make a double out of this. One shot. It is going to make it


tough in the last end. She needs two to give herself a chance to win the


set. A nice little shot down on the


backhand else sent playing, just a touch on the jack, just over the


draw. Needs to run with this. Needs to


hurry. Mmm. Well, that's not a time to be short. Even a ball through the


jack would have been good there. Just going deep.


Very wisely, Katherine, going back. APPLAUSE


Well, choices here. Do you just draw up to the bowl or do you drive it


off? Knowing if you get the jack, you still could get one shot. That


will be playing to her strengths. Very close for shot. Same one to


green definitely. But it is very, very close.


REFEREE: Time-out closed. Ellen has two time-outs remaining. Can she get


inside it to get to the jack? With enough weight knowing if she gets


the front bowl there is all sorts of chances? And if she gets the jack,


all the way through it's still good. Not sure she can drive the ball out


completely clean. Definitely will have to arrive with a little bit of


weight at least. She is on the forehand. That would suggest she is


playing weight. Definitely. She's playing forehand, she is definitely


going for the front bowl. Take them out.


She's in the area. Got something surely! Oh! What a bad result. Well,


Katherine is looking at it. She's not doing anything yet, because I


think it's very close for shot. Not totally sure who's line... Ellen's


walking away. Ellen is very, very fair. She doesn't need to do this.


If she's not sure, she will say. Oh! It's been declared. Well, that's


unusual. But I can understand it. Deciding not to play the last bowl.


Katherine must be confident that she's lined the shot.


CROWD MURMURING A measure for the championship.


Francis Fletcher, "Don't make a mistake." Callipers tight. Resting


on the green. That is what you are meant to do. One end. Bring it right


through. Perfect. Now we will know if that goes straight through. Yep.


Easy. REFEREE: One shot, second shot in


the match, Katherine Rednall Katherine Rednall! Didn't play her


last bowl. Gets the single she needs to win the championship 10-6 in the


second set. I have to say - she's been good value for it. Really good


value. Played really well. First set, 10-5, second 10-6. A lot of


damage done by the young 21-year-old with her first two bowls


APPLAUSE But Ellen Falkner contributed


greatly, the three-time champion, to that match. But it's Katherine


Rednall who takes it. She's the lady's match place singles


championship for 2017. APPLAUSE


And thoroughly deserved. Katherine, the second time you are


winning it. The last time I was going to say you were just a baby,


but in fairness you're not that much older now! What's the difference


between the feeling immediately after winning it last time and this


time around? I don't think there's any difference really. Coming back


here every year has been an absolute pleasure. The start of the year, it


couldn't be a better start, Potters is an amazing place to come. It was


just an incredible game. Like, that is what you hope for as a final. To


be up against Ellen... It was what - a lot of people who have asked for


as a final. I think - I hope - we lived up to it.


APPLAUSE Ladies and gentlemen, one more time,


the 2017 world champion, Katherine Rednall! Well done to Katherine


Rednall. A two-time world champion at the age of 21. Now we are


focusing on the open singles and first-up the match between David


Gourlay and Neil Furman. In six previous appearances at Potters,


Furman never got past the second round. Gourlay ran in 1996. But


since being played at Potters only made to it the final once, losing to


Alex Marshall. Furman took the first two ends before Gourlay picked up


the mark in the third when he levelled the score. The Scot


produced fine shots before displaying the strength of his


driving game in the seventh end. This runner with the fourth goal


helping him snatch a vital single. APPLAUSE


He took a three-shot lead into the last end and turned the screw with


this which was good enough to take the set 9-5.


APPLAUSE Bornd in Pretoria but representing


the USA Furman plays out of San Diego. He beat Jason Greenslade but


was struggling to get a foothold in this match, this drive in the second


got noing his way. He trailed by six going into the eighth end as left


with an impossible shot to save the match.


APPLAUSE So, David Gourlay is now through and


he plays Greg Harlow in the quarterfinals. Next, its the match


between Les Gillett, who won the pairs earlier, against the six-time


champion Alex Marshall. Gillett dep 7 high on confidence from a success


on Monday started well. We join the action in the ninth end of the first


set. And you Thompson is now the -- Andy Thomson is now in the


commentary box with Corky. Taking his time here, come -- composing


himself. Nine shots, eight ends. An


indication of how tight the game is. Set. And you


Nine shots, eight ends. An indication of how tight the game is.


Once again, as we were saying his strength is on the draw.


APPLAUSE Once again, it's just a perfect


opener. Movement. Oh, good ball! Doesn't


matter the shot is against him. It's a good bowl. Yes. Alex needed to do


something. Give himself a chance to possibly pick a three up, tie the


opening set. Good to do wit the first ball, Andy, because you don't


want that sort of back toucher to lie there for two or three balls.


Les will be trying to close this head down. If he tucks the jack in


here, he's really in the driving seat. A perfect bowl! Well played,


Les Gillett! That's brilliant. APPLAUSE


We can't argue about that. Well, I suggest he's going to win this


opening set now after that bowl. This is going to be awkward for Alex


to score. He's tempted... Almost has to run at this, just to give himself


a chance. Front ball and the two reds. A possibility... If he loses,


misses it and loses ball he is in so much trouble. Yep. He's just drawing


to it. Understandable. Anything through the jack is good. Exactly.


This must go past. If this isn't past the jack when he


can't... I think he is reaching around to the red. Half locks the


red in at least. Les will be better to run for cover here. Both still


moving. Makes a big difference. A back bowl. Anything past is good.


Run for cover. You can't really make it any better than what it is.


There is one way if you really wanted to be brave but I don't think


anybody would play it. APPLAUSE


Front ball on the jack... Yes! Two green balls, out of play completely.


Yes. But no wound would play that. Certainly not. He doesn't want to,


just in case he made a mistake. Useful ball from Les. Alex is going


to have to try to create something with this bull.


Controlled way. Just to try and shake it up and dis - it. Going


under. Needs a solid connection. Well... The two balls will go now,


though. That little contact has made a difference. It is just how far,


the shot ball is beautiful the jack. If the jack is touching, it is


almost certain to move. I think honestly if I was Les here I


would be very tempted just to reach that. If he misses it and comes in


to here it is good. If he moves the jack into this position, that takes


everything away. Yeah. Probably does. No way that Alex can get a


three. Yeah. No. Obviously the gap... There is a possibility that


bowl could go out without moving the jack... I think the two ball ks go.


-- ball ks go. Les sticking on the higher side.


Yep. I think he is trying to get to his own bowl. If he misses it, he


comes through. That's good! APPLAUSE


Locks it in. Well done, Les. Good bowl. Pacific. I think he had to


play something like that, because - he couldn't let it sit the way it


was. Alex will know he is going to have to bang into this really,


really hard and hope to get a result. Yeah. There isn't a three


here, David. I'm sure there's not a three here. A good bowl. Well done,


Les. Played it well. Alex... Five seconds on the clock.


Yeah. We knew he was going to go. He is hitting the target. No doubt


about that. Here we go. Jack is through the


head. Ref one shot Alex Marshall. One shot. Not open. 6 shots to 4.


Les Gillett looks in control of what appeared to be a tough match after


taking the first set. He's also heading 7-3 in the second as we


rejoin it in the eighth end. The head down. Don't be fooled by


that. That could mean anything. Needs to run, though. It is a bit on


the short side. APPLAUSE


In the standard of this game, that's not going to be close enough. He


knows that. Not a bat starter -- bad starter but he would preferred it to


be behind the head. A minimum of two is needed here. I would say... Yep,


two shots, absolute minimum. Yes. He probably needs a three. A good


opener. APPLAUSE


Yep. Les, are you starting to think about


the winning post at the moment? That is the loosest opening two balls in


the game. This is where the tough really do


get going. APPLAUSE


. Yes, true. Perfect hoping ball. Probably his two best opening balls


in the match from Alex. Well, there is a stellar draw. I


don't think he should be running... No, he can't. He doesn't want to


lose a big four. Rightly so. Even two shots here... You know, it's...


It's a big ask on the last end to get a treble. Yes. He cannot afford


to lose his head here. He needs to run with this, because that's short.


Oh, dear! Les, what are you doing? This is your worst end of the match.


The one end that you really need a good bowl.


I don't think Les will be looking to this final delivery. He is going to


be three down. Nervy, nervy stuff. On his own jack length. Yes. Hasn't


played an end like this in the whole game. That is what pressure does for


you. If this comes in, right in behind the jack, he is going to


leave it wide? He is. APPLAUSE


Mmm. No... White wide. I think there is a temptation. I think I would be


running at this now. There is no easy draw. No. No easy draw. The


yard on shot is no good really. Not the shot that he would probably


excel at, is the running ball, but he is going to have play one now.


Even if he gets to there - if he gets the back end of the green ball


off the other, the jack will move in this direction. No doubt about that.


Needs to connect to the green ball - as simple as that. Needs to catch


one. Trouble is, if he misses he goes in to the last end level.


Massive pressure. Massive! Already taken a time-out. He knows that if


he gets this right, he's... He's home. But if he misses, goodness me!


He is on the backhand? I think he's pulled it. Under. Will he take...


Taken one out. Well... That's a then. He will lose a three. But that


was a nervy one. Yes. Always under. Why did he play it on the backhand?


The forehand looked like - the target was there. I think he prefers


his backhand. Does he? Yeah. I think he does. That's why he chose that.


Well, as you say, a big chance for Alex to score a third. He probably


needs it as well. The only time. Every other end he scored a single.


You wouldn't put it past Alex Marshall, would you, to score a


three here. And then a two in the next. A double in the next. Yes!


LAUGHTER You couldn't write the script. Yeah,


number 3. That is number 3. Will it stop in time? It looks good. I think


he is going to drop in. REFEREE: Three shots, Alex Marshall.


He is there. Alex Marshall suddenly is right back this match!


7-6. Needs a double to force the tie break.


My goodness me. This is an over the line job. Two shots, a tie break.




Gillett will be this, dear, why have I played the worsened of my game?


The last two ends, it is never a given. Ref 27m. To be fair, the way


he played four really good balls... He did. Played an excellent end. He


needs another one. Yep. Not taking the risk on a short jack length. No.


A quarter length. He knows if he plays a good opener, there is a lot


of pressure then on Les Gillett. APPLAUSE


Not bad. Not close enough, though, I don't think.


Well, Les, that's four bowls in a row. It's been a bit of a struggle.


Yes. He's looking, "Can't I just get the big scalp off Alex Marshall?" He


can't see the finish line too early. LAUGHTER


A lot of people have done that in the past and fallen at the last


hurdle. I think Alex will be disappointed with that one. That's


dropped two feet short. That will force Les on to the other hand.


REFEREE: Within green. Two feet. Two feet. You won't be worried about


that. You won't go anywhere near it. It will be the other side. Alex is


up the other end of the green after two bowls. Goodness me! I think he's


confused by hi previous delivery. He thought he was better. Yep. Every


bowl is massive for Les Gillett now. Every single bowl. It has to hurry,


has to run the length. Good enough! APPLAUSE


Try and touch the jack for a double - that is all he needs. Half a bowl


short. There is only one thing on Les' mind - and that is, "Please,


Alex, miss this." LAUGHTER


Trying to draw the shot. Any movement of the jack would score


two. The line is good. Em. Press Close. And he's got the weight. Just


holding out. Straightened out. Just suggested... An shake of his head. I


thought he was on the line and we are right behind it. I thought it


was good. I don't know about you, Andy? Yeah. He is shaking his head.


We've a good idea of where all the boys are coming in. They that seemed


to hold out. Now he's in trouble. REFEREE: Time-out called. Well, he


is and he isn't. Yes, it's a match lie against him but only one bowl in


there at the moment. He's still got the trail shot. Still got the


removal of the red bowl for two. That's what he needs. But Les needs


another one. He is going to have to draw there. He has no choice but to


follow-on from the last ball. Even if he drags the jack towards the


green one, that is good enough. Yes. Agreed. He doesn't mind given the


shot away as long as he was a real, real good second. Has is what will


be in my mind. As I say, we got a good idea of lines. This looks


under. Not up. Not by some distance. No. Alex, forehand, rest the ball


off or turn the jack. This is a great chance. I think the problem


here, David, is that with the last draw, which Alex thought was good,


he's going to not be confident to play the draw. I think he will play


a better weight now. Well... The thing for Alex is that Les' last


bowl is actually hampering him, because he would have wanted to have


the opportunity to drive it. I don't know what less was doing with the


third one. I think that was just a nervous bowl and he let it go. Yes.


If anything, he shousht behind the head -- he should have been behind


the head to allow for the drive shot to get out of trouble. In recent


years, this is... This is Les's biggest aim. Alex looking at the


angles here. Seen it all before. Still smiling. Even if he loses, she


will still be smiling. She will. That is just Dianne. I think if I


was Alex I would be playing this with a bit of weight. I don't think


he has confidence that he will be able to draw this. Arriving with a


yard or so at the very most. Slightly inside line. He's got a


chance. No better man for the big bowl.


Yeah. He is playing with weight. The right way to play it. He's under.


He's definitely under. Needs a massive result here. Les is going to


take the single. APPLAUSE


REFEREE: Les Gillett! The six-times world champion goes out of the world


professional singles to Les Gillett. I have to say Les Gillett was good


value for that match. He played well. Les was very good. I think


that's why he won the game. He will be delighted. Alex probably wasn't


at his best. That is what happens. Well played to Les Gillett, through


to the quarterfinal. APPLAUSE


Les, how are you going to describe the way this week is going for you?


It's all right at the moment. LAUGHS


No, obviously we are in the pairs, that will be a great boost. It it


was good to win the first round of the singles. When I say I draw Alex,


I knew I had give it to my all. You are not six-time world champion for


no reason. I prepared myself well. Concentrated every bowl. Nearly blew


it at the end when I nearly dropped a four. Just about hung on in there


at the end. Pleased with my performance. Like Alex said, played


some really good stuff. I played some good runners on - when he


played short jacks and I got myself out of trouble. Yeah, great game.


Really pleased to go through, and see what happens now. Les Gillett's


win means there is one outstanding match from the last 16 between two


former world champions - Darren Burnett up against Mervyn King. Here


is what happened in this clash. Robert Paxton is now in the


commentary box with David. The cover shot. Certainly turning


over now, looking to go off his own bowl.


Mmm. Short start to swing away. There it goes. Didn't have the


weight actually to carry it. Seriously thinking about the


forehand. Yeah. His last bowl isn't going to help him either, to be


honest. Does narrow it down. Interesting shot here. Reaching


through it to try to get to the rid and off that, on to the jack, but


that hand just doesn't allow for a shot like that. Especially not with


a front bowl. Strange choice of shot there from Merv. Already got top


side of the red on the jack. Probably a couple down. A free draw


for Darren. I think that's why he decided to play wit the weight he


maid it, just to make sure. This has to be absolutely perfect.


No margin of error whatsoever. On the best row he's play sod far. He's


close to drawing this APPLAUSE


Dear me! That is going to be very chose. We can't call that really


from the... You have to be done there with the measure. Yeah. That


is going to require the umpire with the metal callipers, which we love


to see because they are very accurate. That is a good bowl! I


thought he may have played that on the forehand, just to tap his own


ball down or come inside it. But that was excellent.


Callipers being wielded by Dan the Man. He will sort it out pretty


quickly. He has to go back to recheck and make sure nothing's


moved. REFEREE: One shot, Mervyn King One


shot the green. Held on to it! APPLAUSE


Score 4-5 after seven ends. He will be very happy with two more singles.


A tie break, which everybody loves. Best part about the game. Yep. Enjoy


the tie break. The excitement of it. Players don't.


REFEREE: 23m. We do. I think Merv will enkroi the tie break to be


honest. I think he will be very happy to take it right now.


Both are family men. I don't know if anybody is watching. But it's been a


good game a very enjoyable game. APPLAUSE


A clear run outside it. Number 1. APPLAUSE


He plays things like that all the time. People say, "Oh, he is lucky


he cam around -- came around", but Darren does it on a regular basis,


manages to just pass bowls that look as if they're in the way. Very


accurate on his line. I think he will change now to the forehand. I


don't think he will risk it again. REFEREE: Two feet past jack high. A


chance for Mervyn here. A slight adjustment on his last.


Needs to hold. Mmm. Maybe... Maybe. APPLAUSE


Not sure. REFEREE: One green. Confident call.


"One green". It won't really change Darren's shot. He will just be


looking to draw this. The tap of the jack will secure double. He is on a


great road. It is whether he got the run. I don't think he has. No.


Toiling short in he has a chance here. A fraction on his last. Full


turn on the red. For three shots. Yep. The only danger he has - the


short red bowl. Just a fraction wide or the weight. He will pump that


into the head. He has to be a little bit careful


here. . Has he sent it? I think he sent it


OK, but I think that red ball scared him. Pushed it on the inside, yeah.


He was a bit frightened... He had to have enough weight to push the red


ball out, which meant he also had the right weight to push the other


red bowl in. Smiler. He knew it was a difficult one.


Down to two seconds. Lots of time-outs available. Nope. Missed


that. Mmm. Well, he was always going to be on the high side. Had to be


careful. REFEREE: Mervyn King.


APPLAUSE Mervyn takes the single.


REFEREE: 4-6 after eight ends. And regardries that -- carries that


two-shot lead into the last end. Darren needs two to make his way


into the quarterfinals. This is the last of the second-round matches.


Interesting game. It's been full of tactics. Various shots played and


some great draws, I have to say. Mervyn King has been quite happy to


go to the 23m. Pick up a single shot. Winning the battle of the


first two bowls right-up. Played a decent opener again.


APPLAUSE Just needs to arrive at his own


bowl, touch it down. Yep! Both balls.


APPLAUSE . That short ball of Darren's is a


bit of a nightmare now. I think Darren's lying up for the forehand,


so he is obviously going and going quick. Yep. Needs to hang a touch. I


think he's got it. Jack will go in the ditch. That isn't a toucher. So,


although it went in with it, just as well it isn't a toucher. Landed


right beside it! (LAUGHS)


Darren saying, well, I will take a chance on scoring with my last two


bowls. Certainly gave himself a chance.


Won't be overly happy with that to start with. No. Very beatable.


Yeerks the position of the jack makes it hard on the narrow side.


Darren taking his time. Yep, he is on the front edge of the mat. Inside


edge, trying to hold the ball up as long as possible on the draw line.


Oh! Ignore the body language. Yeah. You can never tell with Darren. He


thinks he is up, so probably drawn about a foot from the ditch. I tell


you what - he is close to the ditch. There it is!


APPLAUSE Mervyn is in heaps of trouble there.


Certainly is. Wherever he puts the bowl, Darren has got a shot. He has.


But, also... Well, the perfect shot is to rest that ball off into the


ditch and it is all over for the set. But he will not play that.


He will want to draw as close as he possibly can. Very good! Plays a


beauty... O, has he? Stop! My goodness me! That dempbled a stop.


Just for the risk alone... LAUGHTER


Look! There it goes! Looked like it was going on the back edge of the


bowl all the way. That would have have stopped the forward momentum.


Mervyn knows that. Darren Burnett has a mountain of room to draw two,


to draw the set, take the match... He's into the quarters. He is on his


trot. I can't imagine him missing this. Just too good an opportunity.


It really is. APPLAUSE


He made sure... Catherine Burn manages to -- burnt burnt important


manages will -- Burnett manages to get the two he needed. A good match,


a tight match as well. But one of those gapes where you weren't sure


what was going to happen right up until the last delivery. But it's


Darren Burnett, the placeman, who will be delighted to get through to


the quarterfinals. APPLAUSE


Confirmation - 7-5. 1.5 sets to a half set. Darren Burnett through to


the quarterfinals. Darren Burnett is through. Elsewhere: Nick Brett is


against Stewart Anderson. Don't forget we are back on the red


button from 10:00am for the first of the quarterfinal matches between


David Gourlay and larl Harlow. Then we are on BBC 12 at 1:00pm for Nick


Brett's match and Jamie Chestney's match. The third tittle had been


one. Katherine Rednall is the World Match Play champion. From all of us


here, bye-bye. To break someone physically...


MAN YELLS But we will see how


you are strong psychologically.


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