Day 5 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Day 5

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Hello, and welcome to half-times of from the quarterfinals of the open


singles of the world indoors bowls championship at Potters. It


featuring six former champions and the number 14 and 15 seed. Nick


Brett faced Stewart Anderson of Scotland. Gourlay was up against


Greg Harlow. And Jamie Chestney up against four-time winner Paul Foster


and Darren Burnett faced Les Gillett, first up, the match between


David Gourlay and Greg Harlow. At the start of the second set,


something that we rarely see in the sport of bowls, both the red and


green bowl touching that jack, that meant the opening end of the second


set was declared no 0. Nevertheless, Greg Harlow, the 2010 champion,


began a fightback and he went on to take the second set 10-4. We'll join


him at the start. Change again, it's all about winning


the end. Not accumulated shots. Just doing what Greg Harlow did in the


first set. That's not going to help him when he needs a runner. No,


certainly doesn't help. Just put himself under a bit of a pressure at


the moment, David. Has he got the running? Oh...


Clipped through the gap. That's very unlucky. And a touch. Still one the


green and he didn't drop back. If they drops back he would probably


about the shot. And David can't believe he's gone through that.


Tie-break ends, those little bit of luck not going your way can make a


huge difference. Looking to tie this up now. And he can afford to reach


it. Easy, easy. Well, it's pretty... Mmm, he slipped under. It gives


David Gourlay a shoulder. It doesn't matter if he turns that ball over,


it's already one to green. Always hard to repeat a bowl.


Very much inclined to put more weight on.


Yep, that's exactly what David's done. So easy to do that. Wayent --


you want to force it through a little bit. I still think that Greg


has to play for the red ball. He needs another one, cos David could


be tempted to get a bit quicker with his last. Trying to get the green


bowl clean. Well, Greg not even bothering with


the red ball. Just going for a cover in case David uses more weight and


gets it on the respot. This is his last bowl, so interesting to see


whether he drives this or not. I think I would be tempted to go a bit


quicker, to be honest. I say green. That's brave, David. Brave to play


that sort of weight on the forehand because it just holds on. It's dead


pace. A little bit unlucky he didn't get the green bowl onto the other


one. That was a brave shot. First end, Greg Harlow. Played that a bit


more, just to try and make sure... He's forearm run is normally so


reliable as well. So for the first time in the match, Greg Harlow is in


front. Good time to do it. First end of the tie-break and he delivers a


jack. David Gourlay would be the last ball. The length, 29.5m. He


won't want to be playing his last bowl at this end.


Decent opening for Greg here it. Does he get much better front


toucher? 5 inch gap. It's now past the tee by 4 inches. It's been a bit


a slow burn game for Greg Harlow. He came out of the blocks a little bit


on the sluggish side and then really moved up the gears and he's been


getting better and better as the match has progressed. Some reply


here from David. Not the gap again! Well, very nearly. Got the gap last


time. One red. Still available on the backhand, he didn't grab the


jack in its jaw, so to speak. Just not there. David has to play


again to attack the jack. Must reach it and turn it around the corner.


David dropped it? He has. Well, I think that's one opportunity too


much for Greg Harlow. Even if he had got up on the green and dropped off


it, it would've been good. But... Greg will be all over this jack this


time. Not a lot of room. As he stepped up now... Time-out called.


Greg has two time-outs remaining. Plenty of time-outs. He knows how


important this is. He'll want to do it with the third bowl.


He's going for jack. Well, he knows if he gets his own bowl, he's


straight on the red. Yep, there it is. He's still one down but it's a


distance away. Just about favoured David still for the end. Two bowls


to Greg's one. This has to be close. Lot of pressure out there. No doubt


about it. Extremely good line.


APPLAUSE Well, it's good.


He's happy he has drawn the shot but he's not happy where it'sed


finished. It's not easy for Greg. Well, I


don't know, if he's a good shot available to him. If he gets back a


little bit quicker, he may get the jack if he times it. The back edge


of the bowl. Send the jack sideways across to the wing green. I think


knowing that David would be close, I would be happy enough for this


situation, it's not an easy one but at least it's playable. Outside of


the mat once again, with the back foot. Trying to get the bowl a wee


bit of a chance to get back down again. Will he hold this line? All


on connection now. Nope. Good effort. Just a bit inside the line.


The right idea to try and punch Now, what's interesting now is that


the Greg Harlow moves onto the last bowl, so advantage Harlow. This at


least we could do with another tight end. It's a good game. It's been


really good bowling, good conversion shots, good running balls. A lot of


good tactics going on, as you would expect from these two players.


It's so impressive that David Gourlay is able to compete at this


level when he doesn't play competitive bowls. You can practice


all you want, Robert, but it's the competitive bowls that make you


sharp. The match practice is the big thing.


APPLAUSE Once again... It's a decent bowl but


it's the wrong side of the jack. Only a foot away.


A bit difficult with this for David. It's slightly passed. Ever so


slightly passed. The first end of the tie-break, it was once you put


the weight on, it's hard to get back. He ask caught in that


in-between shot. And the same sort of situation after his first bowl.


Exactly. Why he couldn't afford to be short with it. He's trying after


this one. And do well to get back from there.


That's what I'm saying. Once you go over the weight, you look good for a


long time and then it just holds off. The gap was 12 inches. Soon as


you go past the jack it starts to bend. This is the end where you're


allowed to destroy it and nominate destroy the end and replay it. The


front bowl of David's a big problem for that. He may have been tempted


to go for that second, even if he got rid of that front bowl. I


would've been. He doesn't want to leave an angle for... He would be


tempted to run this now. A bit stronger, try to get the bowl off


cleaner. He can't afford to not make a disturbance.


Gone quick. Getting something. Good bowl. Well played, David Gourlay.


Played it really well. The front bowl now is close enough to give


Greg a problem, although you would expect him to beat it. After his


last bowl, he left that in the line for the draw. Should be inside that,


that was a good bowl by David, because if I don't make a


disturbance, I'm in so much trouble. Greg will want to do it with this


ball, he won't want to leave it till in last.


Just trying to remember his first delivery. He's got the edge ball to


help him. APPLAUSE


Well, looks good to me. I think we still one on the red. Measure for


short. Come on, Dan, put your life on the life. It's green. There's no


mistake - it's green. I think that David is sort of saying to him, have


another look. Yes, he is. He has seen that. It's green. And it's just


a wee indicator that he fancies that. Does he draw or run the ball?


I think he has to draw it now. If he runs the ball, it's a tough one to


draw. The last bowl of the match. If he turns over, plays a backhand, and


gets in behind the jack, he's thinking about this. Does he want to


run it, does he want to draw it? It depends how much he can see it as


well. Has to reach, no matter what. A bit of a disturbance so they


stopped the clock. Goes again. The thing about the draw, if he taps his


own bowl down, he gets the single. Taking more time. Got plenty of


time-outs. Time-out called. David has no time-outs remaining. There we


go. I thought had an extra one left but he doesn't. He has to play this


bowl within 45 seconds. Imagine losing a bowl to a time-out. I think


he'll draw this. He'll get the win. That's the key. Got a couple of


options on the back hand draw. The only damage with drawing it, you're


inclined to make sure you're reaching and if that's that case,


you just sail past. This is a big bowl. So much pressure.


He'll just be glad to give it a chance, that's all. All he's looking


for. Give it some sort of a hope. Needs to get to his own. He's got 2.


No, he's got it. You don't see David Gourlay wiping his brow too often,


but my goodness me, it was a pressure bowl. And some respects, a


little bit unlucky to bring it into the open. He could have had it just


in front of the jack but Greg has a shot. Both players have used their


time-outs. I've a feeling the green bowl is second shot. So, I would


say, it's a heavy draw. I think it would be a Harlow special. He has


nominated to kill this end with the bowl. He's trying to draw the bowl


off. If he gets inside to the red, he would be very happy. He's got the


split as well. That's out of the eation now -- equation now. Big


drive on his favoured forehand. He looks under. He's in the area for


there front bowl. Oh! My goodness, he flipped it! I don't believe it.


He's flipped. Well, my goodness me, we do say sometimes that Greg gets


in the area and he gets some very fortunate results. And here is Greg


Harlow after that dramatic finish. How do you sum up what happened on


the last bowl of the match? To be honest, it was a fluke. You have


been on the receiving end, every player, you get some. I had two


shots available. The clean bowl out, I had second bowl, so I would've


won. David short bowled onto the jack, I had the bowl into the ditch.


I had either and won on a fluke. The guys in the commentary box said you


were roughly on target, but you got 150% out of it. I agree totally. The


two targets were bowl out clean or bowl clean onto jack, into the


ditch. I got half the front. I was an inch away from being perfect. The


gods why smiling on me. So Greg Harlow through to the semi-finals


and he'll play the winner of our next match, the defending champion


Nick Brett and Stewart Anderson. Anderson leads 7-5 as we join it in


Stewart gets in first. He's done a lot of damage the first 2 bowls. He


certainly has. Been the better player.


But Nick is not number one for nothing. He needs to win this


Yeah, this is a deliberate bowl. About 2 yards through. That's


deliberate from Stewart. Forearm on his weight again. No


choice, has to be. No, he pulled that across his body. I thought he


had got his own! That would've been a shocking result. Well, Nick is in


trouble now. He has committed himself, hasn't he? Looking for


another one in. Tactical, that was a good second bowl. We could see the


bowl at the bottom of screen and that was a good bowl from Stewart


Anderson. He put another one back. I don't know whether this one is


deliberate. No, I think he was trying to draw that. Nick may just


go for the bowl. I think he will. He has to. Stewart Anderson has got the


last bowl. If he loses two, he goes into the last end four down and


that's almost impossible. Even going into 3 down is a hard ask on the


last end. I think so. He tried to clip the bowl out. Not the jack, but


the bowl. He's close! Ooh! Wow! That's really unlucky. Jack in a


ditch would have been very difficult to beat. That jack was going back


into the ditch as well. That was so unlucky. A perfect strike. He's gone


hiding and I can't blame him. That's cruel. That wood have ended up two


feet away from his bowl in the ditch and it would've within a hard shot


to beat. Whereas now, before you said, Andy, I would even back myself


in this one. Yes, short bowl coming in. Not very close but that doesn't


really matter. Good enough for the win. Wow wow, it's a long way away.


I'm sure that Stewart will smile at that one. That was a long way away.


Good It doesn't need to be pretty, just


needs to score. Get closer than your opponent. That's what he did. 8-5, a


good position here for Stewart Well, no better indoor championships


than these, no matter where you are in the world. It gets the biggest


crowds, the best TV audiences and I think it's fair to say, Andy,


probably the most exciting matches. Without a doubt. We've been trend


well this week. Top class bowling from day one. Fantastic pairs games,


mixed pairs games, ladies singles final. Really, really good bowls. As


you say, the crowds have been fantastic from day one. Once again,


Stewart Anderson getting in there. First 2 bowls. Yeah, Nick has to


change his game around a little bit. Wonder if he'll do something


tactically different. This bowl was not close. I think he's trying to


run the jack through. He's very deliberately put the first bowl


through the head. I think the next bowl from Stewart would be not near


the jack, deliberately trying to split the two red bowls. Run for


cover. Trail shot still has to be played. It's hard to pick up the


jack. You know, just bring it back, that four feet, to the 3 shots. But


it's very definitely there. I just wonder - I was going to say - would


Nick drive the two bowls? No matter when Stewart put his last one, he'd


be after it. I think this is deliberate. He's trying to trail the


jack. Yep, that's what he's after. Well, it stayed on. That gives


Stewart a little bit more to think about. I think he needs another


bowl. He probably does. His third delivery has beaten Nick's bowl.


Both these bowls could go out the head.


Yes, very much on a nice draw line, here, just to split the reds.


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. That's good. There isn't a 3 here, I'm


sure, for Nikki. Possible to score 3. -- impossible to score 3. Having


a drive, too wide. A bit of a Well, a deserved first set for


Stewart Anderson. Was the better player. No complaints from Nicky.


Stewart Anderson looks for a Just have a little chat. She's got a


game off. Still doing a lot of damage on those


first bowls. Just playing, he's frustrating Nicky into so many


running bowls here. He's close. Got to hit strike once again. Yep.


That's good bowling from Nicky as well, recovering well with that


strike. Well, he's really just trying to hang in at the moment,


isn't he? But he's hanging on because he knows he's been totally


outdrawn. A good thing for Nicky, he's got such a big forehand runner


and he hits a high percentage. 5 feet from the ditch. . Certainly


expect Stewart to draw this one. Had itline 3, he would've been very much


looking for second shot. But 5 feet, has to go for the shot.


And he has. Now, that's great stuff. A little bit close to the ditch. But


he played it well. That's a superb ball.


Normally you get a wry smile out of Stewart when he does that. Nick has


no choice but to draw close as well. Trying to encourage this one up.


Good effort. Very good effort. The problem with that, that blocks a


path now for him to take the green bowl out. That's it exactly. Just


blocks the way. Stewart trying to draw now.


That could be. It could be hard to tell. But that's really good stuff.


Two green. Well, you can see the red ball in


front, Andy. That's where the difficulty is for Nick Brett. He has


to play it on the forehand. Try to take the two green bowls out. Having


a good look at it. Don't believe it! Don't believe there was a gap there.


I can understand if it was a full drive, but such controlled weight.


There isn't a gap there. You have to see the bowl coming down. I don't


think it touched anything. Oh, it must get one of the green, onto the


other, finds the gap. Nothing moved. Nothing moved. Well, I have to say,


that was a very, very good shot. Nothing for it. Oh, dear me.


Well, Stewart Anderson, 5-0 in front. Playing very well. Well, this


is the thing about Stewart, he is... Such a gifted player that he's up


there, ranked number 9, and that's really too low for a player of his


quality. Yes, he's definitely a top 8 players, without a doubt.


Once again, no mistake. Getting into the foot of a jack. He won't be


thinking about anything, Stewart, other than what he's trying to do at


the moment. He'll be in there, battling for his place in the


Commonwealth Games team, probably against people like Ronnie Duncan


and one or two others. Ronnie is an excellent player. As far as I was


concerned, he should be in the team. That is only my opinion, that


doesn't count. He is going to force himself into the squad and hoping to


make the Commonwealth team. A big difference between indoor and


outdoor. And Stewart's experience outdoors isn't what it's like


indoors. But the difference is the location. It's in Australia.


Scotland have so much talent available, they really have. Pick


two teams. They would do well. Well, Nick, in between runner... He


has. He won't get back if he has got any weight at all. He knows that as


well. Even for the world number one it's a hard shot. He's finding his


hard today, is Nicky. In fact, any player would be fighting this


hard,000 way that Stewart Anderson Wants the take the side bowl away if


he can. That's a lot better than what it was. Covers the jack with


the front toucher. Back to the draw, I think. Second set could run away


from the world number one very, very easily. Gonna have to play a big


bowl here. He's in the area. Will he get back? A good bowl, a close bowl.


He's still 3 down and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Stewart Anderson


decides to go deep with this Here are the boys, the experts. Here


you go, lads. I could do as well as that, Nick Brett. They're in the


restaurant every night. They are all drinking water.


I think that Stewart would be going deep with this one, staying away


from the head. Yeah, good ball here. That's the deep one.


Well, Stewart is more or less teasing Nicky on this one. To be


fair, if Nicky does hit the target here, he would get the shot with his


deepest bowl. Having a run. He needs a jack to go right back. He's


interested. Front bowl is the problem. Yep. Front bowl was always


the problem. Still probably 3 down. Suggesting two. 2 shot, Stewart


Anderson. He didn't look at that it too much. Taking his word at it. A


quick look. The scoreboard is ticking over and the ends are


disappearing. Well, Nick Brett simply couldn't make any inroads nor


match the outstanding form of his opponent, and Stewart Anderson


comfortably took the second set as well, to book his spot in Saturday's


semifinal. Stewart,000 guys in the commentary


box were watching you and they were purring about your play today. And


wondering have you played better? Well, I must have, he has never seen


me playing better. So that answers that question. I'm really pleased


with the way I played. You need to play like that to beat Nicky. And


can you put your finger on why you played so well today, of all days?


Think that made the change. Yeah, the first set, as Nicky said, a few


alterations there and there. I thought I was playing ping pong with


the jack. I'm just happy to get through to the next round. The next


match is with Paul Foster up against the number 14th seed, Jamie


Chestney. It was Chestney who won the first set, before Foster fought


back. Into the tie-break, and Foster strikes first. He leads 1-0 with


Closer this, doesn't want to get into the jack. He's got the gap. The


jack would've been Tight against the red. Not easy to


pull down there now. Got to just Time-out called. Jamie has two


time-outs remaining. . We all know what Paul Foster is going to play.


He would be crunching onto the bowl with the jack. He's always trying to


think two bowls ahead. I think he needs to run for cover on this. He


can't afford to go anywhere near it. Sometimes, it's just, you can't


make... A position any better. And Paul Foster needs to run the bowl


onto the jack and hope to squeeze it across to his own... Hard to see


from the angle, but you can see a fraction on the red bowl. Oh, wow.


Possibly off the short green one as well. Not sure if the angle is


there. Green bowl is the target. If he misses that he could get the red


bowl clean. He would be happy just to hit this.


Oh, he's in the area here. Got a chance. Front bowl... Oh! He wanted


a crunch. But it's actually not too bad, because he can now see it. But


he wanted to crunch it. Bowl onto the jack. Took it out clean as a


whistle. Murrers around the crowd. Not an ease one for Jamie. They


enjoyed this match. Paul Foster coming


Respot is covered. Has to flick the bowl off, but the second shot... One


red. He has to go and try to flick it off. He normally favours the


forehand. He could even get shot solid. Jack solid could even do it.


He knows it. It always looked outside.


Well, I think there was a prediction from someone that it would go down


to the last end of the tie-break. It was always going to be a tight game.


A matter of who was going to get over the


He's trying with this one. Really close.


APPLAUSE This is going to get interesting


now, Robert. Testing for both players. Paul may be tempted by


this. Paul just checking how many time-outs he has. Which means he is


going to take a slow walkup. He has to be tempted. He could play the


back hand, rest the bowl off. A chance he can edge the bowl away.


He's even got the angle coming back off his own. It works like that sort


of shot to me. Paul has nominated to kill the end with this bowl. He's


going for the kill. The only time you're allowed to kill an end. So he


has to nominate it and he has. Yeah, the angle off that green is almost


perfect, into the jack. A bit surprised he's going with this one,


I have to say. I thought he could've drawn that off. Got a lot of big


drive. He's close. He's in the area. Oh, well. Is it going to run all the


way? That's close. I think it's off. Just off I think. , yep, goes back.


Paul Foster has made the kill but he can't do it another time.


You're only allowed to do it once. You can nominate as often as you


wish but you're only allowed to kill it once. And Jamie Chestney will


have that particular situation up his sleeve. He can do it. Had a


couple of those. In fact, Paul Foster, he did it last time. Mixed


pairs. Drawn the jack off. Last end of the tie-break. Some game, that


one. Certainly great entertainment. Paul Foster starts off again.


Any turn now from Paul is really good. I wonder. I wonder will Jimmy


have a go with this. Think he's got to draw first bowl. I would've


thought so. 2 inches. But he's winding up to go for the controlled


weight. Very aggressive. He's looking. Just gone. Yep. But he


didn't nominate. I think he was looking for the jack


in the tich and Paul Foster might decide to put one behind this. A


quick look. Foster would be thinking to himself,


anything in this position would be really good. If he's able to plant


the ball in there, it would be absolutely marvellous. Staying down


the same. Can't afford to get the back edge of his own. That's what


he's doing, trying to come around it in on the backed hnd. Doesn't want


to be too far away from it. Nothing too close to the ditch. That's not


bad. He's nominated in case he gets a,


the wrong end off the bowl and jack bounces out. Although to be fair,


the respot wouldn't been bad either. But jack in a ditch is what he's


looking for. Got to be better this time. Still


going. Oh! A back end of the bowl, I was thinking he was going to get


that. I wonder if Paul Foster will now decide to put a blocker in? It


wouldn't be a bad shot. Not convinced that a respot cover is


worth while. Jamie Trying to find centre line here.


This isn't bad. Needs to pull back deep now, needs to pull back...!


Well, he's on the forehand. It's not going to affect the forehand. I


think that Paul would have preferred to drop across to the forehand,


because Jack in the ditch is very possible. Going to push Jamie a bit


wider. He missed his two. Could actually help. So he's nominated


again to kill the end. He's allowed to do that as often as he wishes. So


he's going on time-outs, cos he only has one bowl after this, if needed.


How's I think he's under. Goodness me,


Paul Foster, he puts another bowl close to his last done the forehand,


Jamie is going to have Apart from a dead draw. Yep. He can


draw it ask try to pull the jack through. Goodness me, this is


interesting. The only downside, going first bowl. Doesn't give you


any other options now. I think that's exactly what Paul is trying


to do. He's trying to drop in short on the forehand to block that. Now


this one needs to pull strong as well. This is pretty good. Pretty


good here. That's very good. That's very. It's still there to kill it.


But it's a very good bowl for the stop the jack being pushed through.


Can't do much more than what he's done.


He's managed to scratch his way through this match by turning up the


volume on his performance. And now he's sitting line match.


He's going again. The fourth time on the forehand. Want to make sure your


hands are well dry for this one, Jimmy. Plenty of


He's under again. Yep. Gone. Well, all credit to Paul Foster. Goodness


me, he was pushed all the way. He didn't play well in the first set


but he did push it through in the second. Kept Jamie Chestney down to


other a couple of scoring ends. And only one of two tie ends at the


start. Won the third 1, takes it 2-1. On the ring, Paul Foster here.


Looked like hard work for you. How difficult was it to find your stride


in the second? The It was hard work coming towards the commentary box. I


was dropping 3s and fours and Jimmy was nailing it. I drop a 3. But


Jamie deserved to play one more set. The second set, you got to forget


about it. Dug in and lose a few. That was a great start. But you just


got to keep plugging away. I showed a lot of fight today. I know there's


a lot of room in the tank yet. I put a lot in matches and lost. But I


still dug deep and happy to get through. To the last of our


quarterfinal matches between former champion Darren Burnett and


Getting that first bowl going, hasn't he? Darren on the mat but


it's important to give the officials just enough time to actually mark


the ball. Quite right. We're all keen to get on with it. But they got


to nip in and Turned his back on it. Line is


really good. Certainly better for weight. Yeah, he obviously knew it


wasn't enough but it wasn't a correction. Not quite a big enough


correction to win the shot. Certainly coming in for a good


second. Well played. He should be happy with that one. Front and a


jack. But he's not leaving any shoulder. For Darren to come


Darren more interested in this one. Would suggest he must be reaching.


Very close now. Good second. If you're a team match now, and you


were a skip, you would change this hand and say, "Just draw dune here,


but without a visit to the head, you're tempted to stick the hand


you're playing all game." There's very little benefit on the forehand


unless he stops a few Short. He doesn't want a shoulder. Well,


that's OK. Well, mmm... It would be fine for his last ball but at the


moment he's given Darren Burnett a chance. I think that Darren has just


got to play virtually the same as his third bowl. Just squeeze the


jack across to his bowl. Literally a draw with 3 or 4 inches of pace.


He's interested in it. He's pushing it forward. Just going to die under.


Oh, there has to be a chance for Les to run that bowl. Looks like there's


no danger. His backhand rested the bowl out for four shots. Even on the


draw, he could turn the jack for a couple. The advantage of going for


that bowl, he rests that, but if he gets in here, and moves the jack


into this position here, it's worth 3 at least. And there's no danger,


absolutely no danger. Second bowl is past the jack. Big moment in this


set, in this match. He can almost afford any weight he wants here.


Looked like he's shaping up to draw. No, he's going for it. He has to go


for this. It's behind the jack. Not jack high. Big bowl in this match.


Is it going to turn? It's coming now! Is it going to turn... It's


coming now... It's very close to the jack. He's got it! Don't know if


he's made four out of it but he's making... And it's going to be close


for the third and fourth. Oh, my goodness me. That looks very close


to the four. Great bowl, great bowl, Les Gillett. He played it well. He


knew how important that was. He played it with beautiful weight just


to touch the bowl down. Great shot. Absolutely great shot.


Now he's having a smack. Gone for the percentages.


He's given another one Way away. He's given four away? Or has he?


It's just gone off. He was off target, Greg. He didn't want to hit


the red one. That would've been a very unfortunate result. It's a


measure. Looked to be 3 here, and if that bowl had stayed on, 4. It was a


nervy drive at that, all those green ones to hit. I would have given you


probably what is left of my mortgage if it was on your forehand. I would


have liked to have thought so. If I was a coach for Les, you have been


drawing so well, just go down there and draw it. I'm amazed he played


that shot. Perhaps it was the winning line coming up, and even the


wobble. But when you're drawing so well... I know. ..Just draw it and


give it a chance. See how the red bowls do here. This is a measure to


stay in the match. It's in. I think we got another, another round here.


It's quite tight. Very tight. Players have had a look. Les has a


good look. I've a feeling it's a red though.


Going back again very, very tight. They appreciate the players need


this to be millimetre perfect. That's the match. Shake of hands.


Goodness me, he just about got away with it, Les, after dominating the


match, to be fair. But he did play it well.


Well done to Les Gillett, through to the semifinal where he faces Paul


Foster. That's on the red button on Saturday morning from 9:30. Then


we're on BBC one at 2:30pm for the other semifinal between Greg Harlow


and Stewart Anderson. Now we know the semifinal line-up, and judging


by the quality of players still left in the tournament, we should be in


for a great weekend. From all of us at Potters, bye-bye.


Oh, my goodness me, I don't like the look of that.


The Robshaws are going back in time again...


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