Day 6 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Day 6

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Hello, and welcome to highlights of from the smients of the Open singles


of the world indoor bowls championships. 4 of the best players


in the world battling it out for two spots in the final. This was the


line-up. Paul Foster against Les Gillett, and Stewart Anderson, also


of Scotland, against England's Greg Harlow. To the first semifinal. Paul


Foster won the first set, and tleeds 4-3 in the second set, as we join


the action on the Players have to move a gear up,


really. It hasn't been as accurate as he has in the previous games.


Paul knew that was a little bit heavy. He was trying to hold back.


He was in touch with the bowls at the moment. In touch with the weight


of the rink. Moto players know when the ball leaves the hand whether


it's a good or bad one. This is better from Les. He likes this


length. He likes this Well, shot back... Second delivery.


Less up to the jack. A little touch on it would make it a double. Must


be reaching. . Yeah, that's the problem. Don't think he is. One red.


In all the previous games, Andy, that would have at least drawn the


shot, and quite likely picked the jack up for two. The second and


third bowls off Les have not sealed the ends up as they have in the


previous games. You give this man room, he's going to take advantage.


He's playing well. Just the one. Just the one. Not sure


if I agree with that call. But according to the circles, it looks


like two. Could get this third bowl in here.


Looks better with Mmm. Beautiful line coming in. But


he had to be there. Sort of forced him to make sure he was reaching.


Very close in the second. Well, that certainly indicates two.


But we won't disagree at the moment. Paul just going deep here. Staying


away from the head. He knows he certainly has got one, possibly two.


Les would be attacking. A good shot on for les if he gets a split and a


run through. . He's been forced into a lot of these shots, sure he'll be


converting one of them. And I can't see him being worse off than just


one shot even if the jack does go all the way through. Unless his


backhand, he could play it on either side. He's got to be positive here.


Yes, he's playing it in the area. Oh! Well, that's not the best result


he could have suspected out of that one. Picked up the single. Missing


the gap with two shots. Foster To be fair to Les, he's played some


of those width shots, he's been on target. One of Paul's bowls stayed


in the Well, this is quite simply, Les has


to score at this end and the next to force it to a tie-break. He has to


win the set so there has to be a double in there somewhere. If he


loses this end, certainly going to lose the game. Paul Foster, 3


singles and a double. Still playing good bowls, Les, still dangerous.


He's playing good bowls, but in the previous games, he was playing great


bowls. Just not been at the top of his form today, Les. But that is


often controlled by your opponent. And Paul Foster has really put him


under pressure. This is Paul Foster's best match, no doubt about


it. Well, Paul Foster is lying game. So Les needs to do something here.


Encouragement for this one. That's a great ball, this. Well played, Les.


Has he been unlucky? He's tropd back on the jack -- dropped back on the


jack. Fancy the green shot here. But a bit


of a wry smile there from Les. He knew it was going down. So it was a


massive bowl. Well, Paul Foster, any movement jack


could be a bad result for you. Good try.


That's a close, close one. Mmm. That's a difficult one to call.


No-one is giving us a clue. We're going to have to guess here.


Absolutely. And there's conflicting opinions. We got a whole team out


there, production team, and they're all saying who is lining the shot?


Yes, yes. We got quite a lot of opinions in our ears. And a lot of


advice as well, I have to say! Well, this is very close. Les could change


this totally. He could be line 3 here. Oh, well played! Has he been


unlucky getting the jack caught with the green one? I think he has. That


should've been 3. One green. It could easily have been 3 and tell


you what, Paul Foster had no shot. Well played Les Gillett. He's such a


dangerous player. Still just the backhand draw here for Paul. Good


hit of bowls. Good line. Wrong side. Oh, that's close. Well, Les lined


his shot. Any movement of the jack could possibly score a four. Well,


it's a risk one, but to be truthful with you, it's worth it. Same bowl


as his third. Definitely worth this. Same bowl as the last. What a head


of bowls! Fantastic. Well, Les likes this one. Does he have enough


running? No, he doesn't. He had the running, not the right line. He was


very positive, to be fair. Just going to be the one. That puts him


in with a shout. So... A double required by Les Gillett on the last


end to force a tie-break. Paul Foster has put Les under a lot


of pressure in the seconds set and he's digging deep to be still in it.


Gets a lot of credit. But without a shadow of a doubt, Fozz has been on


form. I think this would be the full length.


Full length, good opener. Make it's an interesting end.


Just taking his time. Getting set. Needs a good one.


Game rattling through at a decent pace, just over an hour and a half.


Yes. Paul is very quick on the mat. That's what Les wanted, really. Game


down. He needs a big bowl. A bit of movement there, a shot


clock has been stopped. That's where this discussion comes


in about having some sort of background music or something, to


take the edge off the odd little noise here and there. My friends in


the Crown green think it's quite odd, but believe me, it's disturbing


for bowls in the indoor. Les, you need to run with this. I don't think


you are. You're facing a big problem with your final delivery, Les.


Shaking his head. Going to have match lie against him. Expect Paul


Foster to draw another here and this will create a large problem to score


a two. The third bowl has let him down.


Paul scores the shot here, Les is going to have to do something


special. Number two coming in, I think. Has he got a clear path? It


just pulls up. That's the problem. I had this discussion with Paul last


night, and it's one of the reasons we called on him to play a different


because that backhand just seems to anchor down. All of a sudden, it


pushes that bowl in. Les has 3 seconds, Paul mystified by that one.


Chance here for Les Gillett. I think he has to play the positive shot,


Andy. He could play the draw, don't get me wrong, but the positive shot,


even taking the through bowl out is good. I 100% agree with the first


option. Got to be his backhand. Well, match lie against. Les Gillett


has been very, very good in this event so far. He has provided an


awful lot of entertainment for everyone. Is it... It looks under.


Looks under. Needs to get a big slice of luck here. He's got the run


through off the short ball! And Paul Foster is through to the final. We


were just waiting to see if he touched the jack. But Paul Foster


would be delighted to lose a single. Paul Foster saying, well placed,


Les, it was a great game, and it was. Full credit to Les Gillett. A


fantastic week, but Paul Foster deservedly won the game.


Congratulations then to Paul Foster. Through to the final once again.


Paul, first set very good. How much harder did you have to work in the


second set? He to work extremely hard. To be fair, Les has been


playing great the last 2 weeks. He picked up the title. I saw his match


last night against Alex and Alex didn't play bad. I knew he to come


out of the traps very quickly. I was quick, happy with my game. At the


end of the day, you got to play the right bowls at the right times to


win matches. And the feeling of making the final once again? It's a


great feeling. We all come here to get through the first round and get


the ranking points and take it from there. But as I say, I'm delighted


with the way that things are going. Paul Foster through to the world


singles final for the third time. Who will he play? Will he play Greg


Harlow or Stewart Anderson? Anderson took the first set and is leading in


the second. He is 6-3 ahead as we join the action in the sixth end.


APPLAUSE Stewart pushing through and that's


his only jack there. It's quite a distance away. Very much aware of


the facts that he still needs to win at least 2 more ends. Yes, he is


normally very consistent on this length but we'll give him one bowl


to find it with the second one. Looks heavy again. Jeez, he's heavy


again. Very little correction made and he's going to have two shots


against him with the next bowl. A danger now for Stewart is a that


overcorrection problem. You go 3-4 feet through and you try to take it


off, and you end up 5 feet short. Greg has put his under pressure.


It's enough. APPLAUSE


Beat the bowl but definitely enough. But Stewart will feel confident he


can draw this. Yes, he's just picking out the line


there. Just where there bowl is going to make its break, with the


bias taking effort. I think the line is good with the previous 2. There's


a slight hold there and I've seen it before at this length. That bowl


definitely caught it. Not a shadow of a doubt. He thought that was


close. That would surprise him. Still some movement around the


place. So Greg just asking for things to settle. Stop the clock.


Not use it for this bowl. We don't always know what it is but


sometimes it's enough just to catch the eye. Well, Greg, quite simply,


trying to add number 3 here. Two good shots. Yep. Important bowl.


Wants this one to be really close. Has the chance of picking up a big


one. This looks like he's going to stay in. Still just a draw for


Stewart. Close but we favour, we favoureded it two. So does the


umpire. So just a draw here for Stewart. His previous deliveries in


this direction may have put him off here. , I don't he can afford to


narrow it. He has to take the chance. His line is good. I don't


think he's going to bend. He's heavier this time. It wasn't the


line 3 bowls back there. And Greg's got a great chance for four here. He


just needs to tap the red bowl down, draw another one. You get a big


count of four and bounce into the lead. Yeah, Greg will be trying to


draw it. Not looking at the bowl. Touch the red ball, you'll score


four. Needs to run. He's there. Not a problem on the third. No jack


movement. So crowd react to that. They want to see a tie-break.


Although look at the fourth one. Going to be a measure, I would


think. Well, umpire Dan Blewitt will sort


his out. Very experienced. Oh, there's clear. 3 shots, Greg Harlow.


Well, 3 shots, Greg Harlow. Push the red bowl up. No problem in the end.


Nope. Normal service resumed. But Stewart would be slightly concerned.


That's the first time on his favourite length that he just didn't


find the weight. I don't think it was the line. Just the weight.


Doesn't play many loose ends like that one.


So Greg Harlow, first treble of the match. Good indication of how


difficult this match has been in terms of scoring multiples.


, well it's a run for home now in the last 3 ends for these players.


Close to this one. Very good. Picks the jack up. Just diving away a bit.


Got the shot. APPLAUSE


Still needs to run to this one. I think he's just under for weight.


And stopping a little bit short. Heads presenting himself with a nice


position on the other side, though. ID agree. It's a good forearm shot


for Stewart. Greg needs another bowl in.


He's put the red bowl in a nice position. That stops the green one


going out on the forehand. That could keep Stewart on the backhand.


His favourite hand would be the backhand. Same bowl as his last,


backhand draw. He's changing to the forehand! There's a case for it. He


played his hand well. He needs to get the green bowl through the gap


though. Can rest on the back red very easily. Just toils a bit,


trying to get back off that high line. There it is again. Just not


making back with nice weight. Not sure about that shot. In theory it's


the right shot, but percentages work against it. Once again, Greg needs


another bowl in here. Two seconds against.


Wants the run. Doesn't want the red bowl. He got it but it's safe


enough. Didn't fall down. That changes things slightly and has


pushed the red bowl into a very nice position. A really good shot here


for Stewart Anderson. Forehand runner, lots of chances. He doesn't


want to flick his own bowl out, so he might have to be very careful


with this. He has got 2 seconds, he can afford to attack this. Needs to


hold up. He's got a bad result! I wasn't convinced about that, I


really wasn't, Andy, because he was only one shot down, 3 ends, 2 ends


to go after this. Lose one, not a big problem when you won the first


set. He needed to catch the red bowl. He was one down. Only one more


down. Wasn't terribly costly but at this


stage, one shot, he now has to win the last two ends. Yeah, he has.


Harlow will be looking to... Well, Greg, tactically, quite clever here.


He put the jack length where Stewart struggled in the last end,


previously. So good tactics. Trying to get in first.


Greg wouldn't normally have been going here, but Stewart struggled


the last time Well, both bowls just a little bit


shy of the jack. The correction comes in now from Greg.


He's a local man. He lives close by, works here.


So popular player is Greg. Stewart just needs to find a couple of feet


in his last delivery. Has to hurry. Must make the length. Oh, that was a


break. It was indeed. Not sure if it's the shot. A little touch was


enough to straighten him up. Gap on the red. 4.5 inches. Still the


backhand draw for Greg. Only one down.


It was never going to make the shot. It's probably not bad for Stewart


Anderson. Keeps his bowl in hair, doubts it? Not easy to make another


one either. One of these ends here, it doesn't really matter if Stewart


scores one or two. He still has to win it. He still has to win it and


still has to win the final end. This will go behind the head. It's a


sensible bowl. Leaving it up to Greg to tap his own green one. I don't


think he'll be too adventurous at this. Both layers would have worked


out the position. It would suggest if Greg misses this, Stewart will


just walk away. That's a little gamble. If he wants to put red bowl


to jack. That could secure a 3 but probably not. He'll give this one a


chance. Make sure he's arriving at it. Nothing for short. Well, they're


shouting for the bowl to turn but I don't think that one was ever going


to turn. The best you can do here is two. There's no point in playing it.


Two would make no difference to the last game. And he is thinking why


isn't he playing his last ball? Because, mathematically, he still


has to win the last one. There's only one way this can work against


him and that's if the two bowls are touching on an equis distant


measure. Rare to say Tell you what - fiancee Clare and


dad Billy would have worked it out. They knew - in point in playing the


last ball. Quite simply, Stewart Anderson scores, he's in the final.


Greg scores, it's a tie-break. So exciting end coming up.


Match has been going for an hour and a half now. Still cheery, still


enjoying the game. It's amazing, isn't it? 14 inches


short and you feel it's not close enough. Slightly in Greg's path but


not quite. Still room around the bowl to draw the shot. Looks to be


slightly under, is he? Nope. He's very close. He's got it perfectly.


Perfect, the bowl. What a great shot. That really is just in front.


Four inches is beatable but he can't afford to drop short of this. I


think that Greg's got a bigger draw in both. That's why Stewart has been


forced onto the forehand. He needs to draw within four inches. Needs to


run. Don't think he's coming, don't think he's got enough. He's put it


in a good place. That will plant the green bowl out if he hits it on the


high side. He'll have to play a shot to get it. Tense times. I think that


anything behind will be good. Well, this is quite an easy choice


of shot here. Quite simply, red ball, plantses out the green bowl.


That's what he's looking for. Green bowl will pop out. Depending what


happens with the bowl he hits, the key one 93. Forehand runner. Not


easy though, it holds en off on this hand. Is he under? He's definitely


under. How's the connection? Oh, that's horrible. That's a horrible


result. He has taken his own plant bowl away and made it much more


difficult. He was under the hair. That's why he got a bad result.


Difficult for Greg here. Do you want to put another bowl in or do you


stay away? He's got last bowl. So I'm incliends to play the backhand


and just try to drop Very much aware of the fact that


Stewart Anderson can draw that bowl out. Trying to put a better shot in.


This one's good. Has it stopped in time for second bowl? That's what is


important here. Well, sturlt is not taking -- Stewart is not taking his


time over this. That means he'll draw on the forehand. It's only one


green. Got to be tempting again to go again after the drive. Just try


to flick it off. Try to draw this, really. Think I'd try to draw it.


You're a courageous man, Andy. Four inches to draw the shot. I don't


think he gets a good result with there drive. Very happy to hit half


bowl, take it out. Playing your choice Less of shot. He's definitely


under. It's a tie-break. Looked like it was well under. It always looked


like it could be very, very close. That ball sat in the whole time,


Andy. Yeah, Greg's Langham glass trophy. Greg has won


the toss and that's crucial. What is also going to be interesting, where


Stewart plays the jack. The length of the jack hasn't had such an


effect on the second set as it did in the first. But the last bowl,


well, that's one thing you don't want Greg Harlow to have. He's been


proving in one or two of the rounds before, that last bowl has been


crucial. Last two he won the match with the last bowl. Well, leading on


the backhand, I don't think he's led on the backhand in any game I've


seen him play. Shows you he doesn't like the forehand now.


Three-entiebreak, the rules change again. Just win the end. One is


enough. And of course, if it goes to the third end tie-break, we can


destroy an end but if you have to nominate it. I'll explain that if we


get that far. Stewart Anderson has played well, but not as dynamic with


this first two bowls. They played it well throughout the tournament, but


all of a sudden, it's gone off. Well, looks like the shot, but I


don't feel that's close enough. Are you running, Greg? Don't think


you are. Stewart has no choice - he has to go again. He won't want to


leave a shoulder on the backhand, that's the danger if he plays it.


The forehand is wide open if he wants to play that. Either way, I've


a feeling that Greg will attack it with the next one.


That's a bit pacy. Well, that's so far away, that was quite deliberate.


But surely it couldn't have been a draw, Andy. I think he lost the pace


in this direction. Interesting to see what Greg plays. Forehand draw


is open, or run the bowl out. I would be going forehand draw. He may


pop this one. That's what he's playing. Looks to be wide from the


hand. Oh, he's wide. I think that Stewart needs another


one in. He's got the back position in. He certainly needs another one


in. Well, coaches are not allowed on the green, but if I was advising


Stewart, I would advise him to go back to the forehand, try to draw a


shot. That's what I thought he could do with the last bowl, because that


leaves gaps. He doesn't want to put the two bowls together.


If you're really looking at putting a bowl in a perfect position for


Stewart Anderson, it has to be round about there, Andy, because anything


in that area gets a second shot and it's sufficiently far enough away,


unless of course it's a front tougher. But that's so rare in a


tie-break now. I think that's what he's looking for. On the forehand as


well. He doesn't want to do anything. But on the forehand, stay


away from the backhand into that position. Unless he is feeling


awfully brave. Yeah. He's a clever player. Yes, I think so. I think it


was a forehand draw. It's the hand he favours. The hand that will get


closer. Is he up? If he's reaching, he's got a chance. He's on the right


line but it needs to get up a bit more. That's very good. His line


2... This is awkward. That's why. Two was important. I still think


he'll run the jack though. Coming down to have a look. The respot


positions, just looking at it. Well, knew his ball was a foot away.


Seconds ball, 15 inches. Going to respot there, Andy. And the respot


over there... It's which bowl lies if the jack was off the rink. So he


may just try and draw this. I can't see how he's going to get a good


result. The only result by driving is the jack. And lass to stay in the


ditch and has to follow it. I can't see how you get a great result from


the drive. It's just a backhand draw. There's enough room to draw


it. He's on the backhand, but is it a draw or a running bowl? Yes, it's


the draw. This is the right shot. Definitely the right shot. He pushed


it out in a decent line. So definitely not narrower. That's very


close. This is very close! Think he's under! . I think that was the


right line to have. Yeah, that was the problem. Pick the line, played


the right shot. Just dropped short. Advantage Anderson. He's got the


last bowl this time. That was a loosish type of end,


really. It was a bit of a nerve your one. You can't blame them for that.


This is big, to get to the world final, we may have another loose


end. But Greg determined here to get a good opening bowl in, try to take


control of the end. It's a full 32-field, plus some


pre-qualifiers. You have to get through the matches. Some of the


other events, it's only 3 matches involved. That's slightly different.


But no mistaking the singles. Well, Greg looked happier on the


backhand side. Happy to put every ball within six inches. But Stewart


Anderson is under for weight. That needed to be through so he could at


least drive it. That's a problem. That's only a problem if Greg puts a


good bowl in here. That was the shot that Stewart


Anderson was after and he is in bother here. 3 inches away. Gap on


the shot ball, 3 inches. Still the backhand draw for Stewart.


Something not right about it, Andy. Reaching through. Yeah. The first


ball has created the problem. Angle, looking for that really good first


bowl. You couldn't afford to be short. That short bowl has given


himself problems. And Greg, in a good position here. Just maybe


trying to block out Stewart's path. He's going to be close again. And if


he comes off the red one, that will finish off the backhand. I think


he's has to draw this on the forehand, I really do. Either that,


or push right into it and try to squeeze it out. But 3 inches the


draw the shot? It's hard! The backhand is the hand he's favouring.


You still think the backhand draw is on. Still there, the green bowl fell


down so it's not blocking Looks heavy. Yes. Making sure it's


not short. Oh, that's a long way heavy from where it's looking for.


It didn't offer a shoulder or anything to come off. If I was Greg


here, I would be inclined to drop one back short on the back hbd. The


runner is not on. No guarantee of Stewart doing anything with the


runner and the forehand. He is is going to have to drop it third. Greg


will not be going near this one, surely. Lies well. Doesn't need to


make it any easier for Stewart. Blocker here would make life really


difficult. Yeah, he's just staying away, quite simply. That's a default


shot, isn't it? Not quite sure what's going to happen. You just go


around, cover the respot. That's on one side. He's got the respot


covered with the shot ball on the other side. But it leaves a backhand


draw for the match. Draw within 3 inches and you're in the world


final. This is really tough, especially with two bowls that have


been heavy. He likes it. He's certainly interested, put it that


way. He likes this! Will it bend? O what a bowl coming up, is it? Oh, I


don't think so. Greg started to clap that. He thought the bowl was going


to drop it. It's very, very close. He's not sure! It just seemed to


hold out at the last second. It's a measure. Pressure. What is the


reaction from Stewart Anderson? Give aus clue, Stewart. He's having a


good look. Oh, I wouldn't call that one, Andy. The bowls you bowl, it


favours green. It's sitting down. A measure to get into the world final.


It's pressure on the umpire when I was talking about pressure. Stewart


is going, oh, what is going on here? Please don't do this to me. Both


players quite simply just praying. Stewart is shaking his head. He


favours green. Oh, that looked to go through quite


easily. I think it's green. Oh! Oh, dear. Wow. Once again,


Harlow survives. What did I say at the start, Andy? You did! Good call.


It's a final end shoot out. Fantastic. Is he destined to win and


he's got the last bowl in this end. So, it's advantages Harlow. In every


possible way. That bowl from Stewart Anderson should've been the shot.


From that angle, he looked perfect. Just held on at the last second. And


the bowl didn't drop either. Because Greg has already clapped it. He


clapped the bowl. He thought it was all over. Now the pressure is back


on. Well, if we thought the first two


ends were tens, this is really going to test both the players.


Once again he dropped short, Andy. Just giving himself problems,


Stewart. Looking for the perfect draw. I can understand why it


happens, because he's looking for the perfect draw, just right up to


the jack but when you drove short with your first one, it's a big


problem. Neither bowl probably line, you would have to say, at the


moment. Funny thing is, the forehand red


bowl ask -- is just a bit in the way. It may be a good protector if


he can get the shot. I don't think he's running. That really does make


life very hard. It blocks out both players. Whoever puts the bowl on


top of the jack is going to win this end. That's why Greg's taking his


time. Relaxing that arm. Nice relaxed. To push through the bowl.


Still, still a nervy one. Still not close enough! He took a lot of time


over that. Stewart has got another chance but again, the short bowls


just... You know, we're not really in the way, Andy, but you have to


have a lot of faith to push the bowl out wide. They're definitely not in


the way. Definitely using a Less flatter bowl. Has he got enough this


time? Certainly wider but will it get back? That's the question. Will


it get back with enough? Needs to have the weight to carry it. I think


he has. That's the shot. But it's very beatable. It isn't hidden -


that's the thing. He needed that bowl to be hidden in front of that


other red bowl. Not close enough. Not close enough but greg is looking


at this. See, this is awkward. These two opening bowls from Stewart have


given everyone a problem. Draw on the backhand. I don't think he likes


the backhand. He may not like it, but I would draw on the backhand. If


it's heavy, he can catch the bowl or catch the jack. Just on the bend in.


Well, he's ang ylds here to go on the forehand. I think he's playing


the right hand. The hand that he does favour. And he plays a slightly


wide line, Greg. He comes off the side of the mat with a wider line


than most people. Stewart Anderson is going to lie the shot. But I


think he needs a closer one. Tell you what - that wasn't far away as


he rolls under behind it. Definitely one red. One red. Confident call


from Francis Fletcher. This is a problem for Stewart. Where do you


go? A time-out on this. He's down top 8


seconds. What do you think, Andy? Will he try to draw another one on


the forehand and leave the backhand open for Greg? I think that I would


go deep. Really? I think that Greg may take a chance at running at




With the two of front bowls that are 3 feet? Yes. Well, he's playing a


forehand. That probably means a draw. Probably trying to get a


closer shot. I think he needs a closer shot, to be truthful with


you. He doesn't want to tap his own bowl out either. I don't think he'll


tap it out unless... Needs to hurry, needs to run. The front position is


dead in the water now. That's blocked a path for Greg. It'll make


up his mind. I think he'll draw it, I really do. I think that Greg is


looking at the run here. If he catches a short red bowl, he could


follow through, pick the jack up and take the red bowl out. Well, we're


looking at a running because truly the gap. If he doesn't get the gap,


there's always a chance of bringing a red bowl in. Never mind the


outside ones, it's all sorts of chances there the alternative, Andy.


A Little draw on the backhand. But that's a pressure bowl. I think


he'll play a forehand runner, basically hoping his luck is in.


That's two matches, two forehand runners, one bang on target, one off


target. He'll be thinking he's quite good with the forehand runner. What


a big bowl to pray to try and get to the world final.


Bowl is away. He's in the area. He's definitely into the red bowls. How's


your luck? He's got it! He's got it again! What can you say? It was a


good bowl to get into a target but the run through and get the jack,


come on, Andy! He got the target and once again, he gets a perfect follow


through. Well played, Greg Harlow. Unlucky, Stewart Anderson. It's been


so up for Greg Harlow. He plays a forehand running -- runner and he


gets the perfect result. Aggression, I can definitely say this wasn't a


fluke. Wasn't a fluke but lady luck was on my side. I had 3 red bowls to


run into. There was a gap for the jack as well. I won my last 2 games


with a forehand runner, 3 times a lady, give it a roll, and there dice


came up six again. We've seen a lot of outstanding matches here at


Potters this week. What was it to be involved? Are you able to appreciate


just how touch a match you're having at the time, or you're caught up at


the moment? At the time, you can't afford to think about it too much.


There was one loose end there, where we both sort of struggled,


afterwards, you appreciate the game. I thought I played my better bowls


in the first set and still came back to win that. And he got a lead in


the second set, and he played a loose end to let me back in. So we


won each other's sets to be honest. Down to the third tie-breaker, this


week seems to be my week. So the 2017 Open singles final will be


between Scotland's Paul Foster, going for a fist -- fifth title, and


England's Greg Harlow. Before we begin, you can enjoy highlights of


the men's final of the Australian Open. So, we're all set for a Super


Sunday of sport. It promise to be a great final here at Potters. For


now, from all of us, bye-bye.


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