Pairs Final World Indoor Bowls Championships

Pairs Final

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Potters resort in Norfolk for the


start of the BBC's coverage of the world indoor bowls championships.


Over the next seven days there are four trophies on the line and the


best players in the world are here because this is the tournament that


matters most. The biggest tournament of the year was always the World


Championships. You always got butterflies as you were driving


here. I still get them when I am driving here. As soon as I walk in,


I feel so relaxed. It is a place I have always loved and I have been


very successful year. This is my second home. The crowd appreciate


great bowls but also it is a service where if you were not on your game,


it is a lonely place to be. But it is a wonderful place to play and you


just hope that everything goes right for you when you are out there. Very


close. Got it. The world singles here is the biggest title you can


win in bowls. You watch Potters every year on the telly and you


think, I really want to be here. For my first year, to qualify and come


here and win it, it was fantastic. We all play for one thing, to walk


away as World Champion. Whether it is singles or peers or whatever.


Potters is the best venue that we play at, no doubt in my mind. The


crowd now the game, and when you play a good one, they applaud. When


you play a bad one, you get both -- a different reaction. It is


fantastic. Nicky Brent will be hoping to do another cartwheel come


Sunday because Sunday is the final of the singles, the blue ribbon


event. -- Nick Brett. A bit of an upset, the number 16 seed lost out


to Charles Bence from Scotland. Elsewhere, David Gourlay is through


in the top half. In the bottom half, another seed, the number 11 seed,


was knocked out by Debbie Welford of New Zealand. Elsewhere, Mervyn King


and Darren Burnett are through to round two. Joining me on the rink is


David Corcoran of the BBC. This is a fantastic week before somebody who


has been around the sport for so long, explain the significance of


this week. We have the best players in the indoor bowling world, playing


all at the same time over a period of two weeks, and the Road have an


opportunity to see their heroes. And this afternoon, the final of the


players. What can we look forward to in this match? We have the


enthusiasm of youth against the experience of two guise of different


ages. And the accumulated ages are close to Les on his own! Les will


love me saying that. Damien has been around from one time. He has been


around the last five or six years, knocking on the door. And we have a


novel situation with young Mr Salmon, building up a reputation in


the same way the Damien has. Les Gillis has already been in action


today. He was up against Tom Warner in the first round of the singles.


-- Les Gillett. Tom Warner, taking on Les Gillett, making his 16th


appearance. It was a 25 Google to start its strongest. A good last in


the third end helped him build up a 6-2 lead with three to play against


an opponent who seemed out of sorts in the early stages. Les Gillett's


best results in the singles was the semifinal 16 years ago. His


fightback started before this exquisite bowl gave him a single. He


completed a great turnaround with this finely judged last bowl, to


take two shots and the set 7-6. A tax adviser by profession, he passed


his chartered accountancy exams last week, and Warner has made


significant gains, getting the second set off to a brilliant start


with a full house. But Les Gillett used all his experience to work his


way back into the set with some solid bowls, leading 8-6 going into


the eighth end. He took the match 7-6, 10-6, securing his place in the


second round. And this is how the second round looks at this stage.


Some really good match ups, including Darren Burnett, the former


champion, against Mervyn King. What a fascinating match, with Debbie


Welford against Paul Foster. No time for Les Gillett to relax because he


is taking part in the pairs final. Alongside Jason Greenslade, up


against Daniel Sammon and Damian Doubler. Of course, this is a new


experience for Daniel Salmon. In the final, it is two sets of nine ends.


Each bowler will have three each. We're looking forward to seeing what


these four men will, with this afternoon. Let's hear from them. --


what these four men will come up with. Jason sent me a text in April


last year and I said yes straightaway. I didn't have to think


about it. It was an honour. It was an easy choice to say I would lead,


because I am relatively good at drawing the jack. Jason has got a


good armoury, with running bowls. So it's sort of components each other,


really. I get them close and if I get them near the jack, he smacks


them out of the way. I am not afraid to smack it. I am not afraid to have


a go. And he smacks them very well, to be fair. Les is the lead, but he


also skips as well. He is like a naughty dog. He needs control. And I


think I'm starting to control them nicely. I think this week I counted


and I have lost five world finals, so hopefully it will be the best


results. These guys are good players and we know we have to play our best


game because if we don't, we will lose and they will win. Jason is a


very attacking player so you know he will be very unpredictable on the


drop shots. If we can put the pressure on, then hopefully we can


get them, but they are both very good players. I've been playing for


about five now. We have done all right. We keep getting better and


better. Hopefully we can get this one out of the way. We are quite


relaxed on the green. I think we make each other relaxed. We don't


give each other a hard time. Just let the game flow and it works


better that way. We are mates, and we go out together, when my


girlfriend Lesley! -- my girlfriend lets me. Your ambition in any sport


is to win the world title. It would be a dream come true. It would be


indeed. They have had to battle their way to the final. But look at


some of the players they have beaten. Daniel and Damian have


defeated Andy Thomson, Mark Royal, Nicky Brett, and Mark Dawes. We are


set for what promises to be a fascinating final. Time to join our


MC for the day. Richard Belle. And what a dream it is for these Welsh


quarterfinals. -- for these quarterfinalists. Your appreciation,


please, for Daniel Salmon and Damian Doubler.


And they take on a brand new partnership who've appeared


collectively no less than four times in this world final. Les Gillett,


the former champion, and Jason Greenslade!


A great atmosphere here at Potters. Andy Thomson is alongside David


Corkill in the commentary box, set for a fascinating afternoon.


It is the experience of the guys in red against the youth and enthusiasm


of the younger players. Unpredictable, this, because the


guys have not had easy matches. Both teams have had of draws. It is


difficult. Is it going to be the experience or the youthful Welsh


player who comes through? I am looking forward to this.


That is a very good starter, taking the nerves away a little bit. Les


has had a three-hour break from his singles game so I'm sure he is well


rested. The players on the old at the rink changes almost hourly. --


the players all know that the rink changes. Because of that, it is


important to just get away, really. It is really 50% each way, if it is


good or bad. By winning, that is probably going to help them as well


because it gives them a little bit of confidence. I spoke briefly to


Les and he felt that in this direction he was not finding the


line. I think he will be conscious of that and he will probably correct


it and play a better leading game than he did this morning in this


direction. Jason asking led us to play a


position bowl, anything behind the head, anticipating the heavier bowl


from Damian. He is anticipating the pass. A good start from Les.


Daniel has been building a reputation for himself over the last


few years, at a very young age of 21, he is already knocking on the


door for major championships. Quite a cool customer, Daniel. A good


drawing player. The pace is good. Just run, Jason. Hurry, and again.


Four feet. Turn the mate. The bolt holding out. A good weight.


Les is always very vocal. I think he will do a commentary here on the


green himself! Issuing clear instructions is very important.


There has to be no ambiguity whatsoever.


Anything of that is nice. If you can get the inside... You can do this.


Encouragement from Daniel to Damian, just altering the line slightly with


his final delivery. The trouble is, like all things, a slight


adjustment, usually you overdo it. The tendency is, a slight adjustment


and you are across the head. Both players looking at this. Once again,


Daniel signalling that it has gone out. That was a good weight. There


is a little hole down there. The nuance of the rink definitely


change. Just a slight change, enough to put a bowl off. Damien played


three good bowls there. It did not look as if it was going to turn. A


chance for Jason here. Right away, Les is commenting on it. Jason gets


the bowl away with a little wobble. Just not enough. The wait was good.


Just the one. The players will be content with one shot. It is an


ideal world if you pick up three or four, but I think everybody will


settle with one. Good start. Almost nonchalant, the way that


Daniel gets the bowl away and then put his hand into his pocket. Yes, a


cool customer. Just out for a little practice.


He has both hands in his pockets now.


That is good stuff, really tidy. It was always going to move but he will


not follow it. A slight change to the players with the extra bowl. --


aced light change to the pairs. A lot more tactical discussions, a lot


more shots to be played. I think there have been discussions with all


the players, do they prefer two for three. I have a slight favouring for


the two bowl but I think the three bowl pairs is still a good event.


The Commonwealth Games and world outdoor play with three, so it is a


well tried and tested format. But we're so used two bowls, so it will


take a while. Probably just more attacking play from most players in


the three bowl game, you can afford to risk one or two. Every bowl


really is needed in the two bowl game. A chance here for Jason. He


will just be attacking here. He can afford any weight that he wants. An


edge will do. He just overplayed it. He can afford that weight if he


narrows it down. I think the weight is good. He has a very easy, relaxed


delivery. Just trying to get to the outside red one. It was a good try.


Better. Les says better but it looks white to me. Similar, mate, I


wouldn't change much. He wanted another one in there in


case the bowl was removed. That is a good third shot. I think Les had


been asking him to play the backhand but Jason preferred to play the shot


that he fancied. Very close with this. He wants a little tap on it.


It moved and then moved back again. I think Daniel is probably going up


to him and saying, look, I have got one. His last bowl moved and then


fell back onto the green. A good try. It's just not worth it. Not a


lot to be gained. Always nice to get on the board. Get the score on. He


would be very unlucky to give the shot away. He could make three if he


can get the red bowl out but at the same time, if he is slightly inside


the line, he could give the shot away. Maybe they are just going to


throw this bowl down. Without going to near the jack. I think he has


deliberately thrown that wide. You can understand that. I think that


was quite deliberate. It will be interesting to see how this


game moves along tactically. At the moment, the players of the


opportunity to go out and practice the forehand, so they should become


Kabul at all distances but as you know, and a lot of bowlers watching


will know that practice is one thing and competition is another. I think


both pairs will probably have a plan and they will have discussed what


lengths they prefer. As the game progresses, they may decide to


change the tactics, but the Welsh pair are probably more experienced


and playing together. That might count as the game progresses. Les


and Jason are good player but they have been put together, which is


difficult at times. The only benefit they have, they have known each


other for 20 years on the circuit, so the strengths and weaknesses of


each player is well-known. I think even the discussion the forehand,


they were very open about the fact that Les is a very good draw and


Jason has that shot play. That is good.


I wonder how lonely Les feels out there. Three Welsh players, and all


the Welsh support that is here as well. I expect there will be a good


attendance from the Welsh viewers. He has suddenly become a fan of Tom


Jones! He is asking Damian to attack. The


shot is coming back now, very close. Solid. That is a hard shot to play.


A perfect plant, pushing the bowl out. Well played. It might be


tempting for layers to have a pop at this. -- tempting for Les. He could


play the weight shots, and he is good at them. His line is good. Well


played, Les Gillett. Fantastic. He is one down but he has now got


position. Very good leading. They have settled well.


Come on, keep running. Get up, get up. Great effort, pal. That is a


very good effort. It will not help Jason. Forcing him to put a little


bit more weight on than straightforward draw. He is under.


He's calling it to drift away. He does not want to get it up to the


green bowl. Plenty of comments from Les but Jason is not quite settled


yet into the game. He will be conscious of Jason's


ability to hit heads and do it with great accuracy. You have to rely on


your lead for instructions as to what is going to happen, up until


your second bowl. If it goes wrong, we are in a bit of bother. I think


you need to be up there, nothing short. Just on the edge of it.


Is better this time. Mr the edge by a fraction. That was all he needed.


He has given himself the chance now, to get in a split. I don't think we


will see Jason next time. He will not play the draw. I think he will


be more adventurous. Two bowls in the head make a big difference. The


guys are conscious of the fact that they are miked up. Like the


footballers, they are covering their mouths. I think it is just a


backhand draw here. Trying to draw the shot.


Obviously not trying to draw another. I do not think he covered


the spot with the previous delivery. Better this time. I think he was


playing for the spot on the left-hand side. He really needs to


be into the side all. What he is looking to get off the angle. If he


gets into the jack, if he brings the jack at an angle over to here he is


looking at two' or maybe three shots. He is still not too bad even


if it moves there. Caught that is a good shot, good call. The only


danger is getting the front red into the jack. Caen he is being


aggressive. Looks like he will never get back on. The right shot though.


Good weight. I like the shot you called.


Damian Doubler very experienced now for a young man, 27. His parents


there. Caen they've just realised they are on the television. Now they


are worried about what I am saying. I was chatting to them last night


and I told them to behave themselves. I think Damion's


girlfriend was more concerned. We'll find Lucy at some stage. Probably


looking very nervous. I bet she is. Daniel urging this bowl up. Not bad.


That is the correction you are looking for. Daniel Salmon, Ben and


Kim his parents, with girlfriend Jess.


Exodus from Wales yesterday. They make their way over here, enjoying


themselves last night. Some of them were enjoying themselves as you say,


Andy. Special occasion for families and friends. World final. You don't


get many in your career. Quite rightly well supported. It's like


using drawing this one. Falling away. It is about bowls in the head.


That is what it is all about. Jason normally good others. Just been a


bit slow at the moment, Jason. The advantage here is you campaign


yourself into the game. Damian fancies the back and more. Still a


good draw. -- backhand. Clear run and he draws the shot.


Close. I think he is not that far away.


Finn not bad in the, well done. Thinking the score that, Jason


probably thinking it was not that bad. Only 15 inches short, his line


wasn't bad. Nonetheless. Some of the comments list comes out with. Hard


man to please. -- layers. This has a chance for shot. If it falls in he


has shot. Job done, number one. You have to make sure you just get


inside for the jack. Good instructions, make sure you are


here. Again the line is not bad. Has a chance for this to get onto the


bowl and turn it over. Only a foot of weight. Never looked as if it was


coming back off the line. Strong bias bowl. Jason shaking his head.


I'm sure he will be saying to Les, I thought I was good. Was because


there is a shop here for Damian if he wants to play it and take the


danger away. The danger is the bowl on the right hand side of the


screen, the red one, possibility of giving a shot away. If you're


holding one you do not want to give the shot away. He has to be careful.


The safe option is to try to come around his own bowl and have a


receiver. He has played two really good shots on the backend. Click of


the fingers. Not bad. Good effort here. I think he was trying to block


that. Actually that is a bad one, that has given Jason a big chance


now. I think Jason will be more positive. There is a good chance you


could use that last one. Players always looking for an advantage and


the advantages he has more width than he had before. Distinct


advantage. He is under. He is not going to get a lucky one, is it?


Manor. Good weight, just under the line. Les said it is not finished


yet. Some strange results can always happen. They had chances but it


could be the right connection. As usual before has here at Potters


Leisure Resort at Hopton on Sea. Very much on see this morning. It


was fresh. What time you down there? Eight o'clock. I can't believe you.


You were dozing. I was. Vasyl Lomachenko and, I live close


to the sea. Were far from the resources, just ten minute walk and


you were on the beach. That is good. I do not think you


should ever worry if you get a good first bowl and the next one comes


behind. It is never lost. Biscuit would be happy with that. -- the


skip. Les looking for good weight. Get to


the jack and you miss it you come to the two green bowls. You want to set


something up for your skip. Not always about getting shot every


time. Not too bad, past the head. I think both skips will be going down


just drawing with their opening bowls. Paul always gets a bit


nervous. Brian very calm. I am sure he is also very nervous. As their


boy played a good one? I think he is short. Two feat is not fair because


if you actually put a yard on that you could pick up the jack. Not far


away. On the high road. Happy enough with that figure just


in case the jack is bunched through at an angle. Maybe the drawing is


not going great. Might attack with this one. That is really good. No


doubt about that now. It is these shots well, does Jason. Lucky he did


not take his own bowl away. Not disastrous. Difficult for Damian, as


we can see both green bowls could be removed but they don't have position


either. You cannot cover everything. The back red bowl looks pretty


attractive. Really what we're looking at is if that one goes, and


that one, does that leave the red one in position. He would be two


down if he gets into it as if he puts one round of a vacuum would


only one down. I think he is probably going for the deep bowl.


Could get into the spot position. He is going further through than that.


Go for the best back. Interesting one. Interesting choice. Difficult,


Jason will be trying to hit its target. See where the jack bounces.


I think you are trying to get to the two red ones. Again it will be a


runner. Still wide. Didn't miss by much, just a fraction. Fine edge


would not have done him any good either. I thought it would have been


under, there was more chances being tied as opposed to being high. The


young Welsh pair are starting to take control.


Is that one in my way? It might be. It takes quite a lot to put Les off,


he normally doesn't worry about the one in front. He is going to have a


go at it. Still chatting away. I think he knew that was just through


the head. Still a useful bowl. Might change it for next time. Good


correction from Daniel. Made a mistake with the first one. Very


good making up for it with the next. I think this is his favoured hand.


The reason he didn't change is more to do with the green bowl. Still


that danger of hitting the other green on which at the moment isn't


really within the play. Too much weight.


Two boys from Cardiff. He knows that is a bad one and he should have been


behind the head. He realises himself that was a mistake. Damian is going


to have to almost waist on to get cover.


Very close to making a move. Just not reaching that the line was good.


Caen blocking the path now to the shot bowl. Goes for the big drive


and he could still make it. Damian has to be past the head.


He is OK, I think he is safe enough. That is OK. Perfect spot.


He has to arrive and this with enough weight to punch the jack


through at least three or four feet. Should have gone more aggressive at


the centre bowl not been blocking it. I think Damian must go deep.


Going to go deep. Four or five feet would be good. Measurement is done


here. Players throughout the northerners fear still use feet and


inches. A wee bit further than what he wanted. That is interesting. I


think Jason realises this is not easy. As I keep saying, the centre


bowl has just stopped the drive. We have to play this with timing and


weight, which as we all know is difficult. Calling it early, that


means it is not working. Quick call from Daniel up to Damian. However we


look at this. -- have a wee look. I think he is better off on the


backhand. As long as he moves the red bowl at the top of the screen


that is a perfect blocker. He really has to get past the red


bowl into this sort of area at the very minimum. Anything beyond that


by three feet is good. The key bowl for him is to miss the front red


one. We have to get past that. I think that is what he will play,


backhand. There is no value in playing the forehand and making a


mistake. Damian and Daniel pick up two here you almost feel as if they


are going to pick up the opening set. Happy with that. That is a good


bowl, very good. Try and use bowls. I think that is what he will play


here. The two green bowls on the wane, almost half the green bowl.


Come across and hopefully pick up the jack. Playing it with weight.


There are more percentages there. The forehand wasn't doing anything


for him. Has got a bit to do on this one. Being more aggressive. Calling


it now, does not want to push it too much. Played it almost drawing


weight. Could have been more aggressive. Perfect start for the


Damian and Daniel. Only three ends to play.


Generous crowd, clapping for that one. Yes they are. You don't even


get a snicker if you get within six inches. Better from Les. They need


to get two out of 3% to get back into this set. Good lead. Looking at


the correction once again. If he misses with one he very rarely


misses with the second. He has corrected well.


I would keep it there again. No need to go chasing this. Keep it tight,


keep their heads tied. Drop one fourscore one, you are in the


driving seat. He has pushed this one. Just play the game, Les. --


platelet again. The same result, either side, doesn't matter which


way he plays it. As a left-hander, he will be looking further back


green bowl on his forehand. Not sure why he will have wanted to change


his hand. Trying to call this to come across. Has played two great


bowls, why did he not play the same again. That is what I talked about


earlier. That is where the communication might be a problem.


That is why Jason has given him the choice. There you go. Feeling the


face... He's not. He is all right. Easy day at the office for him. We


used to play twice a day, that is not a problem for most top players.


Sometimes three times at nationals. Just needs to hurry. Maybe setting


up a platform. It has dropped down. Still if he needs to go chasing.


Really must get at least one this end. Really not a danger on the


forehand, you have got to be defensive with the lead... But


exactly, any contact. Take all the danger away. Got to be positive


here. Such is the green bowl, must get a result. Yeah. Horrible result.


That touch on the road all put him off. That is just dreadful. That is


so unlikely. The touch off the red click away. All of a sudden Jason


line two. This could be massive, this could be massive. Now on the


defensive, last bowl. Forehand draw, David. Just be positive. But away


the disappointment of the last result. If he misses, well, you


would expect adjacent and another. -- expect adjacent to add another.


Will he get back, that is the question? He will have to get very


good weight to get back from. Very much more to gain there. Clinton


said he either to himself. To another, good call, jack is a bonus.


How a space? That was a very early dismissal. -- how is Hayes. This is


a chance probably missed. I think they have got to change it, go


short. The jack has been on the T almost every time. Try the short on


here from Les. Well, only up slightly. Again just


about on the T, not much of a change here. I am sure the younger Welsh


pair will be happy with this. I would have thought so. Still, they


did exactly what they needed to do. They have the school, they are four


behind, that will be their target. They will be looking at two doubles.


Perhaps tie this end, that is as good as they could hope to get.


Perfect start from Les. The first thing you want is to get


behind the jack. Catching them from bowl and the jack will bounce long


way. Getting close to this. If he


finishes on the centreline it is good. Certainly wasn't trying that.


It has finished third. He is close here again, making the correction


with the second bowl. He needs to be reaching. It is


close. Just unlucky to get the gap. One shot to read confirmed. We can


see this bowl coming in. That touch of red would have been perfect.


Well played, well done. Good use of the shoulder. Still coming down the


forehand, I do not see any change. Good timing on this one as well.


This looks to be an easy issue shot on the forehand side. He is going


quick now. He needs a lucky result. Well, it is good and bad. He is


still at least three down. It is one of those ones were you were thinking


to yourself, I am going to be at least two close bowls down with the


next one. But he has two left, so he will have a chance. He has no choice


but to try to draw the second shot. Four down but that last bowl was


four feet down, so he should be able to draw a second, Damian. Is he


running? They're calling it to get up, as he sneaked past? I don't


know. It looks like the is still a minimum of two. Still room for


Damian but also room for Jason. Jason resets himself. He has pushed


this one out very wide. He just needs to hang on. It will be the


perfect line now. That is number three. There is a running bowl on


but he cannot afford to play it. He just needs to add on six inches.


That would score the third shot. That is the minimum he once here. He


does not want to drop any more than two.


In narrower line then Jason. That is very narrow. He has extra weight on


it and he wants to bump his bowl up. He will be reasonably happy with


that. Les and Jason will be delighted to have picked up two


doubles. Now they are in with a shout. Two doubles would have been


very handy. You do not want to go chasing threes and fours. They will


be reasonably happy. We speak about the experience of Les


and Jason but Daniel, 21, has played internationally a couple of times. A


couple of times a national champion, you cannot argue with that. He has


won the version for national champions as well. Fairly young but


still a lot of international experience. It is a building CV. It


is important for players to have the credibility as well, so the CV has


been built up over a period of time. Daniel just making sure he is there.


A momentum change here, I think. I feel as though Les and Jason are


starting to put pressure on the younger Welsh player. It is


important for Damian and Daniel to actually win this set, or get


something out of it from the position they were in at 7-1. Not


that it is safe for shot -- foregone conclusion, with a six shot lead,


but they are down to two now. He will be praying that this one gets


reasonably close. He needs to get close to the line. More importantly,


it is not in front of the jack, which is good. Both pairs will


probably be reasonably happy with the situation at the moment but


Jason needs to draw a good one to really put the pressure on.


It doesn't appear the Jason wants to talk to you, Les. He is happy enough


to let the bowl do the talking. That is enough. Unless he's feeling very


adventurous. I think he might risk one. I think it is worth the risk.


It is quite a nice target that. The danger is taking out his own bowl.


That is the worry at the moment. This comes back in, over the weight.


I think he wanted to narrow that. I would have risked a runner on the


forehand. Now he is in a bit of trouble. You can tell that by his


facial expression. He realises this set could be going away from them.


That was an interesting thing there with Les, the way he described that.


It was almost like he was trying to put an idea into his opponent's


mind. A wee bit of psychology going on. He knows that the younger pair


are under pressure. He is almost tempting them into playing the


running bowl. It is a game of tactics and psychology.


Do you risk it with this one? I would drop a yard. Gaps and holes.


You could run through that very easily. I understand why he is


saying it because a good bowl here would close down the set completely,


but it is not easy to make that adjustment. The click of the finger


suggests he is probably heavy. Now he cannot risk the running bowl. He


might have to play a risky one. I think the set will be against them


so he will have no choice. You would expect Jason to probably draw


another. In fact, in some ways, another one will force Damian into


the right shot. It is almost better if he misses it. Then Damian is


frightened to play it because he has a tight set. But if there was three


against, he would not care about that. It is quite important for this


finishes. He has to go for the three. If you have the chance to win


the set, you must take it. It looks very, very tight. He is calling it a


lot, but Jason Holt is a very tight line. It is never going to holes.


This is no interesting because he really cannot afford this. That is


why they have left themselves in a bit of trouble. They should have


attacked early and now they are in trouble. The hard bits, and this is


what they will be talking about, is if they come inside the jack and


stick it. Then they are in trouble. There is not a lot of danger on the


back. If you slice the jack, you would probably be two down. If he


gets onto his own bowl, it is good. As you say, the danger was getting


the jack on an edge. Because that really brings in this bowl and this


bowl. And that is the last thing that he wants, to lose the set. At


the minute, he is getting something out of it. If it was me, I would


take a gamble and play the backhand runner. You are so aggressive, you


really are! I think he has drawn the forehand. Trying to tap the bowl to


win the set. He's going to have to drop a lot of weight to get back


there. He's going to give it away. As he survived it? I think he has.


Only two. Les and Jason will be delighted they have managed to get a


draw out of that. Three goes of that, and three times on the high


side. It was just not getting back. They got away with that said. --


that set. It is definitely Les's day. Three doubles. Les Gillett, I


heard him their say, we are going to win it now. You cannot doubt what he


is saying, because the young Welsh pair are not happy. They had such a


good lead, they were in control but they let it slip. It is very much


the advantage of the more experienced player, as we have seen


in past couplets. This sort of Rob that. -- they sort


of robbed that. Just tactics, Andy. I would be putting them down as the


slight favourites now. The chances of a tie-break are probably less.


They would have given a lot for one of those in the last hand. It


depends if they can put away the disappointment of that. They are


still in there. I'm sure they will. All they need is one set to become


world indoor pairs champions. I'm glad that we have Les miked up


today. He is giving us all the information. Gentle, gentle.


There is no doubt that it is a game for the connoisseur. It is a


different tactical game. A lot more discussion going on. A lot more


heads building up. Damian is a quiet guy. He has a great sense of humour


but he is a quiet lad. He is a thinker. Three Welsh players on the


green. We missing colleague, Mr Price. Hopefully he is well, back in


Wales. I am he is watching this. I have been speaking to him, and I am


sure he is doing fine. I hope things are well with you, John.


Messages on social media for letters. From John Price. An


honorary Welshman. Who would've thought that a few years ago. Close


to drawing the shot here. That jack moves very quickly. Good stuff. A


closer shot. He has to be careful here. He has


got it. He still holds on to the one. Very good bowls from Damian. He


has made a double. And he has a good head as well. Jason playing the


forehand draw here. He picks up the jack. That is a real bonus. Just


asking the guys to move across so we can see the outside peg, the extreme


of the rink. That is where players take their line from.


The same bowl again from Damian. Resting the closest red bowl. That


could be a four. I think he heard you. That is what players are always


looking for, drawing another 143, and it is a bonus if you touch the


bowl away from it. They are not always looking for the perfect shot


on the jack. The bowl is the target. And now he's trying his best to get


back with this. Just open. The chart is going in to make sure it does not


move when it is getting measured. -- the chock is going in.


It looks like two. That is the advantage of getting out there as


quickly as possible. Jason Greenslade has been brought


back in to the Welsh indoor team. We want the top players to be playing


for all countries. I presume you order the Irish team in Belfast in a


few weeks' time? I don't presume anything. There is another trial


going on Wednesday night that obviously I am going to miss. I


think everybody's places in jeopardy, Andy. You will be a hard


team to beat in Belfast. It is my own club. I'm looking forward to the


series. It is one of the biggest clubs around. You know what it is


like. The facilities over there are excellent. Always a good attendance


from the Irish. I use staying next door, within staggering distance? --


are you staying next door within staggering distance? I believe we


are staying with the Welsh team. He needs a clear road. He started to


say that was a great bowl because he knew if he had missed it, he was


right on top of the jack. Well played. It is a beauty. If the


torture goes into the ditch, it stays live but he has two marker


before the next bowl is delivered. That is why they are so quick about


it. A good innovation, spray chalk. You do not need to be touching the


bowl now. Otherwise, they would be down there with a stick of chalk,


and with coloured bowls, it is very difficult to do that. They use a


different material, of course, it is not the same as the old stuff. It


was a mellow mine material. We will not go into the details of how they


are made and all the ingredients, there is not enough time. I'm glad


you were not going to ask me that question! You know that that is what


I do at night, read these things up. Good effort. That is another handy


bowl. They have put the opening set behind them. Starting this set well.


They have been the better pair, no doubt. Something tactical media


towards the end of the second set, or there were a couple of shots


available. This is awkward for Jason. You probably have to try to


move something, really. The site bowl is ideal. Jason is normally


good at the running bowl. He will be slightly under. It will not hurt


him, moving that one. But there is only one in it. I think there might


be just one shot there. Drying again, not looking for position,


Daniel. Worth a pop with the first one in this situation, but does he


need it for the second? We will see. The jack goes back. It will not be


of real benefit. Another one in the area. Just occasionally you make a


horrible war locked and you move back to the draft. If it is only


one, I think Jason will be happy to drop one. It looks difficult to


score. If you take a read out, all of a sudden you are four or five


down. That is a handy bowl. It gives him an angle to come off. Still very


difficult to score. It might be worthwhile leaving this one.


Occasionally you cannot improve the situation much. The boys are looking


closely at this to see there if there is one or two. One would not


be bad. I think Damian is leaving to head this time, going around the


back. I don't know where his girlfriend, Lucy, is. She is able or


herself, very good one. I am not quite sure how you were going to


score here, Jason. I think he will be tempted to play this on the other


side. Take second and walk away. Because this just isn't worth it. If


anything goes wrong here, he is four or five shots down. That is what I


am looking at, what Jason said here. If he gets the outside bowl. It


could be two anyway, according to lawyers. -- according to Les. The


difficulty for him, if you get into this bowl and comes off, he has the


angle to come into this other one. And that is just horrible. If he


gets the green bowl onto the jack and moves through, he is in all


sorts of trouble with two green ones back there. So is it better just to


draw on the forehand and just tap it? I think it probably is, just try


to secure second. That is not easy. I wouldn't envy the shot he has got


to play here. It is a difficult one. I think as you said he is trying to


turn his own bowl up for possibly second. It would be great if you


came around it for the number one. GROANS FROM CROWD


Might have posted slightly away, actually. A little bit unlucky. It


was the right shot play. It was. I don't know if it just move the red


one slightly further away. Tactics really come into it in a big way.


Once again getting off to a good start. Playing good bowls. Yes they


are. They just have to get over the line.


Three of four manufacturers are represented there today. Always good


to see the good mixture but the one common feature is they are all


strong bias. You need a good drawing bowl here, not necessarily the only


popular bowls on market that the players here playing with good


drawing bowls. Good bowls from players. Chances are possibly for


Daniel to play a heavy bowl. Good shot there. He was very quick.


Goodness me. That bowl was away within a second. Sometimes you have


to stand back and measure it up and say I am better on the outside. That


was only controlled weight. Still the same target for Damian. I would


expect him to kick this target. Trying to cover that its a bit more.


He has moved the jack a little bit. The men might be tempted to try to


draw this off. A bit more room. The running bowl still available. I am


withdrawing players that I think most players would be driving this.


I think he will draw it. You would expect him to hit something here.


Good strike. Has taken one out. He didn't play that very aggressively.


He could have been more aggressive. Well played, very good. And again.


Just a draw. Nice draw here from Damian. Happy with second.


Click of the fingers, usually an indicator. Still a good head for


Jason. That was well played. That scooted


along at a fair place. Trailing the jack but jack and the bowl at least


3.5 feet. Says the man that when he is there can't tell the difference


between two bowls that are six inches away. A lot more confidence


from the circles. Not always easy to draw on the pressure is on. Just


needs to run a little bit more to make absolutely sure. Doesn't matter


where it finished. Single bowl. Always looked good on the way in but


it was where it was going to finish. There is a gap. Always a choice. One


of the other he will be happy with. Body language says he thinks he is


just outside it. If anything he wanted to be on the inside. You


would normally get eight taciturn offers.


Daniller hasn't played many bowls on this side.


It is a target. Just drawing is it? That is a wise call, very tempting


running bowl. But it is wise to get another one in this format. I agree,


drawing well. Few expect him to not be too far away. Close. Useful bowl.


Something to play with now. Can I get back enough? You could take on


bowl wave that it really wasn't sufficient for his needs. It would


just be replaced. Good bowls from Les. This is going


to be a runner, three down. Les having a little chat. With the


decency on the right-hand kitty left. He is in the area. A bit


unlucky, still three down. There is more room to draw. Good strike.


It is going to be another one in there. Even beating that bowl would


be good. You might even get second. Thing would be happy with second or


third shot. Not much but he is in bother. Three


down. Expected to add another. Probably coming in for another shot.


So easy to drop more than that and over correct. That bowl is counting,


that is four and measure. The same bowl as his last. For handle, just


take a yard off. When you are for or five down there is more pressure. It


is a nervy one. Couldn't gauge anything from his


reaction. Waiting to see what Daniel is saying. I think he will just


sneak up the something that not enough. Probably has third, maybe.


If he has served that is good. That is what we were saying about over


correcting, so easy. Les reckons its three. Draw another one and the lead


disappears. Any movement of the jack could be four. Now it is coming


back. Trying to mess with their heads a


little bit. Certainly back in the set. Jason managed to hang on in


this end. The anything we have not seen so far is the short jack.


Everybody has put the jack on the T. That is the gamble they take. The


rings were pretty clear that it was four.


Les put three great bowls in. Going to go shorter this time? A little


bit, could be the 27 figures to the feet. Not sure about this. Such a


big part of the game. Is two yards beyond where he wanted it. Not where


he wanted it. Nobody has tried 24 or 25 metres.


He knew it was short. He will correct with the next one.


That is a danger of getting the jack wrong. You put your opposition in.


Are you running, Les? That is good, really good. Judy


Potter in her usual seat. Great supporter of the sport. You normally


inform you the colour. You obviously haven't been looking today. I will


leave that for a day or two because I'll have to look it up on my chart


to make sure it is right. Nice to see her here, big supporter of


bowls. That is another good bowl. This is very good boring here.


Perfect. Now we will see whether Jason is on form in terms of the


drive because he has missed the few. Jason had indicated to Les he would


play the draw. That is courageous and unusual. And not true. He


tricked us all. Good effort. Not far away.


This is just the run. Possibly not. They might go to the draw now. Any


tab on the bowl and he will get the jack moved to the red.


Les saying it should be quicker. On the high side.


I think Les indicated early on and it was fine from the hand. Chance


for Damian to add another. The line is good. All about the weight. Wants


to be gentle. That is unlucky. Because he has brought the jack out


into the open. That is usually a red rag to the bowl when it comes to


Jason. Looks like a backhand runner from Jason. Not only that, if he


hits it absolutely right all three green bowls could go. As Les has


indicated, he has a chance. That was very unlucky, I have to say. One of


the times when you do not want to be close to the jack. I have to say


this is a big bowl. If he catches this good it gives them the


advantage. This is a big one. Harry! That means it is not the inside.


Perfect. Not only that, it has landed by the ciders, we will check


to see if it is within the confines of the rink. I get the personages


from his reaction. -- I get the impression it is. No movement from


the umpire. That is accounted one. -- guaranteed. Then it is. Touch on


the green, he's not going to go for that, surely? There is a touch on


the green. I think he will leave it. There is no way they will beat that


one. Declared, one shot. Perfect from Jason, really. I'm lucky he


moved the jack into the open. Crucial but it has to go down as an


unlucky shot but at the same time a mistake as well. Anything two Fifa I


was really good. Botha probably a bit unlucky to move the jack. On


another day he taps the front bowl and lands beside it. Just on another


day. But in the final of major championships you have to be so


careful. Jack length 28.5 metres. Once again


long, not much messing about. 2425 to see what would happen. Curious to


see who is prepared to take the risk. They planned in the last end


to throw in the short run and it went along. It was the Welsh pair


who got in first. Big bowl from Jason that turned it around. In this


direction Les has played quite well. He says it's not great. I have heard


that before. Not great and it ends up three inches away. He was right


this time. The line was good. So it has to be short.


Not far away. Trying to secure the shot.


That hasn't helped. Certainly hasn't. That is a problem when you


drop short, when you think to yourself you have to be with last


bowl. You end up over correcting. That is good. He really is in


trouble now. Might have just helped Damian. Makes the head slightly


wider. He has to just hope to move something. Just broadening the head,


he has made it easier for Damian. Front bowl he is looking at now.


Well, has taken one away but it hasn't really helped the situation


that much. Right. And on the left Katie, her sister, both very good


players. Their father Poseidon, Neill, very good player as well. He


has played in many events. Top quality player. I am sure the girls


will be discussing this match. They won't be happy that Damian is


starting to put pressure on them. -- their father beside them.


I had to make sure I got his name right, of course. Good effort.


I think obviously the danger is going forward but he's three down.


Taking the front on the way is not going to make a lot of difference.


He will have the last bowl. The alternative is a draw but that is a


tough one as well. It is not an easy backhand draw. He will do well to


get close to this. Trying to encourage it up and over. It is a


good try. Case in some options with the final delivery.


You can see the passion with Daniel. He is a passionate player. You can


see the passion, that he really wants this. It is great to see, I


love to see that. That is the way it should be if you are going to be a


really good player. You have to be passionate about it. Both sets of


parents looking slightly worried. I can understand. His girlfriend


keeping calm. I think Jason has to cover. There is a green bowl at the


back. This will be deep. That is good enough. Takes the


danger the way. If it is two you have to think about it more. I think


this is a backhand runner. The odds and percentage on the backhand


running bowl. Two down, maybe three. Just has to hit any of the green


bowls. The last one was not far away. Just needs to go wider. See


what happens. He is in the area. He played it


well. A lot better than three. Jason's last bowl, the perfect bowl.


Played well. Clips the green. Jason's final delivery. Good strike.


Don't be too disappointed with that one. In the area. All to play for.


A lovely crowd here to see this. They love the pairs. The interaction


with the players. The mixed pairs tomorrow. We have had some great


mixed pairs finals. Some good games already in this tournament. But it


is the men's pairs here. Open pairs. Available to both genders, the open


pairs. We sometimes see the women players


coming through, winning qualifiers. I have not seen a mixed gender pair


getting to the latter stages yet. I'm sure a fee will be writing in,


tweeting in. -- a few. Three ladies qualified for the open


singles, so they can certainly play. Close again from Les Gillett. It is


handy, jack higher. A good bowl in there.


You make sure you are arriving with this one because you have your green


bowl to push in, the shoulder to rest and the jack to pick up and you


do not want to be short and that is what he played. Not far away but two


feet down. He tried to be too neat. Two feet through would have been


good. It is those bowls that create the pressure all the time. It stacks


up. If he puts a front touch here, they will be in control of this end.


That is the shoulder I was talking about and that is where you have to


be. Not as pretty now as before. In terms of Daniel Salmon. He will not


like what he can see. The path to the jack is difficult now.


Once again looking for a runner and it was quick. Closer, David. He knew


it was halfway up. It was not rubbish. He knew he was not far


away. He was very close. You knew it was going to go wrong. One against


three and another red to come and it will be one against four on the


rink, that is. Three red called. David will be attacking this. I


think he has to go past, Jason. Could be tempted with the draw on


the forehand. Turn the jack around the corner. Does not need it.


Anything deep is good. Big run, Jase. Hurry, hurry. He is


looking for the draw shot. I think that is what he was looking for. It


is still a drive. But I do not think it has changed Damian's shot. He has


to hit the target and a good chance of getting a result. Is he under?


One away. That is not as good as it was.


That is almost a resignation of dear, oh dear, things are not going


quite as good now. But he is committed. Committed to playing the


attacking shot with three against him. Could be four. He has no


choice, he has to go for this. He has to gamble here.


He does not have a big drive. Quite controlled. We cannot see it on the


screen that there is a toucher in the ditch. That is a good result. I


think he has the shot. He played that well. Played it more


aggressively with letting the bowl do the work. Now, Jason, what do you


do? He has to try to draw the closest bowl. At least five feet. If


it were closer to the ditch, he might be tempted to run the -- the


bowl. Good strike. Very good strike. Courageous bowl. Being four down


makes up your mind. Yes, it does. He had to hit it and he hit it


perfectly. We see the overhead view of the jack on the right-hand side.


The umpire slightly indicated green. Steady. Steady. It looks pretty good


to me. A lot depends on whether this is two


shots or not. Of course you were not worried, Les, you would just


chatting like mad, steady. If it is one shot, he will have to run the


bowl. If it is two... He will have to drop a second. Most people have


suggested it is only one. Take the bowl out. Will he played the


courageous shot? I think he will go fast, try to take the bowl out.


Quietly determined type player. You can see that in his eyes. It was too


wide. A measure for the second. It is


important is is only one shot for the Welsh pair.


Two shots down two ands to go can be done. Three is hard.


-- ends. It is the angle of the jack coming down. It is not a bad angle.


The ditches are not really deep. Absolutely right. Knock it off. Very


accurate. -- lock. It is not in. Just the one. Everybody was right.


We hadn't counted on this one. One to red. To be fair to Jason and


Les, they have dominated the last ends. People will be thinking why


they have not got a sonic measure to sort things out. I would be totally


useless with a sonic measure in that situation, but we have tried them.


They do not work. They have been discarded quite quickly. Absolutely.


Very rapidly they were put away. A lot of people thought they would


work and that is OK. Nothing wrong with that opinion. I have two of


them at home. They will be antiques, sometime!


All we need is one good bowl. Favourites if they score this end.


Some get a look at the umpire's kit, some of the stuff is useful,


calipers and things, but when you study it, a lot of the stuff is


based on when they were developed. It fundamentally has not changed. A


good box measure was invented in the 1900. Exactly. It has not improved


anything from the umpire's point of view. I don't think modern


technology has done much for that side. You will not find a


battery-operated anything in there. There will not be a microchip


insight. Good effort, Les. Opened with the backhand and change to the


forehand. Played a good bowl. Les over the last three ends has just


won the leads battle and that has given control.


I think, Jason, the solution is, just do what you want to do, Les.


Jason is right. Don't worry about me! That is what he said, you are


hard work at times! He is entertaining is Les. He is


funny at times, he really is. Jason has called it correctly. Do not need


to build the head up any more. He sneaks around the green bowl. Not


bad. It is probably a reflection of that home, he does not get a word in


with the four girls, that is what it is. Still asking for the draw. He


needs to win this end. Cannot afford to go chasing. They need to score.


5-0 up to 6-5 down. It is a problem. All of a sudden, that has made the


head Egger said it might help Damian. If I would Jason I would


cover the spot. I'm sorry, 7-5 down, which is why they need to score this


end. Come on, Jase, come on, lad, get up.


Come on, Jase. One more go. Well played, mate, very good.


They are really going for the win. Trying to get that double. Damian


was always going to strike this. It is all on connections. He has a


connection. That is not bad. He has gone into the ditch. His own bowl


has been so far away at the angle it does not even come into it. But he


has opened it up. He has. He has done well. It will be hard to get


to. I agree, I do not think this will be easy. Jason is favourite


because of the lie. Not only that, he has the bowl holding up the line


a little bit more. Two yards away. Normally that would be easy to beat.


But it is not really that easy. He has to throw the bowl down and


ignore the bowls in the way. Hope you find is a clear path. The line


looks good. The line is decent. It is whether he has too much weight or


not. Will he pick up the jack? Surely not! What a shot. You have to


say. Perfect. Absolutely brilliant. And didn't he need it. The third


delivery of Damian's. Perfect bowl. You could say if he had missed the


jack, he had enough of it to stop him going in but you have to give it


a chance that he did. That was brilliant. Les cannot believe it. It


is impossible now for Jason to score here. He will probably try to edge


it off. Probably trying to get a good second in. At least two yards


for Damian to score a double. Better than the previous. It needs to stop.


Same bowl again from Damian. Same line, same weight. Resting his own


for a double. It is not a given, but he can afford to be aggressive. The


toucher will not go far, apart from into the ditch. Certainly out wide.


Needs a clear run. As he caught the red? I think he has. It was too


heavy. I said the chances of a tie-break


were slim but maybe I was wrong. The chances are maybe thou greater.


Absolutely, it is read to get two drawn sets but a fair reflection of


the game in many ways because those boys were good for a long part of it


but Jason and Les really came back stop the last two, three ends, they


have been the better pair. The Welsh pair. You will get a few letters in


from the Welsh firms. I love going to Wales. I miss it. -- Welsh fans.


In the area. Got the shot. Perfect. He will be happy with that one.


I would be surprised if that bowl stays for the whole of the end stop


they will be attacking but I think at the moment Jason is rightly


building up the head first. He could do well to play this on the


other side. Resting on the red bowl. If he gets into good position...


He is very close to drawing another. Well played. Gently, gently.


Fantastic. He is almost nonchalant. Casually throws it away. Well... It


is a bit early for them, but they will take it. Forcing Les to play


the weight shot. No point in trying to draw a close one. Oh, he got that


away early. Damian will not be going near this


now. Looking at the position, seeing whether jack will go if connected.


Hooked on the inside line. Jase will be at this. I'm curious. Will they


go defensive by putting a short bowl in and protecting, or do they go


into position? I think they go into position.


The two players are very knowledgeable.


Definitely trying to come deep. Not worried about the respot at the


moment. Jason quite simply has got to strike


this. He is calling it to draw, but not


that far away. Taken his own bowl out. Has he lost both? I think he


has. That makes it harder. That makes a massive difference by taking


the bowl. He has three at the edge and one bowl on the rink. I don't


know how Jason is going to get the shot. He has got to do something


with this delivery. If he misses this, I think it is gone. So do I, I


think it is impossible to school then, almost, apart from the perfect


draw. That is wise in the situation, you do not go near that, you play


position and leave it. Right, Jason, this bowl has got to do something.


He is better, he is much better. Oh, well. He did well to get the two. I


thought by doing that he would have to take his own out completely. One


down, Jason will be happy with that result. He certainly will. I thought


the jack must move and so that was a great strike. Very good results, as


well. There was no way those two were going out clean and leaving the


red one so that is a good result and a good strike, a pressure bowl. He


is the right man for it, Jase. You would expect Damian to draw another.


Can you imagine the nerves? 27. Going down to draw for game. I bet


he wishes he was drawing for game but he will be lying. Effectively


drawing for game on the rink. Right, Damian, how close are you


going to get? Has he missed it? He is OK, I think. Just OK. He is in


their for two, but it is a long way away. Jason quite rightly... He was


going up to the head, but he came back, composed himself. Take your


time. That is what Les has said. I think Damian was looking for


something within six inches to guarantee a drawn set. Jason


couldn't drive it. Now he is drawing for the match. With all his


experience, you have to say you would expect him to get it. I fancy


him to certainly get the second. Normally the player would say


something. Les is not even looking at the moment. Is he running? I do


not think he is up. Hurry, Jase! My goodness, is he there? He is there.


I thought he was dropping short but he just managed to get there. Big


hugs all around. They have won the world pairs. What a great game.


Fantastic game. Jason, when he let the bowl go, I did not think it was


running. What a pressure bowl. Delighted for the pair of them. All


those years of experience came to bear on the second part of both


sets, after being 5-0 down they came back to lead 7-6 going into the last


end and with the last bowl, Jason Greenslade draws the shot. Brilliant


entertainment. Both pairs contributed greatly to the match.


Fantastic final. The two young men, 2721 against the


experienced Les Gillett and Jason Greenslade. We expected a good


match. Both had come through hard quarters and semis. And it was all


for Daniel and Damian at the start. They played so well with a 7-1 lead


but saw it disappear with three twos against them. They came back strong


in next set to go 5-0 in front. Jason was under pressure and then


they picked up a big four on the fourth end of the second set what a


bowl that was by Damien to secure the shot. Ultimately, it comes down


to the big bowl at the right time and Jason Greenslade provided it.


Big pressure, big bowl. Big final. Well done, boys.


Two shots the difference in the second set, plunged not much in it


but the bubble man young men were in front. Average shot blend the same,


the match played in a similar way and a fantastic performance by both


parents. Experience getting the two guys over the line.


All four players beside me. I want to be proud of, it's very difficult


in the aftermath when you've just got next on the line but you both


played extremely well. APPLAUSE It was a really good game and could


have gone either way. Fair play to the boys, played really well. It's


been a good tournament, congratulations to Jason this final


is a new experience for you both. Was there in it that you think. We


fancy coming back and doing better next time round. Will give it a go


again next year. And give it a go. See what happens. Always difficult


in the aftermath, really well played both of you, fantastic effort. I


will talk to the champions now. Jason... APPLAUSE


I just wanted to ask you what you thought about when you released your


last bowl. What I thought of, I hoped and prayed, really. We're


going to look back at it. Jason has released it, we're going to show


everybody one more time. He's shouting come on Jason, what are you


thinking what might I never even watched. Anything can happen with


Jason, and you're never quite sure what you're going to get. He said he


is close and got excited towards the end. Really pleased for Jason.


Absolutely. This is a new experience for you, liars, Jason winning the


world pairs, what does it mean to you? It means everything. What's the


difference winning it this time around? I think I've enjoyed it more


with Jason because he's been quite challenging at times. I'm going to


have to ask you to explain that. Very frustrating, he seems to bowl a


few wayward ones and finds a good one when it matters and that's what


he did at the end, fair play to him. At the end of the day he played a


brilliant last end and won as the game. Thanks very much. APPLAUSE


Did you describe your relationship as a father-son relationship. Jason


did, he's older than me. Yes, the father has got the bottle of whiskey


in his room, so we're drinking that later. Fantastic effort from Damian


and Daniel but your champions. Jason Greenslade and Les Gillett. -- you


are champions. It is time for the presentation and


to make the presentation we have the managing director John Potter and


the chief Executive of the world bowls tour, Mr Richard Madison.


Receiving their runners-up cheque, ladies and gentlemen, how about


these guys from Wales, give it up for Damian Doubler and Daniel


Salmon. APPLAUSE Now to the winners, to receive a


lying and glass goblet each, a check and a title for the 2017 world


indoor pairs champion, James Gillett and Jason Greenslade.


how about that? Ladies and gentlemen, one more time, the World


Indoor Pairs World champions. Huge congratulations, fantastic


effort seeing off Damian and Daniel. Let's remind you of what's coming up


on the BBC just after the bowls today, highlights from the


Australian Open, you can see what happened between Johanna Konta and


Ekaterina Makarova. They met we switch our attention to the singles


competition. We're going to have a look at how Mickey Brett gets on in


his match. The next match taking place. -- Nick Brett. Andrew Kyle is


on his first appearance. We'll hear from the defending champion as he


reflects on his success from 12 months ago.


It's fabulous to be back. World Championships of any sport, it's


fabulous to be apart. Luckily last year I was lucky enough to get my


name on the trophy. Obviously fantastic to be back. Even driving


back down with a smile on your face looking forward to coming back to


where the happy memories. Two o'clock start, seemed to go for


another, seem like six o'clock in the evening when we started. Both


pretty nervous, first final for both of us. A real good one, last bowl of


the first set to get a draw out of said that wasn't looking like going


my way. First game of the second, managed to get four. All of a sudden


I have something to hang onto, not to do anything silly whether it was


a better set than the first set, I don't know to be honest, not really


too worried. Just a case of doing enough from then on them to be in


front come the end of the 11th ends. Has to make contact, if it misses


it's all over. It's gone, Roberts already clapping and Nick Brett has


won the world singles. Needs to be improved a little bit but not


worried about that, if I keep doing it a few more times, that will be


fantastic, maybe I can have my legs a bit straighter in the next one.


Fabulous to have my wife and two girls with the photos. Seeing you at


the world champion, doesn't get any better. Extra pressure the first


round, everyone is looking at how he's going, is he going good? My


opponent is a good player, that a number of times internationally, not


in singles but in fours games. Last time he beat me in the British Isles


fours final. I have to be on my game. Hopefully I can be and


hopefully it's as good -- it's a good spectacle, and if I'm meant to


win, then good, if I don't, I had a great time last year and try as hard


as I can this year. I've played this game for 30 years and if you told me


I was ever going to be world champion I'd be laughing at you. To


say I am and other people do as he loads of questions about it when you


go around every club and play competitions and people ask you


loads of questions, it doesn't get any better.


It's been a fantastic run for Nick Brett over the past couple of years.


He has had the most wonderful spell, the best player in the world, ranked


number one and the defending champion, what has been the


difference in why he's gone from a pretty decent player, top ten, to


being the top man? I think really what's happened is that he's learned


how to play the rink and how to play the opposition, before that he was


quite flamboyant player, very aggressive, very early, he's learned


to take that into a position where he commands the game. How does he


approach this year 's championship because only man in the last two


Becketts has successfully defended the title and that's Alex Marshall,


he's won the title six times, how does the challenge this year differ


for Nick Brett? Defending champion is difficult, the first run for any


of the top seeds is hard, it will be tough against Andy Kyle but it's all


about playing his normal game, he doesn't feel the pressure that way,


he just wants to play well and if he plays well very few people can beat


him. The man trying to beat him as Andrew Kyle, let's do what he has to


say about playing the defending champion. Where you want to be is


playing at this level. It's my first time here and I know I want to go


out there and do my best. If I do that I'll get somewhere close. He


has no weaknesses that are apparent. I just go out there and try to play


my own game and see for it takes me. Hopefully it's enough. I think I


played at the top level and I've proved I can do it, I can compete.


If I draw my game, my best strength is drawing and not get distracted by


how Nick plays his game. To any ball against the pinnacle, the biggest


tournament in our indoor sport. This is my first time here and you strive


every year to try to qualify to get their and if you get there, get a


run in it. I want to take my chance. On paper, Andrew Kyle looks to have


an uphill task against Nicky Brett, you know him pretty well. What does


he have that gives him a big chance? He's got the all-round game, that's


the thing with Andy. Been around a long time, more than people realise,


Irish titles, British titles and that's one of the things that bring


you through two major events. He is one of those players that's just


underneath. You know he's very good but he can take on the best. It's


good to be a tough one. Can you see him upsetting the apple cart? I


don't think so purely on the basis of the experience that Nick brings


to it, I don't think so. Don't be surprised if Nick just press buyers


a little bit in this match. We look forward to seeing Moscow to happen.


The defending champion getting his campaign underway, so time to hand


over to our MC. The first player from Canterbury


antrum one day singles championship -- country


your appreciation please for Andrew Kyle.


And this world number one has proven time and time again what a


formidable opponent he can be. Former Scottish international open


and defending world indoor singles champion, give it up for Nicky


Brett. King forward to seeing how Nick


Brett goes this afternoon against Andrew Kyle, will head up to the


commentary box. Nick Brett, this could be an


interesting and testing game for him. It's the first round, not


really the easiest when you think the British Isles player. Andrew


Kyle, you certainly know more about him than I do. Speaking to Nicky


yesterday and he knows this could be a hard game. Andrew has been around


a game for a long time and played with him in the international team,


one of the younger players that was coming through. You're going to take


some credit with Andy does well? Popped me into third with Andrew for


a few years and an established skip in the international team. Didn't


need me to help with that but I've moved on onto a younger skip with


Gary Kelly. Andrew Kyle is a lot of British titles and a lot of national


titles. And a very experienced player. One green.


He can play all the shots as well, he's a good running bowl player but


the key to his game is the draw as well. That's absolutely essential,


not one of these players that will pop at everything. APPLAUSE


In many ways he reminds me of Nicky Brett from six or seven years ago.


All the talent but need the opportunities. Just needs a


breakthrough, doesn't he? Just one big win for a couple of big wins and


you're into the top 16. But it's not easy to play Nicky. World champion,


world number one. He knows the game. Another one coming in. That's very


good. Really good leading draw bowls. Just a draw for Nicky, such a


good running player but this is just a draw.


Going early. Doesn't look like a running shot butties in the area.


He's got his own, no change. Two shots, Andrew Kyle. This will be


testing for Nick but you have to go through it. Not even a question


about being favourite. This will be about how much Nick can put the


pressure on the Andy Kyle with regards to playing the running


bowls. Andrew's and international skip so


could play the running bowl, shouldn't hold any fears if Nicky


starts to draw closely. Just about different shots. Yes, the hard shots


on the ones in between, the lack of knowledge of the rink is very hard


and Andy was playing national championships over the weekend, had


to come here and miss out on a couple of finals. He's going to try


to make this worthwhile. Good correction there from Andy. I


should say early in this match that Nick Brett is known as Nicky to


almost everyone on the same with Andrew Kyle is known as Andy.


Close again. First two bowls, that's the key to his singles play. Last


bowl, the gap is four inches. Good outdoor player as well, Andy


Kyle. Been on the edge for consideration for major


championships. Good try here. Good bowl. The sort of player that can


fit in to the Commonwealth Games, World Championship teams at number


two and number three. Not happened yet but may do in the future but he


is that sort of. I would agree, can easily fit into the Irish team. Just


a draw year, and do not come to have a look at this, just a four hand


draw. The umpire has indicated probably read. This target will be


the three bowls at the back. Just trying to get back to the


outside red one, not going to make it. Chance here for Nick to pick up


a four, the only thing about playing four hand, he'd already pleaded,


Andy, but the backhand would have been covered as well. Could have


played that, but I agree with you, Nicky moves this jack Senior inches


he could pick up four. First big chance for Nicky. -- if he moves


this jack a few inches. Fancies this one, does he have the running? I


don't think he does. That's a missed chance. He knew that was a chance,


he slapped his thigh. There's one thing that won't affect


Andy and that's the crowd. I know the character of the man and that


won't affect him. He doesn't do the pressure that way. The doll about


whether he plays well or not and she'll have to play well to stick


with Nicky Brett but she'll be concentrating on his game. Quite a


quiet character. Is that right? Yes, he is. I know of the green as well


and had many chats with him and he thinks about the game. It takes us


opportunities very seriously and the sort of guy always happy to have


around the rink. Very good. The type of bowls you got


to play if you're going to try to beat Nicky. Get in first.


A lot of qualifiers come through and as you know, some don't play indoors


very much in some other countries but when you come across somebody of


international standard and Nick will now Andy quite well in terms of


playing against Ireland in the home internationals, so Nick knows


exactly what he's up against. Again, I was speaking to Nicky last night


and he did see exactly what you said, if you're up against an


international player you know that they can play. Good covering bowl


that from Andrew. Little tactical end this one. Nick certainly


reaching with this one. If it passes the head it gives him a chance with


the final delivery. Andy won't be happy with that one.


Anything past, he had all the opportunities then to even take a


gamble. Adomah what's happened with that but it's a long way away and a


shake of the head. I assume he didn't get the delivery right.


Nicky just trying to reach the reviewer. Inside his own bowl, try


to spring the jack. Wasn't far away. A tentative draw on the forehand,


probably just a little drift round on the high side. I think he could


play either side. They a good opening bowl on the backhand side,


so interested to see which hand he's going to play here. Forehand is


safer, I think that is what he's got to play. This will be the high line


drift. Yes. Throw it out, let it come back, if it comes back within


six inches jack high. Headline is very good. How is the pace. Well


played, fantastic. Great bowl. Two shots Andrew Kyle. Score 1-4 after


she ends. -- three. Tough game for the defending champion, nine ends in


each set. It is even, it is a shot clock, doesn't happen in the first


delivery and of course we have our time at as well. Jacklin 's 28.5


metres. Don't recall anybody losing their bowl. The last couple of days


I've been here. I don't think so, David. Very easy to run out of time


when you're concentrating on what shot to play. Once again, another


good. That's great. Great bowling. First bowl getting close every time.


If Nicky Brett didn't think so beforehand and I'm sure he did, he


knows he's now in a game. Good reply. APPLAUSE


That's what you want to avoid, losing the bowl against Nick Brett


and that's a lost bowl down there. He had won in the last end as well,


just got to concentrate on every bowl, make every bowl count. That's


what Nick is good at. Good bowl but still green. Just behind with this


one. Gentle, gentle, Andy, you do not


want that jack. That's a mistake, obviously. Shouldn't have been


anywhere near it. Bit unlucky but he was lying one, but now two down. Bit


of a Christmas gift, Adelaide one four Nick Brett but he's got a


chance to add to it. Anything behind the jack would have been useful


there. And now he's in bother. Backhand draw is on but could also


be slightly more aggressive on the backhand if he fancies it. He can


afford to be under the circumstances. I don't think he'd be


any worse off even if he hits it his own front bowl, it could come into


the head. Shaping up draw. Very straight on the mat. Just playing in


between. That's a tough one. Needs help. That's a tough one to play. I


think it was a draw for a fast runner.


Suddenly this is going to come back very quickly now for Nicky Brett.


In singles you do not want to give the shot way but to give two way is


tough. He was unlucky. He could've gotten edge and the front bowl and


it would have taken him around perfectly but this could be costly.


Just the two, that's not too bad. Nicky Brett scores two. You have to


put disappointment behind you and move on.


Started very well to put a lot of good bowls down. Players settled in


very quickly. It is always difficult after the pairs final and all the


excitement to come on. The crowd have been moving about. A very good


bowl. A chance with this. A positive line.


Moves the jack. Well played. Good shot. Good arriving draw, making


sure you are reaching through it. Two or three chances. Picked it up


nice and clean. Will he get back? Just enough. What


do we call that? He was certainly reaching. Just caught the jackpot


deserves it. This is the point, you need to be there. If he had missed


it he was coming into a good position just behind. At least two


feet heavy. It is all part of the game. Unlucky the last maybe


slightly fortunate there. -- last end.


Well played, Nicky Brett. That is a great bowl. He was on the backhand


previously but he had to find new line map grown, new weight. -- he


had to find new line, new weight. Andy will have to just reach with


this one. Four, five feet away. He is not sure. It is a swinging bowl


he uses. As soon as you are down the narrow lie. The two guys do not know


each other that well. I think both players will be happy to keep their


concentration. Nicky doesn't chat too much with his opponents. 27 and


a half metres. 27 and a half. It is good to have


the relaxed atmosphere and two guys with mutual respect, which is always


handy. Sometimes you get the odd qualifier coming through, maybe does


not give the respect to the top players and just gets on the green


thinking, I am going to take you out. A healthy respect for your


opponent is always useful. Both players are international skips.


They can both play. This just needs to run. Good bowling.


Just lacking with that one. Both players favouring different hands.


Shows that the rink is playable on either side. Nicky B backhand, Andy


Lee forehand. -- Andy with the forehand, Nicky with the backhand.


Andy still feeling comfortable on the forehand.


It just needs to run. It needs to hurry. He has just rocked it short


which is a problem. Any movement at all and he makes a four. This has


been a loose end, Andy's loosest of the game. Will he be punished by


Nicky's final delivery? This could hurt. He will be looking for it. He


is running after it, he might like this. Any movement of the jack. He


is close. Well, drawn number two. Same bowl from Andy. Still the


forehand drawer. I don't think he will be attacking this. -- draw.


The danger is always when you have played three shot bowls, you tend to


push it through. It is the overcorrection, isn't it?


Sometimes you are tempted to move on to the other side, start over again.


4-1 in front, now 6-4 down. Getting into his stride. Two of those shots


were gifted to him. Andy does not look like a player who


has not played other portable rink in the World Championships. Is this


the first time? I think they qualified through earlier rounds to


get through, but this is the first... The first in the singles,


from memory. In terms of the championship I am


talking about. He had to come through the pre-qualifiers so he has


played on from that. Still looking quite good. Nick having to keep his


focus on the game to keep Andrew Kyle at bay.


That is a handy bowl. If he wants a shot here, it will be hard to get on


the backhand. It looks more like a forehand shot. It does.


The line is good. How is the pace, Andy? Very close. Great bowl. Well


played, Andy. Forehand side, rest of the bowl onto


the jack. In the meantime, Nicky Brett has been sprinting back to the


mat. He does not waste any time. He does not! Time-outs, what are


time-outs, Nicky says. Waste of time! Fast player and good player


from the point of view it keeps the game going. He gets on with things.


You have to be careful here, Andy, you are lying one, but it is very


dangerous to add another. I think he will be erring on the wide side.


6-5 with two ends to play, that's OK. I think it is there to say it is


on the wide side. I think so. A smile from Nick Brett. There was


absolutely no way that was going to be a situation of trying to draw


another. Two ends. One shot here for Andy Kyle to have a shoot out for


the first set, which is always great.


Just dropping short on this forehand. Needs to get that one in


first. Not only that, he has been playing it very well. Leaving Nick


the open hand. The last end in this direction he'd dropped short on the


forehand and it gave him problems. Drop short three times.


Overcorrected on the last bowl but the backhand has been the hand that


has been favoured by most players in this direction. Most have not led on


this. One or two have. Jamie Chestney house, but most have led on


the backhand. It is dropping a bit but coming across. Two short bowls.


Remembering it from the last time and thinking, well, time to change.


I agree. If I were Andy I think I would be playing the backhand now.


Forced onto the forehand with his final two deliveries. That is


dropping a little bit, as well. I wonder if it is just pulling up.


Possibly just a little bit heavier. As you know, whenever you lose a


crowd after a final, it is not easy because things change. Doors open,


the air changes. A little bit of atmospheric pressure is different.


This looks better. It looks like the winner. Gentle, gentle. Good effort.


Well played. Not an easy head this for Nicky. Taking his time on this


one. He is tempted to run it. That is what he is playing. It looks


under. He is getting there now. Needs a good result. That is a


killer. That is a killer of a result. He was on target, in the


area. He was really under. Caught the bowl. Apologises. That is a


massive thing in a game like this. This is a shocker to recover out of


this one. Rightly so, Andy taking his time.


Not easy. Probably backhand draw. So little available. Running bowls not


available through the gap, so narrow. Working at it in a way,


thinking, my goodness me. Is there any thing for him? It is just the


perfect draw. He is very undecided, he really is. He has to settle


himself down and play the positive shot. I think it is a backhand draw.


That is what he is playing, I think. He is reaching with this crazy


weight, he won't get back. It is a good effort but you will miss it


there all day. That is the problem, it has to be absolutely perfect. The


line was good, but it shows you what can happen. You are on a good game.


A little bit of luck has gone Nick's way with Andrew giving away two


shots, but that was massive. A big result for Nicky. Possibility of


scoring three. Regardless, two will put him in the driving seat. He will


be happy with two. Will he ever. Out of that end. He will be delighted.


Nick will always turn around and acknowledge fortuitous results. He


knows himself the impact that bowl would have had. I think he is


speaking to Andy and I am sure they are discussing the third. He was in


the area, I agree. He got a good result. That is the best way to


describe it. It was a key moment. Big, big. Favourite take opening


set, is Nicky. Andy has to try to manufacture a


three. He has to make sure he is reaching with all bowls. The first


bomb dropped by. Making it harder to score three. Even a yard through


would have given him a chance. He would have been hopeful his first


one was going into that position. It gives him something to work with.


Yes, it does. Not all lost. A chance for a three. He will be trying to


close the head down. Tried to get his own bowl on the inside to get a


red and then the jack. He will have to do something with this bowl.


Change the head slightly. As long as this is passed, it gives him a


chance. He will have to hurry. Oh, dear. If that is short, it is


impossible. Well, I don't see anything for him now. Very difficult


now for Andy to score a three. I wouldn't be surprised if it tries to


change his hand to spread them a little bit. Sticking with it.


That is just about everything covered. There is a shot inside but


I do not think he can generate the weight to get the two bowls out and


stay. I think it is impossible. I don't think there is a three here.


It is just going to be the first set quite simply to Nicky Brett. He is


under. Hard shot. He had to try it but hard shot.


Ted - five scoreline in the first set to Nick Brett. That is a


flattering scoreline, it is fair to save. One of two big ends. The


penultimate end, Nicky scoring the double.


Fine margins is what we say all the time. On another day, it goes


against you, so you take it while you can because you never know when


it will bite back. Nicky will be happy. To the opening set, which you


always want to do against the unseeded player. Puts you in the


driving seat. A bit short again. slightly short of length this time.


The little dots are a metre apart so he can tell roughly jack length is


in terms of distance. That is what the officials use. That has framed


it now. This is too tempting for Nicky. Yes. He is under. Again he


has got something out of it and to be honest, that is not bad for Andy


Kyle. Again, a chance for Andy to add another. He has played a good


end. Nicky is shaking his head. He was always under with that runner.


Again he got something out of it. Second shot coming in but he will


frame it. Damage limitation. Take one out, jack through. Should be


closer with this. There it goes. I don't think he has got a great


result. It will go under the respot but I do not think he will be any


worse off. The touching bowl, so that will be marked. Stays live in


the ditch. Certainly one green. You can see the red bowl. It has been


marked as a toucher. Could be two green so a big chance for Andy to


score a treble. I would put you down to score another one here. Two


yards! What do you think? LAUGHTER Will stop you are not answering.


Are you not talking to me? I am trying to work out how he will get


it right. Another three, I think. It shows that it can work against you


as well. Two. Not the best result for Nick. He hit the target. Got a


bad result. It is a silly old game! Sometimes it goes for you, sometimes


it doesn't. A good start from Andrew. He played a good end. I only


phone you when I have something to say. You know that. I do not like to


text you too much because I know you can't read them! Needed to start


with a good opening set. Played it well.


Andy is a service manager for a multi franchise car dealership in


Belfast. I was up there one day and got a chance to have a run out in


one of the cars. Mega fast. Fiat 500, it was great! Felt like a


teenager. Speeding away, where you? Within the limits, of course.


I was glad to get back to my sensible, more comfortable car.


You like your cars. Indeed. Sadly, I am a petrol head. Well, Nicky, two


feet of your last delivery. Just needs to drop this town and here it


comes. Will it make the trip? Not quite centre rink.


Andy has turned his back on this one.


Will he hold? No, he is well under. A chance here.


Gentle, gentle. Does not want to get to the jack too quickly. That is a


very good bowl. Nicky tempted here because there is a squeeze through


of the red. He does not hesitate in playing the quick bowl. He has not


even travelled up the green to look at the head. Well, I think he has


possibly got the shot. Good bowl. Yes, he got the results. It is


swings and roundabouts. He was in the area and got a nice bounce of


the jack. The other side of the coin was he could've got three or four.


Yes. In the area. Just very rare that Nick misses things that


distance. Andy just looking to add 15 inches


on his previous delivery. Trying to secure a good second shot and


anything deep will give him chances. Just past it coming home. Making


sure he was arriving that time. Close here. Got a chance with this


one. Doesn't want to push it too much. He's tucked it away, made it


harder for Andy. Three shots. Might have to follow that, though think


he's got much of a choice. This is awkward. Sticking to the draw and


the wider line. This isn't easy. Looks to be cutting, going to have


to get the inside road now. Just needed a little bit more. Not bad.


Still two down. Two down and took one off but another bowl in hand,


the next one will be a bit aggressive. I think so. Nicky needs


another one in here. Looks good with this. Short bowl almost coming in.


That forces the issue now. Forward runner from Andy. These are the hard


shots now. There are lots of chances, bowls to come in. Get a


result even if Nicky Short bowls. I'm sure this will be the forehand


runner. I wrote called. -- time-out called.


This will not be easy. He forced into it. Can't see him being any


worse off. Make sure that he is positive, really positive. I think


years, putting this the right way. He's got a chance. He's very


unlucky. He's very unlucky because he was coming in the right


direction, not going away from him and he still losing three.


Absolutely horrible. 4-2 after three ends. Good end for


Nicky, played it well. When you play a bowl you know is going away from


the head and you hit something, you want to get something on the way.


Sometimes if it's your day you catch the jack full. Unfortunately in


Andy's case he sliced the jackpot wasn't far away. -- sliced the jack


but wasn't far away. He's making Nick Brett work for


this. Said is. Played well, Andy, played steady. Apart from two


unfortunate results he could be in a healthier position. Has stuck with


him well. Close again. Very good. I think Nick


will be attacking this. Confidence in the running ball. Often preferred


the forehand runner but he's never far away with any running ball.


Looks high. That's a bad result. As far away as I've seen him actually.


With his running bowl so far. Nicky in a bit of trouble, just one ball


at the head that's four feet short. Chance for Andy to add a third here.


Nick trotting up and down as he always does. Number three coming in,


wants to miss the green. It's not bad because it's behind the jack,


certainly didn't want to stay beside it. Problems, problems. What's he


going to do? Backhand? Damage limitation, take two out. He could


draw it but it's hard. Backhand with weight, needs to hold the ball


nicely. Percentage shot, needs to hold. Is Nicky's ball going to stay


on the green? He's hoping it is. I bet he is. Certainly one down. He's


OK, within the confines. If that ball went another couple of turns he


was quick to be four down. The ball at the top of the screen has just


stayed in the rink. Just one to Andy Kyle. Plenty of room to draw


another. Nick was rated into the middle of that. It was a good hit


but just the way it broke away. Nicky was the down, probably going


to end up losing two. Played it well. Well, took that one


away quick. Did they take the third shot away? They did, Nicky took it


away. If that's the case he had a horrible result was the opening


bowl. Absolutely horrible because it was a good bowl them this time he


got a bad result. But the second bowl out of it. This is for four.


Looks like it. Dan McManus sorted that out, just


touches the red bowl and says that's the next shot. APPLAUSE


. First time we've had the double Dans


out. Will, it's fair to say that the lack


and the rubs have started to even out about all that in this match.


That was a bad result. Yes, Nicky hit the target. More about the


timing sometimes. The ball onto the jack a bit unlucky. I think Andy


Kyle probably deserves to be keeping this set tight. Hasn't played badly


at all. Not many games have got as much


fortune and unlucky results in the match. Quite a few in this one.


Moving to the red button to continue this game in a few minutes, so


please get ready for that. Just the wrong side of the road bowl


with that one and Nick will be looking to add another. -- the red


bowl. Nicky's opening bowl a foot short, so room to grow another. --


draw another. Still no need for Andy to change.


It's a useful bowl but it's not going to do much. Was looking to


draw another one. Just a draw for Andy, got a foot to draw the shot.


This looks very close. All about weight can he get it back. A few


falls in he may have the shot. Just needs to drop in after


adjusting the wait. might change hands now, use that as


a shoulder. Andy Kyle with the last bowl in this and trying to change


onto the backhand. Drop off the ball and get the shot.


The end of our coverage on BBC Two, highlight of this drilling open


tennis. The bowls continue on the red button which hosts the evening


session, also available online. Highlights of altered images on BBC


I do enjoy doing this, it's challenging brain surgery.


You've got a very fragile-looking aneurysm.


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