01/03/2014 World Track Cycling Championships


Jonathan Edwards introduces highlights of the Track Cycling World Championships. The British team has high hopes of returning from Colombia with an impressive medal haul.

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champion. It is Jason Kenny who has the world champion. Great Britain


are the team that could not be beaten, they are the world champions


again. Last weekend, we were celebrating


Britain's most successful Winter Olympics ever. It was all snowboards


and sweeping storms in the curling and skeleton. The focus today is on


two wheels, bulging thighs and Britain's most successful sport,


arguably. She is going to do it! She is the


champion of the world. It is Jason Kenny! The world champion. Becky


James with a great chance to be a world champion, she's done it


exclusion Mark -- she's done it! Great Britain are the team that


could not be beaten. They are world champions again. And a very good


afternoon to you. Welcome to our coverage of the track cycling World


Championships. Britain's cyclist epic onto the global stage. Here is


what is coming up. When it comes to world domination, you would be


hard-pressed to surpass the record of Britain's women's team. They are


looking for world title number seven. Unbeatable at recent


Olympics, the world title is more elusive. Britain has not won a men's


team sprint since 2005. Becky James joins forces in the women's team


sprint. Congratulations if you have been falling late through the night


on the red button with all the best reaction here on BBC One, and Sarah,


11 Paralympic gold. But let's talk about babies first, how was she


doing? She is eight months old, fantastic, a real giggle. She is


loving her swimming, she enjoys being around the bikes as well. And


how was your training going? Really well, hopefully get to the World


Track Championships next month, the team should be announced in the next


week or so. Then working towards the races as well. And how much of a


transition has it been? It has been an interesting time, a real learning


curve for me, I won my first race back in September last year. I've


been doing really well on the road, I'm looking forward to racing again.


Jamie, you retired back in 2009. Then you make the very sensible


decision to move to California, didn't you? There is only so much


Manchester whether I could take. Fortunately I find myself over in


California. I read the BMX programme over in the States, a very amazing


opportunity for myself. Back to the sport I got started and, very


fortunate, I love my job. One of the big stars in the BMX, she has moved


down, how was she doing? She is doing well, I saw her last week. BMX


in the states is huge. They race near enough every single weekend, so


over here there isn't as much competition, and I know Team GB's


emphasis is on peak performance, and she got so far removed from her


element, so going to the States and racing against girls but she needs


to week and week out is best move. I'm sure we will see her flourish


hopefully. I hope so as well. This track cycling World Championships in


Colombia, Santiago, and the beautifully named velodrome


Velodromo Alcides Nieto Patino. We are in Salford, but our commentators


are. They can tell us more about the velodrome. The velodrome here in


city Mac -- in Cali is different. It has a roof, but more significantly,


it has no side so it is open to the elements. What impact will this have


on racing? Velodrome like this is not often experienced. The last time


I remember was Athens, we had a semi open track. There is a lot of wind


blowing through here. That will change tactics. For the timed


events, that will make a difference. It will change the equipment, riders


will use five spoke wheels, stop them getting buffeted around. I


think it is quite good that we mix it up and have something little bit


different. And the rain could have a huge impact? We have seen clouds on


the hills, rain before the competition started. The wind comes


sideways, we have seen the track get absolutely soaked, that could


disrupt the schedule as well. It makes it a little bit of a change.


1000 metres here. How will the conditions affect the riders?


Humidity makes a big difference, makes it difficult to dissipate the


heat. For distance events, it will really tell towards the end. It will


impact on the tactics. Rain is forecast, but at the moment it is


just windy. Let's hope the only rainbows we see this week are on the


jerseys. Fingers crossed. The World Championships are always a milestone


on the road to Olympic domination. Performance director of Team GB will


be watching this closely. It is that middle stage when we are a little


bit out from real. Where are we as far as the British track team is


concerned? It is a good analogy you draw. Stop looking backwards, it is


gone, it is done, but you are far enough from the Olympics that you


can experiment and develop and trying new things. Suddenly there is


a real strength in depth and options. Does that make it more


exciting? I think so, across the sport, in all aspects of the sport,


we're seeing tremendous growth of popularity in the sport. We see that


at the top end of the pyramid as well. You cannot coach, and athlete


looks over there shoulder and they think, wow, someone is snapping at


my heels. They need to keep on performing otherwise they will have


my spot. You cannot create that from a coaching body. It is a brilliant


thing if you have it. Thankfully we do have that in abundance at the


minute. That is one of the secrets of continued success. No wonder the


crowd upon their feet. -- the crowd are up on their feet. What will you


judge as a success for Cali? You want to see how people compete, how


they deal with the competitive environment. You can learn as much


as you possibly can at this point in time. But also, selection is an


issue for the team events, and you want to see where the other nations


are to give you a bit of a line in the sand as to where you are, what


you need to do, your focus for the coming season. If there was one gold


medal but Sir Dave had to bankers mortgage on, it would be the women's


team pursuit. This is what they did in November in the World Cup in


Manchester. The race for World Cup gold in the women's team pursuit.


Away we go. Laura Trott leads. Settles anon her wheel. -- settles


in on her wheel. Miles inside the world record. Watching something


special here from these four riders. Two laps to go. You can hardly hear


yourself think here. Inside the velodrome, halfway round the final


lap. It is about the time, a new world record time, superb cycling.


In the team pursuit, it is gold. And another record. And it was another


record in the World Cup in Mexico a month or so later. They are


incredible. No Dani King this time, Katie Archibald takes her place.


It is about the time, it is about the gold. The new world record time.


Great Britain breaking record after record. I think it will get to a


point where we set a record so high that it will take a lot to break it.


At these World Championships, it hasn't got sites, that make it a bit


that bash that might make it a bit harder. It is refreshing new a new


challenge. We have set the world record six times in a row, better


than any of us expected. We never expected of ourselves. We just kind


of game for a suitable time but we can get. The rider and the blue is


Katie Archibald, a really exciting young talent. It has been a meteoric


rise to success for you. It is exciting, it is kind of terrifying.


It is a thrill when you say to people this is what I am doing with


my life. But when you are lying in bed, thinking, oh my god, this is


what I'm doing with my life. The fact there are so many of you, how


does that drive you? It is nice to have that healthy competition.


Before you think about train to win a gold medal, you're thinking about


trying to get yourself into the team. Just trying to be the best


individual you can possibly be. Concentrate on those little things.


Aiming for the Commonwealth Games, I saw this big picture of Team GB,


kind of unattainable people. I didn't think I'd be able to make my


way into that team. But, you know... They look unbeatable, even


in fallible. It is the women's team pursuit from Cali.


Here we go, then. The race for bronze in the women's team pursuit.


Australia in the home straight, Poland on the far side of the


track. And away we go. Leading first really, Annette Edmondson. Followed


by Melissa Hoskins. Getting underway for Poland is Katarzyna Pawlowska,


peeling off and taking a position at the back of the line. Hoskins is got


the hardest job of all. You get little shelter over that first one.


Speeds are so low at the bend. You have got the job of accelerating the


team. Moving off the front at the moment. King started in fourth, the


most comfortable position. Good turn their for Poland. Peeling off the


front for Australia, Amy Cure, the 21-year-old from Tasmania. They have


already got a two second advantage for the first kilometre, the


Australian four. I think we're going to see a catchier. Australia


powering around the track. Even faster than this morning. Australia


making light work of this. Borland have gone a little bit quicker, not


surprising. It is so windy this morning. Just disappeared off the


front. Amy Cure leading the way for Australia. Interesting that the


Polish four has chosen to stick with their force spoke front wheels, they


have not changed to the slightly more aerodynamic discs BS trillions


have. -- discs the Australians have. They have reduced the loss little


bit. They are still losing ground quickly. I think we're going to see


a catchier. Starting to get an aerodynamic benefits. They are


moving into this world created by the Polish team. Isabella King on


the front for Australia. King doing a good turn. Annette


Edmondson takes up the running. That was a small concertina that we


saw there. Australia comfortably riding towards the bronze medal.


They might do it in a QuickTime. They will make short work of this


one. It is over. Australia take the


bronze and they do it in the most decisive fashion possible. Catching


their opponents from Poland. Bronze medal for the astray lien


team. There was never any doubt about the outcome of this race from


the first gun. Riding for Canada, Laura Brown, who


won the points race in the World Cup. Allison Beveridge, World Cup


winner last month. Joanna Rowsell, a reminder for Great Britain. Elinor


Barker, at just 19, world champion. Katie Archibald, at 19, in her first


world Championships. We are under way, the final of the


women's team pursuit. The race for gold is underway. Joanna Rowsell is


one of the most consistent starters in the world in this event.


She is going to do it again. Going all the way round. A full lap and a


half. She has the very person to do it,


who has just taken up the front, it is Laura Trott riding on the front


for Great Britain. Change of strategy yet again for


this team. The Canadians are riding well again, it is very much on


terms. There is nothing in it. The Canadians are in front of


Britain. Considerably faster than they were this morning. Canada


really taking the race to Great Britain.


There is a long way to go in this world Championship final. We did say


they would benefit from these smoother conditions. At the moment,


they have got the best of the British team.


Riding on the front is Jasmin Glaesser, steady and strong for


Canada, leading the way. Great Britain had merely a second behind.


Both teams are working hard, Canada certainly working very hard to get


this pace going. The distance is now four kilometres.


Elinor Barker just peeling off the front and now it is Katie Archibald,


the 19-year-old from Scotland in her first world Championships.


The gap is 1.2 seconds. Canada are riding really strongly. That is a


real surprise. Eleanor Barker has just thrown in an enormous term.


The Canadians are down to three. The coach says they want Maud. -- want


more. I think there could be more to come from the British team.


The time is coming down. Great Britain are going to really start to


put the foot down. Joanna Rowsell are struggling to get on the wheel.


There is a gap and she is not closing it too readily. Potential


crack in the British team as well. Elinor Barker riding at the front.


Katie Archibald is in second place. Riding at the back behind Joanna


Rowsell is Laura Trott. We have a brilliant final year. Canada really


taking this race to Great Britain. There is absolutely nothing in it.


The British are going to take this now. They have the momentum. They


have already just sneaked into the lead. Can they maintain it? Two laps


to go. Great Britain are leading the way but not by much. Laura Trott is


racing along the front. Still for riders all the way.


Joanna Rowsell needs to swing out of the way, get out of the way of the


team. As they take the bell, it is rate Britain who lead the way. Katie


Archibald just peels off and Laura Trott is having to work really hard.


She has lost the wheel. It is Katie Archibald, it is gold for Great


Britain. They defend their world title, and they are the champions


again. They needed to work for their because Canada really took it to


them in the race for gold. We saw with about six laps to go they were


being pushed really hard, the cracks started to appear. Joanna Rowsell


started to get on the wheel, she did well, she tried to get out of the


way but Laura Trott was still in the middle of a change and got caught on


the outside. Joanna Rowsell when she looked down and thought there was


only two riders, tried to get on the wheel, it was pretty messy. They


were lucky they had enough of a buffer to get away from that. Great


Britain prevails once again. Congratulations, that looked like


hard work out there. It was really hard work. I did not have a great


ride but it shows what they are made of. I am so proud. Huge


congratulations. A world champion your first world


congratulations. A world champion your first championships. How


special is it to be part of this team? Very special. You've got to


get through the qualifiers. So much training, so much going through your


head, it is liberating. A little bit ragged at times but the important


thing is to finish in front of the other team. Yes, it is a difficult


track to write. It is so different to Manchester. It keeps it


interesting. I think everybody expects world records. Obviously a


long way off that pace but then everybody has been riding slowly.


How did you feel? I think we did well, to be honest. We went a lot


slower than we thought we would. But there was a headwind down the back


straight so I don't know what we expected. It was obviously a huge


improvements we are soupy happy -- super happy. Obviously, getting the


selection right has been important. How together is this team? We have


pulled together. Obviously Eleanor Barker and Katie Archibald are new


to the team, so they are learning the team, learning how we write. But


we are world champions now so we must be quite good at it. I need to


mention Danny, she did not make the selection but she has been part of


the team all week. Gold, as expected, for the women's team


pursuit, but it was more difficult than we thought it would be.


Absolutely, as the girl said in the interview, the headwind in the


qualification, the fact they were inadvertently outdoor velodrome, new


people coming into the event, the event being four K for the first


time, lots to content with but they did a great job. The dead, but they


were pushed by Canada, at one point they were nearly 1.2 seconds up. It


is not a position they are used are finding themselves in. I think the


Canadians changed their tactics in the final because they knew that


Britain would be difficult to beat. They knew they needed to do


something different to stretch themselves. The youth the four


riders -- they went down to three riders quicker than we expected. Why


was Danny King not in the team? She was injured earlier in the year


riding at a race and she has had a knee problem that she was struggling


with but she has been coming back to form very quickly, but obviously the


hat to make a hard call. -- they needed. Team selection is always


difficult and they needed to field a team that could cope with the


conditions. It is unfortunate for her but she will come back stronger.


It got a bit ragged towards the end. What exactly happened there? Eleanor


Barker talked about her legs not being there. Sometimes, until you


are in a race situation it is hard to predict the things that are


happening. It did get messy. Thankfully Laura Trott was able to


muscle her way back. It was really important that Laura Trott was


keeping close to the line. Laura Trott lost the momentum because


Elinor Barker pulled off unexpectedly and she had to shout to


get her out of the way. She had to break. Laura changed to give her the


front and that was the bell lap, but she wanted to get out of the way as


well, so Laura was coming down from her change, and she almost met


Elinor Barker's back wheel. She needed to get back underneath her.


It was a case of telling her where she wanted to be. That has changed,


but it is still a procession for the Brits. How good an experience you


think that will be? They got pushed close. I don't think in a team


environment it has felt like a procession at all. So much hard work


has gone into producing that team. There has been situations where


teams have lost riders and not been able to come back and complete the


race. That showed the strength of character for the girls in that


particular situation. They are working hard all the time, as are


those five girls working hard in Manchester. Coming up and snapping


at the heels. That competition is going to be really interesting to


see who gets the places. We are going to move on to the men's team


pursuit now. Not quite as dominant as the women but they are world


champions and Olympic gold medal holders.


The rhetoric before hand seemed positive enough for the team but


they did not have the legs here, two seconds down on medal race


qualification. Eighth place, in fact, a far cry from the world


record set in London. Some head scratching in the British camp after


this one, whilst Denmark and Australia fought it out for Gould


and New Zealand for the bronze. -- for gold.


Introduction is being made for the men's team pursuit bronze medal


race. Dylan Kennett and Marc Ryan, bronze


medallists. They are up against Russia.


Bronze medal is on the line for these two teams. They started a


little too quick, New Zealand, in qualifying. They paid a little bit


towards the backend. Interesting to see whether they opt for same start.


It certainly looks to be the case. Russia have speeded up a little bit,


I would say. The wind has died down. You really


want to start into the headwind, then as you build speed, you get a


little bit of a push. Not too bad at the moment. Pretty close at the


moment. It is not changing much, either.


And Russia just turning the tables a little bit. Winding things up.


Almost two seconds quicker than their time this morning, New Zealand


have also got a little bit faster. Have the Russians gone out to


quick? We look at New Zealand. New Zealand looked to be working


slightly harder than the Russians. Hard to tell. The Russians look


quite composed, body language says the New Zealand four... New Zealand


are back in front at the moment. Technically New Zealand is looking


fantastic at the moment. Very attacked positions. Three tenths of


a second in it. Coming up now. Eating into that advantage.


It is a difficult tractor ride, -- track to ride. The bends quickly


over, no room for error. If you're a little bit slow on the change,


suddenly they are riding away from you on the straights. When the


fatigue sets in, errors start to happen. New Zealand has just started


to slow a little bit. 610 this is the second -- six tenths of a


second. Putting themselves in a winning position. They are going to


three. Bronze medallists at London 2012, bronze medallists in the World


Championships as well. Already down to three, really driving


themselves. They have raised very aggressively. Russia are struggling


even more. Nine tenths of a second down. No margin for error for New


Zealand. They have taken this by the scruff of the neck, and they have


got a sufficient bar for man -- sufficient buffer man. New Zealand


are heading for bronze. Aaron Gate leading the way, Pieter Bulling as


well. Too much for the Russians in this bronze medal race. The third


man is struggling. They had a little bit of room to spare. Russia well


behind them in the end. New Zealand claiming the bronze medal in the


men's team pursuit. Well deserved, a very aggressive ride. Even when they


fatigue they held it together, they were right on the ragged edge as


they went into the final lap. Use the resources well, no egos getting


in the way. A new track record for New Zealand.


On a warm, sultry night in Cali. We have got a fine all in the men's


team pursuit, Denmark always put a good team pursuit quartet out.


Against Australia. The team pursuit world champions this time last year,


Australia beat Great Britain in the final. They are up against Denmark


this time. Glenn O'Shea, former WorldCom the champion, Alex


Edmondson, Mitchell Mulhearn making his debut.


Denmark with Casper von Folsach, Rasmus Quaade, Alex Rasmussen, a


real mixture of youth and experience for Denmark, up against Australia,


who have a conveyor belt of team pursuit talent. Never rule the


Australians out. They know how to provide aggressively, technically,


so many riders of a high standard. Completing the second lap. Barely


anything between them. Hanson is one of the stronger riders


this morning. The Danes starting to crack a little bit towards the end


of their ride. They looked after each other, drove hard for that


qualifying ride this morning. The Australians are used to being in


this position. Annual attendance, aren't they, in the team pursuit


final? Less than two tenths of a second in it. Denmark with the upper


hand at the moment. With ten laps to go. Less than one tenth of a second.


The Australians started faster this morning. The Danes turning that


around a little bit. A strong turn at the front for Australia at the


moment. Suddenly it is Denmark who have swung the race their way little


bit. A long-term for him as well. They gain that length. Mitchell


Mulhearn riding on the front. The gap between them is wider. Australia


will have to dig really deep year if they are going to turn this around.


The red machine is really in full swing. Australia are digging in,


proving to be star Verne. -- proving to be star Verne. Just had to dive


back into the wheels. He is going to be have to be careful. The


Australians are down to three men. Some ropey turns this morning once


the teams were down to three. It is a tough track to change on. Mulhern


is really getting stuck in on the front. He has got Glenn O'Shea) dim


-- right behind him. Struggling to close that gap. Both teams down to


three. Who wants at the most, three laps to go? Australia suddenly


opening up a sizeable lead here on Denmark. What have Denmark got left?


The Australians of push themselves back into this race, tearing away


from the Danes now. The experience has shown, the Australians are going


to get it. A brilliant ride here from Australia. The Danish team are


cracking. I think it's all over. The Australians holding it together.


Australia take the bell, three quarters of a lap to go. They are


going to defend their world team pursuit title. The personnel not


exactly the same, the colour of the medal will be. It is gold for


Australia, and silver for Denmark. A great win for the Australians, for


Glenn O'Shea, Alex Edmondson, Mitchell Mulhearn and Miles


Scotstoun. I great ride for them. They fought their way back into that


race. They had to fight for it, long turns as well. Mitchell Mulhearn did


some monstrously long turns there. He certainly did, at least three.


That was the clincher for his team. Give them that extra bit of rest,


raised the pace. Australia celebrate gold again.


Great Britain leaving these championships knowing that there is


plenty of work to do in terms of the men's team pursuit.


Plenty to do, silver months ago. Jamie, coming to you first, that is


a massive disappointment, isn't it? For the British quartet to finish in


eighth place. I am sure they are disappointed. I'm sure they were


aware going into the competition that they would be up for a top


podium spot. Sometimes these hits are hard to take mentally. Picking


yourself up on the backside of this and getting home and training,


seeing that maybe next year you can turn it over, is going to be a


challenge for them. We heard from Dave, they are experimenting, they


might be playing with something new. Maybe it's not working. Maybe


they will change play. They are experimenting, Sarah. But a year


ago, you could say they were experimenting. This was a slower


time than it was in Minsk. That is something that will cause a lot of


head scratching back here in Manchester, isn't it? Yes, there are


three young riders working with them there. They might not be at the same


level. We have got to work out how people respond and competition


situations, the pressure, it was a difficult velodrome to ride. There


are lots of things to throw riders off, especially if it is their first


World Championships. They will regroup, look at the personnel they


have got, and bits of them together for next year. Stephen Burke will


come back, that will be a big plus. You will then have the possibility


of Sir Bradley Wiggins, who wants to do one more year on the road and


come back to the track. Presumably he will be looking at team proceed?


It'll be a challenge. We have seen him change over the years to


condition to do that to France -- the Tour de France. The team pursuit


takes a lot more power. I think it will be a struggle, I honestly do. I


don't know if he can do it. Lance Armstrong called Sir Bradley Wiggins


the best pursuit riders in the world. There is a place in the team,


if you look at that, if he does the work? There are subtle differences.


The power and strength you need to do those fast laps on the front, and


your recovery in the wheels while the other riders take their turns.


Ultimately, how the team plan is put together, the team pursuit squad has


to work for a lot longer than a year but Bradley has to give them.


Stephen Burke has been ill, there has been problems with health we


need to address. We are still two and have years from the Olympics,


there is so much time. These young riders have a very valuable


experience to take forward. We are going to move on to the individual


pursuit, which is a world of pain. Joanna Rowsell is back on the track


again. Let's catch up with the bronze medal race.


Almost ready. The women's individual pursuit final start here. The race


for bronze, Australia against Ukraine. It is Your starting in the


home straight. -- Amy Cure. Really getting this going. Nearly three


quarters of a lap out of the saddle there. Giving her an early advantage


back -- by just over two tenths. Just about to complete the second


lap. 500 metres covered, the gap has gone up by another six tenths of a


second. Amy Cure taking early control of this race. 1.2 seconds


ahead after the opening kilometre. Looks like we're heading for a


similar thing. It is going to form so far, this race, in the women's


individual pursuit. Both considerably slower than they were


this morning over 14 kilometres. Slightly closer together. Not


prepared to lay down here. Seven laps to go for the two riders.


There is not much in it at the moment.


She has got the gap down to just half a second. Seems to be working


much harder of the two. It will be five laps to go next time over the


line. Just the 10th of the second now. We


have seen a lot of upsets today. Are we going to see another one? I don't


think so but it is a valiant effort. Both of them considerably slower


than they were in qualification. Three laps to go.


Still looks quite smooth. I think she is already giving it her all. It


is still so close between the two. Three seconds slower than they were


this morning. Both of them fatigued. They take the bell. One lap to go.


The bronze medal on the line. What the gap. Amy Cure find that little


bit extra. She is almost sprinting down the back straight. She looks


certain to take the bronze medal but it is an aggressive ride from her


opponent, who has really made a race of it. Amy Cure takes the victory,


it is bronze for Australia in the Individual Pursuit.


The time for Amy Cure... 3.36. That is six seconds slower than


qualifying. Tells you something about the conditions we've got here.


3.37 for her opponent. Here we go, gold is at stake. It is


Joanna Rowsell or Great Britain against the defending champion.


Joanna Rowsell is capable of starting faster than the American.


What has she got left in the tank after those raids yesterday. Also


the qualifying earlier today. She is well in the lead at the moment.


Considerably in front at the moment. Just watching on the track, it is


visible. After two laps her league is over a second. -- lead. There was


very little between them in qualification. She might be trying


to put pressure on her opponent early on in this final. She has been


shown by the thought that she is considerably ahead of schedule, we


must hope that she has not gone out to fast. She will be wary of Sarah


Hammer because she knows how strong she is on the other side of the


track. At the kilometre mark, it is down to almost a second exactly, it


is still a decent buffer. It certainly is. Experienced


campaigner, Joanna Rowsell, we must hope she has not gone off too


quickly. Bags of experience. She is and Olympic champion,


national champion. Sarah Hammer always has something of an ungainly


style. When I first saw her, I thought, she is not going to be


quick, she has proved me wrong time and time again. It is still a good


buffer. Joanna Rowsell leads the way. It is going to be a titanic


struggle over this final five and a half laps. How big is the gap? It is


staying at nine -tenths. Can Joanna Rowsell hang on here? You can see


the grimace on her face. She is digging deep to keep that lead. We


might find she is now getting checks on her opponent. The gap remained


the same. Relapse to go -- three to go. Three between Joanna Rowsell and


the gold medal. Sarah Hammer is fighting back but it is holding. We


are expecting an onslaught from Sarah Hammer. She will not give up


that title lightly. She will fight for all she is worth, so far this


has been a superb ride from Joanna Rowsell. She is almost mirroring her


ride of this morning. It is the American that is slowing down. Both


of them are rocking and rolling a little bit now. Surely Joanna


Rowsell has got this one? All she has got to do is stay upright and


keep on rolling. She is one lap away from the world title for the


Individual Pursuit. Here she comes, it really hurts, but it will be


worth it if she can keep on going and hang onto this lead. Sarah


Hammer sprinting towards the line, and here comes Joanna Rowsell, it is


gold for Joanna Rowsell of Great Britain, she backs up that team


pursuit gold with an Individual Pursuit as well. Sensational riding


from Joanna Rowsell. World champion in the Individual Pursuit. She led


from start to finish their, -- start to finish, and she did not let her


back in. That is what you call backing up. She went faster than she


did in qualifying. That is often what this event is about, not just


winning but being able to do it twice. That is exactly what she did.


Never let Sarah Hammer get the nose in front. Defended all the way


through. She was getting guidance all the way through so she knew


where she was. She really believed in herself. You could tell from the


way she started that she had great belief. That was superb from Joanna


Rowsell. That is quite a scalp, beating Sarah Hammer in the final so


convincingly. Congratulations, that was a phenomenal performance against


very special cyclists. Your first individual world Championship medal.


What does this mean to you? The absolute world. Team pursuit is


something I train for everyday, but ever since I started cycling I have


always dreams of being Individual Pursuit world champion. Sarah Hammer


has been at the top for as long as I can remember so it is an amazing


feeling to beat her as well. She is the world record holder at this


distance and I cannot believe I got a new PB in these conditions, it is


not even that warm in here tonight. I cannot believe it. You did it so


well in qualifying, to put a performance like that into the final


is incredible. What was the strategy? You went it very hard at


the start. I did not mean to. In qualifying I rode a very well paced


ride, I went out slightly too hard, then I came off in the middle. My


aim was to do a good start, and really squeeze the middle. After six


laps, I was being told about Sarah . I could not believe it. He said I


had got halfway, I had to finish it. Amazing world Championships for


you. I am absolutely over the moon. I broke my collarbone in August and


I missed a lot of training in the summer. I came into the track season


not as fit as I would have liked. I worked really hard throughout the


winter, which is the toughest time of the year to work hard because you


are battling with the weather back home. It is great to come here. I


did well in the it. It is nice to get the summer. This time last year,


when the world Championships were in mince, -- Minsk, she was sitting in


your chair. She took a break. She has missed a lot but it has served


her well. She did some good training on the road, at it did not come into


fruition for her because she broke her collarbone. She is such a tough


character. She is always going to bounce back and I am just so proud


of her. This is your world, Individual Pursuit. How difficult


was that? She had qualification and the final team pursuit two days ago.


That is a big task. Exactly. She did a kilometre is yesterday, and those


lapping three quarters turns. To come down to a schedule for team


pursuit then Individual Pursuit, you need to check yourself for the ride


she did their, and that is difficult, recalibrating that in


your brain. She did it brilliantly and she could see around so much


pressure early on. It is brilliant to beat Sarah Hammer, the world


record-holder. She looked as if she had at -- had got the victory. She


will do that in Glasgow as well, and hopefully win the Commonwealth


games. When you see an athlete perform like that, she put her hand


over her mouth because she could not believe how fast she was. It is


awesome. It is lovely to see. The amount of effort she puts into her


work. She is a great athlete, she has matured, she is in her prime. I


think she is going to be all the way to Rio de Janiero, hopefully getting


some medals. She is in her prime, she has a great career. This time


last year, we were talking about who might step in and fill the void left


by Sir Chris Hoy and Vicky Pendleton. Step up, Becky James.


What are your best memories? The run-up I had into the tournament,


the whole competition was so relaxing, came away with bronze


medal. That was the most unexpected things. James is in tremendous form.


She will need to be to pull this out of the bag. That put such a high on


the beginning of the competition, it helps for the rest of the week. To


win that first world title at senior level, how special is that?


Incredible. To win a senior world title at 21, I could never ask for


anything more. How will it play out tactically? It is all or nothing,


the world title at stake. Becky James is going to do it! I remember


that last day being so hard, I was so tired, and after you race, you


feel hungover. My legs felt awful. To come away with another gold medal


is just incredible. Becky James leading the way. Still playing cat


and mouse. Becky James with a great chance to become a double world


champion. She has done it. Becky James celebrates for the second time


in 24 hours. I had ridden so hard after the Olympics. I had the


in 24 hours. I had ridden so hard after the perfect running from July


to August. I relax a little bit more this year, I have done the things I


wanted to do. I went to Australia, it is my last channel to enjoy


myself this year because after that it will be a much shorter break


because it is not that long until the Olympics. I want to get my head


down. I am working hard towards Rio de Janiero. 12 months ago, Becky


James came to the world championships under the radar. No


such luck this time. Two title to defend, and also the team sprint.


That was a bronze medal. This time, she teamed up.


Jess varnish for Great Britain. -- Jessica Varnish. At stake is the


bronze medal in the world Championships. They are underway.


Could start. Very solid. Becky James is straight onto the wheel. Sliding


away a little bit. Put in a good start. Coming up to take the Bell,


Great Britain just a little bit outside, one tenth of a second.


There is work to do for Becky James. How much speed as she got on her


legs? Can she find that little bit of extra from somewhere to turn the


ride into bronze bust and Mark yes, she can! Becky James, with the ride.


33.03 to is the time for Great Britain. This event was decided in


the blinking of an eye, that is exactly what happened. Jessica


Varnish and Becky James win bronze for Great Britain. Britain's first


medal of the UCI World Track Cycling World Championships. Very consistent


start from Varnish. The Russian turned it around. Fantastic finish


from Becky James, really good, her second lap was really quick and that


is what made the difference. The world and Olympic champions, the


favourites to retain the title. Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel. On


paper, it should be clear cut. The track seems to be running a


little bit faster this evening in all events. The wind has died down.


Last few seconds before this World Championship final. Lin Junhong for


China, Miriam Welte for Germany. Two collapse to determine who will be


the world champion. Can Germany win it for the third year running? Have


China got more in the tank then we suspect? They have got work to do in


every sense. Nice change over, they are. Germany with a commanding lead,


which will carry them all the way to the gold medal, just a couple of


seconds away. Kristina Vogel crosses the line, 32.440 the winning time.


Germany are the world champions. Superb in qualifying and in the


final. There was never any doubt about the destination of the gold


medal. Something of a cliche, but they were indeed in a class of their


own. Faster out of the blocks than they were in qualifying. 18.5, by


far the fastest opening lap of the series. Very skilful player.


Congratulations, a great start your World Championships. Jessica, for


you to get a medal after the injury, back into the team, it must


be special? Yes, the first thing was to get into the team, and I am


really happy to get on the podium tonight. I feel like we're on the


way back up together. It was really good tonight. Two really strong


rights from you to get things running. I had to try and step up


the gears, for the future. I have always been on the smaller gears,


but it works quite well tonight. A good starting point really. This is


how it all started in Minsk for you with the bronze medal. I am really


happy with this. It is a really good start for us. Two and a half years


out from the Olympics, it is good to be up there and getting medals. How


does it feel? It is really good. A little bit of a wind, but it is the


same for everybody so you've just got to take it as it comes. The


track was really good, good atmosphere, looking forward to the


rest of the week. Another bronze in the women's team


sprint. Let's quickly talk about the weather here. How much difference


does it make when you're used to training in controllable conditions


normally? These riders have raced outside. There are a couple of


tracks in the UK these competitors will compete in. Most riders would


not let it affect them at all, really. In most sprinting events,


you have got the five spoke wheels, good control on the bike. The skill


level on these riders is immense. It is not an issue. In terms of that


race for the British pair, a bit disappointed not to get in the gold


medal race? The times are good, Germany is on another planet right


now. Both the men and the women. They are definitely the ones to


beat. Team GB has got to step it up big time. Jessica has been


struggling with injuries, that is good to hold her development back --


going to hold her development back. You never feel like you can really


give it 100%. And that is a difficult thing for a coach to deal


with. And it is so frustrating as an athlete. You will push a little bit


and then you will be pushed back. Every day, your fingers are crossed.


I have been there, it is not fun. A big change for Becky James, she came


to Minsk last year under the radar, walks away double world champion.


She was a double junior world champion before that. She missed out


on the games in London. She has always been a huge talent. As she


said, double world champion senior at 21 is an incredible place to be.


That experience will put in good stead for the forthcoming year. She


should be able to draw on that and know that she has that ability. She


also gets a chance to race in Wales will stop -- race in Wales. She will


love that. She raised in Delhi and had a great time out there. She will


have expectation on her shoulder, the Australians will be there. It is


going to be really interesting. That was the women's team sprint, now the


men's team sprint. Both gold medallists from London, and a


takeover from Sir Chris Hoy. Philippi mistaking the team off, --


Philip Hinds. The qualification runs the Brits miss out on the bronze


medal race by just over one tenth of a second, finishing in fifth place.


A disappointing performance. New Zealand qualify the quickest, and


they face Germany for gold, with Russia and France facing for the


bronze. On the far side of the track,


Gregory Bauge tries to take off in fine style for the French. Three


laps, it is Russia against France. The Russians are actually in front,


two tenths of a second ahead. The Russians have paid a big price in


energy terms here. They are still ahead of the French here, on this


final lap. Who wants that the most? Into the finishing straight, so


close exploration Mark -- so close! Michael D'Almeida secures the medal


for Franz. Off the wheel from the word go, there is a price to be paid


for that. Michael D'Almeida was so comfortable on the wheel their, his


last lap save them, didn't it? Gregory Bauge went slower, 17.5


opener from him. He is off the pace. Michael D'Almeida is in great shape.


At least there will be happy people at breakfast tomorrow in the hotel.


The French have secured a medal. So, so close. The French have quietly


confident air about them. They have got a bronze medal. It was a


thrilling finish. We will need to watch out for him if he is writing


later in the competition. I would say his form looks fantastic. He


looked like he was cruising. The final year. Rene Enders, Robert


Forstemann and Maximilian Levy for Germany. The defending world


champions, Olympic bronze medallists. Up against New Zealand.


Ethan Mitchell, Sam Dawkins -- Sam Webster and Eddie Dawkins.


Ethan Mitchell, a world junior champion, can he turn it into a gold


medal? I great start for both teams. Great off the wheel. Very, very


close. Robert Forstemann, they take the bell. Who has got it at the


Bell? Germany lead the way, but it is so close. Fractions of a second


in it. Dawkins begins Maximilian Levy. Who can dig that little bit


deeper? Who can find that little bit extra? The gold medal goes to New


Zealand, they have done it! New Zealand take the gold. Silver last


year in Minsk, now it is gold in Colombia. Ethan Mitchell, Sam


Webster and Eddie Dawkins will stand on top of the podium. The world


champions from Germany have been deposed. 42.840 the winning time for


New Zealand. Fantastic last lap by Dawkins. Dawkins took right down


with an aero helmet. Both teams superb. Germany, the Masters in this


event, so strong. But New Zealand have charged through. Rallied well,


the German three in the final. But the New Zealanders faster again,


raised their game when they had to. Jason, it is the worst place to


finish. What was your assessment? Yeah, it wasn't ideal. We were


fairly confident. But it wasn't meant to be. I don't think we did


anything wrong as such. When you look at the gaps, we closed up a


little bit. Unfortunately so has everyone else. What are the


conditions like? It is a little bit windy, not too bad around the bottom


of the track. It is a little bit different to the indoor races we do.


It is nothing we haven't seen before. You have to adapt to it.


What is your court's thoughts? -- your coach's thoughts? When you come


off, you are clustered -- flustered and a bit upset. When you step back


and have a look at it, we did all right. We made a good step forward,


particularly as a team. Hopefully we will keep chipping away. An


improvement on the performance in Minsk. You must see some progress


there? Yeah, massive improvement. We were not a team in Minsk, we were


all over the place. That was much more as a unit, much more together,


much cleaner. We will keep working on it. We have got the legs, we have


got it in us, we have got to get those little bits added altogether.


A little bit every lap. We need to tidy it up, and hopefully, that will


put us right in the mix. Last time Britain won this title was


when this man was in the team. It is interesting isn't it? Britain gets


it right at the Olympics, but two have not won a world title... It is


a long time, when you think about it. It is a hard one, the different


dynamics of the groups. It is such an explosive event. Team members


change in a note. He has definitely got his work cut out, he is a young


kid, developing physically. Still learning. He has definitely got a


lot to do. I do want to put the result on him, but that is the


weakest link right now. When did the cracks appear? We all other little


knowledge about cycling. Where is he losing it? On that video there, he


wobbled, when he was coming round the first turn. He was not


super-smooth. When you see the rider pulling away in front of you, you're


panicking, getting on the back of him. It is hard, really hard for


him, there is so much force of that line, and he is not quite strong


enough. It will come. You were saying at breakfast that Sir Chris


Hoy used to be terrified of your style. He was. He was asking me not


to go off the line too fast. You have different gears, so the first


man has different gears. It takes a lot more to get going. You have a


little bit of it on the track but not a lot. It is not the focus, the


start, the third man is focusing on those laps. Has got time. Jason


Kenny is an interesting guy. He can sometimes be taciturn, but he seemed


very relaxed their especially off the back of the disappointing


performance. Here's an interesting guy, Jason, and he has plenty to be


pleased about. We have been through this position, dominated at the


Olympics. That is really the focus. They are putting those building


blocks together. Jason is very upbeat and it is great. There is a


different dynamic in the team for Jason. He is an elder statesman. He


still looks freshfaced. He looks incredibly young. He has got to take


on a leadership role in the way that he did not when Sir Chris Hoy was in


the team and Victoria Pendleton. Chris was definitely the team


leader. He is a funny guy, everybody would rally around him. He would


pick people up, he was definitely the leader. Now Jason has got to


assume that role to some degree. It is a really young team. We've got


time, don't panic yet. It is funny, world title as an athlete means a


lot, I cherish my world medals, but in terms of Dave Brailsford, the


Olympics is that important one. We're going to move on to the men's


race, this was the event where Ireland took the title. This is how


the defence went. King Lok Cheung looks as though he


might have had a lap out because he is going very slowly. He was going


slowly around the top of the track and is now joining in. There is the


stop. Like change. He nipped off to have a bike change. That is why we


did not see him. In the meantime, Ivan Kovalev, just the two of them.


Everybody else is a lap down. Years hanging 30 metres off the


back. Can he close that gap down? It is really hurting, really really


hurting. You can see it on his face. I think he might be done here, Sony


but far. I don't think they are going to let up now. He is catching


some bodies but they have already been distanced. I'm not sure how


much more he's got to give. It is a fantastic effort from Martyn Irvine


to put himself in. The gap is growing. This group have come back


together, and I think they are being overhauled by the Palatine, which


has not relented. Only Cheung and Ivan Kovalev have got that


advantage. Unless somebody goes for an attack, it is possible because


they have worked so hard. Surprise attack could work. Who has got the


legs? Has anybody got the legs to do it?


Martyn Irvine is not getting any closer. Use not giving up -- he is


not giving up. I think he is going to bridge that


gap. They have used up at the same time and the things are going to


conspire. He is going to do it, Martyn Irvine, he is going to get on


the back. We give him a gold medal for effort whatever happens now.


That was a fantastic effort. Now on terms on the same lap. He has seven


laps to recover if he wants to sprint it out. Cheung is riding on


the front. Cheung and Kovalev are one lap ahead of everyone. That was


not a good move by Cheung at all. He needs to look at Kovalev who has


also had a chance to recover. He has put in a big effort. Only five laps


to go. When the acceleration went, there was a gap to Martin Irvine. He


could not hold the wheels. He is definitely trying to recover. I


think it will come down to a splint -- sprint. We will need to watch


them to see what order they finished because that is what will define the


World Championship. It is so tightly packed. Martyn Irvine is hanging on


by his fingernails at the back. Less than three laps to go, two laps to


go at the end of this race. Kovalev has got himself in a great


position with just two laps remaining. I don't think Cheung can


get back on terms. He has been distanced. Kovalev is in the


position to go for the gold medal. Aragorn has overtaken Cheung.


Kovalev from Russia is in a brilliant position. At the sprint


winds itself up... He has nearly been brought down. He did so well


stay on his bike there. Martin Irving crosses the line, and I think


the order... Kovalev, the Russian writer, nearly had it snatched away


from him on the final banking in the midst of the hurly-burly of the


sprint, he was almost brought crashing down to the boards. The


first over the line was a lap behind. Terror-mac will claim the


gold. -- Kovalev. What a gargantuan effort from Martyn Irvine. He did so


much chasing and Cheung will claim the bronze.


Made Cheung -- Cheung made a big mistake. It played into the hands


of, -- of Kovalev. It was a gutsy ride by Martin


Irving. He fought so hard to get back on terms.


You had to work hard for that. Yes, it is really unhealthy, I would not


recommend that to anybody. it is really unhealthy, I would not


recommend that to It seems to be the way that I do it. I will keep doing


it, it works. Know you are a marked man out there, everyone is looking


out to see what you're doing. Yes, everybody thinks, he will be a good


lead to follow. When it is laid on the line, near the end of the race,


everybody is busting it, that is when I kind of creep over the rest


of them, so I just suffer for it, that is what I have to do. I was


wrecked by the time I got on, and the Russian just held on. Another


few laps, we could have gone for the win. After the pursuit this morning,


I'm not complaining. That rescued my weekend. It could be a big night for


Ireland, obviously you were flying the flag last year but you've got a


new young team. What you make of them? This chap here behind me is


going to put me to shame. Good talent, big engine, sensible head on


him. It looks good for the Irish team, more people coming on, it


shows you the fun that we get, it has increased, the last two years.


It is good to see some talent coming through from Ireland. It is great.


Martin Irving is quite a character. There is no poker face from him. He


likes to wear his heart on his sleeve and he is a fantastic rider.


He has become peoples favourite rider. Immense talent. Let us have a


look at what we have seen from the British team. We expected better in


the team pursuit and the team sprint. I'm sure they did as well


top you can look at it two ways, it is not that important. Maybe they


are trying new things. The girls have definitely done better than the


boys. There are still along way away. Dave Brailsford will be


watching this. I remember before London, the team at the same feeling


at that point in time. Naturally, you start to panic. Hopefully, they


know what they're doing. Dave will have his plans, I'm sure with some


degree they will be on track, no pun intended. The boys definitely need


to step it up, for sure. You must be delighted with Joanna Rowsell. So


proud of her. Getting the timing right is so important, she lives and


dies for team pursuit, I cannot wait to give her a big heart when she


gets home. Thank you, guys. We will be back tomorrow but first you can


follow the coverage on the red button, tonight until 3:25am. We


will be back on BBC Two tomorrow at 4pm with more highlights including


two world champions defending their world champion titles. All the


football is at 10:30pm. Before that it is Final Score at 4pm. Mixed bag


from the British team but we have a new queen of the track, you are


smiling about it. Joanna Rowsell, double gold. See you tomorrow. 4pm.


Jonathan Edwards presents highlights from the Track Cycling World Championships in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. Great Britain have established themselves as the dominant force in track cycling in recent years, and will have high hopes of returning from Cali with another impressive medal haul.

The British women's team pursuit squad will certainly begin as red-hot favourites - only three months ago they broke their own world record, shaving three seconds off their previous best. Three-time Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny will also be in action, and will hope to successfully defend the keirin world title he won in Minsk last year.

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