02/03/2014 World Track Cycling Championships


Jonathan Edwards with highlights of the Track Cycling World Championships from Cali, Colombia. Includes the final rounds of the women's sprint and the final of the men's omnium.

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Yes, she has done it. Nicky James, double world champion. Towards the


line, it is Jason Kenny, the world champion. -- Becky James. Great


Britain or the world champions again. Good afternoon. Welcome back


to coverage of the track cycling World Championships from Colombia.


We already have a double world champion in the shape of Joanna


Rowsell. She is the perceived queen. My guess, Dame Sarah Storey


and Jamie Staff. You were delighted with Juana's performance. Yes, it


has been fantastic to see her win her first individual world title.


Sarah Hammer, an amazing scalp for Joanna Rowsell. She has a huge smile


on her face. I bet there have been a few texts. Yes, she is over the


moon. A more dispassionate evaluation? Yes, to win an event,


and then get your brain around, yes, I have got to compete again


tomorrow, there is a bit of an anti-climax. But she got her head on


her shoulders and she went out and performed again. This is what is


coming up over the next hour and a half. If Daley Thompson had been a


cyclist, this would have been his event. Ed Clancy goes through Great


Britain in the multidiscipline omniums. 12 months ago, Rebecca


James was having the championships of her life. We will watch try and


defend her title. Another cyclist with a rainbow jersey from one year


ago was Jason Kenny. He will go in the keirin. First, it is the men's


omnium. Three bunch events, and the time trials. Ed Clancy in the flying


lap first of all. omnium. Three bunch events, and the


time trials. Ed Clancy in the It was the perfect opening for Ed Clancy,


ending him one point for the victory. -- earning. The rider with


the least points from the six events wins. Next up, it was the points


event. Not such a happy tale for Ed Clancy, finishing in 13th place. He


only scored in two of the 12 spreads. That said, his strength is


very much in the time trials. It is the early stages, but this is the


standings. Ed Clancy is in fifth place. The final event of Day one


was the elimination race. Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman are


the commentators. If other lap, a rider will be taken out. -- every


other. They are going at it straightaway. Every other lap, the


last rider over the line is out. This is a frantic event. Ed Clancy


in the middle of the pack. It is easy to get boxed in. This is an


elimination lap. It is the Italian rider who is going


to go. He is out. You can see that the riders have a box on their


handlebars and the flashing light. They know when they are out of the


race. It is fast and furious and we're already on the next


elimination. It may well be Luke Davison from


Australia. Yes, he is out. Ed Clancy is into third place. You can see how


hard it is to go around the outside. Luke Davison has had a nightmare in


this race. It is the rider from Mexico and the


back. He is owed. Number 24, from Mexico. He is the former


Pan-American games champion on both the road and the track. This is a


real tough race for the connoisseurs. -- commisaires. The


Danish rider is making a move around the outside of the track. Ed Clancy


is slap bang in the middle of the peloton.


The race was interrupted shortly after that with the dramatic crash.


As you can see, there really was carnage. It took out half of the


field. Swiss rider Olivier Beer was the first to fall and then it was a


case of dominoes. It is tough to avoid those. Fortunately, Ed Clancy


was not involved and he circled the track while the officials strive to


get the race by contract. They did that successfully. The starter has


got his gun out. We are underway again. -- to get the race back on


track. Casper Von Folsach is at the back.


He has been made a lot. This time, he is not going to make it. Casper


Von Folsach has gone. Ed Clancy is OK, but he did not have


much room for manoeuvre. It will be the American rider who goes, Jacob


Duehring. Ed Clancy was the penultimate rider over the line. He


was stuck on the inside. It is in the lap of the gods when you're down


there. Ed Clancy is going to be fine. The


rider to go is number 30. It is Olivier Beer from Switzerland. He


was first own in the crash before. I cannot say that he caused it, but he


was definitely first down. The rider from the Netherlands has


done it again. It looks like the rider from Belarus who will go.


Negative, it is the rider from the Czech Republic. They are really


strung out, because of the speed. Ed Clancy may well have gone. I do


not know. It is going to be close. I think he has gone. Let's look for


confirmation. It was very close, hardly anything in it. No, it was


the rider from the Ukraine. Ed Clancy thinks that he is out. He has


blown it. He thought he was out and he gave up before he got the


flashing light. That has cost him. That is an unfortunate error. A man


of his experience, you think he would wait for the flashing light.


That is an error by him. He was looking for defeat rather than


victory. That is disappointing. Ed Clancy clearly should have waited


for the light to come on. That could see him out of this competition


overall. He is strong in the timed events, but struggles in the


distance. Surely that was the Dutch man. Finally, he has been caught


out, Tim Veldt. Was it the Colombian rider? I think


so. No, they have given it to the Belgian rider. I am not sure how


they managed that. It will be because he rode off the track, onto


the blue. The Belgian is refusing to come out of the race at the moment.


That is not his choice. They will neutralise the race until he does,


it. The Colombian rider has sat up. The Belgian is still complaining.


The officials are not about to change their mind. The Colombian


actually took himself out of the race. You cannot have this dispute


with the officials. They are not going to change their mind because


you are shaking your finger at them. He is being ordered from the track.


We are down to the last five. Aaron Gate, the defending world champion,


on the front. The Colombian rider took himself out. It is getting


quite nasty in the middle. That was a tight one. Possibly


between the French rider and the rider from Belarus. It is the rider


from Belarus who has gone. Belgium are still going mad.


It did look like an unfair decision to me.


The Japanese rider has given way. We have not really mentioned the


Russian rider. He is hanging in at the back end. Viktor Manakov. One


more rider to come out before they can test the finish. Viktor Manakov


is the one to go. Three points for Viktor Manakov. He did well there.


He was on the seat of his pants when half the field came down in the back


straight. Head-to-head, between the world champion of New Zealand and


Thomas Boudat in France. The French man has got the legs beat. There is


no response. Thomas Boudat takes the victory. This was one that he would


have expected to do well in but he finished in 11th place with a pretty


slow time. This appointment for Ed Clancy. Needed to bounce back in the


scratch race over 15 kilometres. He took it out. That was a great


performance from Clancy. With one final event, he needed a strong


performance and others to falter if he was to get a medal. The final


event of the Omnium. Clancy has such a great engine. He


has posted times that would have seen him potentially medal before


now. We expect big things from him here. Four laps to go and look at


the effort being made their by Ed Clancy.


There he is now, halfway through the first lap.


The first lap, Ed Clancy is the fastest.


Can you finish this Omnium in style? Still leading the way.


Nearly a second quicker. Take the Bell.


What has he got left? He is going to get it out of himself, straining


every sinew. Ed Clancy's time, that is world-class from Ed Clancy. It


really is quite something, to be able to do that after two days of


competition, and of course, the team pursuit as well. He is more of a


sprinter than an injury and is rider, that is why he has the job of


getting it underway. He has done faster tonight.


Ed Clancy leads the way. Second at the moment, the Colombian. We will


have to see what happens behind him. It will be difficult because there


are a lot of classy riders. It is always possible. How frustrating to


potentially win three events out of six and not get on the podium, if


that is what happens. I think that is what will happen, but it shows


how important consistency is. He may come to regret sitting up in


the elimination race before his handlebars started flashing. He


thought he was out but he was pretty much spent at that point anyway.


Maybe he thought the battery had broken in his handlebars.


Gate, who won this title a year ago. Veldt from the Netherlands.


Gate is a winner of four national titles last year. Veldt is the


biggest challenge for Ed Clancy at this part of the competition. Gate


has been very consistent throughout. Not much in it.


They are going quick, actually. Second and third fastest, the pair


of them. We could see some good times here.


This is a great ride for Gate. Final lap, Veldt is still second fastest


behind Ed Clancy. Good enough for second place, and


Gate just fades slightly to go forth. Good ride for Gate. That is


what he has been throughout this event. Very consistent. He is


challenging for a podium spot. He needed better than that because he


is chasing Veldt. I don't think he will get himself onto the podium.


The last two riders coming up onto the track now. Boudat is in the


gold-medal position. Manakov is behind him on 25. These are in


during traders so I would not expect them to challenge for the win but


they will need to post respectable times. -- in Georgia's riders. --


endurance. Gate is trying to get himself on the podium but the Dutch


rider tried to move himself up into silver position. He may well do


that, it is all down to this man. Potentially four laps from a gold


medal, the French man. Still need to put in a good rate.


He has taken a couple of wins. Can afford to drop a couple of places


but this is looking very respectable year. Fourth place after lap one.


Manakov is in trouble, 11th at the moment. Coming up to the halfway


mark. Boudat good enough for fourth still, but Manakov is down in ninth.


He has work to do. Boudat dropping slightly down to


fifth. Manakov is in eighth. The Omnium officially draws to a


close. Boudat did so well. He relieved pulled it out of the bag.


Good enough for third place in the final event, and Boudat is your


world champion. Very strong finish, wasn't it. Boudat takes the


gold-medal 24 points. Veldt is lifted up to second, Manakov is


third. Ed Clancy is in fifth but he won three of the six races. It might


all come down to that error in the elimination race. Free Morand he


would have been in the bronze medal position. I don't think he could


challenge for the win here. There is the official confirmation. Boudat is


the world champion, Veldt in the silver medal position. Just outside


the medals. Tickets through the last couple of days. He had some really


great performances. I think there were a couple of races, the


Individual Pursuit and the Points Race where you did not get what you


wanted. Truth be told, this week has been a bit of a nightmare. Team


pursuit, started off there. As you can see, track racing is all about


timing, and we did not get it right this time. It is the same line-up


that won the Europeans, the Manchester World Cup... Everything


has not worked out this last couple of weeks. Fifth place in Omnium with


the form I had is the best I could have hoped for. The scratch race, I


was looking at it as a soft race, and the sprint, it came down to


that. The Flying Lap, we still have good speed, but we don't have, we


are not tolerating the pursuit efforts at the moment. Points in the


scratch and elimination were not that bad, it was the pursuit lost


ground. Back to the drawing board. We will try and sort it out next


year. It is a long time since I have been to a World Championships and


never seen a British male medal. Why have the team not been able to


deliver? I cannot. We look back, we look at what we have done before, we


did try different things, you have two. -- you need to try different


things. It has been a busy season, lots happening, we tried a different


approach to training. Until quite recently we were doing well. This


campaign has not been bad. We have had great performances, just not


this week. Fascinating interview with Ed Clancy. Is it back to the


drawing board? This guy has two gold medals in the Olympics, he is


talking about the drawing board. You have British Cycling, with this


amazing reputation, and he looks a bit confused. He said it there, they


have a different approach this winter, they try new things, they


have a different line-up, with Ed Clancy being one of the surviving


cyclists from London. It is about looking at where they did not do


their injury and straining. They want to make -- where they did not


do their training. They need to carry themselves through difficult


weeks like this. For Ed Clancy, coming off the team pursuit, going


through that Omnium... How can you treat it so much when you're part of


a team that broke the world record in London, they know how to do this?


It has gone badly wrong here. It is obviously having a huge effect on


the outcome, whether it is purely timing or their training plan is not


up to scratch, obviously they will go back to the drawing board. I'm


sure that Dave and Shane are not panicking, they know they have the


athletes that can do it, and sometimes you just have to


experiment and sometimes you will get it wrong. How much is this


mental? You look at his performance in the Omnium, he has won three of


the events, they were brilliant. But then for him, the Individual Pursuit


was appalling. I think he explained it quite well because the tolerance


you need for an Individual Pursuit is huge. You need to be able to


tolerate that huge strain you're putting your body through. You need


to deal to get through all six. He knows his speed is very quick. He


usually has the length to his efforts. Is that length of effort --


it is that length of effort that he is struggling with. You can look at


the mistake he made in the elimination but ultimately he did


not have that length of effort. Talking about the changing of the


guards, we've topped about that in respect Jason Kenny, we will hear


from Sir Chris Hoy, use out there as an ambassador. Ed Clancy is now one


of the senior, which he is maybe not used to. Is that having an effect?


He's definitely maturing. He obviously knows what is going on


back at home in the camp and is well aware of the training and


everything, I think he's up to it, he's a good character, you could be


a good team leader. A couple of years away from the Olympics, always


the main goal. U2 have competed here. We will talk with that in


moment. -- you two. On a clear day, this gives


spectacular views over ten Mac. -- Cali. It is recognised as


Columbia's city of sport, but more significantly, it is the world


capital of salsa. The Colombians are passionate about sport and they


definitely love their cycling. Cycling has been popular since the


early 1940s. It has become very popular. Cali, the track is the best


in Latin America. We have people that know about cycling on the


track. We want a gold medal for the Colombian team. But for us, all


riders are the same. What does it mean to Cali to hold the World


Championships? For the country, we feel very proud to have the best


cyclists in the world competing in Colombia. The locals are clearly


proud to be hosting these World Championships, while the riders are


welcoming the whole experience. I really like Cali, I have fond


memories. I have only been once, but it was special. The atmosphere is


incredible. It is a bit odd having no sides on, because you can have a


head wind down one straight and a tail wind down the other, which is a


bit weird, but I like the track. When you go into the velodrome, it


takes your breath away, because you can see the mountains in the


background. The scenery is fantastic and the Colombians love cycling.


They love the atmosphere and they get into the racing. It is a party


atmosphere. A nation passionate about cycling, and they went mad in


the men's points race. The 2011 world champion taking the world


title. He did it by gaining three laps. He was constantly on the


attack. He beat Tom Scully of New Zealand. The front page of the big


newspaper in Cali. You can see, he is the man. It was an outstanding


performance from Edwin. What are your memories of Cali and what it is


like as a country? Colourful, scary at times. You have just got to be


aware, like a lot of places you're not familiar with. You have got to


be smart, do not carry around tonnes of cash or go out late at night. But


I loved it. The atmosphere that the track was awesome. When you are an


athlete competing on a track with that atmosphere, it adds to your


performance. I am sure that everyone will be enjoying the racing. And


they are dancing in the stands as well, especially when there are


Colombians winning. It is like a Colombian salsa through the stadium.


We're going to turn attention to the women's sprint. Becky James has


already matched the bronze medal she got in the team sprint, but she did


not manage to do it in the 500 metres time trial.


She struggled, she was down in seventh place. She got a bronze


medal in Belarus. In the individual sprint, she was the defending


champion in this one. At the quarterfinal stage, her team-mate,


Jess Varnish, she became the adversary.


Becky James should be the quicker of the two. But Jess Varnish is really


sprinting well after her injuries last year. She has had a lot of back


trouble, Jess Varnish. It is great to see her back out on the track,


and riding strongly. Becky James, water championship she had 12 months


ago in Belarus. She was the first British rider to win medals in four


events at the same World Championships. Two gold medals and


two bronze medals. They have to continue, at least at walking pace.


You can see the official at the bottom. They have to do that until


they have completed the first half lap. Farne is still the rider at the


front. -- Jess Varnish. Becky James is happy to bite her time. -- bide


her time. The longer it goes on, the more the tension builds. Now they


have passed the half lap marker, they can stand still if they wish,


to force their opponent to come through, but it cannot be for longer


than 30 seconds. Otherwise the race will be restarted.


Jess Varnish closing the gap, and pipping her on the line. Jess


Varnish had a lot of work to do during the last lap. She managed to


close the gap and roll level. She nudged her front wheel in front of


Becky James as they approached the line. A very strong acceleration.


She stayed in the slipstream writing to the last rate. The long straight


is really changing the tactics for the event. There is a real advantage


to be at the back. We have got quite a race in this all British


quarterfinal. Jess Varnish with the advantage, having won the first


race. The defending champion, Becky James, has to win this. That must


have come as a real surprise. Jessica Varnish had to come back


through the repechage early today. I thought that Becky James was the


favourite. But that late acceleration really took us by


surprise. A psychological test for Becky James, as well as a physical


one. There is no room for error. There is a gentle breeze swirling


around the track in Cali. What a race this could be. There will be a


British rider in the semifinals, but which way will it go?


There is a firecracker being set off. We thought that was the starter


pistol. Everyone is looking around, but I think you're right. It was


something in the stand. Let's hope it is a firecracker!


track, the tension is building. They have completed half a lap, so a


standstill as possible, as long as it does not last more than 30


seconds. Sure enough, it is Becky James that is trying to force


Jessica Varnish to come through. She does not want to have to lead this


one out. Sliding down to the bottom of the track, Jess Varnish. She is


smiling. She just overlapped the wheel. They were so close. That is


not exactly what Becky James wanted, but because she was so close to her,


she thought, if I stole it now, she will have to come past me. But Jess


Varnish was not interested. That was the end result. I think they will


consider that a mishap and there will be a restart. There was


certainly no intent involved. Becky James was still moving slightly at


the time. They are just having a chat as Jess Varnish wanders back


towards the start line. I am just reading one of the rules just now.


That may be deemed that it was caused by a competitor riding too


slowly in a curve. Then that person will be deemed to be at fault. They


will have to take the lead. I am not sure that they were in the band. I


think that is referring to when riders go too slowly and slide down.


I think they will ride again. That is what is going to happen now. I do


not know whether you heard that, Jessica Varnish will take the


opening position on the first lap. Becky James is the one with the


union flag on her crash helmet. The white stripe is Jessica Varnish.


Here we go. At the second time of asking. A little reminder that it is


Jess Varnish has the advantage. Becky James has to win this match or


her chance of retaining the world title will be gone. James is in the


better tactical position. Jess Varnish is giving her space, that is


what she did not do before. She has left yourself room to manoeuvre.


Well, she had room to manoeuvre, but she has used it up. Both of these


riders are capable of doing a track stand for some time. They are only


allowed to do that for 30 seconds. The gun will be fired and the race


will be restarted. It is still Varnish at the front. When they come


into the straits, the riders come to the top of the track, because they


want the hype, to be able to accelerate down. -- the height. The


downside of that is that it is easy to be taken by surprise if the rear


competitor drops down quickly. Becky James is in the position that she


wants to be. This could prove tactically important. They have 1.5


laps to go. They are still going very slowly. They have to be


careful. Surprise can be a big element if you leave it till late in


the race. They have normally started to wind up by this point. It will be


very explosive. I think that Jess Varnish might have the edge from an


acceleration, if this comes down to a drag race to the finish. She will


be happy to keep it slow. Jess Varnish wins, 2-0. Brilliant


sprinting from her. The champion has lost her crime, because Becky James


will not go through. 2-0 in the best-of-3/4-final. -- lost her


crown. It is such a shame that one of the British riders has to go out


at this stage. Jess Varnish was brilliant. She never gave up that


inside position. Becky James had to come the long way around for over


one lap of racing. They are so evenly matched. She finished fifth


place overall. Jess Varnish marched on, she ended up in a battle for the


bronze medal having lost in the semifinals. Jess Varnish, who


already has a bronze medal, racing alongside Becky James, has an


opportunity to win another medal at these World Championships. Best of


breed. The first race. these World Championships. Best of


breed. This is for bronze. Varnish leading on the opening lap.


A reminder, three laps of the track.


Past that first-half lap, Varnish seeing if she can force her opponent


to come to the front. 100% concentration here. Aware of


any sudden movement. The slower they are, the more the


tension builds. Just completing the first lap now.


Varnish leading from the front. Not often we see anybody trying to take


a long one, but always possible. Every now and again, somebody does


it and gets away with it. They take the bell. Sprint has not


opened up. Temporary would like it to start late. She would like to be


as as possible. Round the banking, in towards the finishing straight,


Lin draws past Varnish. She leads in this best race. We could see that


was going to happen. Already started to ease up. I don't know what


Varnish could have done there. Riding from the front doesn't seem


to work on this track. First race in the gold-medal match


up. It is Tianshi against Vogel. I wonder how close this final will be.


So far, Vogel has looked the pick of the field. We have seen a lot of


close racing but in this instance, Vogel had definitely been the


strongest rider in this competition. The only one to win from the front


consistently as well. Hard to see how she's going to lose


this one. 1.5 laps to go. The speed is


building. Vogel is taking the height. Trying to force her


opponent. And then Vogel slips on the inside. That was a surprise


move. She has decided to take this from the front. Kristina Vogel is.


Confidence here. Zhong Tianshi is trying to come back, can she take


advantage of this particular position? She cannot. Vogel is too


fast. She reads 1-0 in this final. She totally took control of that


one. The only rider to be winning from the frontier because physically


there is quite a gap between her and the rest of the field. The


confidence to take it on and dictate the race. That big acceleration,


there was no chance to get on terms. Kristina Vogel is one win away from


the gold medal. This is a potentially decisive ride


in the race for bronze because Lin Junhong is one up on Jess Varnish.


She needs to get the victory otherwise the bronze goes to China.


She needs to break the trend of competition that far. I was


surprised she was bested in the last round.


She was beaten in straight rights but it was a very close-run thing.


-- rides. In the second race she was beaten by the width of attire.


Looking to win a world Championship medal for the second time in her


career, the Chinese rider. Jess Varnish is looking for the


second medal of the week. Lin Junhong needs to have a head on


a swivel to keep an eye on Jess Varnish year. Which of course is the


idea. Jess Varnish has got to go for it


here. It is all or nothing. One lap to go. Can Jess Varnish keep her


chances alive here? The Chinese rider leads the sprint into the back


straight. The gap is closing. Can she come around the outside? Here


comes Varnish, she has not quite got it. Lin Junhong takes the bronze


medal for China in straight rights. -- rides.


What about Zhong Tianshi, can she take the race to Kristina Vogel?


Kristina Vogel is one victory away from the world title. Silver last


year. Will she be on the top of the podium this evening?


Race number two in the world sprint final. Kristina Vogel leading


followed by Zhong Tianshi. Vogel the clear favourite. Can


Tianshi upset the odds here? I think she's got an almost


impossible task to beat Vogel. Vogel is the only rider in this


competition capable of winning from any position that she chooses. Very


dominant in the previous round. She walloped her opponent in straight


rides. Coming to the finishing straight at


the end of the first lap. Kristina Vogel trying to force the


issue. She already one from the front, deciding she would like to


try riding at the rear as well. It just ratchets up the tension. I


would say the whole Chinese sprint scene has moved on a notch


tactically as well as physically. The stopwatch has started. Neither


rider is giving an inch. The crowd are appreciating the skill.


Now it is back to business. Sometimes standing still used to


last four minutes, ten minutes on occasions. We are done with that in


this particular race because they will take the bell next time they go


past us. Here we go. Vogel is one lap away from the world title unless


the rider from China can do something about it. Vogel is in the


lead. Can she stay there? It is going to be Vogel's title!


World champion at 23, well champion in the individual sprint to go with


the team sprint. Top step of the podium, she has been the class of


the field throughout this competition. Kristina Vogel, world


sprint champion. No medals for either Jess Varnish


Becky James -- or Becky James. What did you make of the tactics for


Becky James? She said they had no idea why they went for these


tactics. She was not very happy. I think she should have just ignored


the coach, gone on with what she was happy doing. You don't really try


and bring in new tactics at the world Championship level, obviously


the coaches know the opponent, so in this situation maybe they were


trying to find a weakness, but when you're racing you need to be


confident in what you're doing so having that, she has got to Boyce is


-- two voices in her head, not a good place to be. Year ago she came


in under the radar, won two golds, a couple of bronze, is there anything


different coming in with expectation? When you are the hunted


rider it is a different experience. It is great for her to have it. She


is only 21, she will come back so much stronger having had this


experience. If it is only tactics that is the problem, if her form is


good, that is the main battle. Tactics can change, she can do new


things, we saw Vogel winning and Becky James beat her last year, but


Vogel's tactics have changed. She is pulling moves that she did not have


the confidence to do last year. Becky will have that experience and


be stronger for it. It is difficult to read too much into it, but you


read what Becky James has said, Ed Clancy, there seems to be


uncertainty in British Cycling, which is not what we have been used


to. David Nott there. He was a huge inspirational figure. -- David is


not there. He would do motivational talks, Raleigh and get everyone


round, you would walk out of the room ready for the week. -- rally.


Whether that has had an impact, I don't know. It is hard to say. It is


an interesting year, there has been a lot of riders leaving. Even though


Chris is out, we don't know what the effect of his role is. It is


interesting. Do you think Dave Brailsford is missed? It'll be to


find out from the Raiders. We have had conversations like this before,


experimentation has taken place and the result has not been the outcome


we hope for, but then 12 months, two years later, it is amazing. I think


we need to reserve judgement and they are experimenting and we know


that the experiences they have will help. She will be super fired up for


the keirin. That will be on tomorrow. Jason Kenny is also there,


let's hear from them. Jason Kenny is in a good spot here.


Up towards the line, it is Jason Kenny, the world champion. What a


ride, when it really mattered. How do you see it in relation to where


you were last year? I would like to be faster but then I would always


like to be going faster. Last year was pants, to be honest. Now we have


had a full year of training, a good off-season, going into this one in


better shape. You are very much in that role as a senior member of the


team, how does that sense of responsibility sit with you? I don't


feel any different. To be honest, some of the guys, I thought everyone


was the same age, even though we are really not. I am five years older


than some people. All of a sudden they seem really young. It is good


to have people who are really angry to be here, they remind me of myself


in many ways. It is quite inspiring in a way. You see how you were back


then. How much would it mean to you to winning Cali? It would be good. I


then. How much would it mean to you need to get on with business as


usual. The World Championships, it comes round every year and you wear


the jersey if you win it. It is special.


I wonder how Jason Kenny will play this one. Will he try to be more


assertive or lighter towards the back of the field? -- or loiter. The


riders are quite evenly matched. It will come down to tactics. I cannot


believe that Jason Kenny's previous raid was planned to come from that


far back. He managed to get himself through. Jason Kenny, the defending


champion from Great Britain is in the field. There are two Germans in


the race. Let's see if they will try and do something from that position.


Nothing at this stage. They are content to wait. Six laps to go. If


you're wondering what the differences, Max Levy has black


socks. The other rider has green socks. Francois Pervis on the front.


In second place, the Pan-American games champion. Can he get a medal


for the host nation? The crowd are excited about this one. Max Levy is


at the back at the moment. Jason Kenny is in fifth place. We are just


splitting up the Germans. Everyone is waiting while the motor Excel


rates, up to its top speed of 50 kilometres per hour. -- while the


motorbike accelerates. Just one lap now until the motorbike swings out.


Francois Pervis. Francois Pervis takes the gold


medal. It is a silver medal for Colombia. But the spectacular crash


on the far side of the track. Max Levy upended and unable to finish.


Francois Pervis and the word title -- adds the world title to his kilo


crown. The rider from the Netherlands claimed the bronze


medal. Jason Kenny was in fifth place.


medal. We will reflect on that very


shortly, the men's keirin. Let's move on to the individual sprint.


Once again, Jason Kenny find himself up against Francois Pervis. But he


only got there qualifying through the repechage.


What a race this could be. It is the first matchup in this quarterfinal


between Jason Kenny and Francois Pervis. Jason Kenny came through


against Robert Forstemann. Slowly around the banking away to


our left. Francois Pervis, the way he has


ridden this week, he must feel unbeatable. Two laps remaining, just


under that. Francois Pervis is limbering up, gaining height. He


wants to take control of this one. Jason Kenny just did not have the


legs, he did not have the speed. Francois Pervis, the man of the


week, with two gold medals already, he takes a 1-0 lead. It is hard to


know what he can do here. He wrote tactically very well in the previous


round, but Francois Pervis, he also knew what he was doing. He had the


extra engine power. But he is forced to lead out this time. Francois


Pervis was just a little bit too quick for Jason Kenny in the first


ride. It was as simple as that. Can Jason Kenny pull it out of the bag?


Can the force a third and deciding race between the pair of them? If


Francois Pervis wins this one, he is through in straight rights. --


straight rides. Francois Pervis, he has an air of confidence about him.


He is thinking of a medal in this match sprint. The fastest ever


kilometre time trial scene at the World Championships. Yes, yesterday.


It was at the end of what was an increasingly exciting kilo


competition. He has decided he's going to take this one from the


front. Jason Kenny has given him a lot of


Jason Kenny was fighting hard all the way to the line, but he did not


have enough. Francois Pervis wins in straight rights. 2-0. -- rides. That


was a very, very fast sprint. It was just not quite enough.


It would be nice to finish with a victory, but unfortunately I am only


finishing fifth. I was fifth in the keirin, fifth in the team sprint,


and fifth in the individual sprint. I think I might just be fifth in the


world at the moment. It is quite disappointing. Qualifying for the


sprint, your role is going to put it up against yourself with the draw,


when you qualified so far down. What do you put that down to? I am not


sure. I have not qualified well all year. It is very close, I am not


losing a massive amount, but it is always that fraction. It can mean


the difference of ten places. You set yourself up for a hard day.


There are no easy races. It was a tough day. Disappointing. Buy your


own standards, it has been a disappointing World Championships.


We expect Great Britain to win medals and we expect you to come


away with something. Is it enough to say that we are a couple of years


out of the Olympics? How concerned should we be? I think that is the


text the cancer, but as a rider, I want to win. In the keirin, I was a


bit unfortunate, but realistically, I have not been near the victory in


any of these events. We will have to work hard to try and rectify that.


We need to get back to where we belong. We are looking at a


situation where Great Britain might go home with no medals for male


competitors. Is that something the team is worried about, it has not


happened for a long time? I cannot speak for the team, it is a worry


for myself. We have lost Chris and Victoria. But I think we have enough


talent and quality to come through and win more medals. When you look


at the table, it has been a disappointing World Championships.


We still have Laura Trott in the onion, and she is looking good. The


press officer for British Cycling has obviously given Jason Kenny the


key messages, which he is ignoring excavation Mark let's not forget,


Joanna Rowsell has two gold medals. Let's not get too depressed, but so


far, it has been a tale of almost Groundhog Day, with those


interviews, I am not sure, I do not know that it has gone wrong. I am


trying to get my head around it, and from my own experience, I think you


need the lows to get the highs. I'm not panicking, and I do not think


the riders are panicking. It will give them the kick up the backside


that they need. They are beatable. There is plenty of competition out


there that can beat them. Hopefully they will go home and try new


things. They will be able to turn it around. That is a great


observation, about not panicking, because Jason Kenny, for all that he


is going fifth, fifth, he was pretty relaxed. Yes, and you cannot think


straight after the race, what you need to change. Those are the things


that happen over the summer season. They will qualify for the World Cups


and come back into the winter season. Over the next few weeks,


they will be looking at the lessons they can learn. They will change the


things that they did not like that happened this week. In terms of the


keirin and the individual sprint, what did you see there that Jason


Kenny did or did not do? The spark was not there. He did not look


super-sharp like he has done in the past. His tactics in the races were


pretty good. I could not fault them. At the top 1% was not there. I do


not think there is a massive panic going on. I would not be panicking


if I was him. There has been a big change in the qualifying for this


series. The riders have to go out and get these grands prixs. All the


other countries are having to do it as well, but there has been a change


in the system, and that may take a bit of adjustment. One of the big


changes is no more Sir Chris Hoy. He has been speaking to a reporter.


A big presence for Britain this week has been Sir Chris Hoy, enjoying his


first world championship since announcing his retirement from the


track. What exactly has your role been this week? It has been an


informal role. I have been behind the scenes, some want to do little


jobs, a bit of a dogsbody, but someone to chat to the riders. I


found it useful in my career to have objectives, and the views of people


out with the inner circle. People who understand what it is like to


compete at this level, but they are a step removed from it. You can have


a sounding board. That is what I have been doing. Do you wish you


were out there? When you see how fast they are going, I'm quite glad


to be spectating. The standard is getting higher overtime and I'm 100%


sure I got the best out of myself, and I finished at the right time.


You start to appreciate what it was you had the chance of doing for so


long. I watched the final from up in the stands and it was awesome. I was


doing that not long ago. You feel proud you had that opportunity. I'm


very happy to be spectating and not on the track. What have you made of


these World Championships? It is a transition between the Olympic cycle


for Great Britain. We have had some success but not as much as we have


grown used to. The expectation is always high. You can make excuses


reasons for not topping the medal table. Every race we get up there,


we want to win. There are a few disappointed riders but there are a


lot of great hopefuls, you have young riders coming into the team


pursuit, men and women, the team sprint, we are going through a


transitional phase. It is a difficult sport. Sport is


unpredictable. We are still winning medals, you need to look back for


years, before London there were questions being asked. We always


manage to do it when it counts. That is not to say we don't want to win


world titles, but when we get to Rio de Janiero we will hopefully be back


on top. That was Chris Hoy speaking. What you think it will be


like having Sir Chris Hoy out there? He is such a big character, our most


successful Olympian. Could it be a positive or a negative? It could be,


but I think having him there is a fantastic idea. He has all that


experience, he knows what it is, doing that, he knows what is in


front of him. He is able to put the arms round shoulders of riders, they


will be disappointed, he can help them through it, help them be


positive for the next race, going home with a positive attitude for


the coming training that they've got to do. You know him really well. You


won gold back in 2008. What you think he will bring to the table? A


lot of experience. I'm a coach, and I really enjoy passing things onto


athletes. They are struggling, dealing with highs and lows. It is


the great pleasure of passing that knowledge on. There is no better


guide to do it than Chris. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Interesting


that he is they are when David Brailsford is not. Coincidence? --


he's there. Who knows? Chris is great to have out there, and Dave


has one opportunity to give the team a chance to do something without


him. That is obviously something they can take away and decide


whether it is the right call to make. Back in 2004, Chris Hoy was


the world champion in the keirin. It was dropped from the Olympics. Here


is what happened in the World Championships, where it is still


involved. -- the kilo. Not much in it in the first time


check. In touch is all you need to be. It is all about the final


quarter. You have to be within a 10th of a second to have a chance at


taking the fastest time. That is what years. Almost level pegging


now. Starting to go out by a 10th of a


second, losing a little bit of ground. Once the rot has started it


is nearly impossible to bring it back. He is holding his own. Still


over a lap to go. What has he got left in the tank? It is the fastest


time at the three quarters distance. It will come back to this are flat.


Remember there are only two riders to come after he crosses the line.


We have a new leader X permission Mark what are -- sweet have leader!


That has taken us all by surprise. What a phenomenal ride. He just did


not pirate. -- get tired. The first ride below a minute. Truly


fantastic. Just two riders left in this event. Simon van Velthooven is


underway. I think the fastest times set at sea-level was just over a


minute. That is a slow start. Is he going to wind it up? Is he going to


be off the pace? It is over half a second. That is too much time to


make up. He is holding his own at half a second. That is probably over


ten metres. He has have a second to pick up. He has made an inroad. It


is going to take an enormous final lap.


It is going to get him on the podium. Halfway down the back


straight, he just has to go down the banking one final time. Then he


brings it home to the finish now. It is going to be close. It is good


enough for second place. Silver medal position for Simon van


Velthooven. He was second last year, I wonder whether he will be


second this year. We spoke about world records. It is this man who


holds the world record, albeit at altitude. He has already shown us he


is on fantastic form. My guess would be the New Zealander is heading for


a bronze medal spot here. Francois Pervis has got his work cut out. He


certainly has the form but that is some barrier to overcome. Sub one


minute, incredible time. From such a young rider as well. Yes, 23, from


Germany. Francois Pervis has been around for a long time. He has seen


it all before. He will not be put off. The last time it was held in


the Olympic Games, 2004, he wrote. -- he was in it. He produced a ride


that was good enough for six place. That was 20 years ago in the Olympic


Games. The simplest ideas are the best. Big


white strap, good security, nice and clean. Surprised that the British


team did not come up with that one. We know his form is good. Will it be


good enough? 59.984 is the time to beat.


We will know in one minute. It is all about pacing. The second half of


the race is what it is all about. Three tenths of a second inside that


fastest time! He is absolutely flying, it is as if he has been


thrown from a gun. We can expect this to be good. That is enormous.


At the halfway mark, it is over eight tenths of a second, this is an


absolutely stunning ride by the defending champion from France,


Francois Pervis. We could see it below 59 seconds. That would be


quite incredible. He is nearly a full second ahead of every other


rider. Have a lap to go. What has he got left in the legs? Is it a ride


that will bring him a gold medal? I'm sure it is X permission Mark it


absolutely is! The fastest ever World Championship time. The world


record holder is still the world champion and the king of the kilo.


That takes some doing, to come out and beat the fastest ever time by


over half a second. I have never seen anything like that at the World


Championships. He takes the applause of the crowd while we watch the


replay. That was a phenomenal ride. Technically superb. The bar was set


extremely high. He did not just squeak inside the time, he


absolutely annihilated it. I am going to defer to the commentators,


but we think Francois Pervis is superb. A great success story for


France. One of the great success stories for Britain has been Katie


Archibald, going in the points race. Quite remarkable for a young woman


who only started cycling in 2011. 100 laps of the track. Points every


ten laps. If you gain a lap it is 20 point bonus.


They are one lap away from the next set of points. She should be able to


score some points, get something for her effort. I don't think these two


will be allowed to stay away. The gap is closing. She will get some


points on the board. Katie Archibald has got five points on the board.


Excellent start. She is making a race of it. The first to make the


junction. They are really starting to put the hammer down in front of


her. Trying to chase. It is making it more difficult. Not far off the


back as you can see. Amy Cure is trying to get that lap.


Stephanie Pohl has broken away from the five others. Jasmin Glaesser is


puffing. Make the junction. Move into second place.


Amy Cure is the leader on 30 points overall. Stephanie Pohl is up to 25.


It is going to be made by Katie Archibald. They have joined the back


of the pellet -- peloton. It is going to be a good head-to-head


battle. Amy Cure has got the legs and takes five points. That puts her


strongly in the lead. Comes at to take the bell. One lap to go. She is


in trouble here. Comes around the long way. Leading the chase now.


Jasmin Glaesser is coming around the top. They are outside the top is at


the moment, Amy Cure is up towards the line. Trying to hang on.


Jasmin Glaesser crosses the line in first place on the final sprint.


What a close race that was at the end. Amy Cure, the gold medallist


ahead of Stephanie Pohl from Germany. In fourth place, Katie


Archibald from Great Britain. Give us your initial thoughts. It is a


great performance. I can imagine I will do much better than that, but I


was not content, I knew I had lost it in that last half. It is the end


that you remember. I was not there. You had a busy week, to come away


with the rainbow jersey from the start of the week, overall, your


thoughts on this? It has been all the things you can imagine. It felt


once we got the rainbow jersey, the pressure was on for this, because


before that, nobody knew my name, you could get away with coming out


and they would not notice. I had a pretty tough time coming into it,


overthinking things. It is a bit of a relief, it is fourth place, but I


will hopefully get another chance to have another crack at it. Very cool


doing your interview on the bike afterwards. You know Katie is pretty


well. It has been a remarkable journey. Even 12 months ago, nobody


would have known her name. She came into the team pursuit squad last


summer, did an incredible ride at the championships, she has had an


incredible winter, she has been doing bunch races as well as the


team pursuit. I'm looking forward to racing with her on the road. The


women's team pursuit, they have won the gold medal again. Not quite as


dominant as we have seen them, but you have got five into four. You


have got Dani King, Joanna Rowsell, Elinor Barker, and Katie Archibald.


There is also Laura Trott. How will that work? We will have to qualify


through different events for the World Championships. We have several


seasons to go through until we get to the Olympic year. Five riders is


the minimum that we can cope with. The competition within the team will


be fierce, because no one will want to demand five. Sir Chris Hoy


mentioned in his interview, the Olympics. It is remarkable, coming


from athletics, you have a four-year cycle. But the obsession within


cycling is overwhelming? It is not just the Olympics. We cherish our


world championship medals. The media builds up everything around the


Olympics. Funding is based on Olympic medals. As athletes, you


cherish this world championship titles. Does it get into the psyche


of the athletes. I want to win, but if I do not, it is still about the


Olympics? I am sure there have been arguments between the athletes and


the management. The management want to experiment, we do not care what


we do in the middle, but the athletes say, we want medals. It is


a tough call. You will be back tomorrow, Jamie Staff, Sarah, you


will not. What is on your radar for the next few months? Hopefully the


cycling team for the Paralympic track Championships will be


announced over the coming weeks. If that goes well, I will try and


defend my world titles. I am really excited to get going again.


Brilliant. Thank you for being with us. We will see you tomorrow. Before


then, we are on the red button from ten o'clock. We are online from a 20


PM. We will have the conclusion of Laura Trott's omniums. In terms of


the football, this is what we have in store. That is all from us. It is


not often from British Cycling that you get a blank day with no medals.


That is what has happened. Hopefully better tomorrow.


Jonathan Edwards presents highlights of the Track Cycling World Championships, which are being held in the city of Cali, known as the sporting capital of Colombia. The final rounds of the women's sprint, in which Great Britain's Becky James is the defending champion, are sure to provide plenty of drama, as is the conclusion of the men's omnium.

With commentary from Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman.

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