03/03/2014 World Track Cycling Championships


Jonathan Edwards introduces highlights from the Track Cycling World Championships in Cali, Colombia. Includes Laura Trott in the women's omnium and Jason Kenny in the men's sprint.

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she has done it. Great Britain are the team that could not be beaten.


They are the world champions a game. -- again.


A very good afternoon to you. The championships so far has been really


disappointing from the normally dominant British Cycling team. Jamie


staff is alongside me once again. Me and Jamie are happy we are tired.


I'm sure Sarah Storey will catch up later on I play. Here is what she


had two look forward to. It is Laura Trott against Sarah Hammer in the


women's Omnium. No Olympic champion in the men's sprint.


Becky James has a world title to defend. We will see the women's


Kieren where Kristina Vogel is looking for her third rainbow


jersey. Laura Trott stole our hearts in London 2012 with the dramatic


Omnium win. It should be a battle royal in -- here. Here comes Laura


Trott. She wins the final event. She wins the women's Omnium. What keeps


driving you and driving you? I love winning. You finish, I did a 500


metres, you look at the board and see you have one and it overrides


any other feeling you have. Where do you think you are now? There is


always something I need to improve on.


We have been doing a lot and I did eight points race and my coach said


I did really well. To hear that gave me quite a bit of hope and good


feelings. You have a huge target on your back. Does it make it just that


little bit harder? It definitely does. It is hard. I see people get


an easy lap. I try and get a lap and I cannot do it. It takes me 60 laps


to get it. I do think it makes it harder. If it were not like that,


maybe I would not enjoy it so much because it might be easier. When it


comes to competitions, she is stealing. First up, it was that


flying lap. This time trial is 250 metres. Laura started off well and


was in third place. She was one point and one place behind Sarah


Hammer, her archrival. Next was the points race. Sarah Hammer only


featured in one of the eight sprints but gained lap. Despite Laura Trott


scoring heavily, the victory went to the American with Laura in third


place. As expected, the battle was on. The American had the best of the


early skirmishes. Next up it was the elimination race.


The rider from Colombia. This is supposed to be neutralised lap. They


are already contesting positions. Sarah Hammer started off on the


front line. You would think they were sprinting for the first points.


Coming through, around on the outside, as they start the race is


the Polish rider. The French rider is also towards the front. On the


next time they cross the line, the first rider will be eliminated, that


is the last rider to cross the line. Laura Trott is towards the back of


the field. When I first saw this it alarmed me. I thought she had got


herself into difficulties. I realised she was so good, she knows


what to do. She spots the gaps when we would spot the bodies and somehow


slipped through them. In that statement I've just made, how did


she get from the back to the front in about eight seconds? The next


time over the line we will lose our second rider. Laura Trott is at the


front. It is the rider from Hong Kong who


has gone. She is out. Sarah Hammer got herself into a bit of bother.


Not afraid of hard work. She is happy to sit on the front and ride


from there. The Belgian is quite prominent as well. Laura Trott at


the bottom of the track, about force in line at the moment. Not in a bad


position at all. Was that the rider from Japan? It may well have been


the rider from Japan who has gone. No, it is the Cuban rider. There was


half a wheel in it. Not quite in line with the finish here. Laura


Trott tucked away in the middle of the pack.


The Colombian is riding on the front. Here comes Laura Trott once


again, just gliding towards the front. The rider from Hong Kong is


at this time. It is the Japanese rider who has gone. That does


surprise me. Laura Trott in second place. Sarah Hammer right at the


back at the moment. She is bouncing along at the back of the field and


she now makes a move. She goes past the Italian. She is gone. Sarah


Hammer is making hard work of this race. That is three times she has


been swamped and had to come around the outside. She stalled again


halfway. She is covering a lot of distance. Laura Trott, on the


inside, is just minding the holes when she needs to. The Russian rider


is at the rear of the field at the moment. Her position in this field


is at risk. How she made it? It was closed between her and the rider


from Belarus. It is just starting to whittle down. It comes thick and


fast in the elimination race. Another rider will go next time


around. Laura Trott goes to the front of the field. The rider at the


back again, who is in trouble, is the Russian.


That was a close one. It made BBC back Ian. Yes, it is. -- it may be


the Slovakian. Laura Trott is still riding in front.


Laura Trott has ridden very well so far in this elimination race. She is


in second place overall, three points behind Sarah Hammer.


Laura Trott in second place. Yet again, the ration is loitering


towards the back of the field. The French athlete is the overall winner


of the cup series. She could not hang around long enough to contest a


finish here. France have gone. Laura Trott in second place. Sarah Hammer


back in fifth. Laura Trott was almost boxed in but she spotted it.


I am trying to recall when she last lost one of these events. The


Spaniard is out. Now it starts to really get interesting. We are down


to the last half-dozen. Sarah Hammer is on the back now. She


is really struggling with this. This could play into the hands of Laura


Trott. The Colombian is in a really difficult position. She will go. She


could not quite get on the back of the net Edmondson. She desperately


needs a good elimination race. That is after the points race where she


finishes in 11 if she wants a podium spot. A couple of gold medals for


the Edmondson family already. Her brother has one two golds. Sarah


Hammer is in big trouble at the back. She may concede a few points.


Laura Trott suddenly finds herself at the back. This will be tight as


they cross the line. Laura Trott found a space that was not there.


That was a very courageous move to go on the inside. She forced her way


through. There was no gap but Laura Trott created one. She knew she was


in trouble. Now we are down to five. Sarah Hammer again on the rear. She


is going to try to box Laura Trott but she spotted it. Now we are down


to four. Just two more eliminations before the final sprint. It is


almost like a sprint now, isn't it? A sprint lap next time. Laura Trott


is boxed in. Sarah Hammer is trying to make sure she stays boxed in. She


will have to work hard. Edmondson leaves out the sprint. Laura Trott


has work to do as they come up towards the line. Had she made it?


That is a big surprise. In Laura Trott terms, that is an early exit


from the elimination race. She was just behind Sarah Hammer. That is a


real blow. I was just saying, I cannot remember the last time she


lost one of these events. She will take four points from this event.


Sarah Hammer looks as if she was having to work really hard earlier


in this elimination race. She is still there right at the end.


Edmondson is out. It'll be Belgian man the USA, the last two on the


track. Sarah Hammer looked to be in trouble all away through the race.


She gets better and better as the numbers whittle down.


The final sprint for the line. Sarah Hammer on the inside of the track.


Sarah Hammer, what an opening day she has had! She has stamped her


authority all away over the competition. Laura Trott has it all


to do issues to overcome the American on day two. Day two began


with the individual pursuit in the two kilometre time trial. Those two


athletes were a class above the rest but Sarah Hammer prevailed by just


over half a second to put her seven points clear. Two events to go. Next


the scratch race over ten kilometres. It is Laura were to take


gold, this is her last chance. This turned out to be the least


successful event for both Sarah Hammer and Laura Trott with the


American pipping the Brit by just one place. The title and the rainbow


jersey will stay in the states in the last event. Edmondson closing in


on bronze. A good start from and it is and is


on. She has got a chance to take another round here. She won the


opener yesterday morning. She was the second fastest. It is all down


to the final 250 metres. A high line on the track. It is a new fastest


time. She just kept winding up and up. Jolien D'Hoore's time is good


enough for fourth place. She will be reasonably pleased. It is not her


favourite discipline. And it is and set a tough mark.


The sixth and final race. It has not gone the way she would have wanted,


she has been competitive throughout, as always, but Sarah Hammer has had


her number this time. And eight point difference, so this ride is


unlikely to affect the overall result. They have a decent buffer on


the riders behind them. Laura Trott has got to hold off Annette


Edmondson behind her. A picture of concentration, Laura Trott gets


under way. Look at her go. She does not lack courage. Neither of them


do. They put every sinew into the ride. Laura Trott has just got to


keep going. That is the only thing she can control, and she has got to


hope that Sarah Hammer loses more time. Laura Trott crosses the line


second fastest. Sarah Hammer's time is good enough for fourth place,


there is the world champion, she has won it for the second year in a row,


it is exactly the same scenario as last time, Sarah Hammer, gold, and


silver for Laura Trott. Not a great ride for Sarah Hammer there, but she


did enough, she built up a buffer of points, and that is what she had it


for. Sarah Hammer finishing with 14 points, Laura Trott on 20. Annette


Edmondson, the Olympic bronze medallist, gets a bronze medal here,


24 points. Jolien D'Hoore outside the medals by some distance, 35


points. A silver medal to add to the gold


medal you won earlier in the week, you did not do a lot wrong. Sarah


Hammer was just keen to get the gold medal. Yes, she rode amazingly, she


won three of the six events. The better girl won on the day. Like you


say, I tried my best, I rode a decent points race for once. It is


putting the pieces together. The elimination race let me down this


time. But everything else went well. It is getting six complete events


right on the day. The focus for you is the team to shoot, but the fact


you have been so competitive in the bunch races is progress. Definitely,


the team pursuit helps me, because on the road we train further and do


some hard, flat-out efforts, and helps in the bunch races. Chris


Newton has been doing a lot of work with me, it is paying off. You are


paying the price for John arousal beating Sarah Hammer, because she


was desperate to get the medal, she was angry. She tweeted to say how


gutted she was, so she was out to get us back, and she did! How have


you enjoyed these championships? I really enjoy the team pursuit, that


was my best victory. Things went wrong and we still won, so we could


laugh about it. I really wanted to win the omnium. That was a bit of a


disappointment, but to come away with a silver, I am super happy.


A gold medal for Sarah Hammer. You know her well. You see her training


in the state, that was a dominant performance. She wanted to prove a


point. She has had a quick rise back to form, she let herself go a bit


about -- after the Olympics. She is training hard back home, but she is


there to prove a point and stamp her authority on that discipline and


show she is in contention for Rio de Janeiro. The different looking


athlete, Sarah Hammer is a powerhouse, Laura Trott is much


slighter, but that performance from Sarah was so dominant, for Laura,


she must look and think, where are the weaknesses for Sarah? Sarah


struggles being in the pack, she is not comfortable at that, she is


working on it, obviously, her coaches have addressed it and they


are trying to get her more comfortable, they will look at how


races are panning out. We are doing the same thing with Laura. She does


have witnesses, everybody does. At the moment, Laura is scratching her


head, how can I beat her? Sarah is going really fast, she is a


powerhouse, she is strong. You have got the insight from working in the


American system, how do they view what has been domination by British


cyclist for five or six years? It almost feels like it is coming to an


end a little bit, but let's not speak too soon. What is the view to


what is going on here? There is the target. Britain has been so


dominant. It will be tough for them, they have the target on their back,


whenever we have our review meetings or preseason meetings, we are


looking at a medal tally for the World Championships, Britain set the


benchmark, those are the goals we are trying to achieve. You look at


what written has done and you think, why can't we do that? The other


countries are doing it as well. That was Britain's Outlook years ago.


Germany or France, if they can do it, why can't we? Everybody is


gunning for Britain. We will move onto the sprint, it has been a tough


Championships for Becky James, a year ago, for medals, but a bronze


so far. The final event for her was the one in which she was the


defending world champion, the keirin, but she was up against


Kristina Vogel. We are ready to go. Anna Meares


feeling the consequences of taking a year out. She does not quite have


the depth she has had in the past. The experience is there. She should


not be ruled out, because she will know how to place herself. Kristina


Vogel mirrors her male counterpart, Francois Pervis, head and shoulders


stronger than the others. It is never sure in the keirin. Becky


James did not look as strong as I was expecting in the previous round.


Sandie Clair, from Anna Meares, Vicky James, Kristina Vogel, Daniela


Gaxiola, and at the back, Elena Brezhniva. The World Championship


final, eight laps of the track. They will have six to go when they


crossed the line in the next two seconds. 33 kilometres an hour. The


dramatic nature of the music over the tannoy ratchets up the tension


for the crowd. Everybody happy to stay in position for the moment.


Still five laps remaining. 36 kilometres an hour, the bike. Sandie


Clair, Anna Meares, Becky James, Kristina Vogel, Daniela Gaxiola and


Elena Brezhniva, in that order. 40 kilometres an hour.


One lap to go until we lose the motorbike. Already, Anna Meares


starting to check behind. As soon as they start to see somebody


accelerate, they will try to hold them on the shoulder. Sandie Clair


laying off the bike. Kristina Vogel will make her move soon. The race is


on. Just over two laps to go, Sandie Clair in front, Anna Meares in


second, Eddie James looking to see where Kristina Vogel is. The Russian


rider boxed in. Sandie Clair is being left behind. They take the


bell. It is going to be between the front three.


Kristina Vogel has the speed, it is Kristina Vogel who takes the crown,


Anna Meares with the silver, and in third place, Becky James for Great


Britain. Kristina Vogel is a triple world champion, she is one of the


Starts of this week in Colombia. The team sprint hold on the opening


night, the individual sprint gold, and she has book ended it with the


keirin gold. Becky James' world title has gone, but she fought all


the way. Nobody was going to beat Kristina Vogel today, but Becky


James spotted her going past, she fought her way up, she got onto her


wheel, as soon as Kristina Vogel dropped down, she was on the


shoulder of Anna Meares. She is congratulating Kristina Vogel. She


knew, I have got to hold this wheel. Experience got that silver medal.


Becky James fought hard, courageously, to take the bronze


medal, that was the best she could hope for there.


Your third time on the top step of the podium, how special does this


feel? It is really special. An amazing crowd. So many feelings come


to me. I never accepted that I would win three gold medals. You have


worked so hard, you have raised almost every day, how are you


feeling? I am now tired, but I want to party now! After yesterday, I am


good. Just be easy today, enjoy my ride, see what will happen, push


myself, and it worked. The last round, push, push, push. Just happy


that it worked. Congratulations, a bronze medal,


watching the race a game, you did not put a foot wrong, you were on


the wheel. Definitely, when Kristina Vogel went, I could have sat on the


wheel of Anna Meares, and I thought somebody could come round. I was


going to chase the wheel, I could feel Anna Meares underneath me. It


was hard, going through the turn, but I cannot complain with a bronze


medal. A really high quality, Anna Meares coming back, and Kristina


Vogel, three gold medals, a phenomenal performance. She has been


flying all season, through the World Cup, she has been on another level.


She deserved to win the medals. I have got something to chase next


year. It was always going to be difficult to replicate the success


of last year, but what are your thoughts? It has been really good, I


can take a lot away. I have learned a few different things. My form had


been pretty good, and I have raced as well as I could. I love racing


the keirin, it is nice to finish with that. There will be lots of


stuff I can work on after this. Hopefully, I will come out better


next year. Your thoughts will switch to Glasgow before that. Now this is


at the way, that will be my focus. It is not a long way at all.


Kristina Vogel unbelievable, but a great bronze medal for Becky James.


It is important for her to come away with something, even though she did


not defend her title. Yes, just to get on the podium. It is not what


you want, but you will take it. She looked good. She could have gone a


bit earlier and got to the front, she could have won it. She could


have also cut Anna Meares off. She did not lean on her quite enough,


she could have closed the door and made it hard for her. She went a


long longer, way higher on the track. She talked about tactics and


not liking her tactics in the individual sprint.


The keirin is hard. All the other athletes, it is hard to get right.


There are so many variables going on. Like I was telling you a moment


ago, you are in the race and behind a motorbike. When do I go, when do I


go? Shane Sutton used to tell me, the first time you think it is


generally when you should go. That tactic seemed to work for me. I


think she had it in her legs that she should not be too disappointed.


You mentioned Shane Sutton. We caught up with him for his


assessment. I am sure you will have time to reflect on these


championships as you make your way back to Manchester. Five medals,


what is your initial assessment? We were hoping for six medals. A little


bit of disappointment in certain events. There are a lot of


positives. We are by we are. There is a lot of work to do. It is back


to the drawing board. No medals at all for the Great Britain men's


team. I think 1998 was the last time that happened. How concerned are you


and how concerned should we be? It is about going back and addressing


where we went wrong and what areas we need to work on. The boys will be


a bit disappointed. It will give them time to reflect and say, we


have got to get on with it. Well done to the girls, to be honest.


Because we are used to seeing the much British success, we are


surprised when there is so little success from the men 's team. Where


has it gone wrong? It went wrong going into Christmas. The World Cup


in Manchester was good. Coming back in after Christmas, we were not


where we wanted them to be. We had to rejigger a few things here and


there. One thing and another and you are where you are, you need to


accept that and move on. The success of the British team has been built


on the endurance team. It is very disappointing for them. I would


challenge you. The men's sprint team, with the Chris Hoy and his


reign, we were untouchable. We cannot win everything. The boys must


accept that. Hopefully we can turn it around. What kind review will you


have after these championships? They are setting a plan in place in


Manchester. We have great athletes. They will understand they have


underperformed. Five medals at World Championship is, in another sport,


you would be jumping for joy. Unfortunately, cycling has been so


dominant, people expect. As long as we roll up our sleeves and get back


to basics, we will be fine. Katie Archibald has come in here and she


has performed. It was a great ride for the girls. Look at Laura again.


Kein, he has made a massive improvement. We are moving in the


right direction but it will take time. Make no excuses, this is a


World Championship. We came here to perform and probably did not get


what we wanted. At the end of the day, we will reflect and be better


next time around. Will Dave continued to lead the team? Only


Dave can answer that. His passion is still there. I know that. His hunger


is there. He is a busy man. Let's hope we can all turn it around


together. Jail not pulling the punches. They were tough questions.


One of the phrases we heard was, back to the drawing board. They know


what they are doing. They have won multiple medals. What is it about


going back to the drawing board? What can they get so wrong? When you


are dealing with sport, you will know yourself, there are so many


ways of being successful in terms of an athlete. Athletes and coaches


think it is a strict rule, routinely go through. You do this and this and


the outcome is this. We all know in sport there are so many different


ways to attack training programme and training cycle. Some things will


work for athletes and some will not. They are trying to find the new


edge. What will give them the edge in Rio? Maybe they are trying new


things and new tactics. Some of the events have changed little bit,


especially for the women. There are new rules in place. In my day and


Chris 's day, we only had to show up. Now the riders need to go out


and do the small races to even qualify. A lot of things have


changed. Everyone else has two played by the same rules. There is


still plenty more time for development. Again, I would rather


be losing now. Do you think the Whole Road cycling staff has taken


some of the emphasis of the men 's side? -- stuff. To separate the two


is kind of hard. Especially, even as a GB coach, they are wondering, are


they getting the full attention and investment from Dave? I would like


to think... They are completely separate entities. I do not think


there are any issues. We will move on to the men's sprint and a French


man looking for gold medal number three.


The first race in the bronze medal match up between the Russian and the


Australian. Just having a think about it, five


medals for the GB women and none for the blokes. Of the top of my head, I


know that none for the blokes is right. It is the women who are


leading the way for Great Britain. I think it is going to be four.


Sorry, five medals, yes. With two gold, silver and two bronze. The


Australian makes his move. He stays up as late as possible and weights


over half the back straight I -- half the back straight. Here is the


sprint once again. Let's have a look at how close it was. They have been


faultless all week, the tactics. He has been the one pushing the wind.


It might be starting to take its toll now. He has lost a bit of


edge. Francois Pervis against the defending champion. It is a bit


scary, to be fair. I am feeling slightly intimidated. I am 30 metres


away. The men's sprint final. The best of three.


They must continue now at least at walking pace. He is dictating the


pace of the race at this moment, the commissar. He seems to be content


they have managed that. He hands over to his fellow commissar. They


are playing cat and mouse. They need to keep the bikes moving. They did


not manage to do that convincingly. That was very foolish. We will do


that all again in a moment or two. And, at the second time of asking,


in this first race in the sprint final, it runs away. Bruce just get


up around the stadium will stop flags fluttering away.


Similar tactics to a minute or two number Aago. They are remembering to


keep things moving. -- a couple of minutes ago. He is safe now. If he


wants to stop, he is free to do so. Ironically, he decides to start


accelerating at that point. He is trying to get Purvis to accelerate.


They take the pressure off the back wheel and freeze it by using sheer


muscle power. The concentration on the face of Pervis. He does not want


to take the front position. He is trying really hard to get the front


position. Just out of principle, Pervis is trying to stop him. He


gave him a piercing look. Now the sprint starts. The sprint


round the back straight is well and truly under way. Francois Pervis is


drawing level. Yes, he is. Francois Pervis takes this race. It was one


with a lap to go. He allowed Francois Pervis to keep the height.


That is all he needed, that kind of advantage, to accelerate down the


back straight. You can see how he used it to accelerate into the


slipstream. He started to power around the outside on the final


bend. He knew he had it. It looks close to us but they him it was


never in doubt. It was cat and mouse. When it got going, it was


super fast. A little reminder of what we have here. The European


champion from Russia is going for bronze against Glaitzer. Glaitzer


have to win this time. Dmitriev is one win away from the bronze medal.


A convincing right by him in the previous round. He is riding out in


a pattern he has set out, which is to go to the front and move around


the track. He needs to stay high as late as possible. He has 180 metres


to go into the back straight and then he will accelerate hard. He


mixes up his tactics. We have just gone beyond the line on the track,


the half lap mark. That is why it is OK to do a track stand at this


point. The commissar has his stopwatch running, 30 seconds the


limit. If they are not moving by that time, the gun is fired and they


can restart the race. They can do this a maximum of twice. Every once


in a blue moon, somebody takes the opportunity to attack and goes for a


long one. It is very rare. This is generally when it happens, somebody


just starts to think about their track stand, forget the opposition,


give them an opportunity to disappear up the road. It does not


happen very often. Denis Dmitriev at the front. Just


over a lap and a half remaining. He will try and write this race the


same way again. Go high, control. Matthew Glaetzer keeping his eye on


the Russian. Denis Dmitriev claims the bronze


panel. That is the first tactical error I have seen from Matthew


Glaetzer. In the previous round, it was his superior acceleration that


one Denis Dmitriev the race. Matthew Glaetzer thought he would make it as


late as possible so there was no room for the Russian to come back,


but that was what his strength is, the sharp acceleration. Denis


Dmitriev a convincing winner. The winner of the kilometre and the


winner of the keirin. Going for the hat-trick.


Three laps of the track, potentially, to decide the outcome


of the sprint World Championship. Some very dire music in the


background! He looks to be very relaxed,


Francois Pervis, knocking around the track, and up into the stands. He


will need to be fully focused. Otherwise, we will go to a deciding


race. The wind-up is starting already, both riders getting maximum


height. The pace increasing all the time. He is going to go for the


inside, which is what Francois Pervis wants him to do.


Can Francois Pervis claim the gold medal? Francois Pervis is the world


champion. It is the third gold medal of the week. It is not about the


time, but what a time it was, to claim the gold medal. A ready and


sequence of sprints from Francois Pervis. It is the 11th time in his


career that he has won a World Championship medal, and it is the


fourth time that it has been gold. A magnificent performance, this is a


special place for you. Yes, three world titles, it is a first time for


me, the first time I have won the individual sprint, and the keirin. I


did an amazing kilometre. The public has given me big support, everybody


pushed me. It is my second home! Can you say which of the three victories


was the most important for you? The sprint. It is the most important


event. And the most needful event. Everybody says, if you win the


sprint, you are the best. I beat the world champion from last year. It is


a beautiful final. Do not if -- I do not know if they


do the man of the match, but he would win it for the men, and


Kristina Vogel for the women, three gold medals each. Completely


dominant, both of them, Francois Pervis looking unbeatable. When you


get to an event, there is a lot of anxiety, you do not know how you are


going to go, but you get a good feel for it as soon as you arrive, you


start training, and his results have been amazing. He is on point, and


his confidence is through the roof. Him and Kristina Vogel, tactics


become secondary. You are that confident, you can even make small


mistakes, you believe in yourself so much. It is great to see the


excitement in his face, he was so happy, all that hard work has paid


off, he will remember that for the rest of his life. We have already


heard from Shane Sutton, but what about the BBC voice of wisdom, Chris


Boardman? The sun has dipped down here,


drawing the World Championships to a close, but it is time to reflect on


Great Britain's performance, five medals, from the women's side, the


worst performance from Great Britain's men since 1998. I was


trying to cut back myself, I was there in 1998. It is a long time,


they have set the bar so high, but by anybody's standards, it is very


disappointing, at their form is good. They are just behind the curve


in every event. I would be concerned. That is the biggest


worry. We cannot work out what caused the problem. A review would


take place, what would you say? You have got to start with the process


of looking back, week by week, have you got here, what are the


differences, what have we done this year, try to tease it out. Also, the


competition was so strong, we saw world's best times set at sea level,


so it was not easy. Looking at the individual performances, the pursuit


team were not where they wanted to be at Christmas, it was always going


to be tough, what did you make of Jason Kenny? Not massively behind


the curve, he was there or thereabouts, but when you are


talking about half the bike length nicking the difference, Francois


Pervis was in phenomenal form, and he kept it up all the way through,


he was super strong. And Kristina Vogel armour they dominated. Let's


look at Laura Trott, her silver medal today. She fought hard, just


missing a bit of edge, up against the super-strong Sarah Hammer. She


still managed to get a silver medal. Another positive, Katie Archibald


coming away with a rainbow Jersey. There were raised eyebrows when


Danny King was not in the team. You put in a youngster like that, in the


final, a big scrap, and she threw in a long term, she was fantastic.


Everybody will analyse the performances, what has been the


highlight? The Colombian victory in the points race, that has got to be


it for me, it was great for the crowd, good for cycling, it was a


great spectacle. It looked as though it might lift the roof of! It would


not take too much! Chris Boardman has been part of


British cycling for many years, he was part of the technology


innovation that has been so important, so if he says he is


concerned about the men, there is reason for concern. I was not


concerned until he said it! Whether he was just trying to make good TV


or not, I do not know. Jason has now assumed the role that Chris had,


they will be doing a lot of research, seeing what new


innovations are coming up over the next few years. Like I mentioned


earlier, some of the equipment they used at the Olympics is not allowed


at the regular World Championships, which sounds absurd, but they keep


that equipment pristine for every four years. Like Chris said, they


are not 1 million miles away, it is not like they have had a disastrous


Championships. The medal count is not what they wanted, but again, we


are talking tiny things across the board. You talked about how the


Americans look at the Brits, is it a case of the Brits not being behind,


but everybody else having caught up, and it is like going back to the


drawing board, so we have to be better again? Had you keep


improving? Exactly, everybody charging towards Britain, they have


now passed Britain, and now Britain are scratching their heads,


thinking, what have we done wrong? In terms of performance, and the


benchmarks in terms of time and data, maybe they all where they want


to be, but everybody else has stepped it up. But I would rather be


the underdog and scratching my head, tried to build motivation and


passion and drive, to get what we want in Rio de Janeiro. The best


performance from the Brits, you picked out Joanna Russell. She is


just like Francois Pervis, she had a fantastic Championships. She is at


the peak of her career. Seeing the excitement on her face, it is great


to see, and hopefully she does not get pulled down to much by everybody


else and the negative experience of the event. Thank you, safe journey


back to America, we are jealous of you going to the Sunshine! We are


back again next weekend, with more action from a bank track, but no


wheels this time. There is a 35 strong British team, with plenty of


new faces, and some old ones to look out for. Coverage continues


throughout the weekend. The bare statistics do not make great reading


from a British perspective, the worst championships in a decade,


since 2004, and the men drawing a blank on the medal table. But with


two and a half years to go until the Olympics, if you needed a wake-up


call, this is the right time for it to happen. Goodbye.


It is gold! Sendshapes no riding! World champion!


Jonathan Edwards introduces highlights of Sunday's action at the Track Cycling World Championships in Cali, Colombia, where Britain's Laura Trott began as one of the favourites for the women's omnium. Trott won two gold medals at the 2012 Olympics, including one in the omnium, but in the corresponding event in the 2013 World Championships she ended with silver behind the USA's Sarah Hammer. Trott's partner, three-time Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny, is also one of the leading contenders in the men's sprint.

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