Day 2 World Track Cycling Championships

Day 2

Live coverage of day two of the Track Cycling World Championships from London. The best cyclists in the world return to the iconic east London velodrome.

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Good evening. Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Park from the Lee Valley


velodrome, glowing in the evening light. World selling tickets, every


evening is a sell-out. Tonight part of that is due to this man, Sir


Wiggins which. We will see him in the final of the men's team pursuit.


It relies on combined power, technical skill, understanding and


mutual respect. One word... In one word... Ummm... I


would say... I can't do one word! Ed is a freak of nature. Ed Clancy -


ginger. He's the funny guy of the team.


Phenomenal! Owain Doull, rugby-mad.


Reckless! Full of potential on the track as well as the road.


Andy Tennant - steady. And consistent. Always professional. He


will give it his best. Steven Burke, massive United fan.


Football mad. Solid. One of the most underrating rise riders on the


planet. Jon Dibben. Young lad on the team.


Keen, enthusiastic. Jon Dibben - under the thumb. The calm guy of the


team. The most talented person ever, also the laziest!


Bradley Wiggins - knight Rider, been there, done that. A great asset to


the team. A role model. A character. The boss. Wiggins - impressionist. I


will get them for nothing. So happy. He was like, "cheers, lad." I am so


made one these, we have to buy these ourselves.


It will come back on me! And that will be the highlight of


our coverage tonight as we show you the best of the live action from the


velodrome, which is rocking with enthusiastic cycling fans. Already


they have been cheering as Wiggins, Steven Burke Beat Italy this


afternoon to win a shot at gold. Laura Trott races in the women's


scratch, over 10kms. On the come-back trail, Becky James won to


make it into the second round of the ker rip. If she finishes in the top


three, she will go into the final. News on the line-up - Ed Clancy, who


has had a bad back injury and an operation is back in there with Jon


Dibben and Doull as well. Delighted to say, Britain's most successful


Paralympic and Olympic cyclists will be with me this evening to bring me


their wisdom. Three years ago at the World Track Championships, Becky was


the star of the show with two world medals. She suffered injury and


illness problems. She's on the track, literally, coming back and


hoping for a place in Rio. I was pretty low. I had amazing


support. All of British cycling were telling me they always believe in


me. It was not an enjoyable experience and I hope never to go


through it again. All I have ever known is riding my bike. I could not


imagine not doing it. That gave me the determination. It has been like


a new beginning to me. I feel like I am a different bike rider now. I am


trying to see myself not what I was before, and a new Becky now and


hopefully moving forward to be better than I was before.


THE COMMENTATOR: It is all or nothing. Becky James is the champion


of the world. It has been a long time, so I am excited to be back.


THE COMMENTATOR: Becky James with a chance to be a double world


champion. She's done it. Double world champion. I am loving every


training session. Every time I am racing I am loving it more than ever


before. That is the appreciation from being injured. My determination


to get to Rio is unbelievable. To be able to go to an Olympics, like


that's the one thing I have not done. Missing out on London was


pretty hard. Now I have become a world champion. I have had medals,


to go to the Olympics is the pinnacle. That is what I want to do.


And this is the big test. Becky won and she'll be in the second of the


two semi-finals you are about to see.


To explain the Keirin and take us through the riders. They are ready


to go in what is the first semi-final in the women's Keirin. It


is the semi-final. Eight laps of the track. Little motorbike leads them


around. Until two-and-a-half laps from the end. It peels off from the


inside of the track, then Chris, a few for all -- free-for-all to the


line. It could be a difficult heat this as well, if we move to tactics.


Three Australians in this. It will be interesting to see if they use


that strength in numbers to ensure they have somebody in the final.


Will they contest the race for themselves and get on with it? It


looks like you have an advantage with so many team-mates in the same


heat. You can get in each other's way. It will be interesting. Here is


the dern yea. They must stay -- derny. They must stay behind it. No


riders can overlap the derny, or they will be disqualified and they


must stay within ten metres of it. The three Australians, the defending


champion, Mears an 11-time world champion. Wearing the green helmet


tonight. 1. . The last of the three Australians


on the track at this moment in time. Stephanie, a gold finalists in the


2012 Games and a two-time Commonwealth champion.


In the front the Ukrainian. We have the Korean and also from France in


this field T first of the two semi-finals in the women's Keirin.


Here is Mears. It is a difficult one. I think you


will need to split this threesome up.


Still on wheel of the bike the Ukrainian.


McCulloch, Morton, bringing up the rear in the they stri blue at the


moment. Another lap or so before they start to move about and try and


change position before the derny swings out. They will leave a gap,


as much as they dare. They cannot be more than 10 metres away to


accelerate. We are riding the derny-cam there


for a moment or two. Four laps to go and the riders will


start to look around now. They will start to assess who is


where. Leaving themselves some gaps and


room to manoeuvre. They will be able to accelerate.


McCulloch starts to make a move T derny will go off the track.


Two-and-a-half laps to go. Anna Meares in third place.


The Ukrainian leads the way. Going towards the front.


I think the French woman caught them napping there and got pole position.


The Australians have got strength in numbers and have a long way to go.


They are starting the charge. They have a long way to go around.


Here comes Anna Meares, the defending champion and Meares gets


it on the line. She timed it to perfection. She had to dig fairly


deep there. One of the great champions in world cycling came up


trumps and here is the photo finish again, as Anna Meares takes it on


the line. Anna Meares, first over the line.


Basova. Jing was right up there.


She was swamped at the last, I think.


Pushed down into forth position. Anna Meares, that is experience for


you. Watching here, not panicking at all. Making sure she's got room to


race. Going around the long way. Sheltered, waiting and waiting,


using the dip in the banking. Coming to the home straight, rolls forward.


The Australian who made the final last year was never a factor in this


race at all. In the centre of your picture,


taking second on the line. Australia, Ukraine and Korea have


riders going through to the final. There is the confirmation.


They will go through to the minor final.


I know James is only 24 years of age, but she's had a couple of


difficult years since winning back in Minsk in 2013. It is amazing to


see her at this level of raising and to get through into this semi-final.


It is a tough heat she's got, that is for sure. All of it, it is a


steep upwards curve for her though. She doesn't really look like she's


been away. Tactically, really good in the previous round to get into


this semi. And there Anna Meares, highlighted


as they came up to the line. The hurly burley of Keirin racing.


Anna Meares, we have said it so many times, but what a rider she's been.


She had a great rivalry with Victoria Pendleton over many, many


years. An 11-time world champion. Won 25 medals in the World


Championships over the years. This, I imagine will be the last time we


see her racing in London. We keep saying it. She did take time out. It


looked like she would retire for good. I think that gap, that space


allowed her to assess whether she really wanted to do this. She


decided she would come back with a different mind set. She can enjoy


everything she does know is a bonus. That could be very liberating to go


into racing with that open mind set. Now Becky James up against Guo from


China. Who was the world champion in 2009. There is welcome di James, a


double world champion in Minsk. Another Chinese rider in this race.


The silver medallist in the individual sprint last year is in it


as well. Lee, from Hong Kong, on this track


in 2012. She crashed heavily in the first round. Hopefully she's OK and


the big danger Vogel from Germany, a six-time world champion. I think


people should be amazed there's not more crashing in this event. There


is so much speed and a lot of riders in a very small space. It shows the


skill that we don't see more incidents than we do.


James is going to take that first position.


She decided she wants to get into control first. It is like the two


Chinese rider are apart. One has the red helmet on.


A talented Dutch rider. Vogel in the white and black of


Germany and Lee from Hong Kong bringing up the rear at the moment.


Becky James had to get into this the hard way. What a broad grin on her


face when she assured herself she would be continuing in the


competition and an afternoon session will go into the evening one. We saw


her interviewed at the start of the show tonight. She was really


content, enjoying her racing. Just glad to be back at the moment. Just


enjoying being on the bushd. The -- board. This is a rider we don't


anticipate is at the top of her form. A rider who is working her way


back. She will be disappointed about the team sprint result, of course.


She probably would have got a slot there. If she had carried on with


this level of progression. It is not open to her now. It is all in for


this event and the individual sprint.


So the pace gradually increasing. We will get the camera shots from


the back. Becky James on the front. Right


behind her is Schwenk. Lynn is in third place. Ligtlee fourth.


Bringing up the rear, Christine Vogel. The motorbike will disappear


in half a lap from now. Becky James is going to try and let one person


around, so she has a wheel to gum up. It is a difficult one to


control. At the moment, she's decided that she is going to take


this one from the front. She keeps control, but she is swamped out.


Still in good shape. Has she got the acceleration? Vogel at Alli and


Ligtlee are fighting it out. Those two won gold and silver. Becky James


boxed in on the inside at the moment. Jong funding goes in. Shueng


going, but on the inside it is Christina Vogel. Becky James is


fighting hard. And Becky James has qualified for the final! Vogel, Lee


and Ligtlee gave it all. Christina Vogel really quick on the final lap,


but Becky James, who looked as though she might have been boxed in,


found a way through. She was riding to qualify. There was no intention


to get off the wheel. She was monitoring what was going on around.


She found herself with a quarter of a lap to go, boxed in. She did


enough to qualify. That is what she did. You have to be in it to win it.


Anything can happen having made it to the world final. Becky James was


the world champion in this discipline in 2013. I wonder what


chance he has tonight. I think a medal is definitely on the cards


here. That was a courageous ride, at Welling over 60, it is per hour. She


found herself space to ease through. She did not panic at all. The


experience she has got in the bank. The champ in a few years ago, back


in 2009, Christina Vogel in 2010. Safety through. She is joined in


that race were gold. Becky James has qualified.


And she will have just after half an hour to recover for that final,


coming up at 7:45pm. Sarah Storey, that is a fantastic performance.


Becky will be able to draw on all of her experience. She did not really


hit the wind, and she just found the gap in the final three. It was the


perfect way to qualify. It is going to be incredibly tactical. It is. It


is hard to pick the winner. That was a tough semifinal. I thought that


was going to be a final line-up. That was final standard. Becky to


get through, I was not expecting that. She has done incredibly well


with the lack of time she had coming back from injury. It is going to be


a tough final to choose from, but Becky is in there with a shout. As


Chris Boardman is mentioning in commentary, great to have Becky back


but not in enough time to qualify for the Olympics. Kate and that


Katie Marchand, we were criticised desperate critical of the elongated


qualification process. A long story short, it was not just about the


position yesterday, guarantee qualification for Rio. They had to


get a number of points in conjunction with these points to get


qualification. They were fifth, which is great, but they did not


have enough points leading up to the games. They were emotional, they


came off the track, but they said a few things which they will look back


on and regret that they said. But there is frustration, and you want


to shout and scream, and it is natural. But it is a pity for them.


They are to come into form. This places the best they have had for a


while. They do not want the frustration to seep into other areas


of the team. Let's talk about the team pursuit. We were part of this


team until the end of 2011. Historically, it isn't -- it is an


extremely strong event for us. They have won six out of eight modem


chips. But what happened this afternoon? This morning, in


qualification, the team ended up in fear after all the teams had run.


You write in your own qualification rides. Coming up into the final


calamity, the team broke up, so we had to riders, Elinor Barker, and


you can see that she had been gapped, and join arousal had been


chance to browse that clap. So Eleanor will cross the line at a


roundabout four minutes and 18 seconds, by the time the third rider


came across it was four minutes 21. It was a tactical mess up? It is


possible that the team started too hard. What they will do, they will


go away, they will look at the pacing, they would look at where the


energy was spread around the team. They will look at which part caused


the breakdown. Those teams have been training together for a number of


weeks and years, they know each other incredibly well. They will


look at all the evidence and the details that right, and where Napoli


work out where the problem is. They will fight for the bronze medal at


best. After that qualification, Jill Douglas caught up with Ian Dyer.


That was not the most polished performance. Bitterly disappointing


for the girls. The girls are disappointed. There is no dressing


it up. We win the races and we split up, but we were not at cohesive,


tight enough unit. Why? I think we were a little bit boom and bust. We


had some we collapse, and when you start on a cycle like that, it is


hard to find consistency and keep the right solid and under control.


The team pursuit is the one thing the British have always excelled at.


The ways that we have trained, we have well oiled machine. What has


broken? We had one of our strongest riders on the sidelines following


injury. That puts us on the back foot a little bit. But that was a


long-term situation, and the riders have tried very hard to work a way


around that, and produced the best performance that we can. As I said,


naturally, that is not the way that we wanted to turn out to date. I


can't remember seeing as fractious a performance by British pursuit team


in recent years. I would have to agree with that. The evidence is


there for all to see. It is a disappointing result, and not what


we were looking for. Our training performances were strong, and


naturally, America has set a really good time early on, they set the


tone of the race, and they knew where the race was at. That is what


we were endeavouring to match. They have to get back on the bike now.


Can they get a medal? Yes, they can hit the medals, still. The top two


seeded teams out of heats one and two will go still to the ride off,


but the other teams get right foot bronze. When you have to turn our


thoughts to that, and we would do a little bit of number crunching and


analysis tonight, and the performance support team can look at


this -- personnel changes. We have to come out fighting, and show


everyone what we are capable of and turn it around. Let's not forget


that Laura is back in action in the scratch race tonight. There is still


plenty going on there. But it would be really nice to turn this around


and show everyone what we can do. As Ian says, Laura is back in action.


She is part of this line-up. They will have to bounce back from


disappointment. Sarah Storey, she is capable of doing that. Absolutely.


She will have to do it in the Omni. There are six events, and all of


those events -- not all of those events are going to go well. She has


the expressed in her backpack. -- experience. It is a mass start. It


is 40 laps of the track. Think limiters. How do you work that out


in your head? You have a game plan in your head. Moves will happen.


There will be breaks in the bunch. It could come together for a sprint


at the end. Laura is lucky. She has different tactics and different


strengths. She is not a one trick pony. I think she could win this. I


think she will be determined to bounce back in the team pursuit. If


she can beat up there in the top four or five with two laps to go, I


would not bet against her. She is going to get a huge amount of


support from this crowd. Let's join the commentary.


COMMENTATOR: They are just rolling round to make sure everything at up


and running. 40 laps, ten kilometres. Apart from Laura Trott,


the defending champion from the Netherlands is here. The cheque


writer, the former world champion. There she is. Just a few of the


names in this 20 rider field here in the women's scratch race. No points


to worry about. It is a straightforward first across the


line event. Everyone is waiting for someone to throw the first met could


-- metaphorical punch. I would agree with what Chris was saying just now


that I think Laura will be looking for something hip tactically. She is


one of the smartest riders I have ever seen, male or female. She


really knows how to handle bike. It can work in a sprint or a breakaway.


She will be smarting from the performance earlier today. She will


want to do something about that. This is a great way to vent your


frustrations. When Laura Trott is smarting, it is bad news for the


opposition. I am really surprised. Six disciplines, and the Omni, she


has a long -- in the Omni. She has a long weekend. The form was certainly


there. There is the Belgian rider on the front. Laura Trott taking a


little turn. The race yet to ignite and take to life. The Mexican rider


in net, and Salazar in the green and white. There is our first tentative


look at the front here. It looks at the Japanese rider. It is just


opening a little gap here. It is a little bit slow motion at the


moment. Three have fallen behind. Sierra from Cuba involved in a three


rider chase of sorts down that back straight. The right move would be to


swing off the shoulder, get in with this group and see if you can whip


up the pace. They have about 50 metres at the moment. The main group


not panicking. The pace is moving up. The Belarussian rider in there.


Salazar from Mexico and the rider from Cuba, and Sierra, who has shown


good form. It has suddenly got quite dangerous. They have got their act


together. They have the best part of half a lap. The danger has been


spotted, and they have half a lap. They have quite a bit of rope.


Someone else will have to take up the work. Surely, the big hitters


realise that they need to work together to close this gap. At 40


lap race, it may sound like a lot, but it goes very quickly. They will


run it fast, and you really feel every lap of it. A lot of damage.


These four are committed. They are just about holding their own. It


probably won't succeed, but it has to be taken seriously. We saw a good


turn from the Spanish, and Kerstin Wield briefly on the front for


Belgian. Laura Trott has briefly come up. She is happy to sit and


watch this one play out. We have reached a point where the riders are


no longer gaining ground. The Czech rider leading the chase. Road from


Canada, the Italian rider as well. Laura Trott briefly on the front.


They are losing five or ten metres a lap. As our camp -- camera pans


around, this is not the danger. I would swing up, and every time they


hesitate and look around, they will snatch back another five or ten


metres. They have a little bit of room to manoeuvre, but they do not


have the firepower in a group of four to drive this advantage home.


The time numbered. Riding on the front of the chase group, Laura


Trott. Salazar of Mexico, Sierra from Cuba bringing up the rear of


the quartet. Riding on the front, the rider from Japan. The other one


in that group is from Belarus. She won the scratch race in Hong Kong in


a World Cup meeting. It is an interesting dynamic of the race.


While this race is out there, there is no incentive to attack. The race


is held around the bottom. Anyone who was to attack has to go right


around the outside. They have gained another ten metres, so they are


nearly halfway through this race. The Belgian rider is just starting


to turn the screw a little bit. Stefanie Rhoda trying to get on the


wheel. Laura Trott is there, too. Those three are closing the gap. So


much so that they are almost on them already. Now, with 22 laps to go,


Laura Trott is very much involved at the front end of this race. Are they


going to keep it going? They have charged across. They have


neutralised it in a matter of a lap. That is the supply. They have


decided that they are not going to burst ahead. There are a lot of


people creating bridges to come together, but there will be some


fatigue. It is a great opportunity for someone to make a counter move


as Keeping an eye on Machacova from the


Czech Republic. She cannot help herself. She's an animator. Every


time she races she'll have a go. She will attack at some point and the


Spanish rider was on her heel. D'Hoore from Belgium is strong. She


won five national titles last year in the National Championships in


Belgium. She's been an excellent rider on the road as well. A couple


of World Cup wins last year. Good tacticians as well. They will


be watching things carefully. Laura Trott was hovering at the front. She


would like to sneak into a move, if she could. I think we have seen from


the way she's moving around this group that she's up for a win here.


She's not in it just to ride around. She really wants to see if she can


take a world title here. The Slovak national track champion,


from the rear of the American bide of Geist. There's a move


on the inside from Boylan. They will be happy to let it go a little bit.


The pace is consistently high. Very hard for an individual rider to stay


away. She needs some company inside the next minute or so. Just 15 laps


as she comes around this time to go. It is not long now and they will


start to hesitate in about five to ten laps from now. It is when they


will start to hesitate and wait for the sprint. Boylan is stinging them


out here. We saw her compete in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She's


a gap about two-thirds the length of the finishing straight, with Laura


Trott leading the chase. Looking over her shoulder and Confalonieri


is there. These are the wildcard moves you


have to watch out for. It is a very unthreatening one individual that


you think, oh they will not make it on their own, we don't have to chase


too hard. They look around at each other and nobody can do anything


about it. It looks like she may get company now.


The Cuban having another go. She was in the early break away.


There's Machacova, who is second on the track at the moment. Boylan is


tying up a little bit. She will be overtaken shortly.


Machacova from the Czech Republic and Sierra, from Cuba now leading


the way. They overtake Boylan from Ireland. There are quality riders


there. Boylan, she's not got the leg. The danger has been spotted


from behind. The attacking from Geist from the United States. Laura


Trott is right on her wheel. Trying to get on the wheel of Laura


Trott and has done so. The Spainish rider keeping an eye on


Laura Trott. She knows that Trott's wheel is a good one to follow. We


have Machacova, Sierra and Becka. They are making a big mistake here.


There are nine laps. They have half a lap to lead. It has started about


the sprint. They know if I do the chasing down I have nothing for the


sprint. They start to bluff and these three are pulling away. This


is where the medals can come from. If they don't react very, very


quickly. This race is starting to break up now as the Russian as well


tries to bridge the gap. She's got some company over on the far side.


And the company is from the rider from Hong Kong. The rider from Bella


rush is a is trying to get back into it as well.


Laura Trott has found herself on the back foot and has got down to the


chase now. No-one wants to work, with six laps to go, I think this


move has gone for good now. It is not coming back. I think she's found


herself pinned down and that gap is not closeable, in my opinion.


So Machacova, up at the front of the race.


Sierra in there as well. They have been joined by the rider from


Russia. And also the rider from hang Congress. There is a small


opportunity arisen here. They started to back off and think about


the sprint a bit early at the front. They are rolling through. With four


laps to go, Laura Trott has given up thinking about somebody giving her a


hand. She's got them in her sights. Win or lose she'll close it down on


her own, I think. What a last four laps we'll have. For this world's


world scratch race title. Sierra of due ba... They will get


caught. I think the winner is likely to come from that grouping. They


have charged behind. They have to close the gap.


The Canadian leads the charge. They close the gap up with every... Laura


Trott is being drawn into the race as well. How much has this effort


taken from her? She has her right on her wheel. Now Laura Trott is back


in the first half doz in the track. The Russian rider takes the bell.


Laura Trott is in the hunt for a goal here. Here comes Laura Trott.


On the outside... The stadium gets to its feet. It is Laura Trott


against... It is gold for Laura Trott and for Great Britain. She


showed her face at the front as they came into the finishing straight. It


was perfect timing. It was the perfect lift for Great Britain in


these championships. Laura Trott is a champion of the world for the


sixth time, in her career. Well, that was a remarkable ride. I


would not have believed that with five laps to go that she could turn


that around. She did so much chasing and just took a breather and took


the opportunity to follow the wheels and wait and wait and wait. We said


at the start she's a fantastic tactical rider, well that was


incredible self-belief. I can not believe she pulled that out of the


bag after being so far down. A delight for the British team to get


a gold medal. She is a winner! A winner in every sense of the word


and Laura Trott would not be denied there. She was not in a great


position at all, with six laps to go. She did a lot of the chasing to


close that gap. She kept on going. Now the others knew her wheel was


the one to follow but they could not get past her. It was an incredible


one to watch. That was... I don't know how you hold your nerve when


you see the laps are ticking away, less that a minute's racing


remaining and waiting and waiting and you could see with half a lap to


go she'd got herself into the position to win. But before that, it


just looked impossible. What a race! What a finish! That was track racing


at its thrilling best and Laura Trott can now begin to celebrate


again. A day which started so badly with that disastrous ride for the


British quartet in the British team pursuit and now celebrations with


mum and dad at the side of the track as Laura Trott celebrates being the


world champion again - the world scratch race champion.


The defending champion settles for silver for the Netherlands and the


rider from Canada takes bronze. What a smile! What a performance


from Laura Trott. Sixth gold. What a way to win.


How tough a race was that? As tough as she could have made it. I was


nervous watching it. I don't know what she was like. She was so cool.


She did not panic. Her legs would have been screaming there. She


chased that break away down in the closing laps and held on with a


sprint. It was phenomenal. She was surrounded by riders who looked


twice her size. Everybody was watching Laura. Every time there was


a break people were looking to see where Laura was. She had to win that


race the really hard way because no-one wanted to expend any energy


that was going to benefit her. She expended the energy and it did not


benefit them. It feels like, in the blink of an eye, momentum has


switched from saying, oh, no what is happening to the women's side of


British cycling? She has got a medal. This could be a great night.


A mark of a great champion to turn around a disappointing defeat like


the team pursuit this morning and she's got the crowd in the palm of


her hand. It was amazing. It lit the crowd up today. The first one I have


got right all week as well. We want to hear from Laura Trott. She is


there now with Jill Douglas. Congratulations and welcome home.


Thanks. I am so happy. Honestly, when I was in the race I was not


feeling all that good. I thought I would not chase people back to the


group. I dug in and I thought I will let everybody work. When the


Canadian went, I thought that is it I will have to chase. It worked out


perfectly for me. When I started to go over, I was like, oh, this is


early. It worked. I am so happy. It looked like nobody was willing to


work with you? I knew that would happen. In a lot of the races, at


the World Cups, it has happened to me. I was not the world champion. I


got on with it and raced my own race. You had to do it the hard way


as Sarah was saying. Obviously, I came from the back. There was a lot


of people away. They were not working together, so I didn't kind


of know it would come back. When it came back, like I say, I had the


perfect leadout from Stephanie. Your sixth rainbow jersey, how is it? It


is amazing. I love to be at this track. We won here in front of all


my friends and family. I am happy. Busy work the omnium coming up and


that team pursuit - what is the mood among the girls? Disappointing and


did not go to plan. Unless you race this thing on the edge you don't


know your limit. I would say I was disappointed it did break. The girls


rode incredibly and we gave it all we could. We will come out tomorrow


and try and get that gold medal. Fantastic! Thank you. What a year it


could be for Laura Trott. She could become the first British woman ever


to win three Olympic gold medals. Two laps out and she had to go for


it and go early. She did. The gap was closing. The


measure of them it was down to whether Weld would have the power at


the end. She was hanging on to Laura's wheel. And being so much


bigger she's generating a lot of power, how is Laura so effective. It


seems you can be any size and it works. Power comes into it a little


bit. She has incredible power for her size. She has an incredible


acceleration. This is you two getting excited. I got on my feet


there. Wow! It was thrilling to watch. It did not look on until the


last lap. It is nerve-wraking watching it, I didn't realise how


nervous until being on this side of the fence. You know what the


build-up is like, to you what it is like to race in front of a home


crowd - what difference does it make? A huge difference. Every


athlete talked about it during the London games. It gives you that


special feeling and as long as you don't let it give you too much


pressure, it is a definite advantage. We turn our attention to


the final of the Keirin and Becky James in this, having qualified and


got through a tiny gap. It is tactical again as we saw in that


race, but it is about speed. It is both. You have to have the right


tactical knowledge and skill. Look at this gap. She did not panic.


Luckily, not luckily, a good judgment, she sat there, did not


panic. Had the shorter route and had shelter. All she had to do was get


top three. She did not have to win the race, she knew that. That was a


fantastic ride. Were the scratch you said I think Laura Trott -- before


the scratch you said I think Laura Trott can win. It is the first one I


have got right. The first one you have predicted - 100%. What would


you say about Becky James in this Keirin? I don't expect her to win.


She would not expect to win. She will go with a game plan. She's had


an injury, a long time off the bike. Anything is a bonus now. Fifth place


would be a great result for her, sixth place would be a great result


for her. Without any pressure or expectation she could shine here. If


she rides smart, she'll be up there with a medal. Would she have sat


down there in her own bubble? Would she have been aware of what Laura


Trott was doing? you have to be to perform in an


empty room. The roar of the crowd will be the energy. She has to find


those extra gaps again and maybe get a medal. It is a funny race, the


keirin. It means from the Japanese word meaning fight. The man with a


beret on the bike outfront. Make it is unusual! People get a little bit


confused. What are the rules? How does it work? It is like a pace car


in motorsport. As soon as the kite in the bike gets out of the way,


that is when the race starts for real. He ramped up the speed.


Incrementally and consistently? The derny, you can hear the note of the


engine is changing as it gets higher. It gives you the adrenaline


rush when you hear it. He toes the a certain speed, he gets out of the


way, and then it starts. First, we will have the minor final. I'm


getting my head around this! Let's rejoin our commentators.


COMMENTATOR: There is Kylie McCulloch from Australia. The world


sprint champion. Stefanie Morton, gold medallist in the Paralympics


four years ago. Lee for Hong Kong. Berlin of China on the outside. --


Lin. Here comes the derny. On the far side of that track at the


moment. Slowly making its way around the banking. Then the -- when the


derny goes past, the race will begin. The minor placings final. It


will be 30-45 kilometres per hour for the women.


As we saw in the first of the semifinals, the Australian riders


going straight to the front. Will they right tactically at all? With


they just go for it? I know that medals aren't at stake. That is a


good poor -- good point. They will write for themselves and see what


can be done. They will try not to hinder each other, but they will


probably just right the race and see what can be done here. Quality field


for a minor final. Absolutely. Bringing up the rear is the French


rider the European bronze medallist, Cueff. She did not have the legs


with two laps remaining in the final. Kylie McCulloch leading the


way. Stefanie Morton right behind her. The Dutch rider third. Lin from


China forth. Lee, good to see her competing. She had a heavy fall in


the first round. She was brought off her bike through no full of her own


when the Russian rider collided with her. A lot of the time, the track


shakes of the speed and slows thingss down. They do take a tumble,


then they get back up. You can see the bike getting a little bit faster


with every passing lap. They only have a few seconds left to shelter


behind it. That is why they are looking backwards. Half a lap to go


until the derny is out of the way. Then they write as they wish. It is


a long way to lead it out, 2.5 laps. Morton in second place. I thought


Pinkney might have made more of a challenge. The slow pace is playing


into the hands of the Australians. The visit on the front. Cueff has


been boxed in. Lin from China goes out, and opens up a little bit of


daylight. Right on her wheel is Stefanie Morton. McCulloch is in


third place. Then there is little bit of a gap to Lee. Lin and Morton,


and Morton has got the pace to overtake her, and Stefanie Morton


wins the minor final. Stefanie Morton, the Australian, two-time


commonwealth games champion, the champion of OCR near. She won the


Hong Kong round earlier in the year, but she has won the final, and she


was the clear winner of that. Not really under too much pressure. Here


it is once again. She rode it beautifully. She got a fantastic


lead out. That is exactly what she wanted. Riders will often try to put


one person in front of them, so they can get some sleep scored --


slipstream, but remain in control. That is what she needed. And


Stefanie Morton over the line -- line in first place. Just getting


ready for the final itself. No doubt, they will be disappointed not


to be in the final. What a line-up we have for you, as we get


confirmation of the results. Morton and McCulloch bringing the field


home. Lin from China in third place. Here is the hurly-burly of the


women's keirin when the race is really on. It looks a lot faster


when you are right in the middle of it. Interesting to see what form the


Dutch rider is in when it comes to the sprints later in the week. She


got to the final and ended up with a silver medal last year. The women's


competition is a real strength in depth. A real endurance discipline.


They have closed it up. A bit nerve wracking for the Brits. The


defending Champlin, Anna Meares. Shuang from China in the bread.


Twice Olympic Games silver medallist, including in the keirin.


Beaten by Victoria Pendleton. There is Anna Meares. And Christine Vogel,


the current and defending world sprint champion. Basova from


Ukraine, a two-time national champion, and Jin from Korea. She


was third in New Zealand. She potentially could be a factor in


this. She is not a big-name compared the others. I think Vogel is the one


on form. Very strong. Massive experience, Anna Meares. Nothing to


lose. Becky James, she has nothing to prove. Just getting here was a


big success. Whatever happens to Becky James in this final, her


return to world championship level rating has been a success by making


it through to this final. Shuang from China takes the wheel of the


derny. Becky James in second place. Good position to have. She has tried


to be assertive in all of the races she has been involved in. As soon as


that bike is preparing to disappear, she has been up towards the front,


keeping her wits about her. She is trying to make sure she is not


jumped from behind. By any of the other riders with the searing change


of pace. Courageous ride in the semifinal. Really held her nerve,


stayed around, knowing that she did not have to win it. She got in the


top three, and she waited for everyone else to tire out. She


nipped into a gap. She got third position, and real experience there.


Anna Meares just loitering at the back of the field. Shuang at the


front. Becky James in second. Lee of Korea in third. Fourth is Vogel from


Germany. Then it is Basova of Ukraine, and Anna Meares in the


green comet at the back. Two and a half laps until the derny pulls out.


Anna Meares will want to move from that back position. I think she will


do that in the next lap or so. They are starting to jockey for position.


Anna Meares, the world keirin champion last year and also in 2011


and 2012. Just over a lap to go now before the race begins. Tension


build with every lap. This is the calm before the storm in the women's


keirin final. She is glued to the back of that motorbike. Starting to


think tactically. Becky James in a beautiful position, but she is going


to have to defend it. She is boxed in at the moment. Two and a half


laps to go. Writing at the front in pole position is Christina Vogel.


Anna Meares has been assertive. Lee of career is on the shoulder of me


Anna Meares. Becky James bringing up the rear with work to go. They will


take the belt with a lap to go. Lee from Korea in second place. Gail


Schwenk -- ten won there. Anna Meares in the middle of the track.


But still it is Christina Vogel leading from the front, and try to


stay in the front. Becky James is getting through to get a medal!


Christina Vogel takes the gold were -- ahead of Anna Meares, and it is a


bronze medal for Becky James of Great Britain, I am sure. She is


going to be pleased with that. She knew that a medal was watching was


after. She did not try to overplay her hand, and she could keep


desperate she used the expense of Anna Meares who got in a good


position, but Vogel had the legs. Becky James capitalised on that, did


not panic, and when front second position to last, and then just


thread threaded a way through. I think that is bonus medal for Becky


James. She has been out for a couple of years. She has come through a


series of races, and Vogel is in fantastic form as we can seat. She


knew that Anna Meares was on the wheel. She could see people coming


round the outside, but she knew that Anna Meares would not let them cut


in, say she stayed there, did not panic, and the others dropped away.


That is what they did, and she did not overplay her hand. She knew that


a medal would be fantastic, and that is enough for me. He played it


beautifully. You could sense from a long way out but Christina Vogel was


going to take that gold medal. Excellent result for her. Christina


Vogel is a seven time world champion. Anna Meares has a silver.


It is a 26th world Challenger medal. An excellent bronze for Becky James


of Great Britain, and there we see Vogel leading from the front, and it


did not look like that was under serious threat. From yesterday, she


looked like she was going to take that one. Very powerful at the


moment. Really good to see. A deserved win.


moment. Really good to see. A Meares is going to be unhappy. Gold


for Germany. Christina Vogel can add that to her collection. She has


already taken a bronze in the team spent on day one.


STUDIO: What a shot. I love the shots from the middle of the race.


There is Becky on the middle. Some good a performance that was from an


athlete returning from illness and injury? That was a gold medal


winning performance from Becky, that is the best she could have hoped


for. She did not have the form to take on the race from the front. She


knew that she had to follow the fastest rider. She hung in there and


she defended well, and she did not panic. I think that is way beyond


what she was expecting and what the team was expecting. A matter of


weeks ago, she was still getting back on a bike for the first time in


months. There was a moment where she might be boxed in, and they did not


seem a route through here. I think she is giving herself some space to


assess the situation. Then she found Anna Meares' wheel. She just rode


into the gap, and allowed Anna to take on, and another is another gap


to get round Vogel, and Becky moved into that. The key thing here is


that if the person on the front is not driving it, and not going as


fast, then Becky can be boxed in. But when it is that kind of pace, it


stretches it out, and she can follow through on the shortest line. She


did not have to do anything else. So your thoughts are, how fast can I


go, how fast are they going, but who am I following? This is the media --


reaction in the British camp. Everyone is delighted. She is so


popular in the camp, and everyone thought, whenever she -- everyone


gets frustrated when she is injured. Becky was disappointed not to make


the team in London, and then to bounce back after being such an


amazing world champion in 2013, that is as significant as bright as those


performance into -- performances in 2013. Important she has a clean five


months and get her back -- crack at the Olympics in Rio.


She is not at the top of her game, which is what everyone else needs to


worry about. She is the rider that can continue to improve. For Rio,


Becky will be right on top form again. A bronze medal for Becky


James, a golf Laura Trott, still with the men's team pursuit to come,


and Ed Clancy returning from a back operation is going to be in that


team with Bradley Wiggins. He's in there because they believe he can do


the job. I firmly believe that the quicker he went in the second round


this afternoon, I think they can do it, I really do. If they can beat


them, then that bodes well for Rio. Ed Clancy is that purpose that lead


man, out of the blocks. People think, it is the team pursuit,


everybody has a front row within the team. For the first lap, the first


person has the toughest role because they need a bigger effort at the


start and recover once the team is fully up to pace. What would you


say, Sarah, the way that it is feeling tonight, how much would that


feed through to the men's team? They will be buzzing to see their


success. It has turned back in our favour now and Great Britain will be


gunning for it. It is the Australians on the other side of the


track. That means a little bit more. There's lots of banter. For the rest


of the road season some of these boys will race each other on the


road. This is the one that they all want to win. This is the blue ribbon


event for endurance riding. Very shortly we will have the medal


ceremony for the Scratch Race and four Laura Trott. And we will get


the first chance at these jabbing chips to hear the national anthem.


You can sense the sensibility in the stadium not just with the crowd but


with the riders themselves. Once you have broken that Buck and got the


first gold medal it makes a huge difference to morale. -- that Buck.


As the medallists make their way onto the podium let's rejoin Simon


Brotherton for this very special medals ceremony. Thank you, Claire.


Laura Trott in a familiar position in front of the podium with riders


on either side of her. Still trying to work out how she won that race.


She looked out of it. She is way down, she has won it. She basically


said to everybody else, I am not going to do everything, during the


race. That is a real feel for the race, something I certainly never


had, but she could see, she calculated. I am the defending


champion. Someone has got to bluff here. I have got a good hand. Off


you go, you will lose the race. Everyone else cracked. She did her


bid to participate. She really control that race, whether she


thinks she did, or not. The current Pan-American Points Race champion,


from Canada. She is in third place. And reflecting on a title that is no


longer hers, but she has another medal for the collection. The gold


medal in this event a year ago. She has a couple of bronze medals in the


Omnium over the years on the track, a very accomplished road rider. And


now, for the first time, the crowd can cheer for a British world


champion at these championships. She must wish that she could raise


here every time. Double Olympic champion on this track. And now a


World Championship jersey won year, too. It is the sixth time she has


told on the rainbow jersey and she is only 23 years of age. I am


looking forward to the elimination race in the Omnium. It really is


something to watch and navigate through that marauding bunch. Every


other lap someone is eliminated. This means she has already got a


world title in the bag which lists not only the team, but she has got


nothing else to prove. She will come out of this a world champion. She


could get a double gold-medal here. The team certainly needed a lift


after the opening day and a half, and also the crowd inside the


velodrome. The flowers still to be presented before we hear the


national anthem. You mentioned the neon. We will look forward to that.


As she won that world title in 2012. She has finished second for the last


three years in that event. Very, very consistent performer. Every


programme for, riding the team pursuit and this scratch race, and


the Omnium, so that is an awful lot of racing she has got over a few


days. Ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of Great Britain.


CHEERING Down in the dumps this afternoon and


back on top of the world a few hours later. That is the mark of a true


champion, and we're looking at one right there. The world champion in


the women Scratch Race, Laura Trott. -- women's Scratch Race. What a


race, what a ride, what a performance, fantastic stuff on a


very exciting evening for British Cycling. Let's hear from Becky James


after her bronze medal in the women's Keirin. I do not think there


will be a more popular medal in the British camp and in this velodrome


than that. How special did that feel? I cannot believe it, cannot


get my head round it. Bronze medal. To have a bronze after what I have


been through in the last few years, and at home in London with all the


support here, is just incredible. Just some great riding as well,


fantastic Keirin racing. From the repechage into that semifinal and


then into the final, what a great runner races. I like to do it the


hard way. To do a bit of extra racing. I have not ridden the Keirin


says the nationals in September. I have been doing a bit of Keirin


training, and it has really worked, just to get myself in the top six,


each step I made today was a complete bonus. When I got through


the repechage, I was so overwhelmed I could not believe it. And then


into the final. It just doesn't feel real. I am over the moon and back. I


think you pick the right wheel to sit on, Anna Meares made some space


for you. That was critical. It was really good. It was weird because


that is what it was in the worlds, 2014. I had this weird premonition


that it would be Kristina Vogel, Anna Meares and me. We will last you


the lottery numbers. I cannot tell you that! Are you feeling good?


Really good. It has been a really tough road. The World Cup was tough


for me. I was knocked out in the first round, which was so


frustrating. But to be back doing the Keirin, the one event that I


really love, I have been working so hard, I have just seen improvements,


week in, week out. And the Rio -- the dream of Rio still very much


alive. Yes, I am over them moon getting top three here. I am hoping,


I am back in the team now, I'm giving myself more opportunities.


Thank you so much. Thank you. I right in saying that Rio would be


her first Olympics? One of the things she said that I love, you


must have felt this about the Keirin, you have to love it to be


good at it. Before I rode it, I would watch the Keirin with


amazement. The whole crowd get into it. Anything can happen at any time.


To do well in it, it is such a buzz. Becky is 23, Laura Trott is 24, so


they are argued the coming into their peak. It is amazing what Laura


Trott has already achieved. I remember her first event when she


came from a junior world champion in Delhi at the Commonwealth Games.


Just to see what she has done and have been a team-mate of hers, she


just keeps going from strength to strength. And she has got more years


to come. Because female endurance athletes generally get better as


they get older, so this is not the end of it. Let us discuss Sir


Bradley Wiggins, who has won six gold medals at track World


Championships, four British gold medals, the first British man to win


the Tour de France. He does not sit back and rest, he says, do you know


what? I would like to try another challenge, to go to another


Olympics, the eclipse is maniere with his wrecker of gold medals, so


I will come back to the track, so badly thought. In this team pursuit,


he needs lots of help from his friends. Jill Douglas has been


inside the camp. She has spent a day with the British pursuit team.


You have not completed in a big track event like this for a while.


Looking forward it? The worlds is a different stage. And the last track


worlds I did was 2000 when we won the cup here, eight years ago. And


my first was in 1998. It is a long time ago. How does an athlete of the


calibre and character of the Sir Bradley Wiggins fit into this group


with a lot of young riders? I was asking myself how we would manage


this. And Brad Pitt 's 100% into the team. He's a very instrumental guy.


He is, he brings the right balance and comes everybody down. It is not


that he is above everybody else. He's at the same level, but he is a


very solid part of this team. Are you enjoying having Bradley Wiggins


on the track with you? It is fantastic. He is good for morale. We


all really respect him. How are the boys running? Do you feel good?


Compared to what we used to be when we were training for the worlds in


Beijing now, the speeds now, having to recalibrate, everything we do,


we're pretty much on world-record pace all the time. The whole group


has moved on. We train like sprinters now, really, because the


event has become a sprint injuries event. Qualification was .0 404 and


now we're hoping to do sub .350 full stop so it has moved on by 15


seconds in a lap. And it just shows in 15 years, how much it has moved


on. 00 Ludik Champion Ed Clancy is fighting to regain top form and his


place in the team after back surgery. How does it feel to be good


-- to be back? Really good. The operation was December two. I spent


two and a half weeks trying to walk. It should be done now. We had lost a


bit of condition and range in my right leg. Getting a little bit more


each week. By the time get to Rio, it should be all right. It must be


funny with Ed being off and you missing a few. It is like, if you're


slightly off that 1%, 2%, you have other guys that are going to fill


in. So soon as you're slightly off the pace, there is someone always to


fill your slot. Andy says that you are fine, that it feels good. I am


fine. How is it all putting together? It is all right. It is


pretty cold today, but we are still doing good times. You enjoy that


level of competition amongst you all? There needs to be competition


for the four slots. It wishes the team in general forward. Everybody


gives that bit more. This weird is harder when you're on that back


foot. We will see. We will see what the numbers look like. Every effort


we do is fed back as to what speeds were and how you did individually.


And that is evidential as to how they pick the team and with the


grass and things we have it is quite clear to see the profiles and who is


doing what in the line. When you look at the detail, does it reflect


how it feels during the race? Like, I felt really good today. The


numbers back that up. Yes, that is what it is. Personally, the re-today


was better. In the finish, you were like... There seems to be a good


spirit. It is a good laugh. It is nice having such a big group. It is


good. Within the group, you have guys competing for the same spaces.


So there is a natural rivalry. It is a nice problem to have. Of course


there was rivalry but there is also this element of honesty because


these guys go to training camps in the middle of nowhere, they stick


together, they are like brothers now. This team bonding is really


strong. That unity of spirit will be vital in London and even more so


when they reach their ultimate goal, the Summer Olympics. How do you feel


about attending that Olympic title? I think about it every day, really.


It is what I really want to do, the Olympic title. That is a big goal


for me. At the end of the day it was about the fastest four guys trying


to win a medal in Rio, and I think everyone is in tune with that. The


World Championship is a big step towards Rio. It has been on your


mind for couple of years. It is a big commitment for you to make, for


you to say that this is going to be my goal. Coming off the road and


coming back in with these guys, trying to train like a sprinter,


having spent years trying to lose weight and climbing mountains, that


is the challenge, as well. It has been enjoyable and it has kept it


fresh. I would love to carry on. But age will be against me.


Sir Bradley Wiggins there, who will line up in the gold medal race


against Australia. The line up is Jon Dibben, Owain Doull and Bradley


Wiggins. He has put on 14 kilos. It is a product of his training and his


diet. You can try to get headier -- heavier. But the training he has to


do, to get to 3.50... The race for the minor places is going on now. It


looks like that New Zealand will take seventh place. Then we have the


bronze medal race. What does Bradley Wiggins bring to the camp other than


his ability on track? What else comes with him? Experience, ability


to cope under pressure no more pressure than you get in the middle


of a stage race. He has been on the track numerous times. If someone has


got a problem, they will be up to ask Bradley, what can we do


differently? He is hilarious! He would do in pressures. He will list


the move. -- impressions. He can do impressions of one of the staff or


one of his team-mates. Everything will burst out laughing, and every


thing would be OK. He is coming up to 36, but how has he been looking


on the track? He has been the strongest rider in the squad so far,


and that is a relief everyone. He leads from the front. He is not just


about being Sir Bradley Wiggins. This was the semifinal performance


against Italy. They were looking smoother than they had done. They


had a couple of changes in the line-up. By the end there was to


win, but not to waste too much energy for the final. They are


saving fair -- saving everything to the battle against Australia. They


were talking about the bond between the four of them. You need the


squad, and they are all playing their part, as they have been. The


tough thing is that only four of them are going to get the right. You


accept that, when you take on the role. You accept that you have data,


and you have objective data to pick a team with, and if you are not one


of the four, then you have to accept that. When he have a guy who brings


big match mentality and experience, how much is that -- how important


for coming everyone down in an atmosphere that the pressure gets on


and it affects your division that decision-making? You have to


remember the experience of Steven Burke and Clancy. Steven Burke won


medal in 2008, and it has almost been forgotten. He was on the podium


with Bradley Wiggins back then. He has the experience as well. But


Bradley is the boss. That is the word that a lot of people said in


that first piece. When you watch them at work, it is like a beautiful


wave, a flowing, and that is anticipation and understanding, that


rhythm has to be right. It looks very graceful and stream from neon


sign, but when you get close-up and you see the power input that these


guys are producing, it is almost a sprint, and to do that time, it is a


one lap strip -- sprint. We heard from Ed Clancy in training in


Manchester. We have not seen him race in qualification for this


final. Is that a tactical decision by the coaches? Does he just had one


effort in him? Absolutely. They would not put him in there if they


weren't confident that he could deliver. The question is can they do


it two, three, four times? Fingers crossed, it will be the right


decision. I think it will be the right call to make. This is going to


be a close final. The man who inspired by the Wiggins to become a


cyclist was Chris Boardman. It was watching Chris at the 1992 Olympics


that they thought the team pursuit requires athletic


prowess. What decide the outcome is the error dynamic understanding and


a bit of physics. Take it away, Charlie! Want out of the starting


gate, and up to speed, the riders AlterNet between high-powered turns


on the front and then sheltering behind the team-mates. On the front


of a top team travelling at more than 63 kilometres per hour, the


lead rider is having to produce more than 800 watts of power just to push


through the air. To put that into perspective, for us on the leisurely


bike ride, we will be using five times less than that. One they have


done their turn, they moved to the back of the team. How they do that


is clever. One of them drop to the back. They use the shape of track to


affect the change. Living to the back is like riding up the hill. The


shape of the Ben Mee is they travel further. The higher they go, the


further they travel further than the team. If their trajectory is just


right, gravity will bring them back down within millimetres of the last


rider's wheel. The whole manoeuvre can take less than two seconds. If


they get the colour -- alkylation is wrong, they will have to expend


precious energy having to --, and they moved asthma may lose


concentration altogether. Bling description from Chris. That


is what this race requires. -- brilliant. Does it help if all four


team members are the same shape and size? That will be a luxury that


everyone would love to have, but that is not the case. We have


different abilities on the day, you have different shapes and sizes, and


how you put them together is part of the magic. You cannot measure that,


how you manage those resources. That is something that we have seen the


GB team struggling with in this championship. How do you assess that


final line-up? Is there any risk in putting Ed Clancy in there? Yes, it


is an unknown. They are looking to win in this. They are not looking to


do the best they can, or looking to be safe. They will take some risks.


Ed Clancy, although he has not written, he has got such a history


behind him. He is one of the best starters in the world, and I am


fascinated to see what will happen. They cleaned up in their last rider


after the opener, which was quite ragged, and I am expecting big


things. As Chris has said earlier, I think it is going to be a really


good fight. But if you were looking at the market, would you make


Australia favourites for this? I think Australia have looked smoother


up to now. I think the riders are out there. They


are going through their final practices.


What are the gold medal by distilling? They will have a


detailed plan. You can work it out out almost to the second. The riders


are getting their skin suit on. Late are listening to music, something to


block out there distractions. They are looking at it lap by lap.


Focusing on the performance, not on the outcome, not thinking about a


gold or silver medal. They are doing what they have to do individually to


get the best performance this evening. Are there rules as to how


newts -- stay in front? It is how you put the ride together. Those are


one of the things that you go through in the final few minutes,


making sure that the path for the set part of the race is in your


head, soak you know the bad one is going to do the -- back one is going


to do a lap and three quarters. The piece it together, but also you have


to do what happens in the race as well. Someone things in a half


because they are slowing the pace. You are discussing it with the


coach, how they are going to walk the line, and the feedback you are


going to get from track-side. All of that is put together in the race.


You're making the right decisions under pressure, thinking about your


team-mates and self. When you drop down from the top, if there ever an


incident of clipping the wheel in front of you? Absolutely. It is a


real risk. You are always pushing the limit. The closer you are to the


wheel in front, the more energy saving affect you receive. In 1997,


Ukraine against Italy, and I think Ukraine were about two seconds up


and they had the gold medal in the bag, but two guys went out, and then


it was game over. It can happen. Presumably, you have to write with


no fear. You never focus on the things that go wrong. The focus on


the things you have to control. You focus on what you have to do, not


what you should do. Let's get going. Let's get out onto the track to seek


the bronze race. COMMENTATOR: The sky logo on the


shorts. Lining up for Italy for this bronze medal ride.


They are up against Denmark. Bronze medallists in 2013. They include the


Olympic on the champion, and they have some good riders. -- omnium.


They have a rider who has two world champions medal -- championship


medals. Bronze medals on the line this time. Denmark starting in the


home straight. Final adjustments made for the Italian squad. There is


Viviana, who will be one of the main players in the omnium. -- Vivani. He


has got a busy schedule. He is a cracking track rider. He has had a


strong season on the road. He almost doesn't stop racing. 12 months from


track season to road season. Pretty much everyone going under four


minutes. They're as you can see, 25 seconds


away. They are making way for this ride.


Some of the talent of Vivani, they were always going to go with him.


The games are the favourites. They scraped under 3.55 before. It could


be a catch up on the cards for them. Italy were the squad beaten by it in


Britain in the last round. It was an excellent trial Alli draw for the


British quartet. The Italians were the slowest qualifiers. Denmark have


had a decent team pursuit squad for a few years now. They have been


there or thereabouts. They have been coached by a Briton. Already, we can


see Denmark making a good start here. Let's have a look at the early


gap. Just over three tenths of a second. They have gone out very


hard, and you can see them pushing on. 3.54.9. Very quick time. They


have some good road riders. Hansen races on the road. The teenager


Larsson, seventh in the junior world time trial championship. I think the


Danish strategy, looking at this, is to go out really hard. They are


eating up the ground now. They are a second up on Italy, and at these


speeds, that means that they are almost able to see them as they come


into the straight. Two more laps, and they were able to do that. They


will use them to try and draw them in. They they looked like a drilled


unit. Can they keep it that way for the rest of this ride, and will it


carried them to a bronze medal? The probability is that they will. They


are riding hard, they are not riding safe. They are trying to prove a


point. They do not want to just claim a medal, they want to get the


best possible time. You have to say, in terms of proving a point, New


Zealand proved a point for seventh and eighth races. New Zealand had a


dreadful ride earlier today, which meant that they were in the Mac --


lowly minor final, but they posted a time of 3.55.875 for seventh place.


That shows where we are. The Danes, we got some close ups of some faces,


and looking at the body language, they are really pushing on here.


They are taking some risks, and the Italians are performing above


expectations. 1.4 seconds, they are behind now, and still slipping back,


but they are fighting hard, and the Danes are already in this race, just


2.5 minutes in, and they are pushing on, and they are down to three, sure


enough, they have fractured already. Those three have to try to stick


together. There is no alternative now, as they go into the final four


lapse. It seems like they are gaining a 10th of a second with


every lap at the moment. They have lost the opportunity to make any


mistakes. There's three of them, the clock stops on the third man. They


have been working hard and they are pushing on. The Italians have closed


it by a 10th, but still 1.5 seconds to go. They are sticking it all out,


on the track, the telling Quartet, riding really strongly in this race


the bronze. They are closing the gap. But I don't think they are


closing enough because the trio is still out there for Denmark, looking


mighty strong. I thought on paper they had an outside possibility of a


catch, but I think they are going to be happy just to get the bronze.


They have worked hard for this. Here come the Danes, the bronze medal is


theirs, much to the delight of the coach, and Denmark take the bronze,


3.55.96 is the time and Italy were 3.58.2, as well. So the Danish squad


just marginally slower than New Zealand. Good ride from Denmark.


They dominated that from start to finish. It went almost exactly one


seconds slower than the previous round. The Italian surprise them a


little bit by going slightly faster. Good ride by them.


Denmark asserting their authority on this bronze medal ride, almost as


soon as they were out of the gate. Really putting the hammer down


early, to establish a sizeable cushion, a sizeable advantage over


the Italians, who did not panic under pressure. They did their own


right. The Danes, I think, capable of doing considerably faster if they


cleaned up a little bit technically. There were some ropey changes. There


is Sir Bradley Wiggins in the final few moments, to gather his thoughts.


We have seen it from him so many times in so many big events and


here, and the two rides we have had in the team pursuit so far, he has


looked to be on top of his game. He really has brought his A game. He


looked as if he had been just down to the shops to buy a newspaper. The


coaches have been saying in training he has been just the same as


everybody else, holding his own, doing a good job and embracing that


is when you get the change and it goes up a gear. It perhaps took them


by surprise. He is better than they expected and he has got more to


give. You can have confidence through the longer term in this team


and look after the two younger members. The Australian line-up, Sam


Welsford just 20. Michael Hepburn is the most experienced one even though


he's only 24, a 5- time world champion. Callum Scotson named in


the Australian quartet. One or two of them could come into the Olympic


Games for Australia, who are not here at this moment, but Bradley


Wiggins there, 12 world titles across all disciplines on road and


track. Six golds on the track including two in this event but not


for a good few years now, in 07, and in 08. But they have got the


experience and the youth, Ed Clancy coming in for this final. A 5- time


world champion, two pursuit world titles were going way back over a


decade, a double Olympic champion in this event. What a final we have in


prospect. We are not sure what Ed Clancy has got to give. He can deal


with the pressure. That is for sure. On his day, one of the best starters


in the world, of course. Wiggins, taking huge confidence from the two


previous rights. Clancy has got to get them out of the gate. They have


saved him for the final. A courageous move, to bring him in for


this right. But he will not let them down. Classic sporting confrontation


that in Jules and never fails to be anything -- never fails to do


anything other than the liver. It is a World Championship final between


Great Britain and Australia. Ed Clancy leads on the opening lap.


That is his role. They think that he has got one good ride in him, as he


recovers from that cooperation and gets back to top form, and Clancy


has a considerable engine on him, which will be required here. Steady


start from him. A very different style, the Australians, determined


to get their nose in front early on, and they have done just that.


Australia trying to put the pressure on here, in this four K race. Just


over 0.5 seconds advantage for the team from down under. A long way to


go in this final. It is not time to panic yet, that is for sure, but


they get off the mark, like a team sprint start, three quarters of a


second in advance. The advantage is now being held by the British team.


We want to see them start to enable it back. Owain Doull riding on a


fun, what a great young talent the Welshman is, third overall in the


Tour of Britain on the road last year, but now it is all about the


track, it is all about the road to Rio, and try to secure that gold


medal. Has to come down, it has just a little bit but it is staying in a


similar sort of area. Bradley Wiggins on the front. Going through


a long term, and a gain of two tenths of a second in the long-term,


just why the extra length that they don't use that change. Still coming


round on the front, ploughing forward with the team, bringing


them, they have lost another 10th of a second, so he is holding his own,


but they need more speed. Nine laps to go and the gap has gone up and


stop there is work to do for Great Britain. How much have they got in


the tank? Slipped another few hundredths of a second. The


Australians are matching them stride for stride. Britain finding it hard


to take a bite at that lead and close it down, as Ed Clancy goes to


the front again. He has done a great job because he just pulled back


nearly half a second and a single term. It is all going to come down


to the closing stages of this race. 0.3 of a second in it between the


teams now. Absolutely nothing. The injuries of Wiggins will come into


play in the last part of this race. Great Britain -- the insurance of.


Great written closing in, and closing in, as Wiggins comes up the


front. Jon Dibben is done, and down to the final three. Now it is back


up to 0.4 of a second, less than half a second in this classic


confrontation, great written against Australia. This might be where the


Coverage of day two of the Track Cycling World Championships from London.

The best cyclists in the world return to the iconic east London velodrome in which Great Britain swept all before them at London 2012.

Sir Chris Hoy might have retired but the British team has not lost any of its stardust with another knight, Sir Bradley Wiggins, the star turn tonight. After winning the Tour de France and Olympic gold in 2012, Wiggins is concentrating his efforts on the team pursuit for Rio 2016.

And the men's team pursuit is one of four gold medals to be handed out tonight - can Wiggins claim yet another rainbow jersey and warm up for 2016's Rio Olympics in style?

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