Day 3 World Track Cycling Championships

Day 3

Clare Balding and Chris Hoy present live coverage of day three of the Track Cycling World Championships from London. Who will end the night wearing the iconic rainbow jersey?

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Good evening. The Lee Valley VeloPark is a sell-out once again at


the world track cycling Championships and the British fans


are in fine voice at the lasting's action. Gold, silver and Bronze


where witnessed. COMMENTATOR: We are set for the big night at the


velodrome. Britain with chances in all three events. Here we go. Ed


Clancy leads on the opening lap. One of the smartest writers I have ever


seen. It is the calm before the storm. It is all about trying to


secure that gold medal. Becky James making sure she has not jumped from


behind. Laura Trott is being drawn back into the race. Laura Trott is


in the hunt for the gold. Here comes Laura Trott. The stadium gets to its


feet. So close in the race for gold. To have the bronze after all I have


been through over the last two years is incredible. I will put my house


on her winning in Rio de Janeiro. It is incredible to win in front of my


family. It was exhilarating. Sir Bradley Wiggins saying he is


determined to overcome a result of the team pursuit against Australia.


Laura Trott could become the most successful British Olympic athlete


ever. This is what we have got coming up for you tonight. After a


disappointing qualifying effort, Britain's women broke the national


record to make it into the bronze medal race. The only thing missing


in the career of Mark Cavendish is an Olympic medal and his place in


Rio de Janeiro is on the line in the Omnium. Another medal is guaranteed


for Britain. Owain Doull is up against Andy Tennant in the


Individual Pursuit race bronze medal race. This is how it works out with


timing. We will go to the red button for the


men's Points Race with Jon Dibben going in that for Great Britain.


With me in the studio is a man who got so excited, he broke his chair.


Sir Chris Hoy. It was a fantastic night. An amazing night, what the


home crowd needed to get a Gold Medal. It was fantastic. You get


nervous appeared. I was on my feet. It just brings back the emotions.


When you have no control as a spectator you get new -- nervous.


Seder, Laura Trott, another medal, with a shoe rack with British sports


women, not just cyclist? She could become the most successful British


cyclist and Olympian in Rio de Janeiro. She is up there. We will be


talking about Jessica Ennis and Katherine Grainger going into


Brazil. Laura Trott tips does. She has done everything. She made the


front page of at least one newspaper. Every race was close and


tense but none more so the only men's team pursuit final. Written at


against Australia and on the line for Great Britain was Ed Clancy,


Owain Doull, Jon Dibben and Sir Bradley Wiggins. Let us relive it.


COMMENTATOR: Britain finding it difficult to take a chunk of that


lead. Ed Clancy goes to the front again. He has done a great job. Half


a second in one single term. It is all going to come down to the


closing stages of this race. Sega .3 seconds edit between the two teams


and it is nothing. The endurance of Sir Bradley Wiggins will come into


play. Great Britain are honourable and are closing the gap of the time.


Closing in. Jon Dibben is off the front. Down to the final three. It


is now back up to 0.4 seconds. Less than half a second in this classic


confrontation. Great Britain against Australia. This is where the


strength in depth will show for the Australians. Britain are holding


their own but Australia have that extra man and that could make the


difference. The Brits are on home turf and are still fighting. Three


laps to go. The gap has came down again. Three laps in the race for


gold in the men's team pursuit. Sir Bradley Wiggins on the front. He


still has Ed Clancy. He still has Owain Doull. Who wants it more? The


crowd are on their feet in the velodrome in London. It will require


a big effort. The British trio will have to dig really deep now.


Australia have had the lead all the way through. At the moment, Great


Britain for the first time have the noses in front. So close but Britain


leading the way in the race for gold in the team pursuit. It is going to


be really tight at the end. Britain have lost it at the end. Australia


claimed the gold medal. The elastic snapped in the British team on that


last lap. They were racing on the edge and tiptoed over the edge on


the very last lap. He gave everything and a little bit more in


pursuit of that world title. It is Australia who win the day.


Sir Bradley Wiggins said afterwards, he was certain, he would put his


house on it that Britain would change that result in Rio de


Janeiro. Why is he so sure? Part of that is mind games. He was the


plaque that seep into the head of the Australians. He is confident he


is not in that he is at his best. The team have not gelled yet.


Edwards coming back from an injury and was not 100% on the first lap.


That took a toll on him. It was a phenomenal performance. I think he


is confident with a few more months preparation and able do it. Finding


improvements, the woman's team pursuit, in qualification they were


all over the place but have recovered to get to the bronze medal


race. Where did they make changes and how did they find that


different? We can look at some footage. When they went out the


blocks in qualification, there was some gaps and the line was wavy.


They were not as together as we used to seeing them. Look at the splits,


they were quicker out the blocks yesterday this afternoon. When they


went to the analysis, they were looking to quell the holes came from


and where the pace changed will stop they will be looking to make the


changes to make sure they are the property unit when they come into


the ride today. Joanna ended up doing a half. They broke just after


that. Laura was time to bring it back onto pace. They have looked at


the pace grafted cf the gap opened up because of acceleration because


they are using huge gears and it is hard to accelerate on. When a gap


opened, it can affect them. This was today. This is when they broke the


national record and have cycled faster than they have done their


lives. They were tidier. The right together from the first half. It had


them about one lap to get on it before. They went about three 10th


slower for the first lap. The entire team was gradual. They were almost


one seconds slower over the first kilometre. They had decided it was


the centre part of the race that was the most ragged. They gave Laura


Trott a 2.5 turn in the middle of the race to settle the pace down.


That was a positive change because everyone is tucked in nice and


tightly on the wheel. When Joanna came up to take over the Chinese to


get that 4.1 six. She had to do a monstrous lap and a half term. She


had the energy to do that because Laura had protected her team-mates


well. There is no set pattern. You do not overlap and a heart every


time. -- go for one map and a half. It goes on who has the best legs.


You can see Joanna thanking her for that. She settled the pace and give


the team the confidence they needed. It was impressive to see. The big


surprise in the woman's team pursuit, Australia, they are not


even in the race for the medals. What happened to them? They did not


quite qualify this morning. 4.18.5. You would expect that to be fast


enough but the world has moved on so far. Ultimately, in the second


right, you have to go superfast. From 4.13 this year to 4.18 this


year, it did not cut it. That was the USA smashing them. They had


Sarah Hammer and two more riders that retired and when it went up to


four micrometres, they brought in three riders. Chloe Dygert is from


the road races. The former riders are evenly matched. It used to be


Sarah Hammer and pulling that team around but now they are able to


continue evenly. That is the British team warming up downstairs. When


they come out, they will have the benefit of a huge support. The noise


last night was incredible. This is incredible. The 5th-6 race but


Australia and Italy. The commentary team is Chris Boardman and Simon


Brotherton. COMMENTATOR: We are almost ready to


go with Italy and Australia. Francesco Pantano and Silvio Proto


said chief. Australia with the Gold Medal one year ago. Three of those


riders, two of those riders, Rebecca Wyre Sac has been brought in. She


was not only start sheet. Half of this team one one year ago and the


wheels have kind of spectacularly in this event. World records being


broken 12 months earlier and dethroning the British team who made


this event thereon. They came very strong and fell apart. We expected


to see them followed up and in the final. A very unusual place to see


the Australian four. The world-record holders and defending


champions. They were thrashed by the United States this afternoon. Can


they remind everybody of the undoubted world-class and talent?


And post a good time, albeit for fifth place. I have to say that the


Italians as a squad, not just in this discipline but across the board


so far, have been impressing. Italy are coming up through the rankings,


aren't they? They are performing strongly in the races they have


seen. We were talking about the young 19-year-old that is leading


the Individual Pursuit race petition at the moment. Incredible right by


him. In the Omnium and distance events.


They are strong normally. They have a strong road culture Anderson as


they get good, they are mopped up into one of the big boot squads.


Good to see Italy coming back and we have to see what they are doing. The


Australians will not be looking to win this to get first place, they


will be looking to show everybody the Harry forced to be reckoned with


and that they can still win in Rio de Janeiro.


Edmondson was involved in an accident, she collided with the


sight of a car, couple of weeks before the championships. There was


a sizeable dent in the vehicle but just they banged up me for her and


she was OK and able to take her seat on the plane to come to London. You


never know whether that takes a little bit out of a rider and if


there is residue from that accident. They are travelling at the moment. A


very fast first alarm at. Already into the same straight as the


Italians. As we have not reached two kilometres, we could see a catch


here, if not, we will see a fast time. Australia performing in the


manner we would come to expect from them. They were the world champions


last year. And also in 2010, this competition has only been held eight


times before. Great Britain have won six of the eight world title races.


Australia the other two. A changing of the order little bit in the team


pursuit. Australia closing in with almost every resolution of the


pedals. They are almost certainly going to catch the Italians now.


Bearing down quickly, just 40 metres between them. They will get a


significant tone now from the Italians. They have them in their


sights, being told at the side of the track that they are on schedule.


They are aiming for something quick, gone through two calamitous in 2.1


zero. Nobody really saw this afternoon coming, the USA had looked


very good in the qualifying ride but we did not expect Australia to be


beaten in the manner they were beaten. They were walloped by the


Americans earlier today. As you can see, Australia have put that bind


them. A problem, they are down to three now. We saw some slowed


changes early on. But they are inside one K to go, they have


shelter from the Italians, they are also down to three so it won't be a


problem but they are right on the edge, they do not look like they are


holding it together, dragging it on the previous round. Less than three


laps to go as Australia make the catch on Italy, just as the third


rider was beginning to lose contact with the other two. The rider at the


back for Australia was Ashlee Ankudinoff. 3.14.379 and Italy with


3.21.1 12. If that had gone the full distance, the way the team was


looking, they started off technically well, nicely into


position but a disparity in form in that team and I think they would


have blown apart again. We saw fractures beginning to appear. They


were about to lose their third rider so I think they would have had the


same problem. They have some serious issues to sort out between now and


the summer. Their was considerably quicker than China and Poland in the


race before but we would expect that. Australia complete what has


been a disappointing World Championship in terms of the women's


team pursuit. Gary Sutton is their coach with much to ponder. Rio is


still a few months away and still some time to make some adjustments


which they will, it would seem they definitely need to make them. The


fork and into Mark, we have not had that long for the women, the


countries are still finding their feet with the new discipline now.


Playing around with the strength in depth. Particularly in the women's


group, there are a lot of teams in the hunt and it is a great


competition to watch. Those people in the crowd who bought their


tickets for this evening may have hoped to see a gold medal ride for


Great Britain for these four riders. Elinor Barker, Laura Trott, who won


the scratch race just 24-hour 's ago and for Johanna Rowsell Shand, that


is not the case but at least they have a chance of a medal and that


will be some relief after the awfulness of their ride in the


qualifying ride but they redeemed themselves earlier today with an


excellent ride, much more the sort of thing we have been used to. Great


Britain have never ridden faster than they did earlier today albeit


no doubt helped by the fact they were catching and did overtake the


Chinese. They are the favourites in this ride, that is for sure. They


won't be going out to subdue a bronze medal, they will be going out


to set a time to give themselves a real work-out and take themselves to


the edge and see what they are capable of.


Ten seconds to go, join a Rowsell Shand will lead for Great Britain


here the first lap. And away we go. Echoes of 2012 here with the roar


from the crowd as the rider set off from the starters gate. Rowsell


Shand on the front. New Zealand have been consistently on the podium in


recent times in this event but they have never been world champions and


Great Britain making a fast art. A fast start and Rowsell Shand taking


it for a full lap and a half. And three quarters when you are the


starter, a big effort at the start. She is getting the effort in the


first three kilometres. She in many ways is the anchor of the women's


team, she has a fantastic engine, Laura Trott now racing on the front,


she peels off. A very short-term. Ciara Horne is right on her wheel. I


was expecting a longer term at the start of this race from Laura but


she was more injecting the pace there. She is doing a good job of


it. So much experience in the British line-up, two of them Olympic


champions, Rowsell Shand and Laura Trott and more to come from Great


Britain one assumes ahead of Rio with Katie Archibald to come back


into this squad as well. She has a knee injury which has kept her out


of these World Championships and Great Britain asserting early


authority in this race for bronze. A much more steady start compared to


the Australians, a second slower. Taking it steady which was the


problem in the qualifying ride, they went out too hard and put the team


under too much less early on, a wise decision. Laura Trott going to the


front, we will see if she does a longer term before peeling off with


Elinor Barker right behind her. Ciara Horne is third in the line and


tucked in at the back is Johanna Rowsell Shand. It is a much longer


term at the front from the world scratch race champion Laura Trott.


Not the best of changes from Johanna Rowsell. She had to push on a bit to


get back on the wheel and that could cost her a little bit later on. A


strong turn from Laura Trott. Elinor Barker takes up the running, still


21 years of age and a two-time world champion in this event. Great


Britain's lead goes up now, it is over two seconds. I might be


tempting fate here after what we have seen in this competition but I


think this is no longer about who gets the medal. It is about the


times to see what Great Britain can do, they cannot move higher than


third place but they can send a message to the rest of the world.


Ciara Horne was part of the European team of two years ago. She just


peels off the front for Great Britain as we have a quick look at


New Zealand, still riding strongly as a four but well behind Great


Britain. As a contest, it isn't really one at the moment. Great


Britain leading the way by a considerable margin. Nearly a second


up on the times of the Australians through this point. Paul Manning,


the team coach indicating they are well up on schedule now. Johanna


Rowsell Shand looking like she had to work hard to get that back wheel


in front of her. The strain is starting to tell and it should be at


the speed they are travelling. Thumbs up from Paul Manning, they


are doing a good job at working hard, their heads starting to move


and straining to stay on the wheels. They have gone through 3000 metres


in a faster time than Australia. They are riding really well. As you


can see, they are still riding as a four. Making a point after their


blip of yesterday. They will come round to take the bell now, the


sprint starts now. Just a handful of seconds remaining. Here we go with


Great Britain halfway through their final lap. The bronze medal in the


bag, Ciara Horne riding on the front, the Forum of them will make


it to the line together. Here come Great Britain now. And a time of


4.16.540, just marginally slower than earlier today. But the bronze


medal was never in doubt. And the crowd have seen a victorious ride


for Great Britain but the colour is ultimately bronze rather than the


gold they might have hoped for. When you consider how disappointing and


how poor that ride was in the qualifying situation, at least they


have been able to salvage something from these championships and


normally they are so consistent. They can take pride in that ride for


sure, a much better team effort, good communication and distribution


of the workload. Different lengths of terms, very good ride by Johanna


Rowsell Shand. She took a huge turn at the front, I didn't think she was


going to make the finish, she might have gone out at three K but they


dug deep and finished as a four. It looked in the early stages as if


first of all, Laura Trott did a very short-term at the front and then an


extra long one next time round. Cautious at the start, won't they,


that was the problem in the opening round. I hard turn that put


everybody into the red too early in the race, so just backing off a bit


so they could finish strongly. Second medal of these championships


for Laura Trott. Having won a gold medal yesterday. Elinor Barker,


already a two-time world champion at just 21 years of age. Ciara Horne, a


World Championship medallist for the first time. What can you say about


Johanna Rowsell, so experience. Such a key member of the team for such a


long time. A five-time world champion. Part of the Olympic gold


medal winning team as well. Not a desperately quick time by their


standards, it is right up there but they might have hoped to go quicker.


It is four or 5 degrees cooler than it was yesterday and that makes a


big difference. The air conditioning has been turned on. Density is


everything these kind of events. This is going to be really


interesting, Canada and the United States will compete in the final for


gold as the Canadians take to the track. Alison Beveridge, Jasmine


Glaser, Kirsty Lay and George Baker. Some fantastic background stories


for these riders. Looking at the American line-up, Sarah Hammer,


seven times world champion, Jennifer Valente as well, silver medallist in


the individual pursuit last year. Chloe, who Sarah Storey was talking


about earlier on, a double world champion. She only stepped on the


track for the first time last October. She was a football player


in high school, she had really bad shins Bunsen took up cycling in


2012, she was on a talent ID programme in 2014 and has not looked


back ever since. They have some real strength in depth for the first


time, the American team, it has always been Sarah Hammer, down to


her and her form but now they have clicked and got some real talent.


And a good coach. They have a double junior world champion, a world


medallist and Sarah Hammer, who really is the leader of the team.


And Canada as well, George assembling, she was an Olympic skier


in the Super G in Vancouver in 2010. She is also a ski cross World Cup


medallist on five occasions and now looking to go to Rio in track


cycling. Kirsty Lay, former speed skater. Jasmine Glazer and Olympic


bronze medallist on this track in 2012 in the team pursuit. And Alison


Beveridge, winner of two bronze medals last year, including in this


event. Canada will surely end up better than last year, will it be


gold or silver? The smart money is on the United States as the team to


beat here. They made a blistering start but the Canadians has darted


to pull back, I think it is the team who makes the least mistakes to come


out as victor here. Everyone pushing it to the limit, we have seen so


many teams falling apart in that last kilometre and it takes a lot of


experience to hold it together to be in a final and back off over this


first kilometre. It is evenly matched, just one tenth of a second


in it at the moment. Next time at the line they will be


at the one kilometre mark. The United States just edging it so far


but a long way to go in this final. Slightly faster than Britain's


opening kilometre. They are on a similar schedule at the moment with


both teams looking very smooth and well structured. Good changes,


getting good height and having the confidence to go high. When they


start changing layout that is when you start worrying. They have been


excited about the Americans were riding today and the record was


under threat in the race against Australia, they did not quite break


the world record. There is more to come from the United States over the


next couple of years when you think how young half of the team is. Also


Canada. The Canadian coaches saying they have got seven riders who are


interchangeable, they are back strong. The Canadian team are coming


under pressure. They are starting to work hard at the midpoint of this


race and have lost more ground. Nearly one second behind. The


Americans still have the fastest time we have seen that this evening.


Kirsty Lee Riding on the front for Canada and for the United States it


is Chloe Dygert who has been described as a freak of nature. The


19-year-old. She is very strong despite the relative lack of


experience. They do not look inexperienced, very smooth changes.


4.16 pace at the moment. The Americans are down to three and that


is early for that. They have got a lead but it is not unassailable. It


is Kelly Catlin, the 20-year-old who has bailed out. They cannot lose any


more, the Americans. Those three have to try to finish together. They


are still looking good. I was expecting the Canadians to lose one


first. The Americans are still looking like a tight unit but they


do not have an alternative plan now. Once you have slowed it down, no one


has the legs to pick it up again. The Americans are storming and have


got the Canadians on the scene straight now. This is a superb right


by the United States who have got two laps to go. The rider leading


the way was Chloe Dygert. On the front, number 314. They have got a


good buffer and need to hold it together. There is a change in the


middle of the street. It is Jennifer Valente who has went to the front


and the extra turn of pace on the last lap has split up the Americans


which will not help them. Chloe Dygert is trying to get back on. The


winning time for the United States is 4.16.8. Canada finishing in 4.1


nine. Never any doubt about the outcome but untidy on the final lap.


The order has changed in the women's team pursuit because this is an


event that is still inside its first decade of existence. It is changing


and developing all the time and there are new names and new teams


for Great Britain and Australia to look out for this summer. Not least


the two we have seen in this World Championship final. It is great for


the sport to see the victory is spread around. Great for America to


get a victory and will give them the confidence to invent -- in the team


and the sport. It is not about going quickly, it is about consistency.


Great Britain posted the fastest time this evening but did not do it


in the qualifying round and that is when it mattered to make sure you


wear in this race. It is the second time they have won a medal in


women's team pursuit, they won a Silver Medal and Sarah Hammer was in


that final. She is still there at 32 years of age and is the captain of


the squad. They have gone one better this time and for the first time,


the United States are the women's team pursuit gold medallists. Right


from the start when they got out of the starters Kate on that opening


lap, they assumed control of the match -- of the race. Canada were


not able to put themselves in position to put the Americans under


oppression. They got 0.4 of an advantage inside the first lap and


did not let it go. The Canadians coming back but never got to be a


nose in front. USA take the Gold Medal and Canada finishing with the


silver. Great Britain have the bronze medal.


Terrific result for the USA and we could here them screaming. They were


up for that. World champions for the first time and you can see how much


it means. Great Britain and Australia dominated for many years.


It is great for the sport. The British fans want to see better


results. The legislators did 4.16 point five. It is a better


performance but you have to be frustrated. A few are a British


cyclist looking at that club, if we had not messed up qualifying we


would've won that. -- at the clock. You have to try not to think like


that. It gives you confidence. You will have everything to push forth


in the final in Rio de Janeiro. Race incidents happen and it is the most


brutal place for it to happen, in the World Championships but it is


better here than the Olympics. The British quartet were dominant and


they looked so beautifully clean. Everything was done beautifully.


Laura Trott did two two lap to us. We almost matched the time in the


semifinal. How good was at the finished as a tight format? It is


very disciplined to be able to do that. She is the extra man in case


of an incident. In case there's a puncture. You always want to be


there and being able to finish after a lap and three quarters start, from


Joanna Rowsell, it is not easy to do that but she is exceptional as an


athlete. When the event moved from three to four column at us, she was


able to extend her lap at the start. The second medal of the


championships for Laura Trott. She still has an event to come. The


other three caught up with us. Congratulations, that was about more


than a bronze medal, that was about showing how good this team can be.


Definitely. We had good winter training in preparation for these


championships. We had ups and downs. It was a good performance. In


qualifying we tried to be the fastest qualifiers. It is so close


at the top of the world, it was too much. We are here to push the


boundaries. We could have been conservative and qualified second


but we wanted to drop qualification. We came back today and shown the


types of times we can write. Fair play to America, they have been


strong today with the times. We are over the moon with the bronze medal.


It is your first World Championship medal, congratulations, what has


changed in this team overnight? In particular that is change, yesterday


we went out too hard. We have been working on the speed element which


in Brazil will be beneficial. We will aim to go quicker. We put our


heads together, let us get this bronze medal. Over the moon. An


impressive performance, both in the first round and into that bronze


medal race. Eleanor, to back-up two big rides like that, breaking the


national record and then another 4.16 is impressive. The national


record, I do not think anyone expected that. We are so happy to


come across the line. We lived for those moments. As much as it was not


a positively qualified fifth, we have ended up any better position


than Australia who qualified faster because got fifth. We got to win a


bicycle race which is why we do it. Congratulations. I love the


simplicity of that. We just have to win the right race. There is Laura


Trott, the fourth member of that team. Look at a schedule over these


championships. She is doing pretty much everything she can. With the


qualifying and the medal races as well, that is as busy as it you can


get. It is tough but that is what she prepares for. It is gruelling.


It is the cycling equivalent of the heptathlon in order Clapham on. It


is the test of an all-round athlete. She has to be fitter than any fit


person in the world. Definitely. She is on the top of game. She is able


to be on the top of her game on a regular basis. It is impressive.


When you get into competition, when you have a break, it is more


detrimental than to keep going. In swimming, you see people getting in


the pool on every single session, Phelps in Beijing, when you get into


competition, it is better. We will move onto the men's individual race.


Britain has a guaranteed medal. It is about the team and they have


got a bronze medal in Britain between Owain Doull and Andy


Tennant. They are friends but still want to win. Chris Boardman is the


expert in the Individual Pursuit race the 1992 Olympic champion.


Chris, what is the key? What you have to be thinking? You have to


focus on being the best of what you can be which is a cliche. Focus on


your own performance, not the result. And the schedule. The most


important thing about this event is the first 30 seconds. That is when


it does not hurt and you can do an awful lot of damage. They need to be


very careful at the start but are both experienced riders. I have seen


some fantastic riding from both of them. Owain Doull is the story for


the male endurance riders since we have been here. He has shown he is


capable of riding with the very best in the world. He did a fantastic job


in the team pursuit yesterday and back that up with the fast time


today. COMMENTATOR: 20 seconds to go until


the start. Owain Doull from South Wales. Two-time world silver medal


cyst -- silver medallist in the team pursuit. Five seconds to go. An all


British race for bronze in the Individual Pursuit race to Andy


Tennant is the more experienced of the two of them. He has been a world


champion before any team pursuit in Melbourne ahead of the Olympic Games


in 2012. The web team mates any team pursuit. Andy Tennant did not get a


ride in the final but he wrote in the ride that got them into the


final. Owain Doull ran all three times. -- the road. Very strongly


will stop Andy Tennant will need all that experience.


You do not need to make much a an mistake to have huge advantage taken


out. Owain Doull is impressive on the road as well as the track. He is


in front just buy a shade. He has been impressive in the two of


Britain last autumn. He finished third overall. He has a potential


road career on the continent on hold to concentrate on the team with Sir


Bradley Wiggins and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He is concentrating


on the Individual Pursuit race and has a steady style on the bike. When


he was in the qualifiers this morning, he set a new record for the


London velodrome. It was subsequently lowered by Philippe


Blaugrana and -- Domenic Weinstein. He is an amended form. Andy Tennant


will not let it go. The gap is still 0.2 seconds. It is very close and


that experience will come to tell and the back-end of this race. Both


riders being shown by their respective coaches that they are


just about on schedule, slightly behind in the case of Owain Doull.


What they have set themselves, I do not know and could have kept it


secret from each other. People might be interested to know at home, are


they racing to the own schedule, what me and to what extent are they


racing against each other rider in terms of where they are at any given


moment? It is a good point. Yet another cliche. At the end of the


day, you can only do what you are capable of. The best way to write a


person, forget the other person and do your own thing. Andy Tennant has


just went in front. That is what he has to do. Only in the last


kilometre, when you start to get information from the coach telling


you about the other person, that is when the ocean can make a


difference. This would be eight two men do is finish to this race and


still several laps to go. It is really close. Andy Tennant has got


the bit between his teeth. Andy Tennant missed out on the ride in


the final of the team pursuit yesterday and is looking to make up


for it here today. It is about putting together a


series. It is about consistency and being to back up right after ride.


Andy Tennant the national champion in the individual pursuit. Round


they come with three laps to go now. And it is half a second and tenant


is really dishing it out here. Still in the realms of the sprint. Less


than half a second in it, it can come down to who can go anaerobic


and push it in the last few seconds. What a final two laps we will have


in this battle for bronze between the British duo, Andy Tennant


leading the way at the moment but it is extremely close between tenant


and Owain Doull. It is England against Wales and Owain Doull has to


find half a second from somewhere in the last lap of this race. Andy


Tennant still looks good. Still looks strong but Owain Doull is a


scrapper. He will push it all the way to the line. At the end, it has


gone to Andy Tennant. Andy Tennant takes it, 4.18.3, a 10th of a second


between them. It wasn't the gold but what a race it was. Andy Tennant


obviously happy with that, Owain Doull has to bow to the experience


there. Maybe that extra ride in the legs makes the difference. Anything


can make a difference when it is that close. Great ride by both


competitors. Andy Tennant was a picture of concentration and


determination. And he was absolutely determined he was not going to let


it slip away. Owain Doull lead in the early stages of the race but


slowly and surely, Andy Tennant kept his rhythm and kept going and slowly


overhauled his younger opponent. He had to get a buffer though, that was


some sprint at the end by young Owain Doull. Trying to get


everything out here. It was a fantastic finish but you knew that


even though it was half a second going into the final lap but Owain


Doull was not going to give up and that he would push and fight and


scrap to the line. In the end, it was a fantastic race between the


pair of them. If the race the gold is as thrilling as that, I don't


think anyone in the crowd will be complaining. Andy Tennant, by a hair


's breadth, takes the bronze medal and hopefully he can get his breath


back, looking to have a cosy chat on the floor. Congratulations, it is


not like you who is tired, I just felt like taking a seat. That was a


well timed race, Mr consistency is what they call you, that was a very


consistent ride? That is the icing on the cake for me, the World


Championships, the interview in Manchester, I was struggling to get


a ride in the semi yesterday, I did a decent ride. I was chuffed with


that, to come away with an individual bronze medal, if you had


said three weeks ago, I would have been betting against myself. Do you


know what schedule Owain Doull was riding too? I didn't. Me and Paul


went our own way, I got the old boss back so we discussed it. We said


14.8, 15.8 and on we went up to 15.7. So we pushed it up a bit. I


was like old this and that is what I tried to do and after two K, I was


just nudging up. The last couple of laps, he was egging me on so I


didn't know where I was, I was just flat-out, looking to flat line. An


excellent ride from Andy Tennant, winning the bronze medal but the


gold medal race as you can see is just underway and the German rider,


Dominic wine stain is up against the rider from Italy, just making the


breakthrough at World Championship level. The German is the older of


the duo, his opponent just 19 years of age, a fantastic talent, he will


be riding on the continental pellet on from the start of next season. On


paper it should be a close race, just one tenth of a second between


these two in the previous round as well. Simon was looking at some of


the splits and pointing out earlier that the Italian has started really


slow compared to his finishing time. That says that the Italian has more


to give and that is how he has decided to play it this time. They


can go out quick and he has done that. The German, Weinstein is


coming back at him now. At 21, he is a former world points champion. He


was beaten by Stefan Kueng, the young Swiss rider last year but he


has been there or thereabouts. A double national champion and here he


is in this World Championship final for the first time. Weinstein is an


exciting talent, fourth in the junior road time trial a couple of


years ago. I don't know if he has been holding back like he did in the


previous round but he his Arthur second adrift. Quite a lot to pull


back before reaching half distance. He has stemmed the flow and he is


holding it there. Let us see if on the split, as he starts his charge.


He looks like someone who is looking around. Not someone doing his own


ride and schedule, he is looking to see what the opposition is doing.


Half a second in it on the halfway stage of this race. Ganna riding


this in the same manner as he did in the qualifying ride and the first


round earlier on, presumably he will be quite comfortable that it is only


half a second. At the moment it looks like he is riding a time


trial, he does not look focused, his head is moving about. It is just the


raw talent at 19 years of age that we are seeing, he has lost another


10th of a second so he is not making inroads and lap after lap is


slipping away. It will have to be a big finish, maybe he paid for that


ride earlier today and has nothing left to give. And it is about being


a championship rider, backing up your rights, not just having one


good ride but two or three times. Also, still inexperienced at 19


years of age. It is not just about your legs but your head as well.


Whatever the result, I think we will see a lot more of him. He has lost


another 10th of a second. Seven tenths behind now which is a lot of


distance, 15 metres or so that they have to turn around in these final


kilometres. If he is going to turn this world champ injured final round


over the last three laps, he will have to produce a gargantuan effort.


How much has Dominic Weinstein got left? The German rider who has led


all the way. The Italian is really starting to Moto. Here comes Ganna


and the crowd can see it. He has closed it down and suddenly he is in


front. In the blinking of an eye, he has turned this world champ injured


final on its head. It is a long time since I have seen anything like


that. I have to go back to Colin Sturgess's days. The race the gold


in the individual pursuit and look at him go, the crowd are loving


this. Really getting behind the Italian. He is putting on quite a


show to take the gold medal. 4.16.141, in the end he won it by a


country mile and who would have thought that three laps ago.


Unbelievable finish. Colin Sturgess, the Great Britain rider of the late


80s, a formidable opponent. He was the only person I had ever seen who


did anything like that. Winding up for those last three laps and it


played with the head of all of his competitors, they knew that even if


they were in front, he would probably beat them in the sprint. He


waited and waited and we wondered if he did not have the composure to


lift the world title but just when it really mattered in the closing


stages of the race, he kicked like a mule. What a ride from the Italian,


Ganna, remember the name. He goes out to sell a break, that is for


sure. This is what track cycling needs, you need riders with some


character and showmanship. To get the crowd on their feet. The crowd


here will obviously be cheering British riders for example but they


really got behind this Italian when he went for it near the end. We see


a lot of emotion with the medal winners, it is a much more spread


around and you often get the seasoned riders who are used to


winning and they are very happy but it is not the first for them, they


have done it before. But we are seeing teams and riders not used to


being first and getting that raw emotion and it is fantastic. What a


finish, Ganna saved the best till last, he is the New World individual


pursuit champion at 19 years of age. Fantastic celebrations, Ganna is the


man, only 19 years old, you have to feel sorry for Dominick Weinstein,


he had such a lead early on, if you still have enough energy to lift


your bike at the end of that, he could have done more laps. Exactly,


you tell him. Amazing, the crowd loved that. A classic cat and mouse


event, the way he hung on until making the sprint at the end. That


was phenomenal. 4.16 as well, that is the time the women were doing 14


pursuit and he did that on his own, incredible. Will we have to look out


for Italian track cycling in Rio? They used to be Giants of track


cycling in the 90s. He is gutted, now I feel terrible. The Italians


used to be a strong nation. They basically put all of their eggs in


one basket and focused on the road and now it looks as if they will


start investing more back in track cycling. We had an all British race


for the bronze, that was ebb and flow, Owain Doull went for it early


and finished strong. He has a bit more speed than Andy Tennant but he


is Mr consistent as we said before. He just had that edge. He said he


had a ride less in his legs from the team pursuit but after what he went


through in training and not being on the form he hoped for to take a


medal. Owain Doull went for a big spent in the last lap and a half and


he was shattered afterwards. They both left it out on the track,


classic pursuit, nothing in it at all and they both wanted it. They


are team-mates and friends but you can see how much it meant for him to


win that bronze medal. We saw a bronze medal in the team visit, the


one team member we did not hear from was Laura Trott. Another medal and


World Championship medal, that meant a lot to the team? Gray it really


did, we were disappointed with yesterday, to come back fighting


today and I think it was better than we thought we would do. We rode so


well as a team. It is the performance we should have done


yesterday that was there today, that is what we put out there, and to


prove people wrong little bit in how we rode yesterday and to show that


we gel well as a team and that was the performance. Root a national


record as well and to back it up again. What did you look at last


night to put in a performance like that today? Gray we did not spread


the effort even the yesterday. We did, everyone was on different


levels, some people can give more than others could and we did not use


that to our advantage yesterday. And it fell apart a bit. Today we spread


the effort on what people had rather than evenly and that is the way it


worked and I guess it paid off. The big effort from you in the middle of


the race in both rides seem to make a difference? Definitely, in the


first round, I had so much gas and that took it out of other people,


you assume everybody is going at the same pace and it is all fine and it


is not until you change that you see what is going on. For today's rides,


we decided my second turn needed to be longer and keep it nice, flat and


smooth and by doing that I guess it worked and everybody could give more


on the front. How do the legs feel for the Omnium? I feel good.


Yesterday gave me the boost to feel good. To write like that with the


girls was fantastic and has given me the momentum I need. Best of luck.


Laura Trott giving us that interview while the gold medal race for the


men's individual pursuit was going on and there she is up on stage with


her team-mates receiving their bronze medals for the women's team


pursuit. COMMENTATOR: It was a good point made by Elinor Barker, even


though they didn't win the gold medal, which is obviously what they


came for, they do leave these championships on a high in a sense


they won the race they were in. Psychologically that was a better


scenario than it might have been. And they also posted the fastest


time. That will be very important, it will send that message in the


closing hours of this event for them to say that they are still the


quickest here, don't forget that, they will be back in the summer and


they will get the qualifying right and be in the final. They recovered


very well from that disappointment. We are looking at the world


champions. Sarah Hammer on the left-hand side. A seven time world


champion now. With her is Kelly Catlin, Chloe Dygert and Jennifer


Valente. They were stunningly good, it has to be said. They dished out


such a fraction to world champions Australia to make it into the world


-- into the Gold Medal right. The USA were Silver Medal list in 2011,


the only time they have won a medal in the team pursuit and now the


other team to beat as we head to Rio de Janeiro. Sarah Hammer is enjoying


them on the jersey more than she is enjoying putting it on herself. She


has been the lone campaigner for the USA and now she has a strong team to


back up and she is loving it. Sarah Hammer has been one of the great


rivals of Laura Trott in the Omnium in recent years. Laura Trott


starting her on the campaign tomorrow and she has finished with


the silver medal in each of the last three years. She was the world


champion in 2012 in Melbourne ahead of the Olympic Games.


Great Britain finished any much help position than they started. The


qualifying rider fell apart at the seams and they were riding weight on


the edge. It is a fine line between success and sporting disaster.


Bringing a positive from a very poor ride, they responded well and were


very good at getting their heads together and riding very strongly as


a team in the second and third ride. They moved up well and came into


today with a positive attitude. More importantly, they learned from the


experiences. The workload amongst the team was not equal, it was not


even. They used to themselves as a single resource. What will Australia


be thinking? World champions and record-holder is coming in. I was


surprised to see them fall apart and then in the rider for the minor


place, you do not see Australia... They were heading for similar


break-up. They had caught the opposing team, the Italians, they


would've been in the same position again. They will go away from the


competition very worried. Sarah Hammer, the most experienced


of the quartet by far, the most emotional of the four as the


Americans salute the crowd, salute the gold medal winning ride. They


are the world champions and the team to beat. It is all to play for as we


head to the Olympic Tears on the podium, that is what it


is about. That is how much it means. We will move onto the men's Omnium.


This is the decathlon for cycling. Six different events. Mark Cavendish


hoping to get on the podium. Only a podium place would get into the


squad for Rio de Janeiro. He wants an Olympic medal, it is the only


thing he does not have worked. -- have got. The Omnium began with the


Scratch Race. Mark Cavendish was well-placed was the front of the


bunch until a coming together with the rider from Colombia. The man


from the Isle of Man struggle to stay upright. He fought back to


finish in sixth place. Anger Glenn O'Shea of Australia. Thomas Boudat


took the victory. In the second discipline, the Individual Pursuit


race Mark Cavendish started strongly and was amongst the fastest time


with the early splits. He had to dig deep and he came home in 4.27.4 53.


Enough to beat former world champion Glenn O'Shea. He is ninth in the


overdose than things after two events. Some big performances are


needed to make the podium. Mark Cavendish lines up in the


elimination of waste which every couple of laps, the last person over


the line gets eliminated. The Scratch Race, the Individual Pursuit


race then the elimination race. Tomorrow it is the time trial,


flying lap and Points Race. It looks complicated but it is not. You have


to be finishing in the first three. He has to be consistent now. He


cannot afford to have one bad event. The elimination in DVD could be good


for him. -- in theory. It just takes one lots of comp -- concentration


and you are not doubt. He is very experienced. It is a specific thing


to train for and lots of skills required. People are focusing on


that. This is something you have to spend a lot of time preparing for.


He is up against it but he has the ability and talent, and experience.


He is in 13th place at the stage and it will be difficult. We think of


him as a sprinter in the road race terms. Sprinter on the road and


sprinter on the track, big gap. It is confusing. The rotary sprinter is


an injured and athlete that can sprint at the end of the race. If


you got up against Jason Kenny, physically, they are different. He


you got up against Jason Kenny, has an amazing burst of speed but he


is not a pure sprinter. He is about in Germans. Is this one step too far


or you expect something special from him tonight and tomorrow to book his


place? You rate off at your peril. He is an exceptional athlete. He has


won lots of stages on the road races. He is at the highest level on


the track. This is a monumental task ahead. It is amazing to want to do


it, to put yourself at risk. Definitely. You only need one


trashier and everything is on hold for the rest of the road season. --


one crash here. There are so many different things to learn, the


Colombo to race and the Keirin, doing six different events, and the


skills required, the tactics are different. -- the Keirin. You are


delivered to the line by your team-mates on the road. He will be


up against it. To explain, what does this involve? The last person gets


unlimited every other lap. It is a great event for the crowd but it is


very nervous for the riders. One dip in concentration and your race is


over. The last back wheel across the line of the rider will be limited --


eliminated and you're taken at the race. It is exciting and


spectacular. Laura Trott is an expert at this and rides this well.


She is tactically astute. Mark Cavendish has to be wide awake, he


cannot afford to switch off. How do you know you are the last one? There


is a man with a gun exclusion Mark they actually have something on your


bike. In the old days, you said you did not know it was you and you


tried to stay in the bunch. You have your name on the screen and you have


a little red thing that flashes. It is like when you order your food any


food court and you get a little thing that buzzes. There is an


experienced man any food court along with all of your other


qualifications. Let us go to the commentator for the men's Omnium


elimination race. COMMENTATOR: It is so critical to


get off the mark in this race and get a good position. It is a free


for all of the line. When that starts flashing, the little light of


Mark Cavendish on his handlebars, come in number 16, your time is up.


The last person across the line is eliminated. The box flashes and that


is you. Every 30 seconds, they have to spend. If you are at the front to


get a steady pace but you have to make the effort to sell. If you are


at the back, you are sucked around and have to come a long way around.


It is a race for the strategist and I hope this is a good race for Mark


Cavendish. The elimination race in the men's Omnium. The elimination


race is generally a crowd pleaser. None more so... Quinn Laura Trott is


riding. Elia Viviani from Italy going to the front. The rider in


white is Fernando give the area from Colombia. Lasse Jensen in the red


and white of Denmark, the Olympic champion is at the front. Aaron Gate


of New Zealand is almost caught out. Next thing over the line we will


lose the last rider. Jacob Duehring from the generated states is just


off the back. It is 26 metres further to ride around the outside


of this track compared to the bottom. That is why the person on


the front is quite calm whilst they are sprinting Hell for leather


around the outside. Jake Dooling, from California, the first rider to


go from --. Two. Mark Cavendish is beautifully positioned in second


place. Strategically he is great position. He is monitoring the


front. Physically, it is the least stressful to be in second place. The


Mexican rider will be the next one to go. Just a rider -- just a


reminder, going into this third event, Elia Viviani leads away.


Thomas Boudat from France is inferred. Mark Cavendish needs to


have a good elimination race. She really does. Elia Viviani was third


in both of the previous races and you need to be a jack of all trades.


You can not afford a bad race. Mark Cavendish desperately needs a good


ride. It looks like the pollen from -- the rider from Poland will be


eliminated. Mark Cavendish is in the middle of the pack. Not too bad. It


is physically draining to be in that position. You can get away with it


for a short while. It is relentless for the riders. Elia Viviani again


is at the front. Tim Veldt is coming around the outside, the Dutchman.


They are bunching very tightly. The rider from South Korea, Park. He


will be the one to go. Mark Cavendish is starting to move up, it


is the right time to do it. Just 30 seconds between each of these


efforts. It is relentless. Hardly time to catch your breath. The


former world champion, Thomas Boudat, comes to the front. Maybe


the Belgian rider has went out, the bronze medallist from one year ago.


I am surprised by that. Mark Cavendish riding well. Going the


wrong way round. Not panicking. It is Lasse Jensen, the Olympic


champion from Dunlop -- from Denmark who is out. They come round to the


line once again. We thought he had gone last time but now he is. He


took the risk of driving down the inside. Then when they start to move


around the outside, you have got nowhere to go -- to go. It is high


risk. The quickly and down process is kicking in. The young Colombian


rider is at the front. Aaron Gate is from New Zealand might go. You can


not move backfired. It is time to get physical and force your way into


the first two of three riders. Make sure you have got open space. Mark


Cavendish is easy to spot with the union flag on his helmet but he is


any tight spot. He has pushed his way out. He just gets out of trouble


and should do just enough to stay in. The rider from Switzerland drops


out. Do not take a believer when you're down at the bottom and in the


second position. Nicely done to get out of that hole. He has been boxed


in again. Glenn O'Shea from Australia leading


the way. The Hong Kong rider on the outside and the rider from Brazil,


Montero in a spot of bother but in the end I think it is the Japanese


rider who is out. The Japanese road race champion is out. One of the


ways you can get through in this is to get somebody underneath and you


keep them pinned down. They are your little sacrifice as you like as you


come round, Cavendish again, that is exactly what they are trying to do


too now, he has found himself in a bit of difficulty but he has pushed


out. The ride at the back is very experienced, Cavendish being pushed


but the rider who it is out is the rider from Hong Kong. Cavendish just


getting himself in front of Vivian on now. Meanwhile, Gaviria sat on


the front for lap after lap. Glenn O'Shea taking up the pace. A crash


on the inside of the track, the Brazilian rider has hit the deck.


Tim felt from the Netherlands has gone. The race will be neutralised


as the judges work it out. Overlapping wheels, happens so


easily when they are so tightly packed. Speed changing all the time


as a concertina over the line. They neutralise the race until they are


able to get back in. The adrenaline must go into overdrive when that


happens to go through that, some sportsmen, to get back on and carry


on racing, it sets an example to other sports which involve all is


that I will not mention. Not much of a nights sleep for Tim felt, the


race is neutralised but still a lot of strategy being played out as they


try to end this mid-July at section with them in the first or second


position, constantly rotating and waiting for them to rejoin. Montero,


the Brazilian rider went straight to the front, as if to say that it was


only a scratch and he is all right. They are back in the race, and Imhof


of Team Sky and Italy leads the way. Cavendish on the outside, on the


left-hand side as you can see with the Navy and red shorts. We still


have the yellow flag up here so the race is still neutralised at the


moment. Now they are racing again. Imhof on the front, O'Shea is there


as well. Good foot Cavendish acres he is a sprinter type, he has a


chance to recover, he was in a good position and benefiting from


O'Shea's burst of speed that kept everyone in place, he will benefit


from that breather. The race now, Zac Rob being pushed now. Roger Klug


trying to stay out of trouble. And while, almost caught out at the bank


and the Brazilian rider, Montero is out. I make it about 15 or 16 laps


to go now. Before they are down to just two riders. I beg your pardon,


it is a team that's to go. O'Shea, Imhof on his wheel. -- Gaviria on


his wheel. The Kazakhstan rider. Cavendish is riding this really


well, starting to get the feel for it, making sure he is not Oxton and


keeping himself on the front foot, he has reacted to everything but


also proactively making sure he has space to race. The Kazakhstan rider,


second overall in the race going out there. The limpid champion out


early, the losing out to. The Russian rider, is at the back. I


think Cavendish did benefit from that breather and is riding this


extremely well. Looking backwards, keeping himself in good position.


The Netherlands staying in by a quarter of a wheel if not less. All


of the riders strung out, laying off and taking the others by surprise.


It is like a mass sprint every 30 seconds. O'Shea tries to make the


move, Roger Klug on the outside. Viviani court at the back at the


moment. He has a fair old Turner paste on him and I think it is


O'Shea, the Australian. Tim felt watched everybody coming round the


outside. He went down the inside and went straight into second position.


The 2012 on the champion is out. Cavendish is still there. Gaviria


leading the way. Trying to push out. Cavendish not afraid to stand his


ground in a bunch like this one. The Dutchman trying to push Cavendish


out, his Tour de France experience not having any of that at all. The


leader is out. That is a real surprise, third in the last two


events, Mark Cavendish having a fantastic ride here. This is what


the crowd came to see. Cavendish at the pointy end of the race when it


really gets down to business. Gaviria, the young Colombian


defending champion. Cavendish just biding his time, has a look round,


makes sure he knows exactly where he is, Roger Klug and Thomas Buda


behind him. What a clash it was between Roger Klug and the Thomas


Buda. Using the other wheels and staying in control. Eight tyres


width between them. No elimination, giving a dead heat on that one.


Gaviria goes to the front again trying to get a jump on the rest of


them. Cavendish sitting on the wheel at the moment. At the back, I think


Dutchman will be the one to go, he has to dig deep and he is not going


to give up. Pushing hard but I think he will be the man to go, just this


time. Interesting strategy by Gaviria to attack in an elimination


race. It is a strategy that could work. It was very close on the line.


The champion from two years ago has gone. He is puffing and blowing and


hanging on and he is about to go but Gaviria leads the way, Cavendish has


Roger Klug on his wheel, they neck and neck. Cavendish is nice and


safe. The Dutchman has nothing left to give, he can attend to his


wounds. Only three left. The big three left in it, Mark Cavendish,


Roger Kluger from Germany, the world champion in 2010 and the defending


champion, Gaviria makes a move. He goes off the front, Cavendish rolls


around behind him. The German rider has had enough. His tank is empty.


And Gaviria now leads the way and will come across to take first place


over the line. Gaviria comes in first, Mark Cavendish with an


excellent ride from him. This was a super ride in the elimination race


from Mark Cavendish. Gaviria rolls around the bottom of the track, he


knows that Cavendish was quite happy to roll along behind him there. I


don't think he had anything left to give, Gaviria could go again and


again and showed himself that he will be a strong contender for the


points race title here as well. It was Viviani who was the real loser


in that. Consistent in the first two rounds but suffering a big blow


here. A really good ride from Mark Cavendish, it was excellent but


Gaviria, as you say, he timed his effort well to give himself that


advantage, well ahead of the final sprint. Cavendish has certainly


given the vast majority of the spectators inside the stadium what


they came to see tonight. Living in self up to seventh place overall.


That is confirmation of the elimination race result. Excellent


win for the defending world champion, the experienced for world


champion in third. Some big names lost a bit of ground here. Aaron


gate, the champion three years ago. And Lasse Norman Hansen, the Olympic


champion, in early one to go. Gaviria looking like he might take


some beating here. Gaviria and Imhof are perfectly suited riders for this


event. Cavendish having some work. It must be such a stressful event to


ride, I cannot imagine doing that at this level, it is a carnival event


really. That has made its way to the Olympic games. Cavendish was very


good, better than I hoped he would be. Strategically he rode it


fantastically and moves up to seventh.


Very close at the top of the leaderboard, a surprise to see Lasse


Norman Hansen down in 10th place and the Belgian rider as well, we


thought he might have showed better than he did in the elimination race.


He was a big hope for Belgium. Aaron gate, three years ago the world


champion, a disappointing ride for him in this event so far. There is


the joint leader at the moment. Fernando Gaviria from Colombia, just


21 years of age. Well done to him, some real argy-bargy there as well.


Cavendish looked very annoyed at the end Connor did he think they had


another rotation to go? I think it was questioning whether they fired


the gun at the wrong time, normally it comes down to two at the end but


with the German capitulating, it looked like the officials thought


the gap was so big it was the end of the race. I do not think it would


have made a difference, the Colombian looked like a machine but


what a race from Mark Cavendish, that is what he needed to get his


confidence back and move up the rankings. That is his strength,


reading a race and making space for himself. He has been off the track


for a while but you could see the brilliance coming back at the end.


You can see the desire, can I just make mention of the Netherlands


rider, his shirt ripped to bits, shoulder bleeding and he gets up


again and finishes fourth. Absolutely, thinking correctly under


pressure. It is really difficult, you hit the deck and you have to get


back in and get your thoughts straight again and thinking calmly.


Your adrenaline is pumping, you will probably know about this more than


me but it is really difficult to think straight, he did an incredible


job. Let us talk about tomorrow for Mark Cavendish, how much more ground


can he make and how much can he make to get to Rio? He cannot afford to


have a bad of them now, he has to be consistent, the points race should


be a good event, playing into his ability to recover and Sprint. He


needs to be consistent and make sure he is not out of the top three or


four in each event. Tomorrow we have highlights programme at 1pm that is


coming up on BBC One. That will include Laura Trott's gold medal and


everything that has happened so far, tomorrow from 7pm, on the red button


with the live evening session. You will see the second day of Great


Britain against Japan in the Davis Cup as Great Britain continued their


defence of that great trophy. It is currently 1-1, the double is coming


tomorrow. What a sensational evening it has been off cycling and we will


continue on the red button now if you would like to see Jon Dibben in


the points race, hopefully see you in a couple of minutes, goodbye.


Clare Balding and special guest Sir Chris Hoy present live coverage of day three of the Track Cycling World Championships from London.

After Sir Bradley Wiggins and the GB men's pursuit team took to the track on Thursday night, Friday sees the women's squad go for gold. The women's team led by Laura Trott won pursuit gold in this same velodrome at London 2012 and will be hopeful of repeating the trick tonight.

Standing in the way of Trott and co is a formidable Australian team - the current world record holders. Who will end the night wearing the iconic world champion's rainbow jersey?

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