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The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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Donald Trump is embroiled in more controversy amid claims that Russia


Unverified reports say that Russian intelligence agencies have


compromising details about his business interests


Russia dismisses the claims as pulp fiction.


The President-elect calls it a political witch hunt.


Mr Trump will give his first media conference since elected later


today. We'll have the latest


from Washington. The Prime Minister and the Labour


leader clash in the commons over The death of seven-year-old


Katie Rough - a 15-year-old girl appears in court in York charged


with her murder. An emotional farewell -


after eight years in office Barack Obama prepares to step down


and pays tribute to his wife. For the past 25 years you have not


only been my wife and mother of my children, you have been my best


friend. CHEERING


And coming up in the sport on BBC News:


Sam Warburton is close to stepping down as the Wales captain.


Alan Wyn Jones would be his likely replacement for the Six Nations.


Good afternoon and welcome to the BBC News at One.


Russia has dismissed media reports that it's holding compromising


It comes after claims in America that Russian intelligence agencies


have obtained personally compromising material


about his business interests and his private life.


Mr Trump - who has denied the allegations -


is due to hold a news confererence this afternoon - his first


He tweeted that the intelligence agencies shouldn't have allowed the


information to leak. He took one more shot at them and said are we


living in Nazi Germany. He will hold a news conference this afternoon,


his first since November. Our correspondent


Jonny Dymond reports. In nine days' time he will be


President but never has a President-elect been so ensnared in


controversy. The allegations that swirl around him and his aides are


unverified. Explosive allegations, all denied by the man himself, of


unusual sexual practices and financial impropriety. Leaked to a


website. The suggestion that Russian President Vladimir Putin had


material which could compromise America's new President. From Mr


Trump, a flat, loud denial. Many people accept that Donald Trump is


the President-elect. But recognise that there are issues, that there


are problems, particularly with Russia that need to be addressed.


And so I think that is something that lawmakers are looking, and I


think the intelligence community would like to see Donald Trump take


a more proactive approach to addressing. Moscow's reach into the


trumpet campaign and the President-elect's success has been a


focus of claim and counterclaim for months. The latest allegations were


reportedly compiled by a former British intelligence official who


was once based in the Russian capital. He is described as a


credible source. Donald Trump has an extensive network of links to


Russia. This beauty pageant three years ago just one. He has gone out


of his way to praise the Russian President. His campaign team stands


accused of improper relationships with the Russian government.


Gathered by political opponents to discredit Mr Trump, the report


claims that the Russian government obtained material with which to


blackmail the new President. With Albert hotel rooms and clandestinely


things, the report reads like a spy thriller -- bugged hotel runs. One


Trump associate, a lawyer, shot down an allegation almost immediately.


Russia scoffed. TRANSLATION: Fabrication of such


spoofed stories is an obvious attempt to damage our bilateral


relations. Washington waits for a new


commander-in-chief, a man who promises to overturn the old order,


a man confronted by his own spy chiefs with the most period of


allegations. Never before has the office of a new President been under


such scrutiny. Jonny Dymond, BBC News.


Well our correspondent Paul Wood is in Washington.


It is early morning in America but Trump has already taken to Twitter,


clearly furious about the claims. Is not the first time he has attacked


the CIA but we have not seen language like this from him for


quite some time. Let's start with what we know. It was definitely


originally compiled by a former British intelligence agent, this


report, from an MI6 man. He did it for what is known as opposition


research company, in Washington, DC, a company I know quite well, and


have visited often. They worked first of all four Jeb Bush's


SuperPACs in the Republican primaries and then for an anonymous


Democratic party donor. The allegations themselves are extremely


limited and out of fairness to Mr Trump and anybody under the age of


18 watching I don't think we should relate them. Here is the crucial


point. I was able to send a message into the CIA in November to ask


about these allegations. It is illegal for any official to talk to


me about them but I got a message back from an intermediary who said


the allegations were regarded as credible, and more than that, there


was more than a single source, not just the MI6 man. There was


supposedly more than one take, not just video but audio, more Amaq more


than one date and not just in Moscow but in St Petersburg as well.


Obviously the Russians have blackmail material on the Russians


they would hardly release it, so these are allegations, but they are


allegations regarded as credible, not the same as saying accurate, but


they are regarded as credible by the US intelligence community. Paul


Wood, in Washington, thank you. The Prime Minister has called


the Red Cross irresponsible and overblown for talking


about a humanitarian crisis At Prime Minister's Questions


the Labour leader Jeremy corbyn said At Prime Minister's Questions


the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the NHS was in crisis


but the Prime Minister Our political correspondent


Iain Watson reports. Some medical professionals are


issuing critical warnings of the worst of a winter crisis in the NHS


and now Labour want to turn this into a political crisis by piling


pressure on the Government. Is there a crisis in the NHS? He doesn't use


the C work Jeremy Hunt wouldn't talk of a crisis but has suggested


patients shouldn't make their way to A departments unless the case is


urgent and today Jeremy Corbyn attacked a Prime Minister accusing


her of trying to wriggle out of the target that most patients should be


seen within four hours.. She agree with him that the best way


to solve the crisis of the four our weight is to fiddle the figures are


so people are not seem to be waiting so long on hospital trolleys in NHS


hospitals? Over the Christmas period we saw the day where more people


were treated in accident and emergency within four hours than had


ever happened before. Earlier this week the Prime Minister said she


wanted to create a shared society. Well, we certainly have got that.


More people sharing hospital corridors on trolleys. More people


sharing waiting areas at A departments. More people sharing in


anxiety created by this government. Our NHS, Mr Speaker, is in crisis.


But the Prime Minister is in denial. The last thing the NHS needs is a


check from labour that bounces. The only way we can ensure we have


funding for the National health Service is a strong economy


yesterday the Right Honourable gentleman proved he is not only


incompetent but he would destroy our economy and that would devastate our


National Health Service. It is only a heartbeat away for the politicians


at Westminster is the NHS is never far from their thoughts. The


government say they have met the pressures of the NHS by increasing


funding and bringing about improvements. The opposition parties


don't think that is good enough. But what would they do if they had the


power? The Lib Dems have set up an expert panel to look particularly at


the idea of a dedicated health and care tax and set alongside that an


independent assessment of how much money the health and care system


needs. In the medium term we would argue bringing forward 700 million


for social care which is allocated for 2019, let's not wait until 2019.


?700 million is just a down payment, not enough. White correct, we need


to look at this across the board for the long-term. Labour now feel the


government is vulnerable on the NHS, but the Conservatives will continue


to argue that only they can provide a robust economy that will pay for


it. Iain Watson, BBC News, Westminster.


Norman Smith is in Westminster for us now. How much pressure is the


Prime Minister really under over this?


Sophie, I think the Prime Minister was on the defensive, on the back


foot now over the NHS. Yes, she acknowledged there were precious but


she put that down to long-term pressures over an ageing population,


increasingly complex patient demands, traditional winter


illnesses. She rejected out of hand the idea of any emergency funding.


She lambasted the Red Cross for saying there was a humanitarian


crisis and always seemed to play down some of the terrible trolley


waits that have made headlines in recent days, describing them as a


small number of incidents were unacceptable practices have taken


place. There is a view at Westminster that Theresa May just


doesn't quite get the NHS as a political issue. The intensity of


the argument about it, the emotions around it, the vulnerability of the


Tory party on this issue, not in the same way as her predecessor David


Cameron. There is also a view that she thinks more money, billions


more, has been given to the NHS while other departments are being


cut and yet still they can't manage. Why should they get even more? And


lastly there is Brexit. This place has been dominated for months by


Brexit and now the NHS has sort of broken to the surface like a great


big iceberg and I wonder whether it has caught the Government off-guard.


The danger, though, for Mrs May, is however passionate people feel about


Brexit they probably feel as, if not even more passionate, about the


health service. Norman Smith, thank you.


Well, health experts are warning that without fundamental action,


millions of older, ill and disabled people will - in their words -


Our health correspondent Robert Piggott reports.


Outside hospitals heaving ambulances are a visual testament, says the


Royal College of Physicians, to the crisis facing the NHS. With the New


Year at some hospitals have faced unprecedented pressure with 20% more


patients than this time last year. Another trauma coming in now. A BBC


documentary gained access to one of Britain's busiest hospitals, St


Mary's in Paddington, as it struggled to meet overwhelming


demand. Accident and emergency departments have borne the brunt of


the increasing need for care. What about trauma beds? Two. As patients


continue to arrive a shortage of social care has made it hard to


discharge those who have recovered. The minute that we have had


problems, usually due to patients not being able to leave the hospital


at the other end we end up in this state -- bed problems. There is no


cubicle anywhere in A Patients are worth dumber waiting longer in


queues or corridors for treatment. It is easier to say what we have got


which is nothing at the moment. It means hard decisions about who to


treat. This case has trumped the patient with cancer that was going


to get done in the other theatre, because she's got a condition which


will kill her some time in the next three, four, five, six hours. So if


we don't do it now then there is going to be no five hours' time for


them. Specialist doctors blamed a shortage of qualified staff, saying


they are stretched too thin lead to meet the challenge they face.


Our members fear that people's lives are at risk because they can't get


around to see the patients that aren't yet in the emergency


department, or indeed waiting for results to come back. Members and


fellows have been writing in and our council members specifically have


said to me this is the worst they have ever seen. The Department of


Health said it had invested ?10 billion to develop health services


and relieve pressure on hospitals. And since last year had recruited


3000 extra nurses and 1600 more doctors. But will it meet increasing


demand? Doctors and experts in social care say the time has come to


rethink the long-term future of the NHS. Robert Piggott, BBC News.


Well, with me is our health editor Hugh Pym.


The NHS is always under pressure at this time of year -


but how much more serious is the situation now?


Well, yes, at this time of year there is always particular pressure


straight after the holiday season. People going to hospital, maybe


having held back. What seems to be different this time is the sheer


volume. It was busy enough last year, hospitals were really


stretched. The volume increase, 20% at one hospital more patients coming


through the door, and figures leaked to the BBC yesterday of the numbers


who had to wait unacceptably long periods, 12 hours on a trolley


before they could get a bed, reveal a really big increase there as well.


So it isn't a massive pressure. And for the Royal College of Physicians


and other leading health and social care leaders, to say this was


unacceptable and lives were at risk as we heard in Robert's peas, shows


how seriously the medical profession is taking it. Theresa May and the


Government acknowledges this and she did in the House of Commons but


there does not seem to be a change in policy. They say they have put


more money in, they have put more into social care, but how long that


is sustainable is anyone's guess. We are in early January, in this


situation winter doesn't simply end in the middle of January, they could


be two more months of pressure, a cold snap adding to the volume of


people going to hospital, there could be a nasty outbreak of flu.


All of these things could come along and push the whole thing even closer


to a quite dangerous situation. That is the challenge for the government.


Hugh Pym, thank you. You can see more on the NHS tonight


in a special BBC documentary called Hospital on BBC Two at 9pm.


A 15-year-old girl has appeared in court charged with the murder


Katie Rough was found critically injured near a playing field


in the Woodthorpe area on Monday afternoon - she died


Our correspondent Fiona Trott is in York.


Inside court the mother of Katie Rough and other family members


listened as a lawyer spoke on behalf of the teenager confirming her name


and address. Because of the severity of the charges this was a regular


magistrates court sitting this morning and not use court despite


the young age of the defendant. She is to appear before Leon Cort on


Friday charged with murder and possessing an offensive weapon. It


is understood that Katie Rough was found near a playing field behind


some houses in the wood area on Friday, on Monday afternoon.


Residents said that they saw a woman in street crying asking for an


ambulance. The seven-year-old was taken to hospital but died from her


injuries are a short time later. It has had the community hard, it has


affected people who do not know the family, a fundraising page was set


up on line overnight by a woman whose present but she wanted to help


the family through this terrible time. -- who said that.


The Forth Road Bridge remains shut in both directions after a lorry


crossing this morning - was blown over.


The driver has been charged with dangerous driving.


High winds have caused problems across large parts of northern


More than two thousand homes across the north east


A main shopping street in Newcastle City Centre has also


been closed because of damage caused by the weather.


Lorna Gordon is at the Forth Road Bridge now.


The wind over the past 30 minutes has been gusting to just shy of 50


miles an hour. It is causing problems for the engineers trying to


remove the lorry from the centre of the Forth Road Bridge. This is the


main artery into Edinburgh from the north and tens of thousands of cars


normally cross every day. But for the past 11 hours it has been


completely empty of traffic. People having to take a 50 mile detour to


get into Scotland's capital. Not just problems here though because of


the weather but elsewhere across the country.


In the early hours of the morning strong wind blew over the story as


it tried to travel north on the Forth Road Bridge. It happened at


around 2am, the lorry falling over onto the southbound carriageway


forgot the bridge was closed to HGVs at the time and the driver has been


charged with dangerous driving. Hours later and the road which links


Edinburgh to Fife would usually have been packed with rush-hour traffic.


Instead it was silent. The recovery process delayed because of the


conditions. There was extensive damage to the Central reserve, the


most extensive we have ever had on the bridge. Conditions were blustery


at the time, the bridge was closed to all high sided vehicles from just


past midnight and at the time of passage is the gusts were around 74


miles an hour. Elsewhere in Newcastle city centre, Newgate


Street was closed when part of the roof of this Debenhams store was


torn off and debris strewn across the normally busy city centre


street. In Feltham in a house and these cars were also badly damaged.


And in Gateshead conditions were so bad that the wind managed to blow


this shed into the road from a field. Northern Power Grid which


supplies homes in the North East and Yorkshire said that the wind caused


more than 25 thousand customers to lose power and meanwhile SSE


engineers are working to restore power to 1500 properties in the


North of Scotland. Today we had severe gales across the northern


half of the UK and impact on the weather and the air is just getting


colder. It is coming from a long way north ad is leading in more wintry


showers across northern parts. But tomorrow we have a spell of rain


across southern parts of England and Wales and with colder behind it that


could turn the rain to snow and sleet in the south-east in time for


the evening rush hour tomorrow. After several hours, cruise on the


Forth Road Bridge have managed to remove the lorry from the central


reservation but it cannot be completely taken off until the


weather improves. Of course the weather forecast, the wind is again


forecast to pick up as the afternoon progresses. It is causing problems


with some very roots in Scotland, possible snow showers on some of the


high roads as well and as to the Forth Road Bridge, they have to wait


for the wind to dip below 40 miles an hour for 20 minutes before they


can start removing the lorry. Even when the lorry has gone there will


be checks on infrastructure so possible delays and destruction here


for the next few days. Donald Trump is embroiled in more


controversy amid claims that Russia He has called it a political


witchhunt. After meeting at a factory


making Lancaster bombers in World War Two, Trudie and Barclay


celebrate their 73rd Jurgen Klopp prepares


to recall his big name Liverpool players for tonight's EFL Cup


semi-final against Southampton after fielding a weakened team


in the FA Cup. There was an emotional goodbye


from President Obama last night as he delivered his farewell speech


to the American people He listed his achievements


after eight years in the White House as thousands of his supporters


chanted "four more years!" And he struck a sombre note,


as he warned of threats to US democracy from inequality


and racism, and derided many of the policies


advocated by his successor, From Chicago Laura Trevelyan


sent this report. Barack Obama returned to Chicago,


the place where his political career began, to deliver his long


planned farewell address. Smiling that one away,


the president used his platform to underline what he sees


as his achievements. If I had told you eight


years ago that America would reverse a great recession,


reboot our auto industry, and unleash the longest


stretch of job creation If I had told you that we would win


marriage equality and secure the right to health insurance


for another 20 million If I had told you all that,


you might have said our sights Turning to his theme


of what could undermine America's democracy,


the nation's first black president was direct


about the state of race relations. After my election there was talk


of a post-racial America. And such a vision, however well


intended, was never realistic. Race remains a potent and often


divisive force in our society. And after a divisive


election campaign, America, we weaken those ties


when we allow our political dialogue to become so corrosive that people


of good character are not even willing to enter


into public service. So coarse with rancour that


Americans with whom we disagree are seen not just as misguided,


but as malevolent. For Americans depressed


by the state of their politics, the message from the man who started


out as a community If you're tired of arguing


with strangers on the internet, try talking with one of them


in real life. If something needs fixing,


then lace up your shoes If you're disappointed


by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some


signatures, and run Paying tribute to his wife


Michelle and his daughters, Michelle Lavon Robinson,


girl of the south side... For the past 25 years you have


not only been my wife and mother of my children,


you have been my best friend. For those who had lined up for hours


to hear him speak in person, I thought it was very uplifting


and it gave us a message And it was just, it was


what we needed to hear right now. We had a tough election and we just


need to keep fighting Barack Obama's supporters


were heartened by his And he leaves office with his


personal popularity at a high. But that didn't stop the American


voters from choosing And now Barack Obama must


watch as Republicans try A white supremacist has been


sentenced to death for killing nine black people at a church in the US


state of South Carolina in 2015. Dylann Roof opened fire 75 times


during a bible study class in what prosecutors said


was a racially-motivated attack. He rejected a final chance


to plead for his life at the court in Charleston,


telling the jury he still felt This is the man condemned to death


for the cold-blooded murder of nine Dylann Roof was convicted last month


of 33 federal charges including He told the sentencing


hearing that he felt he The brother of one


of his victims said the sentence would not bring


back his beloved sister. I wish that this verdict


could have brought her back. The prosecutor said on June 17,


2015, members of one of Charleston's most historic black


churches had opened the door for a He had come with a hateful


heart and a Glock 45. He had sat in a Bible study group


for 40 minutes before opening fire as they closed


their eyes to pray. Turning the peaceful church


into a bloody crime scene. One of those who died


was the local pastor and state A personal friend of the outgoing


president, who sang at his execution for a federal


hate crime conviction. It a hard thing to know that someone


is going to lose their But when you look at the totality


of what happened, it's hard to say that this person deserves to live


when nine others don't. Dylann Roof will be


formally sentenced A couple who met at a factory


making Lancaster bombers in World War Two are celebrating


their 73rd wedding anniversary. Trudie, who's 97, met 96-year-old


Barclay Patoir when he joined the factory at Speke,


Merseyside. Despite opposition to the union,


they married and moved to a new house on an estate


in Wythenshawe, Manchester, They have two daughters,


three grandchildren and seven Our correspondent


Stuart Flinders reports. Barclay was an apprentice


engineer in British In 1942 he found


himself in Liverpool. It was freezing cold


and the snow was an eye-opener. Barclay was put to


work making Lancaster ARCHIVE REEL: Many thousands of men


and women toil night gigantic warplanes


for Bomber Command. His assistant on the


production line was Trudie. They would say, he's


ruining you, isn't he? He used to bring me


sandwiches in and make Barclay and Trudie took


a shine to each other. And a visit to the


Empire Theatre to see star singer Richard


Tauber clinched it. We went to see Richard


Tauber and it was... But in the Liverpool of the 1940s,


Trudie and Barclay faced And that was because you are white


and Barclay's black? What advice would you


give a young couple If he's got a night out,


she has to have one. What do you think,


Barclay, what advice Now this next bit of footage


is pretty extraordinary. The pictures come from a camera


attached to the neck of a female polar bear and show two bears


breaking through ice sheets The US Geological Survey hopes it'll


help researchers better understand how the animals are responding


to declining sea ice levels. Sticking my neck out a little bit,


we've been watching forecasts with snow, there is some snow on the way.


It is going to be tricky to forecast it. But the low pressure is what has


been the story today across the North, blowing a gale. It has been


nasty across the north-east of England and into Scotland. The wind


starting to ease a little now but still blustery. And wintry showers


across the North. This evening it is fairly quiet, some icy patches


across northern areas. Cold air coming in from the Arctic. But we


are watching areas to the South West and what is happening, this is


complicated. You have mild error on the one hand coming from the South


and colder air from the north. You get that clash and then you get this


boundary, narrow boundary where rain and snow start to mix. So zooming in


a bit, we also have a weather front coming in and initially it begins as


rain with milder error to the south coming from the Atlantic. As the


rain moves towards the east and the North it starts to mix in with that


colder air coming from the North through the Midlands and into the


south-east. It is difficult, if it snows over the hills we could be


talking about five centimetres or maybe more. It could even settle


across London in part. In the North it is different, straightforward


north-westerly wind bringing in the showers. So to areas of snow, this


awkward mix of rain, sleet and snow across the South which is a


nightmare for forecasters. It is a mix of weather on the way. But the


point is Thursday night into Friday, in the South and north, it could be


nasty with icy stretches and also on Friday we have another weather


system coming in from the north sliding along the east. These are a


potential storm surge, so waves could overtop some of those sea


defences and on top of but we also have wintry weather. So a real mix


of weather on the way. Beautifully explained!


A reminder of our main story this lunchtime.


Donald Trump is embroiled in more controversy amid claims that Russia


That's all from the BBC News at One - so it's goodbye from me -