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Police investigate after a series of acid attacks in East London,


have described as barabic attacks. One teenager's been arrested.


The numbers appear to be going up. against South Africa on the


The numbers appear to be going up. night's attack happened. Two men on


a mopeds night's attack happened. Two men on


Police treat the latest man to become a victim of a


Police treat the latest man to face by two men on a notepad. I


heard a scream, face by two men on a notepad. I


Twice. There were five attacks in just over one


Twice. There were five attacks in happened, sir? Just here. Police say


they are Police Commissioner said that she


recognised growing concern. I don't Police Commissioner said that she


doesn't but we are concerned as the Police Commissioner said that she


we are working closely with Police Commissioner said that she


England have doubled since Police Commissioner said that she


birthday in east London. Acid was thrown


birthday in east London. Acid was basically. A lot of it went


birthday in east London. Acid was restrictions on the sale of assets


birthday in east London. Acid was and the government says it will


address and the government says it will


pockets of the country. Maybe and the government says it will


drivers say that they face a growing threat. Some


drivers say that they face a growing also causing devastating injuries.


It appears also causing devastating injuries.


these attacks. We know that two of the companies


working with police to establish exactly what happened last night.


working with police to establish who may have seen what happened at


working with police to establish any of these attacks. There are


growing any of these attacks. There are


are freely available. President Trump has attended


the annual Bastille Day military parade in Paris,


as guest of honour. The parade also marks one hundred


years since the Americans entered some dressed in uniforms from 1917 -


were among those who marched This is America year at


Bastille Day, and it was Americans, People travelled from many miles


away to support his family, and reflect how the six-year-old boy


had touched their lives. That smile


much pain he was in, he always had that


much pain he was in, he always had Yorkshire. Since last Friday, I have


collected Yorkshire. Since last Friday, I have


there because it has hit everybody. miss him, and we pray for him each


day. community had for the little boy was


clear to see here today. community had for the little boy was


sporting heroes. Who, in reality, saw


sporting heroes. Who, in reality, EasyJet are setting up a new company


in Austria Under current European law, the


airline is able to Under current European law, the


guarantee they will keep their rights after Brexit. It


EasyJet Europe, which will be based in Vienna and operate


EasyJet Europe, which will be based the drugs trade, it is estimated to


cost the drugs trade, it is estimated to


they do at the Harbour Centre in London, support those


lives. The Home Secretary Amber Rudd visited the centre this week.


lives. The Home Secretary Amber Rudd drugs often need help with housing.


They need drugs often need help with housing.


In this strategy we have acknowledge that and embraced it.


In this strategy we have acknowledge recovery to make sure that these


additional elements for seven years. It says there


should be treatment tailored intended to enhance the experience


of having sex, known as problem in the Department of Health,


where it really belongs. problem in the Department of Health,


that. Amber Rudd's involvement in a new


that. Amber Rudd's involvement in a set to disappoint people who say


that drug set to disappoint people who say


has been jailed for 17 set to disappoint people who say


to kill his partner so that he could set to disappoint people who say


offered ?200,000 to kill his partner of 27 years, Hazel


offered ?200,000 to kill his partner he thought was one of the


prospective hit man turned out to be an undercover police officer.


The war in Syria has killed 300,000 people,


and forced more than half of the population from their homes.


Neighbouring Lebanon has taken in more than a million people,


putting its infrastructure under extreme pressure.


In the coming academic year, there will more Syrian children


Sophie Long has been to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon


to look at a scheme preparing refugees to enter


None of these children go to school. This woman is an artist helping them


to articulate their memories through drawing. Mohammed is 11 years old.


His family left their home in Aleppo five years ago. He's not been to


school since. He remembers bombs dropping, and people dying. War is


ugly, he tells me, but fire is worse. He is drawing the camp where


he lives. There was a fire, and he saw a little girl burn. TRANSLATION:


The girl's dad was crying because his daughter died. A lot of people


got sick because of the flames and smoke. I'm sad for the people who


died and lost their homes all over again. People got really scared.


This is a programme run by Anna Akra, working to get more than


20,000 children into the education system in Lebanon, but schools are


at breaking point. This is one of the biggest schools in the area,


teaching more Syrian children then Lebanese. The headteacher tells me


of the toll it is taking. TRANSLATION: The school has a lot of


pressure on so many levels. It is putting a burden on the school


system, the infrastructure and equipment. We have a students. Now


we have at least double that, and the teachers all have to do double


shifts. But, as the conflict in Syria continues, more and more


children join the queue here for an education. All these four-year-olds


were born in Lebanon. Tents in the oppressive heat here are the only


homes they have ever known. But they are Syrian and, for them, any kind


of preschool education is almost nonexistent. Here, the charity is


trying to bridge the gap. This girl tells me that she likes it because


they feed her and teacher how to count. -- teach her how to count.


This little girl can name the months as they pass, she likes to keep


track of time. Her father disappeared nearly four years ago.


None of these children live normal lives but it is hoped that with the


right preparation and education, they may have a more normal future.


So be long, BBC News. It is now 13:17. Our main story this


lunchtime: a teenager arrested in connection with a series of acid


attacks on people in London last night in the space of just 90


minutes. Still to come, a knock out wedding


dance, how a routine inspired by the dirty dancing film didn't exactly go


to plan. And coming up in the sport on BBC News, on men's semifinals day


in Wimbledon, still plenty of British interest with Jamie Murray


and Heather Watson involved in the mixed doubles.


Two police forces have become the first in the UK to launch a


specialised drone unit. Officers from Devon and Cornwall, and Dorset,


say a remote-controlled machines are helpful in searching for missing


people, responding to road crashes and the crime scene photography.


They are also a fraction of the cost of using helicopters as our home


affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford has been finding out.


It is the eye in the sky that comes at a fraction of the price. Police


drones seemed like a novelty only a feud years ago, but Devon and


Cornwall police and Dorset Police, have jointly launched Britain's


first dedicated drone unit. Soon, they will have five every camera is


available 24 hours of the day. It can do the same as a helicopter with


the cameras, zoom and thermal, and will give us it quicker if we are


dealing with an incident in pans ends, we have one in the back of the


car, we can put it up as quick as we can. The unit recorded these


extraordinary pictures of a fire in Exeter last October and are doing


more and more jobs which previously could only be done with a police


helicopter, which costs ?800 per hour. Put simply, a drone is an


incredibly cost-effective way for police to get a completely different


perspective on an area they are searching for a missing person or a


crime scene, or the scene of a disaster or road traffic accident.


And officers are hoping that soon they will be able to download live


pictures from drones direct to the force's main control room. The


future is, if you deal with a terrorist incident like Manchester


or London, a commander individual will have a link to see the aerial


footage to see clear pictures of the incident as it unfolds, allowing the


individual to make clear command decisions. Drones have already saved


lives. These pictures from America show how one with a thermal imaging


camera was used to track down two missing canoeists. The online


retailer Amazon has even filed this patron for a futuristic mini drone,


perched on a police offers a's shoulder, which can be


voice-activated to gather evidence. In whatever form, these drones with


their flying cameras are about to become an everyday site in British


policing. It's men's semi-finals day


at Wimbledon, with seven-time champion Roger Federer taking


on the 11th seed Tomas Berdych First up on Centre Court


are Marin Cilic of Croatia, and the American Sam Querrey,


who knocked Andy Murray out Our Sports Correspondent


David Ornstein is at The word legend is often overused in


sport. There is no doubting its accuracy when referring to Roger


Federer. Today, he bids to reach an 11th Wimbledon final. He might not


be a home player, but he is most revered.


In the end, it wasn't to be for the Brits, but in their absence, there


aren't many more popular at Wimbledon than Roger Federer. And


with his vigorous rivals failing to keep pace, glory is what again


within his grasp. I am a little surprised because I thought Rafa and


Andy had good chances to make the final. Andy was carrying an injury,


so was Novak. The other guys were playing well. These are really good


grass court players, and we have some big hitters in there. I am like


the small guy. We will see what happens, but it will not be my


racket, because these guys serve really big. Federer can play down


his chances, but his track record speaks for itself. No man has


enjoyed more success here than the Swiss, and he is not done yet.


Federer's tally of seven Wimbledon singles titles is matched only by


Pete Sampras. An eighth would make history, and further elevate his


status among the all-time sporting greats. I can't wait to see Roger


performing again, just because, as a tennis land, it is so beautiful to


watch. You are sitting there, you feel like tennis is easy when you


watch Roger Federer plays. He was born in the tennis. He knows


everything about what comes with tennis. I can't see him losing the


championship. Federer has beaten today's opponent Tomas Berdych in


each of their last seven meetings. For the winner, a place in the


final, and a shot at the trophy, a trophy Fedor ruck and almost call


his own. The first semifinal is underway.


Marin Cilic, two games against Sam Querrey. I am pleased to be joined


by Russell Fuller. He will be commentating on the Fedor ruck-


Cilic match... Berdych -- Roger Federer.


A huge opportunity against Tomas Berdych. He may be kept waiting to


take court, given that Cilic and Querrey have played a five and a


half hour match. Berdych is one of those players who probably recorded


more wins than most against them. But in recent years, it has been one


way traffic. Some impressive wins against dangerous opponent in the


last couple of rounds, against Grigor Dimitrov and the loss Raonic.


35-year-olds, even Roger Federer, can have a bad day. We will see on


Centre Court later. He is still going strong, explain Roger


Federer's legendary status in the game. It is extraordinary what he


has done this year. He had a period of injury. His back caused a lot of


problems in 2013. Last year, he had problems with his knee, Davin --


damaging it. He took six months out, rested and recuperated, and in 2017,


he has been unstoppable. Only two men have beaten him all year. You


have the definitive word from Russell Fuller. Roger Federer and


Tomas Berdych on court later. The biggest names in para athletics


will be in action later as the World Championships gets


under way at the London Stadium. Among British hopes are wheelchair


racer Hannah Cockroft, Many of the team competed in 2012,


including the marathon runner turned sprint star Richard Whitehead.


Kate Grey has been to meet him. Gold for Whitehead, breaks his own


world record. It was one of the iconic moments from the London 2012


Paralympic games. I will always remember that bars of when I came


off the bend in 2012, it was like a jet engine pulling me to the finish


line. Hence the reason I did the gun salute, which I am now remembered


for. What does it feel like to be back in London? Does it bring back


memories from 2012? It is a time where you kind of thing,"


memories from 2012? It is a time where you kind of it was a great


part of my career, and I was lucky enough to be successful. To be


honest, when you get back here, you go, "Was that me?" Unbeaten in the


200 metres since then, he returns to the stadium for this summer's World


Championships, which could be his final race in a Great Britain vest.


It will be in motion or if it is my last ever race. When I talk to


friends and family, they say, "Keep going." But I want to finish at the


top. Would double gold be enough to finalise his decision? Earlier this


season at a meet in Switzerland, he was six hundredths of a second of


the world record in the 100 metres. When you see me train, you don't see


a paralytic applet, you see an athlete. You see someone focused on


delivering a plan -- Paralympic athlete. I am trying to change and


make it right in London. Regardless of what he decides, there is no


doubt about the legacy he has had. I remember when I first had the


conversation with the performance director, and he said I was too old


for athletics. Look at where I am now. It shows anything is possible.


Whether you have a disability or not, everybody has a talent. It is


about enriching that. Richard isn't the only athlete out to prove he is


still at the top of his game, medallists from 2012 make up a


significant part of this year's team, hoping to improve and inspire


a nation again. The England cricket captain Joe Root


has called on his side to be "ruthless" against South Africa


in the second Test at Trent Bridge, South Africa won the toss and opted


to bat against the same England side which won the first test at Lords


by 211 runs. Here's our sports


correspondent Adam Wild. A warm welcome at Trent Bridge, that


is for the fans at least. Visiting teams will be all too aware that


this hospitality and friendly reception won't stretch as far as


them. No team has beaten England here for ten years. South Africa


have to make big improvements. England are a team with one thing on


their mind. A big victory in the first test, in no mood to let


pressure. South Africa's batsmen still hurting, and that wasn't about


to change either. England's pace uncomfortable, unsettling. When


James Anderson comes into bowl, Magic just seems to happen. A quite


brilliant catch from Liam Dawson, and England were picking up where


they left off. Anderson now has 300 Test wickets on home soil, the first


engagement to do that. Still, there is a reason why South Africa are


ranked as one of the world's topsides. Their batsmen with a point


to prove, no better time or place to do it. Not exactly making themselves


at home, for now at least, finding their way to the boundary.


Frustrating for all that they were forced to find a way back to the


pavilion, rain in Nottingham. Trent Bridge remains an inhospitable place


for visiting opposition players. A Somerset couple have found


themselves getting far more attention than they might have


anticipated after their attempts to recreate a famous dance scene


from the film Dirty Dancing Sharon Price and her fiance Andy


were hoping for a knockout wedding dance for their marriage next year


and thought they would try out Safe to say it did not


go according to plan. It's one of those moments in film.


Jennifer Grey launching herself into Patrick Swayze's hands, lifted above


the crowd. The dance move that created cinema history.


So why wouldn't Sharon and Andy Price want to create such an iconic


moment during the first dance on their wedding day? It is Patrick


Swayze, isn't it. Whether you like the film or not, the music in it is


what makes the film. So we decided to try some of it. After a couple of


drinks in a Somerset beer garden, the stage was set for the couple to


channel their inner jolly and baby. You took a run. You put your hands


on my hips, ready to lift. Next, we were flat on the floor. I think I


got knocked over, hitting the floor as hard as I did, and hitting the


back of my head. I had to have a CT scan. I was on a cannula, or


whatever they are called. They put me on ECG as well. Now on the mend,


the couple have agreed to tone down their wedding day performance. We


try to get over this first. Get back to normal. Yeah! We need a


traditional slow one. Good luck to them! My wedding dance


was more sedate than that, thank goodness. Will the weather be sedate


today? I was put something extreme, we talk


about heat. In Spain yesterday, the temperature reached 47.3 Celsius.


That is provisionally Spain's highest temperature on record. It is


a little bit cooler in Spain over the next couple of days, not by


much. Here, the best we get today is 22, most of us high teens and close


to 20. If you are not a fan of heat, you might appreciate this forecast.


Some sunny spells here and there, showers in north-west England, one


or two in eastern Scotland. They are fading to leave cloud and sunny


spells this afternoon. The Northern Ireland and western Scotland,


outbreaks of rain coming back in. Those are your temperatures,


comfortable, with a westerly breeze. Rain into Scotland and northern


England, cloud and outbreaks of rain, moving into west and Wales.


With the cloud, temperatures going down to the mid-to load teens. It


takes us into the weekend, Saturday is not very inviting, a lot of


cloud. Outbreaks of rain pushing east, not too much in the South. In


the afternoon, southern and eastern parts turning dry. It will brighten


up, but for the west facing hills of Wales, outbreaks of ring. A warm and


humid feeling day. Into Saturday evening, outbreaks of rain moving


out of Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Wimbledon, find this


afternoon. Tomorrow could have rain, that is around lunchtime. On Sunday,


cloud, and the threat, rather than a guarantee, of a shower. A week


weather front moving southwards across England and Wales on Sunday.


Cloud from that, and there could be a passing shower. On Sunday, for


northern England, and Scotland, a brighter, fresher, breezy day with


sunny spells. The weather front in East Anglia and in the south,


although still warm and humid, there could be a shower. It can't be ruled


out at Silverstone. It is the British Grand Prix. I want to leave


you with this. If you are a weekend worker, Monday and Tuesday, high


pressure building, warm weather coming by Tuesday, with thundery


showers heading our way. Forecast is online.


A reminder of our main story, a teenager is arrested in connection


with a series of acid attacks on Londoners.