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The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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A furious Donald Trump denies claims Russian intelligence has


In his first press conference since becoming president


elect he said the claims are entirely fake.


It was a group of opponents that got together.


Sick people, they put that crap together.


A leaked report alleges Mr Trump was filmed in a compromising


situation in a Russian hotel and his campaign team had secret


Mr Trump tried to talk at his press conference about his future


He said he will be the greatest jobs producer God ever created.


Mounting pressure on the NHS - the head of hospital trusts


in England says we can't keep pretending the NHS


After the death of seven-year-old Katie Rough, a 15-year-old girl has


appeared in court charged with her murder.


Gale force winds close the Forth bridge and cause damage


across Scotland and northern England.


You took on a roll you did not get us to do with grace and wit and


And President Obama bows out in his final speech


with an emotional tribute to his wife.


And coming up in Sportsday: England's greatest goal-scorer


and Arsenal ladies striker Kelly Smith has retired.


She says her body has told her it's time to stop.


Good evening and welcome to the BBC news at six.


Donald Trump has condemned as nonsense allegations that


Russian intelligence has compromising material about him.


The claims published on the internet last night,


and which are so far unverifiable, say his election campaign


communicated secretly with Moscow and also contain suggestions


of unusual sexual practices by Mr Trump.


The President elect said US intelligence agencies could be


responsible for leaking allegations and try to concentrate instead on


his priorities in office including dealing with so-called Islamic


State. Donald Trump is nine days away from


inauguration, but his path to the White House is tangled in


controversy. What might well the Kremlin and President Putin have


played to help Donald Trump undermine Hillary Clinton and to


gather compromising material to gather against Donald Trump whilst


he is in power. My friend and the President elect of the United States


of America, Donald Trump. This afternoon, Donald Trump was blunt.


The allegations against him are totally untrue, designed to


undermine him. It is all fake news, it is phoney stuff, it did not


happen and it was gotten by opponents of hours, as you know,


because you reported it and so did many of the other people. It was a


group of opponents that got together, sick people, and they put


that rubbish together. So what could Moscow's row have been? In shadow we


were both to promote Donald Trump and also gain a hold over him? Here


he is visiting the Russian capital in 2013 for the Miss universe


pageant, then co-owned by him. The most Lou Reed claim is he used the


same hotel suite which President Obama had stayed in for unusual at


involving sex workers, all of it allegedly recorded by Russian spy


cameras and microphones. I was in Russia years ago with the Miss


universe contest which did very well in the Moscow area. And I told many


people, be careful, because you do not want to see yourself on


television, cameras all over the place. And again not just all over,


does anyone really believe that story? I am also very much somebody


who has a phobia about germs. The source of the claims is said to be


an ex-MI6 officer who was once based in Moscow. Today President Putin's


spokesman said the allegations were pulp fiction, a clear attempt to


damage relations. Donald Trump says he is in no way compromised by


Vladimir Putin's preference for him as president. If Putin likes Donald


Trump I consider that an asset, not a liability. Russia can help us


fight ices, which is number one tricky. I do not know I can get


along by the mere Putin. I hope I do, but there is a good chance I


will not. If I do not, do you honestly believe that Hillary


Clinton would be tougher on Vladimir Putin than me? Give me a break. The


press conference got most heated when CNN, one news organisation that


has covered the allegations extensively, try to put a question.


Not you! Not you, your organisation is terrible. Give us a question. I


am not going to give you a question. You are fake news. These papers are


just... Donald Trump also used the occasion to display some of the


legal documents turning his business is over to his family. It is his


response to accusations of future conflicts of interest. But the


controversy surrounding Donald Trump and Russia are not going away. Those


who voted for him and those who rejected him know his presidency


will be a stormy one. Our North America correspondent


Paul Wood is in Washington. Paul, this dossier of allegations


against Mr Trump and his campaign staff, you've been following this


story for some months, how long have these allegations been


known about and what are we to make This is a series of reports, the


first one was written in June, the last one in October. They were


commissioned by an opposition research company funded by


Democratic party donors, but written by a British former MI6 agent and he


spoke to members of the Russian security service, the FSB, paying


them for information and several of those officers told him there was a


black male tape. I understand the CIA believe it is credible and takes


it seriously. That is not the same as them endorsing it was saying it


is accurate, but I pass a message to the intermediary dealing with this


file and the message came back there was more than one take, there was


audio and video and on more than one day and in more than one place, not


just the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, but in Saint Petersburg as well. It is


not just the MI6 officer who is the source for this. I was told by a


retired spy back in August that the head of an East European


intelligence agency had told him also of the existence of a blackmail


tape on the Republican presidential candidate. Having said all that,


these are allegations and nobody has seen the tape and Donald Trump is


correct when he has said so far this is not substantiated.


With me is our North America editor Jon Sopel.


Mr Trump's first press conference since winning the election,


I think we have got used to the bizarre standards by which we accept


communications from Donald Trump and this one was way beyond anything we


have ever seen because of these allegations about his business


activities and his personal conduct that we heard Paul Wood talking


about. It is worth underlining, is this fake news or not? We are


reporting this because the intelligence agencies thought it was


serious enough to bring it to the attention of the President elect and


the president himself. I thought what was a remarkable scene in that


news conference was the extent of his distrust, not towards the press,


you would expect that, but towards the US intelligence services, the


CIA and the FI I -- FBI, whose job it is to keep America safe. It


seemed he was more sympathetic to what Vladimir Putin was saying than


his own intelligence services. That could be a source of great tension


going forward. The other thing was that Donald Trump has sought to put


his business interests into a blind trust, but he will still retain


ownership of those businesses and ethics lawyers will want to take a


look at that. Donald Trump has been brilliant on social media at biting,


The mounting pressure on the NHS has been underlined by the head of NHS


hospital trusts in England who's told MPs it's time to stop


pretending the NHS can afford to do everything with the money it's


and that if the current situation continues,


His was one of a number of stark warnings today about the strain


on the health service today, as our Health Editor


If there is one story that sums up the current state of the NHS, it is


Pat's. She could not get a doctor's visit and fearing she had pneumonia


had to go to her local A, but then she had to wait 19 hours for a bed.


When I was actually in the hospital, through tiredness of being there, as


long as we were... Pat has this message for politicians. There are


loads of hospitals in the same position. Go and see them and say,


we will sit down and see what we can do to make it better. The local


hospital trust said on the day in question the pressure was higher


than usual, but safety was monitored closely. Some hospitals are managing


better than others. In Exeter senior consultants are at the front door of


A, ensuring only the sickest patients are admitted. They send


some home, keeping beds free for others. There is a risk they will


deteriorate when they are admitted, they will lose muscle power and we


do more and more investigations. There is no doubt of the huge strain


on the NHS. Figures leaked to the BBC show a big increase last week in


the number of patients in England waiting 12 hours or more on trolleys


because beds were not available. Several hospitals fell far short of


targets for waiting times and medical professional leaders are


warning lives are at risk. Our members have said to me this is the


worst they have ever seen. There are patients all over the hospital, we


do not know where to put them and they do not feel they can provide


the standard of care they have been trained to do. The main


representative of England's hospitals had a stark warning for


MPs. The biggest concern is if we carry on on the current trajectory,


what we begin to bring into question is the entire sustainability of the


NHS model. The NHS is always very busy in the New Year. This time even


more so than usual. The question is, we'll all the pressure is off any


time soon? A burst of cold weather or an upsurge in flu cases could add


to the high levels of pressure being experienced right now.


Adding to the pressure on the Prime Minister, dozens of health and


social care experts have called on the Prime Minister to find a


long-term solution for the millions of older people who are being badly


let down. The Labour leader accused Theresa May of being in denial over


a crisis in the NHS. The health service needs help and


needs it now. Overworked, understaffed, despite extra doctors


and nurses, resources are always stretched. Is this a winter crisis


as bad as any we have seen? Today the blame, claim and counterclaim


reached a new pitch. Prime Minister, will you put more money into the


NHS? Theresa May came wrapped up and ready for a row, ready to savage the


British Red Cross for saying the NHS faced a humanitarian crisis. To use


that description of the National Health Service which last year saw


2.5 million more people treated in accident and emergency than six


years ago was irresponsible and overblown. And critics seized on


this as complacency. I accept there have been a small number of


incidents... Were unacceptable practices have taken place. The


Labour leader, fairly or not, had an obvious target today and he hit it


hard. Earlier this week the Prime Minister said she wanted to create a


shared society. We have got that, more people are sharing hospital


corridors on trolleys, more people are sharing waiting areas in A


departments, Mayor more and more people sharing in anxiety created by


this government. Our NHS is in crisis, but the Prime Minister is in


denial. Doctors, nurses, charities and patients in A queued up to


ward off a crisis. In the here and now there are very real pressures.


Over the next three years funding will be highly constrained and in


2018, 19, real terms on NHS spending per person in England will go down.


Here was a tabloid headline about the NHS falling behind in Europe and


a reminder to Theresa May, these were problems tougher than those she


was used to. It is quite different than the criminal justice system.


Winter health crises are as predictable as winter, but there is


a warning crisis and there is never enough cash and changing the way


treatments are delivered is a long-term project and it is


uncomfortable for a project being delivered day after day on a server


is closest to people's pass. Responsibility and blame for the NHS


rests squarely on Theresa May and her ministers.


A 15-year-old girl has appeared in court charged with the murder


Katie Rough was found critically injured near a playing field


in the Woodthorpe area on Monday afternoon.


Our correspondent Danny Savage reports from York.


Some of Katie Rough's family left court in tears this morning


after listening to a brief outline of the case against the 15-year-old


The teenager, who cannot be named publicly because of her young age,


said nothing during the brief hearing here at York


The two charges are that on Monday she murdered Katie Rough and that


on the same day she had with her in a public place


Katie's headteacher said she was a kind and thoughtful child,


Many more people have been to leave flowers


and messages where she was found with fatal injuries.


People are just shocked that a seven-year-old


My daughters were friends with Katie and, you know,


How difficult is it to talk with your own children


about what has happened when they are so young?


Very hard, yes, it's a very hard thing to deal with at the moment.


The teenager accused of murdering this little girl will appear before


Donald Trump has hit back at allegations of Russian intelligence


compromising information -- has compromising information about him.


Still to come... Should you be able to


binge watch Sherlock? And coming up in Sportsday: After


six years, Sam Warburton is set to hand over the captaincy to


concentrate on keeping his place in the Wales side with the Six


Nations championship. After eight years in the Whitehouse,


President Obama has given In it, he looked back


on his achievements in office, warned of present and future threats


to US democracy - and paid emotional Our North America correspondent


Nick Bryant was watching. He is one of the most gifted


speakers ever to occupy the White The poet laureate


of his own presidency. And his farewell words were uttered


in his adopted city of Chicago, where he worked


as a community organiser, where he celebrated becoming


commander-in-chief. He came here to define


and defend his legacy. If I told you eight years


ago that America would Shut down Iran's nuclear weapons


programme without firing a shot... Take out the mastermind


of 9/11, you might have said that our sights


were There were no direct attacks


on Donald Trump, but much of the speech read like a rebuttal


to the billionaire's campaign to the Democracy can buckle


when it gets into fear. That is why I rejected


discrimination against Muslim ..Who are just


as patriotic as we are. Seldom has there been such


a photogenic presidency. It has had the look


of a black Camelot, and the thank you to his wife Michelle


left him struggling to contain his You took on a role that


you did not ask for. And you made it your own -


with grace, and with grit The great wordsmith


rendered speechless, words which brought such hope that


created such expectation. It was a presidency


which began with a mountaintop experience of becoming the first


black man to live in a White House But it ended in the valley,


with the knowledge that Donald Trump will try to strangle his signature


achievements, and tried to demolish I just hope that President-elect


Trump will take on some of his pointers


and carry the torch But I know that will take some work,


so we will wait on it. Barack Obama is a leader


who will have the word "era" attached to his name,


but some will see it as a great failing of his presidency -


that the name "Trump" The FTSE 100 has continued


its record-breaking winning streak, closing at an all-time high


for the tenth day in a row. And the head of the Bank of England,


Mark Carney, says Brexit no longer poses the single biggest risk


to financial stability. The BBC iPlayer will be reinvented


in a bid to be the top online TV service in the UK by 2020,


that's the pledge by Tony Hall says he wants the BBC


to "reinvent public broadcasting The plans will see the BBC


competing with services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime -


as our media editor It was the BBC drama Sherlock


that was the ratings winner over But millions of us are now


watching these shows online. For the BBC, that means


using its iPlayer service. In a speech to BBC staff


in Birmingham today, the director-general Tony Hall said


he wanted to double It's been the number one video


on demand service in the UK, Now we need to make it,


we need to make the leap from a catch-up service to a must


visit destination in its own right. But there's another reason why


the BBC wants, and needs, to adapt. The Crown on Netflix shows how


new digital competitors invest Amazon are also spending


big, using former BBC Looking good is more important


than looking where you're going. New technology is rapidly changing


the way we watch television. A younger generation do not


want a fixed schedule And that means watching


what we want, when we want. Gogglebox has been a huge


hit for Channel 4. Many television executives say it


would be wrong to write off traditional television


channels just yet. 95% of all the hours viewed


of television in the country And so what we as public service


broadcasters must pay attention to is the balance between reaching


audiences in new ways, but making shows big and famous


by using the strength of our linear Planet Earth II was watched


by millions on TV, but hundreds of millions on social media,


via clips like this one. Only by adapting to these platforms


will broadcasters survive and thrive The Forth Road Bridge is closed


after a lorry was blown over and thousands of homes in northern


England lost power as gale force Met Office yellow weather warnings


are in place for wind and snow across much of Scotland,


Northern Ireland and Our Scotland correspondent


Lorna Gordon is at the Forth The Forth Road Bridge at this time


of evening would normally be packed with commuters, but look. It is


totally empty and commuters are instead facing a miserable 40-50


mile slog of a detoured to get home. At the hope is the bridge will


reopen at 6am because welders in the middle of the bridge are working


overnight on repairs. In the darkness of the early hours,


and overturned lorry, blown off balance and blocking a key brutal


inking Edinburgh to the North. -- key route. Tens of thousands of


vehicles crossed the bridge every day but not now. Extensive damage


has been done to the middle of the bridge over 40 metres, conditions


were very blustery at that time and the bridge was closed to high sided


vehicles from half past midnight but at the time of passage, gusts were


recorded at 74 miles power. The closure led to chaos for drivers,


with long detours and delays. On the ropes, there has not been a lot of


movement and frustration because people are late for work -- on the


ropes. People are taking risks and cutting one another up. High winds


caused damage elsewhere, this house in County Durham collapsed, cars


beneath were destroyed but nobody was injured. This section of a


shopping centre blew off in Newcastle, leaving debris strewn


across the road. Tonight, the winds eased a little and on the Forth Road


Bridge, the lorry was cleared. Engineers are assessing the damage


it caused. With this arctic blast bringing snow, difficult conditions


for drivers across the country could be on the way... Lorna Gordon, BBC


News, the Forth Road Bridge. There is a lot going on, there are


numerous Met Office weather warnings in force over the next few days,


watch the forecast. Gales in Scotland and Northern


Ireland tonight with frequent snow showers, coming in from that breeze.


A cold night with icy patches in the northern half of the UK. Tomorrow,


strong winds and snow, further travel disruption is likely. Snow


tomorrow, it will not only be in the colder air but mild air pushes into


words the South. Where those two masses meet, we could see wintry


weather, an awkward forecast for tomorrow. Mild air comes in with


cloud and rain. The rain pushes into colder air further north which will


turn things into snow in Wales, and the south-west of England. Then we


could see snow in parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and the


south-east. Some settling at lower levels. Frequent snow showers in


Central and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern


England as well. It will feel cold in the north of the UK. 2 degrees,


but it will feel like -2 minus three degrees. Further snow in East Anglia


and the cell -- south-east. This blue tinge is a


widespread frost, so by Dawn on Friday, we are looking at frost and


ice as an additional hazard. Slippery starts on Friday, and a


very strong wind as well which will generate large waves along the North


Sea coast, but inland, there should be some sunshine, that will not


change the temperatures. In Cardiff and London it will fuel freeze on


and subzero further north. That's all from the BBC News at Six,


so it's goodbye from me