20/04/2017 BBC Newsline

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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The headlines on BBC Newsline this Thursday evening.


The Stormont parties are getting more time to reach a deal,


as the talks deadline is to be extended beyond


The SDLP leader rules out any election pacts with Sinn Fein.


We are not interested in sick kiddie impacts. We do not involve ourselves


with that. They had one, then another, then


another. She was visibly shaken. Concerns over a proposed tidal


energy scheme on the Antrim coast. The pictures that show the extent


of the vandalism on the as Ulsterbus celebrates


its 50th birthday. And just as you thought


it was time to pack away the There is a blast of cold weather


coming our way early next week. I will have more later


in the programme. Politicians at Stormont are to be


given more time to reach a deal to restore a power-sharing


Executive. The Secretary of State had set


early May as the deadline But the BBC understands that will be


pushed back until the end of June. Our Political Correspondent Enda


McClafferty has more. This has come as no real surprise,


because the feeling was it was unrealistic to expect anything to be


decided before the Westminster election. We understand that the


provisions have no been alone for, to enable the parties to set up a


executive in the three weeks following the Westminster election.


They will have to find their way to try and resolve the differences. No


great surprise that the state has been taken. A draft bill will be


published tomorrow. Most people seem to agree that this


is the correct decision. It gives everyone a little more breathing


space. They also have the other thing undermined that they have two


focus on the party political side of the election. But people are saying


that this should not be used either as an excuse for the parties not to


have come any settlement. It has simply stretched the amount of time


given for us to stretch to form a new executive.


Will the current talks process be parked until after


No decision has been taken on that. We know that room table discussions


are due to be done once again on Monday. But we expect that this will


be put off until after the Westminster election. A decision


that will probably come before the end of this month. But Sinn Fein


believe the case - a crisis that we know all facing is because of the


decision of the Prime Minister to call the general election. There is


a wader belief amongst the nationalist community is that the


British commenting or quantity power-sharing executive working


here. We do not want that because they are working towards leaving the


European Union and the know that most people in Northern Ireland did


not vote for that. I will come back to you


again shortly, Enda. But we can hear from the SDLP


leader, Colm Eastwood. This afternoon, I asked him


about the purpose of his meeting yesterday with Sinn Fein's Michelle


O'Neill. The meeting was officially scheduled


one. Obviously, the issue of the election came up. But we're not


going to form any sort of panicked. We do not form sectarian practice.


-- pacts. But we want to put across the message very strongly that, for


all the United Kingdom is looking to leave the European Union, the people


in Northern Ireland voted against that and we want to send that


message loud and clear. You talk about an alliance but how would that


actually work? How would that work without an electoral pact? I want


people to think this over. I am disappointed that Naomi has already


rejected the chance of the conversation. I was hoping we could


talk about this. It is an empty Brexit headcount? I have said that


again. We will not do an electoral pact with one party to keep another


party owed from another part of the community. Other parties may wish to


do that, we do not want to do that. This election is all about Brexit


and we need the Prime Minister to know exactly how the people of


Northern Ireland feel. We can talk about the election. How vulnerable


are some of these constituencies that you currently hold? We have


fantastic, hard-working MPs. The good of the two Westminster and


faked the case for Northern Ireland. The argue against Brexit. The do all


of that on our behalf. Of course, the only party representing the 56%


of people who voted against Brexit. Much pleasure are you under to


secure these seats again? Ever leader of our party is always under


pressure secure seats. We are used to having these eight battles. I


have been involved in many of the campaigns myself running or how hard


we will faked. There is talk of restoring power-sharing. The


Unionists are seeing the talks are dead in the water. How do you view


them, with the background of the general election? I have talked very


clearly that what I think of the Prime Minister calling an election


in the middle of the talks process. We understand that the British


government do not care about Northern Ireland. That has been made


clear in the last couple of days. The onus is on all of us that we


have the power sharing executive here. We are committed to doing


that. Doesn't look likely that any sort of deal will be secured any


time soon? I think the Prime Minister has made them very


difficult. And how would you sum


up today, Enda? It is pretty clear from that


interview is that the real challenge for any sort of alliance to be


formed between the parties get into the nitty-gritty. But the focus will


move to the election campaign. Then beyond that, we are looking at this


period afterwards. Who knows, we may even have a new Secretary of State


for Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister may even, if she wins, DC


to reshuffle the Cabinet. The Shadow Secretary of State, the Labour Party


representative, is not going to run in the election. The foundation has


confirmed that he is stepping away from politics for personal and


family reasons. He took up the position last year. He held the


portfolio here, but he had the same job in Scotland, as well. After


doing both of these jobs, say by same long overdue arrest. --A rest.


A five-year-old girl whose home was targeted in a gun attack is said


A cousin who was with her told this programme that the child stopped


Martin Cassidy reports from west Belfast.


About 10pm last night, shots were fired at a terraced house


here in the Crescent and there were two people


in the house at the time - one a young woman and also


They have done fine. I just thought someone had put the fest and banged


on the window. But then there was another one, then another one. I


just stood in the room and my cousin was terrified. Only escaped injury,


the little girl was traumatised by the attack. They were beating on the


heart of the five-year-old. She had stopped breathing. She was shaking.


The attack has been condemned by Sinn Fein.


It is clear the attackers who fired through the windows of the house


did not care who the target was, there was a young woman


with a five-year-old and we're grateful none of them were harmed.


People in this area and the family are asking why this attack


happened, because no-one has explained to them why it occurred


How has the young woman and child responded?


The young women, I didn't speak to the child, she is being cared


for, but the young women is concerned for herself and her


family circle, because she is unaware why this happened.


Four bullet holes through the window of the living room,


right beside the city. If anybody had been sitting


there, they would have been injured or killed.


The people who carried out this attack must come


Guus Hiddink police enquiries are continuing.


The survey that says most 15-year-olds in Northern Ireland


People living near a picturesque bay in County Antrim are opposing plans


to land power cables from an proposed tidal


The company says Murlough Bay is just one option and there will be


planning conditions attached to any approval.


Here is our Agriculture and Environment Correspondent,


it is one of the most picturesque places along the coastline. A


designated place of scientific interest. The final design for the


tidal energy scheme has not been put forward, but I believe to include


certain elements which would stick above the sea. Given that this is


such a breathtaking part of the countryside, there are reservations


about how the power cables gate onto the land and get hooked up into the


good. And that is with the problems start. Patrick is worried about the


cables coming ashore here and a new power station having to be built on


the cliffs. It would be deeply intrusive. It would create a massive


scar on the landscape. It would also take many years to achieve. If that


is the really thinking about this proposal, there are certain to be a


lot of objections. It is one of two options. The other would be a much


longer and more expensive undersea cable going elsewhere. If this gets


ahead, there will be a range of conditions we would comply with. We


hope we work with the various residence and licensing authorities


with regard to that. The energy company has always -- only apply for


permission for what it wants to build at sea. A plan for a


substation is expected to be submitted in the coming months.


We have heard about teenage moods and angst.


But most 15-year-olds in Northern Ireland are said to


That is the key finding of a large-scale international study


of students' well-being by the Organisation for Economic


Our education correspondent Robbie Meredith has more.


There are 700 teenagers preparing for their GCSEs


at the Easter School run by the West Belfast


They're obviously hard-working, but are they happy?


The OECD asked half a million pupils in 70 countries


to score how satisfied with their lives they were.


From a zero, which meant they were very unhappy,


to a ten, which meant they were very happy indeed.


The average life satisfaction score in Northern Ireland


was 7.24 out of ten, around the European average


but higher than England, Scotland and Wales.


But what about young people in West Belfast?


I am working hard and I have support.


School was going good. I play a lot of sport. Have good relationships


with my friends. My teachers are always behind me. When you test


yourself and get the results you want, that also gives you


motivation. The study also found


pupils performed best when they talked regularly


with their parents about school. He says you should go and get


help with your GCSEs. School can only help the children


for so long of a day and then they go home. The strategy at school is


one we hope will be carried through to the home. That is what we are


attempting to do. It wasn't all plain sailing,


there are still worries about exams and bullying remains a problem


but what this study suggests is that contrary to some of the stereotypes,


the majority of our teenagers are happy, ambitious


and highly motivated. Yesterday on the programme,


we revealed that more than a third of the Belfast Bikes


are out of action because Since then, photos have emerged


of some of the bikes dumped Such crime has cast doubt


on the development of the scheme. It is not good news for something


which is proved very popular in the city over the past couple of years.


But it is images of these which will upset the people learnt the City


Council. We do not know how many of them are clear. More than one third


are no off the streets. That is 210 breaks either stolen or vandalised


in Belfast over the past couple of years. Dublin bakes launched in


2009. The council leader seat damages sought rear of a similar do


not have statistics for it. The future expansion of the service


appeal will be in doubt of this sort of vandalism or theft continues. The


police are appealing for any information to stop bicycles ending


up like this. Still to come, the new piece of public created by


schoolchildren in dedicated to two of the island 's most famous poets.


A courthouse, once a stage for judges, lawyers and criminals,


could soon be home to performances in the world of theatre,


A plan to transform Bangor courthouse has been submitted


If successful the group behind it hopes to have the building up


and running by 2020. Dan Stanton reports.


This is how many people will remember the building. It operated


here for decades. Today, it is crumbling. It is empty and unused


since been taken out of service. The last person charged with a serious


offence was taken through the store in 2013. If the application is


successful, these structures will disappear. What would remain as the


holding cells. The organisation behind the bid want to use for a


variety of events. We want to restore the building back to the


former glories. Within it, we could have a lot of different pop-up arts


events we want to restore the listed building but also keep a permanent


performance venue. Artists working in the nearby points at the seafront


are hoping they will be able to operate in some of the pop-ups if


the project is successful. As an absolutely amazing building. It


lends itself so will to do an arts base and multipurpose base. I am an


artist here, I have been here over the years, as for the redevelopment


of the area, it would be nice to get a space somewhere else which was


still based in the town. They will know if they have secured funding


for the next development of the fees in a couple of months' time. If


successful, the building could be completed by the end of 2020.


From a possible future place for the arts


to a new piece of public artwork that has been


It is dedicated to the poets John Hewitt and Seamus Heaney


and was created by school children who have been learning


Our North-East reporter Sara Girvin reports.


Reflecting on his own school days, John Hewitt once wrote. No, his


life's work and that of Seamus Heaney our being celebrated in the


classroom. Children from floor schools unveiled the artwork. The


family of Seamus Heaney said he would have been absolutely


delighted. I just wish he could of been here. He would've been


overwhelmed. Many of the artists involved for learning about the


poets for the first time. I cannot rate very well, but the poetry was


fun to read. It was fun because we got to Colin a lot of pictures


instead of doing work! Poetry is a map of the face and everybody is


different. The man behind the project was a friend of Seamus


Heaney and says he would've approved. He a great poet and a man


of letters, but he was a shy and humble person. He had great ability


and talent which will last for generations. These artworks support


that. The work of these poets has already cemented the legacy, but it


is this art installation will inspire the next to come.


Ulsterbus is celebrating its 50th birthday this week.


Over the decades of the Troubles, the company lost some


of its staff, amid hijackings, bombings and firebombings.


Of course, the modern fleet of buses is completely different.


The drove onto this in 50 years ago. The changes in the buses have


reflected the change of society. Like ticket collectors. We do the


same job as the men, so we should get equal pay. And then Becky Scott


became a bus driver. There have been cases of a driver


stopping and people getting off the bus coming onto once. But more than


1500 vehicles were destroyed during the course of the troubles,


hijacked, set on fire and stolen. It could not have happened with the


cooperation and goodwill of the stuff. They were willing to serve


the public. When buses were on the road, it represented normality.


Norman remember walking on a bus and walking off holding a suspect


package. W Kelly suspect packages offer boss of the need arises? Up


until midnight, it is my problem. After that, it is someone else's.


This week, back in 1967, Ulsterbus was brand-new. Some of the he called


the kid back to the 1940s. Passengers are having the chance to


relive these days by having a look around some of these classic


vehicles. The next fight for the Belfast boxer


Michael Conlan will be in Chicago and he's confirmed that his second


professional bout will The name of his opponent


has yet to be released, although he is likely to be a step


up in class from Tim Ibarra who Conlan comfortably defeated


in his pro debut in New York It has been a mixed day


on the weather front. Mostly dry, but quite cloudy so far.


But it is going to get much more cold. Temperatures are going to fall


significantly. Next week, we're looking at a drop in temperatures


for quite a few days. Overnight in Ream pitching in from the West


during the course of the night. Most places being up in double figures.


Tomorrow, a decent start. Patches of green. Many places, particularly in


the East will dry out from the mid-morning. But another area coming


down from the North, bringing with it some more rain. Temperatures


slightly down on today. 12-15dC. Down Seen the best chance of


sunshine tomorrow. Becoming damp later in the afternoon. Tomorrow is


the perfect is the for the mortar bake racing. Saturday looking as if


it will be reasonably dry. A few showers around in the West


throughout Saturday. Temperatures just getting up in two double


figures. Recently, high pressure has dominated the weather. That is


moving away and this low-pressure will become this controlling feature


into the start of next week. It will bring a big drop in temperature. Any


showers that come along could contain some rain and sleet and it


could even be some snow on the high ground. Significantly colder next


week. But it will bring some clear sky. Good news for stargazers. A


remainder of the main headlines. The Stormont parties are getting


more time to reach a deal, as the talks deadline


is to be extended beyond You can also keep in contact with us


via Facebook and Twitter.