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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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Good evening, the headlines on BBC Newsline:


A woman admits killing a Greenisland pensioner


The EU's Brexit negotiator tells the Dail he'll work to avoid


a hard border but emphasises there will have to be some form


The sister of a woman whose husband killed her and their children tells


of her family's relief that his body has been moved from their grave.


I was there this morning when it happened, and as he left


the cemetery, the sun broke through the clouds and I cried


Prince Charles tries his hand at hurling on the second day


The Balmoral Show - a place to renew rivalries,


I'll have all the characters and colour later in the programme.


I'm live on the North Coast as racing gets under way


With an English 1-2- three. After ten days of dry weather, were


back to normal with showers coming in this evening. I'll have the


details later. A 31-year-old woman has


admitted killing a pensioner 67-year-old Eddie Girvan was found


dead at his house on Station Road. Our north-east reporter Sara Girvin


was at Belfast Crown Court. Just as her murder trial


was about to start, Margaret Henderson-McCarroll


admitted killing Eddie Girvan. The mother-of-two, described


in court as fragile, is a heroin addict with nearly


100 previous convictions. Today she accepted that she'd


unlawfully killed retired plumber Henderson-McCarroll's solicitor


stood with her in the dock as she pleaded not guilty


to Eddie Girvan's murder, but she said she was guilty


of his manslaughter on the grounds She also pleaded guilty to eight


other charges, including theft These relate to the theft of cash,


jewellery and Mr Girvan's car Police discovered Mr Girvan's body


by chance after his stolen car, driven by his killer,


was involved in The vehicle was then found


outside the Belfast hostel No details of Mr Girvan's death


were given today at court but at a bail hearing last year


it was heard that he and Henderson-McCarroll had


rowed over money for sex. She said he'd come at her


with a sword and she'd been Mr Girvan was found at his


Station Road home, bound, gagged and with stab wounds


to his chest. Pre-sentence reports were ordered,


and Henderson-McCarroll The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has


told a special sitting of the Dail that he will work to avoid


a hard border. But Michel Barnier also emphasised


that there will have to some form of customs controls when the UK


leaves the EU. Our economics and business editor


John Campbell is in Dublin. The Irish government has been


mounting a huge diplomatic offensive across Europe for the last year,


trying to get Irish issues to the top of the EU's Brexit agenda. They


have so had some success there and Mr Barnier's appearance today was a


continuation of that strategy. It was the IP treatment for Michel


Barnier, addressing both houses of the Irish parliament is an honour


usually reserved for prime ministers and presidents. He reputed his


determination that Brexit negotiations should do nothing to


undermine peace in Ireland but warned that Brexit will mean change,


especially when it comes to customs. The UK's departure from the EU


will have consequences. We have together the duty


to speak the truth. Customs controls are part of the EU


border management, to protect the single market,


to protect our food safety But as I already said many


times, nothing in these negotiations He gave no indication as to what


those customs controls might amount to. The Sinn Fein leader said the


best way to avoid problems on customs or anything else was for


Northern Ireland to get special status in the view. That would


insure that our trading relationship with the rest of Ireland and the EU,


especially business tourism, the All-Ireland energy market,


agriculture, all that would be maintained. The SDLP leader, who met


Mr Barnier today, was also pushing special status. The EU has


recognised that we have to protect the Good Friday Agreement but what


we also need to do is take the Good Friday Agreement and its mechanisms,


especially north-south mechanisms, and use that to develop special


staters. That is a prize worth protecting. The Taoiseach says it is


a dream to get Ireland to the top of the agenda but acknowledged the


challenge. We know how complex and serious the issues are for Europe


and for Ireland. Later mist Kenny had his own meeting with Mr Barnier.


Tomorrow it will be the turn of business people to talk to him. They


will want to know more about what might happen with customs controls.


Those businesses that Mr Barnier is meeting tomorrow are all food


processing businesses in County Monaghan, the sort of firms which


will be badly damaged by any new tariffs or trade barriers between


the EU and UK, so they will be keen to get clarity, but at this early


stage of Brexit negotiations, there will not be much he can tell them


for definite. The sister of a County Cavan woman


whose husband killed her and their three children has been


speaking about her family's decision Alan Hawe had been buried


with his wife Clodagh and their three sons


after the apparent murder-suicide at their home near Ballyjamesduff


almost a year ago. Jacqueline Connolly spoke


to our reporter Kevin Magee. This is how the Hawe family grave


looked up until yesterday. And this is it now after


Alan Hawe's body was exhumed. At the time of their deaths,


the five members of the family were buried side by side


in St Mary's churchyard Speaking on BBC Radio Ulster,


Clodagh's sister Jacqueline I used to call her golden girl. In


my eyes she never put a foot wrong. She was just lovely. Clodagh was


wonderful. She described how she felt watching


Alan Hawe's body being removed I was there when it happened,


and as he left the cemetery, the sun broke through the clouds


and I cried with relief that he


was gone for good. He may as well have killed


us as well, because Why did you decide at


the time that the family The funeral arrangements never


came into our heads, we just couldn't even


think about the fact that they were In a statement, the Hawe family said


that they had agreed to a request from Clodagh's side


of the family to have They referred to the devastating


losses that they too have suffered - losing a son, grandchildren


and daughter-in-law. They say the he circumstances


surrounding the tragedy will be the subject of an inquest later this


year, and in light of that they A total of 109 candidates


are standing for election here in the Westminster contest


on June the 8th. That's down on the 138 people


who put their name forward in the last general


election two years ago. This evening the Ulster Unionist MLA


Alan Chambers withdrew his candidacy in North Down, where the party says


the independent unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon enjoys


overwhelming support. Here's our political


editor, Mark Devenport. Mark, so fewer candidates,


does that mean less I suppose it's a snap election so


perhaps people have had less time to think about this. We have six


candidates on average per constituency and some parties who


put up a number of candidates last time are either not contesting or


putting you work candidates in. We don't think Ukip is in the race, the


Conservatives and QUB have cut back on their candidates but we do have


some idea of a party breakdown although all the details have not


yet been published. The main storm and parties, of them Sinn Fein, the


SDLP and Alliance are all fielding 18 candidates, in all


constituencies, the DUP standing aside in Fermanagh and South Tyrone.


What's the significance of the Ulster Unionist


I think the independent unionist Lady Sylvia Hermon would be pretty


confident about defending North Down. She places at challenge from


the DUP in the shape of Alex Easton and other parties will be in the


race that this would make more confident. Last time the Ulster


unionist didn't stand against her. She was originally an Ulster


unionist and is now independent but we will have a full list on our


website once they have been published.


Plenty still to come on the programme.


Join me at Balmoral Show when I'll be introducing you to Agnes


The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall spent most of today


in Kilkenny on the second day of their visit to the Republic.


The county is famous for its hurlers.


And as our Dublin correspondent Shane Harrison now reports,


Kilkenny hurling legend King Henry Sheflin teaching Charles


His first question was, how hard can you hit it, so like anyone you want


to see how hard you can head it, but for his first go he did well.


And looking on, possible future GAA stars had a morning to remember.


Ease asking what you need to wear and I said you need a helmet and his


like, you have to practice us and I said yeah. The princess asked if the


girls are better than the boys and I said the girls were better than the


boys. It's over a century since


a member of the royal And as all know, a lot has


happened in Ireland - This is the Prince's third visit


to the Republic in three years. And to quote the man himself,


he's going to keep bothering people in the Republic as a demonstration


of the UK's commitment to peace. With hundreds of bystanders nearby,


the Prince, a noted organic farmer, visited the farmers' market outside


Kilkenny Castle, impressing We have our herbal drink here cold


Dragon Fire and we offered him that. He went to drink it but then saw


there was garlic in it and put it down again. It was lovely to meet


him. While the prince and the duchess had


other engagements today, this was the highlight -


at least for people here. The royal couple will spend


tomorrow in Dublin. It's another sunny day


at the Balmoral Show. The crowds are there once again


today in their thousands - and Donna Traynor is there


for us too. Good evening, Catherine.


Unfortunately the sun has gone behind clouds for the moment. The


Balmoral Show has been packed today. It has come a long way since its


origins are being purely for farmers. I've met people from town


and country here at Balmoral Park, and I have come across an


interesting lady, Agnes told. She has been showing pigs, she is from


Banbridge and you have a champion of champions. We reared her from birth


to bacon and she has turned out exceptional and we knew from the


start she was an exceptional guilt and so it is nice to have a champion


of champions. She is some size of a lady. When we went to film her, she


is a large white and how popular is that breed? Not very popular now.


Long white breeze are dying out now, there are only three breeders in


Northern Ireland whom breed large quite, so my husband and I are


trying to keep the breed open, to keep them going on. You show, your


husband shows, what about the rest of the family? My grandchildren take


part in every year as handlers so they will be out running after the


pegs. It's a real family occasion. Balmoral Show has an international


flavour this year with foreign buyers trying to strike a few gales.


Our agriculture and environment correspondent Conor Macauley met up


with them and also find out about five to keep its content.


Sometimes getting too close to the attractions has its perils. There is


a competitive side to the show, like here at the cattle shed where to


breeders were about to renew along running rivalry. Who's going to win?


Time will tell! Desmond Bloom had splash the cash on an England rival.


In the show ring it paid off. He won the class and later the overall


title. Can't win them all! With the show extending to a fourth day, it


will give people from the city a chance to see what all the buzz is


about. The best of the show will soon be here but you may have missed


the best of the weather. Even the Algerian trade delegation was


feeling the heat. Are you likely to place orders as a result of being


here or are you just here for a look? I came here to place orders,


to make new opportunities for work because we know the know-how of


Irish people is high-class, so this is why I came here, know-how and


technologies. In the food Pavilion, this egg stand won best local stand


at the show. Business owner Andy Gilbert loves his happy hands. I


want to know the hens are contented when I close my eyes. You use your


ears, that so you know what's going on in your henhouse. Can you


replicate the noise of a contented hen for us?


Today is done and two to go. There are still prizes to be handed out


before the big clean-up. You join me here with a man who runs


one of the most popular displays, the falconry display, and this is


junior. What is he looking at? He's looking at this lovely microphone,


thinking it's a bit of meat. What is it about this animal that people are


scared when they see the displays? People get very nervous because of


the shaft it and the talons, but they are a very friendly bird. One


of the most friendly birds you will get in the hawk family because they


are a pack bird, so we train them as young birds and they become part of


our pack so they want to be around you and do things with you, so


people get the wrong idea. The crowds soaked it all in today. What


age is junior? Four years old. Do they have a short life span? He


would have a life span of 20 or 25. Where did you get your love of


birds? Was it acquired in later life? I always had it. My fathers


cup Canaries, hens, so I always had a love for birds. These birds are my


life. I'm looking at him, he has fantastic eyes, what a beat. What


does he most like for his dinner? Best thing is Kentucky without the


batter. Chicken. We don't have poultry here because of the avian


flu. Does that affect him, that virus? There have been no reports


that I know of, we did clear it with the powers that be and got the all


clear. Thank you for introducing me, John. I think I've found a friend


here. Come back to us later when are best will be here with the weather


forecast for the next few days. You're a brave woman, Donna Traynor.


An agreement has been signed to promote increased


co-operation between the BBC and Northern Ireland's


Its aim is to promote collaboration on the development


It also encourages the sharing of facilities and student


Now, our cameras were at the Port of Belfast a little earlier


for the lunchtime arrival from Scotland and what we saw


can only mean one thing - racing is getting under way


These fans arrived in their hundreds on the ferry.


Since then they've been making their way - in the sunshine -


And that's where Gavin Andrews joins us from now.


We have three scheduled races, the second is about to get under way,


the superstock class, and we had at shop in the first. Martin Jessup


picked up his first North West 200 win. We will speak to one of the


great around here, Philip McCallum. A great start to the evening. It's


been superb, a long time since we had a dry Tuesday, dry Thursday


practising and great racing. It was a magnificent win for Martin Jessup


to night. It was very unfortunate for Alistair Seeley, who was


favourite to win the race but he had mechanical trouble and dropped out.


Tough for the local lad. He's more fired up than ever, he has to be the


favourite for this race but you need luck, mechanical like, a bit of


everything, but behind that Apache is pushing hard, rocker is pushing


hard, Lee Johnson, and he wants to prove a point. One rider not


involved is John McGuinness, who had a crush in final practice on the


coast road. He was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital with a


suspected broken leg. He is one of the big favourites but at 45 do you


see him coming back? John is a great ambassador for the sport world wide,


he'd does a brilliant job and that was unfortunate, at 45 he doesn't


need a crash and I heard rumours that he was thinking about this


being his last year because he is sensible, he will not keep racing


until he's too old to do it, he wants to finish as a winner, so we


do not know the total injuries but I suspect it's a broken leg and if


that becomes complicated and take such humans to steal, if he misses


the TT and he's in pain, you could see him hanging up the lovers. Enjoy


the rest of the meeting. We will turn to golf now, and fresh from


getting married and signing a new equipment till, Rory McIlroy is back


in action in Florida. It will be his first


tournament since the Masters. The last few weeks have been cool, I


got married and went on honeymoon, got back to Florida last Thursday,


trying to lose a bit of weight, trying to shed a few pounds before


here, but everything has been great. I feel like my game is in good


shape. I had to address a few issues between Augusta and here and did


that in the first ten days after Augusta and then turned my


attentions elsewhere, but feel-good coming into this event. Rory tees


off in Florida around now and we will enjoy the North West 200 and


the Florida sunshine here. It looks lovely this evening. Now


let's get the weather with Barra Best to whiz at the Balmoral Show


too. It has been a great day, up until


about an hour ago, the sunshine was out. 19 degrees in Castlederg. It


has been the tenth consecutive dry day but that is about to end. The


cloud has begun to roll them, we will have scattered showers moving


into parts of County Down and tarmac, they will move north and


west across all parts tonight but the winds are changing to come in


from the south, so it will not be as chilly. Temperatures should stay in


double figures, so tomorrow will be more unsettled, we can expect a wet


start but it will not be a wash-out, it will brighten up your in the day.


To begin with there will be widespread scattered showers but as


we go into the afternoon most of those will move west, becoming


confined to western counties, so along the east coast there will be


sunshine but the a risk of a shower. Winds will be liked and in the best


of the sunshine temperatures will once again reach the mid-to high


teens. In the second part of the day we will see some evening sunshine,


the best showers will be for western counties, the odd one possible


towards the east. Tomorrow night it will turn dry for a while and we


hold onto mild air, so temperatures no lower than ten or 11 but rain


will move back in in time for Saturday. Saturday will have a


disappointing start but improved, to begin with there will be some rain,


not a great start for the North West 200, but there is good news, that


moves out of the way and it will brighten up but there will be some


showers following that ring, and when the sun comes out it will feel


pleasant with temperatures in the mid-to high teens but some rain is


likely again on Saturday. Into Monday, there will be showers at


times, breezy but no frost and it will stay mild but for now it's back


to normal. Our late summary


is at half past ten. You can also keep in contact with us


via Facebook and Twitter.