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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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Good evening, the headlines on BBC Newsline.


Tony Blair warns a hard border would be a disaster as the EU's


chief Brexit negotiator says he's still looking for ideas.


There is always an answer and always a road.


years for murdering the young Belfast student Eamonn Magee.


Prince Charles lays wreaths honouring the war dead and those


A unique solution to help people suffering from the affects of brain


injuries. Join me on the north coast for all of the latest ahead of


tomorrow's north-west 20. I will be back with the weather forecast


later. Tony Blair has warned that


a hard border after Brexit But the former prime minister


has said he believes there is a consensus in British


politics to avoid that outcome. Mr Blair was addressing a group


of MEPs in County Wicklow, a meeting also attended by the EU's


chief Brexit negotiator He travelled to County Monaghan


where he said everyone needs Our economics and business editor


John Campbell is at the hotel venue for that MEP meeting at Druid's Glen


in County Wicklow. As we know, the European union want


to deal with Irish border issues in the first phase of the Brexit


negotiation issues. MEPs from the European Parliament, they have been


here for the last couple of days to learn more about those issues. The


invited along Tony Blair to give his views. Few Prime Minister 's have


devoted as much time to Ireland as Tony Blair. His policies culminated


in the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Now he says he is


extremely anxious to make sure Brexit does not appear that


agreement. My presence here today is to say I think there is a common


desire, but ever other issues that are in relation to Brexit, to make


Northern Ireland a special case and make sure we do everything we


possibly can to protect the Good Friday Agreement and the peace


process and protect that strong relationship to beam the Republic of


Ireland and the UK going forward. Among Mr Blair's audience with the


EU negotiator Michel Barnier. Michel Barnier went to hear the concerns of


border businesses. Yesterday he said they would have to be some form of


custom controls after Brexit. Nobody wants to see the return of


destructive checks like these. There are hopes a smart border, using


technology that number plate recognition can be put in place.


Michel Barnier says he does not have any answers yet and are still


listening to ideas. Let us work. Let us work. I need to do work and have


people on the ground to find solutions. I do not want to give


today... The negotiations have not begin. -- not begun. He appreciates


how important Brexit is for the agriculture and food businesses. One


of the food exporters he met said his concerns appeared to have been


taken on board. You certainly appealed open-minded and he engaged


fully with the participants and he was not to offer solutions but he


was listening to the people and he wanted us to engage with him and


offer solutions are people in Ireland and particularly in the


border region. Michel Barnier's visit has entered without us


learning much about what Brexit will mean for the border. We will be


hearing a lot more from him over the next couple of years. When will we


learn something more tangible about the future of the border? Well,


Michel Barnier cannot remain in listening mode for too much longer


because the negotiations are due to get underway in the next couple of


months. We have the UK general election to get out of the way and


the German election in September. Once these borders have been


overcome then we can expect intense negotiations to start. The Irish


element of these negotiations have to be sorted and the phase. So


really before Christmas people will have to come up with solid


positions. It has been the rhetoric of no hard borders but at some point


people are going to have to put their cars on the table and tell us


exactly what they think can be achieved along that order. Thank


you. The man who killed this


student and amateur boxer, Eamon Magee Junior, was today


sentenced to 14 years The court had been told that


Orhan Koca who is Turkish, stabbed the 22-year-old


because of jealousy and anger. Our reporter, Aileen Moynagh,


was at Belfast Crown 34-year-old Orhan Koca, originally


from Turkey, had pleaded guilty to Eamonn Magee. His estranged wife's


boyfriend, just as the trial was about to begin. On passing sentence,


the Justice said he was satisfied this was a premeditated and planned


merger which was both brutal and sustained and worthy intention was


to take life. The judge concluded that Orhan Koca armed himself in


advance of the murder and went to the house with the intention to


kill. He inflicted multiple stab wounds on Eamonn Magee and the


attack was unprovoked and the underlying motive was jealousy.


Eamonn Magee's family and friends were in court for the sentencing.


Nothing will bring back my son. We have a long way to go. That is all I


have to say in this case. The superintendent said it was a brutal


murder. We know he armed himself with a substantial size of a knife


and brought it to the murders seen. This premeditation and use of such a


lethal weapon, such as the knife, goes some way to showing the level


of violence that Orhan Koca was capable of. Orhan Koca must serve a


minimum term of 14 years before he can be considered for release.


The Public Prosecution Service is considering if charges -


including murder, attempted murder and perjury - should be


brought against 18 soldiers over their involvement in


13 people were shot dead by members of the parachute regiment


during a civil rights demonstration in Londonderry in 1972.


The DUP's Gregory Campbell has criticised the suggestion


He said a decision to prosecute would show the PPS as one-sided


and the move would help those who wanted to rewrite the past.


He's also called for prosecutions against those who may have been


The SDLP's Colum Eastwood said the Bloody Sunday deaths


People in Derry have done an awful lot to move forward and reconcile


with each other. The idea that people can merger with impunity I do


not think should stand and I hope that there are charges are brought


to those people who, as we have seen through the enquiry, where murdering


with impunity on the streets of Derry. -- the idea people can merger


with impunity. You're watching BBC


Newsline and still ahead: We are looking at some of the


contenders. The Prince of Wales has laid wreaths


in honour of those who died in the two world wars and the Easter


Rising. The prince and the Duchess


of Cornwall also toured the Republican plot in Glasnevin


cemetery in Dublin - on the third day of their visit


to Ireland north and south. Our Dublin correspondent


Shane Harrison reports. Reconciliation and respecting the


dead of the two Irish traditions. Prince Charles this morning with the


Republic's arts minister laying wreaths that honours those killed


during the two world wars. The Prince also unveiling site patient


stones remembering for Irish soldiers who were awarded Victoria


Cross is 100 years ago. -- citation stones. After honouring those


Irishmen who died in British uniform, the Prince and the Duchess


paid tribute to those who fought for Irish freedom, visiting Republican


graves including those of Michael Collins. The Prince of Wales and the


Minister then laid wreaths at the MacRobert J Wall that commemorates


all those that died at the Easter Rising. -- laid wreath at the wall.


There are also a keen sense of awareness here that just up the road


the EU chief Brexit negotiator is hearing concerned about what the


future could hold for the very same negotiations. After a brief meeting,


Prince Charles had to the home where a previous ambassador was murdered


by the IRA in 1976. There he met and shook hands with the Sinn Fein


leader Gerry Adams. We did not have a chance of anything other than a


quick chat. He was lagging me that I was older than him. We were born in


the same year. He commiserated about Martin McGuinness's death. A deeply


moving moment of his three date visit was at the cemetery this


morning. It is so important that we are able to come together to


remember men and women from all sides whose sacrifice should shaped


our shared history. The Prince left Ireland promising to return saying


in these challenging times, it is important to strengthen British and


Irish bonds. A blind woman has won a landmark


ruling against the height Joanna Toner began legal proceedings


fearing that blind and partially sighted people were in danger


of being hit by traffic A judge at the High Court ruled that


Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council had failed to ensure


equality for disabled people as part of the multi-million pound


regeneration scheme. Council representatives are now


expected to ensure the process is subjected to a full


equality impact assessment. I am delighted because the


implications for other disabled people and other shared schemes


across the country is going to be immense. That is something we have


definitely been fighting for for a long time. It is just dangerous to


remove the Kurds and to let blind and partially sighted people mix


with traffic. Eight members of what the police


believe is an international crime gang have been jailed


for selling heroin The gang, five of whom are


Portuguese, were handed The police used two undercover


officers, posing as heroin users 'Ricky' and 'Ian',


to catch the gang who were described by the judge as bottom of the food


chain street dealers. A 30-year-old man has been left


with serious cuts and burns after an attack in west Belfast


early this morning. The police say he was assaulted,


then bundled into a car He was driven to an unknown address


where he was further assaulted and had boiling water


poured over him. The families of ten people shot dead


by the army in west Belfast in 1971 have been given a date for a full


inquest into their deaths. The hearing into the Ballymurphy


killings will be held on September 11th next year and is expected


to last three months. This week is being promoted


as a time to be aware of the devastating effects


of brain injury. On Monday we met a man


fighting to get back to work Social life can also


present problems with some survivors struggling at times


to control their mood and behaviour. Offering a unique solution


to that is a group of For those who survive a brain


injury, social interaction can be very difficult and it is all too


easy to slip into isolation and loneliness. Going out with the


person we care for. We do not feel comfortable because you do not know


how the situation will develop and the least thing could set off an


explosion of frustration and you can't run around saying to people,


hold on a minute, this person has a brain injury. Very often they do not


understand. What to do if a trip to the pub is just too difficult? The


brain injury foundation decided they would open their own pub. It is a


pub with no beer and the reason it is a pub with no clear is that


people with brain injury are not encouraged to drink alcohol. It is


not good. -- no alcohol. They love pool and they are good at it. We


play matches in the existing pool room with local teams in the pool


league. They come here thinking we're going to beat us. We do not


win all the time that we give them a fair lesson sometimes. The crack is


not as same as being in a pub. We wanted to treat the atmosphere being


in a pub as close as we could get without being in an actual pub. If


you are out at a social event in a pub, different things are not


accepted. Where as when we are all in the group together, we can accept


each other for who we are and what we are. Nobody is going to get drunk


and nobody is going to get annoyed or going to go overboard about


anything or get annoyed at the other person, or if they do get annoyed,


that is OK then because that is just us. The pub is due to open shortly


and it will be next door to the existing centre and caterers and


members of the public are all welcome.


Next week BBC Newsline's Mark Simpson tells us the inside story


of the recent return to Mauritius of John McAreavey.


Six years after Michaela Michael really was murdered on Holliman, her


family is still seeking justice. -- Honeyman. There are things that will


stay with me for the rest of my life. They came here for five days.


The appealed to the people of Mauritius for help. They put


pressure on politicians and they returned to the scene of the crime.


That is on BBC One Northern Ireland next Tuesday night at


There is a big day of racing tomorrow. Stephen is at the paddock


for us. Thank you very much. Exciting prospect tomorrow but one


team that will not be here is Honda racing. They have withdrawn today


because of the crash yesterday by their rider John McGuinness. His


injuries are worse than first feared. I will be getting the latest


from our expert in just a moment. Tomorrow is the big race day at the


international north-west 200 and Gavin Andrews has been talking to


some of the contenders. He is always a big hit with the fans of the


north-west. It is not difficult to see why it he is a star attraction


this week. Last night's victory in the race was his 18th year. He has


now had at least one win in the circuit every year for the last


decade. I am in a good place at the minute. I am happy with my


machinery. It is looking like the weather might not be great but we


know from previous years we can do well and shown good pedigree in


those conditions and the bikes are working well. I feel confident going


into Saturday's race and we will soon find out. Hopefully I could get


on the podium, top step would be best. Some tough competition


tomorrow. Ready to race wins at this meeting and the Superbike class is


wide open. One of the favourite is when Irwin. He is playing down his


chances. It is great that a lot of fans are tipping me for the win.


They say you have better odds than the big use and the beauties are


going to see this and not give me good odds. It is good to be back


here. Another big contender businessman and he always attracts a


crowd. Those who make the trip to the course tomorrow are in for a


treat. Yes, it is going to be some great racing. Disappointing that


Honda are not here. Very much so. A very awkward situation for Honda.


Their flagship bike has just arrived in the showrooms and there is a


question mark over it. We have withdrawn from the race because they


are not sure what happened in the accident. He went into Primrose Hill


in fourth gear at 20 mph and something happened. Nobody knows for


sure but it is unlikely John McGuinness made a big mistake and he


had a big accident. His injuries are worse than first feared? They


thought it was a broken leg but he also has two broken vertebrae is and


two broken ribs. He has had a fight like Mike Tyson. Hopefully, these


safety features here at north-west 200 have got a lot better and he is


going to make a full recovery. Best wishes to him. What kind of day are


we expecting tomorrow? There are so many fast guys here. Hutchison has


something to prove. His team-mate is riding the big bike and his other


team-mate on top form. Conditions looked to be good for tomorrow and I


am very excited. I am probably not going to sleep tonight. I hope you


do. A big commentary day tomorrow. Thank you very much indeed and you


can see the first television highlights on BBC One tonight at


9:30pm. There are two crucial


football matches tonight. Carrick face Institute in the second


leg of their play-off tie to determine which club plays


in the Danskebank It's poised one-all


from the first leg. Meanwhile, Ballymena host


Glenavon at the Showgrounds, with the winner claiming


the lucrative prize of a place It would mean an awful lot with


regards to our progress to where we want to take this club. The are of


the clear what we wanted to do and qualifying for Europe would be


great. We have got to go to Ballymena now and it will be


difficult. We have a very good side who is much improved and finished


fourth, deserted late so this year. -- deservedly so. Calls on our late


bulletin with live commentary on radio Ulster.


Six shots off the overnight lead, Rory McIlroy was among the earlier


starters today for the second round of the play at the Players


...And the World Number Two didn't make too much headway.


Starting on the back nine today, he picked up just one shot.


But would drop a shot on the seventh to remain level par


Graeme McDowell is just starting his second round on one under-par.


That is it from the north coast. The road is closed tomorrow. If you are


coming, get here early and if you are not, watch live on the sports


website and the Facebook page. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the


race. The weather forecast is next. A bit of a mixed bag. The long,


prolonged dry spell has moved on. Changeable this weekend but it will


not be raining all of the time. Some damp weather initially tomorrow


before its search to dry up and brighten up from the south. In


trying to start with on Sunday but showers around during the afternoon.


No pressure at nearby and areas of cloud and rain. The next area of


rain has moved in now heading up to Belfast. It will continue to move


north and west words. A couple of hours of slow moving rain, some of


it quite heavy but by the end of the night, most of it is in the west.


Cloudy, damp and misty with low cloud over the hills. It is a mild


night. Tomorrow, it is damp but it will brighten up from the south as


the morning goes on. Most of the rain will be patchy. The peas will


pick up with time. Not perfect for the north-west but an improving


situation. -- breeze. Some showers before the end of the afternoon. If


you are off to Balmoral for the last day, take an umbrella because it


will be dry and bright for parts of the day. Most places will be dry in


the afternoon and it would be cold. Temperatures up to 17 Celsius. As


the afternoon goes on, shower clouds bubble up Andy shattering of


showers. By tea-time those showers will merge to bring in a more


prolonged spell of rain. It will be wed in the evening. Most rain clears


off by Sunday evening. That will lead into a nice morning on Sunday.


Quite breezy and showers in the afternoon. More tri- band wet


weather. Sunshine and feeling warm in the breeze. The next area of low


pressure arrives on Sunday night and Monday. To begin with next week and


it stays changeable but it will not be cold. Good, a positive note.


Our late summary is at half past ten.