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Good evening and welcome to BBC Newsline.


The First Minister Arlene Foster says Sinn Fein's proposals


into the controversial heat incentive scheme


could provide a basis for moving forward on the issue.


However, she again insisted she will not be stepping aside


Our Political Correspondent Gareth Gordon reports.


Everyday is a school day, even politicians need


help getting answers to difficult problems and today Arlene Foster


took time out from other pressing matters


to attend the opening of a new school.


On display, an ability to bend over backwards.


Cash for ash continues to smoulder, about the


only thing Sinn Fein and the DUP agree on is the need to avoid a


Sinn Fein want a judge led panel to investigate the


It would have the power to compel witnesses to appear and


access documents, a preliminary report would be ready in one month.


At the heart of the times of reference of


the need for Arlene Foster to stand aside.


They have clearly set out their stall in reference to that not


Today the only place Arlene Foster was stepping away from


Will you be accepting Sinn Fein's terms of reference?


Tonight she said that with the exception


of stepping aside, her party believed the Sinn Fein


proposals provide the basis for taking an investigation forward.


Officials had raised some technical issues but said the First Minister


there don't appear any insuperable obstacles.


In response, Sinn Fein said nothing had changed.


The only member of the Executive who doesn't belong to


the DUP or Sinn Fein today gave her verdict


Her handling of this has been appalling.


You're able to demonstrate humility without


But Claire Sugden says she has no intention of resigning.


The only mess being tangled at Stormont


is the one left by its Christmas tree.


Up to 83 jobs are under threat


at an engineering factory in Londonderry.


Administrators have been called in to Schivo NI


which supplies major aircraft manufacturers.


Our North-West reporter Keiron Tourish has more.


The Schivo NI group bought the plant around 18 months ago and said


that the time that it had plans for expansion.


The plant, which makes part of the aviation industry and has


aerospace company Bombardier amongst its clients,


But now there are real fears for those jobs.


The Waterford-based group says that, unfortunately,


despite its best efforts and considerable investment,


it was unable to turn things around here.


The administrators have now been called in


and they will carry out a thorough review of its operations


here before advising on the best course of action.


One union said the unions is yet another huge blow


to the industrial base in the north-west,


Judging by what's happened in this instance,


The discrimination against the North West is in actual fact.


Despite all the political changes, Derry is still at the tail end


of the queue when it comes to investment and preferment


While the plant could potentially be sold as a going concern,


there remains a real fear over its future.


Almost 9,000 homes and businesses were without electricity


for several hours in Enniskillen earlier today


after a swan brought down an overhead cable.


The live power line hit cars parked in a petrol station forecourt.


Our south west reporter Julian Fowler has more.


Staff inside the shop in Enniskillen described a bang and a flash


as the lights went out and a power line came down.


They said one car park to the petrol station forecourt lit up


It also struck a van with two men inside.


until NIE engineers arrived to turn off the electricity.


It happened after a swan struck an overhead power line.


It was killed, but given the circumstances of a live power


cable falling onto a petrol station, this was a dangerous situation


which could have had catastrophic consequences.


Rugby and Ulster have lost to the Scarlets in Wales


They were beaten by 16-13. Nial Foster reports.


It was almost a cruel sense of deja vu for Ulster. COMMENTATOR:


Opportunity for Dan Jones. Paddy Jackson was spared his blushes after


tracking back with a try saving tackle. At the other end, the


visitors made their mark. Jacob Stockdale goes over for the opening


try. A conversion and two penalty kicks for Jackson gave Ulster a


7-point lead at half-time. On the hour mark, controversy as the home


side notched in front. The Italian referee deemed this Ridley tackle


was high. He was shown a yellow card and the Scarlets awarded a penalty


try. Ulster fail to score in the second half and fell to another


defeat. The former Brazilian football


manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has thanked people here


for making him feel so welcome Big Phil, as he's affectionately


known, has been speaking to BBC Newsline's Mark Simpson


who tracked him down in Belfast. What on earth is big Phil


from Brazil doing in Belfast? The former Chelsea manager


is now coaching in China, wandering around Saint George's


market in Belfast this afternoon? I came before Christmas


because I have a son My holidays, I stayed


here for 15 days. Yes.


I like very much Belfast. Everywhere he has gone,


football fans have recognised him. They are good.


I want to say thank you. My holidays have been


very good in Belfast. After all, it's not Brazil,


it's Northern Ireland. It's fairly mild on the weather


front. Now with the weekend weather


forecast here's Barra Best. We have a very quiet weekend thanks


to high pressure sitting over as. Low cloud, possibly the odd bit of


drizzle. Foremost, it's a dry mild night. No frost to worry about first


thing on Saturday. We hold onto a lot of cloud and mainly dry


conditions. The cloud will be thick enough to give a fuse box of wet


weather. Some low cloud, missed and fog. It could cause some problems


early on the roads. A fuse scattered showers for south-west England,


maybe one or two coming into Ireland. Generally, it's a dry


picture and milder than it should be for the time of year. For the middle


of the afternoon, we hold onto cloudy conditions and missed the


weather as well. It's not going to amount to very much. Top


temperatures nine or even 10 degrees. Another mild night tomorrow


night. Certainly no frost. A lot of cloud around. It should be much


colder. As for Sunday, very little is going to change. A lot of cloud


around, maybe the odd spot of light rain or drizzle.


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