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This is a specially extended BBC Newsline on the day that


Martin McGuinness resigned as the Deputy First Minister.


He said it's "time to call a halt to the DUP's arrogance".


Citing the DUP's behaviour over the renewable heat scandal,


Mr McGuinness said the party was completely out of step


with the public which is outraged at the squandering of money


In his formal resignation letter, Mr McGuinness also said that


the DUP had never fully embraced "the equality,


mutual respect and all-Ireland approaches enshrined


He said successive British governments had:


He went on to say that the DUP leader Arlene Foster


had "a clear conflict of interest" and as "the minister


responsible for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme she should have no


Executive role in overseeing how it would be rectified."


Mr McGuinness, who has been suffering from ill-health in recent


months, said that had nothing to do with his decision to leave office.


We'll hear live from our political editor Mark Devenport


shortly but first our Political Correspondent Gareth


Gordon reports on a resignation announcement that took


He looked and sounded frail, but there was no doubting the strength


of what Martin McGuinness was about to say. We will not tolerate the


arrogance of Arlene Foster and the DUP. That's what this process must


be about. So today I have told Arlene Foster that I have tendered


my resignation, effective of five o'clock today. He made it clear this


was not about the heating scandal. It's a despicable decision. The RHI,


it cost something in the region apart billion pounds, and run the


risk of being squandered. And left the process wide open to corruption.


All of these things are hugely concerning for us in Sinn Fein, you


can see by the way the debate on RHI has continued over the course of


recent times, there is a massive public outcry. There may not be a


public outcry with the ranks of the DUP but as I told Arlene Foster, the


DUP are living in a bubble. They don't seem to understand how serious


the general public, the voters, and the assembly make of this ridiculous


situation, which bears full responsibility for the ministers of


the DUP. Martin McGuinness was asked if his health was a factor. My


health is nothing to do with this whatsoever. I have been deeply


involved in all of the conversations in the last couple of weeks. I was


here last week speaking to Arlene Foster, I have been doing my job. As


it is appropriate for me to do so. It sounds like it'll take more than


an election resolve this. There will be no return to the status quo,


except on terms that are acceptable to Sinn Fein. The situation we have


been dealing with in these last years is acceptable. --


unacceptable. If the DUP think in the aftermath of an election that


they will step back into ministerial positions without resolving critical


issues, some of which I have identified during the course of this


conversation, they are living in a fool 's paradise. And in an


election, will Martin McGuinness be a candidate? That is something of a


speaker about the later date, today is about Morris ignition. Ten years


ago he began a relationship with a DUP leader that was warmer than


anyone could have expected but as the scandal heated up, things would


Arlene Foster cool down, and is Stormont now facing a long time in


in the deep freeze? The resignation of the Deputy


First Minister means Arlene Foster reacted


to the Sinn Fein move via social media tonight saying


she was disappointed Northern Ireland would have no


government at a time when one Rather than seek to resolve this


issue, Sinn Fein would rather take the people of Northern Ireland


through the uncertainty of yet another election, less than 12


months after the last one, at a time when we are dealing with Brexit,


needed to create more jobs and invest in our health and education


system, Northern Ireland needs stability but because of Sinn Fein's


selfish actions we now have instability and I very much regret


that. Of course if we have to fight an election we will do it in the


best interests of Northern Ireland but it will not solve any of the


problems that currently face us. Our political editor Mark Devenport


joins me now from Stormont. Martin McGuinness and his health -


what do know how he is? He didn't need to be a doctor to


tell that there was something seriously wrong with Martin


McGuinness, he was weaker when he appeared here on December 19 but he


was much weaker today. Sinn Fein hasn't disclosed any details of his


condition but the night, that he has reported that the former Deputy


First Minister is suffering from a rare heart condition. He said that


health hasn't been a factor in this crisis but certainly some other


Republicans say that some of the recent comments from Arlene Foster


in which she talked about other Sinn Fein politicians jockeying for


position behind Martin McGuinness's back while he was dealing with this


health problem, according to some Republicans they had gone down like


a lead balloon. Perhaps to that extent they have backed them into


their thinking. Not Arlene Foster responded saying that Northern


Ireland does not need an election but solutions. What do you make of


that? Clearly she's preparing our grassroots for an election, she's


pointing out that widening this out into other issues which Martin


McGuinness did, including the treatment of the Irish language,


this isn't just about the renewable heating scandal, and there is little


giving what Arlene Foster has to say, it is hard on the basis of what


the leaders have said today to see them avoiding an election. If there


is an election, what happens to the heating scheme and its continuing


pay-outs? We don't have any kind of a Rizla 's into that, we have no


compromise into the attempts that have been made to try and cut the


losses, and no progress on the form of any kind of independent


investigation into that, that will all be put into abeyance while the


politicians go about fighting this election.


Earlier this evening at Stormont BBC Newsline's Tara Mills got further


reaction from the DUP and Sinn Fein about Mr McGuinness's resignation.


Let's be clear, this is not about RHI, then now can't be an enquiry


because of Sinn Fein, we can't recover the money is and that the


proposals in with a ready to do so because of Sinn Fein, and they have


called an election because this is about removing Arlene Foster as the


leader of the unions is and weakening unions to pursue a


Republican agenda. Did you take their support for granted? We


recognise that the electorate are the people who return individuals to


office, we do business with people on that basis, we're not friends


with Sinn Fein and don't stick to beat, but we do business with them


because that is to the electorate decides to return, but the public


will suffer as a result of this decision, because we can't have a


budget and the finance minister knows that more than anybody else.


The voluntary and community sector will be putting people on notice. I


can't bring in a regression to stop the bedroom tax being introduced so


if Sinn Fein have to be held into account... You could have appointed


all of this by Arlene Foster stepping aside for four weeks


Cazorla does that not look like a better option? She was being called


to account through a Sinn Fein, Republican agenda, not on the basis


of evidence, there is due process to be followed. We said we wanted the


enquiry, we said we would have a public enquiry, Sinn Fein didn't


want that. We wanted to have proposals that would have dealt with


these costs, instead they want to go to the country because there is


internal issues within republicanism, that is clear from


the interview Martin McGuinness has given around who will replace him,


and avoided narrative around the Irish language act, all of these


things Sinn Fein don't like but they are better to work with us, instead


they have brought the magicians down. Have they come back as a


result of the electorate is the result. What were doing is recording


time on corruption and on arrogance, corruption as evidenced by RHI, and


they can be no investigation into that until Arlene Foster agrees to


step aside, she has scuppered the investigation, no hiding place, but


also breathtaking arrogance, disrespect for the national


tradition, as evidenced by the decision at the mouth of Christmas


that Paul could would take ?50,000 from children who want to learn the


Irish language. You talk about the straw that broke the camel 's back,


RHI and the way the DUP have created that mess and refused to show any


humility or allow us to have the investigation, let us put right that


mess, but also turned sectarianism. Paul is talking about the type of


government he wants, we are concerned about those who want...


Taken the granted? A government which doesn't have zero tolerance of


corruption and sectarianism is no government at all, said that the


public for granted? They bite off more than they could chew, but not


listen to be warnings? Absolutely. The DUP were told again and again,


act with respect. They refused that and now facing an action. I am


saying to people clear, there will be no return to the status quo, we


will not go back to any government which the Ritz in any way,


corruption or sectarianism, that is what has been allowed to happen in


the last few weeks with RHI. We have called time on that. We have had ten


years now the DUP and Sinn Fein at the heart of our government, ten


years characterised by disappointments, debacles and


scandals. I don't think the electorate need any more proof of


the fact that the DUP and Sinn Fein are incapable of governing this


country are they cannot see the concept of the greater good. If


people want an election, let's have it, because people need to hear that


we still have no programme for government, no budget, costs are


spiralling out of control because of the RHI scandal. We also know won't


have a public enquiry into all of this. The public are sick to be back


teeth of these crises at Stormont. They want to see good governance,


people who are as keen to take responsible of these crises at


Stormont. They want to see good governance, people who are as keen


to take responsibly the as they are to take power. There is no point in


trying to kill you back together the fragments of failure. -- glued back


together. It's time to move on. If we want devolution, it can and


should only be on the basis capable of surviving. I do not believe an


election is what the people of Northern Ireland want, I believe


stability is what was promised, I believe good governance is what


should be delivered. Today can only be a bad


It is the job of the Secretary of State James Brokenshire


He said the UK government will do all it can to help


The position is very clear. If Sinn Fein does not nominate a replacement


to the role of Deputy First Minister, and I am obliged to call


an election of the assembly, within a reasonable period. I would urge


the political parties, the leaders of the political parties, to come


together, to work together, to find a solution to the current position,


and we will be doing all we can with the political parties and the Irish


government, to that end. We've been asking some


people on the streets of Belfast what they think


about Martin McGuinness's I think that's very sad, but I think


it will probably have a big impact for Arlene Foster and the rest of


the country. It's another election, isn't it? Will it make any


difference to the assembly? Not really. It's tribal here. Who knows


what could happen next but it's interesting that something is


moving. I would be disappointed, I don't think an election will make


any difference. But people have to cast their vote. Be good to see what


comes out of it. We need change, but I didn't know that about Martin


McGuinness. Do you think it should have come to this? I am sorry did.


The last thing we need now is an election, it will make things even


more divisive, rather than people coming together and sort out all the


problems we are trying to deal with. Mr McGuinness's decision to resign


comes almost ten years BBC Newsline's Mark Simpson


looks back at his journey He has been Stormont's longest


serving minister, stretching back to the early days of power-sharing. I


nominate Martin McGuinness as Minister for education. An even


bigger surprise was to come. He became typically First Minister and


got on remarkably well with Ian Paisley. We have been described as


the two brothers people who thought... It turned against them in


the end, we can tackle our way through 2008! When Peter Robinson


took over as First Minister, relations became strained, very


strained. But they somehow manage to work through it. We have


disagreements, there has never been an occasion when we have refused to


speak to one another, so we have the ability to sit down and work out our


problems. When Arlene Foster became First Minister, initially they


worked well together and have the time of last year's election, Martin


McGuinness said he was looking forward to making the new executive


work. I have all my faculties, great support from my family and my party


is adamant that I continue with the work I'm doing. The IRA tried to


kill Arlene Foster's father. But this meant that working with Sinn


Fein was never easy. But said she was prepared to do it for the


greater good. I want to focus on the future and not the past. One of the


first picture little does -- challenges was the Brexit vote. It


made things difficult but not a crisis. It will be a very historic


negotiation. Now a different negotiation is on the cards. On the


table will be RHI, social issues, the Irish language, dealing with the


past and all the other issues which have told the DUP and Sinn Fein


apart in recent months. Martin McGuinness has stepped down and as


things stand, there is no guarantee he will be back.


How inevitable is an assembly election? Tonight looking pretty


much on the cards. In the old days when Tony Blair was Prime Minister,


his secretaries of State used the power of suspension to move in and


take direct power over from Stormont to avoid things like elections and


complete breakdowns, but as part of the deal that was done in 2006, that


power was taken off the statute book so whilst James Perlich acai is


saying he wants to avoid an election, you have to say that the


night all the mood music is saying that there is no obvious, Mies


insight and that we are heading towards that election being called


something over a week. An assembly will look different come what may.


Yes, we're going to lose one MLA per constituency so we were becoming


down from 108 assembly members to 19. To that extent, all the parties


here might be losers, the question will be whether the balance between


them will change -- down to 90. Particularly in light of the


public's discussed about the renewable heat scandal.


Other news now and the father of a County Tyrone student knocked


down and killed by a drunk driver says the increase to his jail


Eighteen year old Enda Dolan died in south Belfast two years ago.


The driver who killed him will now serve an extra year in prison.


Enda Dolan was a talented teenager who are just studied architecture,


not down and killed by a drunk driver on the 15th of October 2014


as he returned to his halls of residence. They beat Lee Stewart of


Belfast was sentenced to three and a half years in jail with another


three and a half on licence. The sentence was referred to the Court


of Appeal on the basis of being unduly lenient. The court was


reminded that Stewart had contained six pints of beer, four cocktails


and other drinks. It'd been suggested he had taken drugs as


well. The Court of Appeal decided increases the sentence. Increasingly


turn to for the half years, the Lord Chief Justice said nothing this


court can they could turn the clock back. What had happened was


needless, senseless and avoidable. Siddikur Morgan said in cases of


this kind, deterrent sentences must be imposed. Wobble can be increased,


the purpose macrophylla said it should have been more.


In my opinion, it's not enough given the crime he committed. It's still a


disgrace, I think the justice system needs to be looked at, the


legislation and relation to drinking and driving needs to be looked at.


He says the death of his son is something his entire family has to


live with every day. Christmas was difficult, there was an empty seat


at the table, a lot of tears around Christmas, but unfortunately that's


the way it is, you miss other family celebrations such as birthdays and


other times of the year you have other family gatherings and he's not


there. The Dolan family say they continue their campaign to have


sentences for drunk who kill increased.


A solicitor for a 22 year old man accused of procuring drugs intended


to cause an abortion has protested about delays in dealing


His co-defendant, a 21 year old woman is charged with taking two


drugs which are commonly used to bring about a


The case was adjourned until later this month.


It's to get a lot colder later this week - here's Cecilia with more


It's been chilly enough today, and it will get colder, some very cold


air start to arrive during the course of Wednesday. It'll get very


windy, with gale force winds on Thursday, making it feel bitterly


cold and many places will see snow showers, particularly on Thursday.


Particularly in the north and west. A warning is issued for strong winds


and some lying snow on Wednesday. Possibly some disruption to power


supplies. The showers will use after night, temperatures dropping, maybe


one or two spots of ice but generally frost and ice free. Some


milder air coming in for tomorrow, but colder again on Wednesday. Some


light rain and drizzle Tamara, affecting down south as well,


drifting eastwards. Trying up again across the Republic of Ireland and


Northern Ireland for tomorrow afternoon. On Wednesday, it starts


to get colder again, very windy, too. Showers will become very wintry


with snow in places on Wednesday night and further snow showers on