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The Prime Minister Theresa May has had a telephone call


with the Taoiseach Enda Kenny this evening about the


It has also emerged that the Secretary of


State James Brokenshire is to hold meetings with the main parties and


the Justice Minister Claire Sugden over the next 24 hours.


Earlier, the DUP leader Arlene Foster said if


But she said she also remains open to discussions with the parties


to see if a way forward can be found.


Going to the polls though looks increasingly likely


following yesterday's resignation of Martin McGuinness


Our Political Correspondent Gareth Gordon reports.


More dark clouds than rays of light, but all


Not these ones stacked in the great Hall,


but the ones which we knew had a place in the assembly chamber


I have no doubt that if the election proceeds, it will be a


It will be a very difficult election and with Sinn


Fein indicating that they're not going back, there are


those of us who will also want to look at


the construction of the


institutions to see what we can do better,


because I think that there is


no doubt, if you look back at our documents


always said mandatory coalition as a first


step towards moving to voluntary coalition


and so we will want to look those issues as well


after an election, if it takes place.


So, undoubtedly, we're in for a period of direct rule.


24 hours after her partner in Government told


her he was leaving, Arlene Foster sprung a surprise.


A public inquiry into the heating scandal could be


We're very keen that it is set up for all the reasons I have


The fact that from a political point of view I think it


is needed to restore the confidence in the institutions and also for me


personally to be able to regain my integrity, which has


been constantly maligned over this past number of


weeks and months, so it's important that we get this inquiry up and


running as quickly as possible and I hope


it'll be in place before the


Martin McGuinness thanked well-wishers.


Whether his health issues will allow him to even run an


election is not clear but others are ready.


We've had two max uprising elections, Brexit and then the


I think we have unprecedented anger about this


scandal where there are so many unknowns that there is all to play


for if we go to an election and we will go on very confidently.


What should be happening now is the Secretary of State


and the Irish Foreign Minister should be convening


talks with all five parties, not just with the two that have caused


the problems of last 14 months, to see what


structures before we have the election campaign.


The next steps are as uncertain as Stormont's future.


Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams has rejected a DUP claim that there could be


a long period of direct rule if there's no agreement


BBC Newsline's Tara Mills has been talking to the Sinn Fein president.


So, you see, if you're against half a


billion of money being flushed down the drain or possibly into


someone's pocket, if you are against that,


equality, if you value the progress that has been made, and unionist


leaders have played a role in that process, if you want that to


continue, then come out and vote and vote


accordingly to make sure that


the institutions that are put in place will be sustainable


and will be based upon fairness, decency,


But what you've done means the money is going


to go down the drain until the election process


is completed and it also means that there can't be a


short-term inquiry as the one you had suggested.


That could take years, so you have undoubtedly got


what she wanted or what you set out to get.


And that's why Martin felt that his position was untenable.


What are the other consequences of Martin McGuinness resigning is that


there is no voice, there is no nationalist voice in the Brexit


negotiations because you don't have a voice


at Westminster, so we are


You have detached electorate away from the Brexit


We published a document strategy on Brexit, we have argued


for the North to be treated with a special designated status...


If you're not there, how can you hope...


We couldn't get that done anyway because the DUP are for


Brexit and against the majority vote which says that the people want to


The fallout from not having a functioning Executive could be far


Sara Neill has been speaking to some groups who believe


For many nationalists, the straw that broke


withdrawal of funding to the Irish language scheme.


It targeted the most marginalised with in the


community, people who couldn't afford to send their children,


people who couldn't attend to themselves.


You're talking about pennies in terms of the overall budget and it


was seen as crass and as an outrageous attack.


The findings of the oracle institution of query


allegedly made public later this month but without a solid


Government, victims say they are the real losers,


a sentiment echoed by those affected by the Troubles.


We just don't want to believe that as


soon as Sir Anthony's report was ready and


delivered on Friday, that


the collapse of the Government and the collapse of our dreams and hopes


and desires that this was going to be our day.


I think the losers in this process are the people, either


citizens and in particular, those citizens that were so badly affected


by the Troubles and lost loved ones, lost limbs and they were having some


sort of hopes raised by the Stormont Agreement


We were assured it would be a fresh start


and now the whole thing is


In business, we know that markets hate uncertainty


and it is feared that this political instability could cast a shadow over


economic growth and later a slowdown in the construction industry.


The industry was already in a very fragile position, beginning to make


a recovery after ten long years and that just adds further


uncertainty to an industry that quite frankly


can play a very important role in economic growth,


I've never seen a time when we need strong leadership more


than we do now in advance of Article 50 being triggered in March.


We need to have that Northern Ireland voice


out there, we had very unique circumstances that the rest of the


UK do not face and who is going to be talking for us at those


In the second week of January, little more than 24 hours


after Martin McGuinness stepped down, it's still not clear what lies


in store for the people of Northern Ireland


and if there is an election, what change that could bring.


What is clear is that the events of yesterday at Stormont will be felt


Other news now, and a nine-year-old boy's in a critical condition


after being knocked down by a car in Liscolman near


A man in his seventies has been arrested.


One other story tonight, a County Antrim husband and wife


have admitted helping the murderers of a Randalstown businessman


Wing Fu Cheung, also known as Nelson Cheung,


was stabbed to death near Randalstown in 2015.


Gary and Lisa Thompson had previously denied


all charges against them, but entered new guilty pleas


Four people have now been convicted in connection with the killing.


Good evening. Temperatures today have been up to 10-11 . Go to those


values in half an ad on the wind and that is what it will be like


tomorrow. A wind warning will come into effect later tonight. It will


drag in showers, most frequently in the North West. In the south-east,


temperatures could get low enough for ice and by morning, gales or on


the north coast. Tomorrow, we can expect a windy day everywhere which


will make it feel much colder. Those winds could be quite damaging in


places. There will also be some dry weather, bright with a ransom is a


mostly rain showers falling through the cause of the day. Snow showers


over the Scottish mountains, severe gales across much of Scotland as


well as north-east England. Further south across Britain and in the


Republic of Ireland, there will be sunshine and a view showers in the


West. A cold, windy day with some sunshine but also rain tomorrow.


Tomorrow night, however, those showers will turn increasingly


wintry and we can expect snow and ice on Thursday and Friday.


Particularly in the north and west and over the hills. There will be


snow in particular. Don't be surprised that if by Thursday there


is a bit of snow just about anywhere.


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