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A man has died in a road traffic collision in Belfast.


As Maggie Taggart reports, the Westlink leading to the M1


was closed for four hours as commuters tried


The man died in a collision involving one card. He was the


driver. It happened on the Wesselingh, close to Grosvenor


Street just before three o'clock. Police closed the country bound


lanes of the Wesselingh and there was huge disruption as workers try


to head out of town. Public transport was also badly affected.


Commuters were trapped in gridlock for hours, some unable to leave


their car parks. They were advised to delay their journeys home as


possible. The traffic is that a dead halt here although some is moving


out of town. The slip road onto the west link, the police have blocked


this road, nothing is on that motorway just behind although some


traffic is moving on the other side of the road coming into town. A


spokesman appealed for witnesses to the collision to contact them. He


said he understood the frustration of drivers that a fatal road traffic


incident had to be fully investigated but the road remained


closed. After four hours, the road was reopened and stranded commuters


were allowed to continue their journeys.


And in Cookstown, the Lough Fea Road has been closed because of a serious


Diversions are in place but police advice motorists to avoid the area


The Labour Party says its leader made a genuine mistake


after he incorrectly told the House of Commons that the police officer


wounded in a gun attack in Belfast last Sunday night had


Jeremy Corbyn was speaking during Prime Minister's Questions.


The party said no offence was intended.


As Stephen Walker reports, the Labour leader has


Traditionally at the beginning of Prime Minister's Questions,


there are often references to members of the armed services


and police officers who have been killed or injured


Today, Theresa May mentioned the PSNI officer injured


I am also sure that the whole House will join me in sending our thoughts


to the police officer who was shot in Belfast over the weekend and his


When he got to his feet, Jeremy Corbyn also spoke


about the weekend shooting, but he said the officer involved had


I join the Prime Minister in condolences and expressing


condolences, I am sure the House to the family of the police officer


who lost his life over the weekend in Northern Ireland.


The shooting happened in the constituency of Nigel Dodds


and the DUP MP wanted to put on record his thoughts.


I join the Prime Minister in wishing a speedy recovery to the police


officer who was shot and injured in my constituency in north


That was not the intention of the terrorists, of course.


And there was a call for Jeremy Corbyn's


For the family and for police officers generally, could we have


that corrected by the front bench spokesman as urgently as possible?


So the record of this House does not contain


the serious fact that a


The Speaker said a further statement from Jeremy Corbyn


I recognise what the honourable gentleman said and how upsetting


But it was a mistake and it has subsequently been


The PSNI officer shot in the arm on Sunday night in North Belfast


At lunchtime today, the Police Federation


of Northern Ireland called on Jeremy Corbyn


He said he had made a shocking error.


They said he had made a shocking error which needed to be corrected.


A spokesman for the Labour leader told the BBC


They said Jeremy Corbyn said the officer had died


This evening it's understood Mr Corbyn has written a letter


to the Chief Constable, George Hamilton,


A 30-year-old man arrested in connection with the attempted


murder of a police officer in north Belfast on Sunday has been


The officer, who's in his twenties, was wounded in the arm when shots


were fired during the attack at a petrol station


A gun has been found by police during a search in West Belfast.


It was discovered in a bin in Vere Foster Walk.


It is understood that the gun isn't being linked to the attack


on the police officer at a service station in North Belfast on Sunday.


The Prime Minister has spoken to Michelle O'Neill


and congratulated her on her appointment as the leader


Theresa May said she looked forward to working with her


and that she hoped that following the elections all parties


would be able to come together to find a way forward.


Meanwhile, the DUP leader Arlene Foster said she would


work with Mrs O'Neill after the election.


She has been appointed by Sinn Fein, so I will have to work with Michelle


We need to get to the other side of the election so we can put these


institutions back in place, to make them work for the people of Northern


Ireland because that's what I am hearing very strongly that people


want, they want devolution and they want it to work.


A shop in county Antrim has been ram raided by thieves.


A vehicle was driven through the front shutters of a MACE


store in Randalstown at around 4am this morning.


A quantity of cigarettes were stolen.


The shop owner said CCTV shows the culprits loading the cigarettes


into a wheelie bin and taking them out to a car.


you go about your business trying to earn a living, providing employment,


providing a service to the community, and you feel powerless


that this is inflicted upon you. The words of 15-year-old Donegal


actor Art Parkinson after the film in which he plays


a starring role was Our north-west reporter,


Keiron Tourish, caught up with the teenager,


who rose to prominence in Game Art Parkinson was back


at his old Irish speaking school today taking all the


headlines in his stride. In any language,


his latest success is The unassuming 15-year-old


voiced the lead role in the animated 3-D film


Kubo And The Two Strings. It has been nominated


for Best Animated Film and The Donegal schoolboy


was told in the school I spent all day thinking


about it and by lunch had I didn't get the the


chance to check. It hadn't really


struck me at the time then I got home and I was looking up


and reading about it and it is just I never really thought


this could ever It's always been a dream of mine


being an actor, something I've I didn't think it would


happen to me at such a He was delighted but realised


he still had two classes. The trials and tribulations


of being a big movie star. Very proud of him


as his big brother. It's great to see the wee lad


going to the Oscars. He will be rubbing


shoulders with co-star Donegal teenager will be taking his


schoolbooks along with him. Art Parkinson says


he is both excited and nervous about treading the red


carpet at the Oscars ceremony next He paid tribute to family


and friends here in Donegal who are Good evening. It has been cooler


today the temperatures in most places have been in double figures,


at least for a while. A chilly night to come, mostly dry and windy in


places. That will make it feel very cold. The wind should keep the frost


away from most places, if you gaps in the cloud but a fair amount of


cloud to come tonight and tomorrow. Mostly dry but if you thought it


felt cool today, even colder tomorrow. The wind will have a real


bite to it. The cloud to be thick enough to bring some showers and


some snail especially over the hills. Much of the day is dry


similarly in the Republic of Ireland. Raonic close to the west


Coast. Some wind across many parts of Britain, a dry day, the fog will


have gone but temperatures struggling in many places. Best


weather towards the north of Scotland where there is decent


sunshine. Brightness here and there tomorrow across Northern Ireland,


mostly dry, one or two wintry showers. Temperature is half the


value of today. When you add on the wind, it really will feel like it's


freezing outdoors. A real day to wrap up warm tomorrow. On Friday


it's still quite chilly but the wind was like TE is. Some rain and


drizzle making its way slowly from west to east. It will be damp and


dull at times. Over the weekend, Shelley rain to start with but


brightening up and it looks like Sunday should be a pretty nice day.


Tomorrow night we'll have the final part of our legacy series


during which the director of Public Prosecutions


for Northern Ireland Barra McGrory hits back at critics of his decision


to prosecute former soldiers for killings during the troubles.


See you then. Goodnight.


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