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The Director of Public Prosecutions says critics who've accused him


of treating former soldiers unfairly by deciding to prosecute some


for Troubles-related killings have insulted him and his team.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Vincent Kearney asked Barra McGrory


to respond to claims that he's not impartial because as a solicitor


he represented the Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams


Mystified is the mildest way I can put it because anyone


who is informed about these matters would know that as a professional


lawyer you represent anybody who seeks the representation from you.


I have been a professional lawyer for 30 years, during which period


I have represented loyalist paramilitaries, republican


paramilitaries, members of the DUP, members of Sinn Fein,


I have represented a broad cross-section of people.


Who I have represented in the past really has nothing to do with it.


As Director of Public Prosecutions now, do you view that


criticism as an attempt to influence your decision making,


an attempt to put pressure on you not to prosecute former soldiers?


I can't speak for the motivation of people who say such things


but some of them ought to know better.


If they're not trying to influence me, then


they are certainly being personally insulting and questioning


What concerns me more about that is it is insulting


to this office and to lawyers who work here and do their work


daily with absolute integrity, and to the best of their ability.


I am personally offended by the remarks, but I am


more offended on behalf of the individuals who work


for the public presecution service and who do a fantastic job.


I think those making the comments ought to think a bit more


Politicians have been divided on what Mr McGrory said


The DUP leader Arlene Foster said there was a disproportionate


emphasis on the state, while the Ulster Unionist Doug


Beattie, who's a former soldier, said the perception from a large


portion of the community was that investigations


Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly defended Mr McGrory,


saying it was a scurrilous attack and that he was acting


The former Alliance leader David Ford also defended him.


The View will have more on legacy issues shortly -


here's Mark Carruthers with the details.


That's right, Rick - we have Sir Jeffrey Donaldson


and Gerry Kelly in the studio on the day when a senior


legal figure in Northern Ireland has found himself and his office pulled


into one of our most toxic political problems.


A former army officer has said he was a kind of torturer when it


came to interrogating terrorist suspects during the Troubles.


Bob Stewart, who's now an MP, was reacting to remarks by the US


President Donald Trump about the use of water-boarding when questioning


Before entering the world of politics, MP Bob Stewart


The outspoken former army colonel came to prominence


However, it's remarks he made about his time as an officer


serving in Northern Ireland during the Troubles that have


The Conservative MP was speaking on BBC radio earlier today.


There were forbidden techniques introduced in 1977, some of which I


In a way, technically, as you look at it today, I was the


The UK Government authorised the use of five interrogation methods


during the early years of the Troubles, but this


A man who was arrested and claimed he was waterboarded


during questioning spoke to the BBC about it a few years ago.


The water torture, putting a gun against my head and saying if I


didn't admit to killing a soldier they would have shot me dead.


A group known as the hooded men have been challenging the authorities


here over allegations of torture after they were


And that campaign is still going through the legal process.


Campaigners for the victims of the Birmingham pub bombings have


been told their lawyers will be able to apply for legal aid.


The Government has intervened to remove legal barriers which had


stopped their Northern Ireland-based solicitors from


The inquests into the deaths of 21 people who were killed by the IRA


in November 1974 are due to resume later this year.


The man who died on the Westlink yesterday was 69-year-old


His car was the only one involved in the crash.


Three people escaped injury when a pipe bomb


was thrown at a house in Londonderry last night.


The two men and a woman were inside when the device exploded


in the garden of the property at Erne Gardens in the mainly


loyalist Irish Street estate in the Waterside.


Up to forty people were moved to a nearby community centre


while army bomb disposal experts examined the device.


This neighbour described what happened.


The house has got gas in it, whatever he was growing Meadowbank.


The rest of it was lying on the gas main.


We thought the whole thing might have went off


The children were terrorised and scared to come back


My wife is pregnant and I thought there was going to be an early


Boxer Carl Frampton says he's expecting between four and five


thousand local fans travel to Las Vegas for his WBA


title defence against Leo Santa Cruz this weekend.


Following their initial encounter last summer Frampton


was named the prestigious Ring Magazine's Fighter of The Year.


BBC Newsline's Thomas Kane has sent this report from Las Vegas.


Headlining here on the world-famous Las Vegas strip is reserved


for the biggest names in boxing and following his historic victory


over Leo Santa Cruz in July, Karel Frampton joined that elite


Over the next 48 hours, thousands of fanatical fans


will arrive here in Nevada for what could prove to be


a career defining night, not just for the Belfast boxer


Santa Cruz lost his undefeated record and world title


in the previous contest, but the Irish boxer


maintains he learned more from their fight and his ability


Michael Gove he feels the result will be exactly the same. And the


new... If I can beat Leo Santa Cruz,


that's even more impressive How much of a bearing will the first


fight have on this one? I think it will have a lot.


Psychologically, I already have the edge.


When I fight different opponents the second time I always improve.


I believe I'm better at boxing than Leo Santa Cruz


I believe I will win more convincingly.


We will have all the big fight build-up on tomorrow's programme


as the countdown continues to Frampton against Leo


You can listen live on Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Five Live.


There was quite a drop in the temperature today -


Here's Cecilia with all the weather details for the days ahead.


Still pretty cold out there. It will stay dry for much of the night. The


chilly wind will ease a little bit, but will be strong enough to keep


the frost away. Rain threatening parts of the West. That will come


eastwards during tomorrow. At the same time, it will not feel as cold


because that chilly wind will ease away. Dry weather tomorrow morning,


particularly across eastern counties. The rain does not reach


Belfast until about lunchtime. There is the rain gradually moving from


the West, to the Irish Midlands and towards Wicklow. It is reaching


Belfast about lunchtime, getting into some western parts of Britain


later in the day. For many parts of Britain it will be a dry, bright


day, not as bitter as today. It will not be as cold in Northern Ireland


as tomorrow afternoon. The rain is very slowly clearing away from


Belfast and the East Coast. It is drying up in the West, with some


brightness to end the day. Saturday, a bright and breezy day. Sunshine


and dry weather. There will be a scattering of showers. Some of them


could be quite sharp. Sunday starts dry with some sunshine. A good chunk


of the day could stay dry. Eventually we are expecting it to


cloud up with some rain. Unite that is it for now, the next BBC Newsline


is at 6:25am. You can also keep updated


with news online. There's a reason why your drink


tastes better today, why you're noticing


the subtle botanicals,


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