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The police have confirmed they're carrying out an investigation


into allegations relating to a nursing home in County Armagh


Glenview care home in Portadown agreed to close after


the latest in a series of critical inspection reports.


Here's our south east reporter Gordon Adair.


The problems here at Glenview date back some two and a half years to


September 2014 when an initial inspection was carried out that


The home undertook to correct those issues


but it led to a series of follow-up inspections and in 2016 to failure


but it led to a series of follow-up inspections and in 2016 two failure


Yesterday another inspection was carried out as the owner


applied for cancellation of its registration.


The home currently has around 20 residents, who will now


come under the care of the local health trust.


Today the police told the BBC that allegations were being


investigated by the Public Protection Branch and


workers from the public health and social care trust.


They did not give any details of the allegations but


said the safeguarding of vulnerable victim was a priority for the PSNI.


DUP Leader, Arlene Foster, says the forthcoming Assembly


election might be the most important poll since the 1998


In an interview for the BBC Radio Ulster Inside Politics programme


she said the election was not a referendum on the RHI scheme.


She also said her former adviser Dr Andrew Crawford will be cleared


by the judicial inquiry due to get underway in the coming days.


Here's our Political Correspondent Stephen Walker.


The election campaign is now under way.


In an interview for BBC Radio Ulster, Arlene Foster made it clear


This is a hugely important election, maybe the most important since the


1998 agreement because it will decide the future direction of


You may find that strange given we have election eight


months ago but a lot of issues have arisen in relation to the religion


She claimed her former adviser Doctor Andrew Crawford will be


He resigned after civil servant Andrew McCormick said he thought


Doctor Crawford was the special adviser who used his influence


to delay the introduction of excessively high tariffs.


When Dr Crawford resigned, he insisted he had acted


Today Sinn Fein accused Arlene Foster of prejudging


Arlene Foster is interfering by telling the public


who will be cleared so she is an apparel universe


if she does not realise her standing is not that high.


Questions about the RHI scheme remain unanswered.


Who knew what and when and what decisions were taken?


The inquiry begins its work next week but there will be no public


hearings until after the Assembly election.


And to some, that timetable places voters in a quandary.


Now people are being asked to cast their judgment


on the government that brought us does the Baikal under


secrecy culture around it but at the moment we just have spin,


not facts in the public domain because of the delay of those


two parties in agreeing to a public inquiry.


Arlene Foster says that election is not a referendum on the


handling of the RHI scheme but her opponents disagree.


The voters will have to decide without the full facts


but they will look at the facts that this is seven weeks on


and the drip of something possibly corrupt will be a factor


And others say the poll in March will be about the


performance of Sinn Fein and the DUP.


This election is a referendum of conference in government, which


include the inability of the Executive to produce a budget


and deal with issues like RHI and many others.


This election may not be a referendum on the RHI scheme


but the subject featured today at this DUP photocall.


Companies with RHI boilers have been told they can go ahead with a court


action aimed at stopping the publication of their names.


It's not clear how many will continue to benefit


from today's temporary court injunction which prevents


About 450 firms are covered in the action taken


But it's believed there could be about 1700 firms in total


The Northern Ireland Environment Agency is investigating a diesel


spill after a boat sank in Portaferry harbour.


The Regina Caelis had up to 1000 litres of diesel onboard.


The Exploris Aquarium at Portaferry and a marine laboratory attached


to Queen's University nearby have both closed their sea intakes


If you were going to have a pollutant, diesel is the least


offensive. It breaks down and evaporates with the action of the


sea and the waves. It floats on the surface, so it doesn't get into the


water. We are not overly concerned at the moment, this isn't a major


disaster. The excitement is building


in Las Vegas ahead of tomorrow night's WBA world featherweight


fight between the reigning champion Northern Ireland's Wayne McCullough


is backing Carl to win the rematch. He's been talking to our


reporter Thomas Kane. In the next half an hour, Carl


Frampton will weigh in and thousands of supporters have turned up to see


him. Withers is the former champion, Wayne McCullough. Describe the


atmosphere back home? The fans never let us down. It will be a great


night tomorrow night. How will it go in the ring? I think Carl will beat


his opponent easily this time. What will it do for his career should he


beat him once again? If you are going to fill arenas in America, it


would be great for his future. How big an impact will be supporters


have, around 5000 are expected to travel across? It is great, the fans


really push you along. To have them behind you is a great thing. Thank


you very much, it is a electric inside the MGM, a brilliant


atmosphere. You can listen to the fight live on radio Ulster and Radio


five Live tomorrow night. Another rematch closer to home sees


Bank of Ireland McKenna Cup holders Tyrone take on Derry tomorrow under


lights in Newry. Last year it took extra time


for Mickey Harte's men to edge out their neighbours,


and the Tyrone manager is expecting The sound bites coming out


of their camp are that there are a lot of people there who have


decided to stay and give their lot with Gerry and maybe


there are some people gone that they would


have used that they want the people


there to be committed and they seem to be committed to the Jersey


and that is the most difficult thing to beat,


not a name for someone with a record that people who work wearing


the jersey and want to fight for it and we hope we have people


of the same opinion and that should We have got some long-awaited


sunshine for part of the weekend. Tonight will be chilly and there is


a risk of ice in places because there will be showers around. Clear


skies to in between the showers and temperatures could drop close to


freezing. Maybe some fog patches around on Saturday morning. It will


start chilly. It should be a dry and bright start in many places. Early


morning showers confined to Donegal and the north-west. Otherwise


brightening up with sunshine. If you are travelling this weekend, dull


and damp across Scotland, northern England into the Midlands and


towards London. Brightening up the across Wales Southwest London. It


should be a lovely day with sunshine and not too windy. Dry and bright


across Northern Ireland in many places. There will be a few showers


in the north-west but later they would trundle down towards Belfast


and the south-east. Chilly on Saturday night. On Sunday, this


weather system will give us a few headaches. Becomes so far south


across the Republic of Ireland and then slides east. It will impact how


much rain we get on Sunday. The further north you are, the more


chance you have of staying dry with brightness. Further south, will be


cloudy and it will be thick enough to bring rain at times. It looks as


though most of the heavy rain will stay to the south. Unsettled for the


beginning of next week, but also milder.


Our next television news is at 5.20pm tomorrow


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