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The former Health Minister Jim Wells says four members of his family,


including his brother, have installed


the controversial green energy boilers.


The DUP MLA says he only found out about their involvement


in the scheme yesterday and that he has no financial


The latest revelation comes ahead of the publication of the names of


businesses who installed the wood-burning boiler is under the


floors RHI scheme. A regional breakdown showed the main clusters


of recipients are close to the chicken processing plant in


Ballymena and Dungannon. Four relatives were involved in the


scheme. My brother has one boiler and three cousins between them have


eight borrowers. They all rear chickens for one of the largest


companies in Northern Ireland and they installed these as part of the


scheme. How did you come to find that out? My brother told me


yesterday. Mr Wells says he has made no personal gain from RHI and has no


involvement in his brother or cousins' businesses. Two days ago


the DUP special adviser Andrew Crawford resigned. His decision to


quit came a day after he was named by a senior civil servant as the


adviser he believed had influenced the decision to keep the scheme


open. Doctor Crawford denies this and says he acted with complete


integrity. Another DUP special adviser has stepped aside from


having any future involvement in the RHI scheme after failing to declare


a family link. John Robinson, who is an adviser to Simon Hamilton in the


Department of the economy, said he didn't have any family links to the


scheme. Only to reveal that his father-in-law is receiving payments


for two RHI boilers. The releasing of the names by the Department of


the economy on Wednesday will be one of the last act before Stormont goes


into recess ahead of the assembly elections on March the 2nd.


The police investigating the murder of a woman in Lurgan yesterday


have been given extra time to question a 51-year-old man.


The body of Anita Downey was found in a house in the Toberhewney Hall


area in the early hours of yesterday morning.


The Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has told a conference in Dublin


that taking Northern Ireland out of the EU will destroy


Several hundred people have attended a Women's March


in Belfast to protest against Donald Trump's presidency.


Hundreds of thousands around the world have


attended similar events following yesterday's inauguration.


Women's groups were joined outside the city hall


by people supporting gay rights, immigrants


Organisers of today's rally said they were overwhelmed by the number


On-street parking charges in parts of Belfast,


Newry and Lisburn city centres are set to rise next month.


Motorists will have to pay an extra 20p an hour to park


The Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard says the cost has not kept


For many, going to work or popping into town just got more expensive.


Prices here in the city centre will soon rise to ?1.40 an hour while


some street on the edge of this city will see a 50% rise to ?1.20. In


this burn, it will soon be 80p an hour and a newly, 60p. The only


winners in this regard are going to be the big out-of-town shopping


centres who have free car parking which is already an unfair


competitive advantage on town centres. We should be reducing car


park charges, not hiking them. Chris Hazzard says the increases are the


minimum possible, but not everyone's impressed. The roads haven't got any


better, there hasn't been an increase in parking spaces. If this


is an incentive, I'm shocked. If you want to park in the city centre,


you've got to be prepared to pay it. The increase in charges will be


introduced in less than one month. Rugby now and Ulster's European


Champions Cup campaign ended with a whimper at home to Bordeaux


in Belfast this afternoon. Les Kiss's men, who went


into their final pool five game knowing they couldn't qualify


for the knock out stages fell behind Darren Cave did run


in this second half try, The final score Ulster


22, Bordeaux 26. having lost nine of their last


13 games in all competitions. Hello there. If you're heading out


tonight, you probably will want to keep the big cult handy. It's a


chilly one and for a while, temperatures are likely to fall


several degrees below freezing. As we make our way through tonight, we


are likely to see more clouds coming in from the south. That will help


lift temperatures that by tomorrow morning but it will be a chilly


start to Sunday possibly with pockets of mist and fog out there


and certainly a frost in some spots as well. Overall, we hold onto high


pressure just keeping the weather is nice and settled. There will be more


clouds around on Sunday then there was today, but it will break at


times. There will be some sunny gaps. Southerly winds will stay late


and over all, a dry picture. If you are travelling across the island


tomorrow, we are likely to see some wet weather breaking out across


western counties. Further east, likely to stay dry with sunny gaps.


Temperatures best the further south you are and cooler towards the


north. Looking at four or 5 degrees there. In any sunshine, feeling not


too bad. We only have light winds. Tomorrow evening, it will turn


chilly quite quickly again with some file, maybe frost around on Monday


morning but it is going to be another settled day. There will be a


lot of clout, some sunshine trying to come through as well and overall,


a dry picture but we may see some damp weather breaking out in parts


of the West. If you are enjoying the recent spell of settled weather,


good news as we look ahead right through until Wednesday, there is no


great change in focus. BBC Newsline will be


back tomorrow at 6:20pm. From everyone on the BBC


Newsline team, goodbye.


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