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A 51-year-old man's been charged with the murder of a woman


Anita Downey's body was found in a house


The police are appealing for help in finding her mobile phone.


The man's expected to appear in court tomorrow.


A former senior European Commission official has warned that controls


at the border will have to return if the UK leaves the Customs Union.


Last week the Prime Minister said Brexit will mean leaving the union,


though she will seek to negotiate a new customs deal with the EU.


Michael Lux, who ran the European Customs Procedures unit,


told the BBC's Inside Business programme that a system of red


and green lanes could be introduced as a form of customs control


Here's our Economics and Business Editor John Campbell.


Thousands of vehicles cross border every day without any customs


checks. That's because the UK and Ireland are members of the European


customs union. But the Prime Minister says we are coming out of


this union, that's because its members aren't free to do their own


trade deals. Theresa May says will be no return to the Borders of the


past and that a new arrangement will be negotiated. I do want us to have


a customs agreement with the EU. Whether that means we must reach a


completely new customs agreement, become an


associate member of the customs union in some way remain a signatory


to some elements of it, I hold no preconceived position. Buddy former


head of customs procedures that the European Commission says there will


have to be changes. He suggested could be a system like the one that


operates on border routes between Murray and Sweden. There will be


Irish customs officials associates on the other side. If you have good


to declare, you go to the red channel and customs will deal with


you. If you go through the green channel, you can pass through


freely. There is no certainty that this is the sort of arrangement we


will end up with, but Brexit does mean that change is coming.


The Government has said that comments made yesterday by


the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams that Brexit will destroy


the Good Friday Agreement are totally without any basis.


A spokesperson said the provisions set


out in the Agreement are not undermined by the decision to leave


the EU and that there would be no return to the borders of the past.


The Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir is to meet political


parties tomorrow to discuss the public inquiry into


He says he wants it to be a no hiding place inquiry


and that the meetings will be an opportunity to discuss


Mr O Muilleoir plans to make a statement


A man, a woman and a child have been treated for smoke inhalation


after a fire caused substantial damage to their home in Coleraine.


It started at the oil tank before spreading to the property


on the Ballycastle Road in the early hours of this morning.


A look now at a series we'll have this week on BBC Newsline.


How to deal with the legacy of the Troubles is one of the most


controversial issues on the political agenda


and will be a key issue in the election campaign.


This week, our home affairs correspondent Vincent Kearney


reports on the debate about whether former soldiers


who killed people when they served in Northern Ireland should


Members of the regular British Army killed 302 people during the


Troubles. Just over half were civilians. This week on BBC Newsline


I will have a series of special reports on the debate went dot-mac


around whether those should be be investigated and former soldiers


investigated and former soldiers prosecuted.


You can see more on that on BBC Newsline this week


Hundreds of people gathered in Belfast earlier to mark the start


Performances at the Ulster Hall included martial


2017 is the Year of the Rooster, which organisers of today's event


GAA now and in this afternoon's McKenna Cup semi finals Derry beat


Monaghan by two points while defending champions Tyrone saw


Mark Sidebottom watched the holders win in Clones.


The weather was kind, the crowd was ample and four January, the football


was at times impressive. Particular the opening point from Eddie


Courtney. Toronto breath and then drew level. McKenna landed a beauty


from distance as he attacked down the right flank. Ahead by three at


the break, the ultra-lively Darren McCurry dished Tyrone further info.


Then came a surge. Aidan Breen and his effort collector fine the fans


and green. Prompting a repeat from the holders. Corona advanced, Gary


Waite in next Saturday's final. Corona advanced, Gary Waite


in next Saturday's final. In ice hockey Belfast Giants remain


one point behind Elite League leaders Cardiff after


hammering Dundee Stars 6-0 It was their second win


of the weekend after beating the Nottingham Panthers


on Friday night. It was chilly today,


lets get the weather Hello there. At a cold day, is going


to be another very chilly night. Once again, we can expect subzero


temperatures. A widespread frost and pockets of fog forming by tomorrow


morning, which could the some problems during rush hour. Monday


will be much like today. I pressure dominating, going nowhere fast.


Tomorrow will see lots of settled conditions. Fog may take a while to


clear, eventually it will do so under will be good amounts of


sunshine and the winds will be late. The good news is, if you're


travelling tomorrow, it matter whether you're in Ireland Britain, I


pressure dominates us all. Good amounts of sunshine as well, with


light winds. Most of us. Go to get up into the mid single figures. If


your boss will be lucky to hit nine or 10 degrees towards the south


coast of Ireland. For us at best, we're looking at 67 degrees, the


winds will stay late. Cloud coming in from the Atlantic and some rain.


Most of which could clear by Tuesday morning. Close picking up during the


day on Tuesday, perhaps giving a few spots of light rain across western


counties. The steering areas that better. A mild day for as all. The


good news is that as high pressure clings on, we have a good deal of


dry weather and settled conditions in the forecast.


Our next BBC Newsline bulletin is at 10:20pm tonight.


Until then, you can keep up to date with local news on BBC Radio Ulster


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