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A police officer has been shot in North Belfast this evening.


There's been widespread condemnation of the attack,


which the Secretary of State has described as sickening.


It's understood a number of shots fired from a car.


The attack happened at this filling station at around half past seven


this evening, the injured officer recovering in hospital where he is


said to be in a stable condition. This nearby resident saw what


happened but doesn't want to appear on camera. We were just coming along


the Taiwan macro Road, shots heard, but we didn't know it was shots, we


thought it was fireworks but we heard it was consistent so we knew


something was wrong. Police use this filling station quite often. Locals


who heard the shots came out to find out what happened here. They say


they are angry at the attack and that it should never have happened


in their community. There have been a number of policeman murdered, we


could have had members of the general public shopping, and we are


in a built-up area which we too have seen carnage in. Parts of the road


is expended to be shut off till tomorrow asked police investigate


what happened. A 51-year-old man's been charged


with the murder of a woman Anita Downey's body


was found in a house The police are appealing for help


in finding her mobile phone. A former senior European Commission


official has warned that controls at the border will have to return


if the UK leaves the Customs Union. Michael Lux says that a system


of "red and green lanes" could be introduced as a form of customs


control on border roads. Here's our Economics


and Business Editor John Campbell. Thousands go across the border every


day with out customs checks. That is because the UK and Ireland are


members of the UK elite macro -- EU customs union. Its members aren't


free to do their own trade deals. Theresa May said there will be no


return to the borders of the past and that a new arrangement will be


negotiated. I do want us to have a customs agreement with the EU.


Whether that means we must reach a completely new customs agreement,


become an associate member of the customs union in some way or remain


a signatory to some elements of it I hold no preconceived position. But a


former head of customs sieges at the European Commission save there will


have to be changes. He suggests we could see a system like the one


operating on border roads between Norway and Sweden. There will be


Irish customs official is, and UK customs officers, so if you have


goods to declare you go to the red channel and then customs will deal


with you, if you go through the green channel you can pass through


freely. There is no certainty that this is the sort of arrangement we


will end up with, but Brexit does mean that change is coming.


GAA, and in the McKenna Cup semi finals


while defending champions Tyrone saw off Fermanagh by three.


Mark Sidebottom reports from Clones.


The weather was kind, the ground ample and four January the football


was at times impressive, in particular Fermanagh's opening count


from Eddie Courtney. Clones drew breath and then drew level. Attacks


down the right flank. Ahead by three, at the break, the


ultra-lively Darien McCurry, pushed to row in front. Then came a


Fermanagh surge. Aidan Breen's effort led by the fans. It prompted


a rebuke from the home volley-macro holders. Drone advance, are Derry


stay still. Let's get the forecast


now, here's Barra. Hello, a story this weekend has been


settled and it is set to stay that way for the next few days. That is


thanks to high pressure dominating our current weather system. Denied


it is already turning quite chilly out there, subzero temperatures


across the board. We will see -2 or three degrees in some places so a


widespread frost can be expected and also some pockets of fog, some of


that fog especially in western counties could cause problems on the


roads first thing tomorrow, something you bear in mind perhaps


if you are travelling a thing. Otherwise tomorrow, high pressure


stays in control, and we can expect a largely settled today. So, to


begin with yes, there will be a good amount of frost out there to watch


out for and also some fog which may be slow decay in some places but


eventually it will do so, and overall a calm start. Sunshine will


burn through as well. The good news is if you are travelling tomorrow,


right across Britain and Ireland with that high pressure dominating


us all it's a fine day, plenty of drying weather around there, some


good amount of sunshine. Some will struggle, though, to get into the


mid single figures especially in the northern half of Britain, and across


the Northern Ireland here, nine or 10 degrees. -- the south of Ireland.


Not a bad day to be outdoors. The good news for us, temperatures


reached six or 7 degrees, maybe eight especially across eastern


counties where we get some prolonged spells of sunshine and right through


the baby winds will stay nice and light. A bit of a change coming


tomorrow evening, cloud thickening up and you can see the rain coming


in behind me. It moves in during Monday evening and overnight for a


while on Tuesday that most of that should have gone by two used a


morning. Tuesday I mild day but cloud begins later, expecting some


damp weather to reach Western counties. It shouldn't be very much.


Eastern counties, sunny gaps in the day. Overnight into Wednesday,


Wednesday and Thursday high pressure tries to cling on we can expect a


good deal of dry weather. Of course, stay tuned! Good night.


Our next BBC Newsline bulletin is at 6.25 in the morning.


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From everyone on the BBC Newsline team, good bye.


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