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Transfer test results were delivered to thousands of Primary seven


The GL and the AQE exams are used by almost all of Northern Ireland's


Our Education Correspondent Robbie Meredith was with one County Down


family as they waited for the results this morning.


It has been really tense, so it has. The long wait almost at an end for


and Ferguson in County Down. Did you get much sleep? We did not. I would


be telling you lies. She waited whilst her youngest daughter went to


look for the local postman and then...


Although she is crying they are tears of joy. She got the transfer


test results she wanted and worked for. I've done about 80 papers or


more. What has that been like? Sometimes it has been stressful.


Just really happy with yourself. Abbey was one of 14,491 entrance. A


very slight fall since last year. 6766 pupils sat the assessment test.


She hopes the result will get her into a grammar school like this. It


has been a great day for Abbey and many pupils like her. But this


divides opinion. Even those who supported would like to see a single


exam. The testing organisations have been talking to make that happen but


sources tell me even though no progress has been made there is no


sign of a single test any time soon. There's a been a serious one vehicle


crash in county Armagh. The Castleblayney road


near Keady has been closed. A security alert in Londonderry.


Part of the area was closed after the discovery of a suspicious


object. Several hundred people have taken


part in a protest march in London, against criminal


investigations into the actions The march which went past


Parliament, was organised by a group called Justice for Northern Ireland


Veterans. Yesterday the Lord Chief Justice


denied claims he prioritises Troubles inquests, in which State


forces are being held to account, Sir Declan Morgan said


he wanted to see outcomes Carl Frampton has promised not


to disappoint his fans in his WBA world featherweight title rematch


with Leo Santa Cruz. His weigh-in was watched by hundreds


of fans ahead of his fight BBC Newsline's Thomas Kane has sent


this report from Las Vegas. Both boxers made the weight


comfortably in front of thousands of fanatical fans here. Many of them


are dreaming about a victory. Carl Frampton weighs in the same as his


opponent, ?125 even. How are you feeling? That was an amazing


turnout. I was expecting big numbers but that was huge. It felt like


Belfast here today. It adds five or 10% to my game. I


cannot wait to get going. Give us a prediction. I will win. I believe I


can knock him out and I will. They are expected to enter the ring at


4am home time. You can listen to it live.


Time now for a look at the weather for the rest


Good evening. Parts of Scotland, England and Wales had a mild day.


For Northern Ireland it was chilly but at least it brightened up. We


had showers. They will continue. There will be a few towards the


north-west. It will become largely dry. Tablature is dropping towards


freezing. Some icy patches where we've had the showers. Tomorrow, I


change is on the way. We have some wetter weather moving from the


south. For most of us it will be dry and cold. Some patches of vodka


could linger. The rain will push into the south. It is quite a wet


day for the Republic of Ireland. A bright start in the south-east of


England but it will gradually cloud over. For north-east England it is a


fine and great day. A few showers to the north. Quite cold but towards it


we will see temperatures into double figures. For Northern Ireland,


temperatures will be a degree up but it is a wild and wet afternoon. The


weather is looking a lot more mobile. Acer bars are packing in to


bring windy conditions. It is wet and mild.


BBC Newsline will be back tomorrow at 10 to 7.


You can keep up to date with local news on Radio Ulster or on our local


From everyone on the BBC Newsline team, enjoy the rest


We know you understand the risks associated with your pregnancy.


Because I'm smaller, people think my hopes are not so great.


You know what it's like when help is needed. You just jump in.


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