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The Secretary of State James Brokenshire has repeated his belief


that new inquiries into killings during the Troubles


are "disproportionately" focused on the police and the army.


Writing in the Sunday Telegraph he said it was "clear" that


investigations into around three thousand two hundred


James broken shire became the first secretary of state to attend the


match last night. -- James Brokenshire. Today his focus was on


the troubled past and how it should be dealt with. He says it is clear


the current focus is disproportionately on those who


worked fully state. He added the vast majority of police and Armed


Forces served with great courage and distinction. His comments come after


a week in which the lord Chief Justice and the director of


prosecutions in Northern Ireland denied prioritising troubles in


cases in which the state is being held to account. Just over 300


killings by the army are being reinvestigated. Two former soldiers


are facing prosecution for murder and others could follow. The


Secretary of State's remarks came hours after this March in London


yesterday by ex-soldiers, protesting against investigations into killings


by the Army during the Troubles. The SDLP have described his comments as


troubling, saying there is a need the wishes of victims prevail -- the


needs. Sinn Fein see Mr James Brokenshire is defending the


indefensible. -- say. A man has died following a one car


crash yesterday afternoon in county Armagh on the Castleblaney


road near Keady. A viable pipe bomb's been discovered


in Londonderry following a security Residents of Airheart Park were out


of their homes for much of yesterday while police and army bomb


experts examined the area. Carl Frampton has lost


to Leo Santa Cruz in his defence of his WBA featherweight title


in Las Vegas. The Belfast boxer was narrowly


defeated on a points decision in their rematch in the first loss


of his professional career. BBC Newsline's


Thomas Kane was there. And here is the new... It was


another thrilling contest between these fighters. Frampton was very


gracious in defeat, admitting he felt his opponent deserved the


victory. The focus turned to another immediate rematch, with the Belfast


boxer leaving the bout should take place this summer in his home city.


Obviously I am very disappointed. It was a good fight. I think we have


had 24 runs of each other and they have all been competitive rounds. --


rounds. It is one - all now and if there is any positive out of this,


we have to make it a trilogy. It has to happen again. Leo is it renders


fighter and congratulations to the new champion. -- a tremendous


fighter. I have come to the States twice now and he said he would do it


in Belfast the third time. I hope you is a man of his word. He can


come and stay in my house if he wants and we can get it on for a


third time. Will you be willing to come to Belfast? I am a man of my


word and I know it is going to be inconvenient for me to go to Belfast


but I am a man of my word. I will go up there and fight the fight. I will


speak to my manager and they have to decide and come to an agreement. If


I sit yes now, they are going to make me go over there but. Due to


see that being your next fight? # Do you see that being your next


fight? We will make it a third time and it will be a good fight. This


rivalry has captured the imagination of the boxing world. It trilogy


makes sense for both parties. -- a trilogy.


And at the Dr McKenna cup final Tyrone were the winners,


beating Derry 2-13 to 1-7 in their sixth straight


Colm Cavanagh and Peter Harte grabbed a goal in either half


for Tyrone, with Niall Loughlin finding the net late on for


Tyrone led 1-7 to 0-2 at half-time, then Harte netted


a penalty in the 58th minute after Ronan O'Neill was fouled.


The Red Hands hit 1-6 without reply in the second half,


until Derry's Loughlin hit an injury-time goal,


which wasn't enough to stop Tyrone lifting the cup again.


I think sometimes when you are scoring, it's a different


reflection. We need to be more clinical upfront.


As we go into the new week, more weather coming in from the Atlantic.


Some dry and bright gaps but when they come along, rain and windy at


times. With the wind is coming in from the south, it is not going to


be as cold. A cold one today but already we are going through a


transition. The cloud is moving in. We hold onto that cloud and bits and


pieces of rain affecting many parts as we go through this evening and


into tonight. Mist and Fog as well. Frost three and temperatures of five


Celsius. We start a new week on a cloudy node. Damp weather around.


The breeze will be picking up as well. We will find the drizzle eases


off in the morning. More to come. More rain wishing in through the


Republic of Ireland. Clearing in early fog. Driest across Scotland


and the east of England. The ear is cold. When you get the cloud and


rain moving in, temperatures into double figures. -- the air is cold.


Further rain moving its way in. The temperatures are well up on today.


11 Celsius. As we go through the rest of the week, a band of


slow-moving rain moving through tomorrow night. Tuesday, drier and


brighter. More showery rain to come from midweek onwards and those when


speaking up as well, especially from Thursday. -- wins.


Our next BBC Newsline bulletin is at a quarter


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From everyone on the BBC Newsline team.


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