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Detectives say they believe an AK47 assault rifle used in the attempted


murder of a police officer in north Belfast last week has been used


Officers revisited the scene this evening exactly one


There was a heavy police presence as detectives return to the scene. A


hail of bullets hit this forecourt. The target, a community police


officer doing his job. He was injured and remains in a stable


condition. Several cars were also hit. The attack was claimed by the


Republican group known as the new IRA. A week on, detectives have


released more information about the car and can't be believed were used.


We know it involved an AK-47 type weapon and again, these weapons are


for mass killing. It was right across this road. We know this


weapon has history in Belfast by this group and was previously used.


It was an attempt to jog the memory is of anybody who may have seen it


last week. Police believe it was used as a getaway vehicle before


being found in west Belfast. Detectives are not interested in the


movements of the west and north Belfast -- are interested. Three men


arrested in connection with the incident have all been unreleased


unconditionally. The Secretary of State James


Brokenshire has repeated his belief during the Troubles


are "disproportionately" focused Writing in the Sunday Telegraph


he said it was "clear" that investigations into more than 3,500


deaths were "not working". Responding to those comments,


the Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said Mr Brokenshire


was defending the indefensible. The SDLP's Alex Attwood described


the remarks as false claims and said The Alliance MLA, David Ford said


Mr Brokenshire's comments "come perilously close to interfering


in the rule of law". Meanwhile the DUP MP


Jeffrey Donaldson has welcomed the secretary of state's comments,


calling the current system a "one sided process".The UUP MP


Danny Kinahan said he was pleased Mr Brokenshire had acknowledged


what he described as an imbalance in the way British soldiers


are being treated. Carl Frampton has lost


to Leo Santa Cruz in his defence of his WBA featherweight title


in Las Vegas. The Belfast boxer was narrowly


defeated on a points decision in the rematch in the first loss


of his professional career. BBC Newsline's Thomas


Kane was there. It was another thrilling contest


between these two top-class fighters. Frampton was very graces


in defeat and he felt his opponent deserved the victory. The focus


turned to another immediate rematch with the Belfast boxer believing it


should take place in his own home city. Obviously, I am very


disappointed. It was a good fight. I think we have had 24 rounds of each


other and they have been competitive rounds. It is one all now. If we


look at any sort of positive out of this, we have to make it a trilogy.


It has to happen again. Leo is a tremendous fighter. Congratulations


to the new champion. Hopefully we can do it again. I've come to the


States twice now and Leo said he would do it in Belfast the third


time. I hope he is a man of his word. You can come and stay at my


house if he wants and we can get it on for a third time. Would you be


willing to come to Belfast? I am a man of my word. It is going to be


inconvenient for me to go to Belfast but I am a man of my word. If it was


up to me, I would go up there. It is not just up to me, it is up to my


promoter and manager. This featherweight rivalry has captured


the imagination of the boxing world. It trilogy make sense for both


parties, as Frampton aims to win back his title.


As we go into the new week, more mobile weather coming off the


Atlantic. Some dry and bright gaps in between the weather systems. When


they come along, spells of rain and windy at times. With the wind is


coming in from the self, it is not going to be as cold. A cold one


today but we are going through a transition. Cloud has been moving


end but hold onto that cloud. Drizzle affecting many parts as we


go through this evening and tonight. As a result, it will be frost free.


Temperatures of five Celsius. We start a new week on a cloudy zero.


That weather around, the bees will boot picking up as well not to...


More rain pushing in across the south. Brightest and drive across


Scotland and the east of England. -- driest. When you get the cloud and


rain moving in, those temperatures up to double figures. Back to


Northern Ireland. In the afternoon, we have the breeze picking up as


well and batches of rain and drizzle moving its way in. Temperatures of


11 Celsius. As we go through the rest of the week, we have a band of


slow moving rain moving through tomorrow night. Tuesday, a little


bit dry and brighter. More showery rain coming from midweek on words.


Those winds picking up especially on Thursday.


Our next BBC Newsline bulletin is at twenty five


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