11/02/2017 BBC Newsline


Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The DUP leader Arlene Foster has chosen a column in today's


Irish News to "reach out to nationalists."


She said the perception by some that she is hostile to the feelings


of nationalists and republicans couldn't be further from the truth.


Arlene Foster says here that she wants to build


a new spirit of co-operation with all the parties at Stormont.


She writes that she isn't opposed to the Irish language


but that she is against potentially costly proposals which would see


the Irish language being treated as the same as English.


Mrs Foster's comments were cautiously welcomed


who was out electioneering in West Belfast.


I notice there is no mention whatsoever of the issue which caused


this election, the Shoebridge course this election was the scandal which


followed, and all that followed from it. The DUP appeared to be in denial


over that. I welcome that, but what the people need is action.


ahead of the election in a few weeks' time.


Voters will know more about them, when all


There's been a serious road crash on the Hillhead Road near


There are diversions in place near to the junction


A man has been charged with possession of a class A drug


with intent to supply, after police seized cocaine valued


The 39-year-old was also charged with possessing criminal


He's due to appear at Newry Magistrates' Court on Monday.


Hundreds of runners dressed in red for a special event


at Stormont Estate this morning, to raise awareness of heart disease.


It's the biggest killer of women in Northern Ireland,


and many of today's runners have experienced the disease first-hand,


Five years ago today, I had a dissection of the left main coronary


artery as a result of having a heart attack, at the Royal Free Hospital


at the age of 39. I have learned to change my diet and I exercise more.


I tell my friends about exercising and healthy diet. I no longer smoke.


I was a smoker. And Ireland have scored the first


bonus point of the Six Nations during this afternoon's match


against Italy in Rome. Paddy Jackson passed the ball


wide for Keith Earls Jackson added to the score


with this conversion. CJ Stander then powered-over for try


number two, which was again Keith Earls went over the line again


to help Ireland to a thumping lead. And with only a few minutes


to go in the match, Ulster returned to winning ways


by beating Edinburgh 24 points to 18 Paul Marshall burst


across the line from close range Centre Darren Cave


ran in the second. And Ulster had the bonus point


in the bag before half time, when Jacob Stockdale put


the finishing touches A 5-point win, I will take that any


day. We probably left it to close in terms of the scoreline, Republic


should have had another try. To tell you the truth, it was two soft tries


we got them. It is important to get the win and a bonus point, it puts


us back up the ladder. We have a job next week. So if we put that


second-half together next week, we won't be in the game, so we have to


improve on the things we need to. Slaughtneil have booked a place in


the All Ireland Club Football final on Saint Patrick's Day


for the second time in three years. The Derry side beat St Vincent's


from Dublin by two points Centre-half back Chrissy McKaigue


helped his team to victory with four The Ulster champions


follow their club camogie team The result, St Vincent's 10


points, Slaughtneil 12. Now, here's Angie Phillips


with the weather forecast Good evening, the overriding feature


this weekend is the cold air, accentuated by the breeze picking up


today. It will remain breezy even windy


around the coast into tonight. A few showers drifting in on that


easterly breeze, some quite wintry. Quite a few places avoiding them. A


lot of dry weather through the night. Variable amounts of Cloud,


some clear spells, and temperatures will get close to freezing. With


Frost later. Lowest temperatures in clear spells. Generally, a lot of


cloud tomorrow, a lot of dry weather. Again, that cold easterly


breeze. Wintry showers through the morning but many parts dry. The


Republic of Ireland will have a few more showers particularly in the


east. Wintry showers pushing into eastern Scotland, northern England,


another 15 centimetres over parts of the Pennines which could be


disruptive. Some sleet and snow showers pushing into East Wales.


Drier towards the south and south-east but that easterly wind is


the main feature for all parts. Temperatures, single figures,


feeling much colder. This is Northern Ireland tomorrow


morning, mainly dry, a lot of cloud, highs of 5 degrees, called it in the


breeze. Some rain starting wintry pushing in into the evening


particularly over the hills. Monday, and Tuesday, the isobars are closely


packed together. Until Wednesday when the winds eased down and


temperatures get into double figures. Until then, cold, apart


from the odd shower, mainly dry. That's it from us until


5.50pm tomorrow evening.