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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The woman who died following a two vehicle crash near Castledawson


in Count Londonderry was 74-year-old Alice Smylie from


The crash happened on the Hillhead Road near its junction


Three men were taken to hospital for treatment


but their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.


Police have appealed for witnesses to contact them.


Police have cordoned off an area in a Lurgan housing estate


after a suspicious object was found there.


Members of the public were asked to avoid the Allenhill Park area


A number of houses were evacuated, and other residents were told


Police in east Belfast say a crowd of more than 100 teenagers


were gathered at a local park drinking alcohol last night.


The PSNI also found evidence of illegal drug usage,


It was in this play part in east Belfast where teenagers aged between


14 and 17 are gathered around 8pm yesterday evening. Police say a


large amount of alcohol was found and there was evidence of illegal


drugs misuse. The PSNI also say that the young people were not just from


Belfast, but had come from further afield. Some parents and dog walkers


are using the park today were concerned about what's been going


on. We have got three young children so it's not great because we use the


spark for our dogs, it is a family park and there are bottles and glass


and various other things left, it's not great for the safety of the


kids. It is scary of those of us who are parents bringing our children


are slightly older kids wanting to play. Some of our older children,


ten, 11, come here sometimes on their own under way home from


school, you would be worried about what they find. I would be more


concerned if there was broken glass left behind if she falls and hurt


herself and causes serious damage. Posting on the PSNI please pick --


Wiesberger page, they have asked parents to be vigilant about the


whereabouts of their children. -- Facebook page.


The Ulster Unionist leader, Mike Nesbitt says he will be giving


an SDLP candidate his vote after voting for his own


But speaking on Sunday Politics, Mr Nesbitt didn't say he was calling


on other Ulster Unionist voters to follow his example.


I think I understand Ulster Unionist Party 's and they don't like being


told what to do. They don't like vote management where it's a


situation where we wanted to vote for this Ulster Unionist Party


Stanley other Ulster Unionist Party and because we have got to vote


management plan in operation. It is quite difficult.


While the SDLP leader Colum Eastwood, wouldn't be drawn


on whether he would give an Ulster Unionist candidate his


personal high preference vote, he did say that both parties


We are all different and we have different perspectives and ideas. I


want to see a united Ireland but Mike Nesbitt doesn't. The system


means we have to work together as either vote for something and people


who can work together you vote for people who have proven time and time


again they can't even when they do they don't deliver.


And you can see those interviews in full on the Sunday Politics


It's one of the biggest nights in the entertainment calendar -


the BAFTAs are taking place in London this evening.


One of the five nominations for Best Short Film is The Party


by Northern Ireland writer and actor Conor MacNeill.


Set in the 1970s, it tells the story of a young man on the run


coming back to Belfast for his friend's going-away party.


One of the cast is Christopher Grant.


It is incredible to have been involved in something, basically two


years ago now, and to have seen it go all of the world in the film


festival and to be recognised in such a fantastic way.


Rugby now and Ireland lie in second place in the Six Nations table


after recording a convincing nine-try 63-10 victory


Nial Foster was there for BBC Newsline.


After a false start in Scotland last week, it was a much different


Ireland side here. They scored four tries in their first have to secure


a bonus point in a game that the Bost from start to finish. Ireland


set the tone early. They grabbed two tries each in the opening 35


minutes. The latter touching down with an historic try which secured


the first ever for a try bonus point recorded at the six Nations. Ireland


where clinical when in possession as the dissected the Italian defence


with ease. The man of the mat stormed through early in the second


half to seal his hat-trick. He wasn't the only Irishman to cross


the white washed three times. -- man of the match. But the score of the


second period when two Garry Ringrose who ghosted his way through


the Italian tacklers to help Joe reach cloud nine. Ireland leave with


five points and confidence going into the next fixture at home


against France in two weeks' time. In GAA, it's been a disappointing


weekend for Ulster teams in the Allianz Football League


with just one win. Donegal had a one point victory over


Roscommon in division one. And in other games, there were draws


for Monaghan against Cavan and last night Tyrone drew with All Ireland


champions Dublin in Croke Park. In Hurling, Antrim beat London


but Armagh lost to Kildare. Now let's get a look the weather


forecast for the next few days, Hello, good evening. The cold


weather has been accentuated by the brisk north easterly wind. Things


are getting a bit less cold as we go into the new week. While we still


have those winds, it will continue to feel chilly until the winds eased


down midweek. Some rain, showers on Wednesday. Still not a lot of rain.


A bit damp in places this ceiling, a wintry feature, rain, sleet, hill


snow. Ord icy patches as well. It changes overnight as that moves away


toward the north, things dry up overnight. Less cold air coming in


behind so temperatures are rising to the morning but it will feel cold in


that wind. For tomorrow, bright and breezy start, we still have a chilly


wind and it will start out quite cloudy first thing before the cloud


starts to break up. More sunshine for the Republic of Ireland, also in


England and Wales. A fair amount of cloud, showers are eastern Scotland


and where we have had snow over the Pennines, the error becomes a little


bit less cold we get mist and fog forming. A keen on south-easterly


breeze continuing to make it cold. Better temperatures, seven or 8


degrees, sunshine but that wind continuing to make it feel colder.


Still breezy on Tuesday, rain moving in later on the day. Heavy showers


on Wednesday but not for all of us. A lot of dry weather and those


temperatures heading up into double figures.


That's the local news news so far this evening.


Our next bulletin is at the later time of 11:20.


From everyone on the BBC Newsline team, enjoy your evening.