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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, says the Irish Government will hold


a referendum to allow Irish citizens living outside the state -


including in Northern Ireland - the right to vote in Irish


In a speech in Philadelphia, he said the decision,


taken at a cabinet meeting last week, was a clear recognition


of the importance that Ireland attached to her citizens


The move was recommended by a Constitutional Convention in 2013.


A man's been charged with manslaughter in connection


with the death of a man in Lurgan last Thursday.


29-year-old Paul Gerard Curran was found dead inside


Another man and a woman who were arrested have been released.


The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis,


has promised that ensuring a frictionless Irish border is one


of his top priorities in reaching a deal with the European Union.


It's thought that Prime Minister Theresa May could trigger Article 50


Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One, David Davies said


the Government was working to maintain an invisible border.


We have talked to the Irish government about it.


The first foreign trip I made was to Dublin.


Indeed Michel Barnier had a part in the peace process.


They are determined in their mind that this will not go wrong.


That's the combination of determination that exists here.


However, the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams insists there will be


a hard border without action by the Government.


He said his party would continue to push for special status


With Brexit we are going to see a hard economic border,


the frontier between the European state and British state


is going to be on the end of Ireland and that is why we have argued


for a special designated status for the north that doesn't impinge


upon the constitutional position but does guarantee we will not


have the type of misery that's going to be inflicted


on our farming, on our dairy farmers, on our agri-food industry


Arlene Foster says she has never thought about resigning


as DUP leader following the Assembly election.


Since the election, Mrs Foster has declined to be


interviewed by the BBC, and speaking to Sky News


she insisted the result had not been disastrous for her party.


She acknowledged it had been a wake up call for unionism but said that


Sinn Fein can not dictate who the DUP should nominate


into the territory where we are telling each other who to select,


we want to of course say to Sinn Fein we think


you should select X, Y and Z instead of A,


They can't tell us who to select as our nominees and likewise


The Secretary of State, James Brokenshire, has cancelled


a trip to Washington for St Patrick's Day


in order to concentrate on the talks at Stormont.


Mr Brokenshire was due to fly out on Wednesday


But there are now just two weeks to a deadline to get agreement


A barman is in a serious condition in hospital after he was assaulted


The man, who was working in the Royal Oak bar


in Green Street, suffered serious head injuries after he was attacked


by a number of people just after half past nine.


Three men aged 36, 52 and 50 have been arrested.


Police are appealing for information.


Must have been shocking and my thoughts are with the individual who


was assaulted because police described it as Britain and there


were serious head injuries and it is very telling from a member of staff


and the family. Sport, and Jonathan Rea remains


on course for a third World Superbike championship winning


both races at the latest The Northern Ireland rider


won the opening race And despite starting race two


on the third row of the grid, Rea steered his Kawasaki


through to take the chequered flag. He has now registered four


consecutive wins in the first two rounds of the championship


which he leads by 30 points. In gaelic football, Tyrone have


beaten Cavan to go top of Division One in


the Allianz League. The match ended Tyrone 19 points,


Cavan a goal and 9 points. Rugby, and Ulster moved into fourth


place and a play-off spot in the Pro12, after a 68 points


to 21 win over bottom The home side notched up ten


tries, two of them scored It was Ulster's biggest ever


points total in a match, Now just time for a look


at the weather prospects. Yesterday was the warmest day of the


year so far, 16 degrees at the Giants Causeway and I know it wasn't


like that every especially across Belfast but today has been recently


mailed especially out of the breeze. It will stay fine and clear at this


side of midnight but could get quite chilly over parts of County Durham


temptress talking to two or three degrees and cloud increases to bring


some drizzle from the west but a lot will have gone by the end of the


night. Early Douglas tomorrow will disappear quite quickly, much of


Monday will be dry and mild and you should get away without needing an


umbrella because it will brighten up quite nicely through the morning


with some sunshine at times is not as breezy as today. Quite queasy


across the north of Scotland with some showers but otherwise many


parts of the UK and Ireland will have a fine start to the working


week and in the sun quite nice especially over southern Britain and


the south of Ireland with temperatures in the mid-teens and we


will see that in some parts of Northern Ireland as well and a


couple of showers moving and later in the day especially across the


west. Looking at the rest of the week it will be fairly mild with not


too much rain to come especially on Tuesday and Wednesday but Thursday


onwards we see a drop in temperature and towards the end of the week it


looks like it could be quite unsettled by St Patrick's Day. We


need to pen the detail down so stay tuned to the forecast on BBC


newsline that this area of low pressure can bring wet and windy


weather at least for a time on Friday suburbanites are nice for the


bank holiday. If you showers and Tuesday, breezy and blustery but it


would be too much rain and brightness at times and when today


continues fairly mild, no breeze but nothing too chilly temperatures up


to 12 or 13 degrees. Some rain at times on Thursday but a lot of dry


weather although it will start to feel cooler.


Our next BBC Newsline bulletin is at 10.15 this evening.


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