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Irish citizens in Northern Ireland and elsewhere could be


given the right to vote in Irish presidential elections.


The Taoiseach Enda Kenny says the Irish Government will hold


He made the announcement during a speech in America.


And Kenny made the announcement as he began -- began a tour of US


cities. He confirmed the Government had


decided to move forward with plans to hold a referendum to give the


right to vote in presidential elections to Irish citizens abroad


and in Northern Ireland. There is no more fitting time, and no more


fitting place, as we look forward to our worldwide celebration of St


Patrick's day. And all but that means for what it is to be Irish.


This decision of the Government is a clear recognition of the importance


that Ireland touches to her citizens, wherever they may be, to


our diaspora all over the world. The change would apply only to


presidential elections, and not to Dail elections. More details will be


published later this month. The referendum is unlikely to be held


this year. Assuming it passes, the change would come into effect after


the presidential election in 2018. As many as 1 million extra people


would be eligible to vote. The Taoiseach's announcement has


been welcomed by nationalists. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams


said his party had been pressing for citizens in the north


to have a vote in Irish presidential elections


since the Good Friday Agreement. SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said


it was right that people here should have a voice


in electing the president. Two men, believed to be a father


and son, have been injured after their helicopter crash landed


in the garden of a house It happened just outside Carlingford


at around 5:15 this evening. One of the men has been flown


by coastguard helicopter The other man has been taken away


from the crash site by ambulance A man's been charged


with manslaughter in connection with the death of a man


in Lurgan last Thursday. 29-year-old Paul Gerard Curran


was found dead inside Another man and a woman who were


arrested have been released. The Secretary of State for Exiting


the European Union, David Davis, has promised that ensuring


a frictionless Irish border is one of his top priorities in reaching


a deal with the European Union. It's thought that Prime Minister


Theresa May could trigger Article 50 Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show,


David Davis said the Government was working to maintain an invisible


border, was working to maintain


an invisible border. We have talked to the Irish


Government about it, they are onside. We are determined to do it.


The Commission, remember, have a part to play in the peace process.


-- had a part to play. They are absolutely determined in their mind


that this is not going to go wrong. So that is the combination of


determination that exists here. A barman is in a serious


condition in hospital, after he was assaulted


in Carrickfergus last night. The man, who was working


in the Royal Oak bar in Green Street, suffered serious


head injuries after he was attacked by a number of people just


after half past nine. Three men aged 36, 52


and 50 have been arrested. Police are appealing


for information. It must have been shopping for


customers and staff in the bar. The police have described the assault is


brutal, and there were serious head injuries. So it is very concerning.


-- it must have been shocking. Sport, and Jonathan Rea remains


on course for a third World Superbike Championship,


winning both races at The Northern Ireland rider


won the opening race And despite starting race two


on the third row of the grid, Rea steered his Kawasaki


through to take the chequered flag. He has now registered four


consecutive wins in the first two rounds of the Championship,


which he leads by 30 points. In Gaelic football, Tyrone have


beaten Cavan to go top of Division One in the Allianz


League. The match ended Tyrone 19 points,


Cavan a goal and 9 points. The weather for the week ahead


now, with Cecilia Daly. It was pretty mild in some areas


this weekend, not everywhere but most places had some decent


temperatures and a bit of sunshine. It will get quite chilly over parts


of County Down, and cloudy as Wayne and drizzle moves in in the early


hours. Lots of it will have gone by early morning, and Monday looks like


a dry day in most places. There will be some sunshine around, but a


cloudy start. Brightening up, and it should feel pretty mild especially


by the afternoon. A lot of fine weather to come across the UK and


Ireland tomorrow, especially across the Republic in southern Britain.


Some rain across North West Scotland later in the afternoon, and there


will be one or two showers across Northern Ireland later in the day.


But until then it looks like being dry with some sunshine. Then on


Tuesday it is a much breezy day across northern Britain, Northern


Ireland and the Republic. There will be some showers around as well, but


further south towards London it should stay dry. On Wednesday still


quite breezy in places, but it is a mild breeze so a lot of places will


have a nice day on Wednesday, with some sunshine, most of the -- then


on Thursday rain will affect more areas, especially across the north


and west, and we will see a drop in temperature. So the first half of


the week is mild, a few showers mainly on Tuesday, Thursday and


Friday looked like being more unsettled and cooler. -- look like.


is at twenty five past six in the morning.