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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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We are back with the late news at 10pm.


Two men have appeared in court charged with the murder


of a high-profile loyalist in Carrickfergus.


George Gilmore died after being shot in his car on Monday afternoon.


There was a heavy police presence at Laganside Courts for the brief


35-year-old Brian Roy McLean, of The Birches in Carrickfergus,


and 28-year-old Samuel David McMaw, of Starbog Road, Kilwaughter,


spoke only to confirm their names and that they understood


They are jointly accused with murdering Mr Gilmore last


Monday, the attempted murders of two other people on the same day


and possessing a firearm and ammunition with intent


George Gilmore died after he was shot in the neck


The police described it as "a ruthless attack


There has been a long-running feud between loyalist factions


in the area and the PSNI said it was working to avoid


Today in court, there was no application for bail and both


were remanded in custody, to appear again by


Supporters who'd packed the courtroom got to their feet,


clapping and cheering as the two men were taken out of the dock.


Two men from Newtownabbey have been in court charged with trying


44-year-old David John Gibson, from Milewater Drive,


and 34-year-old David Rush, from Ballyvesey Green,


Darren Moore was attacked by a gang in a bar in Doagh earlier this week.


The ten men were armed with baseball bats, hammers and pickaxe handles.


A 27-year-old man appeared in court yesterday in


The funeral has taken place of the pilot of an Irish coastguard


who died when her helicopter crashed off the coast of county


Captain Dara Fitzpatrick was rescued from the sea


Her three crew mates are still missing.


The Irish President Michael D Higgins and Taoiseach Enda Kenny


were among the hundreds of mourners joining her family at


A man in his twenties is in a critical condition after a crash


Police say they made 15 arrests in Belfast connected


The arrests in the city centre and in the Holyland area


were for disorderly behaviour, resisting arrest and minor assaults.


Belfast boxer Michael Conlan's professional debut got off


to an impressive start on St Patrick's Day in New York


More than 5,000 Irish fans were there to cheer him on.


Thomas Kane sent this report from New York.


There have been few more eagerly anticipated professional debuts than


this one. In front of a sell-out cloud, he was walked into the ring


by Darren McGregor. The Belfast boxer did not seem overwrought.


Stopping his opponent in the third round. Unbelievable. I soaked it all


up. I enjoyed every second. Hearing the fans going crazy, it was


unbelievable. Something I will never forget. With then three years I want


to be world champion. It is very quick. Yes, but I am in the best


hands. We are looking for me to wealth for the next one. A fighter


in his professional debut is not launched this week, the main event,


but he deserves that. He is going to change the face of boxing. He is


going to be a worldwide star. No Irish boxer has ever experienced the


height or level of expectation surrounding Michael Conlan so early


in his career. It might only be the beginning of the signs are that he


has the potential to make it to the very top of the sport.


Rugby now and Ireland are winning their Six Nations match


And in hockey, Ireland's men have beaten Wales


in their World League 2 semi-final, guaranteeing themselves a spot


at the final World Cup qualifying tournament this summer.


We have had a few hours of dry weather this afternoon but this


evening and overnight the rain becomes more firmly established. The


rain continuing on and off as we go overnight keeping temperatures very


mild. Most places being in double figures overnight. Sunday gets off


on a similar footing, grey and dull to begin with, but some good news,


as we go through the day the rain is going to clear out of the way, skies


will start to Brighton and we will see some sunnier spells between the


showers. The badgers holding up well on Sunday, highs of 1213 --


temperatures. The warmest temperatures across the south-east


of England then the weather front which has brought us so much rain as


clear stuff ahead of it. This has been the picture over the last


couple of days, grey dull skies. That is going to change as we head


into next week. The temperatures are going to drop. There's more mass of


air that is giving us double figures will pull away. It will be replaced


with something cooler and more showery and that is going to be the


case on Monday. Temperatures during the day eight or 9 degrees. Next


week pretty unsettled. It is not until the back half of the week that


the high pressure starts to build and settled down. Before then, still


some pretty unsettled weather and the mix of sunshine and showers.


BBC Newsline will be back tomorrow at 5:50pm.


From everyone on the BBC Newsline team, goodbye.