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Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.

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Good evening. gifted United the result.


A man injured in a crash yesterday in Coleraine has died.


He was 29-year-old Reginald Diamond from Upperlands.


Just one car was involved in the crash on the Curragh Road.


A 32-year-old woman has been arrested in Carrickfergus


in connection with the murder of high profile loyalist


Two men appeared in court yesterday charged with his murder.


Two women were rescued from Divis mountain in Belfast late last night


after contacting the emergency services by using Facebook


One of the pair had a suspected broken leg.


The coastguard was then able to locate the women


A police helicopter took them to hospital for treatment.


A ship with specialist equipment has arrived at Blacksod Bay off


the County Mayo coast to assist in the search for three missing


The pilot was recovered from the sea but died later in hospital.


The search for the other three crew members has been


Talks to restore the Stormont institutions are set


Local politicians now have until next Monday to reach a deal.


If no agreement is found, there could be fresh elections


or a period of direct rule from London.


Sinn Fein and the DUP have to resolve their differences


on legacy, the Irish language and whether or not Arlene Foster


The British and Irish governments say they're remaining positive.


The Alliance Party and the SDLP had this to say on the Sunday


I'm certain that this can be done in the course of a week. We've been in


more difficult spots where things have moved over a shorter time frame


than this in the past. All the issues have been around for a time


and have been talked around by the parties, but it is time for the


parties to make that serious commitment to get the up and running


and functioning. Side we're hopeful, but if we're being honest, the last


two weeks have been little more than shadow-boxing from our perspective.


We've been disappointed and frustrated that there hasn't been


around the table call from that parties. We are looking to have that


happen tomorrow or as early as possible because that needs to


happen. And you can see more


from Sunday Politics tonight Rugby, Ireland denied England


a successive Grand Slam and ended their world record run


of wins with a 13-9 victory The win secured a second place


finish in the Six Nations table and Ireland's place as one


of the top seeds for Our reporter Nial Foster


was at the Aviva Stadium. Without having to touch a ball,


England arrived as the 2017 Six Nations champions. With the record a


cooling 18 test winds in a row, they were bidding for greatness. Standing


in their way, shoulder to shoulder, it fired up Ireland aimed to rile up


the visitors. Despite having to reject the forward line... And they


exchanged penalty kicks for their respective sides. But it was Ireland


that was tactically intelligent, with Rory Best at the helm, his call


for a lineout ultimately lead to Ian Henderson Crossing the whitewash.


After Wales, we knew our championship was gone, we couldn't


wind. But what we could do was ensure that England didn't have the


Grand Slam, their record run was just the cherry on top. We went out


there tonight, we only had one thing to do, which was try and match them


up front, not just match them but beat him up front. As the second


half developed, England started to stamp their authority. They pulled


back three points, but in a ferocious encounter, a battered and


bruised Jonathan Sexton restored the 7-point advantage. They did knock


over another penalty kick, but the English roses started to wilt as an


experienced Irish side held firm. Apologies for the slight loss of


sound. In Gaelic football, Cavan pulled off


a surprise two point win over Mayo in the Allianz football league


to give themselves a fighting chance While Monaghan beat Roscommon to go


joint top in Division One. There were also wins


for Fermanagh, Antrim and Armagh. Derry's defeat by Galway leaves them


at the bottom of Division two. Last night, Donegal beat Tyrone


and Down lost to Kildare. Now a look ahead to a story


that our investigations reporter This week, across BBC News Northern


Ireland, we tell the story of how we confronted as self-confessed a child


abuser who never faced justice for the crimes he admitted in Northern


Ireland but is leaving here freely in northern Canada. That is this


week on BBC Newsline. And on BBC online.


Now here's Barra with the weather forecast.


We have some good news in this forecast. Tomorrow is the spring


equinox, we get it cool amount of day or night, with the brighter


nights winning over from now on. As for this coming week, it will turn


quite chilly. We can expect snow over the hills and mountains, maybe


the odd flurries over the lower levels, some frosty nights and icy


patches possible as well. Tonight, temperature settling around four or


five Celsius. The winds will pick up towards the north coast as well,


blustery conditions by tomorrow morning. Through the day tomorrow,


the wind will gradually begin to use and it will be a mixed day. You will


be some showers out there, but we can expect some good gaps of


sunshine to come and go as well. Over the mountains, as the showers


pass across, they be some sleet and snow, maybe the odd flurry in the


low levels. If you are travelling tomorrow, a band of rain moves


across the South East, some of it heavy. Writing up behind it, by the


middle of the afternoon through Ireland, Scotland, bringing up,


though some hail, sleet and snow across Scotland. Through the


evening, the scattered showers will come and go, with the south-westerly


and westerly winds, temperatures just managing 819 Celsius. Down on


what has been recently. Normal for this time a year. As for tomorrow


night, turning Chile for all, maybe some snow. -- turning chilly. Factor


in the winds, it will feel closer to freezing. As we edge our way through


the middle of the week, towards the end of the week, we can expect good


gaps of sunshine. The odd shower is always in the forecast, but colder


by day and by night. Our next BBC Newsline bulletin


is at 10:20pm tonight. From everyone on the BBC


Newsline team, goodbye.