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picture of too much doom and gloom. The weekend is not looking that bad.


The Labour leadership battle moves to Cardiff for the first official


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn takes on challenger Owen Smith.


The stage is set and its down to the two contenders to convince


these party members that they're the right man to lead their party.


One of the country's top water companies denies claims that it's


responsible for dried out springs and sinking land.


The nursery being investigated after a little boy was left


unaccompanied on a minibus for two hours has reopened.


In tonight's sport, we're live in Rio


Can they top last time's haul of seven medals?


And David Beckham would be happy with this one.


Good evening. us this season.


600 people - all members of the Labour party -


are gathering tonight for what promises to be a key event


Getting underway in Cardiff in the next hour,


the current leader Jeremy Corbyn will take on the only


challenger for his role, the Pontypridd MP Owen Smith.


It's their first head to head debate.


Our political reporter Cemlyn Davies is there.


The stage is set and we are expecting 600 Labour Party members


to arrive here ready to hear what Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith had to


say. There are Labour MPs, and of course ordinary members of the


Labour Party, all hoping that an event tonight will help them decide


who to elect as Labour leader. These are the two men competing


to be Labour leader. The two men now preparing to go head


to head for the first Jeremy Corbyn has


done all this before. Here he is taking part


in a leadership hustings in Cardiff. He went on to win the race


with an overwhelming majority. Ahead of this evening's debate,


Mr Corbyn has been campaigning in Dagenham where he pledged


to rebuild Britain. Our first principle is that


prosperity that a few enjoy Our economic model


in Britain is broken. But there are immense potential


and skills in the talents of our people and huge opportunities


ahead of us in science, We could all be living richer lives


in a sustainable, more prosperous Mr Corbyn continues to enjoy


the support of thousands of grassroots members, many of them


flock to his rallies but others, including the vast majority


of Labour MPs, claim his leadership style has made the party unelectable


and it's time for change at the top. The Pontypridd MP is


Mr Corbyn's only challenger. He claims to share the current


leader's left-wing values and there are broad similarities


between both men's policies. However, in contrast to Mr Corbyn,


Owen Smith is in favour of renewing One example of his more pragmatic


approach and readiness to appeal Mr Smith believes he's the man


to unite a deeply divided party. People want Labour to be a united,


strong opposition to the Tories that they feel is doing such damage


to our communities and they want us to look like a credible


government in waiting. We don't look like that under Jeremy


and I'm determined that I'm going to get Labour back


to where we need to be - a credible, radical


government in waiting. Owen Smith may not have


run for leader before, but he did represent Labour


in the Welsh TV debates ahead It's now time to prepare


for another bout. This is a very important opportunity


for both candidates. Politics is all about perception


and both men will be looking to shape public perceptions of


themselves and frame their opponent, Up to now, this increasingly bitter


leadership race has been fought Tonight, Jeremy Corbyn


and Owen Smith will finally come face to face in front of some


of the party members who will decide which one will be crowned Labour


leader on the 24th of September. Let's have a word with two Labour


members who will be helping to elect the Labour leader. This man is here


supporting Jeremy Corbyn -- women. You are in Alan Smith supporter. Is


there anything that Owen Smith could stay here tonight that will change


your mind? -- Owen Smith. I don't think so. I am behind Corbyn. As


soon as Corbyn put at an, I went to said please back Corbyn. I was


delighted when he got through. Unfortunately, Owen Smith, I am


happy to see what yesterday but when he said that he would happily press


the button on millions of people with Trident and is to renew it, I


would never vote for a leader that would be able to kill millions of


people. Due accept that what when Smith is doing is appealing to that


centre ground and trying to make this party is something which can


oppose the Government currently? And Jeremy Corbyn can't do that? The


centre ground no longer works. We need socialism in this country. We


no longer want to have an elite minority ruling the majority and


taking advantage. We need change and Jeremy Corbyn is the man to bring


that arranged for us. Seem at first question to you but is there


anything that Jenny Corbyn could say tonight that will persuade you? 2015


National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security


Review unfortunately not because Jamie has had ten months as leader


of the party and he has shown no real leadership. There. I can't


really say at the moment what we stand for. If I can see that, what


can be publicly? Owen Smith has said recently that if Jeremy Corbyn is


re-elected, that could lead to the Labour Party is letting. I those


comments helpful to your party? I think a split would be the worst


thing could have because when you split the party, firstly, at the end


of this campaign, whoever wins either side, we shall have one


united party. That's not going to happen though, is it? Time will


tell, I don't know. We'll wait and see what they say. Thank you both


very much for your time. Go and take your seat and listen to the debate.


The debate will be broadcast online on Labour's website and will have a


full report in her late bulletin. Thank you.


A water bottling company has strongly denied claims that


it could be causing environmental damage in the countryside


Landowners and environmentalists have raised the alarm claiming


land is sinking and the natural springs drying up close


to Princes Gate Spring Water in Pembrokeshire.


Natural Resources Wales say they are powerless to investigate -


until a new law comes into force later this year.


This area used to be a prime spot for salmon and sea trout.


The water level came to the bottom of the tree.


The last four, five, six years, the water level's dropped


so considerably that there's no access for the fish


We're in Prices Gate, not far from the springwater


Last year, the factory announced a major expansion sinking


new boreholes to increase production to a potential equivalent


But there are concerns it could be having an adverse effect.


I think what's going on here is industrial scale


All my friends and associates, farmers and anglers,


They've got ground sinkage and loss of water.


The natural spring water in this part of Pembrokeshire comes


from an aquifer running along this ridgeway supplying a network


of streams, which many landowners, a local quarry and farmers


Seven have contacted Natural Resources Wales,


complaining the water table has dropped in the last


few years with springs, like this one, now run dry.


We're not asking people to stop bottling and selling water


or using water or extracting it in any way whatsoever.


We're asking that a proper look is taken at the environment


and that the limits are set so that the environment is not drying out.


Because Princes Gate are not the only ones


abstracting water in this area, they strongly deny that


their operations are responsible, saying they brought in industry


experts and can find no truth in the allegations.


Adding, they monitor with extreme care all water they abstract,


measuring the quality, table heights and flow to ensure


they meet the highest standard of corporate, social


They also say Natural Resources Wales has found no


basis for these claims, but the NRW told us they've not


investigated them because currently they have no powers to do so.


In this part of the country, at the moment, you don't need


a licence to extract water from the ground.


But legally that position will change later this year


with a new water act coming into force.


Natural Resources Wales say, when it does, licenses will only be


granted if it can be shown they don't have an adverse


But operators will have a two year window to apply and there are fears


The family of a four year-old boy who died in a house fire


can begin planning his funeral, after a hearing into his death


was opened and adjourned at Swansea Coroners Court.


Jac Davies died following the blaze at his family's


A preinquest into his death will be held in January.


The UK government has welcomed a move by the EU to impose


tariffs on a steel product from China and Russia.


Cold rolled steel - which is used in white goods and cars -


is also produced at TATA's plant in Port Talbot.


Many observers have blamed the dumping of cheaper imports


for the difficulties the UK steel industry has been experiencing.


The latest radio listening figures show that audiences


for BBC Radio Wales and Radio Cymru have reached their lowest


The ratings were described as "disappointing" by BBC Wales.


Our arts and media correspondent Huw Thomas has been taking a look.


This data covers the period from April through to June this year.


Radio Wales weekly audience has now dropped to 333,000 listeners


compared to the previous quarter, a drop of 47000 and compared the same


time last year, 70 5000. The silver lining is that those listeners still


tuning in and listening for longer each week. It has also reached a


record low and is getting 103,000 weekly visitors compared to the


previous quarter, down by 9000 and compared to same time last year, a


drop of 13,000 listeners. This is all live listen to the radio, it


doesn't include podcast or catch-up services. The body that these


figures together it says 90% of radio listening is still happening


live. What's caused the drop in figures? There's no easy answer to


that. Listen to the reader in the UK reached one of its highest ever


levels and there were again for some stations in the commercial media


sector in Wales. This was a busy time in Wales, the assembly


elections, the EU referendum, football championships. Today, the


BBC wouldn't put anyone up for interview. It did say that the deal


coming was the favourite for a fluent Welsh speakers but for radio


Wales, it said it was disappointed but those figures. They are service


broadcasters and their remit is to provide a certain amount of music,


information and information and sport and the detail is how to


deliver that. The person of music, information and sport and the detail


is how to deliver that. The personalities Beth and Jenkins is


cheering that committee. It's very difficult for people to be


able to provide a service for all people for all ages


and ideally we would have various different channels here


in Wales which is something Although that would demand


new budgets and new It's definitely something that


the committee would want to look at. . Those audiences will be tuning in


again by next year. You're watching Wales today.


Tonight, we're live in Rio as the Welsh olympians arrive.


Can they top last time's haul of seven medals?


And high pressure bringing a fine end to the working week.


The nursery in Aberystwyth involved with a child being left


on a minibus for two hours on the hottest day of


Camau Bach was closed for a fortnight -


An inquiry by the Care and Social Services


After two weeks, parents were eventually allowed


to bring their children back to Camau Bach Nursery this morning.


An investigation is still ongoing into just how a three-year-old boy


could be left alone on their minibus for two hours


The member of staff responsible for the child was immediately


However, there's still concern from many parents.


For Rachel Harrison, it's her daughter's


Working full time, this is the most convenient nursery


I have no other option, unfortunately.


I have to work, I have to earn a living and this is my only


option at the moment to send my daughter here.


I've also spoken to some parents who want to remain anonymous.


One parent told me she took her children straight out of the nursery


the day after the incident as she was so concerned.


Another parent told me she would take her child out of this


nursery but has been unable to because she can't find


Because she works full-time, she has no other alternative


but today she was scared to send her child back.


Finding places at an alternative has proved difficult for many parents


with the closure of Penglais nursery in the town just this week.


While private Nursery Little Angels has taken on two children.


Luke Veasey and Amanda Gwalchma were considering sending


their three-month-old baby to Camau Bach.


Obviously with what happened, he's definitely not going to go


there now but we probably would have sent him.


Many parents are just relieved it's reopened and want to move on.


Obviously want to see the full report of what happened


and how everything is going to be going forward.


I'm perfectly happy, she's always gone in with a smile


on her face and she's always come out with a smile on her face.


I've always found the staff here very good.


This is a flagship nursery for the charity, Med e ad May thrin


and today they confirmed a member of staff still remains suspended.


The council safeguarding board has now completed its enquiry


and they say the nursery will continue to work closely


with the care and social services inspectorate to ensure appropriate


Let me take you to the National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny the welsh


learner of the year award has gone to a woman from Brynmawr


who changed the degree course she was studying to learn Welsh.


Hannah Roberts, who was honoured at a ceremony in the main pavillion,


had been studying geography at Aberystwyth University


but after completing a Welsh course in the summer holidays decided


It's unbelievable to be honest. The icing on the cake. All my hard work


has been for something special. The strangest thing is make as many


mistakes as possible and try and lose the fright straightaway. Just


enjoy it, it's not a race, just enjoy it because if you don't enjoy


it, then you won't enjoy the language.


The Drama medal went to Hefin Robinson from Carmarthen.


He came third in the competition two years ago and second last year.


His drama Estron meaning 'foreigner or stranger' beat off


competition from eleven other entrants this year.


And finally one of the oldest competitors the National Eisteddfod


has ever seen took to the stage this afternoon for the final time.


Helen Jones from Brecon, who's 100 at the end


of the month, has been competing since she was four years old.


She learnt to speak Welsh and says the Eisteddfod has


helped her to improve but at 99 years old


she's now putting her performing days behind her.


In the limelight now, the fresh- faced spring chicken Tomos Dafydd


Soon it'll be time for our Olympians to take centre stage.


Tomorrow night the opening ceremony takes place in Rio.


The build-up has been marred by problems.


Hundreds have been demonstrating against the high cost


Live now to Rio and Rhodri Llywelyn, any of this


I wouldn't have thought so. The Games are costing 9 billion pounds


to stage in Brazil. Much of that money spent on the Olympic Park


behind me in the glorious sunshine this evening and the many people in


this country which are suffering a deep recession at the moment, the


price is too high. The athletes, the year to compete to win medals and


those from Wales that I have spoken to are very, very determined. It all


gets underway tomorrow. Rio is gearing up for its biggest


ever Carnival and there are 23 Welsh athletes ready to take centre stage.


It's amazing. It's just good to be in the village and see everything


and take everything in. I just can't wait to get going. I've worked for


the last eight years of my life and I'm here. This is all I've wanted.


If I don't come away with a medal, I'll be very disappointed.


Transformed into a state-of-the-art training facility, here at the


British School in Rio many of the mid-GB athletes have been doing


their final preparations. The whole place is managed during the games by


a former Welsh rugby international. It is the marginal gains. A huge


amount of work has gone into preparation beforehand that we are


sport need that fine tuning in the lead in to the competing day, it's


very important that they get that right and the British School helps


them to be able to do that. Organisers insist Rio is ready and


the city will provide a stunning backdrop for what is described as


the great issue on earth but the build-up has been marred by problems


and that has given the Welsh athletes cause for concern. Having


won silver in London four years ago, one of Wales main medal hopes this


year has once again been speaking about the dirty ceiling waters.


Every Olympic games has some sort of media crisis that gets latched onto


and obviously the water quality is a big deal because no one wants a


medal to be won or lost on some and getting ill hitting a piece of


rubbish. At some point, enough is enough and we're racing and were


racing here and just get on with it and do the best we can. Furthest


Welsh journalist who has followed the build-up the year to political


unrest and the struggling Brazilian uncommonly, water pollution does


cast a long shadow over the games. The water quality here is appalling.


They have failed in their attempts and promises to clean up the water


and sailors, when service in particular because they have a lot


of contact with the water, may find themselves having problems of a


water quality and that is the biggest disappointment. On


Copacabana beach, the Olympic rings stand proud. Soon, the focus will


turn to sport. Organisers and athletes alike cannot wait with the


games to begin. Not long now. Who should we look out for on the first


day of competition? We at the Copacabana on Saturday the Guerin


Thomas could the most successful Welsh Olympian in 96 years. He's got


back-to-back golds in track cycling. He goes in the road race this time.


It all depends on what Team GB decide to do with Chris Froome, also


having just won the tour to France. The ruling keeps get underway on


Saturday, Chris Barkley will be competing and sevens rugby makes it


Olympic comeback. We've just heard also in the last few hours that joke


Rodina, you seen him in my report, will be the thing entirely Soares of


the Philippines in the first round on Saturday evening. Seven medals


for Welsh athletes and London. Let's see if we can beat that. Fingers


crossed. Enjoy it. Thank you very much.


If you're in Swansea, you'll be able to watch the action


Castle Square in the city - which showed Wales matches


during the European Championships will broadcast events


on a big screen everyday throughout the games.


The 31-year-old Spanish World Cup and European Championship winner


will have a medical tomorrow before completing his move from Seville.


A month after Euro 2016, the football season is starting


Newport County are aiming to improve on last season's finish just


above the relegation zone in League Two.


Meanwhile, Wrexham's task is to get back into the football league


New season, new optimism at Newport County.


It's manager Warren Feaney's first pre-season with his players,


but admits the club's not blessed with the biggest of budgets.


We probably are bottom six budget but I look at Leicester


in the Premier League as a benchmark.


They've got a good group together and they've went and won


the Premier League with a massive, massive budget, so that's what I've


got to instill in these players to believe that they can do.


The football journeyman John Parkin is among the summer signings.


The forward also spent 18 months at Cardiff City.


Preseason has been about improving fitness, says the manager,


but there have been some flashes of brilliance too.


Mark Randall's stunning strike, fans will be hoping for the same


when the season starts against Mansfield on Saturday.


Most loyal Wrexham fans would be forgiven for not


Plenty of new faces after a summer of wholesale changes.


He's admitted there could be less money around for him


after a new deal to regain control of the racecourse ground resulted


When you make a move like the football club have,


someone has to suffer a little bit and possibly that's me


It's about what's right for the club.


The season starts against Dover, getting back into the football


In Gary Mills, Wrexham have a manager who's


Fans will hope the eight-year wait for promotion ends this season.


Tomorrow we'll be be at Cardiff city. Any


decent weather? We can look forward to plenty of dry and bright weather


and warm in the sunshine. If you scattered showers. Pressure is


rising and those showers were clearly as we go through the night.


Overnight will be dry and some starry skies but it will feel cool.


Temperatures in double figures for all of us. Tomorrow, we do have a


ridge of high pressure building up from the south blocking this weather


system but we will see it make progress later on in the day. First


thing tomorrow morning, a dry start, some sunshine to look forward to.


Isolated showers, but if you catch one, consider yourself unlucky. Most


of us will get away with a dry day. Those temperatures up to 20 Celsius,


winds light to moderate. Tomorrow afternoon, workload in


Pembrokeshire. Some missed as well as we go into tomorrow night. It


cloudier picture tomorrow night. Those temperatures not dropping too


much but still remaining in double figures at its lowest, 12 to 15


Celsius and that high-pressure hanging on as we go through Saturday


but this front will make progress on Saturday night through to Sunday


morning. Much of Saturday is dry and sunny and another fine day but cloud


will increase later on in the day. Feeling worn in the sunshine on


Saturday with highs of 22 Celsius. Sunday afternoon is promising to. I


will have an update here for you Sunday afternoon is promising to. I


will have an update here for you at 8pm. Thanks for watching. Good


evening. MUSIC: Adagio for Strings


by Samuel Barber


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