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The 2016 Olympics are about to get underway in Brazil with the opening


ceremony in Rio just hours Our top stories: As many as 1,000


people turn out in Merthyr to see Jeremy Corbyn -


will his message persuade Labour A row between Bruce Dickinson,


the front man of Iron Maiden, He claims his airline


company is losing millions. His country ripped apart by war -


medical student Mohammed was studying in Syria,


now universities here want to help. In tonight's sport: Final rehearsals


ahead of tonight's opening ceremony. Welsh athletes countdown


to the start of the Rio Olympics. One clear goal for Cardiff City


as the football season starts - He stepped onto the balcony


of Merthyr Tydfil's Old Town Hall to the cheers of hundreds


and hundreds of supporters who had gathered in the square below -


their sea of red flags Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader,


was in town to launch the Welsh leg of his


campaign to keep his job. His key pledge - that no community


would ever be left behind Our reporter Cemlyn


Davies was there. This is how Jeremy Corbyn made his


appearance in Merthyr Tydfil today to the delight of the hundreds of


followers who had gathered to see him. Jeremy Corbyn and his team have


chosen this location deliberately for the event today. Red house is


where the party's first leader would address his constituents when he was


the local MP here at the start of the 20th century. This square was


also the scene of the temp one rising in 1831 when the red flag, a


symbol of the working-class cause, is said to have been flowing for the


first time. But today was about the current fight within Labour and


before he addressed his supporters I has Jeremy Corbyn what his messages


for the party members who will decide if he stays or goes. Labour


is going to be a party of investment, the growing economy and


leaving no community behind. We need investment across the whole of the


UK, including many parts of Wales that have suffered grievously have


written the end of the mining industry. Owen Smith says juror


going backwards here if you look at some of the Assembly election


results. We gained some seats as well as losing one. We made a lot of


progress there. Labour Party hasn't grown without a reason. People are


coming into labour because they see something of themselves in the


party, they see the possibility of a spark -- a party speaking for them


and that is exactly what you're doing here today Merthyr Tydfil.


More people have joined Labour under Jeremy Corbyn but the party did not


win any new assembly seats in May. These supporters are confident he


can lead the party to success. Since the Tony Blair thing I haven't


touched it. It has just been one Tory thing after another and neither


is a man can get the habit -- get together behind. Can win an election


question I yes. You can get the sound bites of the hypocrisy, just


the man. This is a leadership contest, as we saw in the


head-to-head debate last night. Owen Smith says only he can get Labour


back into power. I think I am the person who has got the ideas in this


debate, the person who has the energy and I think I see very


clearly that we have not been what we need to be in recent months. Back


to Merthyr Tydfil and away from the Jeremy Corbyn pride I spoke to her


supporter of Smith. The Labour Party is not currently in the position to


win the general election. Owen Smith is the candidate to take us forward.


In a blow to Jeremy Corbyn's campaign this evening to win union


at the Port Talbot steelworks said it was supporting Owen Smith, but


other major unions are expected to back the current leader. He and his


supporters intent on keeping the flag flying.


The rock star Bruce Dickinson says his Vale of Glamorgan aviation


firm is losing millions of pounds worth of business because of


Mr Dickinson, the front man of Iron Maiden, says


that when he located to the Enterprise Zone at RAF


St Athan he was given verbal assurances by the Welsh Government


that they would be able to use MoD technology that would allow planes


But, four years on, they're still being denied access.


Bruce Dickinson has been Iron Maiden's front man since the early


1980s. He set up an aircraft maintenance and training sector --


centre near Cardiff airport. This is as 747. The same type of aeroplane


that we flew around on tour with Iron Maiden. Training makes up a


significant part of his business. He says the maintenance side is being


hampered. Part of that facility at St Athan is in an aviation


Enterprise Zone but the MoD are not among them to use RAF systems to


land planes there. There has been a long-term failure to provide the use


of an instrument landing facility which exists and was paid for by the


taxpayer at vast expense and is used by the RAF. But they don't permit


civil aircraft to use it because they say it is too risky. We have


painted this up as the Iron Maiden simulator. He says that when they


signed up for the Enterprise Zone they have verbal assurances that


there would be able to use the system but it is still not happening


and it is costing them millions of pounds in lost business. Big


airlines expect a high volume of traffic to go in and out of


maintenance. They need those aircraft, they need them


immediately. So they are bringing aircraft in, 36 hours later it goes


back out. Of that aircraft is delayed it will cost them about


$50,000 a day. It is extremely difficult to go to probably 70% or


80% of the marketplace out there with the field that on a cloudy day


you can't land. Without the system, maintenance customers claims can


only take off or land at St Athan in good visibility during office hours.


The Welsh Government says that the Enterprise zones across the country


meeting or exceeding targets. In the aviation sector this will says a 20%


share of the maintenance and overhaul business, much of a base to


run the airport here. They said the introduction of the system is a


matter for the MoD but they will be lobbying on behalf of Mr Dickinson's


A Social Services watchdog says it is satisfied with the measures


that Camau Bach nursery in Aberystwyth has put in place


to safeguard children, following an incident last month


where a boy was left alone on a minibus for two hours on one


It reopened yesterday, and the Care and Social Services


Inspectorate Wales says it will work with, and monitor, the nursery.


Every home in Caerphilly County is to be visited by a council


official to ensure that households are recycling their


Recycling advisors hope to call in on nearly 80,000 properties


The council says it could save nearly ?200,000 a year


if everyone recycled their weekly food waste.


Some Welsh universities are considering offer scholarships


to refugees who've fled here from war zones and want


The Syrian-Welsh Society says students who have been forced


to flee their homeland face barriers when it comes to entering higher


This is daily life on the streets of Aleppo.


Syria's largest city has become a battleground - a war


waged between government troops and rebel militias,


with civilians caught in the crossfire.


Many have simply left their lives behind and fled the city,


seeking refugee and safety in other countries.


One of those refugees is 21-year-old Mohammad Haji Saleh,


Back home he was a medical student and he would like to continue his


education at somewhere like the School of Medicine


He was two years into his studies in Syria, but the war


It was very difficult for all the Syrians living in Aleppo. Everything


was destroyed. No water, no electricity. Not any thing for a


Cardiff University already offers financial help to asylum seekers


and Bangor University offers scholarships aimed


Now, two further institutions in Wales say they'll be doing


more to help refugees who want to study here.


Aberystwyth University hopes to offer five scholarships


to refugees with detailed plans finalised over the coming


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David said it was committed


Both institutions want to give refugees, just like any other


student, the chance to gain qualifications and skills.


We have been looking for potential students who would benefit from the


opportunity, but also could bring something to the university, and


could then give back to the UK when they get their qualification.


But Universities here could be doing a lot more,


He's chair of the Syrian-Welsh society, but also a Research Fellow


Some universities do not accept students on a transfer from Syrian


universities to the UK. Tuition fees are also a problem. References or


sufficient document also a problem. References or sufficient


document also a problem. Mohammed still hopes to find


a university in Wales that will allow him to complete his


medical degree, so he can graduate and practice medicine


in the Welsh NHS. Much more to come before 7.00pm:


Fireworks and final rehearsals ahead We're live in Rio as Welsh


athletes countdown to 31 Celsius in Rio tomorrow -


not as hot as that here, but some nice weather


and sunshine this weekend. It's the penultimate day of the


National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny. Kate Morgan is there for us


this evening. It's been another busy


day here on the Maes. The highlight some would argue


was a ceremony to welcome new members into the Gorsedd


of the Bards. It's certainly a colourful event,


steeped in tradition - a chance to honour those who've made


a contribution to Welsh life. Being honoured for their commitment


to Wales, the language and their own communities,


wherever that may be. Martha Davies lives


is from California and now She learnt Welsh while living


in Aberystwyth, and returned to the United States to work


as a Welsh translator and librarian. This is like being a parent for the


first time, or getting married and being a parent, it is of that


magnitude. It is very real-life, but it is not usual. It is unusual.


Also receiving her robes was the MP Liz Saville Roberts, who said


It was so nice to be amongst people but you know. You think might be


embarrassing, but it is not. There is real friendship.


But it's not just who would made it into the Gorsedd this year


Calls for the Welsh Football team to be recognised after their success


at Euro 2016 were dismissed - they were too late and not


all of the players or coaching staff speak Welsh.


The Football Association of Wales, who were welcomed in the Pavilion


this week, say they wouldn't just want individuals to be honoured


The best way around it would be for somebody like the assistant manager


or one of the players like our Joe Allen. You wouldn't get all the


players together at the Eisteddfod at this time of year because they


are at their clubs. One person being nominated on behalf of the squadrons


and send out the right message. The other highlight


of the week for many This year there was


a poem worthy of wining. The judges said the winner's worksed


said the work made him stop and think.


Here in Monmouthshire, it's expected the use of the Welsh


language will now go up because of the Eisteddfod


That's according to the local council.


It had to pay an extra ?100,000 to ensure the event went ahead


after local fundraising efforts fell short.


But council leader Peter Fox says the event has also been a great


The sights and sounds of the Eisteddfod. But our businesses in


Anne Begg any more likely to choose Welsh now and after takings up or


down? There has been no noticeable difference. In terms of what it has


done to your perception of the Welsh language, has changed your


perception, or argue more likely speak Welsh now? Yes, I spent six


months trying to learn Welsh. 95% of the people who came and who are


Welsh speaking have been very positive. I spoke to 21 businesses


on the busy streets and at the beginning. Quiet. Very quiet. The


worst Saturday in quite awhile. You more likely to use Welsh now? No,


no. Taking that this bakery were down significantly. Local staying


away concerned about traffic chaos. The park-and-ride facilities have


worked well. You can move very freely around the time. For the rest


of the week, please come on backing. I hope the longer term legacy of the


Eisteddfod is to embed further the Welsh language, a celebration of the


culture, even though it was pretty strong anyway. Many hotels and


guesthouses were fully booked and some pubs busier than normal in the


evening. Especially when the boys from North Wales have come down.


That has brought in a younger crowd. Has the Eisteddfod being here, has


it encourage you to learn the Welsh language more? It hasn't been as


well-known as I think it should be, personally. This will encourage it.


I have spoken to 21 businesses here in Abergele today and only four of


them said they were making more money because the Eisteddfod is


based to this year. At third of them have said it will encourage them to


use more Welsh in which is the other main event aim of this event. So,


many giving itself warm welcome, others questioning what its


long-term impact will be in this part of Wales.


Elfed Roberts is the Chief Executive of the Eisteddfod and joins me now.


How important is it to you that the Eisteddfod


gives an economic boost to an area like this?


It was always nice to be able to say that the Eisteddfod has benefited


the area. I have been to the town in the evenings what I have seen is


that the is bustling. The businesses that have come out best of the


businesses who have made reference. I have been to a couple of


restaurants and hotels and they have been thriving. I haven't been there


during the day. I can understand people coming here, paying ?20 to


come here for a day and they want to spend most of the day here. The most


important thing for the people coming here is that they have seen


Abergele, they have seen Monmouthshire and from what's I can


understand is that they will come back. The council wants the language


to be increased, the use of that. It is all about trying to raise the


profile of the language and promote the culture of Wales. I hope we have


proved that the language is thriving. I hope we have persuaded


some of them to learn the language but I think basically if we can


educate people that the language belongs to them, to the people of


Wales and it is washed preserving I would be happy with that.


So plenty more to come from the Maes, but that's it from me.


In just a few hours, the Olympic cauldron will be lit


in Rio's Maracana Stadium and the 2016 Olympics will be


This time round, there's a record number of Welsh athletes


23 sportsmen and women from Wales are ready to compete in Rio


In 2012, Welsh athletes won a record seven medals for Team GB -


a bronze, three silvers and three gold medals.


Jade Jones, in the taekwondo, is the only Welsh athlete


The youngest, 20-year-old Chloe Tutton in the pool.


She's burst onto the scene in the last year, breaking


the British record in the 200 metre breaststroke.


First in action is double Olympic champion Geraint Thomas,


Is everything ready for tonight's opening ceremony?


Let's hope so, because we are expecting a worldwide audience of


over 3 billion people this evening. As we know, there have been problems


leading up to these games. The Zika virus, a million tickets unsold for


different events, protests on the streets and even today Team GB


announcing that some of the swimming has gone missing. After today, the


organisers are hoping that they will be able to concentrate on sporting


success. The final preparations as reload the


junior gets ready for the Big show on Earth. Seven years in the making,


the party starts tonight and the world is invited. A carnival of


colour is expected at the Maracana. 300 dancers, 12,000 costumes and


amongst them Welsh athletes savouring every second. So excited.


I remember the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, so this will be ten times


bigger. So I will imagine it was going to be ten times better. There


are fears that gate-crashers could spoil the celebrations. Rio is a


city divided. 15,000 protesters are expected on the streets tonight


unhappy with the cost of the games. It is a nine billion pound bill


which have this country said it don't want to pay. For 23 Welsh


athletes here, they just have medals on the mind. For some, including


Geraint Thomas, it all starts tomorrow. He is expected to play the


supporting role for Chris Froome, as he did in the Tour de France, but he


is ready to take his chance of something happens to the lead rider.


Britain will have a strong, an advantage over the other teams.


Looking at Spain, and lots of them are leaders and don't really like


each other, whereas we genuinely do get online can be honest and talk to


each other on the road. This is the stunning location where is Geraint


Thomas will be going for a third Olympic gold when he goes on the


road race tomorrow. Copacabana Beach could be very special for the Welsh


athletes, right at the end of the 70 days of competition, two triathletes


will be vying for a place on the podium. The stage is set. Rio is


ready and the world might soon be watching some Welsh sporting


success. What can we expect tonight? It will


not be as lavish as it was in London 2012. It is about a tenth of the


budget they had four years ago. There were rumours in Brazil that


footballing legend Pele would like the cauldron but we now know that


won't happen. He says he is not in the physical condition to do it.


What do we know? Five years in the making this ceremony, 5,000


volunteers involved. Dame Judi Dench will be reading a pawn, Gisele, from


Brazil, she will be taking part then it will be the turn of the athletes


to take centre stage. 217 Santry starred as ever with Greece, then go


in alphabetical order, then it will be the host nation, Brazil. It could


take four hours. My advice is to get comfy on the sofa this evening!


Sorry about the sound problems. To hear more about the Welsh


athletes going for Gold in Rio, you can watch 'Wales:


Olympic Dreams' on BBC One Wales He spent the summer


helping his country reach Now, Paul Trollope is about to take


charge of his first league Just a month after the Euros,


the season starts again with Cardiff A new season and a new man in charge


card at Cardiff City. Paul Trollope got the


top job last season. He was one of the coaches here,


juggling jobs with club and country. Finishing eighth in the Championship


last season was not good enough We are going to try and hit


the ground running. We are going to try really tried


to give the fans a team they are proud of and proud


to support and proud to watch. One of his new recruits,


defender Jazz Richards. Trollope was with him throughout


the summer as Wales reached The manager insists that being away


with Wales has not hampered We were exposed to a lot of good


things in the summer within, both in the Wales camp and other


teams, so I think it Trollope is slowly putting his


stamp on proceedings. Some predict people try


to mirror tactics employed Having worked with him the last 12


months, you can sense that he wants his team


to play football. By that, I mean play similar


to the national team, similar to us in terms of building


out from the back. This'll be Cardiff City's third


season since relegation from the Premier League and getting


back to the top flight of English While other clubs have spent big,


Cardiff have been relatively quiet But that could all change


in the coming weeks. The Chief Executive here says


the club will consider selling senior players if the money


is right, but will strive to keep Fans are also being warned to be


patient over new arrivals. Some decent weather to look forward


to this weekend! Saturday will be the best day of the


weekend, fine and warm, but it is not all plain sailing as it will be


dampened listing on Saturday night, windy on Sunday. Fine and breezy


this evening then. Overnight the dry weather will continue with clear


spells. The windfall for all lowest temperatures about ten to 15


Celsius. Tomorrow's charge was a ridge of high pressure over the UK.


Low pressure over the Atlantic will bring stronger winds by Sunday. He


the picture for tomorrow morning, the whole country dry. Some patchy


cloud, otherwise bright. It will feel very pleasant with a light


breeze. So, some nice weather tomorrow, feeling more like summer.


Dry and sunny than today. And it will warm up nicely, as well. Have a


chance -- top temperatures 19 up to 23 Celsius. 24 Celsius likely in


Flintshire with a light to moderate breeze. The wind increasing in the


west and north-west edge of the afternoon. A good day for a trip to


the seaside tomorrow. Don't forget the sun cream. The sea temperature


will be around 1617 Celsius. Fine and warm in Abergavenny tomorrow


with temperatures rising to 22 Celsius and perfect weather for the


Brecon County show tomorrow. A fine start tomorrow evening by clouding


over Pembrokeshire. This cloud will spread across the whole country


overnight, turning dampened market. The wind picking up and muggy night.


Sunday's judges of the blue between Scotland and Iceland bringing


stronger winds and a warning of deals in Scotland. Sunday World dawn


Gray and misty in the south that it will soon brighten up. The rest of


the day will be drive with broken cloud and


sunny. Mind you, it will be breezy. A gusty south-westerly winds making


it feel fresh. In summary, Saturday will be the best day of the weekend.


Next week, turning cooler with a mixture of sunshine and showers and


some chilly nights. I'll have an update


for you here at 8.00pm and again From all of us on the programme,


good evening.


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