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world record in the 100m breaststroke. That is all


Tonight's headlines: It's more than 24 hours since two teenage boys


from Birmingham were swept out to sea off Barmouth beach.


Tonight their families and friends wait for news.


The search resumed here just over an hour ago.


The moment Jazz Carlin earned a place in Welsh history.


The first woman from Wales to get a medal


Four years ago I was watching on the sidelines wishing I was part of the


Olympics and now I have won a silver medal. I am over the moon.


He doesn't want to give up his job in Cardiff Bay or Brussels.


Tonight UKIP's top brass are deciding if that means


Nathan Gill is kicked out of the party.


And nobody wants parliamentary punch ups in the Senedd but one


new Assembly Member says it needs a shake-up as debates


In the last hour, rescue teams have resumed their search for two teenage


boys, who've now been missing off the Gwynedd coast for more


The boys, aged 14 and 15, got into difficulty


in the water at Barmouth beach early yesterday afternoon.


That sparked a major search operation, involving


a rescue helicopter, five coastguard teams


Our reporter, Matthew Murray, has been following events


in Barmouth all day and has the very latest for us now.


The search has got under this evening in the past half an hour and


I have been told by the coastguard it will not involve boats. It will


be a search of the beach by foot and also on four by four vehicles. The


searches for the first -- the two teenage boys who went missing nearly


30 hours ago. Barmouth beach in August in the sunshine is usually


packed. There were only a half -- a handful of people in the water today


after two teenage boys went missing in the sea yesterday. They were part


of a large group of several hundreds from the Somali community in


learning here on it day trip. But he planned a fun day was short lived.


We tried to look around to find them. We searched the toilets and


searched everywhere to try and find them. It is windy here today but the


winds yesterday were stronger. The two teenage boys were in the water


just by here. One person did see one teenager going to the water and he


did try to rescue him but there was little he could do to help. In


Barmouth today there was shock and concern. They have not been in the


water today. It is a concern when kids go in the water. It is quite


scary. It is quite upsetting. Meanwhile further down the coast in


Ceredigion search has been taking place for a man missing after being


washed off a beach yesterday. He fell into the sea after being cut


off by high tides. With the summer holidays well under way this is the


busiest time for rescue crews. The RNLI in Barmouth has described this


as a major operation. It was quite choppy yesterday and the wind rose


steadily during the day. When the boys first went missing it was


borderline but then it got quite rough. How difficult has it been the


Eucharist in the power boats are very capable, the big boat in


particular can handle that without any problem. After being stopped all


day, now with the right tidal conditions the search has resumed.


The boys have just been named locally by the Yemeni community.


Today there has been a real says -- sense of sadness in Barmouth. A lot


of people here have been scared to let their children into the water


today because while they have been sunny spells it has also been quite


windy and that has made for choppy conditions in the sea. That can


sometimes look appealing to children with the large waves but the parents


I have been speaking to today have been stopping their children from


going into the water since his teenage boys have been missing.


A little bit of Welsh sporting history was made last night,


as Jazz Carlin became the first Welsh woman to win an Olympic


medal in the pool for more than eighty years.


The 25-year-old picked up a silver in the 400 metres.


Our reporter, Rhodri Llewellyn, is in Rio for us and Rhodri it's


fair to say Jazz Carlin was thrilled with her medal.


We all knew she could do it, and late last night


inside the Aquatics Centre behind me the former European champion


and current Commonwealth champion swam the race of her life too claim


an Olympic silver medal and the first podium finish


Straight from the pool Jazz told us that she was over the moon!


After the heartache of missing London 2012 due to illness she now


has a silver Olympic medal to add to the ever expanding collection.


Obviously four years ago I was watching on the sidelines


wishing I was part of the Olympics and now I have got a silver medal


And the Welsh wonder won her medal in style.


After setting a Welsh record in the heats she broke it again


in the final with a personal best and what a race to be


involved in with winner American Katie Ledecky setting


Watching from the stand, fighting back the tears,


What I loved this morning when she touched the wall


It was amazing to see her happy and enjoying herself


Thank you so much for all your support.


For everybody who has woken up and watched my swim, thank you.


It's the culmination of years of work.


A world away from the sunshine of Rio and Olympic glory,


this is what it takes to compete with the best.


Cold, dark mornings, training starts before most get up.


13 hour days, six days a week at the National Training Centre


in Bath where Jazz swims up to 80 kilometres week.


There were high hopes for Chloe Tutton from Ystrad Rhondda


in the hundred metres breaststroke but despite setting a new Welsh


record in the heats she failed to make the final.


Commonwealth medallist Georgia Davies couldn't get a place


in the last eight of the 100 metres backstroke either.


So Wales have won their first Olympic medal at these Games.


It's their first in the pool since David Davies won a bronze


On Thursday Jazz Carlin will be back in this pool


It's an event where she won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games


And Rhodri, another Jazz has a chance of


winning a medal tonight - Pembrokeshire's Jasmine Joyce?


Jasmine Joyce from St David's could make it two medals in two


She's been an important member of the GB women's rugby sevens


squad, featuring in every game and claiming a try against Brazil


They've swept everyone aside, including Fiji, and face


New Zealand in the semi-final at 7:00pm this evening.


The winners will play Australia or Canada in the final.


The losers, that is a chance of a bronze medal as well.


Up to 32 jobs will be lost at a medical technology


'Siemens Laboratory Diagnostics' employs more than 400 people


at its site in Llanberis, where it makes equipment


used on blood analysers in hospitals and clinics.


The company says it's cutting the workforce due to a fall


It says the decision is not linked to the Brexit vote.


The number of people identified as victims of modern slavery has


increased by nearly 400% in just three years, according


to a report commissioned by the Welsh Government.


The issue was thrown into the spotlight after


David Daniel Doran was jailed in 2014 for forcing


a vulnerable man to work unpaid at a farm near Newport.


With 134 cases across Wales last year, it's believed the increase


could be down to improvements in identifying victims.


A mother accused of causing the death of her five-year-old son


23-year-old Laura Bright's son, Joseph Smith, died


in a three-vehicle crash on Cardiff's Western Avenue


Her partner, 22-year-old Dean Collins, denies causing


death and serious injury by dangerous driving.


UKIP's leader in Wales could be expelled from the party tonight


for failing to give up one of his two elected seats.


Nathan Gill has been an MEP since 2014 and also won a seat


A deadline for him to step down from one of those two


Here's our political reporter James Williams.


As political battlefields go Caerphilly has been one of Ukip's


more successful areas. Here as in many of the areas in Wales the party


has been fortifying its support which reached new heights in May as


it stormed to the Welsh assembly. But despite recent victories


including campaigning successfully for the UK to leave the EU Ukip has


turned its weapons on itself and one of the most bloody battles in the


party 's civil war is taking place here in Wales. It is a battle over


this man's feature. Ukip Ozma gruelling committee is tonight


siding whether to take Ukip's leader in Wales out of the party after he


ignored the ultimatum for him to stand down from one of his two


elected roles. Nathan Gill sits in both the assembly and the European


Parliament. It is despicable they should hang that over a man who has


led a successful Brexit campaign in Wales. He has done more debates than


any other Ukip a semi-member. He has worked so hard for the party but


also for the people of Wales and he will continue to do so. In the three


weeks before we broke the recess he was there for half a day. We are


having to do his work for him. His empty chair is a constant


embarrassment. But what do the people of Caerphilly make of it? You


need a sense of unity to succeed in politics. He wants to do two jobs


and they won't let him. If they can handle two jobs why not? I don't


think any party seems United right now. This aims to be confrontation


in Ukip, the Tories and Labour. It is just the country in general right


now doesn't know which direction it was to go in. Having won its first


seats in May something the episode could split the Ukip group in the


assembly. These should be they housing days. They had fantastic


election results and they got the result they wanted in the EU


referendum. But they are not enjoying their success. The party


will go back into the assembly in September and it's difficult to see


them within together. It is too early to tell whether such


infighting were hard -- hamper party. Ukip has shown that it


doesn't play by normal political rules.


Any news from that marathon UKIP meeting yet?


No. As it stands the party's National executive committee is


still meeting in London and of course that issue of expelling


Nathan Gill from the party is very much under discussion. But I am told


that there are members of that committee who are minded to put that


issue to a vote of the membership in Wales and ask them whether he should


be expelled from the party. If they decide tonight to kick him out of


the party I'm told Nathan Gill is vertically willing to remain as an


independent here in Cardiff Bay as in the European Parliament in


Brussels and Strasbourg. Here is willing to play the long game in


that situation, hoping one of his allies winds and can bring him back


into the fold. Nobody wants to see our politicians


resorting to a punch up but one new AM wants a little more


excitement and spark And the weather's


never boring in Wales. We can have all four seasons


in one day. But what's in store


for the rest of this week? A quarry pool in Cilcain near Mold


has been dyed black with food colouring to try to deter people


from swimming in it. It's part of a campaign


by North Wales Police and the quarrying firm Hanson


to highlight the dangers It follows a number of incidents


where young people have drowned Known as the blue lagoon,


this pool at a Carmarthenshire quarry lured a 14-year-old boy


to his death four years ago. Luke Somerfield from Llandeilo had


been swimming with friends when he got into difficulties


in the deep water. His parents have set up a memorial


trust in his name partly to educate other young people


about the dangers of quarries. He was very safety conscious about


water. We had a boat and we used to go out on the boat and we took care


on the water. I would like to think Hadi had this training he would not


have gone in in the first place. The gates, razor wire and signs


at this Flintshire quarry are still not enough to keep


some people out. So Hanson the owners have dyed


the water from a previously This quarry pool is 40 metres deep


in places and has temperatures of less than 10 degrees. Although it


might look inviting to some those temperatures are cold enough to


kill. If muscles don't work as well as they should do very quickly you


can have none -- numb fingers and it's difficult to climb out. You can


get cramp. Very quickly people get into trouble. There is no bottom to


touch because it's deep. At least one person a year accidentally


drowns in quarry pulls in Wales. Earlier campaigns have demonstrated


the dangers of quarry pools and North Wales Police have


begun their own appeal, urging people to listen


to those who've had to deal Talking to the gentleman I met when


I came to the site he has to live with it every single day and he says


it's very traumatic. They do everything they can and people still


ignore the facts. It is dangerous and it is cordoned off for a reason.


Whether it's freezing temperatures, submerged machinery or plants,


it's what you can't see which can prove fatal.


The black water of Cilcain quarry is meant to open people's


Whilst some parliaments around the world are famed


for their punch ups, politics in Cardiff Bay tends to be


rather more sedate or boring even, according to one new Assembly


Plaid Cymru's Steffan Lewis says people find the debates


in the Senedd too dull and the chamber looks more


like an open-plan office, than the seat of Wales' democracy.


Here's our political reporter, Carl Roberts.


Who says politics is boring? Parliamentary punching in the


Ukraine and Georgia. But it's not like this everywhere. Here in


Cardiff Bay on recently elected politician says some of the debates


are dealt and that people are telling him that the semi-politics


is boring. I think we need to add something. I am not suggesting Elin


Jones should wear a caper anything like that but if we had a greater


sense of occasion and the assembly and less predictability in some of


the questions, that might create a bit more interest. The highlights of


the political week is First Minister's Questions. Carwyn Jones


takes questions from the floor. It is packed in here for that session


but for many debates there are lot of indie seats and Steffan Lewis


says it has the feel of an office. They does not did -- need to be in


fighting all the time. It turns people off politics quite often.


What politicians and journalists need to do is communicate how


politics affects people's day-to-day lives and introduce solutions and


policies that will make a difference to people's lives. There was


sympathy for his view today. Bell, that is being kind. Boring and dull.


Do you think it's the fault of the assembly all most politics? Most


politics to most people and fortunately. Some of the debates can


be a bit dull. I am not going to lie. They are sometimes. My Nan


watches it. They could do with a bit of spicing up. Would you like it


more like Westminster? Is that any better. When the assembler was


established politicians said it would mark the beginning of


consensus politics in Wales. 17 years on the consensus seems to be


that that kind of politics is Dell. The Welsh Government has repeated


its opposition to fracking today, following reports the UK Government


is planning to offer money to people living near proposed


drilling sites in England. The controversial method


of extracting gas from deep underground has split


opinion for years. Here to explain all is our


environment correspondent, This plan by the Prime Minister


Theresa May emerged over the weekend. The idea is that in those


areas where the drilling is going ahead a portion of the taxes is


handed directly to households living nearby. The UK Government is keen


for fracking to take off in the UK. They see it as an important part of


our energy mix in the future. It's different in Wales. The Welsh


Government wants to see fracking stopped completely because it was


more evidence about its impact on the environment. You can envisage a


situation the future where people in Wales look to communities in England


having these hand-outs for allowing fracking to go ahead and asking why


aren't they having that opportunity. Some Labour MPs today accused the UK


Government of bribery today. Glyn Davies a conservative MP says it


will make people look at the evidence for themselves and consider


it more carefully. So after Jazz Carlin's silver,


where might Wales' next With news on that and the rest


of today's sport, here's Tomos. Give the Welsh Premier


League a chance. That's message from those running


the game here just days before Following the national side's


success at the European Championships, organisers


of the Welsh Premiership are hoping It was an unforgettable summer when


Wales exceeded all expectations at Euro 2016. They made headlines


around the world. A month after Chris Coleman and his team were


welcomed home the domestic season is about to begin. But will a


successful national side translate to bigger crowds in the Welsh


Premier League. Despite improving standards on and off the field


interest through the turnstiles has not followed the same upward


trajectory. But there is real hope that is about to change. 70,000


Welsh fans went to France during the summer so we're asking them to go


down to the local club and support their own domestic league. 12 teams


will fight it out on this season Aberystwyth and ballot will be


playing on brand-new 3G pitches. The FAW has invested heavily as part of


a plan to transform clubs into community hubs and get more people


involved in the game. TNS are still the team to beat. Champions for the


last five years. But the likes of Connah's Quay have strengthened and


expect to challenge for the title. We have to keep improving and the


team is getting better and better. We have to stay on top of our game


and keep improving. It's going to be very tough this year. All the teams


have strengthened that if we can get into Europe again that will be a


great achievement. The teams will go head-to-head to clinch this trophy


and it all kicks off on Friday evening.


To Swansea City and Angel Rangel has signed a one-year contract extension


The defender has made more than 340 appearances for the Swans


Back to the Olympics and within the next few minutes


Jasmine Joyce from St Davids will take to the field


with her Rugby 7s side to face New Zealand.


Here are a few faces to look out for tomorrow.


Thankfully there's no need to set your alarm clock too early.


Victoria Thornley and her partner Katherine Grainger compete


in the double sculls semi finals just after 2:00pm.


Joe Cordina's back in the boxing ring at 3.30pm.


Then it's the Scarlets' James Davies along with Sam Cross


as they start their Rugby 7s campaign against Kenya.


Back to tonight and the weather forecast.


Any truth in a rumour of a heatwave next week, Derek?


There is a talk of a Spanish Plume and hot spell next week.


It is possible but next week is a long way off.


At the moment, it's a little on the cool side.


Temperatures today only 15C near Capel Curig.


Although Usk reached a respectable 20C.


This evening, dry for most of us and overnight although one or two


showers are possible in the north and northeast,


clear spells, some patchy cloud and a cool night.


Down to single figures in a few rural spots.


Tomorrow's chart shows high pressure over the Atlantic and that means


fairly cool and fresh north-westerly winds for the UK.


Here's the picture for 8:00am in the morning.


Sunny in the south and east and most of mid Wales.


Parts of the north and west cloudy with showers in the Wrexham area.


During the day clouds will build-up everywhere.


You may catch a shower, especially in the north but most


places having a dry afternoon with some sunshine at times.


Highest temperatures in the southeast.


It will feel pleasantly warm in the sunshine.


Nearer 16C on the north and west coast with a breeze off the sea.


Tomorrow evening a few showers in the north will spread


Towards the end of the night some rain may reach Anglesey.


Wednesday's chart shows high pressure centred to the south


Atlantic fronts will move around the top of it and affect the British


So on Wednesday a dry and bright start in the south and south east


but rain in the north and west will spread across the country.


Turning lighter and breaking-up into showers.


On Thursday, damp in parts of mid and north Wales.


Elsewhere drier and brighter and a little warmer.


So Wednesday the worst day this week.


Most of the rain in the north and west.


The end of the week warmer with spots of drizzle.


Temperatures continue to rise into next week.


Before we go tonight, pulling out all the stops,


the military medal that's been fast-tracked for this


Howard Francis from Ammanford was told he'd be receiving


the French Legion d'honneur medal but there may be a long wait.


Fearing he would not live to see the honour


after he fell ill two weeks ago, local MP Jonathan Edwards


Today it was presented in a small ceremony at his hospital bedside.


It is beautiful. He thought of people getting this and haven't got


one. I think I should get one, don't you? We are over the moon. We are


very proud of him. It is an emotional thing. You cannot put it


into words. I am very proud of him.


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