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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Our top stories: An emergency mid-air on board an RAF helicopter,


forced to land in Snowdonia before bursting into flames


Clouds of thick black smoke was seen billowing from the mountains behind


me as emergency teams rushed to the scene. I will have the very latest.


The First Minister's accused of failing to plan properly


What we want to see is a substance and we don't want to see the same


old faces on these committees because it cannot be business as


usual. A show of force on the streets


of London, but concerns fewer armed police here could leave


authorities unprepared. In tonight's sport: Fresh


from success at Euro 2016, Wales and Swansea captain


Ashley Williams is off An RAF helicopter has caught fire


on a mountain peak in Snodownia Clouds of thick, black smoke


were spotted billowing from Yr Aran, just south of Snowdon itself,


and emergency services Matthew Richards has been


following the dramatic events. This training exercise involved the


setting people down on the mountain and picking them back up again when


it developed mechanical problems and landed. The crew and passengers were


evacuated and shortly afterwards it burst into flames leading to some


dramatic images that were taken by members of the public. This was a


major operation involving multiple agencies. They responded to calls in


fact an RAF training helicopter had been forced to land on Yr Aran.


Walkers took pictures and video of the unfolding drama. We were


intending to go up the mountain it crashed onto. Later on, it got a bit


vicious and the flames were getting high. The smoke was really black.


You could smell the fumes in the air. I didn't pay too much attention


to it originally and as we got a little bit further up you could see


the lows of smoke them out. It is not what you expect to see every day


on the mountain. They were five people on board the helicopter. A


sixth person was on the ground at the scene and all were rescued


safely. You could see a big ball of flames which was not very nice to


watch and a lot of smoke. Fortunately my daughter spotted they


were people standing to the side so she saw that people were not on


board the helicopter. We just sat there and watched the smoke for a


while. Enquiries are now under way to establish the cause of the


incident and RAF teams will ensure that the wreckage will be


investigated. I was speaking to a member of the mountain rescue teams


and they were saying they have had a busy month. This time last year they


dealt with 30 incidents but this year they have had to deal with 20


incidents so far in August. They are in rescue mode and that has helped


with the operation today. This was an event that was very unexpected


but it all seemed to work out given this could have been much more


serious. There are a lot of people on the mountain is taking a walk


during the summer holidays and this could have been a tragic event for


passers-by and people on the helicopter. It is now a question for


the MOD to work out exactly what happened here and try and find some


matters to make sure something like this never happens again.


What will Wales' future look like outside the EU?


That's the main question a group the Welsh Government is bringing


However, more than six weeks on from the referendum


the First Minister has been accused by the Welsh Conservatives


And tonight a former Welsh Government advisor has called


for a new job, a Minister for Brexit, to be created here.


With more, here's our political correspondent, Daniel Davies.


It wasn't the referendum result Carwyn


Jones wanted but now he has to make the best of Brexit. The first task


is to steady the ship. The First Minister wants the advice of


experts, is this leader is and trade unions. The owner of this marina in


Cardiff says his Mrs need certainty. We are investing substantially right


now and we are looking over our shoulder wondering what other


customers bases looking like and how the bankers are feeling. We think it


is a good business environment in the UK but for a lot of people we


need to see that certainty developed. On the journey towards


Brexit it is the UK Government that will be at the helm but Carwyn Jones


says he doesn't trust Whitehall to stand up for Welsh interests.


Particularly when it comes to protecting Welsh funding and access


to the single market. In the past month the Welsh Government has


hosted Brexit meetings with the new Prime Minister. Claims from the


opposition it -- its response to the referendum has been too slow and not


true they say. It ignores all the things that have happened already.


This is a long haul business. These negotiations are not even going to


begin in earnest until next year and will take two years after that. It


is important we prepare ourselves for that lengthy journey. We knew


they were going to be one or two decisions made on June 23 and he has


been slow. This looks like a press release because he can't give any


names or organisations and as I said I think it could be business as


usual with the same old faces around the table. One former adviser says


the new committee can help but Wales needs its own dedicated Brexit


Minister. The Welsh Government will have two pulled together all of the


considerations affecting different policy areas and departments to make


sure that we present a coordinated case. I think that may well require


a minister with a dedicated staff to do that. No formal responses have


been received yet either Welsh Government from those it has invited


to join the advisory group. Carwyn Jones hopes that whoever joins will


add weight to his call for Westminster and Brussels to listen


to Wales. A search for two teenagers who've


been missing off the Gwynedd coast for more than 48 hours has


been called off. Waseem Muflihi and Yahya Mohammed


disappeared in the sea at Barmouth beach after getting into difficulty


on Sunday afternoon. Our reporter Matthew Murray


has the latest. An extensive aid, land and sea


search came to an end last night for the two missing teenage boys. Waseem


Muflihi and Yahya Mohammed are feared to have drowned after


swimming off Barmouth Beach on Sunday. They were part of a large


group of several hundred visiting from Birmingham on a day trip


organised by members of the Yemeni community. Today people from that


community said they wanted the search to go on. We urge the rescue


team to put more effort into this. The family need to get their


children back. This is affecting their daily life and health. This


footage from the RNLI shows just how rough the conditions were for the


search. On Sunday they were choppy waters and high winds and last night


that search continued along the shoreline. This was a large-scale


search last night. Rescue teams were in their numbers here on the


shoreline but also covered a vast area. Today rescuers said the search


for the boys had been stood down. Coastguard officers will continue to


patrol the area. Meanwhile, a search for a man,who


was swept from rocks into the sea on the same day at Mwnt near


Cardigan has also been suspended. Dyfed Powys Police have confirmed


the missing man is a 23-year-old, UKIP members in Wales will vote


on whether their leader should be allowed to continue as both


an Assembly Member and an MEP. Nathan Gill was threatened


with expulsion from the party if he did not resign


from one of his two But UKIP's ruling National


Executive Committee has now decided to put the matter


to the party's membership. Cities across Europe


have been on high alert following recent terror attacks


in France and Belgium. At a time when there's


an increased threat level there are questions tonight over


whether there are enough police The Police Federation says numbers


have fallen and that could leave officers vulnerable and unprepared


in the event of a terror attack. Scotland yard marksman trained


to confront armed terrorists Since last week the first


of 600 more armed officers are patrolling there,


but what about elsewhere? When Nato came to town two years ago


Wales looked armed to the teeth. Weapons were on show


for a global security summit. But the number of armed response


officers trained to fire guns on any You will receive one 60 second


exposure of the target. Back in 2009 there were 291


authorised firearms But that figure has dropped to 224


officers up to March this year. They were involved in nearly 900


firearms operations last year but only seven


firearms were ever used. We are now at a level of firearms


officers we have never seen before in North Wales because we can tap


into the resources of Obviously, that is a plus


and I would like to think there are enough officers to be


on call and on stand-by should any There have been numerous terrorist


attacks in the last few months including in Nice that


left 85 people dead. But the threat has been


felt closer to home. A few years ago shopping outlet


McArthur Glen near Bridgend was one of several targets


for a terrorist attack. So how do the public feel


about the drop in firearms officers? I would be happy for them to be


armed in a situation where their lives are threatened


and everybody else's These are worrying times but to arm


everybody up to the eyes is probably While some experts welcome


the debate on firearms there's caution over whether it is the best


use of resources. What we need to be investing


in is something that is That means we need to be thinking


more widely around community policing and thinking about how


we can improve our communication, our engagement and information


gathering with communities but also So as London police officers take


to the river, the challenge for counterterrorism chiefs is how


they can best protect You're watching Wales Today.


Plenty still ahead. The Wales captain on the verge


of swapping Swansea for Everton. And a world away from the riches


of the Premier League, Wales' last remaining handball


court and hopes the sport The company behind plans to build


a new nuclear power station on Anglesey has promised ?1 million


to help fund a new engineering Horizon Nuclear Power says it's


giving the money to Coleg Menai to ensure that local young


people have the skills The Wylfa Newydd Power


Station project has yet A charm offensive from Horizon


at the Anglesey Show today. The event is a showcase


for the island and Horizon insists it will play an important part


in Anglesey's future. But for now this video game


is the closest we can get Looking at all of this


you would think the Wylfa Newydd project is a done deal,


but far from it. That is the planning process to go


through and no agreement has been Even if everything ran smoothly,


the earliest construction Even so, Horizon is


already recruiting. These three apprentices are due


to start in September. School leavers training for skilled


jobs on their doorstep. I don't think people understand how


big it actually is. There are not many opportunities


on the island for stuff I hope to pursue in the future


so I would definitely have to move And Horizon is investing ?1 million


for a new engineering training centre to be built on Coleg Menai's


campus in Llangefni. The reality is, in order to get


a deal we have to have That requires spending a lot


of money to develop and get approval for our design,


get support from our community All these things up critical parts


of the confidence building that people will need in order to make


the level of investment. Inevitably, I think North Wales


and north-west Wales is going to be a bit of a honeypot as an economic


centre and there will be people interested in these jobs


and opportunities from That is the nature of the market


economy I guess. So we need to make sure


that our young people are equipped to compete for those


high-quality jobs. Horizon is bullishly confident deals


will be done and Wylfa Newydd The jobs for young


people will arrive. Critics of nuclear power remain


sceptical. A ?6.6 million extension


to a Swansea hospital's cardiac intensive care unit will soon be


up and running. The aim of the new unit


at Morriston Hospital Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University


Health Board says an increase in beds will allow for increased


levels of cardiac Our reporter Ben Price has been


to take a look. We currently try to operate on 720


cardiac cases year. Last year was ranked in the top ten best cardiac


surgery centres in Wales and England so it's hoped this new multi-million


pound expansion will continue to maintain that standard. The


investment has allowed for four additional beds, two for intensive


care patients on the other two for those who are dependent but not


critical. We do get patients here who are generally more sec but we


are hoping with our new facilities and with the extra staff we can get


the patients through the system in a timely fashion so that we can meet


our targets. Patricia Beynon had her operational week last Friday. She


says she is pleased with their care. You are getting the best care.


Obviously for people living further away it is a problem. But as far as


I'm concerned it wasn't too bad. Three years ago bosses at the health


board discussed a damning expert report which described working


conditions in the cardiac surgery unit is intolerable. But as the


department turns the corner new technology has also been introduced.


This is an automated pharmacy dispensing system. It works are


giving the machine. Access is gained by staff using a code of finger


print. These are pressurised cubicles to allow patients to be


treated in isolation to stop the spread of any potential infection.


We have invested in capacity here so we can she does many people as


possible close to home. We have centres in Cardiff on the Swansea


and we are equipping Swansea to make sure it has greater capacity. This


investment make sure we can do that. Heart disease remained a big concern


in South Wales and it's hoped this larger unit will will mean that


people want weight too long for the care they need.


Tonight's sport now with Kate Morgan and the Wales captain,


Ashley William, is on the move, Kate?


Yes, Swansea City have accepted a ?12 million deal from Everton


The 31-year-old is expected to have a medical shortly


It comes as the club is on the verge of a record signing of their own


with an offer of ?15 million accepted


for Atletico Madrid striker Borja Baston.


He received a hero's welcome in Wales only last month.


But now, after weeks of speculation, it seems Swansea captain


Fresh from his success at Euro 2016, the defender is off to Everton.


Bosses at the Liberty Stadium have accepted a fresh bid


from the Premier League club believed to be worth


For Ashley Williams himself it is a good move. It is his last chance for


a big move because he is turning 32. This is a chance for a pay rise and


the chance to play perhaps in Europe. Everton are an ambitious


club and for him on the Swansea is the end of an era.


Ashley Williams signed for the Swans for ?300,000 back in March 2008.


Now the age of 31, the defender's played in more than 300


Highlights include helping Swansea into the Premier League in 2011


and lifting the League Cup after a 5-0 win over Bradford


in 2013, the club's first major trophy in its history.


It's no wonder then the fans are sad to see the Swansea stalwart go.


I think it is terrible and they should never have let him go. I am


really disappointed. It's more money isn't it. That is what football is


all about. ?12 million is a lot of money but I don't think we'll get


the same quality to replace him. Swansea City are close


to completing their own deal, signing Atletico Madrid striker


Borja Baston in a club-record The 23-year-old will have


a medical at the club soon. So too will Ashley Williams


at Goodison Park. After eight years in Swansea,


the question now is who'll fill the void the captain leaves


at the heart of the Liberty? It's been a busy day for Team GB's


Welsh athletes in Rio. It was a bad afternoon for boxer


Joe Cordina, but with news on who's


medal hopes are still alive, here's our reporter Catrin Heledd


in Brazil. The whistle goes and Canada


celebrate. After a campaign full of promise heart rate the Jasmine Joyce


and here GB team-mates. Adding breezed through they group they had


high hopes of clinching a bronze medal but their dreams were crushed


by Canada, a side they had beaten a day earlier. Despite scoring as a


substitute the Saint David Starr was disappointed. We've had the most


amazing time. We have all come together as a team. We have to enjoy


the rest of our time here. We are Olympians and not many people can


say that. The men's campaign got under way today with a convincing


win against Kenny. Welshman James Davies and Sam Cross are both part


of the squad. They will face Japan later this evening. Despite being a


real medal prospect European champion Joe Cortina's polemics have


come to an end. This but this vision by the judges meant he lost. He


dominated the last round and hit me a lot on the body. He slowed me


down. I could not pick the place back up. It could have gone my way


maybe. Better news for Welsh roller Victoria Thornley and Katherine


Grainger. Second in their heat and through to the double sculls final


on Thursday and ever closer to fulfilling their Olympic dream. We


wanted to win the race but we are in the final and that is the one we


need to bring more with God. Fellow Welshman Chris Barclay will not be


competing again. Fourth in the men's lightweight four semifinal and


narrowly missing out on Thursday's final.


Wales' Geraint Thomas will represent Great Britain in the Olympic Games


time trial alongside three-time Tour de France winner


It comes after the 30-year-old escaped unscathed from a crash


Several competitors from other nations


Now, it might not be the Maracana Stadium in Rio,


but in its own way the handball court in the village


of Nelson near Caerphilly is just as important.


Back in the 19th century, courts were dotted throughout


but this is the very last one remaining.


This is Nelson. This is the Nelson handball court which was built in


the 1860s. It has been continuously played on since then and we play


handball. The mining history of the handball history are so interwoven


it's difficult to separate. When this was built there were three


collieries in Nelson. It was built to service those miners. There were


handball courts throughout Wales from Anglesey all the way down to


Aberystwyth. This is the last one. This is the last handball court in


Wales. It was built by a coal miner who was the landlord of the Royal


public house and he built it to attract the trade away from the


Nelson in which also had a handball court. But this one was a handball


court which could get all the spectators around the outside. It's


amazing to see someone people watching a game of handball. They


were all minors. This is 1906. I started watching the older


generation of men when I was a boy. I used to stand in the corner. They


would show you how to play the game. It was just something you did.


Simplicity is all you need because all you need is a ball and a wall.


To me it's the best game in the world. You are outdoors and it is


purulent energy I think. Especially difficult at the moment to get


youngsters away from their computers. I want to see people


playing the game. I want to see this court being used for another 150


years. Let's get the latest weather


forecast for Wales now with Derek. I'm going to stick my neck out,


but if all goes to plan we could be Temperatures soaring


to 28C in places. In the meantime, it's a little


on the cool side. This evening, a few heavy


showers in the north. These will spread


further south overnight. Temperatures inland falling as low


as 8C in the countryside. Tomorrow's chart shows high pressure


south west of Ireland with a frontal system moving


in from the Atlantic across the UK. Here's the picture for


8:00am in the morning. A reasonable start to the day


for most of us. The far west and northwest


cloudy with spots of rain. During the day, it will


cloud over everywhere Most of the rain in


the west and northwest. The cloud cover won't


help temperatures. Disappointing and cooler


than today with a light It's the last day of


the Anglesey Show tomorrow. The Annual Vale of Glamorgan Show


is taking place tomorrow. The morning the best


part of the day. Dry and bright but clouding over


with spots of light rain afternoon. Tomorrow night will be cloudy


and damp, especially Drier in the south east


and by the end of the night more On Thursday, a little


rain in the north. The cloud breaking with some


sunshine and warmer. Drizzle possible in the Brecon


Beacons and Snowdonia. Highest temperatures in Flintshire


with a southwesterly breeze. Over the weekend, spots of light


rain on Saturday will clear. The best of the sunshine


in the south. Next week, a brief hot spell lasting


for a couple of days. A reminder of our top story. An RAF


helicopter has caught fire on Tim Peake in Snowdonia after a Catalan


and unexpectedly due to a technical problem. Clouds of thick smoke were


billowing from Yr Aran south of Snowdon itself. Emergency services


rushed to the scene and all five people on board are safe and did not


need hospital treatment. We'll be back after


the BBC News at 10:00pm. From all of us here,


have a good evening.


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