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Hannah and her family have been supported by this


But there's concern other young patients


across Wales are missing out - because they're not


Young people have rear rack answers. They have no one else they can talk


to. They could be suffering alone. With no peer support an emotional


support. the policy to refer all teenagers


here isn't being followed. Also tonight, after Port Talbot's


surprise loss against Rhyl, 11 people are arrested over


allegations of match-fixing. The investigation into why an RAF


helicopter burst into flames The new way of getting the food that


supermarkets usually waste and Geraint Thomas' dreams


of an Olympic medal are over after finishing


ninth in the time trial. It's feared young cancer patients


across the country could be missing out on the support available to them


because the Welsh government policy The Teenage Cancer Trust support


around 120 young people each year But the charity has told this


programme they are concerned that hundreds of others aren't getting


the services they need, and could be suffering alone,


because they aren't being referred It's sometimes just a smile that'll


do it, that'll make the day a little more normal,


and less about the cancer. Anna organises activities for the


patients on the Teenage Cancer Unit Crafts, cooking, a day out,


or even just a battle I'm the professional friend. I'm not


a medical at all. I talk about any issues they are having with


university or school, revision. It can be anything. If they are anxious


I can help them with coping. It's a lovely role to be in.


This social space on the unit is a little more social


than normal today - extra cash has been invested


by the Teenage Cancer Trust and they've thrown a party.


But they fear too many young people are missing out


on the support available to them, simply because Welsh Government


The policy states each patient be referred to a teenage cancer


unit - of which this is the only one in Wales.


We have 120 referred to us but there are another 120 or 130 out in the


community who could be referred to us. At the moment they are


suffering. They usually have more unusual cancers, they have no one


else they can talk to a prior cancer. They will be suffering alone


without peer support. The guidance says that patients should be


referred, but in practice that doesn't happen? In practice that is


not happening. We know that from experience.


And the support is important - whether that's psychological,


emotional, for patients and their family.


Mary says without it, patients took longer


to recover and would return, in need of counselling.


Here, support is available alongside treatment,


for patients like Hannah, from Pontypridd, who was diagnosed


She finished her treatment yesterday - in time for her 22nd


You don't feel like you are on a board. I've been put on wards with


elderly people. We are all a similar age here with similar interests. I


I couldn't have got through cancer without this unit.


For every young person this unit treats, the concern is there's


another out there who simply isn't getting the support available.


So Jenny, concern that young cancer patients from right around


the country are missing out on vital support?


At the moment seven young people are diagnosed with cancer every day,


that's across the UK, the concern is that many of those


in Wales who get that diagnosis, simply aren't getting


Let's not forget, this is at a stage in their lives when they're


going through so much change anyway, so add in a cancer diagnosis,


and they can feel very alone - so the support of their peers,


of specially trained staff, can be huge.


Now Welsh Government say they expect health boards to meet national


standards - which means they'd either be treated by clinicians


who are part of a teenage and young adult cancer team, or an appropriate


treatment plan should be developed in partnership with that team.


In practice, as the unit in Cardiff is the only one in Wales,


that means it's done with them - or patients in North Wales will be


Now the Welsh Government say they've not had any reports


from the health service indicating there's a problem -


so they're now going to seek assurances that what they refer


to as "rigorous standards are being met".


This brings it back to something that was talked


about today by the staff - the policy may be there,


but their concern is there's no one to oversee that it's followed.


Work is underway to remove the wreckage of an RAF helicopter,


which burst into flames after an emergency landing


The aircraft was involved in a training exercise


yesterday afternoon, when a fault forced it to land.


Six people were rescued from the mountainside.


A railway station car park in Snowdonia has become a makeshift


base of operations for the RAF. They are now overseeing the investigation


into what happened to the Griffin helicopter.


yesterday described plumes of thick black smoke and flames coming


from the aircraft soon after it landed.


All five crew and passengers and a sixth on the ground


After a frenzy of activity with the police and coastguard


helicopter working alongside the air ambulance and dozens of search


and rescue teams the scene has been cordoned off to preserve


What will happen now is we have a team on site at the moment, the


hazardous material team. When the aircraft has been doubt on site they


will check the aircraft and know everything that is hazardous on that


frame. We have cordoned the aircraft at a safe distance to make sure it


is perfectly safe as a crash site. The next stage will be


a clear up operation. The helicopter crew members


are being interviewed back Getting it town is likely to take


several days and could involve a lifting the wreckage from the


mountain. Crew members are being interviewed to give their version of


events. A potential tragedy was averted


by a rapid response from them and their rescuers -


working out what went wrong may BBC Wales understands that


Tata Steel is set to invest around ?7 million in a new generation


of steel coating equipment, It comes despite uncertainty over


the future of the The Economy Secretary,


Ken Skates, says it's "very welcome A coach company in Ceredigion,


which runs the service from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen


and Cardiff, is going Lewis Coaches in Llanrhystud says


it'll close on the 12th of August, due to business issues


beyond its control. Forty people are employed by the


company, which has thirty coaches. The chapel at Bangor Crematorium


will close for three weeks next month, for asbestos removal


and repair work. Funerals won't be held,


but cremations can still be carried Crematoriums in Colwyn Bay


and Aberystwyth have been told to expect more funerals at those


facilities, from South Wales Police have arrested 11


people, as part of a probe into the alleged match-fixing


of a Welsh Premier League game. Detectives began investigating,


after receiving information about betting patterns


on the football match between Port Talbot Town


and Rhyl, earlier this year. The Police say those


arrested included players, staff and associates


of the Port Talbot club, The allegations of match fixing is


around a game between Port Talbot and North Wales rivals, Rhyl back in


April. A big win for Rhyl aroused suspicion of officials from the


football Association of Wales. That five nil victory over the steel man


was surprising because Rhyl had already been relegated and haven't


won a game in 17 matches. The football Association of Wales


contacted the gambling commission who subsequently passed information


on to the police about betting patterns surrounding us came. Today


police arrested ten people, on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud.


And in the last few hours an 11th person was arrested. A spokesman for


the police said the eight men and three women including players, staff


and associates are being questioned by officers from the economic crime


unit. Mark Jones, a former manager of the club says he is shocked by


today's rests. There's a lot of things going on in


the Wales of sport. Betting is a massive thing in sport. Hopefully


the allegations are proved and substantial, I just hope it goes


away quickly. They are a wonderful football club with a great set of


fans. I'm sure they have to stick together now. You know, through


adversity, and become stronger then. Research by BS a W shows that large


sums of money bet on the outcome of Welsh Premier League games. -- by


the Welsh football Association. Many bets are placed in China and


Southeast Asia. They amount to ?75 million a year. The combination of


big-money bets and modestly paid players creates the potential for


match fixing. That's why two years ago the Welsh football decision --


Association tried to educate clubs about betting integrity. The club


are already out of the league because they don't meet the


criteria. These match fixing allegations are a further blow to


the steel man's future. A rural welfare charity has


told BBC Wales that, in its 150 year history,


it's never had so many requests for help from working farmers,


who're struggling to make ends meet. The Royal Agricultural


Benevolent Institution Cymru, says the amount of welfare it's


given in the first six months of this year,


is 84% higher than the same Yes, this is the heart of the social


calendar for these people who farm work on farms in the Vale of


Glamorgan. It comes at a time when the farming industry is in the


middle of the tremendous uncertainty about global prices and policies.


It's a time when many farming families in Wales have seen their


incomes fall, that means they are not the financial cushion they might


have had in the past. Fiona Jones and her children are looking to the


future. They've had a difficult few years. Fiona and her husband, Simon,


had been farming a council owned farm in Powys. Early 2012 my husband


was taken ill with ice off or cancer. Obviously, everything turned


upside down. -- cancer of the oesophagus. Treatment took the best


part of the year to get through. And that's when we contacted the


charity. The charity paid for them to


visiting him in hospital 60 miles away and gave practical help when he


came home. They helped fund automatic bed with


a specialist mattress on it. It made his last months much more


comfortable. That, the main thing was, he was able to keep his


dignity. He wanted more than anything. Life could go one as


normal as possible. As long as possible.


Rees gave up his job as a store manager to help keep the family farm


going. If they hadn't been there to help as


we properly would not be farming at the moment. The decision may have


been made, and it may have been that the farm was not viable or we


wouldn't have had the time to carry on.


Do you feel you are continuing your dad's project? I think that I'm


carrying on the good work he was doing and reaching for the goals he


was reaching for. This charity has spent much more


this year than last year. In fact, 30% when you look at all farming is


they have. If you look at working farmers aren't working farm workers


the of charity offered in the first six months of this year is more than


80% more than last. Many are just one step away from


quite difficult circumstances, for example, if there is bereavement in


the family, if the farm member is taken ill, seriously ill, adverse


weather conditions can affect the farmers, what he might be able to be


dos that year. For each family helped there are


many more farming families who are having to manage with much lower


incomes. Dairy farmers are one example, this farmer farms with his


father they produce more than 5000 litres of milk a day, and like most


dairy farmers lose money on every litre. They get half the price they


did two years ago. If prices stay the same, no, I don't


think that most daily farmers would say that they would be willing to


suffer the pain to survive. Why? There comes a point, doesn't there?


When you say why are we bothering? For many low prices mean there is no


cushion when things go wrong. The Jones family are just one family but


it is significant that there is an increase in the number of families


who are struggling. Is there a sign of the struggle


changing's there isn't any sign that prices are rising in terms of the


money that farmers are getting. There are some sectors that are


better than others, dairy in particular has a problem.


Particularly dairy farmers in Wales, more than in England. It also, of


course, comes at a time when there is a real global change. The


slowdown in the economy in China, believe it or not, is affecting


farmers in Wales. The Chinese middle class are buying fewer of goods, few


of our food and drinks, and as a result there is more in the market


and prices are falling. That is before you even look at Brexit and


what that will do. Subsidies is an interesting one. Some farmers say


they can't continue without subsidies, they need them. While


others including the dairy sector, many say that getting 14p a litre


for their milk, the subsidy only accounts for 2p a litre. It does not


affect them much. What we know is that the world population is growing


and over the next decade in the decade after that the world, whether


it is Wales or the part of the world, needs to produce more food.


A gutsy effort as ever. We would expect nothing less.


The latest from Rio, where Welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas


failed to win a medal in the time trial.


A huge amount of food is thrown away by supermarkets every day.


Much of it goes to waste, but there are a number of projects


which aim to give spare produce to the thousands of people


With the growing popularity of so-called food sharing apps,


the process is becoming easier, and many more charities are getting


involved - as our reporter, Ben Price has been finding out.


I've got some peppers. How many peppers have you got? Waste not,


want not. Products that could have been thrown in the bin by this store


in Swansea are handed over to a local charity who are always up for


a culinary challenge. Nothing goes to waste. We have kids


coming in through the school holidays especially. People


struggling a lot in the school holidays with young children. But


whatever we've got here, they can come in and access. Everybody is


benefiting out of it. They are all having a hot meal. As


tagging food waste continues to be a problem for supermarkets a new app


is helping businesses to redistribute soon as products to


those who need it most. The process could not be simpler.


When the charity is connected with the store they will, Ahmad Knight,


have a look around and see what food is available. They process that


through their PDA. -- at night. They have an idea of what food is


available. That is when the store take it off the shelves and put it


in the back for the charity to collect.


Since it launched earlier this year the food cloud app has helped to


redistribute 36 tonnes of food across South Wales. That is


equivalent to 80,000 meals. In Swansea University's Singleton


campus as most students are away group of older people are benefiting


from this sharing scheme. This is surplus food from local


restaurants, cafes and the University. It could have ended up


in the bin, but it has been cooked fresh here this evening and is being


served to people from the community. Thank you.


You can see the community benefit from this scheme. The students, the


elderly within the community. But also it is the emphasis on working


with homeless charities and refugee charity to make sure food is


available so that they can use their limited resources on other essential


items. From dinner in Swansea to breakfast


in Cardiff, using perfectly good leftovers from Sainsbury is a mid


week breakfast club is a recent addition to this community centre in


Splott. We like to think it's a really


positive part of the week. They come, whatever food we have, that we


don't use for breakfast we hand out. They have something to take home


with them. As Wales hopes to become a zero waste nation by 2050 food


redistribution schemes are making a fruitful contribution.


An Olympic medal isn't meant to be for cyclist


After crashing out of the road race on Saturday he competed again today


in the time trial but failed to get onto the medal table.


Our reporter Catrin Heledd is in Rio.


Yes, it wasn't meant to be for Geraint Thomas today. He was going


for his third Olympic gold medal, a late addition to the trying Trail


race. He did have the perfect Welsh weather for it but it wasn't to be.


Lady luck was not on his side. Back in the saddle, with unfinished


business, after crashing out of medal contention in the road race on


Saturday Geraint Thomas delayed going on holiday this week in the


hope of being handed a spot on the Olympic time trial. His inclusion


comes after the withdrawal of several other cyclists injured in


the same race. Thomas suffered a big blow to his head, but other than


that said he was feeling good and ready to go. A prerace talk was more


about rain than riders. The sunshine gave way to blustery and wet


conditions which led to the rowing being postponed. 54.5 kilometres in


this Olympic time... But his request for a third medal there was nothing


to stop him getting off to a flying start. He made it to the first


checkpoint in a faster time than any of those before him. The favourites


including fellow Team GB rider and three-time Tour de France rider


Chris Broome were yet to start. The early pace was bettered time and


again by the big names behind. A gutsy effort as ever, we expect


nothing less. He completed the 55 kilometre course in one hour three


minutes and 53 seconds. For a short time after crossing the finish line


and exhausted Geraint Thomas was in gold medal position before being


pushed off the podium and into eighth place. Switzerland's Fabi and


chill la when the time trial with a bronze for flu as there was in


London. It was just not my day today. I


didn't feel like I had that, you know, that 10% to win. It just felt


like I wasn't going quick enough. But, you know, you've just got to


bite the bullet and keep going. You go all out and that's what I did.


Will we see you again at an Olympic Games? Most definitely. I hope so,


anyway. I'll hopefully go back to Tokyo and try and make amends.


So a frustrating Olympic Games are rollover for Geraint Thomas and he


can now go on that holiday for a well and break and some decent


So no medal at these games for Geraint Thomas,


what about the other welsh athletes who are part of Team GB?


Well Sam Cross and James Davies in the Rugby 7s side,


beat the All Blacks 19-21 to top their group


with Davies scoring one of Team GB's three tries.


They now have a quarter final against Argentina


In the pool, Chloe Tutton is through to the 200m breaststroke


semi final later on this evening -- the early hours for


Disappointment though for Penarth's Ieuan Lloyd,


failing to make it out of the heats in the 200m individual medley.


The sailing is also underway at the Marina da Gloria.


Silver Medalist four years ago, Hannah Mills, and her


partner, Saskia Clarke, going in the women's 470.


Preliminary races are going on as I speak.


Tomorrow by the way could be a big day for Wales.


Commonwealth Judo champion Natalie Powell, rower


Victoria Thornley in contention for medals, the 7s boys as well.


And going for another Olympic medal, Jazz Carlin


Hopefully the weather will be a bit better, but whatever happens it


won't affect Java in the pool. Fingers crossed.


Just before the weather, let's take a look at some pictures


of Wales football captain, Ashley Williams, in an Everton


He's signed a three year deal with the Merseyside club


for an undisclosed fee - it's thought Swansea City accepted


?12 million for the transfer. Now for the weather,


It may be raining but at least it's warm in Brazil today.


But it is going to warm-up a bit over the next few days.


No heat wave next week but hot and humid for a while with


Today parts of the south and southeast stayed dry and bright


but increasing cloud brought patchy rain into the north


This evening the damp weather will spread further southeast.


Overnight much of the country becoming dry again away


Breaks in the cloud and a milder night.


Temperatures in most places staying in double figures.


Spots or drizzle on some coasts and hills in the north and west.


Bright in parts of the south and east with some sunshine


and feeling mild with a westerly breeze.


During the day, the odd spot of light rain or drizzle in


The best of the sunshine in the South and South East


with cloud spreading from the North later in the afternoon.


Temperatures a little higher than today.


Spots of drizzle in mid and North Wales.


Elsewhere dry and a mild night.


Cloud at times but with sunny intervals.


Now on Saturday a weak cold front will move south across Britain.


And then high pressure will take control on Sunday.


So Saturday may start grey and damp but it should improve.


Dry and brightening-up from the north with some sunshine.


Sunniest in the south and warmer with light winds.


Next week, some proper summer weather for a while.


Followed by cooler and fresher conditions midweek onwards.


That is your latest forecast. Thank you, Derek. It is coming up to 7pm.


Our main story. It is feared young cancer patients across the country


could be missing out on sport available to them. The Teenage


Cancer Trust is concerned that people are not being referred to


Cardiff from other parts of Wales. South Wales Police have arrested 11


people as part of an investigation into alleged match fixing at a Welsh


Premier League game between Rhyl Port Talbot earlier this year. The


police say those arrested include players, staff and associates of the


board to beat Robert two club. I'll have ano board


to beat Robert two club. That's Wales Today, from all of us


on the programme, have a


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