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A third bridge to Anglesey over the Menai Strait could begin by 2021


When I go shopping there's always a lot of traffic over the Britannia


Bridge so I think it would be a good idea.


Not everyone's in favour - could the money be better spent


elsewhere or will a new nuclear power station and its construction


traffic demand better transport infrastructure?


In tonight's sport, the first Welsh woman to win an Olympic rowing medal


It's silver for Victoria Thornley from Wrexham.


Amazing, we did everything we could in that race in difficult conditions


but we did what we set out to do. for damage caused by potholes


This is the third coach company to stop trading in as many months -


And why tourism in Wales may be one of the sectors to benefit


from the continuing fall in the pound post-Brexit.


Building work on a third bridge connecting Anglesey


with the mainland, could start by 2021


if plans to ease traffic on the island get the go ahead.


The Welsh Government says experts will start looking at routes


It's hoped it'll end congestion on the existing bridges


There are currently two ways to get onto and off Anglesey by car


but within a few years there could be another.


The A55, which was extended across the island has helped improve


journey times but bottlenecks at the Menai and Britannia bridges


Those who've spent years campaigning for a new one say it's long overdue.


There are delays to the mainland in the mornings and from mainland


If something seriously goes wrong then it does affect


And at lunchtime the ferry traffic but it


is the resilience that is the main issue, it's something seriously goes


wrong then it does affect the economy of the whole area.


Businesses like Halen Mon, a sea salt company think the whole


island would benefit from a new bridge.


Anything that makes Anglesey more accessible


At the moment, some people don't think we have any bridges at all.


They think we have boats that cross very infrequently,


so, you know, if we have a third bridge it will raise


There are those who argue that congestion is only at its worst


Meanwhile, some others including businesses think road


improvements are vastly overdue but with the Menai


and Britannia Crossings already in place, would a third


Although the island's MP welcomes the progress he wants


We need to look properly at this, have proper traffic flows


and reports, not just for those pinch points but for


I've also suggested we look at a time as well.


If we're going to have consultations, let's consult


we need to improve rail links, other links as well.


There were split opinions among motorists in the village here today.


I think there is a lot of hoopla about


when the Britannia Bridge is a bit crowded because I'm a Londoner and I


left there years ago but that's traffic jams.


When I'm going shopping there's always a lot of traffic going over


the Britannia Bridge so I think it'd be a good idea.


I don't think it's bad in comparison to other places.


There are critical periods but it flows.


The Welsh government says it will explore ways of funding


the crossing and hire consultants to select the best


Victoria Thornley from Wrexham has become the first ever Welsh woman


to win a rowing medal at the Olympic Games.


She took Silver with her partner Katherine Grainger


The pair missed out on gold by just half a length


Let's speak to Rhodri Llywelyn in Rio.


Rhodri, it was quite a race. Quite a race, quite a journey Jamie.


Not so long ago Victoria Thornley was without a boat for these


She's now an Olympic Silver medallist.


After the race Thornley said that she'd dreamt of winning


an Olympic medal ever since she'd started rowing.


COMMENTATOR: They had come from nowhere this season... Exhausted but


elated. Victoria Thornley becomes Wales's second medallist at this


game is, as taste of success having finished fifth in London. Amazing.


We did everything we could in difficult conditions. We did what we


could could do. Her partner Katherine Grainger is a veteran. She


is now Britain's most decorated female Olympian. Our experience


something firmly but I've done. There are not many people who would


expect us to lead the race was so long. We had belief in each other


and our boat. We went out to try and win the race, we are out to win it.


Disappointingly couldn't hold on in the end but immensely proud of that


medal. There was a possibility that it wouldn't be at all. Following a


disappointing European Championships in their partnership was abandoned


but reformed to allow them to compete at these games. Today, it


was a decision vindicated. They led for most of the race, taking in deep


and only pipped to the post by opponent in the last few strokes.


Really, really proud of them. We saw them on Saturday when they did the


first race and we're just so pleased they have been able to come on and


get a sober. I think they did really well. They were really close to


winning the gold medal so I think they did extremely well. Another


Welsh athlete is back on the podium here at these Olympic Games in the


footsteps of Jeff Carlin in the pool earlier in the week. You know what?


It not be the last time we see such celebratory scenes with judo, rugby


and swimming medals up for grabs. -- jazz Carlin.


So, Welsh athletes have now won two medals here in Rio.


And there could be a few more before the night's over.


I'll be back with the details later in the programme.


A man has been jailed for eight years for killing an ex-girlfriend


51-year-old Andrea Lewis was killed in what the court heard


was a violent and protracted attack in January this year.


Rhys Hobbs pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Swansea Crown


A 19-year-old man from Llanelli has been charged in connection


with international computer crimes, blackmail and money laundering.


Daniel Mark Kelley has also been charged in connection with an attack


on a college computer system, which affected coursework


submissions and exam administration at Coleg Sir Gar.


He is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court next month.


Police say just over 300 motorists failed drink-drive breath tests


and 131 tested positive for drugs during a summer clamp-down.


More than 9,500 breath tests and nearly 200 drug


tests were carried out, across Wales in June and July.


Officers say they're most concerned about the number of drivers


on the road under the influence of drugs.


Ultimately there are people here in Wales who have lost loved ones, who


are injured as a result of people driving under the influence of


drugs. This is unacceptable and we need people to realise this is


socially unacceptable and that legislation and our productivity is


changing to make sure we take enforcement action.


Staying on the roads and councils should stop doing panic patch


repairs to potholes and instead focus on keeping roads


The RAC says sorting roads out before any problems,


Councils across Wales have spent more than ?30 million pounds


in the last five years paying compensation after accidents


and filling potholes in after receiving complaints.


It has been a busy time for BRAC. Our patrols are attending twice as


many breakdowns resulting from the driver hitting a pothole as we did


ten years ago which clearly underlines the fact we are seeing a


deterioration in the road surface across England and Wales. According


to the our ACE number of vehicles being damaged by potholes is up


hundred and 25%, clustering motorists money and road users


discomfort. My husband can't travel omnibuses because he had a problem


with his spine and cause there is so much bumping it makes him feel ill


and six. It costs us a lot of money to maintain our vehicles because of


the repairs. Between 2010 to 2015 the figures


from 18 out of 22 Welsh councils who responded to a Freedom


of Information request showed over ?30 million was spent filling


in potholes after complaints Swansea council and Ceredigion


council said they had spent more One person in Ceredigion was given


over ?83,000 after sustaining an injury from falling


over a pothole. When it comes to repairing potholes


what has been done in the past is the patch and- repair, which is fine


short term but when the weather gets colder and wetter it can need the


service breaks easily again. What they are doing here is paying's


spending ?20 million to repair large sections of the roads, which they


say is more cost-effective. We have closed the road today to resurface


we have laid the tarmac and we are now lining them with the white and


yellow lines and within the next hour we will be opening the road.


Obviously that is much bigger and more expensive than filling in


potholes here and there? Yes it is but we are being proactive and if we


can tackle the issue on surfacing the road prior to it deteriorating


that is much better and cheaper in the long term. The councils across


the country are facing big holes in their transport budgets, getting to


grips with this problem is likely to be a bumpy road ahead.


A man from Blaenau Gwent has been jailed for ten months for taking


The demonstrations relate to clashes between far right and left groups


The police say the man travelled to Kent in January to take part in the


protest and was caught on camera throwing objects at rival


demonstrators. More than 20 people have been sentenced for taking part


in violent acts. A defence technology company


with two sites in Wales says Qintetiq, which has offices


across the UK including in Aberporth and Pendine


employs more than three The company says it will


discuss the changes with A direct bus service running


from Aberystwyth to Cardiff is to end after the company running


it went into administration. Ceredigion-based Lewis Coaches,


which has 30 vehicles, With no direct trains


between Aberystwyth and Cardiff, Lewis Coaches is the third bus


company in Wales to collapse This bus service runs twice a day


and connect Aberystwyth with the Wales's capital. It is the only


direct bus service and with no train links running between here and


Cardiff this is an essential service for its passengers but it will stop


tomorrow after the company that runs it went into administration. Annoyed


but it is because we take this service regularly and it is much


cheaper to get from here to Cardiff. Lowered away from home so we come


up. I live in Sun the -- Swansea. People coming from Cardiff are going


to have to travel either to Shrewsbury and across all they're


going to have to travel to Carmarthen and hope there was a


connecting bus service. Lewis Coaches has 30 vehicles and improved


30 people battered services will stop tomorrow and put jobs at risk


after going into administration. They didn't want to comment on


camera because they say it is heartbreaking enough having to close


the business that they have said it is with great sadness we are closing


and we would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty over


the years and we hope this does not cause any problems for them. Lewis


Coaches is the third bus company in Wales to collapse in the last two


months with 300 jobs lost when a Wrexham -based company went into


administration in July and a Pembrokeshire -based company went


out of business after 134 years in June. Companies have got into


financial difficulties over a number of years. Companies have been under


bidding for contracts or schools, they are been given control of their


costs and as a result the cash reserves have run out and that is


why they are going into administration now. This gentleman


believes it is becoming more competitive and many companies are


offering their services to cheaply without calculating long-term costs.


Ideal a lot of operators will think they have to have tenders and they


don't realise that it is five years ahead you have to look not just what


the present prices are for diesel and vehicles themselves. Ceredigion


council says it is working to carry on some services and plans are in


place for other routes to be taken over by firms on Saturday. This bus


link. We'll have more from Rio


where Welsh athletes could win And he's a record-breaking batsman


tipped for England - Aneurin Donald prepares


for the biggest night And the Persied Meteor Shower can be


seen at the moment. Plus, no heatwave but temperatures


look set to rocket next week. Tourism in Wales may be one


of the sectors to benefit from the continuing fall


in the pound post-Brexit. On referendum day ?1 would have


bought you 1.3 Euros, but today it's trading at 1.16


Euros. Abigail Neal is in


Brecon for us tonight. Why is this good news for some


people then Abi? Well, there are always winners and


losers but some people a fall in the pound may have an upside because on


the one hand it persuades foreign visitors to come here because they


get more for their money and on the other it persuades us from leaving


because it makes more financial sense for us to stay put and spend


our money on tourism here instead. It is not just that the pound buys


you left this summer. Couple that with the recent terrorist attacks in


Europe and the sun it is a deal change. It makes me think a little


bit less about going abroad. What goes on in the world doesn't affect


us all we don't let it. We are sorry it happened but we don't let it


affect us. We choose to stay here. It is too early to stay yet -- say


yet what effect Brexit and terrorism are having on our shores because it


is difficult to get hold of figures but anecdotally we are being told


that business is thriving. Occupancy rate for accommodation are


oversubscribed although that is not a worry for those with their own


pitch and get away whenever they can. I don't have to worry about


passports or queueing. Look at what happened in Dover the other week.


God forbid, that would put anyone off their holidays. It is the ease


of having a great break when we need it. This is one of our mid ranged


units, it retails at a. It is like a luxury apartment. Caravans don't


look like cost what they used to. This holiday park owner in


Pembrokeshire is in no doubt that staying at home is on the rise


because more of us are looking to invest money on these luxury items.


Sales this year have been very strong. Enquiries are up and there


seem to be a lot of serious people out there and people are prepared to


invest in the lifestyle these days. People are prepared to invest in


that and enjoy themselves. What we lack in the Mediterranean sunshine


we make up in other areas. It seems regardless of the weather, with


other factors at work, holiday at home is more popular than ever.


If those figures do show that tourism has had a boost, then it is


likely to have more of an impact here in Wales than the rest of the


UK. Because tourism accounts for more of our workforce and more of


our economy than it does in Scotland, England or Northern


Ireland. With all of tonight's


sport now, here's Tomos. Our latest silver medallist


Victoria Thornley has said she was not sure it


would ever happen. Well, tonight she can celebrate


and there's plenty happening at the Olympics so let's head back


to Rio and Rhodri Llywelyn. Two medals so far for welsh athletes


hopefully more on the way tonight. We're crossing everything. Plenty of


action still to come this evening. Another late evening for everyone


watching back home. Natalie Powell is still in with a chance. She


became the first Welsh and women to compete in judo at the Olympics and


is two wins away from a possible bronze medal. She competes again at


7:30pm. Swimming and after her silver medal in the 400 meter


freestyle, jazz parliament is safely through to the 800 metre final in


the early hours of the morning on Saturday -- jazz Carlo in. Chloe


Tutton has made her way through to the first final in her first


Olympics. That final during the early hours of tomorrow morning.


Not sure about his dance moves, but Ieuan Lloyd seemed to enjoy


He didn't make it through, though, finishing sixth.


The swimmer from Penarth said it was special to compete


against the American Michael Phelps, who's going for his 22nd


Elinor Barker, Ciara Horne and Owain Doull will get underway in the


cycling and the sailing continues with Hannah Mills and Chirs Grube on


the busiest day yet for those athletes here in Rio.


Cricket, and Glamorgan take on Yorkshire


in the quarterfinal of cricket's T20 in Cardiff tonight -


Our reporter Ben Price has been to meet one of Glamorgan's rising


stars. At the age of 19 he is already making a name for himself.


At Colwyn Bay a few weeks ago this was the moment Donald entered the


record books by entering the fastest ever double century in Test cricket.


Back in his home city last week to play Northamptonshire, he is


familiar with the Saint Helen 's ground but not necessarily as a


cricketer. Really enjoyed my rugby days and played a feud dates back in


the debut Swansea. There came a point when I was 15 or 16 years old


when I was offered a place in the English cricket programme. A proud


father oversaw much of his development. Practising at his home


club over the years, Andrew believes his son is at his best with a bat in


hand. We started off as a bowler, he is tall and is age that he has given


up on that now probably for the best! He was always and attacking


batsmen. He has always had a flair for the dramatic shots. Fellow


Welshman and head coach believes he has the potential to gain


international honours but it is hoped he will continue to be one of


the club's key players as they face the business end of the season.


Glamorgan now turn their attention to the upcoming T20 quarterfinal


against Yorkshire. Last time they got this far was back in 2014. With


a home advantage they hope to go one step further. It is a game we are


all excited about, all the players, the atmosphere is building within


the squad. It is an opportunity to showcase our talent and get to the


final. Double centuries don't come along often but Glamorgan will be


hoping the likes of Donald will be able to produce a commanding


performance from the crease once the game tonight. Commentary on BBC


Radio Wales. Football and Swansea's record


?15 million signing of Spanish striker Borcar Baston


has been completed. The 23-year-old scored 18 La Liga


goals on loan at Eibar last season. He is a young player but I think he


is a good player. The time is for him. The future is in his hands


because he is a very good player. The Wales defender James Chester


could be on his way to Aston Villa. West Brom have accepted


an offer for him. Chester has struggled for first-team


opportunities since joining Elsewhere Cardiff City travel


Bristol Rovers in the first Boss Paul Trollope back


at his former club is not expected to make sweeping changes


to the side. Fabio is unlikely to play


he's being linked with Well, it doesn't feel much


like summer at the moment The weekend will improve


thanks to high pressure. And then next week temperatures


are set to rocket. Some proper summer weather


but the heat won't last long. In the meantime, plenty


of cloud this evening. Drizzle on the Brecon Beacons


and Cambrian Mountains. After midnight much


of the country dry. Now, it's that time of year


when the Perseid Meteor Shower can be seen


and you may be lucky Some cloud around but generally


brighter than today. The best of the sunshine in the east


and parts of the north Dry with bright or sunny


intervals in the afternoon. Some of the cloud may be thick


enough for a few spots of drizzle Temperatures similar to today


with a freshening breeze. Tomorrow night a cold front


will slip south eastwards bringing And behind the front in the north


it will clear-up. Saturday will start dull and damp


in the south but improve. Maybe the odd passing shower


in the north. High pressure will be


in charge on Sunday and that Some cloud but dry with a mix


of bright or sunny spells. And with light winds it


will feel warm. Tuesday the hottest day


of the week with hazy sunshine. Humid as well with a risk of showers


and thunderstorms Tuesday And then it will turn cooler


and fresher again. So no heatwave next week


but a short burst of heat Building work on a third


bridge connecting Anglesey with the mainland,


could start by 2021 - if plans to ease traffic


on the island get the go ahead. The Welsh Government says experts


will start looking at routes And Victoria Thornley from Wrexham


has become the first ever Welsh woman to win a rowing medal


at the Olympic Games. She took Silver with her partner


Katherine Grainger They missed out on the top spot


on the podium by just half a length Has been really hard the last few


months. Every day has been enjoyable but it has been really hard and we


have had to dig deep and make some changes. Today, the last hundred


metres, you know, a silver medal is pretty nice. Congratulations to


them. I'll have an update


for you after the BBC News at Ten. That's Wales Today thank


you for watching from all of us


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