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Tonight's headlines: Ruth Lewis waited five years for a complaint


about her husband's care in a private hospital


She welcomes calls to allow the public services ombudsman


That is the only fair way that a case such as Peter's that dovetails


between National health and private K can be looked at fairly.


Also tonight: A summer sports camp for young people from our


But could Brexit risk more children living in poverty?


Wales rugby international Jonathan Davies is all smiles


with brother James and his Olympic rugby sevens medal.


Composer Huw Watkins' cello concerto makes it's debut at the Albert Hall,


And we'll be finding out why you might see one of the most


spectacular sights in the sky tonight.


Good evening and welcome to programme.


Patients paying for their own treatment at private clinics


and hospitals could soon have their complaints resolved


by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.


That's if a draft bill to extend his powers is taken forward.


It follows the case of a widow from Llanelli whose complaint


about her husband's care at a private hospital took five


This is just a fraction of the paperwork that humiliated a ruthless


over her five and a half year ordeal. The husband Peter who was 83


died a few weeks after being discharged from a private hospital


in Cardiff when he had undergone knee replacement surgery. Growth was


concerned about some of the care he received so she make a complaint


through the complaints process in 2011. The length of time it took


meant I was not able to begin to come to terms with what had happened


to Peter. It was all-consuming. The complaint was only resolved last


month. Mrs Lewis was sent an independent report into complaints


which found aspects of his key represented serious departure from


the standard to be reasonably expected and that they were


excessive and unexplained delays in dealing with the complaints and that


the management of the complaints was woefully inadequate. In a statement,


spy a hospital say providing high-quality patient care is their


priority. They acknowledge it has been a difficult five and a half


years for Mrs Lewis, the family and the medical staff involved. They say


they will be writing to Mrs Lewis to outline how they will be addressing


the recommendations highlighted in the report. The Public Services


Ombudsman could not get involved as the key wasn't commissioned or


funded by the NHS but he hopes a draft bill which would extend his


powers will soon be taken forward by an assembly committee allowing him


to intervene in similar cases. The case is one I have used since the


beginning, advocating the need new powers, to make sure we can follow


the journey of the patient rather than the bureaucratic. It's hoped


the new legislation will be taken forward in the autumn. If so it will


be a first for the assembly. We have not yet had a bill taken by a


committee. It is possible. It is allowed for under the legislation


but it means we have to think through how it is achieved and done


because if you are going to do it you have to be successful. For Ruth


Lewis, she can look to the future and remember happier times with


Peter in the hope of leaving a lasting legacy of greater rights for


others in her position. North Wales Police say that a body


has been washed ashore north of Barmouth where two teenagers went


missing last week. Waseem Al-Muflehi and Yahya


Mohammed, both from Birmingham, got into difficulties


in the sea on Sunday. The search for them was called


off earlier this week. The body has not been identified,


but the families have been informed. A 21-year-old man has been jailed


for ten months after causing the death of three friends


by careless driving. John Spencer Graham's car


hit a telegraph pole He's also been disqualified


from driving for three years. Campaigners in Ruthin


are claiming victory, after the High Court blocked


Denbighshire Council from closing Pentrecelyn School,


saying its decision The local authority wanted to close


the small Welsh language primary and merge it with bilingual school,


Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd. Denbighshire Council says it's


disappointed with the ruling. Britain's exit from the


European Union could hamper the fight against


child poverty here. That's according to the Children's


Commissioner for Wales. Professor Sally Holland fears


children living in Wales' most deprived areas will "lose out"


if EU money isn't replaced. There's one thing uniting


these budding Calzhage's, apart from a stern right-hook


which they're practicing They're all from what are considered


to be deprived areas. Like a third of children in Wales,


some of these will be living in poverty, going without food,


heat and basic essentials. It's days like this that allow some


children to escape that reality. 18-year-old Jordan from Somerton


in Newport, while not in poverty, has been coming to events


like this for years. He now volunteers and sees


similarities between himself They don't have much. It is not the


richest area so we can't go out to places like this. Families could not


afford to take two or three kids to go to Cardiff to watch something.


They do what they can with a ball. A child here would be living


in poverty if their family earned 60% or less of the median,


or middle, income. For years the child poverty rate


here remained stubbornly at around But it dropped last


year from 31% to 29%. Now, the person who represents


children's rights here says Britain's exit from the EU


could jeopardize that. My fear about post-Brexit is that


the poorest areas will lose out on those European Union structural


funding and it will be replaced. We have to make sure the Welsh


Government is assertive in its negotiations with the UK Government


to make sure Welsh communities don't lose out.


25,000 Welsh children have been to events like this.


The Chief Executive of the charity behind it, Street Games,


believes Wales has a unique challenge when it comes


I think it's about concentration on pockets of poverty. You don't see


the opportunity to go and get good jobs.


During the referendum campaign there were promises EU money


would be "maintained" if we voted to leave.


The Welsh Government says it's seeking a cast iron guarantee


from Westminster that Wales won't lose a penny.


The UK Government says it's tackling the root causes of poverty


and there are more people in work than ever before.


Without a vote, the children here can only hope those


Plaid Cymru says the Welsh Government should be allowed


to borrow more money, to prevent the economy


The party claims the legal borrowing limit of ?500 million to spend just


on the M4 relief road in Newport is too low.


The Welsh Government said it was asking the UK Government


The supermarket chain Lidl is to appeal against a court


decision to allow its workers to be represented by a union.


The GMB, which took the case on behalf of a group of more


than 200 warehouse workers in Bridgend, say the


company is attempting to subvert workers rights.


Our reporter Kate Morgan joins us now from the newsroom.


223 warehouse workers at their Bridgend Distribution Centre


want to act as a single group and be represented by a union so they have


more bargaining power when negotiating pay,


That might sound like a large group but it's actually just over 1%


The company want to block that, saying it would undermine the 'one


Lidl' culture of standardised terms across its whole workforce.


They don't want lots of small groups like this one forming and competing


Now back in May the UK Government committee that deals with these


disputes found in favour of the workers, who had the union


Lidl appealed against that original decision, but this week


So what have the supermarket said today?


Today the supermarket chain says it's going to appeal


The company say they're committed to support their employees


and that they provide them with entitlements that go


beyond statutory standards, so for example, longer


They're also keen to point out they were the first British


supermarket to offer the Living Wage.


In response to that decision the GMB, who remember took the case


on behalf of the workers in Bridgend, said it was time


the company started respecting the laws in this country


A summer of change at the Liberty Stadium.


We take a look at how things are shaping up at Swansea City


on the eve of the new Premier League season.


It has been described as a firework display in the sky. Find out more


later. They say being musical


runs in the family. Well, that's certainly true


of these two brothers. Huw Watkins from Blackwood


is the BBC National Orchestra of Wales' composer in association


and his first piece is Cello Concerto for his brother


Paul to play. The piece will be premiered at the


Proms in the Albert Hall tonight. Teleri Glyn Jones has been


to meet them. Here Watkins hearing his Concerto


being played for the first time. Hugh and Paul have been writing and


playing each other's music since they were children that this is the


first big piece who has written for his brother. It's lovely. I just


know Paul's laying is wonderful and the great sound he makes. He


understands the kind of music I write so we don't have to say too


much. Both Paul and Heward in demand globally but it was in their home


near Blackwood that the talent began to show. Paul Watkins is playing on


the cello his father made for him. Paul as a teenager on the BBC's


Young musician of the year in 1988 and even though he has had success


all over the world, he continued to play on the cello his father made.


This family connection still inspires. The normal form of a


concerto would be fast, slow and fast but I have reversed that so


there is more introspective and heartfelt music. I just wanted to


give Paul who plays lyrically in a beautiful way a lot of chances to


sing on the cello. Maybe it's because I am not good at playing the


fast enough. The middle movement is the longest and that cracks along


quite apace. It is difficult to do. But he is right, there is a singing


voice in the cello which love to come through. He has written to the


instrument's strengths. Cello Concerto is the first composition as


part of his three-year association with the BBC National Orchestra of


Wales. Its world premiere is at the Royal Albert Hall, chance to see


both Watkins Brothers at work. Conwy Mussels are the latest Welsh


food to win protected status. The award recognises traditional


and specialist products, and includes Welsh lamb and beef


as well as Champagne and Parma ham. The scheme is run by


the European Union and producers are calling for action to ensure


the protection will remain The mussels are caught here,


they are washed here, they are purified here


and they are sold at the processing plant behind us, so it just gives us


that protection now. You know they're our


mussels when you buy them. Hopefully there will be enough


for the powers that be that will keep the legislation that has


been made for businesses like ourselves because a protected


food name is so important. St Catherine's Island off the coast


of Tenby will close to visitors A Victorian Fort,


which once housed a zoo, It re-opened as a tourist


attraction last year, An animal charity has


appealed a court decision, which ruled a monkey could not


own the copyright to a selfie The monkey took the image


in the Indonesian jungle five years ago when it picked up a camera owned


by David Slater from Monmouthshire. Time for tonight's sport.


Here's Tomos. Swansea City prepare


to travel to Burnley tomorrow for their opening game


of the Premier League season. Record signing Borja Baston


will not be involved though. Wales full-back Neil Taylor


will also miss the game. He's getting fit again


after Euro 2016. It's been an eventful few


weeks behind the scenes with new faces in the boardroom


and on the training ground. been a summer of changes at Swansea


City. New owners in charge, an American consortium has a


controlling 68 cent stake in the club. Some of the Swan 's best


players have been sold. The top goal scorer last season and the Captain


Ashley Williams gone. The manager says Williams will have to be


replaced. We are ready to play a good season in the Premier League


and we need a central defender. Having got rid of four forwards on


the have at least bought two. The World Cup winner Fernando Llorente


was at training this week. He has been joined by Borja Baston who is


also swapping Spain for Swansea. There is a competition but it's a


healthy competition. We can play one up front or both together. Whatever


the boss asks of us. I am sure we will work well together for the


benefit of the team. Getting him here cost the club record ?15


million. The manager hopes he will justify the price tag. I hope so


because players are very expensive. He is a young player. The manager


himself earned a new two-year contract having helped the club


finished ten points clear of relegation last season. The Italian


is under no illusions as to the size of the task ahead. Asked recently


what his target for the season is, he said achieved 40 points and


guaranteed Premier League survival. Wigan Athletic's Wales


midfielder Emyr Huws. The 22-year-old has won


seven caps for Wales but was not part


of the squad for Euro 2016. Cardiff City are hoping


to sign him on a permanent deal before their


Championship game against Queens Park


Rangers on Sunday. Wales defender James


Chester has joined Championship side Aston Villa


on a four-year contract. It's believed Villa paid West Brom


a fee in excess of ?8 million. The new season of the Welsh Premier


League kicks-off tonight. Newly promoted Cefn Druids travel


to Bangor City tonight, The champions, The New Saints,


who've won the last five titles, start their campaign


on Sunday afternoon Welsh athletes have now won four


medals at the Rio Olympics. It was a proud night


for the supporters of Newport RFC and the Scarlets as both Sam Cross


and James Davies won a silver medal You were watching a pretty special


evening. Yes. The morning after the night


before. I saw some cross in the bed next to me and he was wearing his


medal. I quickly realised that it happened. Where did you keep that


silver medal last night? I put it in a drawer and locked it up. It has


been the most incredible journey and to come away with a medal, we are so


proud as a group. Following an impressive three days of competition


they had been high hopes for Team GB's men's seven side. But very


quickly the favourites Fiji were in fifth gear and well out of reach.


They dominated possession, running in five tries. An impressive display


and overwhelming victory giving them their first Olympic ever medal. It


is great to watch unless you are on the end of it. Great credit to them.


Our boys can be very proud of what they have achieved. But for the


Welsh involved it has been an experience to savour. After


impressive try scoring displays some are calling for James to join his


brother Jonathan in the national side and last night he had a message


for the Wales coach. I would like to say thanks to Warren Gatland for not


picking me for the autumn because this has been the best experience of


my life. If that call comes one day it will be another incredible


achievement. I will just wait and see. I am thankful I didn't go on


that tour now but hopefully that call one day comes. Whatever the


future holds these players will now go back to their clubs the start of


the new season with a rather special souvenir from their summer


adventures. The Welsh swimmer Chloe Tutton says


she's not happy that the Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova was allowed


to compete in Rio. Tutton narrowly missed out


on a medal in the 200 metre breaststroke last night


while Efimova, who was allowed to compete after appealing


against a doping ban, took silver. Chloe's back in the pool later


for the 4X100m medley relay heats. There was disappointment


for Abercarn shooter Elena Allen. She finished 14th in the skeet


qualification, so misses It's her third Olympic Games


and she was clearly My ten double just charged which is


always difficult. I coped with it very well. It was just bad luck in


the second round. I am certainly not going to give up. Of course I will


continue. On the waters off Marina da Gloria,


Welsh sailor Hannah Mills and her partner Saskia Clark have


resumed third after four The pair won Silver last time


round in 2012. Meanwhile, Chris Grube


is 6th in the Men's. So that's what has


been happening today. Tonight though there are medals


up for grabs. Already a silver medallist


in the 400m freestyle, Jazz Carlin goes in


the 800m final tonight. And then Owain Doull and the men's


team pursuit trying to get The heats start just


after 9:00pm back home with you. It's that time of year again to look


to the skies and see Up to 100 shooting stars an hour


will streak across the sky in the beautiful natural


firework show, known as the


Perseid Meteor Shower. And astronomers say they're


expecting extra-dark skies which will create perfect stargazing


conditions this evening. Matt Murray is at Brecon Beacons


National Park Mountain Centre for us, one of the best places


to watch it. It has been described as natural


firework display in the skies. Hundreds of meteors shooting across


the sky and where better to watch it than the Brecon Beacons National


Park. That speak to the director of the observatory, Martin Griffiths.


What's going on? We're hoping to see the meatier shower peak and we


should see 40 or 50 meteors an hour. They are associated with a comet


which comes around 120 years so. Tonight will be a peak in the shower


and we're hoping to see that. Why is Brecon the best place to see it? It


has got international dark sky status and it's one of the darkest


areas in Wales. It is accessible from Cardiff and the Midlands and of


course we have three reserves in Wales so we have a nice strip across


Wales of extreme darkness. It is quite a sight. What can people


expect if they come here this evening? They can expect to see the


observatory which is already open behind you. We have talks on in the


visitor centre as well and over here we have the dark sky Wales


planetarium in the marquee. It is a case of keeping people entertained


until the sky clears. At the moment I am looking up and there is heavy


cloud. That is at the moment but there wasn't some sunshine earlier


and we are hoping with the wind picking up it will drive the clouds


away. Let's find out what's happening with the weather. Sue


Charles, is it a good night. Gazing? It could be better but cloud could


affect visibility so you may have a better chance of catching the


display and it -- and a clear skies over the next two nights. A cold


front will spread Southeast woods tonight bringing some rain and


drizzle before clearing tomorrow. Some early evening sunshine but low


cloud developing with mainly patchy rain pushing in from the north and


west. They feel heavy bursts in the hills. Very little in the south-east


and a mild night. There will be plenty of fine weather over the next


few days. Tomorrow might start Dell but it will brighten up. Warmer on


Sunday and quite hot for the start of next week. Tomorrow start


stamping the South. But improving through the day and becoming drier


and brighter. Some sunshine and cloud and maybe the odd passing


shower in the North. By the afternoon it will feel warm in the


sunshine. Top temperatures of 17 Celsius and 22 in Monmouthshire.


Once that front has cleared, clear overnight into Sunday and high


pressure starts to build from the south, turning warm and more settled


over the next few days. On Sunday, mostly dried, brighter with some


long sunny spells developing and feeling warm. Temperatures in the


high teens or low 20s. Monday, even brighter with a good deal of


sunshine. Warmer with a south-easterly breeze and


temperatures into the mid-20s. As the high pressure builds the


temperatures increasing day on day. Probably peaking on Tuesday.


Brighter and warmer through the weekend and turning hot for the


start of next week but humid as well, especially on Tuesday. With a


risk of showers and thunderstorms overnight into Wednesday. It is


likely to turn fresh again at the end of next week with temperatures


near normal. Not technically a heatwave but a brief burst of heat


and sunshine early next week. Our top stories again:


At the Olympics in Rio, Team GB has won double gold


in rowing with both medals coming Helen Glover and Heather Stanning


were convincing winners in the coxless pairs,


followed by victory for the men, And patients being treated


at private clinics and hospitals here could have their complaints


resolved by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales,


if a draft bill to extend his powers It follows the case of a widow


from Llanelli, whose complaint about her husband Peter Lewis' care


at a private hospital took I'll have another update


after the BBC news at 10:00pm. But for now, from everyone


on the programme,


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