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Tonight's headlines: 19-year-old Georgia Fairthorne wasn't wearing


a helmet when she was seriously injured in a skateboarding accident.


Now a leading charity urges young skateboarders and cyclists


Head injury can affect people in terms of their behaviour, in terms


of their emotional well-being and also, physically, people can be


affected and be left with long-term disabilities.


Also tonight, Anglesey teenager Amy Brooke is in hospital


with spinal injuries after a tree branch fell


on her at a National Trust site on the island.


It only re-opened to visitors a few years ago but at the end


of the summer St Catherine's Island is shutting once more.


A successful few days for Welsh athletes in Rio.


Owain Doull and Elinor Barker win Olympic Gold for Team GB -


a moment their families will never forget.


I was the happiest sister in the world


but it came across as a lot of sobbing.


The definite crybaby of the family and super proud of Owain


Every three minutes, someone in the UK is admitted


to hospital with a head injury and, according to a leading brain-injury


charity here in Wales, many of those injuries


Headway are calling for helmets to be compulsory for all children


who are cycling and believe skateboarders would also benefit


It comes as a mother from Pembrokeshire is campaigning


for new helmet laws after a skateboard accident left her


It's fast and fun but the thrills can so easily turn into spills


and for skateboarders who have no protection for their head,


there can be devastating consequences.


That is what happened to 19-year-old Georgia Fairthorne.


She fell off a skateboard in Pembrokeshire while playing


with her brother and sister ten days ago.


She is now recovering in hospital in Cardiff where for


As a result her mother Emma has launched a social media campaign


Take care of your kids and get them a helmet


when they are on their scooters or their skateboards.


Emma Fairthorne has also launched an online petition calling


for the government to make the wearing of helmets compulsory.


But within the skating community, there are mixed views.


Guto Williams runs this popular store in Cardiff and is an advocate


of safe skateboarding but he says there is resistance


Believe it or not, head injuries are really rare in skateboarding.


It's an action sport so it is quite dangerous but it is quite rare.


That said, we strongly advise children and beginners


The Headway charity at Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff


helps people who have had brain injuries, some from accidents.


They believe a sizeable proportion of those injuries could have been


Every three minutes a person is admitted to hospital in the UK


with a head injury and some are permanently brain-damaged.


Head injury can affect people in terms of their behaviour,


in terms of their emotional well-being and also, physically,


people can be affected and be left with long-term disabilities.


And that is just what happened to Jeff.


He's now 41 but as a teenager he came off his skateboard


He was in a coma for six weeks and has suffered brain injuries


Obviously you are a keen advocate of helmets?


But the message is not getting through.


None of these teenagers at this skate park on this Cardiff Bay


barrage were wearing helmets and they say they really do.


The better you get, the more you learn to fall safely


and the less likely you are to get a head injury.


Nothing has happened around my head area ever.


If something does go wrong, we know how to protect our body


What do you think the others would say if one of you


But as Georgia Fairthorne and Jeff know,


With the number of head injuries on the increase,


their families are determined to keep up the pressure


A teenager has also been seriously injured after a tree branch snapped


and hit her at a National Trust site on Anglesey.


18-year-old Amy Brooke was hit while she was at


Her family have been waiting to hear whether or not she'll


Matthew Richards joins us now from Plas Newydd.


The area where this happened is a Woodland park just on the other side


of the property behind me. I think we can show you a picture of the


branch which snapped and fell on top of Amy Brooke. She had only been at


Plas Newydd for about 15 minutes with a friend and she suffered a


number of injuries to her lower back and spinal area. She is being cared


for locally and we understand she is in a comfortable condition. There


was some discussion as to whether she should be transferred to a


specialist hospital in Stoke. Plas Newydd is a large estate, very


popular with tourists. It has been very popular today. Bidders on the


banks of the Menai Strait. Earlier, I asked a member of the trust to


explain what they think happened. From the investigations that have


been carried out so far, we believe that it might be,


and I stress it might be, a phenomenon known as summer drop,


where a healthy tree for no apparent reason suddenly


drops a major branch. But it's very early days so I can't


confirm that is actually the case and we will do everything we can


to get the bottom of this So the investigation is already


underway? There have been a number of National Trust experts having a


look at the trees on the site today. All the areas where the public would


normally walk have been created as no entry areas today and that will


remain the case until at least tomorrow when the Health and Safety


Executive will be on site to assess any problems. Ordinarily, the


National Trust say they carry out visual inspections of the trees to


make sure there are no obvious problems. They have expressed their


sympathies to Amy Brooke and her family. They will try and get to the


bottom of what happened to make sure they can open the site in full and


to make sure that everyone is safe. Well, it was an extraordinary


weekend for Team GB at the Rio Olympics and Welsh


athletes certainly had their part The number of medals won by Welsh


athletes competing for Team GB could reach double


figures, according to Welsh athletes have equalled


the record haul of medals Seven in medals in total -


five silvers, in the swimming, rowing, rugby sevens


and in the velodrome. Welsh cyclists have also


delivered two gold medals. The good news is there's another


week to go, with taekwondo's Jade Jones and sailor


Hannah Mills competing. Becky James is going


for her second medal. Terrific, wasn't it? It all started


on Friday with Owain Doull and Jaz Carlin. Two medals in a day. Surely


it could not happen again. Well, it did. We are still some way of the


four golds of Antwerp in 1920. That includes four golds in the relay at


the athletics but already these games are considered to be up there


with the best ever for Welsh athletes.


Gold medal winners, Olympic champions and Welsh.


Owain Doull and the Great Britain team pursuit team won


in world record time and celebrations soon followed.


Feeling a bit worse for wear today, I will be honest.


I think it's the only thing to do after three or four years


You did not get led astray by Sir Bradley Wiggins, did you?


Whether that is on the bike or off the bike.


When we caught up with Wales' second gold medallist


and world record-holder yesterday, Elinor Barker,


I only turned my phone on a few hours ago to see what


Everybody seemed to know what was going on.


It did not seem like this worldwide thing.


Having grown up together in Cardiff, riding for the same club as kids,


they became Olympic champions within 24 hours of each other.


But they are based these days in Manchester.


Most of the Welsh athletes in Team GB train across the border


but sporting chiefs insist that Wales has had an important


85% of the team have had support from the Institute and Sport Wales.


Sports science, sport medicine, so they have come through club


systems and the majority have come through in Wales,


which is about great coaching, great facilities, it is about


starting them young and helping them develop their talent.


It is exactly what is happening here.


A chance to try cycling at a very young age.


These sessions in Maindy in Cardiff are organised by Welsh Cycling,


Their old coach says that Lottery money has transformed the sport.


It has made a massive difference since it came along in 1997,


just for the riders to be able to be full-time.


They don't have to work alongside training.


They can do everything they need to do and that is why


Back in Rio, Welsh cycling success continued.


After spending a difficult two years dealing with injury and a cancer


She could win another medal in the sprint tomorrow.


It does not even feel real right now.


I knew I was stuck at the back and I did not know


I didn't want to be stuck on the outside so I left


Spectators wore red dragons with pride.


This medical volunteer from North Wales


cheering Welsh competitors on between sets.


As soon as you mention Wales, everyone says Gareth Bale.


Hopefully they will now mention our athletes doing well


Jazz Carlin has certainly been one name everyone is talking about.


A second silver, this time in the 800 metre freestyle,


putting her up with the greats of Welsh swimming.


It took a lot for me to get back in the pool


and a lot for me to find that drive again but I am glad.


The Rio Games are already amongst the most successful ever for Welsh


athletes and with plenty of medal prospects to come, they could well


I mentioned Becky James there. She broke Victoria Pendleton's Olympic


record in sprint qualifying yesterday and made it through to the


last eight today. The final is tomorrow. And Cardiff sailor Hannah


Mills and her partner continue to lead in their class. There could be


another successful week to come. I'll have the rest of the day's


sport later in the programme. Still to come on the programme


before seven o'clock: It has been reopened to the public


after being closed since 1978 but now developers say problems mean it


will once more have to close its doors.


The whole of Wales basking in sunshine.


Even warmer tomorrow but how long will it last?


The chance of a split in the Labour Party is greater now


That's the view of a Welsh Labour supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, who sits


It comes amid a row over which party members can vote in the leadership


election between Mr Corbyn and Pontypridd MP Owen Smith.


Our political correspondent Daniel Davies has been speaking


to party members, starting in Newport.


Which direction for Labour? These three young members in Newport told


me why they hope Owen Smith can topple Jeremy Corbyn. They are both


Labour members and for them to share the same view, it is expected


almost. The difference is that Jeremy Corbyn will not win a general


election and Owen Smith can. You can have a traditional Labour leader


becoming the next Prime Minister or you can opt for Jeremy Ayre, but you


are just surrendering to the Conservatives. I would say even got


a good chance. I would say don't listen to the hype around Jeremy


Corbyn. Whoever wins will have to sell the party to a wider electorate


and while the two campaigns trade blows over who should get that job,


this contest has provided brisk business for the lawyers. There has


been a tussle in the courts over who should vote. Labour members who


joined in the last six months will not take part. A decision by the


party's National Executive Committee upheld in the Court of Appeal last


week. Harriet rejoined Labour to back Jeremy Corbyn. She paid an


extra ?25 to make sure she could vote for him and she says trying to


groom the electorate for this contest will fuel his campaign. The


party is trying really hard to stop the left developing and getting


votes and Jeremy but they are doing the opposite because we see


thousands of people across the country turning up to his rallies.


He is now the antiestablishment candidate. One Jeremy Corbyn


supporter on the party's committee dismisses claims the far left is


trying to infiltrate Labour. The idea that any significant proportion


of the 300,000 members comes from any number of the tiny far left


sects that we are talking about is ludicrous. And on the chance of


labour splitting? There is more chance of us splitting now than


there has been at any time in the recent past. I hope that can be


avoided. I think whatever the outcome a few people will leave the


party but I hope those figures will remain small. Owen Smith today


attacked what he calls Tory plans to privatise in England. He says labour


is heading for a crushing defeat if it does not change course. But the


Jeremy Corbyn can claim today it has the overwhelming support of local


constituency Labour parties. The result for this second Labour


leadership election in as many years will be announced on the 24th of


September. The recovery of an RAF helicopter


which burst into flames in Snowdonia A chinook helicopter from RAF Odiham


in Hampshire has been sent to move The training aircraft caught fire


shortly after making an emergency All five people on board


escaped unharmed. Figures suggest the number


of shoppers in Wales has reached its highest level


since June 2013. The figures from the British Retail


Consortium show footfall was up by 1.7% here last month,


with Wales outperforming But there's also been a small rise


in the number of empty shops, We have seen some positive news


from the footfall figures for the last three months


and that is great news for consumers, great news for stores


and great news for the 135,000 people who are employed


in the retail sector. While that is positive,


and we have a cautious optimism going forward,


there is the downside at the moment where we are seeing an increase


in the number of vacant premises. A multi-million pound Army drone


was scrapped after it crashed at Aberporth Airfield in Ceredigion,


according to a de-classified report. The 70 stone unmanned and unarmed


air vehicle crashed during a test It was part of the Army's


billion pounds Watchkeeper It only re-opened recently


but St Catherine's Island near Tenby is to close at the end


of this month. The island fort, opened as a tourist


attraction last year after being shut since the 1970s


but developing it further has become Abigail Neal is there


for us tonight. It is a beautiful evening here in


Tenby tonight but this scene really does illustrate one of the problems


of developing St Catherine's Island as a tourist attraction. Namely, you


are beholden to the tide. Those behind this venture had been


planning to build some jetties so that you could arrive by boat but in


the end they thought, because of circumstances, it was all grooving


to costly. It is not just the glorious sunshine


which set the scene. A backdrop like St Catherine's Island, enticing


Tenby's villagers to explore. The island and its Napoleonic fort had


been close to the public since 1978 but recently moves were made to


regenerate this landmark. Last year, it was opened up for guided tours


and, after a long road through planning, the idea to develop it as


a tourist attraction was given approval. The developers had been


looking to do more work here with a nature trail around the island,


jetties to make it more accessible by boat and even an outdoor cafe up


on the roof. But in the end of the restrictions involved made it


financially unviable. Visitor numbers have been steady but not as


high as had hoped and at the end of this month the doors will close once


again. It will be a shame to lose it. Over 35 years I have been coming


to Tenby and it is something I have been looking forward to be able to


visit and it is really sad that it is due to close. Many are not too


worried about the loss of this one attraction. After all, Tenby still


has lots to offer. And some are optimistic this will not be the end.


Hopefully there will be developers that can take it on and there are a


number of other attractions that operate very successfully in the


area. It may have been built for soldiers in the 19th century but the


fort has had many uses since then. Although now it's next chapter looks


uncertain. Inside, the fort has not changed


much since it was first built in 1870 but it has had various


incarnations over the years, including most bizarrely as a zoo at


one point. But come September, St Catherine's Island will go back once


again to being cut off and inaccessible.


Let's get the rest of the day's sport now with Tomos.


First to football, and Arsenal have confirmed the Wales midfielder


Aaron Ramsey has a hamstring injury and is being assessed by the club.


In exactly three weeks, Wales will start their World Cup


qualifying campaign against Moldova at the Cardiff City Stadium.


Meanwhile, Crystal Palace midfielder Jonny Williams is expected to miss


Wales assistant manager Osian Roberts says Wales


striker Hal Robson-Kanu, who's without a club team, doesn't


Robson-Kanu has been a free agent since he left Reading.


After Euro 2016, the midfielder has been linked with several


Cricket, and on day three of four of Glamorgan's away game


against Worcestershire, the home side finished on 393,


setting Glamorgan 265 to win, with nine wickets remaining.


Back to Rio, and a wonderful few days for our athletes


It's the culmination of years of hard training,


often not just for them but their families too.


So, it made it even sweeter that they could share


I hated it, if I am honest. I was so nervous. I am a terrible spectator.


There is George North, her boyfriend.


It was so emotional. She was so pleased, we were so pleased. It was


so nice that we could be together and celebrate her success.


Smiles all around and well-deserved. She keeps her feet on the ground,


that has been really important for us as a family. And we will make


sure she does keep her feet on the ground. She will be washing the


dishes. Owain Doull!


Their moment, their glory. I was the happiest sister in the


world but it came across as a lot of sobbing. Definitely the crybaby of


the family and super proud of him and what he has achieved today.


The first Olympic Games but her second Olympic medal.


She blew us all away in the 400 metres earlier in the week.


I am absolutely speechless. I don't know what to say! That was beyond my


wildest dreams, for her to come away with two medals. She has certainly


made up for lost time. It's been a golden day weather-wise


for the whole country. Derek, is the good


weather here to stay? For another day or two


before it goes pear-shaped This picture taken at


Trearddur Bay on Anglesey. Usk in Monmouthshire was today's


hot spot at 25 Celsius. Not quite as hot as we'd thought it


would get last week but warm enough Temperatures inland falling as low


as 9 Celsius in mid and north Wales. Here's the picture


for 8am in the morning. The whole country dry with plenty


of blue sky and sunshine. Breezier on the south


and west coast. So another super


summer's day tomorrow. Sunshine from dawn to dusk and it


will turn out warmer than today. 25 perhaps 26 in places with a light


to moderate breeze from Ideal weather for a trip


to the seaside. If you fancy a paddle,


the sea temperature refreshening. It's day one of the Pembrokeshire


County Show tomorrow. Alfresco weather tomorrow evening


and dry overnight. Some high cloud in the west


with temperatures remaining On Wednesday, more fine and warm


weather but the sunshine Maybe a few showers


in the south-west by evening. On Wednesday night into Thursday,


showers and rain will Heavy and thundery downpours


possible in places. Most places becoming dry


and brighter with some sunshine. Temperatures on the


warm side and muggy. Low pressure over the Atlantic


will turn the weather Heavy rain, showers and blustery


winds for the end of the week. So enjoy the fine weather over


the next couple of days. Your watching Wales


Today from the BBC. A leading brain charity in Wales,


Headway, is calling for helmets to be compulsory for all children


when they're cycling and is also encouraging people to wear extra


head support when skateboarding. It comes as a mother


from Pembrokeshire is campaigning for new helmet laws


after a skateboard accident left her And a teenager has also


been seriously injured after a large tree branch fell


on her at a National 18-year-old Amy Brooke was hit


while she was at Plas Newydd We'll be back with all the latest


after the 10pm News. But for now, from Wales and from


Rio, thanks for your company.


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