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Tonight's headlines: Hoping to make history -


cyclist Becky James goes for gold tonight.


A medal of any colour would mean a record haul for Welsh


An emotional wreck. It has been so stressful. I can't imagine what


Becky must be feeling. Happy now she has got through to the semifinals.


She already has an individual silver medal at these games. We will know


by the end of the evening whether she can add to the tally are not.


There could be a medal in the sailing.


This is where Hannah Mills spent much of her time


Can she turn London silver into Rio gold?


Also tonight, looking beyond the beautiful scenery.


Could litter and a lack of public toilets be turning tourists away


But we'll be asking why most new mothers in some of our poorest


communities still prefer to bottle feed their babies.


History beckons for Becky James and for Wales.


She's going for gold for Great Britain in Rio tonight


and if she wins a medal of any colour it will be a record


haul for Welsh athletes at an Olympic Games.


Sailor Hannah Mills from Dinas Powys could soon secure another gold too.


In a moment, we'll speak to Tomos Dafydd at


Cardiff Bay Yacht Club - Hannah Mills' home club.


But first let's hear from our reporter who's


We're in between sessions here at the moment, but in less


than two hours' time this velodrome will be the focus for


Abegevenny's Becky James will be back on this track


fighting for a place in the women's sprint final.


If she does it, then what a story for an athlete who has openly


admitted that two years ago she was in a really unhappy place


One win away from a medal, two whens away from goal. Automated code


before Becky James and Wales at the velodrome. Already a silver


medallist at these games, the former double world champion could soon be


adding to her collection. And Becky has been so impressive in


qualification. An Olympic record on Sunday and she has just cruised past


the world champion of China to secure her place in the final four.


And years ago Rio seemed like a distant dream for this Abergavenny


girl. Illness and injury made her question the sport she loved. It has


been a journey for the whole family. An emotional wreck. So stressful. I


can't imagine what Becky must be feeling. Happy now she has got


through to the semifinals. Can you believe we are here? A silver medal


and another one possibly on the way? It is unbelievable she has got to


where she is. It just shows the work ethic she has got and the commitment


and dedication. And the love for the sport. If she didn't have the love,


she could have walked away from it. She absolutely loves it. How close


was she from doing that a few years ago? Very close. Just with the


support of British cycling and everybody around her, it has kept


her motivated. She has stuck with it and that is down to her. And for


those back home who followed her career throughout, July of seeing


this recent success. She joined the cycling club and had been identified


as a talent in a school session. I don't think anybody appreciated how


good she was going to call on to become. Tonight she will be tested.


She goes against an opponent from the Netherlands who has previously


won gold. She can keep going for a long time. But she hasn't got the


same top acceleration. She needs to place your strength. She needs to


make sure she is not caught in a long drag race. It will be a tough


ask, but Becky James has already shown she is one determined


competitor. Here is the all-important timetable for you back


home. Semifinal at 8pm. Three straight head-to-head is. If


successful, she will go for gold at around 9:45pm. A very frustrating


day for Hannah Mills. But after eight places, things are looking


and our reporter is there for us. at Cardiff Bay yacht club


Not quite Copacabana beach, but it is lovely


Cardiff Bay barrage that way, Bristol Channel over there.


This is where Sailor Hannah Mills - who's from Dinas Powys -


Having won silver four years ago, she is aiming - with her


partner Saskia Clark - to become Olympic Champions.


The good news - they're leading the 4-70 class.


The finals are tomorrow, but they could clinch gold later


Venturing out where an Olympian once sailed. Thousands of miles from Rio,


they're hoping to emulate the biggest name in Welsh sailing. I


think she will do well. She has done well so far. I think she will win


gold. It can be scary at high speed with loads of wind. Sometimes a bit


of your boat goes in the air and you're told to hike out. That can be


scary. This week, people here are being given a chance to try sailing


for the first time. The Royal Yachting Association will be easier


talent spotting. The aim is to honour the next Olympian. But


attracting more to sailing may be a challenge. The sport is not the


easiest to follow. If you want to do athletics, you just need to run fast


in a line. But with this, every day in the water is different. Different


circumstances and conditions. There are more girl sailors than the boys


at the moment. It is a great sport for girls to get into. And a role


model like Hannah Mills helps? Definitely! Hannah Mills started out


on a family holiday aged seven. Before long, talent was clear.


British champion at just 13. Destined for greater things. There


was a silver medal at the London Olympics. At Rio yesterday, the race


was postponed due to wind. Weather conditions can be a challenge. The


wind and the tights challenges are big. You can have a tough day here.


From that respect, it is challenging. From a visual


perspective, it is stunning. You can see the mountains and Sugarloaf


Mountain. Back home, people are getting ready to witness a local


girl competing on a big stage. A lifetime achievement could be


realised. Called Olympic medal within reach.


So, three races today for Hannah Mills.


The next race starts in the next couple of minutes -


before the day's last race at 8pm this evening.


Coverage on the red button and online.


After that - switch over to BBC One Wales for the women's


Win that and Becky James will race for gold -


Don't move from the TV tonight - history could be made in Rio.


Welsh athletes could win a record 8th, possibly 9th medal.


The rest of today's news now - and North Wales Fire


and Rescue Services say the blaze in which an elderly couple died


this morning is thought to have been electrical.


Crews were called to the fire in Deganwy this morning.


A man and a woman were brought out of the property on this private


road, but later died - another woman managed to get out


We mobilised appliances from Colwyn Bay. Once they arrived on the scene,


we went into the property when rediscovered two casualties. They


were removed from the premises. And fortunately we were not in a


position to help them. People with Multiple Sclerosis


in Wales have worse access to treatment than in any other part


of the UK - that's according A survey found that 49% of patients


with the disease here felt they couldn't access a modifying


therapy to help manage the incurable condition that affects


the nervous system. The Welsh Government says it accepts


improvements are needed. One person has been airlifted


to hospital after being pulled from the water


near Porthcawl this afternoon. Coastguards were called


to Rest Bay at half past three, and the person was airlifted


to Morriston Hospital in Swansea. It comes as a safety warning has


been issued after 13 children were reported missing on Welsh


beaches in the past 48 hours. All were found safe and well


but coastguards have increased their patrols in case


of further emergencies. In Rhyl in particular, we have


sandbanks wrapped round water and mud patches. Keep an eye on all your


family. You can take children to a beach hut where you can get a


wristband for emergency contact. If they get lost, we can contact adults


through that means. Over the last decade


the Welsh Blood Service has seen a 34% drop in the number


of people donating blood. But there are calls tonight


for changes to the criteria, which would allow more potential


donors to come forward. At the moment gay men


who are sexually active aren't allowed to give blood -


the equality charity, Stonewall Cymru, says that's


unfair and inconsistent. The Welsh Government says it's


following medical advice. To resupply Welsh hospitals


the blood service needs 450 people to come forward every day


and there's a shortage of donors. But safety guidelines prevent some


groups from giving blood. Men are currently excluded


from donating blood for 12 months Those guidelines were introduced


in 2011 but some campaigners say they're now out of date


and need rethinking, as they're simply unfair to gay


and bisexual men. These are people who want to give


blood and help save lives. So this is why this is a priority for us. It


is why we are calling on the Welsh Government to review this and


replace the system with something which is fear for everyone,


regardless of sexual orientation. Blood donation is a devolved mater


in Wales and the Welsh Government says its policy is to follow


the recommendations of SABTO - the UK's advisory committee


on the safety of blood, That committee of experts


is currently reviewing just who can As it stands, there are other


potential blood donors who face a similar 12 month ban -


for example sex workers, patients who have injected drugs


and people who have been sexually active in parts of the world


where HIV and AIDS are common. They're all deemed to be


high risk groups. And SABTO's recommendation for


a 12 month exclusion period is because some viruses don't


show up in the blood straight away. The so-called window period as the


period between someone becoming infected with the blood borne virus


and the infection appearing. That can take weeks or months. The aim of


that was that there are not missing din agents which are infected with


in that window period. But for the LGBT community,


it remains a highly emotive issue. We could end in Wales the ban on gay


men giving blood. Earlier this summer,


Plaid Cymru AM Adam Price addressed crowds who'd assembled at the Senedd


in the wake of the shootings Then, as now, he believes Wales


should lead the way and challenge the restrictions on sexually-active


gay men giving blood. That decision could be made now and


that would have an immediate effect on the amount of blood available for


the Welsh blood transfusion service at a time when they are seeing 41%


cut in the number of new donors. We could have new donors by getting rid


The Welsh Government says it's awaiting SABTO's review of blood


In the meantime, the Welsh blood service says it still desperately


needs new donors to come forward to give blood and change lives.


Still to come on the programme: More Welsh mothers like Soriah


are choosing to breastfeed, but bottle feeding is still more


And Cardiff was the warmest place in the UK yesterday.


The hottest day of the month so far for most of Wales.


But there is a big change on the way.


Senior figures in the tourism industry have said north Wales needs


to improve the basics it offers visitors if it wants them to return.


They claim dirty streets, poor amenities and a lack of public


But local councils say they're doing their best on limited budgets.


The medieval town of Conway. Thousands of visitors come here each


year to explore the historic castle and town centre. Odds are concerned


there may be a less pleasant side to people stay out. You look at the


state of the Ben and the flaps, it's not very hygienic. Businesses in the


town are worried that weans -- weeds, rubbish bins and bad toilets


will give visitors a bad experience. We want people to come to the town


and return to the town. If they have a good experience, they will talk


about it and they will come back to rejoin us. He is not the only one


concern. Hoteliers nearby in one double stay clean streets and better


public toilets are essential when tourism creates thousands of jobs.


We are constantly looking to prioritise areas where we can


improve. Experts talk about these issues as destination management.


Plenty here believe more needs to be done. Local councils set comes down


to one thing, money. In Gwyneth, the council is currently trying to cut


?4.4 million worth of services. It means public toilets and tourist


information services are under threat. A similar picture elsewhere


in Wales. There is a lot of pressure on public sector budgets in this


moment in time. And hotspot destinations need to make sure they


are not forgotten about. Gridded council says it will not forget how


important tourism is. It says they are looking at other ways to keep


tourist information centres and toilets open. The ECB will continue


to invest in this important industry.


Abergavenny Cattle market moved from its site in the town's


The Morrisons supermarket chain was due to pay


?15 million for the site - but missed the deadline


Monmouthshire Council has assured the county's taxpayers


that they won't lose out even though the supermarket is now


Thousands fought to keep scenes like this in Abergavenny. Bodley lost


that fight. The former livestock market has looked like this for more


than two years now. The replacement Mark is ten miles away. More trade


is done here than before, in a ?5 million custom-built welding.


Farming unions are happy, but others are not. Brand colours of Morrison's


supermarket can be seen at the old site. What isn't here yet is the ?15


million the company has contracted to pay for this land. Payment


deadline missed earlier this summer. This was an ideal opportunity for


the Council to say they wanted to rethink the position. A lot has


happened. There has been the financial crash and Brexit. It is


time to sit down and we think, what would be best for the Council and


Abergavenny. This man and others have campaigned against moving the


cattle mart. They have also said that a supermarket on the site would


ruin independent shops. The council says that if they allow a


supermarket to be built inside the town centre, there is less chance of


one being built outside the city centre. They say the army gay sheep


-- negotiating small changes to the plans for the site, but they still


expect to get ?15 million from Morrison's for the town centre and


schools. What we want to avoid at all costs was a supermarket being


established out of town, because then the town would most certainly


die in the future. And historic site, plans still on the drawing


board. Some months yet before it could start to blend in with its


surroundings again. There's been a rise in the number


of women breastfeeding in Wales over the last decade -


according to the latest figures. But the numbers remain consistently


low in some of Wales's poorest communities - where it's


white women in particular who are being targeted with support,


to encourage them to Harper is developing really well -


which mum Soraya puts down to the fact she was able


to breastfeed her for four months. It's something she's really proud


of, after having difficulties breastfeeding her older daughter


Ayver, who's now nearly seven. She lives in Caerau, in Cardiff -


where she says it just isn't I haven't seen anybody breast-feeds,


if I'm honest. I don't know anyone who has breast-fed. It is not normal


to see. It is just easier to get a bottle.


What made the difference was being part of a Cardiff University


project, which paired her up with a peer supporter -


She explained about the underwear and blankets. I didn't know this


stuff existed. I bought a bra that clipped off. I bought one of those.


These figures from the Welsh Government suggest that


over the last ten years, there's certainly been an increase


in the number of women opting to breast feed.


But they're more a snapshot of what mums opt to do


in the first few days after their babies are born -


they don't tell us how long they continue to breastfeed


for example, or go into the reasons why - for many - it


But it is the more socially deprived areas like Blaenau Gwent,


Merthyr, and Wrexham, where the numbers of women not


breastfeeding, are higher than the numbers who are.


Janine Wyn Davies has worked in midwifery for over 20 years -


and says the reasons are complex - the mum's education plays into it,


positive examples in the community and even a perception that formula


The length of stay in a hospital where women have their babies is


getting shorter and shorter. In fairness to hospitals and maternity


units, they are mostly signed up to our baby friendly status, which


means absolute focus on encouraging women to breast-feed. The figures


are going up across all social backgrounds. But once they get home,


without that support, then the problems occur.


Soraya can't speak highly enough about the support she had -


and says she'll be encouraging her friends to give breastfeeding a try.


In the meantime, researchers at Cardiff University will now


assess whether the peer-support scheme has any impact on the rates


With interest rates at a record low, a growing number of Welsh savers


are putting their money in investments like wine or shares


in renewable energy companies, rather than leaving it


At the moment, there are five community energy


shares in their companies for rates of interest up to 6.5%


Here's our economics correspondent, Sarah Dickins.


They are admiring their investments. Not as attractive as fine art or


vintage cars, but more ordinary savers are turning to projects like


this to make their cash grow. The building wind wind turbines to


generate income for shareholders. How much money have you put into


this project? ?2500. Why? I think the planned investment would have a


better return on it than what would've been offered by the banks.


This is a far cry from putting 200 pounds into Premium Bonds. Investors


say they are looking at new ways of growing their money. Up to ?85,000


is protected in a savings account. That is not the case year. We have a


guaranteed feeding price for the next 20 years. The income is secure.


We have a track record in developing the sort of projects. At the


project, there are three wind projects across Wales offering


shares at up to 6.5% a year for 20 years. And two hydro projects. They


hope to raise ?3.5 million. This woman says alternative investments


shouldn't be people only source of saving. The work for people who


already have cash in the building society. Equity -based investments.


Investing in wind seems to be growing as well. One of the biggest


wine auctions outside London is in Abergavenny, where 900 lots will go


under the hammer this weekend. I think this is a better investment


than taking out an ice because they can go up and down in value.


There is more fine weather to come tomorrow. But it won't stay dry all


week. By the end of the week, it might feel more like autumn. Today


was lovely. Many seaside resorts have been popular today, including


Colwyn Bay. Lots of sunshine. For much of Wales, today has been the


hottest of the month so far. 26 degrees in Cardiff today. A fine


warm evening ahead. Dry overnight. A few cirrus clouds and Moonlight


skies. 13-15d for the course. By ATM, another beautiful start to the


day. Finance dry with lots of summer sunshine. Breezy on the south coast.


More fine, warm weather and sunshine to come tomorrow, but high clouds in


the West will spread further north-east in the afternoon. Many


places dry, but not ruling out a few showers in the far south-west by


evening. Warm or very warm again. Temperatures in the low mid 20s. The


wins will be light. Cloudier than today for the County show in


Haverfordwest. Tomorrow evening, we might see some rain spread its way


northwards and some of that could be heavy with rumbles of thunder.


Wrexham and Rhyl may just about stay dry. Into Thursday, spots of rain


will die away. The afternoon will be dry. Some sunshine and feeling on


the WAN side with light winds. Beyond that, I mentioned a big


change on the way. Look at this big low over the Atlantic, quite deep


for August, moving across our land on Saturday. On Friday, we will see


a spell of rain, followed by brighter weather and showers. The


wind is picking up. Saturday, windy with heavy showers. Strong winds in


the south and west. You have been warned!


Do join us again after the 10pm news when we'll have all the latest


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