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Our main story: The Brownlee brothers have won gold and silver in


the triathlon, with Alistair beating his brother


There's no change in the overall pass rate but the Education Minister


says she's concerned that the numbers getting


We want to see continued improvement year-on-year and this shop is


something we will need to look at. As an opencast mine in Powys


is moth-balled with the loss of 75 jobs, we'll look at


the future for the industry. In tonight's sport:


Hannah Mills finally Now all eyes turn to


Jade Jones this evening. Jade Jones is preparing for her


quarterfinal bout. Can she defend her title and win gold once again?


And remembering the spitfire pilot who penned a world-famous


Thousands of students in Wales are considering their future


The overall pass rate is the same as last year -


97.3% of Welsh students got A-star to E grades.


But the number getting the highest A star and A grades


A small drop, but the lowest it's been since A-stars


Our education correspondent Bethan Lewis reports.


After weeks of apprehension the results are in. It was a similar


scene in schools and colleges across Wales this morning. The some of the


letters made happier reading than others. Students in Bridgend, Colwyn


Bay and Aberystwyth were amongst those getting the results. I'm going


to Exeter. I needed three A 's. I am really happy. Relieved more than


anything. B, C, D and any. It's what I expected. I got three season which


I am quite happy with and I'm going to study in Staffordshire. I am over


the moon. Not everyone will get the grades and the message for those who


are disappointed is not to panic and consider the other options


available. Those getting results at this school near Bridgend were


joined by Education Secretary Kirsty Williams. Her job will be to look at


the results and work out what the government can do to boost


performance for everyone. Over the weeks to come we will be looking


carefully across all subjects and all centres that have had students


sitting exams to look to see what the Welsh Government can do and what


schools can do to make sure we are on it to victory of improving the


highest pass rate in years to come. The positives for the Welsh


Government will be the good performance in maths where Wales


gets a higher percentage of top grades than England. Winning this


language it is less positive. They may take a look at the drop in


numbers taking foreign-language is an Welsh. These are long-standing


trends for the languages. One of the concerns is whether we are seeing


reduced opportunities to study languages. If there are fewer


schools offering land which is it becomes more of a spiral downwards.


As well as A-level results, a S results and baccalaureate results


were out and up on last year. With only a few envelopes left both


students know what grades they have got under looking ahead. But for


those concerned with the all Wales picture the drop in top grades will


be of concern. As well as that stubborn gap between performance in


Wales and the rest of the UK. As in Wales the overall pass rate state


the same across the UK. The percentage of top grades was


slightly down. While many would argue that comparing with some


similar English regions is fairer only the north-east had a lower


percentage of top grades. His shoes for the politicians and policymakers


but for students the focus now is on the next step.


Bethan is at the University of South Wales in Treforest this evening.


Bethan, how concerned should we be by the fall in the number


We are not talking here about huge percentage drops and you could see


it as part of the ups and downs you get over the years but it is of


concern and the Welsh Government will see it as a concern because


they have talked about in improving system and it is nothing to address


the gap that exists in performance between Wales and other parts of the


UK. It has been a busy morning in loss of schools across Wales and its


still busy here at the clearing centre at the University of South


Wales. Helen like Dennis the Deputy Vice Chancellor. How important is


clearing for you? Clearing is important for all universities.


Every university in Wales is in clearing and every university in the


UK is in clearing. It is big business at hundreds of courses and


lots of opportunities. We have been really busy and the phones have been


ringing. You can ring until 7am tonight. You can go on Twitter and


Facebook. It has been really busy time. And lots of competition


between universities. There is some competition but it's about the right


students choosing the right course at the right university for them.


Joanne Harris from careers Wales. What are the other options? We


advertise apprenticeships, there is Jobs Growth Wales vacancies. If


somebody wants to give us a ring we can talk about gap years,


internships, volunteering, alternative qualifications, distance


learning or professional qualifications. Things like


apprenticeships are a valuable now? Definitely. The important thing is


is not to drag your feet and get out there and do your research. Thank


you both. Some people still have big decisions to make but at least the


nervous wait for those results is over.


To the Olympics now and Kate Morgan is here with the very latest on how


Welsh athletes are faring and Kate, has Hannah Mills got her hands


Yes, finally, Wales' Hannah Mills has officially claimed a gold medal


in the sailing after the 4-70 event was postponed yesterday


She and her partner, Saskia Clarke, held a 20 point lead


in the run up to the final, which they just needed


A few moments ago, Hannah spoke to the BBC's Shirley Robertson.


Finally we can say they are the 2016 Olympics champions. I cant believe


its! It actually happened. It's the best feeling ever. Four years ago it


was agonising watching you lose gold and walk away with silver. This


moment now, does it make you forget about London? Right now, absolutely.


We are so proud to have come back and we have worked so hard. It is


all we have ever dreamt of. We are so proud. Thank you to everyone at


home for all the support. I am sure they are cheering in Wales and Essex


but a word about the partnership. You are so close in so anyways but


to finally get the chance to stand on that top step. It's going to be


so great. All eyes turn now to Jade Jones


who won Taekwondo Gold at 2012. She's hoping to defend her title


at the Olympic Park this evening. In a moment, we'll speak


to Matthew Richards who's with her friends and family


watching at home in Flint, Jade Jones has already been


competing this morning. She is safely through to the last eight.


She is now three boats away from gold. Earlier today I spoke to her


grandfather who told me she seemed quite nervous this morning. For


everybody else watching it was just a very convincing performance. The


top seed seemed in top form today. A dominant display by Jade Jones and


she is now safely through to the quarterfinals. It was just about how


good that lady was. The aim is simply for this girl is to repeat


the success of 2012 when the unknown 19-year-old became a shock win at


the London games. I gave it everything I had and every time I


was waking up it was for London and when I won it was unbelievable. I


was a bit lost after it but now I am back on my feet again and hungry to


win this next title. Thrown into the limelight she struggled with form in


the aftermath of her Olympic win. There was disappointment that the


World Championships the following year, a back injury frustrated her,


but she admitted herself she had fallen out of love with the sport.


But now she is firmly back at the top of her game and is favourite to


top the podium tonight. And for grandad, the man who inspired her to


take up the sport, once again it is a proud moment. There is a lot more


pressure on her this time. In 2012 she was virtually unknown. Now


everybody knows her. She is ranked world number one. Four years ago


Jade Jones flung her helmet into the air in delight as she was crowned


Olympic champion. Expect similar scenes if she retains the Crown in


Rio. In just under an hour's time she will fight again and she is up


against quite a tough competitor. A bronze medallist at the European


Championships last year. But the feisty Flintshire Cup assures us she


is hungry for more success and if she does get to that final tomorrow


morning, so you better keep watching.


Now you might remember the celebrations in Flint


Crowds turned out in their thousands to cheer her home as she took


an open top bus tour through the town.


Well Flint is right behind her again this evening.


Matthew Richards is with Jade's friends and family.


There is no mistaking that Flint is her town. The leisure centre has


been renamed after her and the gold postbox still stands proudly in the


town centre. How are you feeling after seeing her today? It was the


best I have seen her for years. She has got through. Onto the next one


and I hope she goes through again. Is it nerve wracking? I cant explain


it. You have made her promise to make sure you watch every game? Yes


and we will see her if she gets to the final. It must be amazing to see


so many people out there supporting. It's great to see everybody


screaming for her. I wish you a good night tonight. You were one of her


first teachers and you introduced a lot of youngsters here to taekwondo.


What is so special about her? From the word go she showed promise and


she started competing and there was no stopping her. She had a lot of


support from the family. Some of this lot will hopefully be doing the


same. Are these the people who have been inspired by you? Very much so.


They have all seen Jade Jones. Just described her style. Why is the --


is she so good? Fantastic focus. Amazing head kicks as you saw in the


head -- in the fight earlier. Dedication and termination. Everyone


is behind his ear. So Lucy, a long night ahead before


we know if Jade can make history Her next bout is at 7.30pm, so stay


tuned to the BBC's Olympic coverage. Hospital emergency departments


are still failing to meet Welsh Government


waiting time targets. Figures for July show just over 82%


of patients waited less than four hours before being admitted,


transferred or discharged. But fewer patients waited longer


than the maximum 12 hours. The Welsh Government says it knows


there's more work to be done. 75 jobs are to be lost at Nant Helen


opencast mine in Powys. Its owners, Celtic Energy,


say they're mothballing the mine for two years


because Aberthaw Power Station in the Vale of Glamorgan


is downgrading its operation It was work as usual for those at


the Nant Helen site today. But shortly many will look for work


elsewhere as the majority face redundancies with around 30 taking


involuntary. We are working with Celtic energy and other employers


specifically at Hinkley point, because they were require some


construction workers. Aberthaw Power Station is powered by coal. 500,000


tonnes of which comes from the Nant Helen site each year. Following the


decision by the power stations on burn coal until April next year it


has a big pact on its supplier. But the Chief Executive of Celtic energy


believes Nant Helen can the operational again in the future.


There is continuing domestic demand for coal. Obviously we are looking


at markets overseas where it is economically viable. Nant Helen is


not the first site in this area to be mothballed. In October last year


Celtic energy took the same decision over its other site near Glyn Neath


and other coal mines in the area have also suffered a similar fate.


As coal mining in south Wales continues its long decline. Some may


be struggling but other opencast sites in Wales continue their


operations despite opposition from some corners. This was the scene at


force of rant in May as protesters tried to halt operations. It


reflects the continuous change in attitudes towards the use of coal.


We are seeing the final days of the coal industry in Wales and we need


to prepare for new jobs in these communities and for a cleaner


future. However others believe they can be a future for coal. Back in


the 1970s we were talking about clean coal technology then. We never


invested in it but it's never too late. We should be looking at it


seriously. I am a big supporter of renewable energy. I am not so keen


on nuclear. I think that is a role for coal. For now uncertainty


remains as to whether coal extraction in Wales will be soon


stopped for good. Still to come in the programme:


After a worldwide search to run a million pound farm for just


a pound in rent, And the aviation poem still quoted


by pilots 75 years after it was More than 400,000 people


travelled to see live music performances in Wales last year,


double the number Big concerts like One Direction


in Cardiff helped, as did the rise of festivals like Greenman


in the Brecon Beacons. Paul Heaney reports


on an industry now worth Part of an industry


that's on the rise. Organisers of the Greenman Festival


sold tickets to allow people to camp here for the days before the main


stage opened this morning. The hope is they spend many


with local businesses. We spend money in Crickhowell


and buy goods and bits and pieces. We also have a butcher that comes


in and we have bought bits and pieces from him and today


we have just been up onto the canal Have you been out


and about in the area? We have done things like that


previous years but this year we have Fans like this who travel more


than 37 miles to a performance The group which lobbies


for the industry, UK Music, says there were 400,000


of them in Wales last year, A small part though of a ?2 billion


tourist industry in Wales. Cardiff accounts for most


of that music related cash. Sell-out concerts by Beyonce,


One Direction and others. I definitely think it


is a growing industry. We encourage people to come and try


new things and taste new things. Highlighting the integration


of the tourism industry with the food and agricultural


producers of an area. All that is where there


are real elements to play. Back in the Brecon Beacons local


pubs tell me they are We have a bit of noise and a bit


of extra traffic but everybody grins If it's a bit wet we do a bit


of business as well. But the activity-based businesses


further afield have a Perhaps people are not quite aware


of it all yet maybe, but I haven't noticed any increase


in business at all yet. Many of the suppliers


to the festival are local. This one providing the beer


for 25,000 people. We will expand our


business based on this. Still a small part of the tourist


industry, the value of changing people's perception of Wales


and its industries, harder to count. Now when we brought you news


of the offer back in May it probably A million pound farm up for grabs


for rent of just one pound a year. It was for Parc Farm


on the Great Orme near Llandudno Not surprisingly hundreds applied,


and now the new tenant Dan, Kerry and Evan Jones and a view


of what will soon be their new home. They will pick up the keys


at the end of next month. Tucked in behind the Great Orme


summit, Park Farm is a special place and of course there is a catch


in the ?1 a year rent. It will have to be managed in a way


that puts nature first. There are some typical areas


here that have not been grazed oenough and some areas that have


been grazed too much so that is something we will look


at and try to improve. There is a 10-year plan to reverse


a decline in flora and fauna. If I'm honest, if it wasn't


?1 a year, I probably The ?1 rent a year enables us to use


the livestock as conservation grazing tools rather than primarily


for profitable farming production. The ?1 rent allows us


to do that so we can From breeding pairs of chough


to razorbills, the Joneses will share the Great Orme


with a range of wildlife. And then there are the


two legged visitors. This shepherd's life


will be far from lonely. With the farm there are grazing


rights for outside the walls of the farm so that is one


of the main roles I will have. We want to get more people to come


out and enjoy the Orme and explore more of the Great Orme and the park


itself and we are aiming to educate people in what we're doing and why


we're doing it and showing them that conservation and modern-day farming


can hopefully work together. Wildlife, tourists and a measure


of hard work. A new home for the family


but for Evan, a new school as well. It's been quoted by presidents,


actors, even astronauts. High Flight is an aviation poem,


written by an American spitfire pilot 75 years ago today, at RAF


Llandow in the Vale of Glamorgan. The poem, by John Gillespie Magee


Junior, is a favourite with aviators all over the world and today


a service was held at RAF St Athan I have slept the bonds of earth and


dance the skies on laughter Silver wings. I have climbed and joined the


clouds and at an you have not trained. The words of John Gillespie


Magee Junior, unknown -- and is known by aviators around the world.


His poem is often read at military funerals and was quoted by President


Reagan after the Challenger space shuttle disaster in 1986 in which


all seven crew members died. We will never forget them nor the last time


we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved


goodbye and slipped to the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of


God. Those final words of the sonnet to touch the face of God came to the


19-year-old pilot when he was in spit fire training high above RAF


landau on this day in 1941. He finished the poem on landing and


sent it to his parents in Washington. Just a few months later


he died in a flying accident over Lincolnshire. Today his younger


brother, now in its early 90s, read the poem at the commemoration


service. All I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the


skies on laughter Silver wings. One reason the poem as had such an


appeal is it could only have been written by a pilot because he talks


about things people would not be able to talk about if they had not


flown. It has meant so much to so many people have been pilots or


astronauts. It was also recited in several countries around the world


today, including China, Australia, Canada and the US. In America his


biographer has recited it for us in front of his parents house. It was


where they received the poem for the first time. John Gillespie Magee


Junior's family will hope the poem comforts all those who takes to the


sky. Talking of the skies,


Derek's here with the weather. It's relatively calm at the moment


but we're in for a big change with some bumpy flying conditions


on the way. This mass of cloud over the Atlantic


is going to bring a taste Rain, heavy showers and strong


to gale force winds. At the moment most


places dry this evening. But rain will arrive


during the early hours. The breeze picking-up


in the south west. The rain heavy in places with


a south to south easterly breeze. Brisk and gusty winds


in Pembrokeshire. During the afternoon it will dry


and brighten-up from the south. The sun will come out


but with heavy showers by teatime Strong and gusty winds


in the south west. In Flintshire tomorrow,


rain and breezy. It should dry and brighten-up


later in the afternoon. In Bridgend tomorrow,


rain will clear. Tomorrow evening and overnight


showers will spread across Wales. A breezy and windy night,


especially on the coast. The chart for Saturday shows a deep


low pressure over Northern Ireland. Not what you'd expect


to see in August. There is a yellow warning of strong


to gale force winds in the south and west


with large waves on the coast. A few bright or sunny intervals


but lots of heavy showers. Thunder possible and


unseasonably windy. Gusts of 50mph to 60mph on exposed


coasts in the south and west On Sunday the wind and showers


will gradually ease. Dry and brighter for


a while but more rain on the way. So some poor, disappointing weather


this weekend but bigger waves We're back after the


BBC News at 10:00pm. For now though, from all


of us on the programme,


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