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Welcome to Wales Today. Our top stories:


The most successful Olympics for Welsh athletes ever.


Jade Jones wins taekwondo gold for Team GB, becoming the first


Welsh competitor to successfully defend an individual Olympic title.


I knew I was good enough to come here and win and I would have been


disappointed with anything less than gold.


Back home in Flint, they were up all night celebrating


Hopefully Tokyo is next and we go from there.


Welsh athletes are into double figures - 10 medals won so far


for Team GB and there could be more to come over the final weekend


Calls for compulsory lessons in online safety at school as it's


revealed 150 people were reported to police after meeting children


The campaign for a 24/7 nationwide helpline to provide support


And mountain rescue teams say a big increase in call-outs


is stretching the resources of the volunteer organisations.


She's the first Welsh athlete to successfully defend an individual


Jade Jones is celebrating gold in the taekwondo


At just 23, Jade has told us she plans to go for the hat-trick -


a third gold medal in Tokyo in four years.


Well, hundreds pulled an all-nighter in her home town of Flint


Let's head to Rhodri Llywelyn in Rio.


The pressure was on coming to Rio - an overseas Games.


Fewer competitors than in London four years ago and a record


But Welsh athletes have delivered on the biggest stage.


Defending her title, Jade Jones beat main rival Gomez


of Spain 16-7 in a thrilling final to secure back-to-back


I was 6-0 up and then I came off the gas a bit.


My coach would have killed me if I'd lost it after that so I thought,


one round, go for it with everything you've got and then I had to be


It's no secret that Jade Jones had a difficult spell after London 2012.


She struggled with motivation and took a short break


from taekwondo, but here in Rio, the world number one was back


to her best - once again becoming Olympic champion.


Jade Jones' gold takes the medal tally for Welsh athletes in Team GB


Four golds, six silvers - their most successful Games ever.


Jade took up taekwondo when she was eight.


Her grandfather took her to her first lesson


and spent endless hours driving his granddaughter


To do it once is incredible but to be double Olympic champion


Jade doesn't do bronze and silvers, it's gold or nothing.


Back home in Flint, they are getting ready for a homecoming party.


And last night, for those who did not make it to Rio,


the celebrations went on well into the night.


From fairly early on you could see that she had a lot of promise.


She started doing well in tournaments early and she had


a lot of support from members of her family who took her all over


the place to compete and train and it all


It's a sight we've become accustomed to over the last few weeks.


Welsh athletes up on the podium on top of the world.


By the time she'd received her medal, seen the family,


got back to the athletes village, it's safe to say that


Jade Jones didn't have too much sleep last night.


But I caught up with the double Olympic champion first thing this


morning and asked whether it felt any different this time around.


I still can't believe it from London, to be honest.


I knew I was good enough to come here and win and I would have been


disappointed with anything less than gold.


But in taekwondo, anything can happen.


Until you've got the medal around your neck, nothing is certain.


Talk us through the emotions of winning last night.


Four years, I have trained so hard, and it has been a long road


When you win and you do everything right on the day, it makes that


Are you better equipped to deal with it this time around?


Last time I was 19, I was young, and it was a big shock.


I'm already so pressurerised and world number one,


And we are now at the beginning of another four year cycle.


Yes, I'm only 23 and I love taekwondo.


I love to fight so I will definitely be in Tokyo.


We saw you celebrate with the Red Dragon last night.


What does it mean to you to represent not only Team


I am super proud to be British and I am also super proud to be


Welsh so any chance I get, I love to grab the Welsh


It just means so much, all the support I get,


I couldn't do it without them, especially back home in Flint,


I have just seen a video of them all going mad in the pub


in Flint and it's so special that they are all behind me.


Last time, after your win in London, we saw a leisure centre named


after you in Flint, there's a gold postbox as well,


Richly deserved. Despite concerns beforehand, the Olympics have gone


off without major incident but tonight real concerns surrounding


the Paralympic games. They have been twists and turns, bugs involving the


Olympics, nothing to compare with what faces the Paralympics, who have


announced major budget cuts to the Rio games amid a funding crisis. It


means they will be cuts to sporting venues, staffing and transport. Some


teams might not get her at all because of a delay in the payment of


travel grants. Only 12% of the tickets available have been sold.


That is on top of the criticism that organisers have faced for empty


seating in the Olympic Games. The IPC president has said that never


before in the 56 year history of the games have they faced circumstances


like these. At the moment, disability sport Wales have been


unable to comment. Thank you very much indeed. Much more from me later


in the programme. To the day's other news and children


in Wales are already taught online safety at school but the NSPCC


is calling for compulsory lessons about the specific dangers of social


media and online grooming. It comes after the child protection


charity found that more than 150 people were reported to Welsh police


forces over the past five years for meeting a child


after sexual grooming. More than half of those cases


had an online element. 17-year-old Louise,


which isn't her real name, was nine when she started


using Internet forums where men asked her to share


photos of herself online. I felt like, they deserve it


because they have spoken to me and they have treated me


with respect and they have treated me like I am older than I am


so in return they deserve pictures or most of the time it


would be go on camera. It was bad and it made me


uncomfortable but I did it because they were asking and I felt


rude saying no. When her parents found out


she was banned from the Internet but started visiting chat


rooms again when she That attention, for some


reason, hit me in a spot NSPCC Cymru Wales warns that Louise


is one of an increasing number of young victims


being groomed online. The charity has found that over


the past five years, 155 people were recorded in Wales


as having met a child Dyfed-Powys Police saw the highest


number of cases, 60. There were 35 in the


South Wales Police area. And over half of all the cases


recorded in Wales since 2011 have Schoolchildren in Wales are already


taught elements of online safety but the NSPCC says all children


should be given age-appropriate lessons about the specific dangers


of social media and online grooming. The real challenge for us all is,


can we help young people spot the danger signs, the warning signs,


of what might be grooming behaviour so they can stop this risk happening


before it manifests The Welsh government says it has


an extensive safety programme across Wales and has an online


one-stop shop providing help for children to stay


safe on the web. Meet Chaos, a bilingual alien


character developed by the staff at the Danger Point


centre in Flintshire. Over the past two years he has


helped teach over 16,000 ten and 11-year-olds


from across North Wales about how He can give them bits of advice


but he asks the children to teach him so he has got


Internet safety homework. He asks children to help him


with his homework about staying safe online, what they would advise,


their settings and their profile and keeping themselves safe


online in the process. I was not happy and I did not


realise how damaging it was. One man was sent to prison


and others were investigated She was not warned of the dangers


until it was too late but there are hopes that making


children more aware of the risks they face online could help


prevent them from going North Wales Police has said it


will not be investigating allegations of fraud against UKIP


MEP Nathan Gill. The Anti-Fraud Office


of the European Union is reviewing the allegations


that he misused parliamentary funds. Nathan Gill says the claims


are entirely bogus and are part of an ongoing strategy


to damage his reputation. An Army bomb disposal team


was called to the Intellectual Property Office in Newport this


morning after a suspicious package Police say all staff


were safely evacuated. Specialist officers have carried out


a controlled explosion of the package as a precautionary


measure and an investigation A group of young Welsh people


who have been homeless are calling for a 24-hour phone line and app


to give others in that They say three-quarters of young


homeless people don't know At the Swansea homeless project, I


met the woman behind a campaign to set up a 20 47 helpline. At the age


of 23, her life is on the up but during her teens she experienced


some dark and difficult times. After foster care I was put back into way


I came from, essentially. At the age of 18. But being put back into the


place where I was saved from, it was quite debilitating and detrimental


and I went downhill mentally and physically. Moved away from her


family again, she settled in Swansea and was placed in a refuge. She told


me that often there was not someone to talk to who could relate to


experience, which made life much harder. Over time I just got worse


and worse, having no one to talk to, and the depression got so bad that


the tablets weren't working. I stopped talking to people, I stopped


doing anything. I love reading, I love drawing, I stopped doing both


of those. I stopped living. Along with a group of young people, they


have decided to set up a petition calling for a UK wide helpline which


can be accessed on the phone at any time all year round. How do you


believe this helpline could help other young people who are


experiencing homelessness as you did? The people answering the phones


would be people like me who have experienced homelessness, who have


empathy and know what we are talking about. We are not just some person


who is hired to talk on a phone and rehearsing a script. We are going to


help them there and then, where they need to go, what they need to do.


The charity Llamau is backing the campaign. It offers support and


advice to people facing challenges. It believes a 20 47 helpline --


24-7. A really good example of this would be a domestic abuse helpline


which runs across the UK. So charities can feed into that and


help staff it. Across Wales and the UK, thousands of young people are


facing some form of hopelessness -- homelessness but soon it is up there


will be a UK wide helpline to help them.


These things are murderous, arboreal, tree-climbing


They can hunt in the tree tops, they can hunt on the ground.


Find out what's got this man so concerned.


And batten down the hatches. We're in for some rough weather.


Heavy showers and a risk of flooding on parts of the coast.


Search and mountain rescue teams across Wales say the number


of call-outs in the last 12 months has increased by nearly a third


and it's stretching the resources of the volunteer organisations.


Research by BBC Wales shows that the team in North East Wales


saw the largest rise - an increase of 70%.


The beauty of Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range is a draw


for walkers all year round but the hills and mountains


of this area are proving so popular that the local mountain rescue team


It's not just walkers but horse riders and mountain bikers getting


The nice weather and the get fit message might be reasons why more


and more of us are enjoying the great outdoors.


But those increased visitor numbers are putting a strain


The North East Wales Search and Rescue Team were called


to 70% more incidents in the past 12 months.


The Llanberis team saw a 29% rise, and in the Brecon Beacons,


The Brecon Mountain Rescue Team trains every week and holds regular


special exercises to prepare them, like this one.


The most common rescue they are called out to are lower leg


injuries, but the huge increase in call-outs is stretching


All mountain rescue teams in England and Wales are voluntary organisation


staff and our team costs ?40,000 a year to run based on approximately


100 calls so as we attend more calls, we will use more medical


equipment, more ropes, and they can only be used


Martin Bevan has been a volunteer with Brecon Mountain


He says the increase in call-outs means they are having to step


The extra work is also taking its toll on family life.


We train every Wednesday night and the first Sunday of every


month but then call-outs could happen at any time.


It can be very difficult as a family.


It can be quite hard on the children because we can be organising to go


swimming and suddenly Dad is not coming with us


Mountain rescue teams across Wales accept that accidents happen


but they are urging those using the countryside to help


themselves by being prepared and having the basic equipment


like a map, compass and a phone when they take to the hills.


Back to Tomos now, with more from the Olympics.


There were celebrations in the waters off Rio last night


after Hannah Mills from Dinas Powys was finally awarded the gold medal.


Mills won sailing's 470 event with partner Saskia Clark.


They knew they'd done enough for gold on Tuesday


but they were made to wait and wait to get their hands on that medal.


Their final race was delayed by 24 hours because of the weather.


A 1,500 metre swim followed a 40 kilometre bike ride,


then a 10k run on the streets of Rio - that's what awaits two Welsh


women aiming for success in the triathlon in Rio.


Both Non Stanford from Swansea and Helen Jenkins from Bridgend


are among the favourites and are former world champions.


Her preparations then plagued by injury.


This is the third time going to the Olympics


and they have meant something different every time.


"Oh, my god, I'm going to be an Olympian - amazing."


London was so focused on trying to achieve the goal,


trying to achieve a medal, trying to win.


And this time it just feels like a bonus that I'm going.


There's a new world champion every year.


The Olympics comes around every four years


and it is the coming together of all the sports as well.


The one chance where all the sports are unified


and you all have a shot at the same sort of medal


so there is definitely something special about the Olympics


and I don't think you can ever top that.


Keep an eye out for Seren Bundy-Davies on Sunday.


She's a medal contender as part of Team GB's


Ahead of their Premier League match against Hull tomorrow,


Swansea City's new American owners have revealed they have held talks


with the council about expanding the Liberty Stadium.


Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien led a consortium which bought


a controlling stake of 68% in the Swans in July.


The stadium, which is owned by the council, has a capacity


of 20,000 - the second smallest in the Premier League.


I think there is a real laser focus on having the great fan experience


and if we are going to improve the experience, we want to go for more


fans, so getting more people in this building. It also helps us in terms


of our competitiveness. When other clubs come here, it is a hostile


environment. For all those reasons, that is one of the things at the top


of our list. The Wales midfielder Emyr Huws


hopes his move to Cardiff City can help him forget the disappointment


of being left out of The 22-year-old, whose side takes


on Fulham tomorrow, is now aiming to secure a regular starting place


in the Bluebirds' midfield. Striker Jon Parkin could


start his first game Meanwhile, Wrexham take


on Eastleigh at The Racecourse. We'll have the latest


from Rio in our programmes throughout the weekend,


Lucy. A rare mammal being relocated into


part of Ceredigion has been labelled Pine martens, a member


of the weasel family, were on the verge of extinction


in Wales until a conservation charity organised a project


to boost their numbers. But one landowner claims


it doesn't make sense Elusive, quick-moving


and primarily nocturnal. The pine marten is part


of the weasel family They are tree top as well as land


hunters. That is what concerns


landowner Charles Grisedale. If you think a fox in the chicken


coop is bad news, you wait until you've got


a pine marten in there. He took me around


his 300 acre estate. He's spent 20 years turning it


into a haven for rare He believes it's madness to release


these predatory mammals into These things are murderous,


arboreal, tree-climbing They can hunt in the tree


tops, they can hunt They might look very nice


but coming to one of the last lapwing reserves in Wales,


coming to a wood The pine marten was on the verge


of extinction in Wales but last year 20 were brought here from their last


remaining UK stronghold in Scotland, And another 20 will be released


in the next few weeks. Another concern is pine martens


spread themselves far and wide. A male's home range is usually


around eight square kilometres, so in somewhere


like the Rheidol Valley, where they are being released,


at the moment there will only be around two living


here so the concern is, with another 20 being released,


they will cover a vast area. David Bavin is from


the Vincent Wildlife Trust, the conservation charity


behind the scheme. He says pine martens


favour well-wooded areas They are definitely


not killing machines. They are a predator,


they are highly omnivorous so a large proportion of their diets


will be invertebrates, fruit, small mammals


make up a great bulk. They do take birds but they are not


specialist bird predators. They don't leap around


the canopy hunting birds. Back in June three of the pine


martens gave birth to five kits. It demonstrates how successful


the relocation project has been and the conservationists say they're


a key missing element in the woodland ecosystem


but for landowner Charles Grisedale this is a further concern


to his own conservation project. Time for the weather and it's not


a weekend for a barbecue, Derek. It's not going to be a weekend


for sitting in the garden. Mother Nature is going to give us


a taste of autumn. Heavy showers and rough seas


but improving on Sunday. The reason for the unsettled weather


is a deep low-centred near Ireland. The cloud spiralling outwards


like a Catherine Wheel. Overnight, showers will


become more widespread. Strong to gale force on the south


and west coast. Tomorrow's chart shows a deep area


of low pressure over the UK. Lots of isobars and that means


unseasonably strong winds. There is a Met Office yellow warning


in force which covers much of Wales. 50mph to 60mph on exposed coasts


in the south and west. Brief drier spells with


a few sunny intervals. Natural Resources Wales are also


warning of the risk of flooding on parts of the south and west coast


due to the combination of high spring tide, low pressure


and strong onshore winds. The Llanrwst Show is


taking place tomorrow. Not the best of weather


it has to be said. Bright intervals and blustery


showers. And for the Green Man


Festival in Crickhowell, Tomorrow night will continue


breezy or windy. On Sunday, low pressure will be over


the North Sea with another low More in the way of dry,


bright weather. However, more rain will reach


the south by evening. More rain on Monday but summer may


return by the middle of the next week with sunnier


and warmer conditions. Before we go, a reminder


of our top story: Jade Jones has become the first


Welsh athlete to successfully defend an individual Olympic title


for Team GB. The 23-year-old has been celebrating


gold in the taekwondo for the second Games running and she's planning


to make it a hat-trick. I knew I was good enough to come


here and win and I would have been disappointed with anything


less than gold. Yes, I'm only 23 and I love


taekwondo. I love to fight so I will


definitely be in Tokyo. A financial crisis means


the Paralympics Games have to be significantly scaled back with less


than three weeks to go. The International Paralympic


Committee has tonight announced major budget cuts, the closure


of one venue and that ten nations may not be able to afford to come


to the Games at all. I'll be back with our next update


a little later than usual tonight. Until then, from all


of us on the programme,


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