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some places could get a real downpour. England


Is Social Care here really at 'Tipping Point?'


There are calls for urgent action to avert a crisis before Christmas.


What we currently have a dysfunctional system, dysfunctional


is the word we would use. We need to ensure that the health and social


Also tonight, six months after the collapse of the Didcot


Power Station Christopher Huxtable from Swansea is still missing, his


I talked to him. It sounds stupid, doesn't it?


The Archbishop of Wales announces he's to retire in January.


Dr Barry Morgan is the longest serving Archbishop in the Anglican


As our Olympic medallist return home Rio prepares for the Paralympics,


but one former Gold medallist tells us budget cuts ahead


People who are cared for in their own houses


and residential homes are facing a "winter of discontent" if urgent


action isn't taken to ease funding and recruitment pressures,


that's according to the body which represents care-providers here.


Matthew Richards has been to meet Mario Kreft,


An art and craft session for residents of a nursing


Elderly and disabled people here are encouraged


to indulge their creative side as part of a wide programme


But a senior figure in the care industry says that creative thinking


is also urgently needed to stop a catastrophe in the sector this


You can only innovate if you're working with partners.


Currently, the relationship between the sector, generally


speaking, and has boards and local authorities is not where Richard B.


And local authorities is not where it should be.


We want to see those organisations and regulators


led by the Welsh government, trying to make some sense of this.


If we don't we going to have real winter of discontent.


Mario Kreft says a lack of investment combined with a major


increase in the number of over 85s in the next 20 years plus moves


to increase pay in line with the so-called living wage


is a triple whammy pushing services to a tipping point.


Staff at nursing homes like they say they have noticed growing pressures,


and they always make sure residents are the last people to suffer.


But they say that the current level of Carey is unsustainable


Tracy Cuthill runs a care home for people with physical disabilities.


She says the comparative underfunding of the social sector


compared with the NHS means staff are fighting


I had a gentleman in from a hospital two months ago came


Now, as far as they were concerned he was going to lie in bed


until such time we could get him a wheelchair.


Now, that's not our responsibility either, but then, you want


It's a basic human rights, but because of waiting lists,


You are almost pleading for basic human rights to get out of bed.


The Social Services minister wasn't available for interview


but the Welsh Government says the sector is neither


The majority of adult care homes raised no concerns in a recent


report and it says it's investing in both health and


But some experts say the system is in a fragile state.


The businesses are particularly financially fragile,


which means that residents in them are vulnerable


If they are slow one payments, the banking and lending institutions


could ask for a big financial payment, and they don't bother


to find out which business it is they are demanding those from.


In those instances older people become commodities in the business


model where the profit margins are locked at instead


The art class in Wrexham is drawing to a close.


It's part of the added value staff are trying to provide for some


of the most vulnerable people in society.


They warn it could be lost unless the picture improves.


I'm joined by Sarah Rochira, the Older People's Commissioner,


to pick up on some of the points raised in Matthew's report,


Sarah Rochira, some serious concerns raised about the fragility


of the care system in that report, should we be concerned


I don't think anybody has any doubt about the pressures facing the


social care system, financial pressures, recruitment pressures,


particularly in terms of nurses, but also care home managers.


In parts of Wales we don't have providers and others are struggling,


but can't get the support to improve.


It is a complex and long-standing issue.


Mario said they could be a crisis within the next few months, bet you


released a major report two years ago highlighting that standards were


slipping in homes, why hasn't the situation been turned around?


You are absolutely right. We looked at the quality of life of older


people but we talked about the systemic problems we have in Wales,


the things the system, the Welsh judgment, local authorities and


health will need to change. I understood they were difficult.


They've been building for a long time.


I sought from them and I pushed into assurances, I told them I knew it


would take some time, that I'm going to take a follow-up review in


November and I publish that next year.


I've been very clear, I know there is a huge amount of work going on in


Wales, I've seen that myself. There is a huge amount of action,


but ultimately we've got to address the systemic issues.


I think there is another issue that we're not talking about in Wales.


Action is important. The things that has boards do. But they will come a


point when we have to talk about that most Google topic, money.


People often say we don't have enough money.


The reality is that a price is always paid. The prices paid by Paul


care, and it is paid by individuals. The time has come when we had to


have a grown-up debate as a society, but a debate led by government about


what they are prepared to invest into social care.


That is important to the workforce. You talk about investment, it is a


complex situation, we heard in the report about staffing and


recruitment problems, low morale. Is throwing money going to help?


Well, I was very clear when I produced the review it's not all


about money. There is much we can do once already doing in Wales in best


care homes, that doesn't cost anything. One of the things I did


talk about, and focus on, was investment in the workforce.


Wherever you find great care, you find great people. We need to invest


in those people. We need to pay them are probably with their terms and


conditions, we provide opportunities for training and career advancement.


Those will come with a cost. I am clear that it is a price not just


worth paying, but a price we have to pay if people are not going to


suffer in Wales. It's six months since the collapse


of Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire which trapped three


workers including Christopher His family have spoken today saying


they now need closure. Politicians representing


the families of the workers say they're "horrified" by how long it's


taking to recover their bodies. Returning to the site with a loved


one is still lying. Six months on the body of Christopher Huxtable


from Swansea has been trapped under the rubble since Didcot power


station collapsed in February. His sister and daughter save the last


few months have been torture. It's not nice to think he still out


there after six months. They should get him out.


I hope they get him out soon. I talked to him I do, through the


scrap. It sounds stupid, doesn't it. It's the only thing I can do. I just


think it needs to bring closure now. Destruction, devastation, this was


the scene at Didcot power station not long after part of the


decommission site collapsed in February. It killed for demolition


workers. Only one of the bodies has been recovered. Today the mail


Didcot says the family should now be allowed to mourn.


Six months is an acceptable. They should be allowed to move on. Into


mourn, and to... Closure is not the right word. But they should be able


to actually just step away from thinking about Didcot and focusing


on their own lives and families. Politicians representing the


families have also criticised the recovery effort. One Swansea MP told


me the time it has taken me shopping.


As a family representative I am horrified at how long it has taken.


It's just unfair, they have no closure. It's a tragedy. A dreadful


tragedy. When I think about Didcot I think about the man and the families


of the man left grieving without being able to have closure.


Last month the demolition of the remaining section was carried out


using explosives. The half demolished Sally was finally fully


levelled. The search for the men resumed. But around 20,000 tonnes of


material still needs to be sifted through. The company which owns the


site has defended the recovery operation, it says part of the


structure have proven challenging to remove, but they are working seven


days a week and their priority is recovering the man.


For the families of those whose body is still a end of the rubble the


A 23-year-old man has appeared in Cardiff Crown court accused


Police were called to a property in the Llandaff area


Jordan Matthews is accused of killing 24-year-old Xi-Xi Bi.


He's been remanded in custody until October.


The firm behind plans to build a ?120 million holiday village


on Anglesey has bought 600 acres of land for the development.


Land and Lakes has purchased the site at Holy Island,


where they plan to develop 800 lodges and cottages,


They also plan to restore buildings on the Penrhos estate.


The company claims the new resort will generate hundreds of jobs.


The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has announced he's


to retire next January, on his 70th birthday.


He's the longest serving archbishop in the Anglican communion,


and has been a strong voice in public and political


He supported more powers for the Assembly, but opposed


a change in the law around organ donation.


He's led the way on big occasions, here in Llandaff Cathedral two years


ago, at the Welsh national service marking 100 years since


But has been there too, for communities rocked by personal


tragedies as at Gleision, when four miners were killed in 2011.


Those within the church credit him with holding it together,


when topics like women bishops and same sex marriages,


But Archbishop Barry Morgan hasn't been afraid to speak out


What I'm not in favour of is this bill which presumes that


unless you have opted out then your organs can be used


What is it about a prosperous country where people have two depend


on food banks to get food, in order to feed their families.


There was something really wrong here.


I think it's been absolutely right for the Archbishop


to take a lead in politics, he will be there to


He, across the board has spoken for the vulnerable, particularly


That has been hugely appreciated by those of us who work


But I think it's appropriate for a bishop of a province


He will, of course, received rough treatment from some when he has


Dr Morgan stands down in January, when he turns 70.


Today he thanked those who have supported him over the years,


particularly since the death of his wife earlier this year,


a loss, he says, he found enormously hard to bear.


Still to come on tonight's programme.


It's a waterway with 200 years of history, much of the Swansea


Now the engineer who carried out the work has returned to help


28C, 82F, the highest temperature recorded in Wales so far this month.


Ukip hasn't been far from the headlines in recent weeks


partly because of the increasingly bitter battle between


Assembly Members Neil Hamilton and Nathan Gill.


But the party is also now electing a successor to leader Nigel Farage,


and it's a race between five relatively low profile candidates.


Our political reporter Paul Martin has been looking at what impact


Nigel Farage's departure may have on Ukip in Wales.


He's been the face of Ukip for the best part of a decade,


and become one of Britain's few celebrity politicians.


So this is a story about how everyone has behaved


I think that's right, Ian.


But no Nigel Farage is stepping down as Ukip leader,


and the candidates in the running to replace him are not


Even to Ukip supporters, let alone voters generally.


One of Nigel Farage's strengths was his ability to appeal to two


very different parts of the electorate.


On the one hand, voters into dishing only conservative areas,


And on the other, ex-Labour supporters in former


This constituency was one of Ukip's five second-place finishes


So will Nigel Farage standing down make Ukip voters hear less likely


I think party members would stand for the same things as he did.


He got us out of Europe, and I was so glad.


Mark Jones is a former Labour member from Merthyr who now


He is worried about the party's future once Nigel Farage


He was such a brilliant man to the party.


Like I said, when I was on holidays, and I found out he'd left I just


think that the party is going to go downhill.


Ukip's chairman in Wales is worried too.


Mainly about the impact of recent infighting.


But he thinks Nigel Farage's successor can unite ex-Labour


Some of the worries, you know, the working-class Labour


voters in Merthyr are no different from those


Particularly will as far as immigration is concerned.


Concern about taking jobs, British jobs going


So really, I can see how the two sides can come together.


Ukip as described Wales as a party stronghold after the election


It infighting within the party has followed.


The question now is whether Ukip can maintain its support in areas


Time for tonight's sport, here's Tomos.


Welsh members of Team GB touched down at Heathrow airport greeted


A record haul of ten medals was won by the Welsh athletes


Among the Gold medallists was sailor Hannah Mills, from Dinas Powys,


who won the 4-70 class with her partner Saskia Clarke.


The preparation and everything culminating in a two-week long


Yes, just mentally and physically exhausted and can't


I can't wait to go and watch, as a fan.


So that's it, is it?


Obviously I'm going to miss Saskia, that will factor in what I decide


to do but we'll see how the dust settles.


In just over a fortnight Rio will host the Paralympics


but the financial crisis affecting the games, is a real concern


to athletes here and may affect the image of the event.


That's the warning tonight from Disability Sport Wales.


Most of the 24 Welsh athletes competing for Paralympics GB


Organisers have been forced to announce major budget cuts.


They won 22 medals last time around in London. Today's Britain's cycling


team trained in Newport. At the weekend most will be flying to a


training camp in Brazil, heading to a games overshadowed by financial


troubles. It's concerning for the athletes and


for the image of the games. I know that the IPC are working with the


teams they aren't the Government of Brazil to make sure they put on a


good show for the athletes. I think the athletes will be fully supported


with no cutbacks, hopefully, on the field of play they wouldn't be any


issues. The Paralympics budget has been is tailed back. Cuts have been


announced including the closure of a park, the second-largest of the four


zones used in the Olympics the down workforce will also be downsized.


Issues such as repairs at the athletes village, extra security and


the treatment of the green water in the aquatic centre have meant that


Paralympics friends have been diverted. Sport Wales has set a


target of 20 to 30 medals for Welsh athletes over the next two


Paralympics. One of the medal hopes took to Twitter this week asking


whether these problems would have occurred had the Paralympics been


held before the Olympics. Another Paralympic champion from 2012 told


me it is disconcerting, but the cutback shouldn't affect the


athletes. It is shameful as far as I am concerned. As an ex-athlete I


feel that any athlete representing the country, Olympic or Paralympic


should be given the same opportunity. Real jinni real have


had enough time now to get it right. Organisers said they wanted to


welcome the world to the city, but just 12% of tickets have been sold


so far. The Beijing and London Paralympics generated huge interest


in disability sport and brought a shifting perceptions. The hope is


that that momentum will continue in Rio despite the problems


behind-the-scenes. Neil Taylor is expected to make his


first start of the new season as Swansea city begin their campaign


against League 1 side Peterborough tonight. Leo Britton and Kristoffer


Nordvelt who has just signed a new contract is also likely to start the


second round match. It is live on BBC radio Wales from 7pm.


Gareth Bale's agent has denied reports that the Wales international


has agreed a new five year contract to extend his stay with Real Madrid.


Media reports in Spain had suggested Bale, who scored twice


on the opening weekend of the La Liga season


He joined the European Champions for a thenWorld record


In rugby it has been confirmed that the Aviva Stadium in Dublin will


stage the pro 12 final next May. Volunteers are working to restore


parts of the historic Swansea Canal that were covered over and built on


more than four decades ago. The local canal society and the canal


and River trust in Wales are working to reopen stretches of the waterway


with the help of the engineer originally tasked with filling it


in. And covering 200 years of history.


It might not look like much now but beneath the surface is one of 36


blocks which forms the historic canal. In the 1970s this part was


covered over with concrete to make way for a council depot. The


engineer responsible for managing the work more than 40 years ago has


returned to find the lock has survived.


When we did it I always wondered if it was going to be dug up, but I


never thought that would happen. I'm so pleased to see the canal society


doing it. Hopefully, any few years' time it


will be back to its former glory? Absolutely.


It is going to take some time but having bought the land Swansea Canal


Society are working hard to bring Lock seven back to life.


When it was built in 1788 the canal was used to transport coal from the


upper Swansea Valley to the world-famous copper works on the


banks of the river Tawe. As the industry closed down much of the


canal was covered over. Part of it fell into disrepair. Over


the past 50 years much of this waterway has been filled in. Only


six out of 16 miles of it has been accessible, over the past three


years more than 25,000 hours have been clocked up by volunteers as


they try to restore it to its former glory.


Restoration work has ranged from clearing away the overgrown trees


and hedges to rebuilding the old canal walls.


They are using local stone. The locks we were gone we use the same


techniques that were used 200 years ago. We use a light mortar mix which


is more forgiving than cement which would crack. We don't want to damage


the old bridges and locks. It is absolutely fantastic that we still


use the same techniques from 200 years ago.


We work closely with a heritage advisor to ensure that all volunteer


works are adhered to. We have the waterway recovery group, that is


healthier for the last three years and we've had people from all over


the world come and join us working on the lock. We've had people from


Italy, America, and they are keen to learn about the area.


The tranquillity of life on the canal is a far cry from the


industrious rooted once was. With big plans to redevelop much of this


waterway in the future the Swansea Canal Society hopes it can write a


new chapter in its long and important history. Ben Price in


Swansea. Well it's been a beautifully sunny


day today, is the hot weather going to last,


Derek? Not all week. It is a short burst of


heat. It won't stay dry all week either. But today has felt like


summer again. A lovely day for working on the farm.


The sunshine hazy at times with wispy high level cirrus clouds.


Temperature wise, Cardiff soared to a humid 28C this afternoon.


The highest temperature recorded in Wales so far this month.


Parts of the coast cooler, 20C in Aberdaron.


So fine and warm for most of us this evening.


That cloud will spread across more of the country overnight.


A bit misty in places and a mild night.


There will be more cloud around but dry.


Bright in parts of the south and west with some sunshine.


So a mix of cloud and sunshine tomorrow.


Generally dry but the odd shower is possible in the afternoon.


Temperatures not as high as today but still on the warm side.


Fresher in the north and west especially on the coast.


Cloudier and not as warm as today but dry.


On the North Coast tomorrow dry with sunny spells .


Tomorrow evening there is a risk of some rain in the south east.


Elsewhere dry apart from the odd shower.


On Thursday greater risk of some rain and showers.


Heavy and thundery in places but some dry weather as well.


And in the west it should brighten-up during the afternoon.


Dry with a mix of cloud and sunny spells.


Feel pleasantly warm with a light to moderate breeze.


Will it stay dry over the bank holiday weekend?


High pressure will be in charge on Friday but a front will move


And then on Sunday it looks like low pressure will be over us.


That means some rain and heavy showers over


the weekend but some dry, brighter spells in the mix as well.


And a reminder of today's top stories.


Welsh athletes were among those who landed at Heathrow today


in a specially chartered plane from the Rio Olympics.


It's been a record breaking games, with ten medals for Welsh athletes,


There is a warning to make that older people in Wales could suffer


unless more money is invested in training care staff and making sure


they are well paid. Speaking on this programme the older people's


commissioner said there needs to be a change in the wake areas provided


for people in residential homes and in their own homes. Wherever you


find great here you find great people. We need to pay them


appropriately give them opportunities for training and


career advancement. Those will come with a cast. I'm clear that it is a


cost not only worth paying but we have to pay if people aren't going


have to pay if people aren't going to suffer in Wales.


And that's Wales Today, we'll be back with all the latest


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