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Welcome to Wales Today. Tonight's headlines:


well on the way to hitting ambitious targets.


But why is one area still falling behind and dumping too much waste?


The plan is by 2054 none of our rubbish to end up in landfill so can


behind the scenes at this plant with me to find out what happens when you


and I is wrote something away and it can't be recycled.


A row at the top of Labour - Carwyn Jones is angered by claims


Jeremy Corbyn's supporters are briefing against his staff.


Self defence classes for Muslim men and women -


claims hate crimes have increased since the EU referendum.


On the trail of motorcyclists at more than a hundred miles an hour


- police launch a safety campaign ahead of the Bank Holiday.


In tonight's sport, fresh from success in France,


Chris Coleman names his squad for the first World Cup qualifier.


The amount of rubbish we recycle is at its highest ever level.


We recycle 60% of our waste with nearly every local authority


But in Blaenau Gwent, there was a drop for


The targets are part of an ambitious plan to recycle all rubbish by 2050


Our reporter, Paul Heaney, is at a site in Cardiff that


Good evening. Thousands of tonnes of our waste, the stuff you and I throw


away that our council collects but they can't recycle ends here every


day. If you look down there, you will see some of it. The huge claw


will take it up into a furnace with the waste will be burned and a very


high temperature. You will be able to see some of it being burned on


the screen there. That heats up steam which powers a generator to


generate electricity and eventually the ash that is left is used to go


and service our roads. This plant has been here for the last two


years. It was not without controversy. The people who live


here did not necessarily want this plant on their front door but the


local authority say they are trying to do something good with the stuff


we are throwing away. But councils are finding it difficult, some more


difficult than others, to convince as to recycle more.


Too many people in Caerphilly were throwing all their


Only 40% separated their food out for recycling.


What we are trying to achieve here is we are trying to take out


The county has improved its recycling rate


but to improve further it is knocking on 74,000 doors.


The message, put leftover food into a plastic caddy like this


and it will be processed, turned into electricity, rather


Stickers, leaflets and chats on the doorstep also let people know


just what can be put in the food recycling.


It is very necessary because some people put plastic in it.


Overall the recycling rate has increased from 56% last year to 60%


The figures include anything that does not go to landfill.


Bottles, plastic, food waste, even recycled furniture.


Ceredigion has the highest recycling rate in Wales but Blaenau Gwent's


rate has fallen for a second year, now 49%.


Large plastic boxes replacing the old recycling


One local campaigner says for those on small terraces or with steep


steps on the side of the valleys, it has acted as a


The boxes are too small for families.


They did not bring it in and see if it works.


When people come past with prams, they have got


The council say this is just a transition thing.


Give it a few months and the rates will go up.


If it was three different coloured bags, it would have been easier.


The Welsh government says it will decide whether to find councils


which have missed this year's recycling targets


when the provisional figures are finalised in the autumn.


It is worth pointing out that Blaenau Gwent council changed their


recycling system there because if you separate out the different types


of recycling, the chances are that you can sell it on for a bit more


money and it is better for everyone involved. With me now is Dan Cook


who is from the company that runs this plant. Ideally we want to send


as little of our rubbish to yourselves as we can. Is this idea


of zero waste from households in Wales by the year 2050 realistic? It


depends what we mean by zero waste. We are making fantastic progress in


Wales. We have gone from single-digit figures to 60%. We have


got some great partnerships. Partners working together on the


goodwill to recycle and we are recycling more and more and making


better use of what we can't recycle. It is important to keep that


progress going. Good well is really important but technology is also


being used here. It is pretty much a brand-new facility. What kind of


research is being done to make even more use of things like polystyrene


that can't effectively be recycled? Technology and innovation has played


an important role in bringing us to where we are and will continue to do


so. That has to be aligned with innovation in terms of packaging


design, working with retailers and consumers, to building recyclability


so we can recycle even more and to invest in education and


communication to build on that goodwill so people are putting the


right stuff in the right bin and local authorities can increase their


level further, send less for energy recovery, although that is


important, and working with businesses to help them recycle more


and more and recover whatever can't be recycled. That is next on the


Welsh government's list. That is the message from the people who process


our rubbish, both to supermarkets, ourselves but perhaps most


importantly, the goodwill and willingness of people to do their


bit. That will really make a difference if we are to get to this


zero waste idea by 2050. The First Minister Carwyn Jones


is said to be "extremely angry" about claims Jeremy Corbyn


supporters are briefing It's been suggested two employees


may lose their jobs if Mr Corbyn is re-elected because they haven't


been supportive enough of him. Our political editor Nick Servini


is here. All the blood-letting that we have


seen in the Labour Party for all to witness in the past year about those


who support Jeremy Corbyn and those who don't, it has largely escaped


the Welsh Labour Party. They have kept themselves out of so many of


the disputes, but that started to change today. It started with a


story in the Western Mail on Monday which quoted anonymous sources


saying if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership contest, there would be a


hit list of those who have not given enough support to him and it


included two senior members of the Welsh Labour Party. We have no way


of definitively proving whether such a list exists but the response to


that today shows in a way, it tells its own story and shows how much


tension there is in the party. A spokesman for the First Minister


said Carwyn Jones is really angry and it would be totally unacceptable


if the Labour Party in London look to get involved in internal staffing


matters. That sense of anger was echoed by Carwyn Jones' former


government minister and colleague Leighton Andrews when he talked


about the reaction. The status of Welsh Labour staff


is a matter for the Welsh Labour The Welsh Labour team has delivered


two Welsh Assembly election victories for Carwyn,


delivered two Welsh Labour governments, and he will be,


I am sure, furious about what is I also caught up with a high profile


Jeremy Corbyn supporter in Wales. He laughed at the prospect of such a


list in existence and said its existence had been fabricated by the


critics of the Jeremy Corbyn campaign.


I think this is absolute nonsense, the idea there


Unfortunately, a lot of this leadership contest has been


characterised by attempts on behalf of Jeremy's opponents to suggest


there is this atmosphere of intolerance and intimidation


Anyone who knows anything about Jeremy and has spent time


with him will know he has not got a vindictive bone in his body.


Before you go, Leighton Andrews has some interesting comments about


Carwyn Jones' feelings about the Labour leadership. Unlike many


senior figures in the party, Carwyn Jones has kept out in terms of


publicly endorsing anyone and Leighton Andrews said, why look in


the crystal ball when you can read the book? If you read between the


lines of everything he has said on the leadership contest, he says it


is pretty obvious that Carwyn Jones does not support Jeremy Corbyn.


Thank you. Staying with Labour,


a former watchdog on standards in public life has claimed


the former Economy Minister had a potential conflict of interest


when she approved over ?3 million of support for a Swansea firm


which later went bust. In 2013 and 14, Edwina Hart decided


to support Kancoat despite being Sir Alistair Graham said possible


job opportunities for her constituents meant there


was a potential conflict. The Welsh Government said


the support was "consistent American metal giant Alcoa was a big


employer in Swansea for years but the company left a decade ago


with hundreds of jobs lost. In 2012, Kancoat tried to revive


the production line and received more than ?3 million


from the Welsh Government in grants and loans but it struggled and went


bust in 2014. Last month, a report


by the Wales Audit Office found that Kancoat had previously been turned


down by the Welsh Government's investment bank, Finance Wales,


who deemed it too risky. And the report also said


the Welsh Government had continued to put money into Kancoat


despite its own review describing the business plan


as weak and inconsistent. We now know that decisions to back


the firm were taken directly by the then Economy Minister Edwina


Hart. If Kancoat had been based


in Edwina Hart's Gower constituency, she would not have been the person


to take the decision to back it because the government's code


of conduct warns against conflicts between constituency matters


and ministerial decisions. But Kancoat was actually based


ashort journey away in the neighbouring


Swansea West constituency. It's around half a mile


as the crow flies or about five A former public standards watchdog


has told BBC Wales that that close proximity meant Gower constituents


could have benefited from the investment


so there was a potential It's thought ministers can stand


above any decision and not be conflicted by possibly having


a political interest as an Assembly Member,


plus the fact in these circumstances as I understand it, the Minister


concerned had very strong advice from civil servants


and the application for public investment was not


a strong one at all. We certainly need to find out,


bearing in mind it's such a borderline case,


whether she spoke to If she had exercised good judgment


on that, she certainly would have done that


and the Welsh Conservatives are trying to find that


out at the moment. The Welsh Government said this


evening it would not be adding to its earlier statement which said


Kancoat was not in the former Economy Minister's constituency and


the decision she took was consistent We approached Edwina Hart


for comment but she didn't respond. And tonight it's been confirmed that


another company which had been given more than ?1.4 million


by the Welsh Government has gone Around 50 people have lost jobs


at Oyster World, a computer games company based in Treforest which had


debts of more than ?2 million. The Welsh Government says figures


show the survival rates of the companies it supports


are above the UK average. A former councillor


from Pembrokeshire has been jailed for sending obscene text messages


to a teenage girl. 57 year old Stephen Evans,


who was elected to Haverfordwest Council in 2010, sent the 15


year old girl messages He was jailed for 16 months


after admitting two offences of inciting a child to engage


in sexual activities. Two people have been taken


to hospital after a car crashed into a block of retirement


flats in Swansea. Emergency services were


called to Stewart Hall The driver and one of the residents


were taken to Morriston Hospital. A number of residents have been


evacuated due to the damage It took me five seconds to realise


something had happened. I went outside and saw the wall


had been smashed in. The lady next door could not get out


of her flat with the impact which


had jammed the door tight shut. Self-defence classes


are being offered to people from minority ethnic


groups in Swansea. The Regional Equality Council


says it's in response to what they believe to be a growing


number of race hate They say it's worse since


immigration was at the centre Getting to grips with a serious


issue. Women from the Muslim community in Swansea are being shown


some basic self defence techniques. This has come about due to reports


of an increase in racially motivated attacks. None of them wanted to


share any personal experiences on camera but the self-defence


instructor told me of how his own family had recently experienced


verbal abuse because of their religion. On the way to school,


there was a couple, one male, one female, and when they saw my wife


and the two other women, they started giving my wife racist verbal


abuse. They ignored it and went to school. On the way back with my


children, other children as well, they started giving abuse again. The


self defence class is being held at this centre to provide individuals


with the confidence to go out and carry on with their everyday lives.


It is believed that over the past couple of months, the number of


racially motivated incidents have increased. Some examples include


verbal abuse and egg throwing. Figures from the regional equality


Council show there were six hate crime incidents reported to them in


June compared to one in June last year. But South Wales Police say


there was a slight drop in the number of incidents it recorded


during the same period but that there was an increase at the start


of July. The regional equality Council's chief executive says very


often people are reluctant to report incidents to the police but he


linked the recent increase in hate crime to the EU referendum debate.


There is a minority who have always been there who have not found the


opportunities in the past but now find they have a ticket to go and


harass people. On the basis of Google's religion, race, identity.


That minority has come out and become a lot more vocal. I was told


there are encouraging examples of onlookers who have stepped in to


help others facing racially motivated abuse. As for the self


defence classes, it is hoped it will give confidence to individuals who


may find themselves in a vulnerable situation.


You're watching Wales Today. Plenty still ahead:


Hal Robson-Kanu is picked for Wales' forcoming World Cup qualifier


against Moldova despite not having a club.


And after yesterday's heat, it's been cooler and cloudy


But what about tomorrow and the weekend?


Motorcyclists are being urged to ride safely as they head


out on the roads this Bank Holiday weekend.


North Wales Police are targeting accident black-spots


to discourage speeding and spread the safety message.


Four motorcyclists have died in the force area so far this year -


two more than the same time last year.


This police footage shows an officer trailing a group of motorcyclists


as they head through Trawsfynydd in Gwynedd last year.


The speedometer shows some reached speeds of well over 100 miles


They were all fined and given penalty points.


The chief constable of North Wales is a biker himself but says


The law is there for a reason and it's there to encourage safety.


I take a police motorcycle out regularly but I don't exceed


the speed limit unless I'm going to a response call.


If I need to ride safely, so do my colleagues


There's plenty of enjoyment to be had on the roads.


You know as well as I do, nice roads across mountains


and countryside areas, you don't need to break the speed


Operation Darwen is a six-month scheme across Wales to target


accident hotspots and clamp down on all irresponsible road users


But four bikers have died in North Wales this year,


twice as many as in the same period last year.


The statistics show that most accidents involve men in their 40s


Most collisions occur on weekends or on Wednesday afternoons


between midday and 5pm and they don't all necessarily


Some are caused by fatigue or a lack of concentration.


The White family from Bagillt in Flintshire have come for a day


trip to the Horseshoe Pass above Llangollen -


one of many popular riding routes in North Wales bringing


It definitely brings a lot of bikers.


You can pretty much stop almost anywhere along the routes and meet


Some of the riding you see on the roads leaves a lot


The majority of people are fine but you always get one or two bad


ones and it does need policing, it really does.


As well as running his force, Mark Polin regularly heads out


on his police bike to catch errant road users whether they're


He's hoping the safety message and offers of training


courses will reduce both fines and fatalities.


Chris Coleman has announced his squad for the World Cup


After a summer of Euro 2016 success, there aren't too many


changes in that squad but, as expected, Aaron Ramsey,


who missed that semifinal against Portugal, has been ruled out


There is a chance though for Emyr Huws, who just missed out


He'll be hoping to impress a week on Monday.


It was good while it lasted but now the boss has called time


The Euros was great, it was absolutely fantastic.


It's gone, it's behind us, it's finished.


As much as I am the same as everybody else, very proud


of Wales and what we achieved, but that is behind us now.


And the next game, the first game of the campaign, huge.


After a successful summer, there are not many


The almost irrepressible Aaron Ramsey, Chris Coleman's words,


He could be sidelined with an ankle injury for two months.


And David Vaughan is absent after announcing his retirement


After just missing out on a seat on the plane to France, Emyr Huws


gets a chance to prove his worth, as do Leicester City's Tom Lawrence


It's another chance to impress for Hal Robson-Kanu too,


The boss would like to see him settled as soon as possible.


Coleman remains settled himself, having signed a new two year


He said he is committed after Hull City's approach failed.


I am not going to tell a lie, somebody comes and it's


the Premier League, anybody, you look at it sideways,


of course you do, but I am the manager of my country,


I have always said that comes around once if you are lucky,


so when you are doing it, give your best.


The same headquarters, the same manager, but things have


changed after a successful summer in France.


Chris Coleman said today at the start of the last qualifying


campaign he was two bad games away from being axed.


Now Wales are the team to beat, expectations are high.


Wales will have to see if they can cope with the pressure in front


of a keen home crowd against Moldova on September the 5th at the very


start of what could be a long road to Russia.


The world record for the biggest ever rugby scrum has


1,297 people took part, beating the previous


It's been set during the Golden Oldies rugby festival,


where teams of older players compete from all over the world.


The scrum was overseen by referee Nigel Owens,


who was also recognised for his record of the most


I didn't get into refereeing to get any plaudits or credits or to get


I went into refereeing because I enjoy it and as long


as I continue to enjoy it and do the best for the most


important people in the game, the 15 players on the field,


that's what I referee for - to do my best and enjoy the game.


Some cricket now and on the second day of the champions gyp match


against Sussex in Cardiff, Glamorgan fought back briefly to restrict


Sussex' lead to just 61 and move ahead in the evening session.


Not quite as hot and toasty today as it was yesterday.


Cloudy but bright in Llandrindod this afternoon.


The best of the sunshine in the north and west.


Temperatures today lower than yesterday but


A little cooler and fresher on the north and west coast.


This evening will be dry but the south-east may see some


Slightly cooler and fresher in the north and west.


Here's the picture for 8am in the morning.


Some hazy sunshine in Aberystwyth and Dolgellau.


During the day, a few showers will break out.


They could turn heavy and thundery in the afternoon.


Some places, though, will stay dry, especially in the west


Highest temperatures in the south-east.


18 Celsius on the north and west coast with a light


Tomorrow evening, showers will clear away.


The sky clearer and a cooler so a fresher night with lower humidity.


The chart for Friday shows a ridge of high pressure over


Feeling warm too with light winds and sea breezes.


The forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend is not so straightforward.


Low pressure looks like taking control,


On Saturday, the north and west may start dry and bright.


But rain will spread northwards during the day.


Some of the showers heavy and thundery but some


Before I go, a reminder of the main headlines from the BBC.


At least 73 people have been killed in an earthquake in central Italy.


It struck in the early hours of this morning 65 miles north-east of Rome,


The death toll is expected to rise with many people still believed


The amount of rubbish we recycle is at its highest ever level.


It now stands at 60%, with nearly every local authority


here recording an increase, other than Blaenau Gwent.


The authority says it's still in transition


We'll have an update for you at 8pm and more


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