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Too full and seriously understaffed the findings of a report


into hospital departments treating critically ill patients.


The RNLI warns of the dangers of the Welsh coast.


One man who saw his best friends drown at sea, urges


When a young person or anyone dies, the effect on the family is


dreadful. I just can't stress being careful.


16 years after Swansea football fan Terry Coles was trampled


to death by a police horse, his family's request to release


details of the investigation is being considered.


Despite difficult times for some dairy farmers, this milk producer


And a busy few days ahead in the transfer market for our football


sites. Could Cardiff City be about to lose their goalkeeper, David


Marshall in line for a ?5 million move to hell.


Hospital departments in Wales, responsible for treating the most


seriously ill patients, are too full and


That's according to a Welsh Government report that says


front-line staff are experiencing stress and uncertainty.


Tonight it warns that Health Boards need to tackle


Here's our Health Correspondent Owain Clarke.


If you are gravely ill, had a serious accident or big operation it


is likely will be cared for here. Critical care unit Street nine and a


half thousand patients a year in Wales. But according to an


assessment they appear to be struggling to cope. In January last


year they were working beyond maximum capacity, treating more


patients than they should have had room for with 107% bed occupancy.


They shouldn't be more than 70% file. If intensive care is


chock-a-block even emergency operations have to be postponed. The


report highlights significant staff shortages will stop only half Welsh


units have enough consultants. In just one in five is covered by


junior staff. When we get overfill critical care


beds and the units are struggling to deal with not only emergencies, but


elected with, we find very major elective surgery gets deferred by


days or weeks. This, obviously, is distressing for


patients. Two thirds of all critical care patients, 4000 in total spent


too long, according to their broad, waiting to be discharged, often


because hospital wards will follow. That is a problem considering Wales


has fewer critical care beds than almost all of the rest of Europe.


Germany is way ahead, with almost 30 beds per 100,000 population.


The Welsh NHS has just under six. Only Sweden and Portugal have fewer.


But the report does say some excellent work is happening with


survival rates increasing at hospital infection rates amongst sea


was the patients going down. Even so, the Welsh government says health


boards must work together quickly to sort things out.


Opposition parties are scathing. We know what we need. We need more


doctors and nurses. We need a plan in place that fulfils the needs of


Welsh NHS now and into the future. Until this current government admits


that there is a problem on that scale, as shown in this report, it


is not going to be resolved. The picture is clear, the department


is responsible for caring for the most critically ill are themselves


facing a critical amount of pressure.


Owain, how concerned should we be with the specialist


There is a clear warning today that pressures could get even worse, with


increasing demand for care and growing elderly population. Bear in


mind, this was a three year plan to improve critical care services,


published three years ago. Because the problems are still there, and so


apparent, people may be worried. Many people will be aware that the


NHS is under pressure across the board, the question they will want


answered more importantly than anything is is PKI and likely to get


safe? There are encouraging signs in a


report that almost all critical care departments in Wales have death


rates you would expect in those departments, the only exception is


in Wales's biggest hospital, the University Hospital of Wales where


death rates are slightly higher. No big causes for alarm on that front.


What struck me today is the clear warning from the Welsh governments


to health boards, a shot across the bow is, if you like, that they must


consider carefully in the next year, are the services they deliver fit


for purpose? Do they need to change? We know change in the health service


is often an popular. The RNLI is putting extra teams


along the Welsh coast this It follows a number of deaths


across the UK, including three And tonight the best friend of two


men who drowned off Anglesey five years ago has urged people to be


careful, describing the impact Our reporter Matthew Richards


is in Rhyl for us tonight. It is the regular safety message


from the RNLI, but given recent tragedies including the death of


five men in Essex it has become an urgent plea. We've been out on a


training exercise to see how Cruise holiday skills to keep us safe.


Rhyl's all-weather lifeboat and a smaller inshore vessel


are primed and ready for a busy bank holiday.


Extra teams will be drafted in across Wales, the crews say


they have been working hard throughout August with most rescues


involving inflatables blown off course, or people cut off


It's quite a tide out here, and if anyone is swimming,


or has an inflatable, getting swept out to


What we say as well is that people stay with the inflatables,


And the other messages, please, don't go in after other people.


Today, fortunately, was just a training exercise.


Fred, the dummy, was in the water and the crews were practising


But any day now it could be the real thing.


In the past month alone there have been three deaths among


the Welsh coastline, in bombers, two teenage boys died


In Barmouth, two teenage boys died and a 20-year-old man was reptile to


see. Lawrence Cuthbertson knows


the impact tragedies Five years ago he went fishing off


the Anglesey coast with his best friends, they got into difficulties


in the sea and drowned. Lewis and Calum were 22 years old,


and had just graduated. Things can get out of


hand very quickly. Especially when you're young


and have a great time. I can't have enough sympathy


for any family that goes Last year the RNLI's


lifeboats were lodged over 1000 times in Wales,


rescuing the same number of people. Experts say people often


misunderstand the strength of the sea, and rip currents,


fast moving channels The key thing with currents,


if you get caught in one If you have anything,


such as a body board that is buoyant And the key thing is,


don't fight the rip current, It is stronger than


you can possibly swim. Try and attract the attention


of other people around you. This weekend Rhyl beeach will be


closed for the annual airshow, but Martin Jones and his crew


will be poised to race to the rescue A typical August day for the crew


here, three jobs this afternoon all which ended safely, they weren't too


serious. All beaches, particularly in Gwynedd say they should have life


guards on them. We will see if that is something that can be done.


The RNLI say if you are going in to see pick a beach that does have a


lifeguard and listen to advice to say stay.


Three warehouses have been badly damaged by fire on the Darcy


More than 40 fire fighters brought it under control but four


The fire began this morning and spread quickly through electric


supplies and other plastic materials.


South Yorkshire police say they will "carefully


consider" releasing the files of their investigation


into the death of Swansea football fan Terry Coles following a request


Mr Coles was trampled by a police horse outside


Rotherham United's ground in May 2000.


An inquest found his death was an accident, a decision


It was here behind Rotherham United's Millmoor ground


Travelling Swansea city supporters were ushered through this lane


Some claim Rotheram fans tipped urine on them from the stands


as the visiting fansretaliated by throwing stones.


In the minutes before kick-off the 42-year-old was knocked over


and trampled on by a police horse, he died as a result of his injuries.


An inquest found his death to be accidental, and a civil case


against South Yorkshire Police were stripped out of court.


An investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission,


however, found that three officers that they had failed in the duty.


At home in Swansea Terry Coles's widow, Christine, told me


earlier this year that in light of the findings at the Hillsborough


inquest she wished for the case to be reviewed.


Having written to the Home Secretary, one MP is also calling


the sacrifice of the 96 were lost their lives


in Hillsborough, now they have had justice.


That has opened up the doors to other people who feel


that their cases, especially around that time, especially involving that


particular police force, we have to look at this case again.


The solicitor representing the family says he is disappointed


in the lack of correspondence from South Yorkshire Police far.


The force says it is carefully considering the request.


I would like the police to look at this case with fresh eyes.


In light of the criticism that has been levelled at certain police


officers in South Yorkshire Police, and in particular, the police


officers that were involved in Hillsborough.


And involved at the rather football match where Terry Coles died.


I think that is sufficient reason for there to be


16 years on since Terry Coles's tragic death Swansea city sport


is held a minute's pause during a game at the Liberty Stadium


Terry Coles's family say they are disappointed the IP CC has


decided not to conduct further reviews of the evidence.


They now wait to hear more from South Yorkshire Police


as they continue to believe they are yet to have justice


for their loved one who died doing what he loved most,


The Third Man, a masterpiece of British Cinema, but it may never


have made it to the big screen if it wasn't for a woman


And Usk was the warmest place in Wales Today.


There are showers in the forecast, but I've got some good news as well.


New figures show that across Wales more than 140 dairy farms have sold


During the same period, the price farmers are paid


for their milk has fallen by almost a third.


Some warn that the industry is facing a fight for survival.


Roger Pinney has been to a farm on the Llyn Peninsular


where they are turning back the clock in an attempt


Even 50 years ago the milk industry was thinking big,


the shift from farm bottled large dairies was already underway.


All by hand, then we fill the tanks, either the semi-skimmed, full,


And now in Pwllheli, milk from one farm, 80 cows bottled,


and sold direct to local retailers by the farmer.


They've been doing it less than a month, and the milk


The first four weeks of doing this, and it's been hectic, to be honest.


So there's, make sure there's plenty in the fridge ready


Time, effort and money has gone into the branding.


And then we've also done one different milk.


Yes, so you have a bit of cream settling on top.


It all starts here at this far a fewer miles from Pwllheli.


Shaun and Nia Jones share the milking, in the past their milk


was sold direct, in bulk, to a large dairy.


At the moment the price is 13p a litre, less than


For what they bottle themselves they get 70p.


It's the difference between profit and loss.


Of course, one way of looking at this is that they are turning


the clock back, doing things the way they used to be done.


But for some in Welsh farming, could this be a blueprint


Low farm gate prices, changes in subsidy policy,


And farmers are looking for solutions.


Think the next generation have got to start thinking about this.


They've got to start adding value to their own product.


A lot of the talk is the price of lamb, the price of beef,


the price of milk, you know, and I think we've got to start


demanding that we get more for our produce.


Here they've cut out the middleman, taking for themselves a bigger slice


It is a way which will suit some farmers, but, to be sure,


there is no one size fits all in this.


A thousand apple trees will be planted in the Pembrokeshire village


of St Dogmaels after the local history society received


almost ?125,000 to plant a community orchard.


The money, from the Big Lottery Fund will also provide


It's hoped the apples, which have a 900 year history


with St Dogmaels Abbey, will eventually be


The monks came over from Normandy and France,


Time for tonight's sport now, here's Tomos.


It's a busy time of the year for our football teams with players


bought and sold before the transfer window closes.


Tonight Cardiff City could be about to lose


It's believed Premier League Hull City want him


Changes too expected at Swansea City manager Francesco Guidolin wants


another defender brought in over the next few days.


It's been a summer of big deals. ?89 million, a world record. And Swansea


broke their own transfer record on the Straker Borja. A frantic few


days remain before the transfer window shuts. With just three


defenders to choose from these Swansea city manager wants to bring


in another before the deadline. The transfer window can be unsettling.


The Italian says he'll be glad it's over.


It's not a big problem for me but it is better. The 31st. To finish. And


I think is too long. Too much. But no problem for me.


Remember this... It's come to a tailor. Neil Taylor, unfamiliar


territory in front of goal at the euros. But he hasn't featured in


either of Swansea's opening games. Tonight he will play in the Reserves


to improve his fitness and 1's face Leicester tomorrow night.


Cardiff City's game against Reading could be David Marshall's last for


the bluebirds. Regarded as one of the best keepers


outside the Premier League the 31-year-old has been approached by


Hull city. He could go for ?5 million. Ben Amos has been brought


in on loan. Before this approach emerged head coach, Paul Trollope


suggested any player could be sold if the offer was right.


Any manager, any coach, you want to keep your best players. But any


manager or coach will tell you that all players have been value, whether


you are top of the Premier League bottom of League 2. People have


value. After scoring that goal against


Belgium at Euro 2016 Hal Robson-Kanu Carnival is still without a club.


Wales's manager Chris Coleman said this week he is hoping and praying


that the forward's future will be settled soon. News of a deal done


tonight within the last few minutes Swansea have agreed a fee with


Barnsley for Alfie Mawson. Elsewhere in Newport County play Hartlepool.


Wrexham are at Dagenham and Redbridge tomorrow,


former striker Bradley Reid is rejoining the club on a month's


Cardiff met football are hoping to reach the women's Champions League


for the first time. They lost 32 last night. They now have two beat a


side from Iceland on Sunday to have a chance of reaching the first round


proper, the final be held in June. We've got to


be realistic about where we are and where we can go. We are still a


small club. We hope to go as far as we possibly can, but the competition


is very high. That said, anything could happen.


She's one of the most successful Welsh swimmers ever,


and having won two silver medals in Rio, swimmer Jazz Carlin


says she'll now target the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


I caught-up with her earlier, and began by asking her,


how the last few, eventful weeks, have been.


It's been a bit of a whirlwind few weeks.


But, get home, see my friends and family.


I'm just so happy that I managed to come away with two


medals at the Olympics, it's definitely not sunk in yet.


And you've waited a long time to make an appearance at an Olympics,


Yes, obviously, the Commonwealth Games in two years' time,


in the Gold Coast, that is one of my aims.


That's definitely looking forward to the next four year cycle,


just seeing how far I can go, yes, every year there is a different


World Championship, Commonwealth Games,


I can't believe Rio's come and gone now, it's all a bit crazy.


Definitely looking forward to a few weeks off and then


So give us an idea of what you had to sacrifice to reach your level?


Well, for the past four years, since missing out on London I've


given absolutely everything to the sport.


My social life hasn't been the best for the past few years,


I've got so many friends and family that supported me throughout.


It was all to chase my dreams of getting the Olympic medal.


To be on that podium twice, it's a dream come true.


You say your social life has taken a bit of a knock, I guess


you can't make up for that over the next few days?


Yes, for the next few weeks I'll be enjoying some time away


from the pool and enjoying time with friends and family,


everyone that has supported me along the way.


That will be really nice, to have everyone around,


To appreciate the past few weeks because I've definitely not


An exciting finish for Glamorgan at home to Sussex. The visitors reached


their target late this evening to win the match on the final day. They


only had two wickets remaining. And finally, the Welsh golfer leads the


Denmark open at halfway by three shots.


It's a masterpiece of British Cinema, 1949's


'The Third Man' starring Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton has


been adored by critics and film fans for decades.


But it may never have made it to the big screen if it wasn't


Joyce Bowden from Monmouthshire worked for the film's director


A film so good critics and experts have praised it


The direction, the use of tilted angles, that served further


The fact that we can't often, quite see who is who or


what is always what, it's got a very distinctive score.


All the departments are working together in the service of this


story, and they are all at the top of their game.


In a drawer in Monmouthshire, the Welsh part of this story,


My mother's copy of the draft script for the film,


Joyce Hedger, as she was known before she married, was temping


in London after serving in the RAF during the war.


A lifelong film fan, she was offered work as a secretary


She was there for a week, then apparently they offered her


A novella by Graham Greene was brought into the office,


the suggestion was it could make a really good film.


Director Carol Reed is said to have claimed he didn't have the time


He passed it to her, and said, "Could you summarise this for me?"


And she produced a precis of it, which she gave back to him,


and he then decided, from that, that it


And, presumably, he asked her opinion as well.


This handwritten note from his mother, Joyce,


suggests changing the name of a character from Rollo Martins


to Holly Martins, a suggestion the director accepted,


A contribution to a film voted one of the best ever made.


I don't think she would have seen it as that,


The story doesn't end there though, Guy's mother also wrote letters


from the set of the film to her future husband, his father.


He took them, along with the script to BBC's Antiques Roadshow.


A lovely long letter, but this great quote here,


'The great Orson Welles has arrived now,


Is no close family to pass these heirlooms to, Guy hopes to sell them


to someone who will treasure them as much as he has.


Perhaps there is another compelling story to tell here,


a masterpiece of British cinema, and the woman from Wales who played


a small part in putting it on the big screen.


And to find out how much the script and letters were valued at,


the Antiques Roadshow is on at 8pm on BBC One Wales this Sunday.


It's time for that bank holiday weather forecast. How is it looking?


If you are planning a trip to the seaside I have good news.


trip to the seaside I have good news.


There will be some fine, warm weather and sunshine over


There is a fly in the ointment with some rain and showers.


It's been lovely in Llannefydd near Denbigh today.


Cumulus clouds with a high of 22 Celsius.


The sky clear and it will turn cool, especially in the countryside.


Temperatures in a few spots falling to 8 degrees with a little mist.


Tomorrow more dry weather but we're keeping an eye on a warm front


That brings a risk of some showers and thundery rain.


Bright in north, mid and west Wales with some hazy sunshine.


Feeling pleasant with a light breeze.


During the day cloud will increase and we could see showers spreading


There is a question mark about how much rain there will be.


There's a good chance the north and west will stay dry.


Top temperatures 18 to 22 Celsius so quite warm with light winds.


Tomorrow evening showery rain will become more widespread.


Some heavy rain in the north overnight.


The South West drier with a few showers.


Heavy in places but some dry, bright spells too.


The best of the sunshine in the north and west


The Llangynidr Show is taking place on Sunday.


A little sunshine with a 50% chance of showers.


Bank Holiday Monday more straightforward and settled


Pleasantly warm too with a light to moderate breeze.


So not completely dry but some fine and warm weather to enjoy over


I'll be back with a quick update at 8pm.


But from all of us on the programme, good evening.


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