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A man has appeared in court charged with the kidnap and rape of a woman


It follows an alleged incident in the early hours of Saturday.


Lying on the North Wales coast between Colwyn Bay and Rhyl,


Pensarn Beach is a popular spot for walkers.


It was in the early hours of Saturday morning when


the alleged attack is believed to have taken place here.


This morning, 18-year-old Jack Carl Thomas Williams


appeared before magistrates charged with rape, kidnap, and


The alleged victim is a 62-year-old woman.


He was remanded in custody and will appear at


Police are appealing for witnesses and say


they want to reassure the local community that it was


There's been a call for the age of criminal responsibility


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Steffan Lewis


says children should not be criminalised at a young age.


But his comments have been criticised by a Conservative MP -


This was a glimpse inside a secure children's home in Neath.


This is where some of the country's


most complex dysfunctional young people are sent.


Some here have committed crimes like robbery,


Right now, the criminal age of responsibility


But Plaid Cymru's spokesperson on criminal justice


believes that if Wales had the power to change it,


There are very good practical reasons to do so.


It's not just the fact that the United Nations


says there should be a minimum of 12 years of age, as, sort of,


best practice globally, we also need to look at what happens


when we criminalise children and the evidence suggests


that if we criminalise people at a young age,


they tend to lead lives in adulthood of criminality.


He says this isn't about stopping the most serious


offenders being detained in secure homes like this.


It's about early intervention to ensure the majority


of children never enter the justice system in the first place.


can actually help rehabilitate children.


If you put people through the criminal justice system, then


you have the ability to absolutely enforce support mechanisms.


It is not about putting people into prison.


Very, very few children under the age of 16 go into custody.


What you are able to do is to make sure absolutely that social services


are involved and that there are methods to ensure that these


children become aware that their actions have consequences.


At the moment, the UK Government has no plans


to alter the age of criminal responsibility and Wales


Proposals to devolve youth justice were made in 2014 but


they weren't supported by the UK Government and didn't make it into


the Wales Bill on further devolution which is currently making its way


to pedestrianised areas of Bridgend town centre


to provide better access and boost trade.


The council wants to reopen Queen Street, Dunraven Place,


which would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Enjoying a drink in the quiet, traffic-free roads of Bridgend


At an estimated cost of between 500 and ?900,000,


the council wants to implement changes so cars


can pass through this street and the two adjoining it.


The aim, to boost trade and rejuvenate the area.


Since the full pedestrianisation was implemented over a decade ago,


there's obviously been changes in shopping habits,


and people want to come into town centres to go to smaller shop units


and we feel that the access would help that.


But on this sunny bank holiday, locals' and visitors' opinions


They want to open the shops up a bit.


it was a brilliant town, 30-40 years ago,


today, I'm sorry to say, it's a rubbish town.


Do you think it would help to open it up to traffic?


Something has got to help it. This might be the button to push.


We're just visiting and I think it is lovely that you can just walk


around the city centre without too much traffic around.


Since the streets closed to traffic, the number of reported collisions


have fallen from 13 between 2000 and 2004 to just


three in the decade between 2004 and 2014.


But the council says, under its plans there'd be


a 20 miles an hour speed limit and two pedestrian crossings.


The consultation process will close in October


Victoria Thornley says - she will take her time


before deciding whether to try and compete in Tokyo in 2020.


Thornley, from Wrexham, won silver with her partner


Katherine Grainger in the double sculls in Rio.


I think it's something I'll take more time than I did after London,


I didn't have that much time after London but this time


A bit more relaxation before, if I do go back.


I'll make a decision, I'm sure, in a few more weeks.


Football and Wrexham are up to 10th in the National League


after beating York 2-1 at the Racecourse.


cloud will gradually move through the evening,


and overnight there could be the odd spot of rain or drizzle.


Tomorrow will see a mostly cloudy start and, perhaps, some drizzle.


I'll have an update for you here at half past ten.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


It has been a nice day for most today. Take a


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